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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  November 5, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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rachel: good morning, america. that's a beautiful shot of the u.s. capitol and lady liberty. right on top of there. boy, is that a beautiful statue and a beautiful morning. here in new york city as well, we hope it's a beautiful morning wherever you are. good morning, will. good morning, pete. will: good morning. pete: good morning. we could be three days away from nancy pelosi not controlling that chamber anymore? rachel: that's right.
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pete: that's what's at stake and likely not to have the gavel because if you look at the most recent power rankings, not only could it be a red wave but a red tsunami if you're looking at fundamentals across the country. will: it was a beautiful weekend here in new york. it's 70 degrees, it's new york city marathon. it's a big day in college football. could set up for a beautiful week. rachel: i'm still impressed with how quickly you got out for the doughnut segment. like you must have sprinted. will: told you i like doughnuts. pete: you made your way out there quickly. did you know it's the first blood moon in three years on election morning. rachel: wow. pete: there'll be a big red blood moon on election morning, november 8. tell me that's an accident. just saying, i read a lot of random things. will: should have seen his eyes. i don't know if you could see his eyes as we described that . rachel: we'll all be in a different state, each of us. florida, wisconsin and
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pennsylvania. we'll be doing diners and getting the pulse of american people on election day. pete: my ohio diner in 2016. it was election day when trump won and talking to voters undecided that morning whether they were going trump or hillary. the last segment of the morning on that show was a voter saying, i'm going trump who had been undecided all morning long and that's how the show ended that day. 2016, that's what it was. rachel: amazing foreshadowing. if only hillary was watching that morning, she could have prepared better for the loss. will: there's a reason pete brings up ohio and we turn attention to that state and bring in jd vance. he's the senate candidate for the state of ohio. good morning, jd. >> good morning. will: glad to have you on the show this morning. talk about what you believe is the top issue for your voters in the state of ohio and what's going to make their decision on
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tuesday. >> you know, there's a lot going on, a lot of crises in the country but i'm hearing most about the cost of everything. this terrible inflation crisis. of course the cost of gas, the cost of groceries, the cost of eggs. you know, a year and a half ago, a dozen eggs were about $1.50 in the state of ohio and now they're over $4 in a lot of places in the state of ohio. so people are just very upset they can't afford the basic things they need to get through the day. ohio's also a big energy producing state so people understand instinctively when you destroy american energy independence, you put a lot of ohio workers out of jobs but also raise the prices of everything else so they're looking at joe biden and my democrat opponent tim ryan shutting down the keystone pipeline and begging saudi arabia and venezuela for oil and gas that we have right here at home. they're saying what gives here? why are we doing this? pete: jd, joe biden doubled down on that yesterday. they haven't -- hillary clinton talked about it in 2016.
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hear's joe biden yesterday alongside that clip talking about shutting down coal, watch. >> it's also not cheaper to generate electricity from wind and solar than it is from coal and oil, literally cheaper. we're going to be shutting these plants down all across america and having wind and solar. >> i'm the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key into coal country. we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. pete: so, jd, the closing argument for the top democrat in the country four days out from the election is we're shutting down your coal plants. >> in the midst of an energy crisis and as things are about to get a lot colder in the state of ohio and other parts of the country, it's completely ridiculous, especially when we consider that china and india are opening up coal fire plants by the week. why are we shutting this stuff
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down when we have plenty of it here. we can get it out of the ground with ohio hands and ohio workers and yet the biden administration is attacking our energy independence. what this is about, guys, it's really about they don't like the people who do coal. they don't like the people who mine coal. they don't like the people that work in the energy sector and so they've convinced themselves of this economic fantasy so that they can put a lot of hard working ohioans out of a job. the reason i want to go to the senate is to prevent it from happening. it's not just about the jobs as important as that is. because the energy crisis is a big part of the overall inflation crisis, if we get back to energy independence, we'll see groceries getting lower and farmers making ends meet and price of gas come down. it's all connected and bad economic policy begets a lot of misery people are suffering and that's why we need to win big in four days and turn this country around. rachel: yeah, i mean, people aren't stupid. i know they think we are.
