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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 7, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PST

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>> carley: big 3-6. >> janice: i remember 3-6. >> todd: 8 years for me. >> janice: long time for me. >> carley: i appreciate it and i very loved. >> todd: you are loved. you will get your song later on from me. you know what song. it's always a fun one. "fox & friends" starts right now. studio audience. bye-bbye-bye everybody. ♪ ♪ [band] [applause] ♪ [marching band plays]
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♪ [cheers and applause] spheef steve live from new york. one day away from election day. we have a live studio audience. we have got a marching band and we have got you. welcome to studio m, folks. and today today studio m. stands for midterms. wthey came and we locked the door. >> ainsley: we had debates and band on. and our entire fox team was staying in a hotel. >> steve: that would be in 2016.
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that was in new hampshire. >> ainsley: that's right. no tax state. [laughter] >> ainsley: sean hannity was sleeping in that hotel and martha mccallum. they all came on the show said we were woken up by marching band at 4:00 in the morning practicing out in the parking lot. we had to have the band. >> brian: they didn't have wake-up calls so we brought the horn section. great to see you. anyone wants proof the pandemic is over. here it is. [cheers and applause] we're going to be talking to the crowd all morning long and you as well. we don't have to ask them, we know to the latest polls and we have seen these polls over the last month or two, actually three months. we know why you are driven to voted tomorrow. and a new "the washington post"-abc poll shows number 1, by far is the economy. and, number two, is inflation right neck in neck.
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after that things that worry families like education. >> ainsley: inflation is at 40 year high. and that's why 80%, look at that of the voters, look at this, abc-"the washington post" poll is calling the economy the top issue. right behind that is the inflation issue. because we go to the grocery store. we see that everything is expensive. you always talk about the ketchup it's $8 a bottle. >> steve: i was at the grocery store yesterday mayonnaise close to $9 a jar. >> brian: as americans we have to give up on condi meant. are you saving the packets like my mom dawstles the ketchup you open the door and it all falls out. where the butter is supposed to be. >> steve: speaking of butter, brian, that high school marching band is from butler, new jersey.
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be. >> steve: they can fight for themselves they are the butler bulldogs. >> ainsley: brian said to me in the green room before we came out. remember, ains liberation the focus today is on me. [laughter] >> brian: right. that was something i said before the show for a reason. i didn't think it would be on the show. i was having fun. i was shocked to hear this. 40 million people have cast their votes already. spent this season, $2.7 billion in tv ads. at stake 35 senate seats. the g.o.p. needs five seats to take the house. i have not heard any expert that doesn't feel as though the house will flip. the drama is going to be in these governor races as well as the senate. >> steve: regarding the money. the democrats have spent $415 million on abortion ads. and you saw the list, nowhere in the top 4 or 5 is abortion. the question regarding which political party do you trust to handle the economy?
