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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 3, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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pull away from warnock. i want to go back to the house race. i have 30 seconds. i'm going to end on the new york 17 race. sean duffy was here before. he said this is a big one for him to watch. your thought on that. >> yeah, if they can send sean patrick malone packing, that will be a big blow to the democrats. the first time since 1982 a chair would be defeated. >> sandra: thanks. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha starts now. >> martha: thanks. we'll see you in a few minutes, sandra, to talk economy. let's get to it. polls are still coming in at this hour. new numbers for georgia and for pennsylvania. it may come down to one of those for the senate. >> john fetterman seems to take the extreme position on so many items. >> i call it the oz rule. when he's on tv, he's lying.
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>> the biggest threat to democracy is joe biden and raphael warnock in the white house. >> herschel walker was one heck of a football player. we're on a different field right now. the people of georgia need a different kind of company. >> martha: that gives you a taste of it, folks. a few days to go. starting with georgia, these are the very latest shifts from our brand new fox news polls. herschel walker down by five last month is now within one point of the incumbent senator warnock. joe concha and pollster doug schroen who as of today is forecasting a one or two seat advantage for the gop in the senate. he will explain. both are here. first, to aishah hasnie who is all about the georgia race for us. she's in monroe right now. high, aishah. >> hi, martha. good afternoon to you. i can tell you that according to the warnock camp, they don't think this race is over yet at
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all. i will tell you that the team was telling voters to make sure that they are registered to vote just in case this goes to a run-off. they're already talking about the run-off at some campaign events. let's talk about the polls. you can see in a fox news poll released yesterday, the race here just got tighter. republican herschel walker a point behind the incumbent. this race is neck and neck despite the fact that voters are seven points more likely to feel extremely concerned that walker is unqualified than warnock is out of touch. that might have something to do with this. take a look at this poll. inflation, ranking the most important issue in this race in georgia with abortion all the way down 20 points behind as the second most important issue. that kind of polling could spell trouble for the incumbent
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democrat, especially as the fed just announced a rate hike to get a handle on inflation. we were going to try to get a question on that with the senator but he went to his bus and off to the next stop. martha. >> martha: thank you, aishah. great coverage from florida. with that, we bring in joe concha from the hill and a fox news contributor and democrat strategist and pollster doug schroen. great to have you here. >> great to be here. >> martha: excellent experts today. i want to pull up the new fox poll. i want to look at georgia and pennsylvania here as well. we've all been waiting for real numbers post debate to see how this is shaking out. it's very interesting. it says in deciding your vote for the senate race, how important was the debate between fetterman and oz? 51% say it's a factor, doug. and you know, in most of these polls, oz is ahead in a couple of the polls. fetterman is ahead in most of
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them. >> yeah, the race is very close. it's within the margin of error. fetterman benefits from the fact that the gubernatorial nominee, josh, shapiro is ahead of doug mastriano. fetterman has seen his lead fall. it could go either way. at this point, an ever so slight advantage for fetterman. >> martha: fetterman was up by 11 in july. this is the tightening we've seen. 45, oz 42. and there's an independent in that race at 4%. undecided, 8%. it could go anywhere. >> momentum, momentum. oz has closed the gap almost completely. now people are paying attention to inflation, crime. fetterman's answer on fracking was a big moment where he couldn't answer why he was for
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fracking and why he signed a pledge saying he would never frack in the state. when people go to a polling both, who would do a better job on that issue and given his health problems that continue, he will be on "the view" tomorrow. that's his first live interview. the questions won't be that tough but that is again another test for john fetterman. can he handle basic back and forth on a national stage. >> martha: speaking of "the view", we watched an interesting poll that came out yesterday from the "wall street journal," which said there was a 27-point move among white suburban women from red -- from blue to red. getting more conservative, concerned about inflation, concerned about crime. that didn't sit well with sonny hostin. here's what she said. >> i read a poll just yesterday that white republicans suburban women are now going to vote
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republican. >> why? >> it's almost like roaches voting for raid. they're voting -- >> wait. no, no -- >> they're voting against their own self-interests. >> martha: i mean -- >> what is barbara walters saying right now? >> martha: i don't know where to begin with that. these women are saying they're concerned about inflation, they're concerned about crime, concerned about their families but apparently sonny thinks they're roaches running towards raid. >> this is the problem with my party, the democrats. we don't acknowledge people's legitimate concern about food prices, gas prices and law and order. it's like kathy hochul in new york that asked lee zeldin, why are you so concerned about crime? none of this make sense. the only democrat that is doing well is tim ryan in ohio. but he has a tough road to hoe.
