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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 4, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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countdown for the med terms at 10:00 p.m. "your world" starts rights now. have a great day, everybody. >> blake masters has some beliefs that are just dangerous for arizonians. >> are you ready to send mark kelly back to space next week? bye-bye. there he goes. >> going to keep fighting until we bring this thing home one more time and win the future for all of our children. >> he stood like he had been standing back all the time, to get with joe biden, voting with him 96% of the time.
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>> sometimes some words, get them all right. if you send me to washington d.c., i'll always stand and do what is right. >> i want to go to washington and bring balance. stop the partisan bickering and deal with the problems that you guys have been telling me about for the last one plus years. >> neil: we're going down to the wire. everywhere you go, you hear the sound of drums. with the election closing in, the latest job numbers are out. let's say for the first time we're starting to see the jobs slowing down. with just four days to go -- can you believe that? both parties are wrapping things up. we are everywhere in arizona, in georgia, in nevada, in pennsylvania. you name it, we're on it and all over it. welcome, everybody. so glad to have you. i'm neil cavuto. let's be beginning with aishah hasnie following things in georgia where we have a couple of battles going on and concerns about the same economic issues going on as well.
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aishah? >> hi, neil. good afternoon to you. you are absolutely right. here we are. this is the last day of early voting here in georgia. as folks go there to cast their ballots, they have a lot on their minds. inflation top of mind. a lot of other economic news as well. let's start with this. a stubbornly strong october jobs report. that comes despite the fed's aggressive efforts to reduce -- excuse me, interest rate hikes to reduce inflation. at the same time, wage growth cannot keep up with high inflation. voters here in georgia are feeling the pain first hand. >> 30% this year, taxes went up. rents have gone up 25, 30%. i really don't know how a person working on an hourly wage, even though they're making more money, everything has gone up.
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>> so you know the stakes are very high in this senate race. candidates are pulling out all the stops. in fact, tulsi gabbard is campaigning with herschel walker today. meanwhile, we've been talking with small business owners on both sides of the aisle. they are complaining, neil. darrell perry runs the barrow pest control company in cartersville. he says he lost $50,000 to $60,000 in revenue. that's a lot. because of high gas prices and higher cost rs for chemicals. >> our gas prices have tripled with our fleet of trucks. you know, we have to pass that along somewhere. can't just keep losing money. >> on the other said, the wrights own a salon in monroe, georgia. they've been hit very hard by inflation. they say prices for their beauty supplies have doubled over the
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last two years. >> like i said, sometimes my clients, some of them have to really see whether they want their hair done or pay their light bill or pay their rent. >> bottom line, neil, this senate race is going to be a referendum on democrats and their economic policies. >> neil: thanks. now to nevada where early voting ends today. they've got a couple of barn burner developments there. the latest from alexandria hoff in las vegas. >> neil, good to be with you. we have democratic senator katherine cortez masto. this is the first event this week that we were invited to attend. though the incumbent didn't take any questions, we were glad we were invited to be here. brought in some star power. right now the incumbent senator
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is tied in this race with republican adam laxalt. this features kerry washington and singer camilla cabello. the star power has been brought. cortez-masto says the state's future is on the line. >> it's not just about protecting a women's right to choose but making sure everybody has a right to vote. >> sandra: >> like cortez-masto, adam laxalt served as an attorney general. we got a chance to talk to him. he's continuing his business tour across the state and visiting every county. he was joined by the border patrol head brandon judd. he said the effects of the border crisis have not been lost
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on nevada voters when it comes to fintd -- fentanyl. >> these communities are dealing with this and it's incredibly dangerous. we have to secure this border. there's no question, 75% of nevadians believe our border is a problem and the direction we're headed right now is unsustainable. >> back out here in las vegas. we had the governor in attendance. he's locked in a tight race against republican challenger joe lombardo. neil? >> neil: thanks. now to pennsylvania where you have a battle of the presidents going on. bryan llenas is there with more. bryan? >> neil, this race is a dead heat, a complete jump ball. that means everything matters including even endorsements. john fetterman, the democrat lieutenant governor, has reportedly been trying for
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months to get oprah winfrey's endorsement. now he's got it, he's touting it. >> i lived in pennsylvania, i would have already cast my vote for john fetterman for many reasons. >> she's an icon. i mean, it's unbelievable. >> sandra: it's an honor. i'm so grateful. she understands what is at stake here in this race. >> oprah went on to endorse all democrats last night including stacey abrams. this is a particularly personal blow for dr. oz. not only because oprah launched dr. oz's tv stardom but because oz has called oprah a friend who he asked not to get involved in the race. in a statement the oz campaign wrote, dr. oz loves oprah and respects the fact that they have different politics. he believes we need more balance and less extremism in washington. there's growing angst that we may not know the results of the senate race here in pennsylvania for days if not weeks. one reason, a potential for
