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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  November 4, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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help you jump out the window, because he is so unpopular. >> bret: isn't november 8th the election day. the final day of campaigning before the crucial midterm elections and please join shannon "fox news sunday" this weekend, her and her guests will talk about it, thank you for inviting us into your home, that's it for "special report," fair, balanced, and still unafraid. "jesse watters prime time" starts right now. >> jesse: big sunset guy, i did not know that about you. a >> bret: have a good weekend. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: anyone who has played cards before and knows that there are rules to the table, you don't splash the pot, you don't cheat, and most importantly... >> listen, here's the thing, if you can't spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker. >> jesse: most the time the sucker does not even realize
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they are the sucker until it's too late. and democrats right now are sitting around the midterm poker table realizing they are the sucker. they are out of chips, they are out of ideas, and they are sweating through their shirts. and when democrats are nervous, they have to make everybody around them nervous too. >> democracy is on the ballot here in america. >> democracy as we know it may not survive. >> the republicans have absolutely no plan to do anything about it. they are going after democracy. >> one final warning on this issue to make very clear and leave no doubt that we have people out there still pedaling the big lie. >> jesse: guys, this is it, we have been warned and what the country will look like after the red wave? nazi germany. >> this country is on track to repeat what happened in germany when it was the greatest democracy going and elected a chancellor who then co-opted to the media.
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>> jesse: still not scared? all right. what about a civil war started by a white christian men? >> the groups that start civil wars especially ethnically based civil wars are the groups that had once been dominant and are in decline. you look at the history of the united states, the group that had been dominant since the very inception of our country were white men, they also tended to be christian, and today are losing that position. it is no longer guarantee that you are going to get into the best schools or get the best jobs or have communal, economic security. >> jesse: so if republicans win the house on the senate it will be nazi germany with their white christian male civil war on the side. that sounds pretty bad. but how exactly do we go from democracy to civil war nazi germany? well, chris hayes who identifies as rachel maddow explains. >> when democrats say you don't have a choice this election, there's only one party that they
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care about democracy is us and democracy is on the ballot, what they are really saying is if you don't select us this time, if you don't keep them out of power, you may never be able to elect us again or in short vote to preserve your right to throw the bums out. >> jesse: so rachel is saying if republicans win it will be the last election in american history. i will miss that iowa caucus, so get ready for mitch mcconnell to lock himself in his office and push all the voting machines into the ocean. but i'm getting the feeling there is a little projection going on here. democracy dies if we don't have one party rule? keep one party rule in washington so that we can nuke the filibuster and kill the electoral college and packed the courts. it's illegal to say that the system is rigged, so vote for us so we can break the system. >> voting rights will pass election reform and make sure no one, no one ever has the opportunity to steal an election again.
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>> jesse: again! democrats are okay with one party rule if they are the ones running it. remember the black panthers swinging billy clubs outside of voting stations when barry was on the ballot. that's a little intimidating, right? but the barack swingman dropped the charges and showed up at justice kavanaugh's home to try to assassinate him in front of his family. and republican candidate in north carolina just got his parents house shot up in the middle of the night with his kids sleeping inside. >> my parents are watching tv at 11:00 at night, just sitting in their living room and a bullet cracks through their home only 20 feet away from where my kids were sleeping that night. this is politics at its worst. as a former green beret, i'm used to getting shot at. i'm okay with getting shot at, i'm not okay with my family getting shot at. >> jesse: a democrat film the campaign commercial in front of
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that republicans house and days later somebody shot a bullet through the window. now if a bullet hits a republicans house, it's probably a stray, but if that was a democrats house, that would've been an assassination attempt, cnn, msnbc, the broadcast networks did not even cover the story. the only cover hammer attacks. but when katie hobbs campaign office was broken into in arizona, the media framed republican cary lake as a criminal. and when they found out it was an illegal alien that broke into hobbs office, they go quiet and talk about the big lie. democrats just expect you to believe anything they tell you. and don't you dare challenge them for all their democracy talk, a bunch of democrats won't even debate. you know what a threat to democracy is? framing your opponent for a crime they did not commit and refusing to debate them in front of voters. >> why not debate your opponent if you believe your opponent is -- has issues and is spreading conspiracy theories about a stolen election and so on and is not being truthful