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i don't think he will beat vance. >> martha: the mama bears are coming home because maybe they don't feel as safe as they used to. maybe they're voting on education and they want more of a say in their kids' education than teachers unions. we saw in virginia what happened when glenn youngkin ran on that issue. he ran in a state that went predominantly blue. so when sonny hostin makes a comment like that -- >> martha: yeah, you know, there's half of the country is in favor of the change that happened in abortion laws or at least is okay with it going to the state. and seeing what happens in their own state based on it. she's making a vast generalization and assuming that all women feel the way that she does. here's the president last night, doug. he had an opportunity to speak to voters last night. he went to union station, a short distance from the white house. he talked about voter integrity
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and he talked about how democracy is severely threatened. watch this. >> there's candidates running for every level of office in america that won't commit, will not commit to accepting the results of an election that they're running in. this is a path to chaos in america. >> martha: is he speaking to the most important issues today? what went through your mind last night? >> what wept through my mind? why isn't he talking about the economy? why isn't he talking about law and order? why isn't he talking about people's real world concerns? to relitigate the 2020 election is a mistake. people don't want to focus on that. >> martha: we're going to talk to tyrus and brian kilmeade about the president's speech last night in a little while. thanks to have you here. so the latest polling shows that one in five voters, one in five,
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think that the economy is on track. sandra smith and david asman both economic experts join us after this. >> our mission here at the white house is to continue that kind of economic growth, continue the job creation, continue to move the economy forward. and to tackle the biggest problem we have in the economy right now, frankly, which is inflation and bringing down prices of every day things that really hit people hard. that is the number 1 problem right now, inflation and that's the problem we're focused on. all across the country, people are working hard to build a better future. so we're hard at work helping them achieve financial freedom. we're proud to serve people everywhere, in investing for the retirement they envision. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive.
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their hand. that's a stark number for any incumbent in this election. add to that the federal reserve chair who has bumped rates even higher again this week now is warning look, we're not done. we're not done with the pain that has to be inflicted on the economy in order to cool it down. so that process continues. economic experts sandra smith and david asman are here. we're lucky to have them with us today. first to fox business correspondent, edward lawrence live at the white house. hi, edward. >> you talk about the poll. the other side, think about this, about three out of four people believe the economy is going in the wrong direction. yet there's no whisper of changing of policies here at the white house. you said, the federal reserve chairman says they don't believe that inflation has peaked yet. in fact, he's saying the fed is seeing inflation more difficult to get under control than they first thought. they thought they might see movement by now.
