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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  November 5, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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level event. >> all right. that's it for us tonight. thank you to this amazing new york city crowd. you've all been tremendous. i wish we had another hour. could easily do another hour. don't forget, get out there and vote either now or on tuesday. thank you for watching. remember, it's america now and forever. greg gutfeld , the gang it off that is . oh, laura . hello, everybody. happy friday and welcome to the number one show in.
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>> let's welcome tonight's guests, readers get so lost in his books. his publisher includes a map novelist and literary critic walter kerr. >> she's so bright that daylight savings time sends her hate mail. former director of press communication for trump's reelection campaign, erin perini, he gets in bed while you're still at work and he's always gone. before you get home, go home to fox and friends first, pyro . and she keeps herself so thin so she can slip through the bars of her holding cell. fox news contributor tim so exhausted all. it's been another great week of shows, thanks mostly to some
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new creams and ointments i've been using that allow me to sit comfortably. thanks, larry. but it's been seven days since my favorite segment. so let's do right now, shall we? >> greg's leftovers. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> it's time once again for leftovers. it's where i read the joked we didn't use this week. and as always, it's my first time reading them. so if they , it's not my fault. but if they're great, it's all me because that's how it works. if you don't like it, get your own show. don't stay here. here we go . last week, a five point one magnitude earthquake rattled the city of san francisco, prompting residents to say finally, some good news . yeah, cue the annual new york city marathon.
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is this sunday. i thought about signing up, but instead of running, i decided just to stay home in my pants. >> same difference. marathoners know what i mean. and you'll never guess who offer to fire the starter pistol. that's right. alec baldwin. becket's i could see that coming. so according to leaked emails, russian president vladimir putin is battling both parkinson's disease and cancer ,which, if you do the math, makes him ten times healthier than president biden. brutal. james corden is making news again, this time for repeating ricky gervais joke word for word. corden said it was inadvertent
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and that he's been writing original material ever since he created the office. are you non brits? he ricky baz created the office. so it's going to explain that joke. and i believe according to because if he were going to steal anything for jervey, so i'm pretty sure it would be his entre. oh, oh, that crossed the line. the macy's thanksgiving day parade this year will feature a new diary of a wimpy kid balloon for accuracy. the creators, the balloon spent hours studying photos of people to gedge. this week, ukraine urged fifa. i don't know who that is to ban iran. from playing in the world cup next month, alleging human rights violation and supplying weapons to russia. and other words, they wouldn't wish soccer on their second worst enemy .
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that's good. it's got soccer. but but just geographe, what are you going to do? riot? don't use your hands. all right. at a recent press event, president biden claimed he spoke to the man who invented insulin, even though the doctor died before joe was born. when told of this fact, the president replied, you know, i thought that guy smelled and looked horrible. >> a new study finds that women receive 10% fewer chances to speak than men on large news networks. and tend to interrupt more often than men . we'd go to a woman for comment, but we don't care.
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i know this is sexist on my staff who keeps writing them like cnn splashy, a new morning show co hosted by don lemon, bombed in its debut episode on tuesday. when asked why lemmon was moved to the morning slot, producers say there's a less of a chance of viewers vomiting at breakfast as opposed to a full dinner. fary says of a seattle coffee shop when their court case this week allowing them to wear skimpy bikinis at work. a regular customer named ron said, i think it's great. it gives me something else i can stir my coffee with . i don't know what he's talking about. i don't think he's real. that's what colbert said. he's not real. a new york judge named laura johnson is catching heat for considering cutting a gang members sentence in an
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attempted murder case to just five years. if the man says he's sorry, but you might recognize judge johnson from her previous job as rocky's trainer. >> could have made a joke about her idiotic sensibilities. >> but now let's go for her looks. i've taught you well. finally, california governor gavin newsom partly blamed fox news for fueling the vitriol against house speaker nancy pelosi and her husband, paul . critics critics suggested newsom should take a good look at himself in the mirror, but he already was. and now go to some actual news . it's the democrats failing strategy, repeating that we are all a threat to democracy in the hopes that it increases their chances in the midterms.