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with the people of arizona, why do they not do that on the debate stage and to debate her? >> our campaign strategy is our campaign strategy. >> why do you think it was not important for people to see a debate in this election for governor at all. >> we are six days from the election and this is the decision that we made, so. >> jesse: you know how democracy dies? when democrats don't debate, let's turn to carrie lake running for governor in arizona, so we get news now that hobbs husband and is up to some weird stuff. what are we hearing about that? >> i think i know why she won't debate, there is so much to reveal from her terrible voting records who her antifamily policies. you know, she actually sponsored a bill to start sex ed in kindergarten and now it is making sense, we find out that her husband is a child psychiatrist with expertise in transitioning children for
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changes. she is making money off of the stuff and advocates for what i call mutilations of our children to get these operations after they have been confused by adults that they trusted. it's really disturbing what is going on. the more that we find out about her, the more than i am glad she is way down in the polls and the more than i am glad we are going to beat her and gets her out of public office for good. >> jesse: the media did not cover the fact that she was covering mocked auctions in high school or an illegal alien that broke into her office and not covering the fact that she is taking money from transitioning children through her husband. do you think is unfair media treatment has helped your campaign? >> well, i think i have an advantage because people have woken up to the fact that the media is just so unfair thanks to president trump waking us up. i was surprised that i had 100% negative coverage. there were a couple of stories that weren't as negative, but i
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think getting 100% negative coverage as i have had, people are awake and they go oh, of course, the people that are getting negative coverage in the mainstream media are truly the people you want to vote for. they are the ones that are right over the bull's-eye, over the target, and they are talking about the issues and they have policies for the issues that truly matter like border security, reducing crime on our streets, making sure that our kids are getting a real education, not an indoct indoctrination. >> jesse: i'm terrified after the day after election when we turn into nazi germany, can you see anything that will comfort me? >> i can tell you that i was just on at the border come as a matter fact we got home in the last hour and it is a mess down there as you know, a complete invasion of sustained invasion, but we have the will to do it. we have the will to secure our border will only elect to these republicans. we will do the hard work to make sure that no more parents have to grieve the loss of their child and that our streets are safe and we do not continue to
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be the fentanyl pipeline for the united states. the good news is when you elect and vote for republicans on tuesday are going to do the tough work to save arizona and really save this country. >> jesse: carrie lake, have a great weekend. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: from time to crash the kamala fight in new york. >> what's kamala harris' biggest accomplishment as vice president? >> she has done so much. >> i think that her pantsuits are fabulous. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: democrat sources telling "prime time" they will turn new york red on tuesday, we are hearing a republican will be
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sitting in the governor's mansion in new york and crime is a big reason why. this right here is just another day in the bronx, watch. [honking] >> [bleep]! [screaming] [yelling] [gunshots] >> jesse: and a few miles up, route 95 in connecticut a man crashed his car into a police cruiser while he was trying to flee the scene of a deadly accident. >> get out of the car!
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[sirens] [yelling] [sirens] >> [bleep]! >> you're done! don't touch it. don't touch it. >> jesse: meanwhile in deerfield beach, florida, brought five of his buddies to beat this not out of a convenience store clerk, what was he guilty of? gave incorrect change to the gentleman. >> come on, man! >> man, get it! grab it back! come on! >> and won't let me grab him! >> come on! let's go. >> jesse: these new yorkers moving to florida are bringing some crime down south, sorry
4:17 pm
about that. but yesterday the queen dream team came together in manhattan, crooked kamala harris and kathy hochul, so if you're sending out the big guns to defend new york, the red wave will be huge, we sent one of our powerful women to see what the scene was like at a clinton-kamala rally, what kind of people show up to that? watch. ♪ ♪ >> why are y you here today? >> is a great opportunity to see some of my very favorite women leaders. >> i'm here to give my support to governor kathy hochul. >> i'm here to protest kathy hochul. >> they said that these impressive ladies are coming to barnard. >> has crime gotten so out of control? >> i think inequity leads to higher crime rates. >> people are scared to take the subway. >> crime is not as bad as it is being portrayed to be. >> you can't be serious! >> what is the democrat plan to