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jay powell outlining the prop here. >> we're 18 months into this episode of high inflation. we don't have, you know, a clearly identified scientific way of understanding at what point inflation becomes entrenched. so the thing we need to do from a risk management standpoint is use our tools forcefully and thoughtfully and get inflation under control, get it down to 2%, get it behind us. >> president biden has been in office 22 months. you can see there what cpi inflation has done under his policies. because of this, the federal reserve raised interest rates at 75 basis points for a fourth meeting in a row and signals that more rate hikes will be coming in december and january. the president today attacking republicans, making his plea for democratic votes regardless of the economy. >> there's a lot at stake in
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these mid-terms for the economy, safety of our streets, personal freedoms. there's something else at stake. democracy itself. i'm not the only one that sees it. >> this is the the same president that is blaming oil companies for gas prices. we have not heard him talk about the putin price hike recently. he's blaming covid for inflation. you can see the pattern that he blames everybody else and not looking at his own policies when it comes to things going on here in the country. back to you. >> martha: let's bring in sandra smith, co host of "america reports" and david asman. great to have you with us. it's felt like a long time the white house is not on the same page with what people are concerned about. here's ron klain answering a question about what jerome powell just said. watch. >> i want to be clear. we don't comment on monetary policy here at the white house and i don't want to comment on what chairman powell said. we're in -- we're not in a
12:17 pm
recession. i want to be clear on that. >> jeez. >> martha: so shut up. i mean, you know, if you think you're in a recession and everything cost more and even some jobs are being cut now, sandra? >> sandra: i don't know if -- i don't know anybody for that matter and we just had an independent voter join us on the program an hour ago. i don't know that anybody is waking up in this particular woman, 77 years old a retiree, wakes up and says, okay, i'm on a fixed income. inflation, the price of about everything continues to go up. it's costing into my cost of living. my buying power goes down every day. that's vladimir putin's fault? that's covid's fault. don't worry, it's a global problem. those are the excuses this white house continues to lay out for voters. they're just not buying it, martha. >> martha: and this inflation reduction act, when you look at that chart, which was a stunning chart, it's not worked. people get that, i think, right?
12:18 pm
>> of course they do. as you pointed out, 80% of americans think we're on the wrong track. 80% think that the policies that are being put in place by the idealogical administration are not working. yet they're not changing to what the people want. why is that? i would think if this was when biden was in his better days, he would have some kind of -- he would have had a rearrangement right now. i don't think klain would have a job. they're essentially trying to turn the united states into a welfare state. we've seen how that works. as maggie thatcher said, eventually you run out of other people's money. that's why we have inflation. we've run out of the money to pay for these things. instead we're printing money. most americans don't want this policy but they're sticking with it. all they can think of staying is trump, trump, trump instead of dealing with inflation, the economy and the other issues.
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>> martha: while they're trying to raise interest rates, you have more and more people relying on credit cards to pay for things and to pay their bills. so those bills are going to get bigger and bigger as this government tries to get those prices down. that will inflict a lot of pain on a lot of people. you can't make this up. the president delivers his final pitch to voters last night. doesn't even mention inflation. the economy once. okay. the top issues -- you and i cover these races all day. the governor's races, the senatorial races. to not address that is something, even to the point that bernie sanders is calling this out. i don't know if you saw this. his campaign manager suggested hours before that speech last night on democracy that it should have been rewritten to be about the economy and cost of living. imagine how different that would have been in the president -- >> martha: bernie has been
12:20 pm
saying that for months really. remember, he said don't talk about abortion. we need to talk about jobs and economy. maybe he should have been the political consultant or running their polls. because we've also heard that they don't listen to pollsters who tell them -- who are honest with them about what is really going on. i always am surprised it takes a shellacking as president obama said for people to change course. to change the people that are around them, to make changes -- >> it happened in 94 with clinton. that was bill clinton in his prime, this is an old joe biden that is taking instructions from other people. anybody thinks he writes his own speeches? i don't. it's the people behind him doing the work. three ideologs. one thing about ideologs, they don't care if their plans don't work out. they stick with them. they continue to do the same thing over and over again even if they don't work. that's why they need to be kicked out when you get bad instructions. but joe biden isn't up to that. he's not bill clinton in 1994.
12:21 pm
he's not willing to make that pivot. they're doubling down. they just had a new expansion of medicaid to include all sorts of nonmedical stuff like housing, air conditioning. they're giving subsidies for gas prices to poor people. in other words, they jack up the prices by killing fossil fuels and then print more money for subsidies to pay for it. >> martha: they're assuming that if you can expand benefit programs that you'll help people with their spending rather than encouraging growth in the economy, getting off the backs of companies, helping them to get started and to hire more people and automatic of that. it always takes a beating up in the mid-terms for people to pivot. thanks, guys. >> good to be here. >> martha: so president biden as we have said using his last big pre election speech, we think it was, we'll see if he speaks out over the weekend to basically say that the maga republicans,
12:22 pm
megamaga are threatening democracy. as hillary clinton says, she believes there's a plot to steal the next election. brian kilmeade and tyrus live from new york after this. today, everything costs more: gas, groceries, cars. we all need cash in the bank to stay ahead. well here's great news for veterans who own a home. home values have climbed to near all-time highs, too. that means the cash you need is right there in your home. newday can unlock it with the newday 100 va cash out loan. it lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. not just part of it like some other loans. pay down high-rate credit card debt, consolidate your second mortgage and car loans, and have the security of cash in the bank. the va has granted newday automatic authority. when banks so “no” to a veteran, newday can say “yes.”
