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tv   America Reports  FOX News  November 6, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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it is election eve eve all across america would sometimes like to say ultimate date to election day. a little more than 48 hours from now the first polls will be closing on a roll result will start trickling in. [laughter] some places slower than others. buckle up for whole lot of action between now and then we have fox reports on the ground this hour covering the most important races all across the
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country. welcome back into a special weekend edition of america reports as a rome to our second hour but i am john roberts in washington. >> hyper shit coordination john it works for us but here we go into our second hour. sandra smith in new york. earlier i said three days that would been fair this morning we are almost in the 48 hour window now for pulses are closed on the final edition of fox news and power rankings projecting a big night for republicans in the house. but the senate a bit of a different story their democrats are running tightly in for tossup's and there is even one race that could be breaking blue late in the game or watching all the progressive from the decision -- to walk us through some of the possible scenarios at the touch board. it's literally walk us through old choice of touchscreen and take us through the key races. and byron york is on deck with understanding the next days we can all use the help. >> let's get right to it. two senate races he'll rebound in the ground in new hampshire.
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but we start in north carolina were democrats may pull out a surprising when they are. that's retrying fine charles watson. charles which way is the race leaving at this point? or take it evening. we have spoken to political scientist here in north carolina who say this race is leading republican. it is a winnable for a democrats as we speak with republican ted but has the edge lead leading democrat by an average of five-point sequential real clear politics but experts say polling does not messily tell the entire story here. independence making up 36% of all registered voters for that really has forced both candidates on focus in case of beasley abortion rights she's focused on just really capture competitive as she hammers but on his support for abortion ban in a state where abortion
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continues to be rated among the top issues that matter to voters here, listen. >> all of us understand there is a real sense of urgency in this election. i will fight to make sure roe versus wade becomes the law of the land. >> on the other side on the republican playbook which will associate the fluctuating economy and high inflation under the biden administration under the north county supreme court to try to convince voters would make rising crime much worse. >> that leaf encinal came across our borders but killed winder 8000 americans last year. unbelievable. it is a self-inflicted problem part outlay that at the feet of joe biden's administration. >> and so the focus is now for both campaigns is getting voter
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enthusiasm upward expert state republicans may have the edge there. >> at this point republicans have enthusiasm advantage. there's been some concern about democratic analysts. that said that john and sandra this is not a slam dunk for either side as there will be plenty of boats out there to be one over on election day. >> should point out that a pretty sizable lead in polls in the last week or two. we'll see how it goes on tuesday night. we had to new hampshire republican baldock will unseat democrat senator maggie hassan hillary vaughn is live in salem with the details on all of that republicans have a chance? >> more than a chance and some republicans thought. if there isn't upset here that
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could be a surprise to people in both parties. shock for democrats meant money in the primary to boost he would be easy for senator to be in the general. also surprise some republicans who wrote them off in the primary. because they did not think he would be able to flip the seats. yes to a nailbiter she won her seat the first time but just over 1000 votes. that close call it something she is reminding voters of today. telling them to turn out on tuesday. she has brought in heavy hitters amy klobuchar on the trail today it with her. she has continued to warn voters that her opponent is a threat to democracy. here is what don is telling us. he is signaling it loudly and
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clearly. he believes he can reject the results of any election. he does not think he has to listen to you because he does not have to accept your boats. that is the danger of election to nihilism. >> has centered his campaign around the rising cost of hitting granite stators. the retired brigadier general hooted ten tours in afghanistan received two purple hearts, tells me he takes hassan's scare tactics about him being a threat very personally. except find it reprehensible and rather insulting to be called a threat to our country by someone who is never worn the uniform and does not understand what that looks like. and so her rhetoric is dangerous. her rhetoric creates a division among, race, creed and religion prevents what she is all about. don baltic is about unifying. >> also has a special guest with him on the trail today pretty
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will be holding a town hall with former ambassador nikki haley this evening, sandra. sandra: art hillary vaughn on the ground force and sale and paid thank you hiller, john. thirty-seven let's bring in byron york chief political correspondent and fox news contributor. let's take 30,000 foot view of the senate. rick scott on thursday he predicted this for tuesday night, listen in. >> right now i think where 52 plus. herschel's gonna win, i think we have a real good shot basically tied 52 plus the governing majority for them what you say? >> that he is a partisan no doubt a lot of republicans are getting more confident these days. and they gain is you got to hold what you have and get one or two of theirs. republicans hold what they have
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it. wisconsin, ohio, north carolina and even pennsylvania which is the big one where they could lose a seat that they currently have. but the pickups are feeling better and better about two. nevada, arizona, georgia, and then we just saw this report from new hampshire, they've actually become somewhat confident about that. and a month ago they did not think that at all. >> that is fascinating. i was some of the key states will be watching election night hello byron. you are writing about what you say is the hysterical stage of the campaign pretty say the final days before an election can be a time when both sides but most often candidates were trailing in the polls make extreme statements about their opponents. losers see defeat coming and make desperate attempts to avert it. that you say is what is happening now for the 2022 midterm elections have entered the hysterical stage. so can you give us some examples where and how we see this playing out?