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but like jesse watters, extra strength. rogaine, it's not working. the all election season long. they put all their eggs into the january six voter suppression evil maggot threat to democracy basket. but will it work on tuesday? well, i've assembled a panel that will embarrass the hell out of those clowns on "special report". wow. they love soccer and special report. yes. huge redpath. yes, one . well, anyway, neither of them score. oh, oh, i laughed through the tears, walter. i laughed through the tears. so good to see you. it's great to see what i've been waiting to hear. what you've been what you would say about this, because not the end of democracy. >> yes.
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please start with the end of democracy. it reminds me of one of those stories about to close. >> yeah. sales. 80% off. you've got to buy in the next two days and then the stores still open three months later. >> democracy's not going to end next week. they're going to call for bipartisanship after they lose and say we never said that. >> yes, but but they're reduced to threats. they can't promise anything positive. >> so they're warning about the apocalypse. they've taken up the jerry falwell role from the nineteen eighties. if if you don't vote to us , satan will reign on earth. and i think he does that. >> we should have voted differently back then. but but i'm also i'm also reminded me of an old mobster movie where the mobster goes to the little deli owner and says, you know, it's a nice story. you got here. >> it's a nice democracy you got here. shame if anything happened to .
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right. pay five hundred bucks and you'll have that plate glass window forever. yeah. so i'm a little afraid that if democracy should end next week, they will then move to a post democracy, a set of rules which could be anything, you know, talk about soccer riots. yes, yeah. yes. where the violent ones. aaron, you're a strategist. i'm not sure what that means. but it sounds important and that's why you're here. what is your analysis on the early poll results? for the midterms? do you think the strategy of the apocalypse is working? >> no. doom and gloom is not a resonating message with the american people. and this has been democrats. what are their biggest faults in this cycle? the american people have been crystal clear . they couldn't be more clear . they are screaming in every poll. it's the economy, stupid. and democrats know no stupid. you're the stupid one . it's really about they don't listen to voters and then all of a sudden they get upset when voters show up and say, when i told you that the economy,
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rising prices, gas, crime, that that's what's most important to me. i was serious about that. i just met i actually a random guy came up to me outside. well, that happens a lot. yeah. he was very nice. but he told me, he said, you know, maybe i'm not normally going to vote for a republican ,but i'm going to probably vote for lee zeldin because i can't keep doing the same thing over and over again and think you're going to get a different result. so if you want more fear mongering, yeah, vote for a democrat. if you want, i don't know, a better economy, less crime or maybe what? >> you had an economy back in twenty , eighteen, 2019. you should vote republican on tuesday. >> there you go . the clapping, but not for you though. i've never seen it. was that strange guy who came up to us on the street. i just. i wasn't aware. i know. and you said you were she was your favorite weather girl. yeah. i was like, excuse me sir. not right now. todd. so do you have any predictions?
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how do you see this going? what's your take on this strategy? i just i've never seen anything like this in my life. this coalescing in the last two weeks. and to erin's point, the reason is , is because the democrats that are the cultural elite or the ones that think they are, they're the ones that are pushing this abortion january 6th narrative in that article that we're talking about, "the washington post" article, it was interesting. >> there's a nuance in. it was basically accusing democrats of running in middle america of not themselves raising january six . and the reason they're not doing that is because they want to win, because no real american is talking about that. the only people are the elite blue check brigade who in a couple of weeks are going to have to pay eight in order to spew they're out of out of touch nonsense. to the rest of the world. yet. and they might pay it because they desperately need that stat, have nothing else they got they get leigh sales still still say they're a stat. what am i doing?
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they can still say, greg, that they're blue checkers when that's all they have. 100% and the rest of that article was so condescending. i think you hit on it beautifully. it basically is saying we're very disappointed, like a parent who's like, i'm not mad . >> yeah, i'm disappointed in all of you people for not making january six . >> the bigger deal . it's not it happened. it wasn't a great day, but it's over. we need to move on . americans are suffering right now with all the things that erin mentioned. it's going to show up on november, which is tuesday, according to my calendar. >> greg. yeah, that yeah. i think it's just so funny because when you boil down democracy, what's it about? it's about having your voice be heard and , you know, your rights as an individual to have your voice be heard. and this is the party of, for example, i don't know, vaccine mandates, which to me, i mean, just a massive civil liberties violation that they're not pretending that they don't want to continue like here in new york , for example. right. but they're doing this because they have to do this. i mean, what else would they do? they can't be like vote for us . let's keep this party going.
