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tv   America Reports  FOX News  November 4, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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procrastinator. >> not a person on a bar stool. >> moms are getting up for 2:00 a.m. feeds, they are feeding little babies, there you go. >> getting up anyway. the baby does not observe daylight saving. >> thanks to everyone, don't forget to dvr the show and set your clocks back. here is "america reports." >> john: four days to go the campaign trail heating up as candidates from across the country make their closing pitch in the last weekend before a midterm election that could reshape the country. i'm john roberts in washington. sandra, welcome to friday. >> sandra: daylight saving time, important because we are going to be anchoring on sunday and we want everybody to join us in time. good to be with you, sandra smith in new york. this is "america reports." president biden and the democrats are scrambling to hold on to both chambers of congress but high prices at the grocery
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store and at the gas pump have most voters upset with the direction the country is heading in at this moment. >> john: the concern has led most democrats in tight races to keep president biden away from their campaigns, including in georgia, where rafael warnock is locked in a tough battle with republican challenger herschel walker. >> sandra: a race we are all watching. we have a jam packed show ahead. the best in the business. >> john: our team of reporters have you covered from coast to coast. start with aishah hasnie, following the race in georgia. so, what issues are concerning business owners in the peach state? >> hey there, john and sandra. good afternoon to you. inflation is top of mind for any one that's going in to vote by some 20 points, today is the last day of early voting and you can see in noonan, georgia, a
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long line of voters ready to go in and cast their ballots, in fact the line wraps around the building there. look, small business owners, john, are telling me inflation is real and it is hurting them and their customers. i'm going to introduce you to darryl perry, he runs a best control company in cartersville. lost 50 to $60,000 in revenue this year because of the rising costs of chemicals. clients are cutting back, and higher gas prices are hurting him. >> we have lost business and our gas prices have just tripled with our fleet of trucks. we had to pass that along somewhere, you know, we can't just keep losing money. >> he voted for republican herschel walker because he blames democrats and their spending for causing inflation. the other side of the aisle, the wrights own the wright cut salon in monroe, georgia, they have also been hit by inflation, they
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say prices for beauty supplies have doubled in the last two years. >> hit us dramatically, like i say, sometimes my clients, some of them have to see whether they want their hair done or pay their light bill or pay their rent. >> but the wrights voted for incumbent rafael warnock and say the spending for covid relief say it was necessary and john, you'll remember, this week the fed raised the rates and rafael warnock was asked about this, he said he wishes the fed would have waited. i don't know. >> john: lovely little down there, good to see you. shannon bream, so some prominent democrats are slamming their party for running a feeble midterm election campaign, gavin newsom. >> goes to my fundamental
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grievance with my damn party. we are getting crushed on narrative. we have do better in terms of gets on the offense and stopping on the damn defense. >> widely considered to be a potential candidate for 2024, if biden chooses not to run, but he's got a point. >> as the polls continue to tighten you see more and more blame shifting, and quoting strategists some off the record and some on the record, they feel tuesday will not be a good night for them and frustration they did not talk about the economy. they know it's the number one issue for voters but spent millions and millions more on issues like abortion which over the summer did well for them. but some including bob casey said we should not see the ground on issues like the economy when they say we are making a mess of it, go back to the republicans and say what are you going to do about it. but he feels by not engaging in
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that conversation voters, as you know, all of our polling shows they give the edge to republicans on issues like that. >> john: bernie sanders says not only did they not talk about the economy and other bread and butter issues but did not play the blame game. he said people are hurting, 60% of people are living paycheck to paycheck. oil company profits are soaring, food company profits are soaring, rich are getting richer and democrats have to make that message. playing the blame game doesn't get you solutions to inflation. it does not bring people into your camp. they say are you going to blame the oil companies, the supermarkets, that does not work. >> when the economy is not good, voters punish the party in control because for them it's going to pay for eggs and milk and gas up their car. they can look at economic data all day long, they are trying to run their families and make