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>> the hysteria part was referring specifically to what president biden did the other day. which is basically trying to set the election up as a choice. you can elect democrats or you can end american democracy. so what we heard from democrats following the president's lead was a lot of this talk about democracy is on the ballot. it is under threat. we might not have a functioning democracy after next tuesday. that kind of talk. it is pretty extreme extreme, but it is fairly characteristic of the final days for election. people are very worked up it's all coming down to this. and they are throwing everything they have out too. >> the president of the chama and the water there in tuesday night for ten people bit down pretty hard on including nbc historian michael, listen to what he said. >> a historian will say what was
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at stake tonight? be arrested and conceivably killed roy on the edge of a brutal authoritarian system and it could be a week away. >> what do you make of that? >> people get very emotional and elections. they have gotten very emotional for the last several years. we have both watch this donald trump arose. >> are your being told your children are being killed in the streets? >> children being killed in the streets right now but it's a function a crime not an ele election. it is dangerous talk i think it is what democrats believe is their best choice right now. you have to remember but the consultants set is not very favorable to republicans, excuse me too democrats right now but you have inflation, the whole economy not just inflation is worried about a recession. the mortgage interest rates
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going way, way upwards 401ks disappearing it's all that stuff. plus you have crime plus you have the border. on the other side you have abortion which is an issue but with the brick then you have climate change even a smaller part of the electorate. then you have the idea of a threat to democracy. so clearly democrats and the president on down decided that would be a theme of the last 72 -- 96 hours of the election. >> names kleiber was pressed on this this morning on "fox news sunday" by our own shannon bream. he doubled down on the nazi germany, the it said this a short time ago ahead of election day. he also said democracy will be ending if democrats leave the midterm elections. said they could see the end of the world as a result. was this morning. >> people want to deny it that is fine.
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but facts are very clear. i studied history all of my l life. and i am telling you what i see here are parallels to what they history it was in this a world back in the 1930s. >> thankfully i can report to you he did and knees on the end of the world remarks no one sang the world was ending but perhaps this is the same for you of the historical remarks being made before election day. >> that was a festive shirt for such bad news but have to say this but represented clyburn is a very, very important man in the democratic party. you can make a really good argument that joe biden owes his presidency to represented clyburn who came to joe biden's rescue the democratic people there everything went joe biden's way after that. james clyburn is a very influential man.