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lawsuits. election workers must now scrutinize a million ballots more carefully. that takes time. after recent court decisions, counties must segregate and not count all mail-in ballots that are missing a date or have an incorrect date on the outer envelope. it's already causing headaches for election officials. >> we don't know exactly what wrong date is. whether it doesn't contain the year or month. we're not going to make that determination without further guidance from the department of the state. >> if this race is decided by a few thousand votes, expect to hear a lot about updated ballots. as you mentioned, former president obama, former president trump and president biden will be in pennsylvania campaigning this weekend. we'll be there for all of it. neil? >> neil: it's like a marvel movie. thank you very much, bryan ll llenas. speaking of super heros, i have connell mcshane here keeping a
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track on the one touch about where every one will be and where the money will go. bryan? >> three presidents go to pennsylvania. if your state has that type of a visit in the final days of the campaign, you have a close and important race for senate, which is exactly what they have. fetterman and oz in that state. we all remember last time around that president biden won pennsylvania just barely over president trump. but former president trump won it four years before that. the former president will spend time campaigning in westmoreland county. it's trump country. 64-35 win for the former president even when he lost the state the last time around. john fetterman has a strong presence in western pa. the republicans want to make sure that they can shore that area up. for president biden and former president obama, they'll be in philadelphia for their campaign event. any time we look at philadelphia, we're focussing in the suburbs in and around the
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city. looks at bucks county to the north of philly and 5247 was the count in favor of president biden last time around. that's a purple area. we have all been reporting on the campaigns. spent a lot of time in bucks county. be interesting to see how it goes this time around. just like you watch where these candidates go and where they spend their time, you do also watch where they're spending their money. as we come out to this map of red and blue around the united states, you might not expect a lot of republican money, for example, to be spend in deep blue illinois, which president biden dominated last time. democrats do just about every election. the gop actually has, we've noticed, started to pump in the cash in this state. they have a number of close house races they're watching and targeting in illinois and some other blue states. i think the phenomenon is similar where we are in new york state. another deep blue state. 60 to 38 last time around. you look at areas of new york. a lot of red in upstate
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new york. go a little east of where we are in long island and suffolk county. it was a dead heat, trump and biden. what is interested and suffolk county, it's actually where lee zeldin is from. the candidate running for governor there, the bottom of the screen against kathy hochul and putting up a good fight when it comes to the polls. 1 final state that i'll point out. i think we'll watch it when the results come in tuesday night. that is new hampshire. things have really started to tighten up. they're always close in new hampshire. president biden with a seven-point lead in 2020 and a seven-point win. the incumbent democratic state running for re-election, maggie last -- hassan had a seven-point lead. now that race is very close. looks like a toss-up. when we close it tuesday
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evening, whoever wins there could set the tone for the rest of the night and for the next couple years when you think about it. >> neil: at the least. thanks, connell. we have special coverage of course throughout the weekend on this network as we continue to get closer and close other the big day at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. the race that you've heard about in arizona, the senate race, just got tighter when the libertarian candidate decided to bough out dramatically helping blake masters chances of winning that race. we're going to be talking to that libertarian candidate and why he did what he did and what he wants to see right now. my special guest among many others as we continue our live coverage of this 10:00 a.m. eastern time tomorrow. meantime, still focused on all things politics, yesterday remember the president was in a border state of new mexico. he didn't talk about the border. now heading out to chicago, we wonder if he's about to talk about crime. let's just say gianno caldwell
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>> neil: a traveling president yesterday in new mexico and about 268 miles from the border. never mentioned what had
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happened on the border. now in route to chicago where he is at a party function. some suspect in that crime riddled town, he will talk about crime. let's say that gianno caldwell has his doubts. he joins me now. gianno, this is a signature issue for very good reason. doesn't seem to be much talked about by the white house or for that matter a number of prominent democratic mayors and governors. what do you think of it? >> this isn't simply a signature issue for me, neil. gallop released a poll that saying crime has increased in everybody's areas. it has across the country. look at last year this chicago. the crime i was the highest in a quarter century. now they're set to have more homicides than new york city and
1:18 pm