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we played those clips from joy reid and energy is up and making everything else more expensive. it's not hard to figure out. you mentioned china and india but europe spent billions on renewable energy and tearing downwind farms and setting up mines. i can't understand why they can't figure that out. a lot of people are wondering, jd, what can a republican majority do? i want to play a clip from art laffer because he has ideas of what people like you should do if and when you're elected as soon as you get into office. i want to get your thousands on it on -- thoughts on it on the other side. >> i'd do the legislation to undo the energy policies of the president and his administration. i'd do one to undo the tax of the increase of funding by the irs and 87,000 new there. i'd go through program by program in a separate piece of legislation on each one and put that bill to undo the build back better baby bill piece by piece
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by piece to make sure that all the dems vote against or for it or whatever a and mike bide -- make biden veto every one of those bills. rachel: jd, i like this piece by piece. >> yeah, here's the idea. what people don't realize is yes, joe biden will still be president but we will have a lot of leverage. the american people are about to give us a mandate because they're so unhappy with the direction of the country. when republicans control the house and republicans control the senate, we need to act like it. we need to actually use the authority the american people have given us. if joe biden vetoes a couple pieces of legislation, fine, let him do it. let's at least have the debate about how to get back to energy independence, how to draw down this terrible inflation crisis. you mentioned europe. it's a national security, too when you beg every tim pot dictator in the world for energy we have in ohio, you make
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america weak on the world stage and republicans need to act like we have the majority because we're about to get it and the american people aren't giving it to us to warm seats. will: jd, energy independence, inflation, crime, these are the issues you're hearing from your constituents and we're hearing from people when we talk to and go out into diners and talk to voters across the country. democrats think there's a different message, there's a different priority for voters. think think this election is about a threat to democracy. watch this. >> make no mistake, democracy is on the ballot for all of us. >> democracy is on the boll la tech. >> democracy is on the ballot. think about it. >> democracy is on the ballot. >> democracy is on the ballot. >> democracy is on the ballot. >> and democracy is on the ballot. >> do you believe democracy is on the ballot in utah? >> it is on the ballot. >> democracy is on the ballot this year in america. >> somebody's got to tell voters what they need to hear, which is
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that democracy is on the ballot. will: the talking point went out and that was the benign version of reiterating the talking point. historian msnbc said soon our children will be arrested and possibly killed. can you translate, how exactly is democracy on the ballot? >> well, first of all, benign to find whatever all those people were smoking and make it a class 1 controlled substance this country because that's scary, scary stuff but look, this is a joke. democracy is under threat according to joe biden and everybody else when the american people are unhappy and vote the way that they want touchdown pass make the country better. that's not democracy being under threat. that's actually the realization of democracy when you screw up you get a chance to govern and mess it up, the american people penalize you. that's a good thing according to our system and not a bad thing. here's the game they're trying to play. they know that their policies have been a failure. they have no agenda to run on so
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their running on this distraction, which is really if you think about it, it's a criticism of the american people. how dare you vote for a better life for yourself and your children. i don't think it's going to work and nor should it. pete: like this cab torr, i'm gone -- cantor, i'm going to change my name nor democracy and run for something. i'd be on everyone's ballot. your race against tim ryan is a lien republican. should things go the way we this 1234 voters turn out and vote for you? what is the first thing you'd do follow ago victory? what's your focus? >> yeah, we talked about the energy crisis that affects ohio in particular, but i'm going to talk about the border crisis here, and we have to get control of the southern border. you know, ohio is the third state when it cops to fentanyl over-- comes to fentanyl overdose death in the country. we know the cartels are bringing the fentanyl into the country through the wide open southern border. joe biden and tim ryan
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encouraged that wide open activity and we have to shut it down. we have to as a country go to war againsts cartels and shut down the border or we'll not have a country anymore. we're losing over 100,000 of the citizens, a lot are healthy young people. if we don't get control over that issue on the crazy border, we'll live with consequences from that for decades. will: how do you do that as a senator, granted in the majority, but an executive that's a democrat, change what's happening at the border? >> we use our leverage, we tell joe biden he doesn't get another dime for his priorities unless he does his job at the southern border and we have to be willing to take a stand on this. rachel: jd, you talked about oil saying this is a national security problem and the border is too not just for obvious reasons but we're empowering the cartels we're turning mexico into a narco state and cartels