4:18 pm
reduce crime? >> i don't really see a clear plan. it's because they have a plan to free criminals and let everybody else suffer. >> kathy hochul has had legislation to get guns off the street. >> so that his guns, but what about the stabbings and people being -- >> that has nothing to do with the person who is governor. >> yes, yes it does. >> what is kamala biggest accomplishment as vice president. >> i think she has done so much, gone around the world meeting with foreign leaders. >> foreign policy might seem complicated, but really it is relationships. >> i cannot say anything about her accomplishments at the moment. >> kamala harris, i don't really focus on her. >> i think her pantsuits are fabulous. >> who has a better pantsuits? hillary or kamala? >> i think kamala is very bold with the colors. >> what is kamala harris' greatest accomplishment as vice president? >> her cackle. >> [laughs]
4:19 pm
>> joe biden put kamala harris in charge of the migration issue, what happened there? >> i have no idea. >> the migration issue is obviously out of hand. >> she never went to the border. >> and i have not been to europe. >> her focus has been on addressing underlying immigration issues. >> you agree with her mission to find the root causes. >> absolutely. >> if republicans do win in the midterms, how would they take away democracy? again, these are great questions. >> no one who is an election denier should run for office. >> is not a free and fair election. >> hillary is here, kamala is here. where is michelle obama? >> where is she? >> i don't know, she is a private citizen, why would she be anywhere at home then doing whatever she wants to do? >> we have already sacrificed so much this year. >> do you think joe biden should run again? >> probably not. >> i'm not an insider, i don't know these things. >> i think he is kind of too old
4:20 pm
to be running again. >> watch me. >> do you think a 2016 election was stolen from hillary? >> no. >> i don't think any election was stolen. >> do you think that hillary should run again? >> no. >> i think her best days are behind her. >> i never quite and i never will. >> we have had a great conversation, isn't fox news great? >> no. >> no. >> i don't know. i watch fox news. >> fox news is pretty good. >> [bleep] my [bleep]. >> jesse: oh, wow. sarah palin's former vice presidential candidate and alaskan governor. i did not see that one coming at the end there. >> her mom is proud. >> bad manners, what was your take on that very exciting event? >> good, that's the dream team, and that is the best effort to get out the vote especially for common sense constitutional conservatives, let that be the
4:21 pm
dream team and let us enjoy the fight against that so that the status quo is no more. because the trajectory that we are on is not good. >> jesse: are you seeing crime is a major issue all across the country? >> all across the country! and look at these universal if you will problems for instance, every state is a border state now, because every state is adversely impacted by the fennel coming on over. all of these issues, crime, the open borders, inflation, everything is touching every single american, so it is uniting us against the status quo. >> jesse: joe biden said he would unite us, i don't think he meant like that. we have michael moore who apparently knows a lot about women, he knows women better than i know women, apparently, and this was what he said, run it. >> you know how women are, they are just -- once they hear that the soup has gone up $0.27 a can or the gas, what is it now?
4:22 pm
about 22, $0.20 over last year per gallon, right away women are like, i don't need these reproductive rights! you know? i want less at the gas pump. >> jesse: you know women! those women, i can't believe those women. to speak of the host did not even challenge him on the errors spewing that gas is only up what he say $0.20? >> jesse: just a dollar 20, who cares! did you know that gas under joe biden is more expensive than a can of campbell's soup? under donald trump it was actually the opposite. when michael moore comes out and he says these things, what does that tell you about this election? >> again, that is reflective of everything that is wrong with that liberal agenda that is being shoved down our throats and is crashing our economy and making our nation so much less
4:23 pm
secure. all the things that are going wrong under the joe biden administration, michael moore sums it up. he is the picture of everything wrong, so that red wave that i am convinced is coming, everybody wants to go opposite of what has been happening to our country. so we can look forward to some good change. and we also should be looking forward to being happy about the fight. you know? we are happy to have some light at the end of the tunnel. that's tuesday. that's a change that is, and we should be optimistic. >> jesse: we are and good luck on tuesday and hopefully we get crab season back in alaska. >> regulated, and telling you, the bureaucrats crushing the fisheries and taking away the food source, not good. >> jesse: sarah palin, thank you so much. we just found some new information about the john fetterman situation, oh, my god. ♪ ♪ or ulcerative colitis symptoms are stopping you in your tracks...
