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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  November 5, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> greg: we are out of time, thank you caitlyn jenner, jamie lissow, kat timpf, tyrus, our brian: welcome to "one nation." so glad you are here. i'm brian kilmeade. we are three days away from the mid-term elections. three have dr. mehmet oz who wants to be senator from pennsylvania and kari lake who wants to be governor of arizona. we are a nation of actions or at least we used to be. we used to all agree there was a problem. but as a normal democracy we
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would disagree on who was the right person to fix the problem. but now we have trouble agreeing there is a problem. president biden always gets me thinking. >> -- president barack obama was on the trump' and he always makes me think. >> remember when the other guy was in charge and crime went up? you never heard anything from these folks. brian: when it comes to the border b obama took action. he made efforts to deal with the number of unaccompanied minors coming in. the republicans wanted more deportations and less talk of amnesty. but trump moved people in charged to fix the problem and
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pressures r -- pressured other countries to do their part. in choosing customs and border protections chief president trump is signaling border security is his top priority for the department. brian: he did what i want to do to get the border protected. even if it meant moving money around which ticked off democrats. >> he has an obsession with forcing taxpayers to spend money. brian: oftentimes they flat-out denied. >> we have a secure border.
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brian: yeah, right. violence in chicago raged out of control. trump took action tweeting this. i will bring up the military for this national emergency, smell be stopped. not everybody was happy with this. the benefit could be debated. but the intent was not. he was trying to fix things. past presidents tried to fix things. unlike democrats right now in blue states who don't see anything that needs to be fixed. >> the data shows that shootings and murders are down in our state by 15% in new york city. safer cities are democratic states. brian: the sharp rise in total crime across the city, robbery, rapes, grand theft auto, does that sound safe to you.
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let's look at oil and gas prices. most americans are struggling to fill their tank and importanty they won't be able to get heat for their homes this winter. >> oil companies record profits today are not because they are doing something new or innovative. their profits are a windfall of war. brian: is that solving a problem? is that a plan? i thought we could all agree inflation was a problem. but to joe, no. >> prices are returning to where they used to be. it's a transitory fix. today we received news that tour economy had zero percent inflation in the month of july. brian: it's insane. americans expect their
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commander-in-chief to address their problems head-on. thus day we'll find out if it's acceptable to you. to expand on this, the great sean hannity on an important weekend day on the precipice of an historic election. sean: only you brian kilmeade and lj can get me to work on a saturday. we are only three days away from an election day. sincerely it's great to be with you. a lot going on. when you look at the aggregate. georgia, north carolina. the senate races. ohio, wisconsin, nevada and washington state, i would bet pretty much everything i had that those races combined wills less than 100,000 votes that
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will determine the control of power in the u.s. senate. in 2016, and joe biden 2020. arizona, georgia and wisconsin, 43,000 votes determined the winner of those three swing states. all of the elements for a wave election are there. but don't be overconfident. you have to assume your vote is going to put it over the top in whatever state you are in. brian: the thing that struck me when i did the open a little bit, we use use the -- used to debate on what was wrong. now we can't get democrats to acknowledge the top five issues the american people want to address. it's the most bizarre thing possible from the border to crime and inflation.
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they want to talk about climate change. how do you explain this? sean: what do they have to run on, brian? they can't run on the economy. there is a 40-year high inflation. we they can't run on gas prices. we have 40 million illegal immigrants. they can't run on safety and security because they are the party of defund, dismantle and no bail laws. they can't run on fixing the education system in the country because they are advocating for gender identity education and crt. they are not teaching the fundamentals of reading, writing, signs, math and computers. i said at the beginning of this year they will run on three things. hating trump and january 6. that has fizzled out.