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have more power than ever and it's influencing the mexican government and it's a big issue. you have young children and all of us have children on this couch, and i think the education situation and the way education money has been weaponnized to indoctrinate our children on really weird things is a big sleeper issue. >> it's a huge sleeper issue. i'm one of these crazy people who thinks that our schools should make our kids smarter, not brainwash them. unfortunately a lot of american schools are going in the wrong direction. there's a lot of momma and papa bears out there that are angry about this and we've got to get out and vote on november 8. pete: is the debt ceiling and raising it maybe one of the points where you have a stare down with biden on things like the border? >> i think when we have a debt ceiling negotiation, there needs a conversation about the priorities and how the government is using the texas
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dollars we keep funding a debt ceiling increase, but it's the nature of having a juniority is that -- major seizure disorders is there's additional lev -- majority to use over the biden administration and they have to negotiate with us to get what they want. it's basic negotiation. we need to not roll over every time they need something. we have an ability to get something that our voters sent us to washington to do. rachel: does that mane you need a new leader in the senate as well once you get the majority? >> well, let's see what actually happens of course. you know, what we really need to do is kick chuck schumer out of majority leadership and see what happens on the republican side. i'm very confident we'll have solid republican senators ready to do the things the american people need us to do. rachel: all right. will: jd vance, great to talk to you this morning. good luck on tuesday in ohio. rachel: thank you, jd. i think they'll need a new leader. will: i do too. rachel: to do all the things he said they want to do. pete: talking about in fighting and what should it look like? should republicans get a
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majority, and strong majority, many of which the candidates will be built on were candidates that mitch mcconnell said should not be candidates or bad ones, i don't know who that other person is. rachel: could be rick scott. pete: that's the name out there and president trump made it very clear his dissatisfaction with mitch mcconnell. rachel: i think the american people are dissatisfied with mitch mcconnell. will: 20 people rounded up in a child section sting operation carried out by indiana deputies and police officers. investigators say the suspects agreed to meet what they believed as minors sot a certain location. some traveling from out of state. some brought alcohol, drugs and even guns. more than half of the men are already out on bond. look at those. we have a fox weather alert, one person dead and dozens injured after tornadoes swept through texas and oklahoma yesterday.
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this twitter in sulphur springs damaging at least four homes. here's a look at the damage in another small town. right near the oklahoma state line. for more on this story, download the fox weather app or stream fox weather on any connected tv device. rick mention it had earlier, got a note my children were dismissed from school at 11:00 a.m. yesterday because of this storm here. pete: for preparation? will: yeah. republicans demanding answers after a watch dog report reveals $1.1 billion in tax dollars sent to afghanistan after president biden's botched exit. the money was earmarked for humanitarian relief efforts but several were refusing to explain how it was spent. unclear if the funds ended up in taliban's hands. rachel: or ngo's hands. will: they say "for the first time in its history unable this quarter to provide congress and the american people with a full accounting of this". pete: how could you, the taliban
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controls everything including the ngos if that's where the funds went. will: astros return to houston for game six of world series and the team is one win away from second championship title in franchise history. pitcher valdez gets the start for houston and ace zack wheeler on the mound for the phillies in this win or go home match for philadelphia. catch game six tonight at minute maid park at 6:30 eastern, 3:30 pacific on fox. pete: what a great sports daytime 3:30 is -- day. 3:30 is tennessee and georgia and then 6:30 flip over to the world series. will: you and i will be in bed. pete: 8:00. we have the first three innings. i'll be in florida hosted by yours truly and nominate a first
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responder or a vet or a service member to get a couple free tickets at the patriot awards. e-mail and we have a handful of tickets donated back to people that wanted to donate to first responders, or vets or military. if you know a couple people that could go and would like to go to the patriot awards, e-mail us at and we'll give them out. rachel: it's around the corner, pete. will: a lot going on in the next two weeks. very little time at home. coming up, pate and i go -- i said pate like i was from deem texas right there. pete: or louisiana. will: pete and i go off the ball to show you desperate democrats -- wall to show you desperate democrats trying to pull the vo votes.
