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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  November 6, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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level. that does not mean all democrats hate america, but their leadership. we have as rece reagan said a rendezvous with destiny on tuesday, please voted, bring voters out with you, let's save america. steve: good evening everyone welcome to "the next revolution" our focus is the next repudiation but the people who are about to be repudiated say it's too complicated for the poor ignorant voters. >> all of the noise that we got in this election season i don't feel people are able to grasp that. but importantly on sure they really understand the threats to their way of life.
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steve: yes they do. perfectly and will vote accordingly. they understand two years ago take advantage of a corrupt senile politician so desperate to be president would say anything and a party who has lost itself to trump arrangement commandeered the democratic party and implemented an extremist agenda on every issue. on the economy they pushed the bernie sanders elizabeth warren on —- elizabeth warren lunacy the government can print and spend as much as it once was no repercussion it was a catastrophic mistake the worst inflation and 40 years now in response to rising interest rates and the looming recession and to destroy jobs to stabilize the economy and
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they lived the will reserves and go taking to the worst dictators a hard left democrats push their sanity of open borders making a mockery of the rule of law insulting every immigrant who did it the right way creating the unprecedented humanitarian crisis those that could have been stopped threatening every family in america with the unimaginable pain of losing a child to lethal drugs and never intended to take shame on them for this. criminal justice reform and then running all way to the far left. then gave us dead marines in
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afghanistan. unable to find food for their babies. >> it goes to the fundamental grievance that we are getting crushed. americans are cursing the damn party that's why the election shaping up to be a glorious and comprehensive repudiation of the sanctimonious self-righteous incompetent ideologue who crashed it into the ditch a repudiation with the lapdogs who is totally complicit in this experiment and a narrow repudiation of that appalling derisive histrionics.
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>> there is something else at stake democracy itself. it is on the ballot this year. >> no it's not all of the speeches about democracy. if they really cared about our democracy they would stop the gerrymandering and the seemingly endless assault of free speech. that is the exact opposite it is totalitarianism. is this the deep fake?
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>> we can be six days from losing our boulevard of historians are allowed to write if there is still of free publishing house in a free press which i'm not search enough but if that is true history will say what is at stake tonight and this week was the fact whether we will be a democracy in the future. whether our children will be arrested or killed the brutal authoritarian system. steve: know it's not a deep fake that is real once respected james clyburn admitting that their spending calls their inflation into rapid conspiracy theories claiming america would be like nazi germany. that would be repudiated to
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the left as they beg for that pandemic amnesty tell them no. close to schools tell them what you think direct the economy —- prices tell them what you think. they threat in you and silence you tell them what you think. and the failure that they thought the pain that they caused in the embarrassment tell them what you think and make sure you vote. that is the next repudiation we need. tell us what you think and share your midterm predictions with us and share this message when we post it.
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now we have a fantastic election special from our studio here in los angeles the senate and the house statewide races from all across the country plus alisha krause and leo terrel also for those making their case to the voters tiffany :-) running for senate in washington. great to see you again. when we first spoke a month ago and people were talking about your race being close is that really real? can it happening can you pull this off? >> in looking at those issues you are just talking about.
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and then people coming out to the event and those who want change they want leadership they don't want career politicians 30 years and already has nine bills across the line number one she is so extreme nobody wants to work with her to get the bills across the lines of washington state was the leader and does not need seniority but motivation principal and the voters know they sent me to dc that's when i will take the halls of congress. steve: we did ask patty murray to come on she did not accept the invitation but what is the argument how does that play right now and how someone like
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you went? is that one —- are they trying that with you there quick. >> they started to sacrifice for the country. but telling everyone in the audience you believe me and my family are threat to democracy are you disemboweled the dangerous ready to direct that further divides the country in this amazing state when my husband lost his eyesight he was fighting for everyone when i take off with tristan reform i was fighting every democrat and republican and servicemember senator murray doesn't want washington to hear me speaking about in 2018 on the senate floor when she said i was an amazing advocate. i will work with anyone to deliver positive results to the great people of washington state and they know that. and decided voters and saying i am honored to vote for you
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men are saying this is the first year my wife is not canceling my vote vote for tiffany :-) this is about our country and bringing us all together to move us forward to deliver results anyone can join us :-) for steve: there is an amazing poll finding trying to run the argument about republicans being a threat to democracy when people here that guess what? the survey the greater threat to democracy is the democrats. >> that's what i'm hearing on the ground as well. senator murray didn't want to
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debate me we forced her into one debate and then in the townhall but the cornerstone is healthy debate so she really does care about democracy and spending millions of dollars to spread all over washington state then why isn't she willing to debate or make the choice as the voters of washington state? we can do that two times senator murray wants to scare the people of washington state they know i am here to serve them. steve: and why would she not come on our show to debate me? great to see you. good luck it's exciting to watch this race it will be a huge results. good luck and i will see you soon.