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hands down republicans. okay. so, you can see that republicans win on economy, inflation and crime. democrats are leading on education and threats. >> ainsley: i'm surprised by that are you all surprised by pools. i feel republicans are the only ones speaking out. >> steve: historically the democrats have had a gigantic leap ahead but now they are neck in neck. >> ainsley: we saw what happened in virginia because parents are knowing we read. we were zooming with our kids during covid. we know what they're teaching in our classroom. they are saying it's not in the curriculum. we have had some parents come on and show us proof it is in the curriculum. parents don't want our little ones, 5-year-olds, 7-year-olds learning some of this being taught. >> brian: transgender rightsy not on the top of the hit list to start the year. bill maher and others noted liberals of saying what are democrats doing. we don't care -- the american
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people don't care in great numbers about this. it doesn't hit their top 10 list. also when you come out with inflation reduction act green energy subsidies people feel as though they are not being told the truth, that ticks them off, too. i left of center think there is a sense in this country we are not going to forget who locked us down and locked the kids out during the pandemic. who had inspectors out going after small businesses. doing everything they can to keep themselves alive. and who went out there and made things so much worse. whitmer is paying the price for that. i think hochul is paying the frirls the disgraced former governor. >> ainsley: tudor dixon is a mom, four girls, a cancer survivor. she saw what was happening to her girls in schools and all of her friend's in school. up against incumbent who they are neck and neck and we saw what her husband tried to do governor whitmer when her husband tried to get his boat out and yet no one else could. people are tired of that i heard one of our fox news i think it
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was laura ingraham watching the show. god forbid there be another pandemic. don't forget. this don't forget these governors that shut us down. because if we go through this again our kids can't afford. this look at the nation's report card. >> steve: speaking of governors, i was just down as you know doing the town hall at harry's and the natives down in hope sound in florida. >> ainsley: did you a great job. >> steve: thank you very much. this morning there is a story in the "the washington post" something we were talking about on friday. that is regarding governor desantis. governor desantis lost when he was running for governor originally miami-dade county by 20 points. and now the story this morning is that for the first time in 20 years, a republican governor is going to win miami-dade. it just goes to show you, that is just about the bluest spot in all of florida. and it is going to turn red this time. >> ainsley: do you think it's the way he handled covid and immigration issue. >> steve: it's the economy and all of the above. >> brian: such a fast growing county. people are flooding down there and gotten very outcome. the white suburban vote, white
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female suburban vote is noteworthy as well as the hispanic vote which republicans are chipping away at. go into the audience. if you have questions shout out. talk to some you great people. i'm not saying you are my favorites but did i prearrange who i'm going to talk to. let's boom malone, judge 1 to 10 enthusiasm when it comes to this election. >> i think we know what the results. >> brian: whether a way do you want it to go? >> retirement i think the commute way it is we hope there is solution for that the party have lower taxation, less government intervention other thing we just heard is getting parents the right to educate the children the way they see fit would be great. >> brian: what did you see that disturbs you that makes you think things are flipped. >> just having parent after parent. i'm deeply involved in my community they said marone we didn't know these things were hang.
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now homeschooling seeing what is happening in education. >> brian: interesting to see if connect cut open for republicans. got close never come through or rarely do. ann, are you are from long island where are you from. >> bohemian long island. >> brian: did you vote yet by the way? >> no. tomorrow. >> brian: what about you and your friends. what would you say your level of enthusiasm is for this midterm? >> 12. >> brian: what bothered you about the last two years that has you so enthusiastic? >> where to start? you know, from day one. you know, we stopped the wall. we stopped our pipelines. we,you know, we are bringing in people that shouldn't be come in. you know, i don't even know where to go from there. >> brian: you guys are together, right? >> yes. >> brian: utility bills right now? >> a lot of money, crazy. >> brian: did it double? >> oil tripled. >> brian: no notice. just one day it just turns up. >> it's out of control and it's crazy and it's all because of the democratic party. when biden shut down everything, that's when inflation went up and that's when everything started to happen.
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it starts with energy. >> brian: he wants a clean environment. >> i do, too. and some day it will happen. but we are not ready right now. >> brian: real quick, phil in alabama, i know the tide lost so you are in mourning. not a lot of drama there, but what about passion and drama for your race, kate were brit looks like a shoo-in. what about you. >> she is a great girl. i'm just here to see ainsley. [laughter] [applause] [laughter] brian that wasn't in the preinterview. >> ainsley: thawrches so much. >> steve: so he far, so good. steve: coming up. president biden doubles down on his fight against oil and coal.
