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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  November 4, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> that's it for us tonight. thank you to this amazing new york city crowd. i wish we had another hour. don't forget to get out and vot either now or on tuesday. remember, it is america at now and forever. greg gutfeld is next. ♪ >> that is alive. hello, everybody, happy friday. welcome to the number one show in late night!
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let's welcome tonight's guest. readers get so lost in his books , his publisher includes at map. writer in literary critic walte kerr. >> she is so bright that daylight savings times since he hate mail. here in paris need. he gets in bed while you're still at work and he's always gone before you get home. cohost of fox and friends. she keeps yourself so thin so she can slip through the bars over holding cell. a fox news contributor kat timpf . so exhausted. it has been another great weeks of shows thanks to new creams
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and ointments i've been using that allow me to sit comfortably . thanks, larry, but it's been seven days since my favorite segment so let's go do it right now, shelley? >> greg's leftovers. >> it is time once again for leftovers were i read the jokes we didn't use this week in as always it's my first time reading them. if they suck, it's not my fault. but if they are great, it's all me because that's how it works great if you don't like it, get your own show. don't, stay here. last week if five-point one magnitude earthquake rattled th city of san francisco. prompting residents to say finally some good news. the annual new york city marathon is this sunday. i thought about signing up, but
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instead of running i decided to stay home and my pants. same difference. marathoners know what i mean. and you will never guess who offered to fire the starter pistol, that's right, alec baldwin. according to leaked e-mails, russian president is battling parkinson's disease and cancer, which if you do the math makes him ten times healthier than president biden. brutal. james gordon is making music income at this time for repeating a joke word for word. gordon said it was inadvertent
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and he's been writing original material ever since he created the office. for your non- brits,. >> sean: explained that joke. i believe according to because if you were going to steal anything i'm pretty sure it would be his entrée. that cross the line. the macy's thanksgiving day parade will feature a new diary of the windy kid balloon for accuracy the creators spent photos of pete buttigieg. this week ukraine urged fifa to bay ban you ran from playing in the world cup alleging human rights violations, in other words, they wouldn't wish socce on their second worst enemy.
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bunches soccer fans here. what are you going to do? riot? don't usurer hands. at a recent press event president biden claim he spoke to the man who invented insulin even though the doctor died before joe was born. we told that the president replied, you know, i thought that guy smiled and looked horrible. and new study that women find fewer on large news networks intend to interrupt more often then men. we go to a woman for comment, but we don't care.
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and no, there is a sexist on my staff they keeps writing them. cnn's flashy new morning cohosted by don lemon vomited i his debut episode when asked wh lemon was moved to the morning slots, producers say there's less of a chance of viewers vomiting up right fist as opposed to a full dinner. for east is at a seattle coffee shop when their court case allowing them to wear skimpy bikinis at work. regular customer named ron said i think it's great, it gives me something else i can stir my coffee with. i don't know what he's talking about. i don't think he's real. in new york judged is catching heat for considering cutting a gang member sentence in the
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attempted murder case to just five years. if the man says he's sorry. you might recognize judge johnson from her previous job i rocky's trainer. could have made a joke about he idiotic sensibilities, but no, let's go to her looks. i typed talked you well. finally, gavin newsom partly blamed fox news for vitriol against house speaker pelosi an her husband paul. critics suggested she should take a good look at yourself in the mirror, but he already was. now, to some actual news, it's the democrats failing strategy repeating that we are all a threat to democracy in the hope that it increases their chances
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in the midterms like jesse watters extra strength rogaine, it's not working. all season long they put all their heads into the january 6 threat to democracy basket, but will it work on tuesday? i have assembled up panel that will embarrass the clowns on special report. while. to get they love soccer in special report. neither of them score. i laughed through the tears, walter. so good to see you. >> it's great to see you. >> i have been waiting to hear what you would say about this because katie about the end of democracy. >> yes, please, start with the
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end of democracy. >> it reminds me about the wome at those stories about to close sales, 80 percent off, you've got to bite in the next two day in then this store is still ope three months later. democracy is not going to end next week, they're going to cal for bipartisanship after they lose and say they never said that. they are warning about the apocalypse, they've taken up th jerry falwell if you don't vote for us, satan will reign on earth and i think he does, we should have voted differently back then, but i'm also reminde of an old mobster movie where the mobster goes to the little deli owner and says it's a nice store, it's a nice democracy you've got here. a be a shame if anything happened to it pay is 500 bucks
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and you will have that plateglass window forever. i'm a little afraid that if democracy should end next week, they will then move to a post democracy set of rules which could be anything. talk about soccer riots. >> we are the violent ones. aaron, your strategist, i'm not sure what that means, but it sounds important. which is your analysis on the early poll results for the midterms. do you think this strategy of the apocalypse is working? >> doom and gloom is not a resonating message with the american people and this is one of their biggest faults, the american people have been crystal clear, they are screaming it, it's the economy stupid and democrats alike know it's really about the. they don't listen to voters and then they get upset when voters say when i told you the economy raising prices, gas, that is