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is it possible the only thought that comes to mind is... ♪ finally? this is financial security. and lincoln financial solutions will help you get there. as you plan, protect and retire. ♪ >> martha: so it may be that the white house did not see this poll or maybe not pay attention to this poll perhaps that showed
12:26 pm
that 61% of voters -- this is a cnn poll -- say that the president doesn't pay enough attention to the things that are the most important to them. and then 51% say the top issue is economy and inflation. this is like a broken record, right? we see numbers like this every day. so if you're in the white house, you can't help but miss this is where people's heads and hearts are right now as they head into this. election integrity is at 9% in terms of the concerns at least expressed in this cnn poll. so that was what the president decided to go with last night, the second issue. watch this. >> the extreme maga element of the republican party, which is a minority of that party, but is its driving force. its drying to succeed where they failed in 2020. to suppress the right of voters and subvert the electoral system itself. >> martha: brian kilmeade and
12:27 pm
fox nation host and frequent gutfeld guest, tyrus. first to the white house with peter doocy. hi, peter. >> it's where we're learning more about why it is white house officials are not talking more about certain big issues including crime. >> i also want to remind the american people that this uptick in crime was experienced in 2020. this is when this began. the american people know who the president was at that time. >> talk about the economy. also mostly being set aside for talk about democracy. president biden pleads with under decided voters. not to focus on what he describes as the policies of the moment but rather to think bigger. >> we've enjoyed our freedoms nor so long, it's easy to think that they'll always be with us no matter what. that isn't true today.
12:28 pm
in our bones, we know democracy is at risk. we also know this. it's within our power each and every one of us to preserve our democracy. >> the president and his top officials are talking about this as a republican-only problem. remember, the official campaign arm for democrats in the house played in some republican primaries hoping to damage moderate candidates believing that election deniers would be easier for their democrats to eventually defeat. >> using that word "boost" to be cute. other people say we're funding their campaigns. it's ridiculous. we're attacking them. we think he was an easier candidate. >> in the next 20 or 30 minutes, we expect to see president biden on the ground in new mexico talking about the issue white house officials are hoping to elevate today. students loan debt. forgiveness. martha? >> martha: thanks, peter. with that, let's bring in brian kilmeade and tyrus.