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for him to be saying this kind of stuff i think does indicate the democrats of the highest level of the party are deeply deeply concerned and willing at this moment to say anything. >> i was curious clyburn denied everything is going be the end of the world and then shannon write him back the quote and he said oh if i said that i was wrong. the good news for everyone progress or some relief the end of the world will not end on tuesday night. >> i will tell you what comes to hawaiian shirts my wife ended all of my hawaiian shirts. [laughter] you can draw the line somewhere between that and the end of the world i guess. >> thank you. [laughter] where are we going. [laughter] books i used to love hawaiian shirt she maybe get rid of all them because i once knew a top neurologist at northwestern hospital he was always in a hawaiian shirt. he was a pediatric neurologist. >> the once new part is. [laughter] all right, it is certainly the
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weekend is a net special coverage heading into midterm elections. and tonight covering our special coverage will be bret baier and martha maccallum for they will anchor 10:00 p.m. tonight. and then november 8 obviously special coverage of the election but i cannot believe it, john, two nights away now. without it it's been so far away for so long that the ground rushes upon us. just into fox, president biden boarding air force one and delaware. getting ready for takeoff for westchester county, new york for the president try to drum up democratic votes in a race that few could ever be in jeopardy. the near governor's race is very much within reach for republican elite zelda and as crime becomes issue number one in that state for. >> office of the key house race everyone is watching there in westchester county britain by the way this is a live look south florida, republican candidates across the sunshine seder speaking to rally goers all remarks from former prep
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president trump. one prominent gop candidates not on the list of scheduled speakers, governor desantis. just last night president trump hinting at a low reason why, that is just ahead. >> guesses got a new nickname? but first economy as a top issue for voters despite president biden's claims that things are looking up. but will voters believe when it comes time to pull the lever? will esther e compat with n2 and david asman next request i was swinging as a party in power only twice in our history has that not happened. throw in your favorite ingredients and blend up a delicious smoothie anytime, anywhere. blendjet 2 even cleans itself. just add water, a drop of soap, and blend. recharge quickly with any usb port.
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60 economy, i do not have to tell you guys is one of the top
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issue i should say on voters minds heading into midterm elections with the recent fox news poll showing nine out of ten voters are extremely or very concerned about inflation. if president biden is still talking up the economy with claims it has been improving. but the numbers say otherwise. professor of business and economic to the king's college of manhattan throughout the foxbusiness anchor david asman p thank you both for joining us but let me ask you first, brian, is it insistence like this tweet from ron white voters to list white house is disconnected from reality? chief of staff to the president said jobs up unemployment low, hourly earnings upcoming gdp outcome manufacturer jobs up, gas prices down since june and did i mention jobs up again this month? is that what people are feeling right now? >> they are feeling these tweet saying you do not get it. when they read things like this, this is the problem it's
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shocking to me democrats have been this bad this long on the economy. but they keep going out with the message that just does not resonate for voters. he's talking about gdp stuck in my unemployment but is not talking about the thing people care about. it is a prices. if you are not talking prices right now, nobody is hearing you. >> comes to prices and home prices as well. they've been hit with the rent and mortgages, with the interest rates having to go up to tame inflation for this is the reality of a people are feeling right now. and then you have got this sort of i don't know scare tactic being deployed by the white house and many democrats out on the campaign trail and social security, david. you've been paying into social security her whole life tweets the white house. republicans in congress want to put it on the chopping block. >> that is based on the lie by the way. there is a redoing of the commitment to america the republicans came out with a couple of weeks ago. somebody photoshop to that, use
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the same logo for the top of it and it included a paragraph that suggested republicans were cutting into social security if you're if you have a 401(k) to have them pulled out of your social security. a total lie was a fabrication breed the president is using this information that even by the white liberal fact checked her like fact checked out oregon others have said was photoshopped. it is a fabrication. it is not trooper that using that as evidence for the suggestion they're trying to cut social security but they are not's. they're not doing it. democrats have often charge republicans for one to privatize social security. other things like that. they have never actually used fabricated evidence to make their point. this is a new low. i should also say 63% of americans are living paycheck to paycheck it. that is a huge number now and they cannot build inflation. >> which is when the medic or social security thank nobody is listening to it. they are out there trying to