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what's most important to me, i was serious about that part random guy came up to me outsid he was very nice, but he said you know, maybe i'm not normall going to vote for a republican, but i'm probably going to vote for lee zeldin because you can' keep doing the same thing over in over again and get a different results. if you want more fear mongering vote for democrats if you want better economy less crime or maybe what we had of an economy in 2018 and 2019, you should vote republican on tuesday. >> they are clapping. not for you though. >> i was that strange guy that came out on the streets. excuse me sir, not right now. do you have any predictions, ho
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do you see this going? what your take on the strategy? >> i've never seen anything lik this in my life, this coalescin in the last two weeks into aaron's point, the reason is because the democrats that are the cultural elite are the ones that think they are, they are the ones pushing this abortion january 6 narrative. and that washington post articl there was a nuance and it was basically accusing democrats of running in middle america of no themselves raising january 6 fo the reason they're not doing that is because they want to wi because no real american is talking about that the only people are the elite blue-chip brigade that in a couple of weeks are going to have to pay $8 just view there out of touch nonsense to the rest of the world. >> and they might pay its because they desperately need that status to get they have nothing else in their lives for it. >> at least thickens they can
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still say, greg that they are blue checkers when that's all they've got. >> the rest of the article was so condescending, they were basically saying it's like a parent that's like i'm not mad i'm disappointed in all of you people for not making january 6 at bigger deal, it's not, it happened it wasn't a great day, but it's over and we need to move on. americans are suffering right now. all of those things will show u on november 8th which is tuesda according to my calendar. >> i think it's so funny becaus when you boil down democracy what's it about? it's about having your voice be heard and your rights as an individual and this is a party for example, vaccine mandates t me, just a massive civil liberties violations that they're not pretending they don't want to continue here in new york for example. there doing this because they have to do this. they can't be like vote for us, let's keep this party going.
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can keep none of the issues are brought up because it's, but a failure on everything from crime , the border. >> if you're in a bad relationship and all you can sa is joel never find anyone better , that's exactly what this is all they can do is try to make people so terrified of the future because what right now doesn't suck for it. >> nothing is good pair can kee my they are showing fear in front of a german shepherd. the republican party is so primed for revenge that this kind of desperate vote for else does or all stuff is going to cause a huge surge. >> up next, this simple word jo read said that you have never heard ♪ for skin as alive as you are... don't settle for silver.
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>> welcome back. left-wing idiot says inflation
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confuses the population. msnbc joy reeve all over nicole wallace show yesterday. you know nicole, she's the one who permanently looks like she just in her pants while watchin her cat get run over? so you know what is so interesting to? >> what is so interesting to is i have actually never heard a person who isn't an economist o work on cnbc the only people i ever hear use the word inflatio are journalists and economists fear it so that is not part of the normal lexicon of the way people talk. >> you were on kudlow show, but that was still when he was huffing spray paint out of a paper bag. he has changed rate how dumb do you think american people are t
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not understand that the price o food has dramatically risen or that they haven't heard of inflation? notice how i didn't say hammer? by the way, by the way, joy, th b in dumb is silent. but go on. >> it's interesting that republicans are doing something they don't normally do which is not used for common tongue, not use common english. what they've done is they've taught people the word inflation . most people would've never used that word ever in their lives, but now they use neat because they've been taught think it very they have been taught this word. >> slow down, give her a chance. this lady use the word lexicon.
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it's like a leprechaun. joy believes it is a novel concept that no one has heard o until republicans taught everyone the word. how did she know about it then? did republicans teacher? may be it was. look at that smile. that i could sell me a dead snake. and he has. bottom line, they have taught u plenty of words to like bankruptcy, insolvency, multipl stab wounds. but i'm betting that joy will learn to new words on tuesday, red wave. i hope it doesn't go over her head. you are a gop strategist which hear is very important. did i say that earlier or am i
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having déjà vu? is it true that republicans touched americans the word inflation. i thought people were aware of it in jimmy carter's day. >> apparently joy read was not conscious during the parts of jimmy carter's administration she was zero two not understand that economic relays. maybe that's a word she understood better, but it would be at a master class in message discipline if they ate the american public that word inflation. this is out there. when people see things go up, when everything costs were covert when it started to get gas and groceries and formula and diapers, they know that it is inflation that is because th price to go up. for democrats to stand there an say that inflation isn't a word that the american people use where they named their bill the inflation reduction act for crying out loud.