five times more thanlos angeles. this is the biggest cities in our country. with that consideration in mind, why wouldn't president biden speak about an issue so important and impacts so many people? this isn't a republican or democrat issue. it's a humanity issue and people are losing their lives at record rates. this is something that the democratic party even though they have influenced it with the defund the police rhetoric and bail reform, they have to say we're wrong. we have to change course. because they refuse to, whether it's joe biden, kamala harris or the folks in the city of chicago, we'll see an extreme change. america needs it now. >> neil: in a couple of these cities, we've seen in washington d.c. and chicago, even with governor hochul in new york when this issue of crime comes up, it's exaggerated and the numbers are not nearly as bad as
1:19 pm
republicans have made them out to be. of course, the numbers we show and you know better than anyone are sadly very accurate and very much are what they are. but that is the issue that they keep pounding. this is an exaggeration. what do you say? >> yeah, kathy hochul called it data deniers. she said this on al sharpton's msnbc show. i was shame on al sharpton for being used like that knowing this is something that really impacts his community. homicides victims were 79% black in chicago. either you were shot and murdered or shot. 79% of the individuals were african american. how dare he knowing this is impacting the community in which he has said for many years he represents, to quell or capitulate to the information given by liberals that never faced this issue because they list in wealthy areas. so they may not necessarily see
1:20 pm
that. even that has changed in those areas to be honest. yeah, this is an issue that will impact folks for a lot of years, especially with the bail reform laws on the books. in illinois, second degree homicide. that is something that you can't be held on. this is a tragedy by many degrees. i got to tell you, it has to change and we need a republican majority in the house and senate to try to get something done, neil. that's where we are. they won't act on the left side of the aisle. >> martha: . >> neil: i have to ask you, the prominent democrats that run these cities or states, it's about guns. too many guns out there. i'm wondering what you make of that. because when they have these discussions or these groups where they all get together like they did in new york city two weeks ago and major adams, i don't hear anything about bail reform. i don't hear anything about the turnstile nature of getting bad guys back on the street almost
1:21 pm
as soon as they're apprehended. there's something not consistent about that. >> yeah, it's not consistent when you see the ramifications. chicago had the most comprehensive gun control law on the books. crime was still high. mcdonald versus the city of chicago, the famous supreme court case changed that a direction to allow people to have guns. an african american had his house broken into and he wanted access to a gun. violence is still going crazy.i'm not saying it's the thought of joe biden that things are so bad in chicago. but you have to have leadership that is willing to take on the tough issues. this is a very touch issue that needs to change. my family paid the price for that this year. just in june, my little brother was murder. it's important to me and many
1:22 pm
other folks that lost family members this year and during the george floyd riots and protests. that's why this has to be spoken up by american leadership. to say enough is enough. it's the absolute right thing to do, neil. they're not doing it. i'm hopeful the republicans who say like kevin mccarthy who i interviewed on the steps of the senate, he said they're going to do something about it. that's where i place my hope. folks like kevin mccarthy will take a direct look at what is going on with these progressive das that are allowing these people to come -- go in jail, come out the same day and commit more crimes. it is a multifaceted approach that must happen in order to change the trajectory. because millions of lives, family lives, depend on it, neil. >> neil: you're right.i like the fact that you said, i'll hold you as accountable as i hold democrats now. >> exactly right. >> neil: they better make good in memory of your beautiful
1:23 pm
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this week is your chance to try any subway footlong for free. like the subway series menu. just buy any footlong in the app, and get one free. free monsters, free bosses, any footlong for free! this guy loves a great offer. so let's see some hustle! >> i stood up to the administration. i did agreed with the administration on its decision to set an arbitrary deadline for withdrawal from afghanistan. >> i have stood up to the administration about their plan to prematurely lift title 42. >> there's much more the administration needs to do especially around energy costs. >> neil: all right. it looked like senator hassan was doing fine on her own. she had a double digit lead. all of a sudden, it's a tied race. hillary vaughn in new hampshire
1:28 pm
with more. hillary? >> hi, neil. senator maggie hassan was just with senator warren in durham rallying college students to try to get out the vote. warren encouraging them to vote for senator hassan. this race has been around winning over independents and moderates in this final stretch to election day. so i asked senator hassan how having a progressive fire brand like warren by her side does that. >> how does having a progressive like senator elizabeth warren here on the campaign trail with you help you leading up to election day to win over moderates? >> you just heard her talking about getting out the vote. she's a great fighter for families. >> would it be helpful to have president biden here? >> the president of the united states is always welcome in new hampshire. >> politco just moved the race
1:29 pm
from lean democrat to toss-up. retired general don bolduc has been eating in to senator hassan's lead. she's been feeling the heat in the polls and is calling in the cavalry. marty walsh and transportation sake pete buttigieg will be hitting the trail with hassan. missing from the guest list, president biden. he has no plans so far to help hassan in a race that is growing more competitive by the day. the republican nominee don bolduc has held over 70 town halls, at least one in every county in the state. a grass roots style campaign that helped him win in the primary and will help him win in the general. >> i prove that you can do a grass roots campaign, that your campaign worthiness or your seriousness as a candidate is not based off of money. it's based off of hard work.