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yeah, that's right. yeah, they can't. none of the issues are brought up because it's been a failure on everything from crime. the border, immigration, a bad relationship. and all you can say is like, well, you'll never find anyone better. yeah, that's exactly what this is . yes. all they can do is make people try to make people so terrified of the future because what right now, like, doesn't. yeah. that's true. >> and nothing nothing is good. my theory is that they're showing fear in front the german shepherd that that the republican party is so primed for revenge that this kind of desperate vote for us or real stuff is only going to cause a huge surge. >> all right. up next, the simple word joy . >> reid says that you've never heard by hundred and empire to three hundred and five hundred thirty eight to three today.
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the population. msnbc's resident dance joy reid vomited a heaping pile of stupidity. all over nicole wallace's show yesterday. you know, nicole , she's the one who permanently looks like she just in her pants while watching her cat get run over. so, you know what's so interesting to , you know, it's so interesting to me is that i have actually never heard a person who isn't an economist or works on cnbc. i used to do cnbc a lot as a guest. i used to do larry kudlow show all the time, a couple times a week. and the only people i ever heard here use the word inflation. are journalists and economists. right. so that is not part of a normal lexicon of the way people talk to things. >> joy . well, three great. >> true. you were on kudlow show, but that was when he was still huffing spray paint out of a paper bag. he's changed.
1:20 am
and to how dumb do you think the american people are? not to understand the price of food on their dinner table has dramatically risen or that they've not even heard of inflation? i guess they're as dumb as a bag of joy reads. >> by the way, notice how i didn't say hammer. oh, by the way, by the way, joy , they being dumb is silent. but go on. >> it's interesting. republicans are doing something they don't normally do. right, which is not use the common tongue. right. not use just common english to sort of use do on their campaigns. like they do with crime. >> but what they've done is they've taught people the word inflation. right. most people would have never used that word ever in their lives. are using it now because they've been taught it, including on tv, including in newspapers. >> they've been taught this word, slow down, give a chance
1:21 am
to use the word lexicon. it's like a leprechaun. anyway, joy believes that inflation's a novel concept that no one's ever heard of until republicans taught everyone the word. so how does she know about it then? did did republicans teach her? wow, maybe. what's kudlow? look at that smile. you could sell me a dead snake . and he has. bottom line, dems have taught us plenty of words, too, like bankruptcy, insolvency, and multiple stab wounds. but i'm betting that joy will learn two new words on tuesday. it's red wave. >> hope it doesn't go over her head. aaron, you're a gop strategist ,which i hear is very important. i say that earlier or am i having a deja vu?
