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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 4, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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openly hostile to the sources of american power like a strong military or a prosperous economy. they don't say it much. especially barack obama but every now and then the mask slips when he said he wanted to fundamentally transform america. he wants to transform something they love. >> carley: thank you, "fox & friends" starts right now. >> carley: four days out. >> the president is mostly going to president that are easy but he also has stop coming up in pennsylvania. obama emerson college poll oz has surged to the lead. >> if we are all in, we win. >> democrats are fed up with hochul's soft on crime. >> jogger raped homeless man 25 arrests was arrested for a 5:35 a.m. west village. >> zero policy for crime. >> labor department is set to dropped weakest jobs report since december of 2020. economists are expecting 200,000 jobs added to the economy. >> voters vote in their family's
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interest. inflation, the cost of fuel, the realistic fear what may have. >> takeover sag da. >> musk gearing up to potentially cut 3700 jobs email. >> employees may see sue the company for violating a california law requiring 60 days notice. >> right center field. mccormick mic on the move. at the track, at the wall, makes a grab. two gone in the ninth. ♪ >> brian: now this is getting serious. we are just four days away from the midterm elections. and we are talking to voters all across the country, no joke, jack. >> will: no joke because here in the studio we are joined by a panel of voters for all three hours. >> katie: yes, we are. first head down to the sunshine state where steve doocy is talking to florida voters at harry and the native in hope
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sound. >> they kept us in business. we changed the name 35 years ago to the natives because they kept us in business. we weren't much in the 50's and 60's. >> steve: didn't know if anybody would show up. you put it on your facebook page. if you have of been on bridge highway. you know the place the distinctive thatch roof right there. >> tiki roof. >> steve: find out how we did, ladies and gentlemen, live from hobby sound, it's "fox & friends." [cheers and applause] steve woo! oh my goodness. [applause] >> steve: you know what? we started doing these in 2016
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and we did the first one outside of new hampshire. i tri there were four people who showed up. [laughter] today, so many people have shown up, there is a line out of the door and around the corner and they have already -- some people realize oh, we are not going to get in because who knows the fire marshall could be watching. right over here is somebody -- what time did you show up? >> 1:00. >> steve: why did you show up at 1:00? >> i want to be first. [laughter] >> steve: all right. well she is first. throughout the morning we are going to talk to a lot of you. also special guests people who live around here and who are very famous. actually speaking of people who live around here, michael jordan's golf course is right over there. he might be showing up. you never know, right? celine dion used to liver over the river. tiger woods used to live on the island just over there and, of course, we came to hear from you. so, can i see hands. how many people have already
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voted? [cheers] >> steve: all right. very nice. how many people are planning to vote on tuesday? [cheers] >> steve: do you know what? i think more people have actually already voted. what's your name? >> gail. >> steve: have you voted? >> i certainly have. >> steve: how many times? >> once. [laughter] >> steve: what was the most important thing on your mind when you went in and voted? >> i am very concerned about the border. i think we are very compassionate country and people but i'm very concerned about the people that have come across that border and the numbers of people and i would love to help each and every one of them but i don't know that it's possible. >> steve: absolutely. all right. here is a lady right here what's your name. >> lorain fox, long island, new york. i voted before i left to come down here. >> steve: it's appropriate that you are on the fox news channel with a name like that. >> yeah. and i voted because i want to save our country. >> steve: you voted in new york? >> new york, yes. >> steve: number one issue crime? >> crime, yep. >> steve: are you worried about crime down here. >> for my children, grandchildren, yep, yep.