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let's get reaction and analysis from those here in the studio. finally face-to-face civil rights attorney leo terrel and alisha. great to see you both. they just cannot talked about the actual issues that most americans care about. >> it's not weird can they are doubling down america can no longer for the democratic party every issue we talked about open borders or crime or american issues but they want to ignore those issues. crime and open borders and then to resonate with the american people. >> i will double down on that. to be such inspiring and wonderful candidate i don't
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think we should take this lightly how guys tell her my wife will vote for you and for a long time the republicans have taken those suburban women voters for granted. we need to consider the candidates we are putting out there because we need to make gains in the african-american community and went back the republican women we have lost. steve: if you look at what is happening in the detail on —- the details. >> and then the democratic playbook to make us hate each other the race card is being played critical race theory not the issues that you mention in your opening statement they want to divert our attention american public will send them a resounding no.
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steve: ie and late to the term gas lighting i think i'm learning what it means. it is amazing they constantly go on this is what they do they are actually talking about real things what a perfect example of a common sense person and coming up with the hateful division. >> and they are choosing those issues that are the most divisive that women all across the aisle. the reason they do that is a feel they need to stoke their base because even they look at joe biden when snl is joking they don't want joe biden to run in 2024 the mainstream
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media has gotten a clue they are over the administration and the party spirit the average citizen knows they are in bed with the democratic party and have provided cover but the american people are not drinking the kool-aid any longer see will see a big wave. steve: so everybody understands i will put them on the line with the predictions later candidates from all different races of people that see what you're talking about it's worth checking out. >> it's like a horror form one —- a horror film. >> it's a spoof of a horror film it's very well done but we don't even talk about it.
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but what about his race? he was the great shining hope and then talk about turning texas. >> beto or work career is over is like kamala harris and joe biden he don't have a chance. >> i would just become a democrat because over and over again whether kamala harris or beto or rourke. >> not gone would if he loses on tuesday i'm sure they will make him a chairman at the dnc. >> that kamala harris got her position solely because of her identity and ethnicity and gender and the american public does not like that that's why you see black and hispanic leading the party.
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they are now the working-class party. steve: and i use the phrase four years a multiracial working-class coalition it just happened quicker than any of us imagined so we don't talk about this race. >> a real election denier by the way. >> she will lose on tuesday. >> great to see you both and we will be right back.
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steve: all the pundits on all the sunday shows basically agreed tuesday will be a good night for republicans but how good? one way to measure is by checking out to house races where democrats are shockingly looking vulnerable. in new york democrats are dumping millions of dollars in two those that are on the chair the democratic
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congressional campaign committee meanwhile it was reported in california and incumbent democrat is sounding the alarm for her district which biden one by 20 points two years ago joining us now are the two previous challengers matt jacobs and california 26 and should point out to both of you in the audience that we did ask your democratic opponents to come on the show this evening that they turned us down. >> when is the last time someone who was supposed to be leading the campaign to win house seats actually lost their seat? >> it was 42 years since the chair and the d triple c lost and we are poised to make history.
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and in washington and albany in new york city for the first time in our nations history to create an absolute master 41 record year high inflation skyrocketing energy prices. a porous southern border and killing 300 americans a day. and doing nothing about it and the voters are fed up and tired of it. steve: i spoke on the podcast for the primary that's exactly the person you should point in congress. and then your opponent say help i will lose. >> it was great to be with you when we started the campaign two years ago all of the experts did not give us a chance.