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their wallets and checkbooks work, that's outdated -- i don't know if anybody outside of our generation is still using checkbooks, but they try to make it work. they have all the branches, that could legislate or the executive branch to do something about it. for them, the argument will fall on deaf ears. >> we gave you control. not all democrats are ready to reach for the hemlock on tuesday night. some think maybe an outside chance they will hang on to the senate and mitigate losses in the house. one of those is matt bennet, he said broadly speaking i think we'll outperform any reasonable expectations for the party in power. republicans should be cleaning our clocks, not praying to eek out a senate majority and pick up a handful of house seats. likely they will pick up more than a handful of house seats, and rick scott predicted 52 plus
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majority in the senate, good night for them. >> that's optimistic, but he's leading the charge to get the republicans in the senate, we know all of our recent polling all of those key races, pennsylvania, arizona, georgia, nevada, they are all within the margin of error pretty much. i don't think anybody can declare victory yet, but we'll see. there is an uphill battle for both sides. >> sandra: you have congressman james clyburn on sunday, he said about the attack on paul pelosi, the demonization from the right is responsible for that and the country is moving in a very dark direction. >> this country is on track to repeat what happened in germany when it was the greatest democracy going elected a chancellor who then co-oped to the media this this past
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president calling the press the enemy of the people, that is a bunch of crap and we know it. and that's what's going on in this country. >> john: where we are right now is a prelude to nazi germany in the 1930s, really? >> that's terrifying and he's also said basically it could be the end of the world if people don't vote for democrats, not just the end of our democracy, he said the end of the world potentially. so that's very heated language and if we are worried about everybody on all sides being careful about what they say, the minute you invoke any comparison ever to any nazi, you know, parallel, that gets a lot of people very upset. >> john: the two of you have a lot to talk about on sunday. >> we do. see you on sunday. >> sandra: looking forward to that. thank you, shannon, john. today is the last day for early voting in nevada. another crucial battleground for control of the senate. the race is 1 of 4 toss-ups in our latest fox news power
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rankings. adam laxalt has been keeping a busy schedule. but catherine cortez masto is keeping a relatively low profile. do we know how many people have cast early ballots there so far? >> we will get an updated set of numbers from the sent of state's office tomorrow but everyone we have spoken with so far say they have already voted, of course many still have not, and it is still a numbers game and that something that republican senate candidate adam laxalt is very aware of right now, we are at a campaign stop with him right now, continuing his bus tour across the state. polling dead even with cortez masto. he's following the glenn youngkin campaign model, you hit each county no matter how deeply red or rural it may be, that a higher than expected turnout does more than trying to change people's minds, and that has had
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an impact on voters who often feel overlooked. >> it means a great deal that our little community, although small, will not be forgotten. and that he wants to be here and i'm sure he wants to represent us in a manner that we'll all be proud of. >> cortez masto has attended some small events, welcomed big party names like barack obama, made herself far less available on the campaign trail, granting virtually no interviews and the campaign has not responded to any of our requests for comment. now laxalt is joined by brandon judd, the head of the national border patrol council, so they are talking border safety and nevada is not a border state, many of the people who came out here today say they are dealing with many of the issues. they are not far, namely the issue of fentanyl coming in over the border. sandra. >> sandra: alex hoff for us,
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thank you. as we go t our reporters on the ground, in georgia, watching the gubernatorial race, the senatorial race, inflation is top of mind to voters, the economy is key to the races on the ground in georgia as i mentioned, the governor's race there is lean republican, and fox news power rankings, brian kemp won last time with 1.4% of the vote there, but this race is neck and neck. we'll continue to watch that. and the senate race, of course, as you all just spoke about, rafael warnock and herschel walker, 1 of 4 toss-ups in the latest power rankings and john, if you want to take a spin on the touch screen with me, i decided to key in on three swing counties, look back at the 2020 presidential results, baldwin county, one to watch on election night where president biden pulled off just a small victory