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: every society has there can kingmaker trendsetter who people follow, we have oprah, the former queen of daytime tv has yet to find a book she could not sell or a product she could not knock and when oprah speaks, people listen, remember in 2008 when she convinced us to get behind rookie senator barack obama. didn't really turn out great, but has bad as barry was for america, oprah also used her influence to make dr. all as a household name. >> dr. oz, turn around and look at this wall, there is the wall. on that wall are all these faces and these are just some of the people who told us that something they heard you say on the show saved their lives. it is like my son grew up. and has his own show, he left home. you are doing all right, son? >> jesse: oprah is a democrat and we know that loyalty is not
4:30 pm
up on her priorities, endorsing john fetterman over her friend and colleague and son dr. all is. >> i said it was up to the citizens of pennsylvania and of course i will tell you all this, if i lived in pennsylvania i would've already cast my vote for john fetterman for many reasons. >> jesse: she did not say what those reasons were, but apparently there were many, just too many to name. now politics is important, but friends and family run blood deep. my mom might be a liberal, but if i ran for president, she would vote for me. i think. but that's not how oprah sees it. she is bailing on her buddy to go back to this guy. >> summer of 1986, everyone that ever plays football in high school was, you know, kind of like a trade out kind of
4:31 pm
football camp and there was not any interest that i would play here. >> jesse: are not going to mock the guy, but he is supposed to be the voice of the pennsylvania people, but he can't speak and we found out that he has to walk around with a stenographer who types that will people are saying so he can read it on his computer. >> john fetterman recovering from a stroke in may used a closed captioning device during the interview. with the stenographer typing out the questions in real time. >> jesse: so john can't talk to other senators or anybody without a computer and a stenographer with a keyboard? what if chuck schumer pulled him aside and the senate gallery to go over some legislation? what are they going to wire up chuck and wait for the stenographer? does john fetterman even understand legislation? like let's say inflation? >> what do you think the biggest cause of inflation is and should
4:32 pm
the biden administration be doing more? >> no, i just do, i think it simply is also let's talk about the trillions of massive tax cuts to the corporate tax structure as well, true. trillions of dollars that have added to the deficit and now they still want to support those as well true. in terms of being very serious about addressing inflation is making sure that those rates are brought back into the line with what they should have been where they are able to fight that deficit. >> jesse: yeah, that was a really great follow-up. i mean, they never pressed him at all after these numbers. so let's hold this guy accountable. but maybe all of these tv hosts are backing him, because they are really fans of giselle. and they know she will be running the show in the senate, so that has to be had. looking for john, giselle, and
4:33 pm
the i.t. guy to represent pennsylvania. how could they not? a 3 for 1 deal. the ceo of turning point to usa, did you know that there has to be a stenographer to type up everything anybody tells this guy? >> it's remarkable, jesse, the senate is supposed to be the greatest deliberative body in the world. how are you supposed to deliberate on legislation if you need to have closed captioning every time you go there. i'm not here to mock the guy, we should have compassion for anyone that goes through this, this is a job interview, can you do the basic requirements to be able to do the job? yes or no. we have to be honest with the people of pennsylvania, by the way leaning in the right direction to elect dr. oz as senator, because he can do the job. and not to mention that there is a lot of conversation around john fetterman's health and there should be, but his ideas are right next to bernie bernie sanders. and communicates, and legalizing
4:34 pm
drugs letting people in prisons, and his actions are so out on the main stream out of alignment with who we are is and oprah's endorsement is very disappointing, not surprising, it will have a blemish on it tuesday. >> jesse: what does it tell you about democrats and politics in this country right now that she won't endorse someone she called her son, and instead she will endorse the guy she has never met before and who can barely speak or hear her. >> you know what i think it is, jesse, i was thinking about it, why did she weigh in on this race? i have been following what she is endorsing, but i think it's like hey, dr. oz, i made you come and i will stop you. it's really bizarre in the sense of you're supposed to be liberal, you're not supposed to go be maga republican, and almost make an example of how he
4:35 pm
is supposed to be this obedient lapdog of the hollywood regime. in some ways it seems like oprah is bothered by the fact that dr. ore's is now going to become a u.s. senator and not be in complete lockstep with all of her values, i've been following it. i don't think she has endorsed very heavily in other states like georgia or arizona, maybe she has, but it is very strange that she has weighed in on this one so forcefully especially against someone she used to call her son. it feels as if she is trying to send a message of you don't step out of line. >> jesse: i bet she endorsed stacey abrams down in georgia, but like you said it's a rejection of oprah, of kamala, of biden, of barack obama. they will get the ring out of the years tuesday. thank you for joining us. why did nbc retract its bombshell story about paul pelosi? ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: democrats in a full-blown panic four days from the midterms planning a coup against nancy pelosi. according to politico, congressman hakeem jeffries, one of nancy's closest advisors held an emergency meeting with jim clyburn, the topic of conversation replacing nance, turns out democrats went to a new face of the party, and joaquin thinks it should be him, nancy is attending to her husband, the colleagues trying