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they will run on the abortion decision. that fizzled out and backfired. we are finding out most democrats want month restrictions at all on abortion. that means a woman would be able to have an abortion up until the moment of birth. they say republicans are sexist, racist, transphobic, they want dirty air and water and they will cut your social security and veterans benefits. all of which are an outright lie. but when you have got nothing positive to run on, that's all you have got. brian: that's a good points. i always thought if you were going to do something, pass something, you should be proud of it and it's up to the people of their party to embrace. you have been to all these places the last 10 days and all
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over this election. two people stood out. kari lake is a superstar. number two, i love casey desantis, and tim scott. in particular, i looked at your face. i think they caught you almost by surprise how talented they were and how motivated they were. first on casey desantis. >> first, her story is moving on a personal level. my mom had advanced stage four breast cancer. i watched her get a mastectomy and go through chemo and radiation. she managed to survive but they half killed her to survived. she clearly was emotional. my mom died from other illnesses not long thereafter. but it was horrible watching
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your mother go through that. i would agree her story is compelling. i would assume marco rubio and desantis will win big on election day. then tim sco scott is a rock st. he's a religious guy. he set me up to meet his own pastor whom i happen to like web's a good man. one thing the democrats don't have in the you can think of one, they don't have any stars. if i had to guess who their nominee for president would be in 2024 and newsom is saying the problem is we are not delivering the message right. the problem is what the message is. the policies are failing. the economy is a disaster. energy is a disaster. the border is a disaster.
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law and order is non-existent in liberal cities. education, our kids are getting dumber, not smarter as a result of their unholy alliance with the teacher's union. it gives americans the opportunity to reset where the country is headed. it will only happen if people do their part and that's get out and vote. >> after november 8 we'll tally the votes. everybody will be tuning into listen to your show. sean: is brian kilmeade ever going to run for office? brian: i think there is a lot of pressure on me. i am check everywhere. nobody wants to know. there is nobody who wants me to run. you will be running before me. i want to be in your cabinet. la.sean: i wouldn't wish that oy
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worst enemy. it's called a blood sport. you know i'm big on mma so i'm into blood sports. brian: exciting time, i will see you in the hall. coming up spread, dr. oz in an extremely big fight in pennsylvania. kari lake, one of the superstars to emerge. will she be the next governor of arizona, you are watching "one nation" saturday night.
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brian: i would say it's the most watched senate race in the country. election day is three days away. most of the media is very worried. we are talking about pennsylvania where dr. mehmet oz is leading john fetterman for the first time. the media is going crazy with a shameless campaign in my view to boost fetterman. the latest is to attack dr. oz as a doctor. >> he's a quack doctor that made his riches that way. >> it's unbecoming of a doctor. >> let's put doctor in quotes
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for dr. oz. >> oz is very slick. don't vote for me for politics. brian: or anything. the doctor running for pennsylvania senator is with us now. people could insult you or not vote for you. but could you let everybody know your medical credentials? >> i was well trained. i invented life-saving devices to fix heart valves. i'm a professor at a major university. i have done all the things you want to do in medicine. i love medicine, it's my calling. but i understand there are bigger challenges facing our country. just like i did in my practice to empower my patients, i want to do the same for voters. and i'm listening to understand the challenges. the good news is people are
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optimistic. they know we can fix the problems. the bad news is we have seniors who know their social security checks won't stretch far enough. we have young couples who know they can't afford to buy a house. we are worried about fentanyl coming in the mailbox. every state is a border state. i think we have you kitchen table issues people are worried about. but if we get the right people in office we can deal with the problem. my opponent john fetterman likes extreme ideas and he will bring those bad ideas to washington to hurt all of us. brian: people know you because you were a guest on oprah. you were so good oprah said i want to syndicate you.