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in baldwin county in the 2020 presidential race. 50.1% of the vote there. and john, when i say close, i highlight, that was a 237 vote difference in baldwin county. and then if i go just east of there to highlight washington county, another swing county in the state, look at 50% of the vote biden won. .7% margin in that swing county. i highlight the 75 vote difference in that swing county and then finally as you head out to the border with south carolina here you look at burke county, another swing county. president trump was able to pull off victory in this swing county last time around, those are the three counties we are watching and i do highlight to bring it home how close it got, 192 votes split the difference there in that county. that's some of what we will be watching early on on election night to gauge how the state is
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heading. >> john: and polls close at 7:00 eastern time zone, and karl rove says he's going to watch for the warnock and walker race, what the margins are between kemp and abrams. if it looks like kemp will run away with it, that could bode well for herschel walker but if it's closer, may bode well for war being no. something to watch in the early going on tuesday night this. and this is awful. a shocking attack on a new york city woman who was out for a jog early in the morning. police say the suspect raped and robbed his victim on a manhattan pier yesterday morning, you see the perpetrator on the right. the suspect's lengthy criminal past has many wondering why in the heck he was even on the streets in the first place. live in new york city. what do we know about the suspect? >> all good questions, john.
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he was already known to police suspected in two assaults, including one just last month. and now the homeless man with a long rap sheet is in custody. in cuffs and two police escort, 29-year-old karl banner walks by reporters, arrested at the new york city port authority bus terminal to board a greyhound bus several hours after he was suspected of robbing and sexual assaulting a 43-year-old woman jogging. she was left bloody and shoe less. police tracked him down after he used a stolen credit card at a target in midtown to buy $39 of red bull energy drinks. he was charged with rape, sexual assault, invalid use of a credit card. and charged with attacks on october 6th and last month. and also busted at least 25 times, sources say mostly for petty larceny, assault and drug
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possession and drug dealing. reacting to the front page arrest story, lee zeldin tweeted this in the reality of life in kathy hochul's new york, vote like your life depends on it because it does. news of an arrest did not calm the nerves of people would frequent this scenic area along the river. take a listen. >> that's why i brought him out tonight, i was terrified to go by myself. >> i go on walks every day, go to the gym, i live on charles street and out of the door at 6:45 every morning, it could have been me. it's horrifying. >> reports say police had been looking for fanner since the attack in march. his arraignment has not been scheduled as of yet. back to you. >> john: hopefully this time he will stay in jail. >> sandra: the last major jobs report is out four days from election day. what it shows us about those rising interest rates.
10:16 am
is it cooling off the labor market? we'll ask if there's anything more that can be done to bring down those sky high prices. >> john: just days after the midterm election, some candidates are distancing themselves from the president and even their own party. we will ask democratic illinois congressman if that is a good idea. >> economic policies that hurt small business owners like myself, that list could go on and on, and i don't expect that joe biden and barack obama are going to address the real issues that are affecting everyday an pennsylvanians. d got a big leg. it's your va home loan benefit. it lets you borrow up to a full 100% of your home's value. with home values near record highs, the newday 100 va loan can get you an average of $60,000. and you can lower your payments by $600 a month. pay down your high-rate credit card debt,
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>> john: fbi has found the person behind threats made to
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synagogues in new jersey. in a tweet, the field office said the person is no longer a "danger to the community." this comes after the bureau issued a warning yesterday saying it had a credible information on a broad threat to new jersey synagogues. sandra. >> sandra: and one last jobs report is out before the midterm elections, and it did show that the u.s. added 261,000 jobs in the latest month. the headline unemployment rate we track every month, it did tick up. joining us now is illinois democratic congressman, thank you for joining us. a big few days coming up, four days from election day. any thoughts on how things are looking for your party, first off. >> well, i think that we are cautious but realistic and hopeful. i think we have to work our tails off in the last four days, eight days if you don't sleep and let the voters decide on
10:22 am
november 8th. but i'm doing everything i can to get the vote out as well. >> sandra: i heard cautious, realistic, and hopeful. wages versus inflation. your party in particular the white house likes to tout that wages are up, and that is fact. wages are up. but real wages are actually negative because that's when you account for inflation. that inflation is gobbling up all the wage increases. is it realistic to take a victory lap like the white house has done on the economy when really wages are negative in this country for most people right now? >> it's a mixed picture for sure, sandra, and you are right, inflation is a bear and we have to did everything to fight inflation. people are feeling it at the pump, at the grocery store. but the other hand, the labor market is very strong. 261,000 jobs created last month,