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>> no more drilling. there is no more drilling. steve: okay. when will the white house walk back that twisted comment as well? plus, elon musk waste nothing time to turn around twitter. we will reveal the d. list celebrity who got the boot as "fox & friends" is live from new york city. [applause]
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[cheers and applause]
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>> brian: welcome back, everybody. we have a live audience as you can hear if you were smart enough to be watching early. also have a band we let out in the streets of new york city. we let them out that door we haven't seen them since. someone else we haven't brought into the cast yet. >> ainsley: exactly right. and i understand it's her birthday. >> carley: oh, thank you guys. >> carley: it's someone else's birthday. it's about my birthday party. not about elections at all. weave do have serious news to get to starting with america's crime crisis. chicago police say at least 37 people were shot in the city this weekend. including four teenagers, five people, including one of those teens were killed. and a 1-year-old was killed in a weekend shooting in philadelphia. police say his 1-year-old cousin shot him in the head while they were recording a video. at least 25 people were shot in that city over the weekend
3:17 am
trittrittputting a pause to bluk marks until after the election. handful of employees it laid off just last week. the platform suspends kathy griffin for impersonating elon musk. he says going forward any twitter handels engaging in impersonation while clearly specifying parody will be permanently suspended. and the power ball jackpot jumping to a record-breaking $1.9 billion after no one -- no winners were declared on saturday. this now ties the game record for the number of consecutive drawings without a grand prize winner. the winning numbers on saturday were 28, 45, 53, 56; tom brady
3:18 am
leaded example i don't know rans 16-13. mahomes runs in the touchdown and 2 point conversion to force overtime against the titans. kansas city would score first and hold onto the victory 20-17. and the jets' defense comes up big to shock the super bowl favorite bills. 4th and 21. allen tosses, deep ball on the way. incomplete. and the jets will win it. >> rookie gardner getting that stop to seal the game for new york jets, bills 17. those are your headlines, over to you. >> how about the jets came we had a stage manager you are might remember him joel who stood behind this camera. >> wearing jets jersey, every
3:19 am
day wore something jets related. we have to reach out to him today. so excited. >> biggest win in 20 years. >> if you are just joining us we have a live studio audience because tomorrow is midterm election day officially and over the weekend, we saw the biggest stars from both parties go out and try to motivate their bases on the democrat side, bill clinton was out and about. people this election cycle have there you see the current president embracing sarah hochul. rescue her. >> brian: they have so send out big gun gun save governor in new york in a race, the first lady last week. you have the former president. bill clinton and now you have joe biden appearing in west chester. how bad auto do those internal numbers look? >> they must not very good. at one point he stumbled, lost his footing. he did not fall down unlike when he fell up the starls of air force 1 and fell off the bike. this was completely different. just a little whoops.
3:20 am
in fact he said whoops. but a climate activist at one point was heckling him, and this is the very telling thing he respond to the climate activist he said. >> no more drilling. there is no more drilling. i haven't formed any new drilling [inaudible]] >> that was before i was president. we are trying to work on that and get that done, thank you. >> steve: no more drilling. >> ainsley: he said that yesterday and on friday he vowed to shut down the coal plants. listen. >> no one is building a new coal plants because they can't rely on them even if they have all the coal guaranteed for the rest of their -- existence of the plant. so it's going to become a window generation. and all they are doing is going to save them a hell of a lot of
3:21 am
money and using the same transmission line and transmit coal fired electric [inaudible] we're going to be shutting these plants down all across america. >> really? because right now most of our electric plants are fueled by coal. most of the world we mine it and we sell our coal and that's pretty, i guess, would you say disconcerting to the coal workers, 7,000 of which lost their job since he took office? but what does that tell you? he has been telling us for the longest time that he is not responsible for the price of oil and gas going up. he says it is greedy, oil companies looking for profits or is it him refusing to drill making that oil more valuable in the short-term but destroying an industry in the long term? >> ainsley: his comments are ambiguous i want to shut down the coal plants. that's not ambiguous at all but the white house is trying to tell all of you, no, everyone is just twisting his words.