1:30 pm
i got $2 million. she's got nearly 40 million. she has ads. they're all lies. it's inflation. itis heating and eating. she doesn't get it. that's what this election is about. >> senator maggie hassan earlier today when talking to the college students tried to put the stakes this way. she said this election has come down to whether or not they will let an extremist continue to deny results of the election and denied them their rights. so not exactly the top issue that the majority of voters in new hampshire have been thinking about when they head to the polls, which is inflation and rising energy costs. neil? >> neil: thanks, hillary. hillary vaughn in new hampshire following those developments. we'll follow what's going on in new hampshire momentarily as well. that is a tight as a tick race. i want to leave you out here with a strong surge at the end of the day. the do you better than 41 points
1:31 pm
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1:36 pm
in other words, some safe biden win states, not so safe anymore more democrats or key candidates that are trying to see if they can repeat what he did just a couple years ago. that's looking increasingly dicey. let's get the sense of it with sarah westwood from "the washington examiner." kim strassel from the "wall street journal" editorial board. welcome to both of you. sarah, what do you think that new hampshire could be telling? the early reads that you get from states might be telling as well. is the big swing toward red going to hold enough for that seat, for example, the senate race, to switch? or is it about what we thought? what do you think? >> i think the fact that don bolduc is making this competitive speaks to how this is shaping up to be. he's been outraised by 20 times. he has like hillary mentioned $2 million in the bank. maggie hassan raced $40 million.
1:37 pm
democrats have spent more supporting him than republicans. this is one of the candidates democrats assumed would be weak. they helped him get over the finish line. now a lot of the factors that made him appear weak to republicans and democrats earlier in the cycle may be shaping up to help him. the fact that he's an outsider in a wave election when voters wanted to part from the status quo. the fact that he was rejected by both parties feeds into that. if you're seeing a candidates that is barely advertised starting to beat a well-funded democratic senator, you're looking at a background that will deliver some surprising wins, i think for republicans. >> neil: you know, to that point, i wonnedfer the daily reminder of higher prices and this week, higher interest rates is something that sticks with voters. that they notice. when we hear a jobs report that was still sound, but the slowest job increase we've been seeing in quite a while, they begin to get nervous.
1:38 pm
they begin to get anxious. what do you think is going on? >> oh, they're feeling it every day. every time you have to fill up your gas tank, every time you have to buy groceries. now we're getting news out there that some of the biggest corporations in america are engaging in lay-ofs. so people are beginning to feel less secure about their jobs, what will be happening to them next. and let's not forget, the other thing coming back to the forein voter's minds, a lot of the frustrations of the past few years, too. lockdowns. the incredible education loss of their children. crime rising in lots of cities. i think all of this is conflating toward the end here. that's why you hear the white house talking a lot, democracy is on the ballot, et cetera. those are not the issues that are motivating people at the moment. >> another thing that occurs to me, the president might be technically right when he talks
1:39 pm
about the jobs backdrop. it's a complete distinction from what we saw in the 70s and losing hundreds of thousands of jobs each month when james comey was president. we're netanyahu at that stage yet. i feel psychologically when you tell someone to someone, don't worry, it's not so bad, they're going to the store, nervous about their economic situation and more or less you're sloughing it off. whether you're right or the job stuff, it hurts. sometimes it ticks them off. what do you through? >> yeah, the way that biden has talked about the economy and other democrats have talked about the economy has backfired. when biden cherry picks economic data points that support his arguments that things are not that bad, he deepens that perception that he doesn't understand their problems and he has no solution to fix it. if his argument is that things are doing okay because of this data point and that data point, then he's not putting forward any solutions.