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100 percent. all red. >> steve: all red. i see a lot of red here. a lot of blue here. a lot of people are wearing desantis shirts like that guy right there. [cheers and applause] >> steve: hey, they got up really early. going to be talking to the folks. this could be the biggest diner segment we have ever h ladies and gentlemen, give yourselves a round of applause. all right, back to new york brian and katie and will. back to you. >> will: wow, what a turnout, steve. i hope you don't feel any pressure to do a song and dance routine or comedy stand june. that is a crowd. >> brian: that is it's huge. indicate indicated that's where the dancing comes in steve. get ready. >> brian: great town hall here going. >> katie: we do. >> brian: everyone on our town hall got word robe keels. best looking panel i have ever seen. thanks for getting up with us and talking throughout the next three hours and getting the pulse of our people. >> will: before we move on so eight voter here in studio with us this morning. i would love to get a sense of
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who these voters are. would you guys mind. raise your hand if you are a republican. if you are a republican voter on our panel today. how about democrat? all right. then how many would describe yourselves as independent? all right. republicans and democrats. but we will see throughout the morning if their votes follow that pattern. >> katie: we will, indeed. >> brian: persuadable. we will find out. let's start in pennsylvania, katie. start in pennsylvania where dr. oz is now ahead of lieutenant governor john fetterman. this poll was recently taken. dr. oz is up by 2% within the margin of era, 47.6% against john fetterman. first time, brian, that dr. oz has been ahead significantly in this race. the momentum is certainly on his side just four days away from the election. >> brian: emerson poll has been skewing left in my view the last six months. to see him up 2 points with the likely voters, i think is pretty significant. but, after the worst -- the
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worst debate performance in the history of debates what else do you expect him to be? if he wasn't ahead now and do you notice his message his message is balance. it's about coming together. it's not i am a conservative. you know, i am trump. it is i want to balance. i want to bring a balance and represent pennsylvania, the people of pennsylvania. and i think that's important, too. but he also did lose something. i remember he is known as, syndicated talk who he host, the reason is he syndicated talk show host oprah winfrey. he asked oprah winfrey. i'm going to get into this race. i don't want your endorsement can you stay out of it? >> will: that did not happen. while the people, at least according to polling may be moving to dr. oz moves towards john fetterman. >> i said it was up to the citizens of pennsylvania and, of course, but i will tell y'all f. this if i will lived in
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pennsylvania i would have already cast my vote for john fetterman for many reasons. >> katie: amazing how things change when politics get involved. oprah is credited with launchingable his career on the oprah network. backing john fetterman. not a citizen of pennsylvania discussing the people who live there casting their vote. interesting to watch the last-minute hail marries coming in as fetterman starts to lose ground with the momentum. >> will: the best that he hoped for she stayed out of this race. oprah winfrey is a celebrity. almost every time you see some type of celebrity endorsement it is for a democrat. >> katie: not very original as you know. >> brian: you can't say she doesn't have impact because look what she did for barack obama. if it wasn't for oprah winfrey pushing him publicly and privately he doesn't run for president.
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she propelled him at that point. looked at fair and balanced talk show host number one in the world and one of the best communicators around. but i'm personally alittle astounded because she took a personal interest in dr. phil and dr. oz. and they have these huge successful shows for 20 years providing a lot of money, not that she needs it but for her and her organization, and they have a personal relationship. what is her connection to john fetterman? it's not. >> katie: democrat. >> brian: conor lamb. somewhat of a balanced guy. so she is basically saying i'm for the big tall guy who had a stroke who is bernie sanders in pennsylvania. without even couching saying dr. oz is my friend but ideologically i have to go with john fetterman. there was no couching that. i found that somewhat disappointing. color me my steve think that sometimes people really are friends. >> katie: she a partisan. she supports democrats. she always has. i don't remember her ever supporting a republican or independent. regardless of the opri winfrey endorsement, dr. oz is making his own closing argument.