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>> the 82-year-old did not immediately declare an emergency but instead began walking several feet toward the assail cent and away -- assa assailantd away from police. rachel: what a weird thing. we have the story retraction next. ♪
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rachel: nbc pulling a report after one of the reporters de-described the scene arriving at the home of paul pelosi saying it didn't meet their standards. >> when officers responsed to the high priority call, they were seemingly un-aware they'd been called the home of the speaker of the house. after a knock and announce, the front door was open by mr. pelosi. the 82-year-old and not immediately declare an emergency or try to leave his home and began walking several feet back into the foyer toward the assailant and away from police. will: why the retraction? >> who knows why the mysterious
5:23 am
retraction. nbc said it didn't meet our standard. tstandard may well be a politicl recall. someone may have picked up the phone and said threat dbrox off there. we may never know. did paul pelosi know the guy? were they friends? now we hear of the story he walked back to the assailant that maybes no sense, but this is a bit like sasquatch or the motivation for the mandalay bay shooters. we may never know. rachel: yeah, we can. there's a camera on the police. why don't they release that? >> in time i hope they do release that but we're spending so much time focused on paul pelosi and the conversation is political figurers are under attack and need constant and private security. no, no, no. we need public security and that's what the entire mid terms are about. people feeling insecure. that mother in south la, the people being carjacked in new
5:24 am
orleans. they don't get two minute cop return times. i promise you. when they call the cops, they wait hours sometimes days. paul pelosi got instant service and walked back toward his assailant. it's a curious story, but i'm not sure it merits the scrutiny we're spending on it when we've got so much else we should be focusing on. pete: but the reporter went onto talk about we still don't know what happened for the 30 minutes before the police arrived when the assailant was in the house as well. the reason -- it just feels like there is more to the story. we're being given one side of the story. the story keeps changes. what is the story -- i mean -- >> you were a hardy boy's fan and want to know every little dee 'til. let's figure -- detail and want to figure it out. pete: especially when i feel like i'm getting lied to. >> the story is changes and we have media whiplash and nbc should dig deep and find out
5:25 am
what was the real motivation and erodes public confidence and anything they report because they put a dee cent story out there -- sensorineural sent story out there, sourced and makes per spect sense and we -- perfect sense and we refract it. all these stories make sense. they weren't in their underware, didn't know him, didn't call him. now they walk back toward him. all of these things are thrown out and pulled back. we need a full accounting but i'm not sure it's worth all of our time when the country feels so endangered just going about their lives. will: pete, do you know who the hardy boys are? pete: i know who they are but not to the depth. rachel: nancy drew is my girlhood hero. like no other book shape or series shaped me. will: i had hardy books and passed them on and read them. rachel: i'm going to send -- >> i'm going to send you hardy boys. your boys would love them. they're wholesome and great. will: you've got a book right
5:26 am
there. >> thank you, hill. i'm on book tour and i'll be in your hometown of dallas and then new orleanss and arizona. i'm hitting everybody's hometown. pete: where did everybody learn about your tour? >> raymond and we'll have more there. pete: great to see you. rachel: thank you. can i tell you guys one of the problems with the nancy drew book, i read to 4:kids, she'll be locked in the basement or trapped in the basement and my kids are like, why doesn't she just call? it's the 1950s, there's no cell phones. >> call the nbc reporter and they'll figure out she was in her basement with a hammer in her underware. pete: struggling democrat maggie hassan calling in backup to the new hampshire highly contested senate race. her opponent makes his pitch to voters here on "fox & friends" next.