1:22 am
is it true that republicans taught americans the word inflation just now? that's impressive. i thought that maybe people were aware of it. back in jimmy carter's, but that was just a dream. yeah. apparently, joy reid was not conscious, i don't know, during the part of jimmy carter's administration, she was alive for not understanding the malaise, the economic malaise. maybe that's a word she understood a little bit better, but it would be a master class in message discipline if if the republicans taught the american people a word, inflation. and while i give republicans a lot of credit for staying on message this campaign cycle, they didn't teach anybody the word inflation. this is already out there. and when people see things go up, when everything costs more , when it's harder to get gas and groceries and formula and diapers, they know that it's inflation that has caused the price to go up for democrats to stand there like joy reid and say that inflation isn't a word that the american people use. the democrats named their bill the inflation reduction act for crying out loud, i guess that's
1:23 am
good. i wish i thought of that. ,producers are supposed to make me look gets are not supposed to look smarter than me. well, we have todd here. you know, since you are there, todd, i love the fact that that folks like joy reid or any leftist believes that you must know every invented absurd pronoun. right. things that you never learned in school that were never heard before until the day before, but not inflation. i mean, how does that make sense? people are identified now as frogs' according to the latest social media thing that i saw. and i was just i my eyes came out of my head, you know, like a yeah, sorry. >> but have you ever seen on tv a bigger cell phone in history? i'm serious. yeah, i'm too dumb. i didn't know what this word meant. thanks, republicans. it's like she grew up her entire life being like, how do
1:24 am
i describe when prices go up? i got it. prices go up too much, you know, like, that's how she would keep out that thought. now i finally understand it's that's why i'm here. >> this goes back to the overall point. they like a dumb audience because a dumb audience is easier, easier to sell and peddle dumb ideas that ultimately become the policies that we've had for the last twenty one months. >> yeah. kat, are we being too harsh on her? are we giving her the worst, like read on what she was trying to say. i don't know. i think that she really believe that. okay, let's say for a second that she's right. let's just suspend reality and say that republicans did teach everyone the word inflation. >> so like like inflation is impacting people and it's not a bad thing to sort of diagnose or give a word to describe what this bad thing is that is happening to you like a few years ago when i went to the dermatologist and i had this like this rash
1:25 am
right here, the word bedbugs was not in my lexicon. it was introduced. it was introduced to my lexicon that day. yes. i was not happy to hear it. was quite devastated. like i knew i should've let that guy stay over. >> but hearing what the problem was allowed me to take the very, very many horrible, disgusting steps to solve the problem. yes. i don't hate the dermatologist for saying those look like bedbug bites. >> i hate the man who gave them to me. >> yes. yeah, and the fact that he still hosts fox and friends, we have an outrage. but it's true. it's like if it's wrong on two levels, it's wrong. because everybody knows inflation. right. but number two, she says that they shouldn't know. >> this is crazy, walter, for
1:26 am
she for she admitted that republicans understand economics and democrats have never heard of it to the only inflation that joy reid understands is grade inflation. >> because i don't know how she got through harvard being the stupid. >> but one last thing. i think the whole thing was a humble brag. it was her way of telling us she hangs out with economists. >> and i don't think there's any evidence of that on her show. >> no, i love that she still thinks about larry kudlow. he has that effect. he has that effect sometimes just lie awake and stare at this. and all i see is his face, mainly because i have a big picture of him on my ceiling. what's your problem? i can dream. up next, see what wowed an iowa
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nothing to three one zero forty two hundred. and that's eight hundred three one zero forty two hundred. he's keeping hope alive for the return of forty five . but could trump fix a nation that's unsteady? well, he says get ready. last night, donald trump held a rally in iowa. that's a state, todd. and once again, he's iowa, like a female mannequin in a window teases a man who hasn't touched a lady in a long time. >> you know what i mean? walking by , speaking to the massive crowd in sioux city, the x is silent, which is how i like, oh, trump also reflected on his two previous campaigns. i wonder if he thinks he did much better than second time, that he did the first and did much better the second time.
1:32 am
than i did the first. getting millions more votes in 2020 than i got in 2016 and likewise getting more votes than any sitting president in the history of our country by far more . yeah, the numbers just kept going up like the ratings for a certain talk show host. >> i have lost half of the mike lindell maybe more than that ten years ago among like republicans i was the most popular talk show host was i wonder where all those people went. but for trump, i wonder what he'll do now in order to make our country successful and now in order to make our country successful and safe and glorious. >> i will be very, very probably do it again. very. >> i love how it is .
1:33 am
like i haven't seen a crowd that excited since i incorrectly broadcast kill me to death on the five. but to trump's credit, he's avoided announcing anything major to keep the focus on midterm elections. where republicans need it most. perhaps all he's telling us is to get ready. >> get ready. that's all i'm telling you very soon. get ready. get ready. that's what i say when i take my shirt off at the beach. some people faint when they see the number of. cat. what do you make? do you think he's going to run and should he run for? i decided a long time ago and never predict anything when it comes to trump. yeah, but i think that it's interesting the day he said people are saying it could be november 14th, and that's actually one day before mike pence's book comes, which if it is and he would definitely do that on purpose. yeah.