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>> like we are as a people. i want to bring balance back into this equation. i want to make sure that the extreme ideas of john fetterman aren't there, to do that, we have got to do two things. just two little things. >> vote. >>' come to the vote but not that simple. you have to get others to vote. i believe in you. i'm asking you to come with me and bring 10 of your friends because if we're all in, we win. we can do this together. all in, we win. all in-we win. all in, we win. >> brian: president obama and president biden, former president obama will be appearing saturday with john fetterman because he has trouble speaking. he can't run a rally. he is not well and the other thing to keep in mind. you think i'm naive to think they had a real friendship and back him up. >> katie: maybe. >> brian: he has between 22 and $27 million own fortune that he paid to run this race.
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that's pretty amazing. >> katie: numbers in the emerson poll dr. oz is ahead by 2%. 4% undecided. after people watch that debate they mod toward dr. oz. we will see what happens on tuesday. >> will: i can't speak for katie. i don't think you are naive for thinking they have a true friendship. might be naive to think oprah would place friendship above partisanship. >> katie: yeah. >> brian: couch it he is good guy but i can't vote for him. i don't see any of that i live in a different world. indicate optimist not a cynic. >> will: is could i earn your friendship. >> brian: vote for me or at least give me a reason why. you are a long way off. >> will: it's been hard. >> brian: it's not easy. >> will: coming up, #you are fired. twitter is sued over claims elon didn't give enough notice to let thousands go. why those who left won't get time to rest as they have been for the, i don't know, five
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years, middle of the weekdays off. >> brian: another reason to get rid of tiktok from the campaign trail to the dance floor how beto o'rourke is attempting to reach young voters. >> katie: plus, we are checking in with our in studio town hall. don't miss a minute of it. >> brian: right. competing with the diner guy, too. >> will: tough competition, guys, let's' get it up
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>> carley: we are back with your headlines, a homeless man with 25 prior arrests is arrested for choking, raping and robbing a female jogger in upscale new york city neighborhood. 2 the-year-old karl fainer is accused of brutally assaulting the victim in the west village on her morning run. he was already wanted for two prior sex acts. this as incumbent governor kathy
3:17 am
hochul finally admits there is a crime issue saying, quote: i acknowledge there is a crime issue. it's not new to me because it's election time. i have been working on this throughout my entire time as governor but now for it to come down i'm soft on crime. he's soft on guns and that's a real problem. we have crime that are going down, murders and shootings are down 15% since i have been governor, that's important but other crimes have gone up. the fbi is reportedly investigating a shooting at a republican congressional condition democrat's parents' house last month. pat harrigan's campaign says a bullet entered just a few feet from where his kids were sleeping. so far no arrests have been made. harrigan's opponent has pulled political ads which feature harrigan's home. patrick harrigan will join us later this morning to discuss his race and that frightening close call. we are four days away from the midterm elections and candidates are pulling out all the stops. texas gubernatorial candidate beto o'rourke is now dancing for
3:18 am
your vote. >> yellow ♪ long haired star ♪ thick in the hips ♪ come get in my car. >> carley: that interesting attempt is gaining attention and it comes as incumbent g.o.p. governor greg abbott leads the race by nearly 10 points. the houston astros one win away from second world championship. >> trying to finish with an exclamation instead of fly ball to the left it sends schwaber back onto the track at the wall. and he's done it again. >> carley: monster home run by pena, helping to shift over the phillies. the series now shifts back to houston in game six as win or go home for the phillies. coverage begins at 6:30 eastern time and 3:30 pacific only on fox of course guys over to you.