12:29 pm
great to have you with us. thanks for being here today. let's pull up this quinnipiac poll. the question is do you think the election results in your state will be legitimate or not? 79% say they will be legitimate. >> i'm in that 79. i'm good with it. >> martha: that's the question. do people in this country feel panicked about an election that will have an outcome that will not be legitimate? tyrus says he's not worried about it. brian, you think this is where people are focused and the president focussed on it last night? >> we got this point of insurrection. we had people challenging polling results. james clyburn said i have a problem with ohio. he stepped and said we have to check the electorates. i think john kerry won ohio. in 2000, they said the governor bush delivered for president bush, he gave florida. they never counted the whole state. a lot of people know al gore was
12:30 pm
magnanimous. everybody else around him i wasn't. in 2016, nobody accepted. then in 2020, the pandemic, all the new rules. people just need to see the big picture how we got there. it didn't change on a dime. people say all of these mail-in votes, three ballots were at my house. drop boxes. never heard of this before. how did somebody that never left his basement get 80 million votes and lost his fastball? joe biden? that's why people had some doubts. never going to make an excuse for insurrection. but where do you vote? where do you vote? >> i stand in line. i do it old school. i get my driver's license and close the curtain. i enjoy that. that's how my grandmother voted -- >> you feel good about your precinct? >> i do. one of those things that we're missing, today's politician find it more profitable to say their
12:31 pm
election was rigged. they lost. abrams still hasn't conceded she lost. when it works for them, when they don't get their way, the system is rigged. you see that from 5-year-old children that are not getting their way. no, they think that scores points with the certain base of theirs. so they can rally on it and say the same thing like democracy is over if people that believe in small government take over. that's ridiculous. what is a maga? is it me? is it you? we're different? what is a maga? he will never give us a definition. the one he claims are the worst, who funded them? our sweet dear peter doocy pointed out, they did. so they're afraid of what they supported? it goes back to the -- if it's not my way, i'm taking my ball and going home. >> martha: you both make great points. the problem that we've had this deterioration and throwing doubt
12:32 pm
on the whole system from both sides for a really long time. can any -- can anybody forget how long that hillary clinton said trump was illegitimate and he knows it? here's what she's saying now about this. watch this. >> i know we're all focussed on the 2022 mid-term elections. they are incredibly important. but we also have to look ahead. right wing extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next presidential election. they're not making a secret of it. >> martha: what is she doing? >> no idea. it's the same thing the president did last night. the maga extremist as you mentioned, which is just people that believe in the trump form of republicanism. people like trump's policies. you can make your decision on trump. i have a more positive view. there's a stigma now to challenging election. it changed. if there's somebody that says on november 9 or 11 when we get the final tally, i was robbed?
12:33 pm
show me. you better be ready to prove it. if not, there's so much that will be done. we'll come out of it better. yesterday's speech made joe biden look as though he needs this controversy in order to have any hope of keeping his power. >> i looked at it different. i looked at it as biden doubled down on what's happening in this country is an acceptable loss for their agenda. he's fine with high crime and inflation because we're going green. it's all an acceptable loss. grin and bear it. >> martha: very interesting. guy back to the place that we started with that poll that showed almost 80% of americans believe that the election will be legitimate. you have all of this noise and fervor telling people that the system is broken and your democracy is going away. people say i don't think it's going away. i think we're going to have a legitimate -- >> there's more of us than them. >> he's like four people.
12:34 pm
that hurts my feelings. >> martha: thanks for coming in, guys. fo follow that speech that we saw president biden headed to north and california. this is the most energetic push that we've seen from him. vice president harris, she went to deep blue massachusetts where the candidate that she is there to support is ahead by 25, 27 points and get on stage with hillary clinton and letitia james where they will try to help kathy hochul. george pataki is the last republican that beat a democrat in new york is here next. >> spending a lot of time in these blue places. he's not just making political speeches. why is the president spending so much time in blue strong holds?
12:35 pm
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>> martha: so he is back. netanyahu is about to become prime minister again. israel's fifth vote in four years on prime minister. now word on how this could affect his corruption trial. he's charged with taking bribes. he's said he did nothing wrong. and president biden has stuck close to home in his low approval numbers perhaps have been what has kept him away from a lot of campaigning. a lot of candidates did not invite him to campaign with him on the trail. right now he's in new mexico to campaign for government michelle grisham. she's locked in a tight race. later he will go to san diego, home to a tight race in
12:40 pm