10:23 am
revised upward estimate of the previous months' job growth, 10 million so far in the biden administration, so it's a mixed market. all that being said, we have to do everything we can to address splags because for instance, with gas prices i have said we have to invoke the defense production act to increase refining capacity because our global and american refining capacity is too low to convert any amount of crude oil into gasoline if we can convert more crude into gasoline, we can supply more gasoline and reduce prices at the pump. those are the types of bipartisan solutions we need to take right now. >> sandra: let me seize on that characterization it's a mixed picture right now. i would be curious where people should be feeling good about what's happened over the last two years, congress the pain that we are hearing from most folks on the economy, on inflation, on the jobs market right now, considering negative
10:24 am
wages. you've got ron klain, chief of staff for the president and the press secretary saying this. listen. >> look, we are in -- we are not in a recession. i want to be really, really clear on that. >> so i want to be clear is -- we are -- there are no meetings or anything happening like that in preparing for a recession. >> sandra: heading into a midterm election as you well know, most polls show a majority of americans don't like the direction that we are going as a country right now. you've got more and more people taking on two, sometimes three jobs just to cover the cost of inflation. you've got more americans than ever living paycheck to paycheck. why this insistence that things are going great? >> i don't think they're going great. i think that -- so i was knocking on doors this morning in a solidly middle class neighborhood of my district. i met a lot of constituents, met a lot of their dogs, sandra, and the constituents told me look, the inflation is really bad and
10:25 am
we got to do more to tackle that. at the same time, for instance, the small business people, i was a former small business person, i signed the front of the check and back of the check, i like to say, sandra, and they are saying inflation is bad but man, i need more workers right now because i've got more work than i have people to do it. and so it's kind of like a mixed bag for them, they just wish that the inflation would be a lot lower and they need more workers to handle the work and the business that's coming in the door. so that's what i -- what i see when i talk to my voters. >> sandra: i imagine they are probably feeling the pain of the high dog food prices, too. inflation has hit dog food, we have reported that. i appreciate your spirit here but i'll ask you about your party in general, because this was an interesting moment with tim ryan, the democrat running for very, very tight race in ohio right now, and he seems to be distancing himself, not just from president biden which he
10:26 am
did here on the program weeks ago heading into the midterm election, but distancing himself from the democratic party. >> the national democratic party has never been really good at strategic political decisions, so you know, it's not a surprise here. thank god that i have enough experience that i built this campaign not needing them and we don't want them at this point. >> sandra: what does this tell you there are so many candidates running for these tight races all over the country that don't even want the president campaigning for them? >> tim ryan is a good guy, he's my colleague in congress and i think what i tell everybody is just be yourselves. where you agree with the president express that agreement. where you disagree, then you point that out as well. at the end of the day, you have to campaign on your own merits and on your own record and credentials. in my case, i'm proud of the fact i've ushered hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in local police departments to fight crime and increase public safety and that's why 14 mayors
10:27 am
have endorsed me from my district, mostly republicans, they know at the end of the day i, and many of my colleagues, are trying to work with local law enforcement, local authorities to do whatever we can to make them successful. >> because our law enforcement need that support and as you well know in illinois, crime is a huge problem. downtown chicago, dealing with crime like we have never seen before. that city near and dear to my heart, we have been watching it happen and supporting our law enforcement important first step. thank you very much for joining us, congressman. >> john: always good to see the congressman here on "america reports." vladimir putin accused of energy terrorism as they attack the power grid, keeping millions in the dark. is the tide turning in ukraine's favor on another battle front. plus this. >> i read a poll yesterday that white republican suburban women
10:28 am
are going to vote republican. almost like roaches voting for raid. >> sandra: that was "the view," getting panned now for that insult to voters just ahead of an election. and she's not the only one. joe concha has plenty to say about it. he'll join us after the break.