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pitch it like watch out for the republicans are republicans are saying that's novel we are talking about. we are talking about inflation. democrats have missed the boat so badly on this that they are just firing off issues that do not get. >> what's got my attention the last few days as well as the changing in consumer behavior by the change in habits. i actually just sent party message he tweeted out about his cheese doodles. we meant that shrinkflation for wired and charge the same amounts you do not change the prices but they shrink the packaging. that is been a thing for a while. >> encounter cheese doodles on one hand but we know it like the cheese doodles now but then there is also people trading down for the store about pizza hut last week the not buying the more expensive pizza when they order and they're going for the cheaper one for the wall street journal has this quote today inflation recession fearsome holiday shoppers trading down. this is going to be a big one. to watch the consumer behavior around the holidays sync with
1:24 pm
the stock market tanking and mortgage right rising i've been cutting my expenses quoting mr. hamster 55 years old he lives in freeport, florida but hampshire recently returned a pair of $300 noise canceling headphones and instead is using an old pair that he arty own party plans to get friends and family 30-dollar gift cards this holiday season and set up $100 that he doled out last year. these are big changes in consumer habits because i'll quickly add to this one of the reasons is people are watching their credit card balances go way up. the reason that spending has persisted is because people are putting it on the card. here's a prime interest rates go up it costs a lot of money to carry that balance. people get nervous about that and that is where they say about the pullback i cannot keep putting money on my credit card records household that is a record $16 trillion in the second quarter but is gone upper lot of that 75% is mortgages interest that's pretty much fixed into the lower interest rates. people trying to buy into a mortgage right now are having a terrible time. that leaves $3 trillion in credit card debt that is so
1:25 pm
susceptible to all this. that 63% of americans are living paycheck to paycheck. half of those are making six-figure salaries. people who have six-figure salaries i know if you're making 60000 you might think they're rich folks, half of that 63% make over 100,000. >> just goes to show you how pervasive this problem is. it's middle-class it's upper-middle-class, it is everybody. it's only way you can drive polls will place a been driven because everybody. they talk about election deniers there inflation deniers. they spent about a year denying there was inflation they are still denying it's a problem. >> was a high-class problem number one is a high-class problem or finding out about that now. >> is been going on for long time. good to have both of you here. thank you very much, john. john: 's new inflation deniers. live look from lawrence and new york a rally for democrat kathy hochul who is running again for governor. that should be headlined by
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president biden once he arrives later this hour. elsewhere across the country the democrats bringing out some presidents past as they battle for hot senate seats. will their strategy work? plus we take a look at the key counties that could play a big role in determining control the senate. what it could all come down to, coming up next. at ameriprise financial, more than 9 out of 10 of our clients are likely to recommend us. our neighbors the garcia's, love working with you. because the advice we give is personalized. hey john reese, jr. how's your father doing? to help reach your goals with confidence. my sister told me so much about you. that's why it's more than advice worth listening to. it's advice worth talking about. ameriprise financial. ("this little light of mine") - [narrator] in the world's poorest places, they're shunned, outcast, living in pain.
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♪ ♪ seven democrats going all out in their final push but not one or two but three presidents working to drum up support for. >> former president bill clinton and the tops of state of nevada will present biden teams up with his former boss obama in pennsylvania. >> darren shaw for the fox decision desk is here to run through some of the what if scenarios in just a moment. but first we have got team coverage from both of those battleground states are going south and a half is live and
1:31 pm
nevada senior national correspondent rich edson's live pittsburgh and pennsylvania force. a state that we are all watching come election night. the whole state the whole country is watching this or the commonwealth as they call it here. we are in pennsylvania right outside of pittsburgh. john fetterman's democratic nominee in this race is a longtime mayor of this town. he is campaigning on both ends of the states appeared in, philadelphia, the area surrounding. yesterday he joined former president barack obama at a rally in pittsburgh. then head over too philadelphia were obama and fetterman met the current president joe biden for a rally but some democrats have criticized the party candidates for failing to talk more about crime, inflation, and the economy and be more aggressive in doing so. here in pennsylvania, fetterman is focused on abortion rights. heat up his opponent dr. oz longtime new jersey residency and trying to convince the voters sees fit to serve in the
1:32 pm