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we went out to the people of this district republicans and democrats and talked about the issues that mattered to them. the extreme policies of the politicians people are suffering 40 year high gas prices are six dollars eggs are 40 percent more than last year and crime is through the roof. that is why people from across the political spectrum are coming to our side because they want something better and they will get it this tuesday. >> i did see him at meet the press i just want to play you what he said i would love your response on the other side. >> that is nothing on gun
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violence. in westchester county when he had the chance. >> and those the party line which supports the defend the police movement with the top priority and taking effect index crimes are 36 percent in new york city and those in on monetary would be rearrested well charges are pending a total disaster with public safety with every law enforcement union in new york state and i will stand up for the rule of our and and the veil to ensure judges have discretion and to have a danger in the standard i will stop that from taking place
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nationwide if they want to's support us go to fire so we can and maloney's rain and and nancy pelosi's rain as speaker. >> that is an amazing race as well. lifting each other up at this incredible success from new york state. >> i have known him for over a decade he is a great man and would be a phenomenal governor. coming down to very two simple things people cannot afford to live in the state of new york and they are not safe. kathy hogle in the debates that i don't know why this is so important to you. because people are dying in the streets as a result of the disastrous policies democrats have put in place.
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steve: we were talking about this turnaround for republicans support and latinos are a huge part of that and the chair of the california gop was on the podcast and praising your campaign to say matt jacobs is talking to other people in spanish but what happened with the latino vote? >> personally i knocked on to cells in doors and those in spanish and the message is the same in spanish and english everyone deserves better. with the values and priorities are aligned with the latino community in my district they want safe neighborhoods in the economy to reward hard work a 30 year career politician who
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invoked 100 percent of the time with nancy pelosi and joe biden wanting an independent thinker fighting to make their life better that's what i have been doing fantastic energy from both of you good luck and thank you for being with us tonight. morehead.
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steve: one of the most enjoyable aspects of the gop movement is the democratic infighting that is already begun as a start to assemble their firing court hearing california they are now calling each other right wing extremist and not pre- blame game and now blaming kathy hogle and gavin newsom for the losses they expect to see in california and new york. and with the house appropriations committee here in deep blue. without of you and the story came out this week of the
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democrats call each other on of right wing extremist and they said that about you do you. >> and they have become caricatures of themselves. and now liberals are seeing through this is what happens when you don't have a policy and biden or policy their policies have fight fail they have no winning policies and the results are terrible. they resorted to name-calling even within their own ranks. in the midst of self-destruction so in my state it's tuesday night and we are focused to sticking to the message and security above all things.
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and above all things and economic security this is what people care about that they care about the economy. steve: so they were going for you that now i hear you stop spending money. >> it is a product of us basically working harder than everyone else in the field for almost three years now i have been in office focusing on the constituents taking care of services and focusing on national and economic security to fight the appropriations to curb the out-of-control spending. that administration and far left is lying to the american voters saying afghanistan was a success that defunding the place was a good thing and
6:37 pm
when you see the ramifications of all the lies you cannot argue that and in the far left my opponent has double down on these policies rather than admit they were wrong and to figure out the new platform. >> . >> it is so extreme but to quickly go back to afghanistan in the way there are so many other disasters since then it almost gets forgotten but may be that is the moment when the credibility of the whole biden administration collapsed. >> where a few of us who knew what was going on what implode despite the administration's failures and the state department we were still able to get 115 americans and partners out of afghanistan to my office.
6:38 pm
but if you ask the average voter what the top issues of the biggest complaint afghanistan doesn't rise to the surface. this is the problem with the blizzard of crisis is difficult to communicate the extent and the depth of the failures from this administration so we need to remind them on a daily basis. i encourage everyone to fill up your car with gas and go grocery shopping before you vote and reminder of why we are voting as we are. >> so with the blizzard of crisis. we'll be back after the shortrs .break.
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steve: welcome back now let's bring in another candidate looking to have a major upset for new mexico governor. i understand you just finished a rally? >> we are in northern new mexico we had 250 people here. very excited about the campaign. we love her this is headed. we have a lot of momentum. we are focusing on crime and education to make sure people have enough money to get to the end of the month. we will win this on november 8 no doubt. >> so there was a gap of the
6:45 pm
11 points but and with those we have seen the far left going farther and farther left leaving more and more people out so that we have seen that only do we get a lot of independence those who don't recognize the party anymore so what you have got here is a good coalition across party lines. >> what about the lockdowns? >> no match on —- no doubt we are lockdown is much as any other state in the country paying out a sexual assault claim that was an issue fifties and education and second and violent crime most know we can do better but it will take a different path and
6:46 pm
we are one of the states that have released criminals with catch and release we are a sanctuary stay in the border state not taking care of the issues these can be dealt with but they are not political and that is why we are having so much success. steve: like they will see tonight it is practical common sense what is your background? >> i am a meteorologist by trade cbs for cbs and fox affiliates so no doubt i got to know the state very well and they came here 23 years old and fell in love with new mexico. i've never been here and have been here ever since but also so many special qualities but they have been let down by their leaders time and time again this can be better but we have to choose a different path.