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now, contestants ready? go! why? why? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ >> sandra: new signs that ukraine could be closing in on a major victory in the southern part of the country. a russian-backed official say they are pulling troops out of kherson but the ukrainian leaders are worried that move could be a trap. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is in kyiv for us. what do we know about the situation there? >> sandra, we could be looking at a major moment in this war. russian president putin publicly endorsing the evacuation of civilians from the southern ukrainian city of kherson.
10:33 am
an official said russian troops are pulling out as ukrainian forces bear down. kherson is the only regional capital taken during eight months of fighting. and debunking claims by russia that ukraine was preparing to set off a radioactive dirty bomb. visits to inspectors to nuclear sites, and more than half a million in kyiv are without power, four and a half nationwide, and the u.s. midterms are being watched here. like rob portman and chris kunz saying u.s. support for ukraine will continue regardless of who wins next tuesday. portman thinks the rhetoric concerns keeping track of the assistance. >> with regard to the assistance, we do believe there ought to be more accountability. we republicans and i think most
10:34 am
democrats if not all and that's something that we are working on. >> the pentagon today announcing $400 million more military aid to ukraine and that includes air defenses for the critical electric grid which of course is under attack. sandra. >> sandra: greg, thank you. john. >> john: the liberal media melting down over the possibility of big gop gains in the midterms next tuesday. joy reed and sonny had an outburst, sonny comparing republican women or anybody who would vote republican to roaches. here is joe concha, and also a fox news contributor. sunny was lamenting the fact white suburban women have swung 27 points in favor of the gop. >> i read a poll white
10:35 am
republican suburban women are going to vote republican. >> why? >> almost like roaches voting for raid. >> john: i know sunny, i used to work with her, an attempt at humor but it came off as condescending, particularly when you think of a good number of white suburban women probably watch the view and not all of them are registered republicans. >> probably a good majority of them, yes. john, but i did not see much of a smile from sunny there after she made that attempt at humor. she's a democratic activist. the strategy appears now among many democrats it seems and their allies in the media, not to win over voters but to insult them, so bold strategy. but remember, sunny hostin is the same commentator, recently said that black republicans, john, are oxymorons, she also argued that any latino or
10:36 am
hispanic who votes republican is voting against their own self-interest. she believes she should tolerate the gas prices and crime and illegal migration and fentanyl overdoses, and she also criticized nikki haley, for going by her middle name, when sunny does not even use her own name. and it's not the barbara walters show, that's for sure. >> john: msnbc joy reid postulated that people had never heard inflation or used it in the common vernacular. >> what they have done is taught people the word inflation, right. most people would have never used that word ever in their lives are using it now because they have been taught it, including on tv, including in newspapers, they have been taught this word. >> she claimed previously the
10:37 am
only people whoever used the word inflation were economists and journalists and i'm left to wonder the question, how stupid does she think voters are? >> that's a good word to describe this, john. joy reid will somehow be an election night co-anchor on msnbc and she thinks americans are so naive that they could be brainwashed into believing that inflation is a made up term to scare them. of course she's part of the richest 1%, so inflation does not truly impact her, that pain that people feel when they live paycheck to paycheck, pay more for food or clothes or gas or heating their homes. it does not exist in her mind. but downplaying or misleading the public on inflation is a thing right now, at least on that side of the aisle. >> john: i'm not supposed to render an opinion but an observation here, there does seem to be a dual pathology at play. one, voters are not allowed to
10:38 am
think for themselves and, b, liberal tv hosts will insult anyone who does not agree with their point of view. >> that's logic you just applied there. and msnbc kind of wears their heart on their sleeve and they don't claim to be objective, but michael, i don't know if you talked this about this, presidential historian said what's at stake is whether we will be a democracy in the future, whether our children will be arrested and killed. this is what's passing for commentary on msnbc. tiffany cross was just let go, referred to clarence thomas as uncle tom and senator tim scott as a token. maybe some standards are being applied based on them letting miss cross go. we'll leave it there, john.