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car. >> katie: thanks, carley. >> brian: are you on twitter? >> carley: i am on twitter. >> brian: that was my transition. >> carley: at carley shimkus. i don't tweet anymore. you transitioned and i transitioned out and. >> katie: follow her. follow friday carley shimkus. >> brian: elon musk has made a huge impact. walked in with the sink let it sink in i'm now the owner of this. to deciding that the workforces and the workforce is too fat and needs to be trimmed down. the way is he doing it is prompting a lawsuit and seems pretty cold blood. >> katie: not just that he just bought the country for free speech. it is business he needs to make money somehow. he went, in looked at the numbers. looked at the number of stats. twitter had 7500 staff members. is he trying to eliminate 37 of them today. the issue that we're seeing now is that he is being sued. twitter something sued according to bloomberg for mass laughs
3:20 am
because elon musk didn't give them enough notice. also moved to texas this is a reason why. steve. >> will: california has a law suggests you have to give fair warning mass laughs i believe 35 employees but the way it's working at twitter today is mind-blowing. it is as such. if you work after the twitter. essentially you're fired. you will get an email by 9:00 a.m. pacific time today to let you know if you have a job. in fact, there is this staff memo went out that says the following. this is amazing. if you are in an office or on your way to an office, please return home. in an effort to place twitter on healthy path difficult process of reducing our global workforce on friday. we recognize this will impact a number of individuals who made valuable tringzs to twitter this is essentially what we have to do to put the companies on a path to success moving forward.
3:21 am
they are sealing the building. your badge does not work. >> brian: wiped out all the chief operating officers right away the ceo on down. interesting the founder is still on board. it reminds me of how you kurt kids in high school. what they do is put up the roster of people on the team. you don't list the cuts. that's the way we did it. if you see your name on the roster. you going to practice later. if you don't see your name you can go home. that's basically what he is saying, right? the way you understand it is your badge doesn't work. you're off slack. if you get an email come in. if you don't get an email you are fired. >> katie: yeah. there is a new sheriff? town if you are trying it take twit anesthesia different company than it was new people. 3700 fired and people who are staying whether they will have a brain drain problem because people won't want to work at twitter so they should be actually recruiting for new talent. >> will: no doubt. try to move on from the old twitter into the new with a
3:22 am
completely different set of ideas about what they want the company to be. i have actually noticed scrolling through twitter a lot more advertising in the past week upon twitter. i have seen more followers as well. >> i have seen a lot more followers, i got 20,000 more followers. >> i have had a bump as well. many people noticed in this week. >> brian: more than 20? it seems like i don't want to get into a competition with you. >> all right competing with steve at the karen. >> you took that as more? >> yeah. >> i didn't give detail because it's less. i have do think it reveals your insecurity. >> it does. and i exposed it to the entire world. >> i'm sorry i brought it up, everybody. >> will: interesting to see how twitter works today. today will the be a works. if people don't know they have a job until 9:00 a.m. who is on the job right now as we speak? >> they wouldn't get rid of 3700 people if they didn't think the company could keep moving forward. >> there is lots of other perks is he getting rid of elon musk,. >> guys, $8. aren't we going to be charkted $8? do i have to give my credit card
3:23 am
up to keep twitter? >> katie: not to keep twitter but to have a blue checkmark. based on this conversation i think you both will be having a blue checkmark. >> will: vast majority of american people don't care. here is the only point that makes it should so we should care. twitter propaganda machine for the better part of five years. put up the number of executives that have been fired. we know from reporting in the last couple of days for example the dhs coordinating with many members of that team to control what can you see, think and hear. that propaganda machine has been set free. that effects us all. >> absolutely and force, i hope facebook, inif a gram and all the others to play a more balanced game or the else they are really going to stand out. coming up straight ahead. 1,000 pages released. congressman jim jordan reveals the g.o.p.'s road map to investigating the fbi and doj under president biden. >> katie: but first the countdown to -- we with head n
3:24 am
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3:28 am