1:34 am
he would do that. like that wouldn't be an accident. the ultimate like nobody is a better troll. than trump is . yeah, yeah, yeah. that's true. that is a good troll. and now if he's watching the show, he's definitely going to do it november four to you gave him the reason walter bump into the guy on the street. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. walter, there's kind of an embarrassment of riches right now for republicans in terms of governors. and also, obviously, there's the santurce. >> is trump maybe more expensive a candidate now than ever or less expensive in terms of what it does to the to the psyche of america? i'm sounding like a real, i said psyche of america. even i'm disgusted by myself. >> well, it's like an endless infomercial with trump. you know, he's always predicting he's always telling you what's coming. you're going to love how this ends, etc. and , you know,
1:35 am
never ends. >> but that's the democrats fault. they decided to run against him once again, a guy who's not a candidate and they're going to lose to a guy who's not a candidate. >> so they've made this a referendum on trump and it looks like it's going to be a referendum in his favor. >> so why wouldn't you run again? the only reason i think he might not is that he only said very 40% and he's perfectly capable of saying very 60%. so i think he's leaving some room for you. >> no doubt. it's very murky. yeah. all right, erin, is he going to run again? what is your sources on the street tell you? put your ear to the ground? well, my source on the street, we didn't talk about trump. obviously, i still very much have friends who work for the former president . i don't have anything to announce on his behalf. that's if i was a betting woman, i would certainly put money down on the fact that i think he's going to run. democrats have really tried to make the midterms
1:36 am
your point. well, a referendum on trump, but that is not what the american people have been focused on . i also heard that november 14th was supposed to be the day that his subpoena, where he was supposed to testify at the january 6th committee. >> so that's just a big ol fuda he could announce in front of congress. >> yes. wow. back and then he could say, i bet this pence is killing you. i don't know. >> what do i know, todd? i know that you're sitting over there waiting for a question. when i say he's an expensive president , it's because he drives a fairly large segment of the population crazy. but then he does really good stuff. you know, that that that when you look back in the rearview mirror, i was like, okay, that work, that work that worked, that work. but it feels like it's expensive because you're always
1:37 am
battling. do you think it's a good trade this time or do you think maybe he should just go down as the one of the greatest single term presidents? >> i am a betting woman. unlike aaron and my no, you mentioned he's expensive. and i think that's a crucial thing to think about for you, me and everybody who works at fox. we're never going to see our families again. he decides to run. but at the same time, yeah, he lives rent free in a lot of the dems heads. he is such a positive force for so many on the right, it's all about him. that's where the expense comes in. are the american people ready for that? once again, i don't know. >> you know, the thing is , the expensiveness is often is also among on the other side entertaining because it's like you're watching the meltdown's or the quote, what they call owning the libs and which they say sarcastically, the libs say, but it's like you're he is owning you, right. he is owning you. and so the people that you know
1:38 am
that are like it fun trump is find entertaining. but then there are people that are like, you know, and like, could we get all the great trump stuff without the other trump stuff with a santurce like is is it santurce trump without the tweets? coming up, oprah stabs her friend in the back and throws her support behind a mudan hack . >> hey i just got a text from my sister. >> you remember rick , her neighbor. sure. he's the seventy six year old guy who still runs marathons, right. >> sadly not anymore. what you mean just like that. >> wow. so sudden we're not about to have the we need life insurance conversation again are we know we're having though we are getting coverage so we don't have to worry about it. >> conversation. so you're calling about the nine ninety five a month plan from colonial pan am. we put off long enough. >> we are getting that nine ninety five plan today.
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1:43 am
me prescriptions. why am i get a doctor? as a panelist, oprah endorsed teddy yesterday, but said it was up to the citizens of pennsylvania. >> of course, i said it was up to the citizens of pennsylvania. and of course. but i will tell you all this. if i lived in pennsylvania, i would have already cast my vote for john fetterman for many reasons, many reasons. >> many reasons. i wonder if one of the reasons was this video from his failed 2016 senate run. >> he. >> mr. fetterman. yeah. you need any help? i'm running for the u.s. senate, kid. i need all the help i can get . i've seen back alley injections that were less painful. and when i say seen, i mean endured that that was four years ago before he had a stroke. i hard to believe. yeah. wow. so you're running for senate. >> you're a first.