california 49, which we're watching closely as well. then it's off to chicago, then pennsylvania on saturday and then back closer to home in maryland on monday, the day before election day. jacqui heinrich is live in albuquerque. hi, jacqui. >> hi, martha. yeah, the republican hoping to unseat michelle grisham is alleging that she's corrupt and showing texts that she got a heads up about questions and topics that she would face in a 2018 debate. she's been responsive to fox throughout this campaign up till now. when this allegation came out, she's not responded to us. she will appear with president biden a short while from now. grisham's race is almost neck and neck but not as closely watched. because of that, the white house has been holding up this trip as an example that biden is not just stumping in democratic
12:41 pm
strong holds. he's skipping arizona and nevada where close senate races could determine the balance of power and talk student loan forgiveness. he's not expected to address the southern border. and ronchetti is seizing on that. >> we have a border situation that continues to pump fentanyl in the state of mexico and not only that, we're a sanctuary state. >> biden's absence in states where congressional races are close is seen as a limit to his ability to sway voters after months and months of under water polling. while biden and former president trump have moved closer to announcing re-election bids, a centrist group called no labels has been mobilizing a third option, a bipartisan unity ticket in 2024. no labels says they're not
12:42 pm
actively considering any candidates or running a campaign but there's whispers of political moderates being eyed including joe manchin, charlie baker and larry hogan. no label says they will stand down if this looks like it's going to be a spoiler in the way of a ralph nader-style ticket, but until that happens, they are responding to the current political environment that they say shows vast swaths of americans are not happy with their options, martha. >> interesting. ja jacqui, thanks. so new york gorka think hochul about to get star power on the campaign trail from hillary clinton and the vice president, kamala harris will join her at a rally later today. letitia james, the attorney general, will also be there. if republican challenger lee zeldin is able to pull off an unset against hochul on tuesday, that would make him the first republican governor since george
12:43 pm
pataki beat cuomo in 1994. the former governor is here to talk to us about how he sees this race next. >> every poll that i've seen shows kathy hochul still ahead and i expect her to win on tuesday. but a mid-term election is always difficult for the party in power. whoever is the president in the white house. entresto is the #1 heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto.
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>> martha: so the big names are coming out on both sides of the aisle. the battle in a blue state goes down to the wire. new york democrat governor kathy hochul holding a rally with vice president kamala harris and hillary clinton and republican congressman, lee zeldin
12:48 pm
campaigning with number 2 house republican steve scalise last night and teams up with the number 3 gop leader from new york, elise stefanik tonight. our latest fox polls power rankings show this shifting from likely democrat, which is everybody assumed this would be to just lean democrat. so it's one step to the left. so just a couple weeks acc, it was solid blue. george pataki joins us now. he left office 15 years ago. good to see you. thanks for being here. >> always good being with you. >> martha: in the days before your race in 1994 against mario cuomo, we see zeldin is a couple points apart. how far were you and cuomo? >> every poll had me losing. there was a poll the sunday before the election, a credible poll. had me losing by 14. when the reporter asked me about the poll, he's apologized. he liked me. he goes i hate to say this but
12:49 pm
our polls show you losing by 14 points. they were way off. the pollses are so close, anything can happen now. >> martha: so you know this state well. what is your get telling you about whether or not he can get an upset here? >> he can definitely pull off an upset. the big issue is crime. you have to get enough votes out of new york city. you talk to people in the neighborhoods, they don't care about party. they care about being safe. right now new york is failing to keep them safe. that's a direct consequence of the failures of albany. so zeldin is focused on crime. it gives him a credible chance. >> martha: it's enough that someone attacked him on stage. he was a victim of an attempted attack at the beginning of the campaign. hillary clinton and others are sending a different message, so is kathy hochul. she said these are master manipulators, massaging the numbers to make it sounds like crime is not on the rise.
12:50 pm
here's hillary clinton. >> so when they talk about crime, you know, they're just trying to gin up all kinds of fear and anxiety in people. they're not dealing with it. they're not trying to tackle it. so i view it as an effort to scare voters. >> martha: we looked at the stats here. homicide is down. crime overall, violent crimes, are up by 30%. i think that's what people sense and feel on the streets here. >> you can tell hillary lives in washington d.c. if you go on the subways, there's nobody there. people are afraid to ride the subways. 26 people have been pushed off of the platform. she says republicans are just talking about it. well, zeldin has an aggressive agenda. get rid of the no bail law. get rid of the law that allows 17-year-olds to be treated as kids. get the mentally ill homeless that are a threat off of the streets.