1:40 pm
he's not giving democrats any material that they can run on to defend themselves of those charges that they're not doing enough. you know, he's really destroyed his credibility on this issue of the economy already but making false predictions and painting rosy pictures that have not panned out. voters are not listening to him when he talks about the economy. >> neil: you're very much attune to the voters a and what they're thinking. kim, i'm curious to get your take on a democratic take from a lot of people including earlier today on fox business, which if you don't get you should demand, but i'm sure you already get it. one of the things that came up was this notion from democrats that there is no wave. there's an edge that the republicans have, but if they're thinking this is going to be a 1994 phenomenon, forget about it. what do you think of that? >> well, look, here, we've had a couple of interesting polls that have come out in this last week. the "new york times" sienna poll that was around marist polls
1:41 pm
today that are showing very, very different outcomes. they're suggesting that democrats are ahead in a number of these states. maybe competitive in places where it looked like the republican was ahead. here's my unease with that. they don't conform with every other poll including other mainstream pollsters. i think it's important to look at the movement that you see here. if you have the same poll and it's continually moving in one direction and it does seem to be for most pollsters towards republicans, that certainly suggests there's a trend. there's a bunch of people getting everything wrong or there's a couple of people getting everything right. >> neil: well-put. i like that. thanks to you both very much. we'll be taking a look at this unique wave phenomenon at 10:00 a.m. at "cavuto live."
1:42 pm
this idea of a wave, you might find this hard to believe, but back in 1980 going into the final weekend before that election, as hard as this is to believe, jimmy carter and ronald reagan were statistically tied. i think you know how things progressed by the following tuesday. are we about to see something like that now? we're on it after this. (fisher investments) in this market, you'll find fisher investments is different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? aren't we all just looking for the hottest stocks? (fisher investments) nope. we use diversified strategies to position our client's portfolios for their long-term goals. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions for you, right? (fisher investments) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest. (other money manager) so when do you make more money, only when your clients make more money? (fisher investments) yep. we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments, we're clearly different. are you feeling sluggish or weighed down? metamucil's new fiber plus collagen can help. when taken daily, it supports your health,
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of our special low monthly payment financing. >> neil: there's no nice way to tell someone they're out of a job and will lose their job. 3,700 workers at twitter found out via e-mail that they were not going to have a job. that is about half of the work force at twitter. to be fair to elon musk, he telegraphed it. he's very first minute in twitter offices was to announce that some of the big company honchos were going and they were gone. so here we go. to charles payne, the making money host on fox business at 2:00 p.m. time. it's a gray show because charles is constantly going. i think he's sitting down right now, but it's a rare moment. i'm glad he is. charles, always good having you. there's no nice way. i think you got into this on
1:47 pm
your show to tell someone that they're going to lose their job. a lot of people have seized on this and say, wow, what a merciless billionaire owner what do you think? >> when this deal was first announced, the big news at twitter is they were going to quit. >> neil: that's true. >> so it's tough. we have to remember that this is a failed business. and by the way, it's not the only 1. there's a lot of problems in the social media space and all of these stocks. snap chat. look at meta. down 70% this year. >> neil: let's step back. the job market itself, charles, the 261,000 jobs added to the economy, it is -- even though
1:48 pm
that's slowing from what we've seen, it's very unlike the carter years, the stagflation period. maybe that is coming. but the president goes back to that. if that's a sign of an economy tanking, it's a funny way of showing us. what to you say to that? >> i think this whole jobs period is going to have an asterisk next to it because of the jobs that were lost in the pandemic in a flash. really, we're up -- we should be about two million more jobs than where we are. if we were at a historical level, the old trend line, we were two million jobs before that trend line. one hand, yeah, it's great that we're generating them. we're just barely in the last two months where we were in february of 2020. participation was down, again, people leaving the labor force. wages are up. nowhere near inflation. so listen, we'll take it, but it's not as robust as the president or the media might make it to be.
1:49 pm
>> neil: yeah, coming back from a economy that was stalled in park, we have to put it in perspective. let's ask you about the markets and what technology is telling us. how awful it's been for a lot of technology stocks. some have been cut in half. facebook which is beyond crazy. where are we going with this? there's one school of thought on wall street, the meganames, the horseman like stocks that were unstoppable have had their day in the sun. that there will be a new group of leadership that will industrial names, healthcare names, financials that will sort of take the lead. we've seen that over the last couple months. i'm not in that school. i do believe that these companies will live on their own. apple, amazon, meta will have a long time coming back. we can't lump them together like we could.