senate after his stroke in may. though it appears in the close of this campaign now, democrats are trying to stress economic issues. click once their economic policy? they want to gut social security. they want to gut medicare pray they want to give a rich folks and big corporations more tax cuts. >> john and i believe it's all about fighting for work in the middle class people per. >> inflation herds of working families in pennsylvania. but you need a senator who really understands what that really means. cracks in response to the current presidents come here to the commonwealth of pennsylvania rnc chair mcdaniel said in a statement democrat john fetterman campaign is falling apart and parading joe biden and the relic of barack obama around cannot find a fetterman's radical position from pennsylvanians. from its skyrocketing crimes across industry and historic
1:33 pm
inflation, hard-working americans deserve better. december fetterman held a substantial lead in the polls. that is now really narrowed in the polling that is coming out in the past couple of weeks showing a race that is largely within the margin of error. >> rich edson on the ground there thank you. john: team coverage continues alexander hoff she's live in las vegas covering the close race. alexander i feel terrible for you. >> you know, the weather is not so bad john. we are here actually right now to gospel brunch in suburban las vegas. that is were former president bill clinton just arrived here pretty speaking alongside today. her seat is considered one of two by rnc chair rick scott but he felt the gop is most likely to flip this one and, cortez masso is unable to follow while
1:34 pm
former nevada attorney general adam. he's on focusing on issues like the economy, crime and the board apart also alongside names like senator tom cotton and border patrol unit president brandon judd put latinos event yesterday met one woman who spoke gaining support among the hispanic community. >> i see a pattern wave of just wanting to be part of something bigger. it's a big movement. you want to be part of the good news. you want to be part of the area that's really going to impact. >> cortez at mass that was a latina elected to the u.s. senate. she emphasized abortion voting rights along the campaign trail for another we spoke with said she has got his vote but for him the economist hilltop issue. >> it is a real out here it is tough for the inflation is
1:35 pm
hurting. gas prices are crazy. and even food, basic needs are just starting to look scary now. president clinton is now speaking right now hoping to move the needle is very tight race. today adam is campaigning up north in reno, john. john: alexandria hoff forests thank you appreciate it. sandra: will take a deeper dive into the madison county's take a look of the senate race darren shaw for fox news decision desk is here. super excited to bring you to the board get your expertise on the board. all good soaking 48 hours the polestar and to close really. nevada senate race. just chatting a second ago about this as we look at this race and weight look back at some of the key counties especially in the last presidential election but obsolete looking at reno and las vegas. turn out as i was going to be key. going to the northwest corner of the states particularly when you
1:36 pm
look and why this is so key. >> we been talking about the early voting in numbers and others have known about politics like the back of their hands pointed out the turnout and clark is a little down nuts were they when elections and the vet is in clark county brick lecture going under clark county then? we'll look at clark if you can see if you look at the presidential numbers look at the boat spread between present biden president trump former president trump last time around about 80 -- 90000 votes out of clark and a big turnout election. where do republicans make that up? there is the state is red with less than biden managed to carry reno now republicans are very optimistic about their chances. the only think they'll carried the makeups of the clark deficit would go. >> amazing open john you're from washington. >> i am wondering how much of the county vote does he need to win it order to counter the big democratic vote like clark county? lisette oversimplify they are going to pick up votes.
1:37 pm
>> not in that red swath or start a whole lot of people per. >> you are right and who are right. got applicable care. not sure their targets are my guesses they will have to win the hope to win it probably north of 20 or 25000 votes. that's what i've been hearing about that. that is the target yet you have got. but viewers can expect to look for if they're looking to drill down on election night prick cut accepts amazing insight. going to head out east and had to pennsylvania prince a key state were watching for many reasons. the senate race there we have been highlighting some of the the key counties northwest erie county, what you watching here? give us your inside baseball look at the state. >> what we refer to them politics a lot of times is a pennsylvania tea. little bit of a blip here a little blueberry in the tomato soup. normally we think of the t's strength in the south part of the state up, excluding philly, excluding pittsburgh and running to the northward almost all these northern counties you see are going to be republican
1:38 pm
except eerie the sound even talking about her do republicans seem to turn out voters and run up the numbers they are. and then if they do that successfully it comes down to these counties can they be competitive if they lose those it will offset the margin they're going to have in the t regrets i have this right here. it isn't worth pointing out just how close and got in northampton county. biden flipped and trumpet one in the presidential election. difference in that county of 1002 at a 33 votes last time around. >> that's exactly right but some counties in pennsylvania they swing. sometimes they don't swing from one side to the other the margin swings but if you don't pick up the margin's going to cost of the election. >> it looks a lot like nevada. you got a huge sea of red across the middle part in the upper part of the state there in the bottom as well. but there's not a lot of people they are compared to what we see in the urban areas. so the big question is, is it going to be a red victory on