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>> that is good. i wish i thought of that. producers, use of mcneese post as it. guest are not supposed to look smarter than me. that's why are we are taught here. i love the fact that folks believe that you must know ever invented absurd pronoun. things you've never learned in school that were never heard until the day before, but not inflation very touches that mak sense? >> people are identifying to as frauds is the latest social media thing isaiah came. have you ever seen on tv a bigger cell phone in industry? i'm too dumb, i didn't know wha this word is. it's like her entire life, how do i describe when prices go up
8:24 pm
right i got it, pricey go up yo too much she liked that's how she would keep with that though for a ticket now finally understand that. >> that's what i'm here. that because back to the overal point, they like a dumb audienc because idem audiences easier t sell in pedal dumb ideas that become the policies we've had for the last 21 months. >> are we being too harsh on her , are we giving her the worst read on what she was trying to say? i think she really believe that. >> let's say for a second that she's right. let's just suspend reality and say that republicans did teach everyone the word inflation, so information is impacting people and it's not a bad thing to sor of diagnose or give a word to describe what this bad thing is that is happening to you. a few years ago when i went to the dermatologist and i had thi rash right here, the word
8:25 pm
bedbugs was not in my lexicon i was introduced to my lexicon that day. i was not happy to hear it. i was quite devastated. i knew i shouldn't let that guy stay over. but hearing what the problem wa allowed me to take the very ver many horrible disgusting steps to solve the problem. i don't hate the dermatologist for saying those look like bed bug bites, i hate them and they gave them to me. >> yes. could get the fact that he stil hosts fox and friends weekend i an outrage. but it's true. it's wrong on two levels. it's wrong because everybody knows inflation, but number to, she says that they shouldn't know which is crazy.
8:26 pm
>> first she admitted that republicans understand economic in democrats have never heard o it. to, the only inflation that she understands is great inflation because i don't know how she go through harvard being this stupid. but one last thing, i think the whole thing was a humble brag i was her way of telling us that she hangs out with economists and i don't think there is any evidence of that on her show. >> i love that she still thinks about larry kudlow. >> he has that effect. >> he has that effect right sometimes i just lie awake in stare at the ceiling and all i see is his face. maybe it's because i have a big picture of him on my ceiling. which are problem? i can dream. up next, seatwork wowed an and
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iowa crowd. when trump aims to please with campaign tease.
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>> he's keeping hope alive for the return of 45. can trump fix a nation that is unsteady? he says get ready. last night he held a rally and iowa, that's estate. once again, teased i would like female mannequin in a window teases man who hasn't touched a lady in the long time. you know what i mean. speaking to the massive crowd i sioux city, the ex-is silent which is how i like it. trump also reflected on his two previous campaigns. i wonder if he thinks he did much better the second time tha he did the first. >> i did much better the second
8:32 pm
time than i did the first. in a million more votes in 2020 than i got in 2016. in getting more votes in any sitting president in the histor of our country by far. >> the numbers just kept going up unlike the readings for a certain talkshow host. >> i have less than maybe ten years ago among republicans i was the most popular talkshow host. >> was. i wonder where all those people went? but for trump i wonder what he'll do now in order to make our country successful. >> and now, in order to make ou country successful and safe inglorious i will very very ver probably do it again, okay? >> olivia goes i have been
8:33 pm
scenic route that excited since i incorrectly broadcast death o the five. perhaps, all he's telling us is to get ready. >> get ready, that's all i'm telling you. get ready. >> get ready, that's what i say when i take my shirt off at the beach. some people faint when they see that number of. you think is going to run, and should he run? >> i've decided a long time ago to never predict anything when it comes to trump, but i think it's interesting that people sa it could beat november 14th, an that is actually one day before the mike pence book comes out which if it is, he would definitely do that on purpose.