florida congressman brian mast who is running for re-election right now in probably the most impressive diner turn out we have seen in the history of "fox & friends." steve? >> steve: i think you are exactly right, will. good morning. good morning harry and the natives. [cheers and applause] congressman, it's great to have you you have been here a number of times. >> yeah. harry has a billboard in the same thing standing next to each other. >> steve: i saw it in the distance you can see the two of them right there. tell me a little bit about what is going on in florida. we talked to some of the folks. we are going to talk to more in a little while. what's the number one thing they are worried about as they go to vote. >> the issues. my father 92 is down here with us. his retirement doesn't go nearly as far as what it went before. anybody headed out to work before behind us running air conditioner trucks are paying that much more for gas. they are not getting to make a penny, not getting to save for
3:29 am
their kids and go out there and live the american dream in the way that everybody wants to live in america. that's the problems that the biden administration is creating. >> steve: what is going won florida though? i was reading in the "the washington post" a couple of days ago that liberals in south florida are terrified that ron desantis could actually win the very liberal miami-dade county? >> well, governor desantis is going to crush it for florida, and it's because of his policies. they should be running scared. did you go around florida. [applause] >> and you see billboards everywhere that say keep florida free. that's what governor desantis is all about. making sure that we as floridians and as americans we get to decide for ourselves that today is better than yesterday or we don't. but we get to make the decision. >> steve: one of the things that the political left likes to talk about is climate change. and down in florida, you know, you are in the climate all the time. >> sure. >> steve: seems like the number one issue regarding that is the blue aggie and the red tide. those are the two things about the climate or the environment
3:30 am
that they are worried about. >> yeah. look. we are floridians. we know it's hot down here here for the water and weather. we want to keep our water pristine and beautiful. something we all fight to do make sure we have a clean, beautiful environment in our area. as republicans this is something we all care about. we live in lush, green water-filled places and we care about keeping it all clean as well. so the whole idea that the democrats try to pitch it's so off base. >> steve: regarding your race, you're up against a democrat who also is a veteran, served proudly 25 years. how is the state of the race at this point? >> so we are going to crush this race. >> i have seen polls, it looks like that could be true. >> a great ticket we are on. with governor desantis at the top obviously doing incredible policies for the state of florida and making sure that people that had an opportunity to view those policies say hey, do i want to vote for the liberal leftist agenda? what's going on with education, inflation, energy policy or do i want the free direction that governor desantis and
3:31 am
republicans are pushing and that's where they are going and helps my race out as well. >> real quick. apparently oprah has endorsed fetter man. [crowd boos] >> steve: i'm just reporting the facts, folks. [laughter] >> what does that show you? it shows you that they don't care, the state of the people running as long as they are wearing the title of democrat. they don't care what they do for national security or how they can represent. if they wear the title of democrat. they are just fine with them just like they are fine with joe biden and fine with fetterman even if he can't put together a sentence. >> steve: he is not listening. did anybody vote for him? [applause] >> steve: all right. live from harry and the natives that's a conversation with the congressman brian mast. back to you guys. >> will: really good, steve. checking in all morning long with you there in florida. >> brian: big crowd and most unique name for a diner in the history of man. you will never have another one. >> will: you are exactly right. another crime caught on camera. a mom's emotional plea for
3:32 am
officials to put the man who attacked her and her baby behind bars. >> brian: plus, desperate democrats are bringing out their all-star lineup to bash republicans? >> going after your right to vote. >> they want to own the libs. >> they say i want you to be very miserable. [laughter] >> brian: will it work? our town hall will react spontaneously. they promised. ♪ i made my moon ♪ it was all about you ♪ i feel so far removed ♪ a1c automatically adju
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special edition smart bed. ends monday.
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♪ >> they're going after your right to vote and how. [boos] >> no, not a joke. mark my words. >> every republican politician seems obsessed with only two things. they want to own the libs. the other thing they really want to do is get donald trump's approval. >> the republicans are pretty simple.