4:42 pm
to fill her seat before it's getting cold. meanwhile it's been a week since nancy's husband was attacked with a hammer by a very loving new elitist ileum, paul is recovering but we still have a lot of questions. the d.a. said the criminal history, but they didn't, and why don't we see the body camera footage where there is a mug shot. nbc's today show aired on a shocking report on the impact of this morning, watch. >> nbc news with new details on the moments, police arrived, sources familiar with what unfolded in the nancy pelosi residence now unrevealing when officers responded to the high priority call, they were seemingly unaware that they have been called to t the home of the speaker of the house, after a name and announced, it was opened by mr. pelosi, the 82-year-old did not declare an emergency or try to leave his home, but instead began walking several feet back into the
4:43 pm
four-year towards the assailant and away from police. it is unclear if the 82-year-old was already injured or what his mental state was say sources. according to court documents when the officer asked what was going on. the defendant smiled and said everything is good, but instantaneously a struggle ensued as police clearly saw david to pap strike paul pelosi in the head with a hammer. why paul pelosi did not try to flee or tell responding officers he was in distress is unclear. >> jesse: hours later they retracted the entire story and deleted it off the face of the earth, now why in the world would nbc do that? most of the story was directly sourced from the complaint. nbc says that it did not meet nbc news reporting standards. what kind of standards are those? the same ones that gave us this gem from '93. speak of the crushing of the gas
4:44 pm
tank forced gasoline to spew from the gas cap. the fuel that erupted into flames when ignited by the impacting car's headlight. speak of the contractor did put incendiary devices under the trucks to ensure that there would be a fire if gasoline were released from the truck's gas tank. we acknowledge the placing of the incendiary devices under the truck was a bad idea. >> jesse: so they planted explosives and filmed it, but the retracted report has a lot of people asking questions like i said, most of this was published in the complaint, so what could they have gotten wrong? did someone pressure them to drop a story? is it because they said an unnamed police sources saying that cops did not know who paul pelosi was when they got there? is it because they said that paul walked back away from the cops? back into the arms of his attacker? there is a vacuum of info and all kinds of reports circulating and then being retracted. and that's exactly why we need to see the body cam. get down to what really happened
4:45 pm
that night. rob o'donnell is retired nypd detected that joins us paired what you understand paul pelosi's intention to be if he did open the door for the police and then go back to the guy who just broke into his house with a hammer? >> well, it's anyone's question at that point, why did he not seek refuge from the police or their assistance, why did he not seek their protection and turn around and walk back into the house? that's why we need to see the body camera footage of this incident. >> jesse: do you think it's bizarre that we apparently will never see the footage? >> absolutely, there been several recent cases from the san francisco police department where within 7-10 days of police officers shootings they release the body cam and the body cam of six officers were a complaint was made that police do not take proper action recently and another seven days from a police shooting, so it is their policy.
4:46 pm
the policy itself mentions transparency several times, so why they are not releasing this and why they are not letting people see for themselves what is happening and being complicit in these conspiracy theories and the us ultra stories that are out there is beyond me. >> jesse: usually in cases where this is going forward, we see the mug shot or the rap sheet, this is getting weird. and this is the vip residence that was called. >> i find that hard to believe, they automatically detect and find police officers, even if somebody lives in that building it will give you a heads up with the high target in that building, so how they did not get that they are, whoever did the threat over the assessment for that resident, i mean, there
4:47 pm
are a lot of questions that need to be asked. >> jesse: do you think the sources in the san francisco police department are leaking the nbc? >> i do. my sources in the san francisco police department told me that someone in nancy pelosi's inner circle had questioned the police's reaction when they open the door as contributing to paul pelosi being assaulted, and i think my opinion is that's why we sorrel them and saw the leak this morning where the information throughout this morning that paul pelosi did impact walk away from the officers when he came in. >> jesse: there has to be accountability on all sides, and that's why the body camera footage is critical. thank you so much. rob o'donnell, excellent analysis and we appreciate it. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: don't go anywhere "wink somatic sink or swim" is next and in conclusion to the barry saga. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: let's play a little "sink or swim" this week the battle of the cohost, bill hemmer and dana perino who have been with us all day. we will see you again on monday. before we get started, let's look at the leaderboard, so dana has lost to gutfeld and tyrus, and bill hemmer has lost a shannon bream, and also losing to dr. marc siegel who is not a news man. so we have a little room to cover tonight. >> it is late for us. >> jesse: it is true, i know it's time for you guys to go to bed. let's get started. here's a category, presidential sweep, white rocker once admitted he woke up and