12:51 pm
it's a real issue. maybe somebody in washington d.c. doesn't know. if you list in new york, you know it's a real issue. >> martha: two stories are hitting home with people. one is watching that man get shoved off of the subway platform. a running start, full body blow. the guy fell in. thank god he's okay. that's why he doesn't fall into that category but don't tell that guy he wasn't the sick tim of a serious crime. then you have this 30-year-old woman beaten to death by her husband that was out because he didn't need to pay cash for bail. >> the no-bail law has been a catastrophe. you see incident after incident of somebody arrested for horrific crime. they've been arrested 16, 18, 20 times before. they're almost always let out the same day. it's just horrific. so this crosses party lines to win as a republican, you need 1.5 million democrats to say we need a change. the way crime is in this stay and this state now and the way people are leaving the state, number 1 in the country in
12:52 pm
population loss, zeldin has a chance to win. >> martha: that might be part of the story. we'll see. that's why we have election day. good to see you, governor. thanks for coming by. >> good to see you. >> martha: now for something completely different as we like to say. what prince harry's friends warned him after their first meeting with meghan markle coming up next. veteran homeowners, need cash? with the newday 100 loan, there are no upfront costs for appraisal or termite inspections. no upfront costs at all to get the cash you need. veterans get more at newday. announcer: type 2 diabetes? discover the power of 3 in the ozempic® tri-zone. in my ozempic® tri-zone, i lowered my a1c, cv risk, and lost some weight. announcer: ozempic® provides powerful a1c reduction. in studies, the majority of people reached an a1c
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>> martha: hereby's nonelection breather story. ahead of prince harry's book coming out, tom bauer says that prince harry's friends quickly decided that the decision to marry meghan was nuts. the duke's former eaton mates
12:57 pm
were less than impressed after she confronted him if she didn't share her beliefs on various thing. tom bauer joins me now. thanks for being here today. so you know, we also heard this from william as well, right? there were lots of warnings apparently from the friends. but they didn't seem to matter. in fact, they may have dug harry's heels in even more. >> absolutely. there's no doubt that harry wasn't going to listen to any advice or any warnings. what is really interesting, how right the warnings were. they saw megan as an adventurous that didn't intent to stay in britain but use the male ticket of being a duchess but to improve her career in hollywood and america. harry was angry with all of those people, including his
12:58 pm
brother, william, for threatening that meghan was unsuitable and he should take his time. >> martha: let me ask you about the book "spare." a lot of people that watch this want to know, did he leave everything in. is it going to be as critical of some members of the royal family, camilla perhaps, as we have heard? >> well, you start with all of the terrible things that they said about the royal family in the oprah winfrey interview in 2020. that was pretty damning. not in any way withdrawing that criticism and interventions and lies. so it's going to be much worse. he's threatened much worse. how else will the publishers get their $20 million back? what is remarkable about this book, it's translating in to 16 languages. it's a global sensation. the only way it can work is
12:59 pm
inviting criticism more than he has done. >> martha: just ant a minute left, tom. when i was there covering the queen's funeral, there was a lot of discussion. i speak with someone that used to work with the family when basically said it's time for harry to come back home. it's clear that being here this week for the funeral has reminded him of everything he left. does the release of this book mean that that is now highly unlikely? >> absolutely. he's very happy in california. he doesn't want to come back to britain and he has a good relationship with meghan which she promised him great things. i don't see him return unless meghan decides to dump him as she dumped many men in her life. then he will come back home and be unhappy. >> martha: thanks, tom. your book is called "revenge,
1:00 pm
meghan, harry a and the windsors." thanks very much. that's "the story" for today. we hover a few days away from the mid-terms. we'll cover it for you minute by minute. see you tomorrow at 3:00. i look ford war to seeing you tomorrow. stick around. neil is coming up. "your world" starts right now. >> neil: thank you, martha. five days out, fox on top of who is on top. today telling signs, very telling signs in some very telling races. we got you covered with bryan llenas in montgomery county, pennsylvania where prices are going up as mehmet oz closes in. alex hall in las vegas where it's the issue of crime setting in. and jacqui heinrich in nearby new mexico where you might think a visiting president would be talking about the


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