3:37 am
they say i want you to be very miserable. >> katie: presidents obama biden and clinton going after republicans on the campaign trail as the midterms crawl closer. are these attacks really effective or just -- or are voters focusing on bigger issues? for that we will turn to our members of our town hall. thank you all so much for being here. so, show of hands, how many of you think those lines of attack are effective during this election cycle? >> not a single one. let's do -- how many of you are republican? registered republican? half. how many of you are democrats? and any independence? so, already we have bipartisan agreement that those are not effective ways to gain new voters. so, i want to go to kian first. why don't you think that's an effective message. >> it's the same rhetoric over and over again. you are trying to use scare tactics and it's not working. people aren't falling for that they are worried about the inflation, and the economy and gas prices like they are not
3:38 am
worried about being scared and scare tactics aren't the thing that's working. >> katie: so in terms of what is working, how many of are you concerned about crime? so how about you? why are you concerned about crime? >> i mean, you know, coming to a city, especially for, i think, new yorkers living in the outer boroughs getting up today and stepping to subway station, they are worried about, you know, ducking into the station and whattens going to happen. you know, we hear that almost every week, something is happening in the subways and on our streets. those are on the minds of people that are going to be voting this week. >> katie: madeline, you have, unfortunately, a very personal experience with crime, what is your response when democrats like hillary clinton say that republicans are just using crime as a way to scare people and that it's really not as severe as they claim?
3:39 am
take a trip to city margo and count the bodies in the freezer. or harlem hospital and stand by the bedside with the mother was crying and praying that their child makes it through the night because they were shot or stabbed or beat in the head with a hammer. >> katie: exactly. these are issues people are thinking about every single day also affecting people's businesses. frank, you own a business. you live in new jersey, you are a small business owner. you have three children. how far has crime affected your business in this environment? >> not to a great degree because everything is online now. it hasn't been a big effect but certainly coming into the city for meetings it's not the same feeling we avoid where it used to be a pleasure. you don't want to come into the city because you are not comfortable anymore. >> katie: not just crime but inflationary environment in new york, new jersey, across the country makes doing business harder and difficult for people to come into work or go online
3:40 am
and spend money at these businesses. >> well, for me i'm an attorney. so both of those areas affect our business crime as attorneys we see the effects of cashless bail. kathy hochul doesn't want to acknowledge it but we are putting criminals back on the street. the economy, in particular, especially with the mortgage interest rates are now triple as they were a year ago. as an attorney our husband and i our firm real estate market. attorneys still do real estate closings in new york state and high inflation and interest rates going up. it's affecting our business because it's crashing. >> katie: you are a democrat. in terms of issues that you are voting on. you are voting on tuesday. what particularly are you looking for when it comes to candidates talking to and trying to earn your vote? >> i'm particularly looking at how they are going to be approaching children and
3:41 am
democrats approach the learning loss that's been present and how they are going to make up for that. we are still waiting for an apology that has yet to come from any democrat as far as i have seen so far. and crime is also a big issue for me. i have a 5-year-old. to say walk through the city myself to have some kind of awareness it's stressful, when i'm holding his hand and have to be worried about both of us, your anxiety is through the roof not enjoyable experience anymore. >> you are a republican. >> i am. >> sitting next to democrat. >> i am. i agree with her. she is right. the two key issues are economy and crime. this effects everybody. white, black, rich, poor, everybody is affected by that whether you own a business or in a business or going to business. these are impacting everybody. and right now it's not what the -- in my opinion, what the democrats are talking about. i think we could get united republican, democrats together
3:42 am
to try and resolve these issues and then we should hold the government accountability. it's not us against each other. we should be getting together republicans to issues that are important to us. >> i would like to echo his sentiment. a little bit of a different take we have to be real and honest and remember we just went through a once in 100 year pandemic so inflation is going to be high. we'll printed over $5 trillion under donald trump and biden from the cares act and the save america act from biden. so, the notion that we're going to come out of a once in a 100 year pandemic and inflation and the economy is going to be great and we are not going to have crime, i just don't think that's realistic. again, what he is saying i think we can all come together, tone down the rhetoric and work together as democrats and republicans we stand a much better chance of accomplishing immigration reform, crime, the economy, but to continuously, you know, throw insults at each other and say they're evil or
3:43 am
they are destroying the country, as adults that just doesn't make a lot of sense. i think we are stronger together and i think we really need to take a hard look the way we are treating and talking to each other. >> katie: on that incident to, how many of you are tired of the constant back and forth. >> we have had enough. >> katie: fighting and lack of discussion ever the issues? >> yes. >> katie: doesn't solve a problem, right? just today a show of hands, who thinks that republicans have made a better argument in terms of coming together, working together in washington, d.c., especially given that democrats have full control? a couple? and have democrats offered anything came into the segment with some accusations from high profile democrats saying you want to own the libs, crime is not a problem. and yet you said that is not an effective message. so i guess finishing out. >> it's not realistic message. >> what is the way republicans can work with democrats? we have to work together. fringes of both parties are controlling the parties. that's not where the american people are. the majority of the american people are not on the fringes to the left or to the right.