10:39 am
>> sandra: thanks to joe for directing the show. all right, the race for senate in iowa getting surprisingly close. chuck grassley, tightest race he has seen since taking office 40 years ago. what he's doing now to hold off a dark horse challenger. >> john: and voters in swing state arizona say border security, and what the candidates are saying in the final stretch before election day. >> you say safety of the streets. let me tell you where that starts. securing our nation's borders, making sure the administration is not purposefully disassembling the structure that was in place. it needed to be here. doctor tc: ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. man tc: my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. son tc: mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. song: a1c down with rybelsus® anncr vo: in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than the leading branded pill.
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>> john: iowa senate race is not the cake walk many expected it would be. race remains likely republican in the power rankings, but the
10:44 am
latest des moines register poll shows the democrat could be in striking distance of defeating chuck grassley, the incumbent republican. garrett, i know that republicans are worried about this race, even senator grassley when he was here a week ago said he does not know why it's this close. >> yeah, john, by almost all accounts the race should not be as close as that poll suggests. iowa has been trending recently race, voters love their incumbents, and not only is chuck grassley an institution of iowa politics, he has not lost a race in 64 years. he is leading mike franken by just three points. state republicans argue the poll is likely an outlier but one of the concerns is grassley's age. at 89 years young, he is the second oldest sitting senator and would be 95 at the end of the next term, his eighth in the
10:45 am
senate. last night at a rally here in sioux falls with president trump, grassley told us he is still going strong and does not plan to slow down. >> i heard the same thing six years ago and i'm still alive. i work hard, i go to bed at 9:00, get up at 4:00, do two miles, get to the office at 6:00, and you do everything a senator has to do and i'm doing that. >> national democrats have largely aban doned this race, assuming they didn't have a shot. but mike franken has been able to make it closer than most folks were expecting, he's made abortion one of the top talking points of his campaign. >> the last thing they made, the last thing women need, my six sisters, my wife, my daughter, is a constitutional lawyer,
10:46 am
chuck grassley and the federal government standing in the delivery room. >> this race will likely come down to turnout and the roughly third of iowa voters who are independents. >> i think the issues that are important to them are more along the lines of who is going to do a better job of helping solve the economic problems that we are facing right now. >> the last time chuck grassley was in a race this close, it was 1980 when he won his first term to the senate by eight points, john. >> john: we'll see what happens on tuesday night. garrett, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: four days until the polls close and candidates for georgia's senatorial and gubernatorial races are in the final stretch. we will hear from reporters on the ground what could be the deciding issues in the key races. >> john: outrage in new york city after a brutal attack on a woman out for an early morning
10:47 am
jog. the suspect has got a lengthy rap sheet. so why was he out on the streets? >> the reality is this young lady is yet another data point for their failed policies and that's why new york is going to go red on november 8th.
10:48 am
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>> john: something nothing like a semi tone to set the stage. a diver has an encounter with a tiger shark. the diver gets ready to jump into the water, doesn't that look fabulous, she waits, oh, good thing she did. because there was a tiger shark splashing out of the water with an open mouth ready to devour at least a part of her, just missed her flipper. diver says the shark was likely chasing a school of fish under the boat or potentially, sandra, seeing a very tasty morsel on top of the water. >> sandra: she got her money's worth. without even diving in. that is amazing video.