4:54 pm
abe lincoln's bedroom after a night of drinking with barack obama. we have bon jovi bono. you're going with bono, you're both going bono. >> he has a new book out. >> jesse: you might be overthinking this. let's see what it is. ♪ ♪ >> i think that you are on your way to victory. >> jesse: dana never over thinks anything. you guys are very friendly. knocking paddles. >> we spent all day together. a >> jesse: most people knock each other in the head with them. >> if you have a book out it usually means he will be the quiz. >> jesse: she knows how we do things. kicking butt and voting red, he was endorsed by which hero? was it chuck norris or hole cogan? >> i think it was chuck. >> jesse: both going to chuck norris. have not heard his name in a while. does he have a book out? >> he does get involved in politics, he will let you know
4:55 pm
what he is going to vote. >> jesse: let's see. >> i have an honest opinion. if you have an opinion that is opposite mine, that is fine, i don't mind, but let's not take it personally. >> jesse: this could come down to a tiebreaker, shaping up to be a close one. cougar hunting is the close category. these celebrities, she believes that age is just a number, so do i. and once a comedian pete davidson, is it jane fonda or martha stewart? >> i think it was jane fonda. >> jesse: you are going with jane, you are going with martha stewart. >> martha stewart might have a book out. >> jesse: let's see what she has out. >> okay, your date is pete davidson. >> he is so cute. >> she made recent announcement. >> i know him, he he's a good
4:56 pm
guy. >> jesse: that's why you never go it jane fonda for anything. you need this one, bill. you are down one, and this is the last question. you need this. it's because this for a two or three? >> jesse: let's make it for two points, dana will get so mad. we can't do that. okay, music to elon musk's ears, which music mogul donated 10 million bucks to the twitter bid because he believed in his vision? was it puff daddy or dr. dre? >> ugh. >> jesse: dana does not know. answer please. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i would always defer to dana perino. >> that was a lucky guess. you still get johnny? >> jesse: don't get johnny for a day, he is stretched to fit t. >> i thought that we would have johnny for one day to do one man
4:57 pm
on the street for us. >> jesse: i will not allow one to work for anybody else. >> let's go to a holiday party, because dana has this thing called white elephant. >> jesse: that does look good on you, better luck next time. >> i appreciate that. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: well, i called and pinkberry delivered. look at those happy kids right there, we have major, major smiles on their faces thanks to pinkberry, for those of you who don't remember, i was spending an arm and a leg on the small portions that were being delivered to my house every single night and i could not afford it, so i was baking pinkberry, please tell me some commercial grade pinkberry vats and what do they do? we have delivery right here. look at the size, how many ounces does this have? it's saving me a fortune. this is pomegranate. they sent over some chocolate
4:58 pm
hazelnut, and i want to personally thank the ceo ron graves. probably had everything to do with this, but also jessica benedict who also i'm sure had a lot to do with it. thank you so much. i will make a little feast for later, and my wife thinks you too. and so does my banker. let's do text messages. max from monroe, new york, carey lake, the firecracker, opening the gates of the red wave on tuesday. i've said it before and i will say it again, carry like it's going places. rick from boulder, colorado, jesse, what if there is not a red wave on tuesday? then i will be really upset. but i guess we want to become nazi germany. holly from chatham town, those new yorkers are clueless and crazy, come to ohio. richard from new york, that woman who thinks kamala has done
4:59 pm
so much needs serious reality check. it's kind of like oprah, endorsing fetterman for so many reasons she just can't name them. tony from pittsburgh, when are you going to introduce the audience to the gutsy woman who crashed the hillary/kamala event? patricia says okay, i am a woman, and michael moore definitely does not speak for me. what is a woman? john from charlotte, north carolina, have you considered having your mom on the show to debate politics with you? no, i will not commit elder abuse. atticus from kentucky, hi, jesse, i am 12 years old and considering my career options paid why did you want to become a news reporter? i didn't. growing up i wanted to be a football player and an architect, and then i just joined fox because i liked watching tv. and then i failed up. joe from -- that's not a real place. come on!
5:00 pm
do you really think it's a good idea for gutfeld to be in charge of taking care of a dog? listen, it is an emotional support dog. the dog takes care of gutfeld, he needs a lot of emotional support. he does not know it is an emotional support dog, but it is. that's all for tonight, dvr, prime time, "tucker" is ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy friday. what a day, starting on the weirdest possible note. if you tuned into "the today show" this morning looking for the usual funny cat videos of transfriendly salad recipes, you may have been surprised to find actual news being committed on your screen. in place of the segment you expected to see, fit and sexy over 70, there was nbc


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