6:47 pm
steve: i love all love these candidates great to see you and good luck in your race we will be watching it. one of the most striking aspects is the way the democrats have broken the basic rule to understand the voters concerns and respond to them. every single polls tells the same story. and then to deny even the problem. someone highly focused on economic matters in the audience knows by now we were so excited to follow you because it is a big upset the first time they've one since 2006 but the economic focus the practical common sense approach. >> californians are tired of the waste and mismanagement
6:48 pm
$20 billion and the province gotten prices has gotten worse nobody knows where the gas tax goes the education system where did that money go? we are very focused on economic conditions in every california voter i have talked to in the last week talks to me can you get prices down where we focus on anything other than the economy quick. >> it is such a complex issue with federal policies so what can be done at the state level? period talking about accountability we cannot make meaningful change unless we know where the money is going. focus to make sure every california voter understands where the tax dollars go. we need a best in class transparency database of people can figure out where their tax dollars go.
6:49 pm
tell us how the money is spent and are we getting results? steve: that is the cause of the inflation it's totally out-of-control spending. but that's in terms of the pandemic. >> $30 billion people in prison on russia and china and now they want to spend $2 million to build a toilet in san francisco? remarkable. and that the money will not just solve the problem that is what is frustrating people we have a plan to bring the accountability to fix the state's finances. steve: we have to leave it there but your opponent she is
6:50 pm
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predictions for clarity stuck my neck out on twitter :-) prediction is republicans will pick up at least 30 seats in the house and the senate is 54 / 46. >> save the tape i agree but a little less adding 25 house seats and it will be a majority house and senate but a little bit lesson that will be the key spent the senate is interesting. >> look at arizona specifically i'm a little worried for masters there but we are talking about this colorado and oregon has a very important gubernatorial race tiffany :-) she is amazing.
6:56 pm
running for senate and those are so unique and important with the major blue cities people say just a off my lawn and leave me alone. steve: and that rundown of the actual senate seat. the way i'm looking at it is probable and possible. so that they were targeting in wisconsin. and herschel walker will be fine and then. >> that nevada. >> arizona you will know.
6:57 pm
>> that i am worried about that and tiffany :-). >> if you see that in virginia i am on your ship with those three congressional seats in virginia i like the chances. >> i think you have to stay up to watch the west coast races there are some very fascinating races people see what happens on the east coast and turn off the tv that this year especially with the shift of demographics last two years there is a chance the races we are assuming will be easy or not. i really think a lot of people know they have this assumption they had in the bag but kerry
6:58 pm
has bought line built a very strong coalition and now she has to lean on the coattails. >> . steve: they are not helping themselves. but then pennsylvania and the energy industry biden goes on. >> there is no more drilling. no more drilling. >> let's be honest he's unfit to be president right now when you can see it in the tape. he is a mixed message and it's over after the midterm. >> table throw him under the bus for sure. >> and it is interesting. this is a guy. nobody is talking about this
6:59 pm
race running for senate in california gave some interesting numbers. >> border turnout among democrats with the one week out is down 54 percent and because republicans are voting. that then i often say that 2022 is a year of the parent party if we look at the delta in the state of california says this will be the closest u.s. senate race california has had in 20 years. so think about the parents and the energy. >> republicans do better in midterm statistically and
7:00 pm
republicans wait until election day so we have an interesting night ahead of us. >> thank you for being with us. that was fantastic all of the great candidates now count down to the midterms is up next. we will see you next sunday and this guy here has a radio show. ♪ ♪ finish line is in sight, high stakes midterms now less than two days away at stake control of congress and the country's correction. i am bret baier, welcome to fox news countdown to p midterms. >> i am martha maccallum, battle of senate will come down to wire, both parties bringing out big guns this weekend, to help them out president biden, former president obama in philadelphia yesterday with fetterman an


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