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>> we're going to pick up bolduc in new hampshire and go out and fill up their heating tank and hassan is a very weak senator. rachel: former speaker newt gingrich predicts our next guest will win new hampshire's senate seat and incumbent democrat maggie hassan is banking on the progressive star power of pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar to get out voters. we have army veteran and served ten tours in afghanistan, retired brigadier general don bolduc. general, great to have you here. i love when voters speak out and their voices beat out the money. your opponent spent $40 million. you spent about $2 million. what are you hearing, how is this happening? i know you must be really excited about it but i want to
5:32 am
hear what you're feeling in this race and why do you think this is going on? >> well, i think it's going on because the decisions being made in washington dc over the last two years are forcing people to make choices between heating and eating. they're worried about their livelihood and day-to-day expenses. they can't afford the necessities of life they used to be able to afford two years ago. re-tier tyrees in -- retirees are in the same situation where they had to go back and get jobs. why started campaign -- when i started campaigning two years ago, it was a much different situation. i've begun el paso been on the ground -- been on the ground in every city and i'm getting ready to do my 80th town hall and i've been watching and listening and learning with them and experiencing the same increases in electricity and the problems with the high cost of gas and oil and everything else. quite frankly senator hassan has been hiding from them.
5:33 am
she's not been on the ground doing her job. and voting with biden 100% of the time suggests to everybody here in the granite state she's not going to fight for them in washington dc. that is the big difference. rachel: yeah, inflation is a massive problem right now for every day americans that you're talking to and they're telling these voters that, you know, they don't really know what the word inflation means and also the heating bills, i agree, in the east coast and midwest, this is definitely impacting the election. general, you say that you were attacked before taking the stage on wednesday night for your debate. tell us about what happened. >> well, you know, i showed up anoat the debate and i had hunds of supporters out there so i got out of my vehicle and went and walked up and down the line and shaked their hands. they're going to be outside in the cold new hampshire evening setting up early and waiting for me to arrive to the debate, i want to spend time with them.
5:34 am
that's exactly what i did and in the process of doing that, a gentleman that was there when i stepped out of the vehicle, he was using profane language and gestures and so on and so forth but i'd seen him before and he'd followed me around on facebook and twitter and everything else. i knew who he was. kept an eye on him and he took a opportunity to kind of charge close to me and i saw it coming so i turned my body sideways to reduce my profile and obviously make it look so i was able to take any kind of blow but the police were right there. some supporters were right there so i never really got physically hit by the gentleman. he was subsequently arrested and yesterday formally charged with, you know, criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct. these things should not happen
5:35 am
but they do, and it's unfortunate, and the rhetoric that the political rhetoric out there, you know, just lends itself for people to be able to come out and do these kind of things, but it didn't overshadow the real main event, which was the debate. maggie hassan wanted to be there and we took her down decisively. rachel: your race is really exciting. the money differential is astounding and shows that this is a referendum on joe biden and also on climate policies. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we're glad you're okay and nothing happened during that incident. good luck. >> thank you so much and god bless you, rachel. also a pleasure to talk with you. rachel: like wise and thank you for your service. all right. we thank him for joining us this morning and coming up, tweet for tat, president biden claims twitter is just spewing lies
5:36 am
across the world but elon musk says this is about free speech. form -rer assistant -- former assistant treasury secretary monica crowley responds to the takeover next. ♪
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will: tornadoes ripped through the state of texas killing one and injured dunses and levels trees. rachel: lamar ca county lbs. hit hard and did you understand dunses -- dozens of people hit hard. will: let's get to rick. rick: that image was taken because a lightnings bolt lit up the sky and the tornado was in the dark and wouldn't have seen that coming at all. we see the severe storms with all the big primary season in the spring and that's coming in the fall and cold air coming down through canada and still really warm air we're experiencing across a lot of the