1:39 pm
tuesday night? or will it be a red wave? what will be the earliest indications as a result starts to commit after the polls close that we could be ian for either one of those? >> such a great question. what help if i brought up the what-if scenarios? especially when it comes to the senate john hope this helps. >> anything to do to use the board will help. >> let's bring it up. john we are just plank of these scenarios. i think it's a good way to answer his question. we are looking at potentially republicans flipping controlled the senate is a bunch of different scenarios that could play out that we can walk there. but the most likely case for republicans to flip the senate is what? >> of them talk about nevada. the medicine most likely flip to see the democrats control you see that gets them to 50 which means the democrats have to hold these democratic seats in arizona and georgia. going to need to flip pennsylvania for. >> you go for it now you hit. let's just say they hold in
1:40 pm
arizona, they hold in georgia. you end up with 49 and 50 they have got to flip this republican seat in pennsylvania where they do at the back to 50/50 kamala harris wins. where are we looking question early on the data comes in for virginia. indiana, kentucky this are not necessarily making competitive congressional race is what we're really looking for is a magnet for the republican voter turnout in those areas for that will give us an indication of whether we will see a red wave or democratic hold on election. >> i guess we are looking forward is the races that may be lean democrat that something go republican part if we start to sehifted could be indicative of a wave across the country. >> some the key counties in virginia we have seen before these northern virginia counties there are at least request are saying and i'm going in there. [laughter] if you want to pop up virginia, the county level here? >> the county level. republicans never went to fairfax. some of these counties outside
1:41 pm
of d.c., republicans used to get a lot of votes out of northern virginia part of the going to get votes? of the going to cut democratic margins down? that way the canary in the coal mine early on. >> if vega wins a senate congressional district they'll be quite a flip per. >> that's exactly right. that's one of the seats i've heard republican strategist talk about. they do not think they're going to get that seat. if they were to win that seat would look at a pretty good republican evening. >> for those guys up here, spam burger and vega a key house race to wash. darren this was a lot of fun thank you for taking us to the math. it's almost like you've done this before. [laughter] r8, fox news alert former president trump make an early appearance in a miami rally for republican candidates across florida. we'll keep an eye on that rally throughout this hour per. >> and a light look from las vegas former president clinton speaking at a rally there for
1:42 pm
the democrat senate nominee. we are watching that live there is a former president on the ground for we just talked about it. clark county, las vegas nevada we will be right back as our midterms election special coverage continues. so you only pay for what you need! (limu squawks) he's a natural. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ okay everyone, our mission is complete balanced nutrition. together we support immune function. supply fuel for immune cells and sustain tissue health. ensure with twenty-five vitamins and minerals, and ensure complete with thirty grams of protein. did i tell ya i got my car from carvana? oh! tens of thousands of mud-chugging options. it was just so easy to find a car within my budget. i'm just happy i was able to pick this baby. good on ya! we'll drive you happy at carvana.
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sandra: are looking at live it westchester county, new york. president biden is such a ride there any now to campaign with democrat governor kathy ho gilbert her race could be one of tuesday night's biggest upsets republican challenger lee zeldin has been closing in on her. and he has been laser focused on crime. this is going to be one to watch we are waiting the president's route there westchester county, new york. john: it's also driving the long island congressional race. nypd detectives message is resignation despite it breaking
1:47 pm
for president biden by double digits back in 2020 were the latest fox news power rankings have the race as a tossup. anthony is a republican president fourth congressional district and he joins us now. anthony, good to talk to you. biden won the fourth back in 2020 by four points the redrawn district gives biden's victory margin and even bigger edge. so why is the race a tossup? >> quite frankly the race is not a tossup. it's going to be a win on tuesday night. my opponent lord guillen is on the wrong side of every single issue that matters to the people in the fourth congressional district whether it is crime, whether it's the cost of living, whether it's inflation, whether it's what's going on in our southern borders. she has campaigned with members of the state legislature in giving hundreds of thousands of dollars with the architects and pass cashless to bail very when she ran for supervisor of the town of sheeran and the working families party flat out has called defendant of police.