1:44 am
where is your shoe? and a flag pin and your hair. oh, hey, kid, i just want you to know i'd vote for you. >> hey, thanks, kid. who knew you could film a campaign ad on a flip phone, but hey, kid, catch the . hey, kid. catch big. wow. thanks, mayor john . i'd watch that shirt. so that's from six years ago. and i mean, you look pretty rough back then. i honestly feel kind of bad for the guy. how is he going to handle the pressures of the office? the stress level alone might give him a stroke anyway. it did anyway. it's kind of sad to oprah put politics over friendship. but when you're a liberal, the political is always
1:45 am
personal, which is why they teach you as a friend when they find out that you might not agree with their politics. seriously, clooney barely speaks to me anymore. >> granted, it could be due to the rash cat. you're a loyal person. >> yes. does this bother you? oh, look, there's a huge difference between oprah and dr. oz and you and i, which is i wouldn't handle it. the way dr. oz. yeah, yeah. i would not go quietly into the night, though, that you might have to do well if you ever did me like that. you would never be welcome in society again. i would make sure of that. i know you don't want to her off. yeah, but if you don't, then friends forever. yeah. thank god for that. i don't know. that's a good thing. walter, the other difference between cat and oprah is you could fit six cats into one oprah factor, but she
1:46 am
will turn on , you know, let's find out. no, she will turn on you, son . well, that's but it won't be over politics. >> oh, no. but in any case. yeah. she ditched your friend and i he doesn't care. apparently, i don't think oprah's endorsement matters at all anymore. >> he looks like somebody who'd be on the oprah show like a cat fight, fighting with another person. right. for a bouncer or a bouncer, maybe doing security for the oprah show. i don't know. the letterman phenomena is one that i am still exploring. i can't figure it out. is that what every man in pennsylvania is like? is pennsylvania that far down? a scale new jersey? >> i might have expected the oh oh, hey, hey.
1:47 am
i like you, just insulted 70% of our studio audience. hey. well, the good thing is they're, you know, okay, well, don't care. i love you people. screw walter kirn. yeah, seriously. he'll do it. aaron. all right. who's going to win? i think dr. isles is going to win, but i also don't think that any pennsylvania, to walter's point, cares about what oprah has to say, honestly, that these celebrity endorsements in the career i have had in politics, i've never seen one make a difference. because oprah has a terrible track record . she supported hillary clinton, obviously not a winner. she's throwing her endorsement out there, a few of these senate races. but truly, she's not only so far removed from her show to be like a huge as big a figure maybe she was back in 2003. but this is just like bad headline for her. like who does that to their friends? who needs enemies when you got friends like that? >> yeah. you know, todd, if you ran for
1:48 am
office, i wouldn't do that to you. thanks, buddy. i'm a world, but i'm a world class celebrity. and i probably just wouldn't endorse. >> yeah, it's a smart move. i would just be sit on the fence and see you sink into oblivion. >> thanks, buddy. yeah, that's why i love you. and that fence. you'd enjoy that. oh, he's right. what's your take on this? >> i think it's part of a bigger issue where for the left there is a right answer. and if you don't espouse to that ideal , then they need to do something about it. keep in mind, you actually read the quote. she said, i'm not going to endorse anybody. i'm going to let the people pennsylvania decide. and then when the polls coalesced around dr. oz and it appeared that the people of pennsylvania are going to choose dr. oz and not our guy, we'll no no longer the people of pennsylvania can decide. i need to put my finger on the scale because i'm oprah. you're deciding wrong. it has to be faderman. we see that on social media. they put their finger on the scale there. we see it in the regular media. it's part of a leftist mindset. and i think it's going to take
1:49 am
a lot of shots coming up on tuesday. oprah putting a finger on the scale. you think i'm going to make a joke about that? i want to . i set it up for you. i know. but you know when i'm not because it's too easy to hide, i'm going to go to the tease. todd todd's are all the same. do you ever notice that they are? >> yes, they watch him. i like other job even unicorn. i like todd thinks every todd is the same . and when you when you talk to todd, it's always a right. >> todd, i actually have a shirt that says that i think it's that time or somewhere, right, todd? sure. todd. anyway, up next, are aliens real or non fiction? so what's your prediction? >> hi, folks. it's the medicare annual enrollment period. and this year it's a simple