8:34 pm
that wouldn't be an accident. that is the ultimate. nobody is a better troll than trump is. >> that is true. and that is a good troll, now i he is going to do it watching this show he's doing it novembe to the reason. walter, there is kind of an embarrassment of riches for republicans in terms of governors for thiers desantis. is trump may be more expensive candidate now than ever, or les expensive in terms of what it does to the psyche of america? i said psyche of america, even am disgusted by myself. >> it's like an endless infomercial with trump, he's always predicting he's always telling you what's going to coming. it going to love how this ends,
8:35 pm
et cetera and it never ends, bu that's the democrats fault freight they decided to run against him once again a guy who's not the candidates in they're going to lose to a guy who's not a candidate so they'v made this a referendum on trump and it looks like it's going to be a referendum in his favor so why wouldn't he run again? the only thing reason i think h might not is that he only said very four times. he is perfectly capable of saying it six times so i think he is leaving some room for doubt. furd. >> it's very murky. >> is he going to run again, what do your sources on the street tell you? to keep my source on the streets , we didn't talk about trump, i still very much have friends who work for the former president. i don't have anything to announce on his behalf right if i was a betting woman, i would put money down on the fact that i think he's going to run. democrats have tried to make that midterms are referendum on
8:36 pm
trump, but that's not what the american people have been focused on. i also heard november 14th was supposed to be the day were his subpoena where you supposed to testify with the january 6 committee so that is a big old nephew to cheney. >> he could announce in front o congress. wow. >> and then he could say i bet this pentz is killing you. i don't know. what do i know, todd. i know you're sitting over ther waiting for a question. when i say he's an expensive president because he drives a fairly large segment of the population crazy, but he does good stuff that when you look back in the rearview mirror it was like okay, that works, that worked, that works, and that worked great, but it feels like
8:37 pm
it's expensive because you're always battling. do you think it's a good trade this time or do you think maybe he should go down as one of the greatest single term presidents? >> i am a betting woman you mentioned he's expensive, and i think that is a crucial thing t think about for me, you come everything, but he who works at fox, we are never going to see our families again, but he live rent-free and a lot of the dems heads verities a positive force for so many on the right it's all about him which is where th expense comes in. are the american people ready for that once again? i don't know. >> the extensiveness is also on the other side entertaining because it's like you're watching the meltdowns or what they call owning the lives whic they sais sarcastically, but he is owning you. he is owning you. the people you know that our fu
8:38 pm
trumper's and find it entertaining, but then there ar people that are like they say could we get all of the great trump stuff without the other trump stuff or is desantis trum without the tweets. coming up, oprah ♪breeze driftin' on by...♪ ♪ know how i feel.♪ you don't have to take... [coughing] ...copd sitting down. ♪it's a new dawn,...♪ ♪'s a new day,♪ it's time to make a stand. ♪and i'm feelin' good.♪ start a new day with trelegy. no once-daily copd... ...medicine has the power to treat copd... as many ways as trelegy. with three medicines in one inhaler,... ...trelegy makes breathing easier for a full 24 hours, improves lung function, and helps prevent future flare-ups. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler... ...for sudden breathing problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. do not take trelegy more than prescribed. trelegy may increase your risk of thrush,
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depends on t-mobile 5g. and with coverage of over 96% of interstate highway miles, they've got us covered. (vo) unconventional thinking delivers four times the 5g coverage of verizon. and it's ready right now. t-mobile for business. >> oprah is an inspiration to some, but she treats her friend like dirty scum. she just enjoyed indoors john fetterman. she gave her buddy dr. because that shaft, and not in a good way. of course we all know she literally created him first giving him a platform on her show, coproducing his own show that made him a household name. think about that. oprah is to dr. because to what i am to kat timpf.
8:43 pm
oprah endorsed yesterday but said it was up to the citizens of pennsylvania course. >> i said it was up to the citizens of pennsylvania, but i will tell you this if i lived i pennsylvania i would've cast my vote for john fetterman for man reasons. can keep many reasons. many reasons freight i wonder i one of the reasons was this fro his failed 2016 senate run. ticket mr. fetterman, you need any help? >> running for the u.s. senate kid, i need all the help i can get. >> i would see back alley but injections that were less painful. and when i say see, i mean enjoyed. >> that was four years ago before he had a stroke. so, you are running for senate,. >> you're running for senate?
8:44 pm
where is your suit? and your flag pin, and your hair . i just want you to know i'd vot for you. >> thanks, kid. who you could film a campaign a home and flip. naked, catch. >> frank is there. >> that was from six years ago, he looked pretty bad then. how is he going to handle the pressures of the office the stress level alone might give him a stroke. anyway, it did. it is said to see oprah put politics over friendship but when you're a liberal, the
8:45 pm
political is always personal which is why they did to as a friend when you find out they might not agree with their politics clooney barely speaks to me anymore. granted, it could be due to the rash. kat, you are a loyal person. does this bother you? to get there is a huge difference between i wouldn't handle with the way that dr. because it is. i would not go quietly into the night. you might have two. if you ever did meet like that, he would never be welcome in society again, i would make sur of that. but if you don't, then friends forever. >> thank god for that breath ca get a don't know if that's a good thing, walter brett. >> the other difference is you can put six cats into one oprah.