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you would drop by "fox and friends" before you did your show. although you mentioned to me you asked her to stay on the sidelines, she decided to get off the sidelines. here is who she is endorsing to be the next senator of pennsylvania. >> it's up to the citizens of pennsylvania, but i will tell you if i already lived in pennsylvania i would have cast my vote for john fetterman for many reasons. brian: does that bother you? >> no, i love oprah. your neighbors have different political views than you do. but you get to talk to your neighbors and work things out. families are hooking to us for leadership. when i was a little boy my father told us we would be
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republicans. he was an immigrant who grew up on a dirt floor. he said republicans had better ideas. with all the support fetterman is getting, especially his monetary support, we are still keeping up with him. we have done an aggressive job getting the right story out. but i'm not a politician. i'm a heart doctor, and we focus on big issues. we unite people to fix those problems. we can't take on the bigger challenges and our adversaries overseas. the question is are you happy where the country is headed? people usually say no, and i believe in the land of opportunity. brian: let's see if you can lock it out in a few days from now. >> god bless. brian: coming up later in the
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jon: welcome to fox news live. i'm jon scott in new york. candidates enter the home stretch of their campaigns with the elections three days away. one of the most contested states, pennsylvania. presidents obama and biden were there stumping for john fetterman. in georgia herschel walker against democratic incumbent rafael warnock. two dozen tornadoes ripped through texas and oklahoma. at least two deaths reported and more injuries. one texas county reports more than 50 homes dam damaged or destroyed. i'm jon scott. now back to "one nation" with brian kilmeade.
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brian: a stunning admission have tiktok. workers in china can spy on european users. it comes with concerns about the chinese communist party accessing data stored on the app worldwide. the commissioner is asking for tiktok to be banned in the united states. joining us, mike pompeo. do you believe we should get rid of tiktok, mr. secretary. >> 100%. and if the government won't do it, the parents should. we have been talking about this 3 1/2 years ago. it's a powerful tool with deeply embedded ai. think about your kids, facing
5:27 pm
recognition features, who they are talking to. the trump administration had it right, but we didn't get it done. we need to prevent this tool and others like it from impacting american security. brian: i see president barack obama sitting on the floor talking to a tiktok star. is he naive? >> naive and reckless promoting a tool used by people most vulnerable. they brought tiktok influencers into the white house. they put the american people at risk by doing that. brian: it seems america's enemies are standing up against us and daring us to do
5:28 pm
something. of course, talking about the rockets and missiles being sold to russia and iran, selling camg kamikazee drones to russia. you know it. the world sees it. they are beginning to do exactly what they will do. they will hedge. if america isn't going to be strong, capable and bold we'll make friends with the russians and establish an embassy in tehran. we never had two dozen missiles fired less than two dozen hours from the north koreans. this is a sign america has lost its place on the global stage because we have a president
5:29 pm
whose credibility and respect for america has wandered off. and it continued with the loss of 13 american lives in afghanistan. brian: if we spot the rockets going over, why don't we stop it. >> we did during the years i was cia director and secretary of state. we know precisely how to do this, we know precisely how to find them. it's imperfect, but it's science and we can puts resources on it. they are fearful they will provoke an adversary. but reagan had it right. it's through strength.
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brian: go to tulsa, oklahoma november 13 and new jersey december 2. go to we'll talk about "the president and the freedom fighter." we'll talk to kari lake. she'll tell us why the governor's mansion in arizona is within her reach. announcer: type 2 diabetes? discover the power of 3 in the ozempic® tri-zone. in my ozempic® tri-zone, i lowered my a1c, cv risk, and lost some weight. announcer: ozempic® provides powerful a1c reduction. in studies, the majority of people reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events
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brian: just three days until the critical mid-terms. the walker-warnock runoff, or the oz-fetter man side show. for me this is where blue could turn red. not because the candidates are so strong in the republican states. but because the democrats have been so extreme and so wrong. for them toss understand that i'm talking about bright blue states. lee zeldin has to go from a respectable result to an outright winner. tiffany smiley will have to turn from an uplifting story to the
5:35 pm
next senator from washington. these dems are not only being beaten, they are being overtaken by new politicians, and they can't quite figure out why. perhaps the most talented and impressive them all is kari lake. she is on the cusp of winning the governor's mansion. which is probably why obama demeans her. >> it turns out being a governor is more about snappy lines and good lighting. it's about having more than a good anchor voice. it's bunsing what people are going through. it's for coming up with real solutions for make your life better. brian: does kari lake think it's a reality show?