3:44 am
so i think to really say hey, what do the people want and let's work on that. i think if we took a list of the things that are important to us and looked at a list of what washington is actually working on those lists would become completely different. >> ainsley: what do people want is what democracy is all about. we have an election in four days we are grateful to all of you. thank you our panel will be back in the next hour. in the meantime carley shimkus is here with your headlines. >> carley: i certainly am, katie. shocking video a california mother attacked in a parking lot while holding her 1-year-old baby girl. a judge is now dropping the charges against the victim's former friend, the attacker. due to a lack of courtroom space and a shortage of judges. clarissa joined us earlier on "fox & friends first" with her take. >> knowing that she knows where my child lays her head at. knowing that she is walking away free and bragging that she not held responsible that terrifies me as a mother for my child.
3:45 am
>> carley: she says the attack that happened back in may stemmed from a domestic issue that her former friend was upset about. look at that baby girl right there. so cute a portland homeless camp is torn down and crews began building pickle ball courts all within a 24-hour time period. mayor ted wheeler ordered the camp to be cleared out on monday to make way for park improvements that will also include a skate rasp and bicycle course. the mayor did not respond for comment the homeless living at the park were given a week's notice to leave the area and offered a place to stay. brooklyn nets point guard kyrie irving is apologizing for posting a link to anti-semitic film only after the brooklyn methods suspended him for five games. he says to all jewish families and communities that are hurt and affected from my post, i am deeply sorry to have caused you pain and i apologize. before irving issued that statement nba commissioner adam silver slammed his action saying
3:46 am
quote: i am disappointed that he has not offered an unqualified apology and more specifically denounced the violent, harmful content contained in the film he chose to publicize. phillies fans might be down but eagles fans are riding high. the philadelphia eagles remain undefeated on the season after a couple clutch touchdowns brown and dallas goddard. >> time, throws, touchdown browns. hurts throwing, open. who else goddard, touchdown. >> the eagles off to best start in franchise history. they move to 8-0 on the year after dominating the houston texans 29-17. those are your headlines, janice outside to you. >> janice: hello. good morning. we are dealing with warmer temperatures across the eastern third of the country but the flip side of that is the colder air and cold front that could cause destruction and tornadoes later this afternoon.
3:47 am
look at that. you can see that cold front can't you? 29 in fargo. 25 in rapid city. meanwhile, 70s in texas and up towards oklahoma. we have snow on the back side of this cold front and the potential for hail, damaging winds, and a tornado outbreak later today. we think later on this afternoon into the evening hours some of these areas could get, you know, really damaging whether. so have a wait to get your watches and warnings. we will see heavy rainfall with this through saturday. heavy rain meaning the potential for flash flooding across the mississippi river valley. those your highs today. clearly that cold front is going to smash into very warm, unstable air and that's why we have that set-up for severe storms. just show you the record highs for saturday. 75 in syracuse. and i think it's going to be 74 for the big marathon this weekend on sunday here in new york city. so that -- you know, that's flirting with records here in the northeast. i know you probably love it beings katie, right? >> katie: i love the heat. i have will take the long weather as long as possible.