1:48 pm
and she is focused on issues that quite frankly are not the ones that really matter to the people in the district. and in 2021 she had great victories across nassau county. we elected a new county executive and bruce blakeman appeared to district attorney's office back with annie donnelly. john: at 12 of the big surprises in the off year election last november or the republicans were the offices of district attorney in suffolk and nassau county. do you think there is a bellwether for what will happen in your district on tuesday night? us without a doubt the pendulum began to swing in with annie donnelly who was a career prosecutor face-off against todd who was the delegation. he was the architect and was on the state senate floor for putting the pen to paper with cashless bail. and people in this district across long island have just had enough. john: will have heard from democrats in this election campaign is first. such a big deal but that's what kathy hubbell said.
1:49 pm
and then she said why is it such an important issue? now she's balancing crime is an issue but it's republicans are making allah. and hillary clinton said this, listen. >> of the talk about crime, they are just trying to gen up all kinds of fear and anxiety and people. they are not dealing with it. they're not trying to tackle it. so i view it as an effort to scare voters. >> had a response to that? >> hillary clinton has been scaring voters for long time. let's face the facts. every day that we read the news, every day that we watch or look into social media there are people that are becoming victims of crime. whether it's on long island or in new york city people travel from this district to new york city for work. for school, they are cops, they are firemen, every one of those crime victims is a person, has a face, has a family. so the fact that they are trying to put crime to the side just
1:50 pm
yesterday my opponent was campaigning with someone who is running for congress and the city. this guy was a proud supporter of alvin bragg and gave him tons of money. they are so disconnected from the people they are trying to represent it is bizarre. twenty-seven anthony got to ride will be filing a race on tuesday would reach out to lord guillen's campaign but cricket so far. thanks will see again on tuesday. >> take sandra: we will be rightss back. helping them achieve financial freedom. we're investing for our clients in the projects that power our economy. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive.
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candidate katy pounding the pavement in tucson today. her focusing on rally as a campaign gets down to the wire read senior correspondent is alive in tucson with that story for us. so do you have more on a developing security situation with one of these campaigns? >> yes, sandra redo for gop gubernatorial candidate kari lake headquarters had to shut down after the delivery of two envelopes filled with a suspicious powder to her campaign headquarters in phoenix for it in a statement to fox news from the campaign quote it was one of two envelopes that were confiscated by law enforcement and sent to professionals at quantico for examination but we are awaiting details. the staff member is currently
1:55 pm
under medical supervision. in the meantime, know that our resolve is never been higher and we cannot be intimidated but we continue to push full speed ahead to win this election on tuesday. also, on the governor's race lake is calling on her opponent democrat katie hobbs to recuse herself from overseeing their contest given hobbs as a sitting secretary of state and overseas elections. >> i don't think that is something that would give voters more confidence. i think it's a talking point my opponent is using to sow doubt to purchase arctic trying to do that saying she will not concede if she loses the selection. in the sand around the campus of the university of arizona in tucson where incumbent democrat senator mark kelly just wrapped up a get out the vote event, back to you. >> all right jed went on that forest thank you. >> former president from holding a rally in florida today lots of big names there but not governor ron desantis. both widely considered to two top republican considers her 2024 trump rolling out a new
1:56 pm
nickname for desantis, left-sided rally in pennsylvania, listen here. >> winning a big, big, big and the republican party for the nomination like nobody's ever seen before. glad to say there is a trump at 71, rhonda's antimony us at 10%. >> ron dissected monee us, guesi what? workcenter joining us everyone i'm sandra winlite smith. it's evident i am john roberts. that's aeld. nickname ey brought. for a same-day in-shop repair. we repaired the chip right away. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech vo: plus, to protect their glass, we installed new wipers too. that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ medium latte, half-caff, no foam. quite the personalized order. i know what i like. i've been meaning to ask you, carl. does your firm offer personalized index investing?
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