5:41 am
eastern part of the country and that continue to bring the threat for more wet severe weather today but today mostly strong winds, bigger tornado threat is over that was all last night and this morning sun coming and you happen a lot of storms -- up and a lot of storms happened in the overnight hours and we'll get some images of the storms coming through. the line coming through the lower mississippi valley and brings a roll oturu wind across parts -- bringing a lot of wind across the greater lakes region. the tornado threat is gone for the most part and you can see where the rest of the severe threat is. anywhere to the east, we'll be breaking record high temperatures today, tomorrow and into monday. temps feeling into the mid 70s sports grill some spots in the many -- and some spots in the mid 80s in the northeast. rachel: twitter takeover is complete and not everyone is happy including president bind. will: at a fundraiser biden said elon musk goes out and buys an
5:42 am
outfit that spews lies across the word. there's no editors anymore in america. pete: monica crowley assistant treasury secretary and host of the monica crowley podcast joining us now with her reaction. great to see you. >> good morning. pete: thanks for being here. joe biden says there's no more editors as elon musk takes over. talk to me about their freakout. >> isn't that rich? the left cannot function without sensorship and the left needs sensorship and a tight control over the language and -- tight control over the language and narrative to shove down american's throats their radical left wing agenda; right. now that you have one out of many social media plat tomorrows, one that will -- platforms one that will allow americans real free speech, they're melting down primarily because twitter is the public square. twitter is the main pillar for these kinds of political conversations so they can't have
5:43 am
that. now, you've got the president of the united states who is supposed to represent all americans complaining that twitter now is not going to have any editors. that tells you exactly where the left is coming from. you know, during the trump years, we heard a lot of talk about collusion. when it comes to the left and the democrats and the government, and big tech, we have actual collusion so elon musk now i realize this is his first week, but he really should disclose the relationships, the funding, the conversations that have happened between the democratic party, between his government,&twitter and expose all of that because this for many years has been a form of a coup; right. with all of them working hand in glove. elon musk should come out and expose it all. you know what, he's totally fearless and that's one of the benefits of having [ bleep ] you money. pete: heavyweights really rich and he can do -- he's really rich and can do that.
5:44 am
rachel: i'm on twitter but don't care about that. what i want is that. i want him to expose the algorithms that have been censoring and silencing twitter users as well as documents that show this collusion between big tech and the government. will: yeah absolutely. i want to ask you about this as well. john fetterman got a big endorsement. it is dr. oz's former employer or investor, oprah winfrey. rachel: and friend. will: yeah, listen. >> i said it was up to the citizens of pennsylvania and i said if i lived in pennsylvania, i would have already cast my vote for john fetterman for many reasons. will: monica, i'll ask you the same questions i asked to oprah on wednesday. do you think oprah would hire john fetterman to run her business? >> oprah win winfrey would not e john fetter han to screw in a
5:45 am
lightbulb. rachel: or walk her dog. >> right, but she wants to inflict on pennsylvania and the rest of the country as a united states senator. she gave rise to memhet oz and put him on the show and basically created him as a media personality, delivered him great success and at one point referred to him as her son. this in my ways is the ultimate betrayal and i'll say this, oprah has [ bleep ] you money the way elon musk does so i think she felt free to get political and anybody in the country can deliver a political opinion, but the minute that oprah got political many year withs ago, she lost her audience, her network started to slide and so on. she has every right to do it but to get involved with this race at this point of time and throw her protege under the bus shows you how desperate the democrats are. rachel: shows you how ugly, i ttold you monica in my own's
5:46 am