5:36 pm
kari, because you are good at broadcasting you want to be governor. >> am i you living rent free in obama's mind? i was a journalist covering this beautiful state for 27 years. and the people of arizona know that about me. i understand the experts in all these fields, and i understand arizona. that's why we are doing so well. that's why obama is in a panic, the left is in a panic. they are rushing out to arizona to save a candidate who can't be saved. her name is katie hobbs. she is the worst candidate they have ever run on a ticket. she is a twice convicted racist who cost the taxpayers nearly $3 million because of her racism. and our first black president is
5:37 pm
coming out stumping for her. i think that's despicable. she is secretary of state and i called for her to recuse herself and i have been calling her to recuse herself from any and all duties pertaining to our elections. she has refused to do that. she bungled the primary election by giving orders how many ballots to print out. and they ran out of republican ballots in the primaries. she has had mistakes in this race. where she sent out 6,000 of the wrong voters and those voters got a ballot and my name wasn't on it. the arizona supreme court has called her income tents in her duties as secretary of state. that's one of the reasons the people of arizona aren't going to vote for her. she is an -- an open borders
5:38 pm
candidate. brian: one of the big stories is if you are not going to build a wall, i'll get shipping containers and use them as a barrier. you just went to the board. what are you going to do if the federal government says i'm sending cranes and take them out. >> we'll tell them to pound sand. we'll invoke our powers understood the constitution to protect our citizens of arizona from an invasion. it's outrageous what's happening. the mainstream media doesn't want to cover this story and barack obama doesn't want to talk about it. we don't even know the backgrounds of many of these people. but we do know a number of
5:39 pm
criminals are coming in. we saw areas at our border yesterday where it is a pipeline for the most deadly drug we have ever seen in this country. and it's killing stowrl young people at record levels. i don't want to be anyone as the fentanyl state. i want to be known as the grand canyon state. i have a plan with the most bold border policy we have seen in this country. starting day one we'll enact it and take back our border from joe biden and the cartels he's partnering up with. brian: are you going to do with governor desantis and governor abbott has done and sends some of them elsewhere? >> we'll load them into buses and send them back across the border. we want to send them back across the border. we are going to get our troops
5:40 pm
down to the board and stop people from coming across. i know other governors will help out. i appreciate ron desantis and kristi noem will help out, and we are hoping texas follows suit as well. i think it will be a big v -- a victory. we don't have a campaign, we have a movement. we the people are rising you have and saying we are taking back our state government. i will be working for the people of arizona. i look forward to rolling up my sleeves and solving some of these big problems we have been dealing with for a long time. brian: you are a force to be reckoned with. best of luck, i hope you finish strong. what do elon musk and chris destefano have in common? i'm not sure. but we'll have chris tell us what he thinks of the twitter
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brian: elon musk twitter revolution. mass layoffs and policies like work from anywhere and a day of rest, that's gone, that's eliminated. chris destefano's jokes got him into hot water on twitter before but that didn't stop him. >> i saw them spring it on in the back.