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>> a story in five words, five words. learning to chat with aliens toward the center at the university of st. andrews. the uk has been formed to study ways to communicate with alien life forms once contact is made. >> is that a waste of time? total waste of time? if you read this article, they're going for this woke inclusionary approach
1:54 am
to welcoming the aliens. gone are the independence day. we're going to blow them out of the sky to maintain our dominance over the universe. instead, it's going to be like we got to make sure we get the aliens pronouns right. we have to give them benefits when they arrive and they're going to cross our borders. we're not have a problem with it. you like biden? oh, yeah. that's some red meat. all right, walter, what would you prefer? i think about this all the time. a super hot alien or a tasty alien one to sleep with or one to eat when to sleep with ? oh, well, no hesitation. they could show me a few new tricks. now, aaron, i won't ask you that question. thank you. you're a pollster, kind of strategist that all that. what do you think space aliens would be , republican or democrat? >> i don't know that they would fall within any of our ideology, but i certainly hope that when they come, they're not having to talk to biden or john fetterman.
1:55 am
they're going to hear about venn diagrams, yellow buses, incomplete sentences and talking in presidential sentences to dead guys who invented insulin. like you just got to hope that they get some smart cat. >> we can't even communicate with fellow earthlings like cats and cows and trees. you know, those are earthlings. how are we going to communicate with an alien if we can't talk to a tree? >> i don't know. but i really want to . i was thinking about this last night when i couldn't sleep the whole life is like, is life meaningless because it ends for all of us ? and what is their purpose for life? and i'm like, what if we're just like ants? yeah. and like to the aliens. right. so, like, will they please come say hi? yeah. and let me know, like the answers to my questions would do anything to talk to it and then i'm being too thirsty. sorry. but earth could be an ant farm. yeah. or it could be an ant farm where the aliens let us kind of hang around and they kind of take a look at us but we're not important enough to destroy. but we're interesting to monitor. yeah. they're like, oh look what they're doing and they can't see you. we're in an ant farm.
1:56 am
>> absolutely. i think about that all the time. you know what? the aliens are here and they're all on tick tock. just look at don't go away. we'll be right when it's go time. >> i don't like constipation. stop new great tasting dakhil x juicy fruit bites work naturally with the water in your body in as little as thirty minutes so you can go fast. go gently and go on with life. new dog likes chewing fruit bites put you comfortably in control. >> these bills are crazy. she has no idea she's sitting on a goldmine. she doesn't know that if she owns a life insurance policy of one hundred thousand dollars or more , she can sell all or part of it to coventry for cash. even a term policy, even a term policy, even find out if you're sitting on a gold mine called coventry direct today at eight hundred four nine six ninety two hundred. >> or visit coventry direct .com one of my favorite supplements is qnol turmeric. turmeric helps with healthy
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joints and inflammation support . unlike regular turmeric supplements, cuno superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. >> the brand i trust is qnol. >> when there's no time to come, when then that is okay. >> the you're santa. >> no, i asked for a lot last year, but this year is different. all i want is the u.s. to win the world cup. >> this is the team that's going to make a run. we have to do is believe that's like your whole thing seems there's more about it here.
1:58 am
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call 800 for one 737 73 800 for one 737 73 . trust you got to relaxium save . >> we're out of time. thanks aaron perrine. walter, i don't get it, but our studio audience is tonight with dreamy trace. gallagher is next on greg gutfeld . and i love you america. >> hello, everyone. i'm judge jeanine pirro, along with harold ford. jr., jesse watters, dana perino and bill. however, it's five o'clock in new york city and this is the five more days to go until the midterms and its spin baby spin from the democrats and the media. president biden setting the tone and straight up lying to the american people about the lousy stat


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