8:46 pm
but she will turn on new. >> i don't know, let's find out. sheet will turn on you. >> that's what i'm saying. it won't be over politics. in any case, she did stir frien and he doesn't care apparently. i don't think her endorsement matters at all anymore. he looks like somebody who woul be on the oprah show and catfight fighting fighting with another person or a bouncer, ma be doing security for the oprah show. the fetterman phenomena is one i'm still exploring, is that what every man in pennsylvania is like. is pennsylvania that far down the scale? new jersey, i might have expected that.
8:47 pm
i thank you just installed sais 70 percent for studio audience. >> the good thing is, who cares. >> and kidding,. >> who's going to win? >> i think dr. oz is going to win. but to walter's point, i don't think anyone in pennsylvania cares about what oprah has to say. the celebrity endorsement in th career i have had them politics of never seen one make a difference. oprah has terrible track record she supported hillary clinton purge sheesh throwing her endorsement out there, but trul she's not only so far removed from her show to be, but this i just bad headline for her. who does that to their friends. who needs enemies when you have friends like that. todd, if you ran for office i
8:48 pm
wouldn't do that for you brett. >> i'm a world-class celebrity and i probably just wouldn't endorse. >> smart move. i would just sit on the fence and see you sink into oblivion. >> thanks buddy. >> that's why i love you. and that fence. you to enjoy that. >> he's right. what is your take on this? >> i think it's part of a bigge issue were for the left there i right answer and if you don't espouse to that ideal, then the need to do something about it. you read the quote, she said i' not going to endorse, i'm going to let the people of pennsylvania decide and then when the polls coalesced around dr. oz and it looked like the people of pennsylvania would choose dr. outcome will now, i need to put my finger on the scale because i'm oprah and you are deciding wrong. we see that on social media. it as part of a leftist mindset and i think it's going to take lot of shots coming up on
8:49 pm
tuesday. >> oprah, putting a finger on a scale. i want too. you know what, i'm not, it's to easy todd. i'm going to go to the tees, todd. tod's are all the same have you ever notice that? every todd is the same. in you when you talk to todd it's like right todd. i actually have a shirt that says that. sure, todd. anyway, up next. our aliens real or nonfiction? what is your prediction.
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>> a story in five words. >> five words, learning to chat with aliens, todd. the center of the university of st. andrews uk has been trying to uk with alien lifeforms once contact is made. >> if you read this article, they are going for this woke inclusionary approach to
8:54 pm
welcoming the word, the independence that we are going to blow them out of sky instead is going to be like we have to make sure we get the pronouns right we have to give them benefits when they arrive and they're going to cross our border so it might have a problem with it, you know, like biden. >> that is some red meat, todd. walter, what would you prefer? as superhot alien or a tasty alien? went to sleep with or when to eat? to get one to sleep with. no hesitation. >> might be able to show me a few new tricks. i won't ask you that question. >> thank you. >> you're a pollster kind of strategist. do you think space aliens would be republican or democrat? >> i don't think they would fal within any of her ideology, but i certainly hope they are not huffing to talk about biden,
8:55 pm
kamala or fetterman. they would be talking about you've just got to hope that they get somebody smart. >> we can't even communicate with fellow earthlings like cat and cows and trees, those are earthlings, how are we going to communicate with alien spirit. >> was think that what is life meaningless and what is their purpose for life and i'm like what if we are just like ants into the aliens. so they just come say hi and le me know answers to my questions? i would do anything to talk to an alien. >> earth could be an aunt farm where the aliens lit as hang around and they take a look at us but we're not important enough to destroy but we're interesting to monitor. they're like oh, look what they're doing. we are in an aunt farm.
8:56 pm
>> i think about that all the time. >> but the aliens are here and they are on tik tok. n just®. >> don't go away. we'll t atbe right back.
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how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. we are out of time. thank you to our studio audience, fox news at night with dreamy trace gallagher, i love you, america! [ applause ] >> thank you, greg, good evening everyone, welcome to america's late news. fox news at night, i am trace gallagher in los angangeles. ♪ ♪ and breaking tonight, it is the home stretch of a few days until the midterms while president biden ran as a uniter. another


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