5:46 pm
i secretly record it. i want elon musk -- i love him -- the fact that he's going to charge money, i'm verified. i would pay $80. i want you to have to pay money to be on any type of social media, because then i don't have to hear from you. if you are paying to heckle me, good. i don't want to hear from the freebies. $8. i will give you access to me. brian: you are you a tough guy. >> i have psoriasis, you can't be too tough with psoriasis. i'm itchy chris. brian: you just made that up. here is the thing. he's letting go of half the work
5:47 pm
staff. he said if you are coming you into work, turn around. unless you get an email saying you are working, you are fired. is that cold? >> i would be on the side of the road refreshing my phone to make sure i have service because i would want to get an email saying i'm back in. i don't think it's coldblooded. so why don't we just if you get the email, congrats. if you didn't get the email, go get unemployment and go get another job. brian: you have a tough job. it's hard to be funny every day when you get up. and it's hard to be original. james corden got himself in trouble because he seems to have taken our countrymen's jokes. i am worried about you. listen to this joke and tell me
5:48 pm
if there is a problem. >> if someone puts up a poster in a town square that says guitar lessons available but you don't get people in the counsel saying i don't want to play the guitar, i want to play the piano, you piece of [bleep]. >> that sign wasn't for you. it was for somebody else. you don't have to get mad about all of it. >> you know into the town square and you know a in the of guitar lessons but you say i don't want guitar lessons. fine, it's not for you then, just walk away. brian: did he steal that joke? >> i'm in pain now. the only thing that literally the only rule in comedy, fellow brothers and sisters is you cannot steal. you can murder someone and we would say if you steal a joke
5:49 pm
it's the cardinal sin. that's 100% a stolen joke. but i don't put all the blame on james corden. i would assume his writers found that and his writers stole it and corden took the blame. it's tough. >> it's really embarrassing. the thing is, ricky gervais, we love ricky gervais. james corden is not in the same caliber. he stole from one of the greats, one of the legends which makes it worse. that was like a blatant theft. but the thing is. even if he would have changed a word, he stole the essence of the bit. i love that ricky gervais
5:50 pm
retweeted it saying i'm watching you. that's what we like about ricky. he's not scared. we know you messed up, now i will let my fans know you are a thief. brian: you have a job and you have podcasts. hey babe family fun tuesdays. not family fun. it's awesome. i'm on tour. you know what i like to do because you give me the platform. i want to shout out a comedy special i watched on the car coming over called "jew." it's about learning about judaism through comedy.
5:51 pm
even kanye likes it. brian: i believe we can win the world cup. >> i'm sleeping over tonight. brian: you are not allowed to sleep over. you are just here for the show. next up the "news duel" with julie banderas. [school bells] when pain says, “i'm here,” i say, “so are they.” ♪ aleve - who do you take it for?
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brian: it's time for "news duel," julie banderas is one of the best people to talk about especially on television. can we start? you know the rules. the university of tennessee. i want you to take a look at the halftime show. that security guard walked out there as a security guard. but his dream has always been to dance at one of the university of tennessee games. he quickly transformed from security guard to dancer. julie * can you dance like that? brian: 40 million people watched this. they were surprised. he said if you have a dream, just go for it. julie: he really went for it.
5:57 pm
i know we'll disagree on this. when is too soon to play christmas music. radio stations in chicago are doing much of the same. denver areas are already switching to christmas. i say it's never too soon for christmas music. last night i had all the christmas lights put on my house. my house is covered. clark guys griswold has nothingn me. brian: future human beings. they did a study to take a look at what human beings would be like 800 years if we keep texting like we are texting right now. we'll have -- get this. this woman's name is mindy. she is not real so you can't
5:58 pm
date her. we'll have grotesque claws for hands and we'll be hunched over with stiff necks. julie: we are also going to have massive traffic. marisa tomei, apparently the people of seinfeld did, too. they liked the sound of her name, so that's why they brought her on. at one point she was the love interest. i had no idea. what's in a name. they loved it. brian: it turns out they mentioned her name over and over again, 26 times. julie: who knew. did you know that corn hole is a big thing? who knew.
5:59 pm
there is a professional corn hole being rocked by bag gate. people are cheating. they are using corn hole bags that are too small and too light. brian: they were going to suspend these guys for taking i guess something out of their corn hole bags and they realized it was unintentional. corn hole goes on, no scandal. >> some people soak them in vinegar because it makes them more slick. i heard it on my commute this morning on the radio. i love you. brian: and she means it. i will tell you what's coming up. chris sununu and bret baier. and we'll have a live show with a live studio audience.
6:00 pm
that's monday. don't miss it. follow me on one nation, on twitter. you have a tv guide. who comes up next. is it dan bongino? julie: yeah. brian: take it away. dan: three days we can take this country back and we darn well better do it. democrats are seeing the polls and they are more desperate than ever. i will show you how they are using every trick in their playbook to set the narrative. steven c colbert takes a


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