10:52 am
a top story, new york city, high profile sex crime. jogger raped in heart of city. a homeless man arrested for the rape of a jogger in the city's west village. the suspect has been arrested 25 times before we are now learning. bring in deroy murdock. good to see you. heartbreaking start to finish. she went out for her morning jog and a man who should have never been walking freely on the streets there, this horrific crime, it's too many, it's too many. deroy, we have had this conversation too many times. >> sandra, i wish this were an isolated incident. it happens over and over and over again. pick up "the new york post," any local paper, homeless person with a long rap sheet on parole, bail, does it again and again
10:53 am
and again and again, and people like kathy hochul our governor here says oh, this is all a right wing conspiracy, people like you and me are hallucinating, and you don't need to take drugs to see this stuff. just look around and there's just the idea on the part of the people like kathy hochul and the democrats. if you are nice to criminals they'll be nice to us. it's a total fantasy, and dangerous and too often deadly fantasy. >> sandra: 29 years old, homeless, 25 prior arrests, criminal record, drug possession, burglary, theft, now charged in two other new york city sexual assault and robbery cases. this 43-year-old's life is changed forever. why is it that democrats continue to insist, it's not just kathy hochul, hillary clinton stumping for democrats on the campaign trail saying gop is making all this up. >> it's amazing. it's remarkable that they don't say look, we have some new ideas
10:54 am
or let's try this, they are incomplete denial, makes them look callous and uncaring, and supposedly the party of women to take care of women's rights, and if you are a woman it's the worst thing to get raped, and women getting shoved on to the subway tracks, robbed, we have this happening in new york city, in countries coast to coast and democrat-run cities with weak and soft mayors, prosecutors, and the left wing establishment making excuses and trying to get us to feel sorry for them, rather than locking them up, and they just trying to find new ways to not just give second chances, but 20, 30, 40th, 50th chances, it's absurd, it has to stop. and voters know what to do on
10:55 am
tuesday, vote the democrats out of office to once again have a safe country. >> sandra: and kathy hochul turns a blind eye and defends the bail laws and the crime in the city, she says she's doing something about that, tell that to the grandmother who now has her two grandchildren to raise because her 30-year-old daughter was shot execution style after she pleaded with police to police protect her, she was wearing, this is buffalo, new york, she had to wear a bulletproof vest to take her kids to school and she could not get that man off the street. he carried out that crime less than 24 hours after he walked free. >> yeah, the next day. she said police protect me, my ex-husband is going to kill me and he did, and some people have killed folks when they have their ankle bracelets on. it's absurd, vote democrats out of office and return america to the land of law and order.
10:56 am
>> sandra: a reason it has emerged as a top issue in key races. great to see you, deroy. thank you very much. >> john: new at 2:00, president biden set to campaign in the midwest, but not in any of the battleground states. are vulnerable democrats asking him not to come. will the strategy pay off? daron shaw, ari fleischer, and patricia murphy will break down the campaign's final stretch. all that and more as "america reports" rolls on. no upfront costs at all. let us get your family security of cash in the bank. [coughing] hi, susan. honey. yeah. i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad. try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love, plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? robitussin. the only brand with real honeyand elderberry. first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis.
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you don't know what you're getting into, but at the end of the day, you know you have a team behind you that can help you. not having to worry about the future makes it possible to make the present as best as it can be for everybody. >> i came to clarksston to ask you one question. are you ready to get this thing done one more time. criminals think they are more powerful than our police and i say not on my watch. >> we are doing good in georgia because we are saying no to stacey abrams. >> time to get brian kemp an eviction notice and put somebody else in the mansion. >> sandra: just a taste in georgia where the senate is the


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