husband race, we had friends that were very close democrat friends who publicly turned on us and said, yeah, they're nice people but don't vote for them when they could have quietly mott voted for my husband. not voted for my husband. she called him her son, they're friends. she's not even from pennsylvania and could have stayed quiet and given a donation to fetterman or whatever. it's really ugly, and i hate when -- i love politics but hate when politics takes overperm tal friendships and i hi it's wrong and bad. >> they were friends. i don't think they are anymore. rachel: he gave a class reigns leading response. >> he did. he's a class act. president trump had a ton of celebrity friends when he was a realize magnet in new york but the second you come out as a conservative or republican or america first, it's over and all of the celebrities and even noncelebrity friends will disown you. that's where we are in america because everything has been so
5:47 am
viciously infected with politics and it's not healthy. rachel: happens more on the democrat side, i'm sorry. pete: we'll not disown you, monica. rachel: we love you. >> you guys are my real friends. appreciate that . will: thank you, monica. three days to go and it's a grim road ahead for democrats but it putting a pumpkin on your head the answer? we'll go off the wall with hilariously desperate videos in a last ditch attempt to win over voters. ♪
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♪ will: desperate times call for desperate measures. with three dais out the new york post put it, send in the clowns. democrats, sending in celebrities to do things like tiktok videos. pete: yes, always tiktok. that seems to be their secret weapon with their closing argument but how effective are their videos? will and i go off the wall so you can decide. behind us you see a lot of candidates. will: let's start with celebrity candidate number one. beto o'rourke who indulges in this tiktok trend. a texas woman that wants her rights and here comes beto. little dance and hip movement.
5:52 am
pro-choice governor. pete: does that make you more likely to vote for beto o'rourke? i don't know. he's not on a skate board or at the dentist office. that was the other one. right number your face telling you why he's such a great guy. now he's dancing on tiktok. will: beto is a leader. he follows the tiktok trend. it was set by others. who came first, beto ornament stacey abrams. dancing to the same song here, a woman who wants fair elections and voting rights for all. pete: ah, yes. will: will you go. pete, stacey abrams. pete: there you have it. this one at least you know it's not authentic and the other one was authentic maybe more so because they seem to be in different places and here they're pretending to be in different places and hugging at the end. will: look, i'm really friends with celebrities. pete: as if that's worked in the
5:53 am
past. fighting for voting rights? her organization has run into problems, fair fight georgia, and she's been the one happy to be ab election denier for years and years and years. will: see if she remains a threat to democracy after the midterm. how about john fetterman? he gets in on the clown show. this is what he has out on his tiktok of course. will: pete, i don't think any of these are fetterman. pete: don't think so either. too much fluid motion and coordination for it to be fetterman himself. a decent impersonation. will: there you go. pete: i have to ask, does a young person watching this video look at it on tiktok and think, man, that john fetterman -- will: that's my guy. pete: that's my g guy.
5:54 am
pumpkin head guy is my guy. it's a condescending view of how people make decisions about their lives. will: how about joe cunningham. he is a little more, i don't know, i was goon say masculine. this is how he intends to approach anti-seek stority a an. to want judge that punch? pete: jab the veto and bam, he vow toed so hard. vetoes so hard. amazing. look at that form. he spent a lot of time studying. will: studying. pete: tiktok. chinese controlled tiktok . this is any favorite. will: flash back to 2016 hillary clinton talking to dj envy. pete: where do they get all this pandering from? amazing new outreach on tiktok
5:55 am
and all the ideas? will: maybe here's the og. >> what's something you always carry with you? >> hot sauce. >> really? >> yeah. yeah. >> really? >> yeah. >> i want you to know, people will see this and say, okay, she's pandering the black people. >> okay. is it working? will: wait, here's my favorite thing about this entire thing, the honesty after the original falsehood. like give charlemane credit for calling her out. then hillary clinton said is it working. pete: i don't think she knew what toles say. she doesn't have hot sauce in her purse. i wicker they'd say -- wish they'd say show us. will: you could ask her to tell them her favorite hot sauce and she couldn't stick the landing. what's your favorite? pete: chalula.
5:56 am
yours? will: texas pete. pete: if it's not terrible. if not chalulu then it's tapatio. all of that was pandering. will: it won't work and they try anyway. final hour jason chaffetz and more. stay with us. ..
5:57 am
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