3:48 am
thanks, janice. >> janice: you got it. coming up no laughing matter. stephen colbert claims a g.o.p. candidate made up a story about a democrat dad worried about books in schools. >> this is not the only one worried about this issue so is this guy she totally made up. okay. [laughter] fine. that happened. >> katie: but it turns out he's real and he joins us live up next. ♪ going to be a long, long time. ♪ brings me back in to find ♪ i'm not the man they think i am at all ♪ oh, no, no, no
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♪ >> will: mostly a stupid, unfunny joke based on a stupid, unfunny lie. late night host stephen colbert claims a voter school teachings and republican candidate tudor dixon wasn't real. doesn't exist. >> not the only one worried about this issue. so is this guy she totally made up. >> i had a gentleman come up to me a few nights ago and he said i found content in my school library describing how to have sex to my son. i went to the democrats and i said i cannot believe that this is in there. [laughter] >> okay.
3:53 am
fine. that happened. >> will: oh, but it did happen and that guy exists and he is right there. that's former dearborn city council sell candidate and former democrat khalil othman and he joins us now on "fox & friends." khalil, you are real. you exist. >> yeah. good morning, will, yes, absolutely. i'm real. i'm here. i do exist. i don't know where that information came from. what steven is talking about we don't exist. >> will: and the moment as well that stephen colbert suggests never happened. tell us about that moment and what you said to tudor dixon. >> there was a grass root movement that started here in dearborn rejecting and opposing the sexually explicit books in our schools. and when people stood up and went to the dearborn board of education asking the trustees to remove the books. they were not listened. they were rejected and fast forward, there were -- other
3:54 am
dearborn board of education meeting where thousands of parents came out and spoke clearly that they don't want these books available for the kids in our schools. no one listened to them and actually, the democratic machine here in dearborn or the leadership democratic machine here in dearborn rejected the parents, dismissed the parents, and some of them called them names. so, at that moment, i decided to go and visit dixon at flat rock. and i look in dearborn, flat rock is like about 30 minutes from here. all the way there with couple parents, and when we got there, i stood up in front of everybody and i told dixon that we are concerned parents. we came all the way here and we believe and you mentioned that you are trying to stand up for the families and the kids and
3:55 am
protecting parents. and parents rights. so, right after the rally. i got the chance to talk to her for a couple minutes. and t i told her we were just concerned parents and we got rejected. dismissed. by the whole democratic elected officials in our city. no one listened to us. it was actually not only a city council candidate last year but i was state helpive for the democratic party two months ago. so, that moment i said i the minute i stood up and i went out will with the parents and tried to reject these sexually suggested books a lot of elected office holders. >> will: sounds like you were rejected by democratic politicians. how does it make you feel that steven colbert thinks you are a fiction? what would you say to stephen colbert if you met him? >> well, shame on him to be
3:56 am
honest. because the fact that he would deny existing of concerned parents, for political gain, that's absolutely irresponsible. and not acceptable. >> will: yeah, i think it's an impossibility that someone like yourself could actually exsilz and have these concerns. i'm curious, we have in your introduction, we know from your past you have been democrat. really quick, i only have a few minutes left khalil, will you be voting in these midterms? >> for sure these issues or the books, they are the biggest wake-up call for me and many and hundreds of parents here in dearborn. >> will: i'm going to lose you khalil, i have a hard commercial break. i take that to mean you will be voting differently in this election. >> absolutely i you will. thank you. >> will: more "fox & friends" comingd tr up medication for adults with insomnia.
3:57 am
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>> katie: four days left until the midterm elections. >> steve: how many pete people have already voted. [cheers] >> i am concerned about the voter. >> paying that's much more for gas. >> jogger raped a homeless man with 25 arrests. >> hochul in the fight of her political life against zeldin. >> have a zero tolerance policy for crime. >> income is up, prices are down. >> labor day drop the weakest job rert


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