1:50 pm
things are changing and paying a heavy price. they had one heck of a run. maybe some will never be the same. >> neil: all right, charles. i'll bid you a happy weekend. >> have a great weekend. the weather is nice. >> neil: exactly. you're the best, young man. does that guy know his stuff. he's so passionate, so energetic. running around. we have big studios. you never know. he uses every square inch. i can look at it, i can see it. man. all right. by the way, i think i misstated something. the market averages were down for the week, i looked at a chart showing averages up for the day but down for the week. one of the things i missed is the sell-off in technology continued more than 5% this week alone. so that continues. that's rather telling. stay with us. all across the country, people are working hard to build a better future. so we're hard at work helping them achieve financial freedom.
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♪ this is how we work now ♪ >> neil: all right. in arizona were a lot of things are on the line, the issue right now is the border, not surprisingly. it is a border state. this frustration that the president hasn't talked about enough, even in new mexico yesterday when he was about 268 miles from the border. how all that is shaping up. >> hi, neil. we just got off the bus to be able to talk to.
1:55 pm
we returned from a tour along the u.s.-mexico border. we were without contingent of g.o.p. candidates from the top of the ticket and we went down there. republican gubernatorial candidate gary cargill carey lake. she reiterated one of her central messages. her opponent has had the border is on the review of the federal government. i asked carey lake about that. she said yes it's part of the federal government's job but this is arizona and that's the central part of her fight. the situation here when it comes to the record number of drugs and weapons that are coming across, actually quite dire. especially when you're talking about the arizona-mexico border. one example, the tucson sector which covers most of arizona, in
1:56 pm
the last fiscal year, saw a nearly 458% increase in fentanyl seizures compared to 2019. the yuma sector saw a 182% increase in the same time frame. >> need to continue to do more. the drugs coming across the border are coming through points of entry. we need more assistance there to make sure that we have the right checks so it's not coming through. >> katie hobbs, democrat on the ticket, she's also arizona's current secretary of state. part of that job is to oversee elections. there are a growing number of people and critics, people inside her own party who are now calling on her to recuse herself from the governor's race. so far, neil, she says she doesn't need to do that so we'll continue to watch that as well.
1:57 pm
>> neil: thank you so much for hustling for us. running off the bus. amazing. we appreciate it. i want to go right now to lieutenant chris alvarez, texas department of public safety. i don't like it under the circumstances. talking about the smugglers who get in. a lot of the men and women had a chance to see some of the stash they do bring in. can you update us. >> of course, great to be with you. always great talking about these situations and issues and it really highlights what the work is being done as far as on the ground from our women of texas dps. also if either the american public can see what's going on so it's great actually showing this. what we see right now, we talk about the border crisis. we are seeing stash houses where smuggling organizations -- to not only smuggling illegal immigrants but also stash houses where they are housing immigrants in the communities. one thing to the governor
1:58 pm
adjusted, increase a reward for anonymous callers to call in. this is part of the texas stash house rewards program where now the award is from $2,005,000. the public can call into law enforcement and report stash houses within the communities. we've had great success in identifying stash houses, just as of july up until right now. we have identified nearly 200 stash houses with over 2300 illegal immigrants rescued from the stash houses. we do know for a fact when you have stash houses in the communities, we also have the criminal element, criminals operating. >> neil: what i wonder about is -- kudos to you and your men and women fighting this stuff. the stuff you don't find, the stuff you don't discover. >> right, and that's always a concern for us. you see the work that we are doing as far as that number of arrests in the fentanyl we seized. also these immigrants traversing on these private ranches. what's getting by us.
1:59 pm
that really shows how much more it's impacted not just border communities but the entire country. not only the work we are doing but border patrol, local law enforcement. it's a combined effort. there is so much going on, so much happening along the border situation. criminal organizations are going to exploit that. use it to their full advantage until there's actually some policy in place that can slow down what we're seeing as far as mass migration and put a stop to some of the criminal activity taking place along the border. >> neil: lieutenant, always good talking to you. i appreciate all of that. chris alvarez dealing with what's going on at the border. among so many issues, so little time before the big election. we are live tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. eastern time kicking it off. following what looks like a marble movie. presidents and former presidents making their closing arguments on behalf of candidates in very tight races all across the
2:00 pm
country. we will have the democratic candidate for florida governor. we already had ron desantis on. the arizona libertarian who could very much help swing things around for republican adam laxalt. mark victor. among my special guests tomorrow as we plow through the economic and other issues that will decide this most unusual and busy of mentor years. here now "the five." ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone. i am judge jeanine puro with harold ford jr., jesse watters, dana perino, and bill hemmer. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." four days to go into the limited terms and its spin, baby, spin for the democrats and the media. president biden setting the tone and straight up lying to the


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