3:22 am
>> steve: that's right. karine jean-pierre walked back those comments and said quote the president's remarks yesterday have been twisted to suggest a meaning that was not intended. he regrets if anyone hearing those remarks took offense. we heard the words come out of his mouth. we know what he meant. >> brian: that was saturday and then he said it again sunday. >> steve: right. folks, do you think we were twisting his words. >> no. >> steve: no. of course not. joe manchin who voted for the inflation reduction act, among other things, and now is on the hook for it, he is really steamed. and on saturday, he came out with a statement guns blazing. ainsley: he said president biden's comments are not only outrageous and divorced from reality, they ignore the severe economic pain the american people are feeling because of rising energy costs. comments like these are the reason the american people are losing trust in president biden and instead believes he does not understand they need to have an all-in energy policy that would
3:23 am
keep our nation totally energy independent and secure. it seems his positions change depending on the audience and the politics of the day. >> brian: his agenda is the same it just depends on what he wants to tell the truths about his agenda. and for those of you have out there who are looking at the utility bills and saying they are doubled. those of you out there who look at the gas price and say 3.75 or 4.25 or in around there dollar and a half more who is responsible? don't say pandemic or supply chain. you heard the man it's his goal. he needs take responsibility for it. >> steve: i think if he were on the ballot tomorrow, he would have already increased domestic production in the country. if he were up for a vote tomorrow. he's not. he has got two more years. unfortunately for members of his party, he is making them walk the plank because he refuses to do it activists have gotten
3:24 am
inside his and convinced him never let a crisis go to waste. with the reduced this is the perfect time to make the transition. those who work in the fossil fuel industry. that is not good news the day before an election. >> brian: is he lying about it. he is telling us he is not responsible in a moment of candor he comes out as if he doesn't know is he on microphone to tell you the truth twice in three days. >> ainsley: i think manchin is right. he just says what he's to apiece the audience. we know what he really believes'6" shut down the keystone pipeline. he doesn't care about those workers without a job. doesn't care about us rising gas prices. we aren't ready for his energy plan. we all want clean energy. i think our gentleman in the back say we care about the environment. we all want a clean environment. i went to italy and can you eat so much food there and you don't gain a pound.
3:25 am
eat pizza and pasta because it's so clean. we would all love to have no pesticides, clean energy to drive an electric car if we can afford it. we are not there yet. we are not prepared for this. so it's hurting america. that's why we are seeing inflation. >> steve: apparently no carbs in italy. that is the headline right there. >> ainsley: i don't know what the reason is whatever it is we need it in america. we have all these pesticides. biden hits the campaign today or as snl put it big yikes. >> tuesday midterm election also determine the fate of our democracy let's just say big yikes. sean duffy, tammy bruce, and brian brenberg react. live studio audience.
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3:30 am
for democrats in maryland. a deep blue state. >> joining us now our midterm political panel fox news chinter sean duffy, tammy bruce and brian brenberg. [cheers and applause] >> ainsley: tammy, is he going to be in maryland and donald trump is going to be in ohio. does this make a difference? >> it does. look, they can't hide him in the basement they are moving him effectively into that state where there will be no surprises. a machine there completely protect him. all of that still seems to go wrong though. you are looking at with donald trump a much more focused, much more intentional individual at this point as he always was with consider him like a mascot for the democrats. he comes out and i hope they don't put one of those rabbit heads on him at at any point.
3:31 am
>>this is a problem for the democrats. by the way this audience looks so freakin' great. it's great to see the family. [applause] >> this is about american families. i think that is what donald trump represents. you know, reach out to that a lot more. but, you know, the democrats are desperate. we see that in how they are deploying biden. and at the same time at the start of this i wanted to mention when obama destroyed the democratic party in 2010, when that washout of happened that was their pep bench. he didn't care. and that's now why he has to come back. but it's the past. we want the future. we know what that looks like. the past with donald trump, the future, i think, is going to be donald trump as well. >> brian: number one thing is the economy. yet, the democrats mysteriously. i mean it mysteriously keep focusing on abortion. that's your thing. >> i don't think it's mysterious when you have a track record they have. but it is fascinating to me that they never figured out anything
3:32 am
on the message. you talk to an audience like this and you say what's the biggest challenge you have got in your life right now? it's prices, it's fuel. and then it's crime, quality of life. that drives businesses away as well. so, democrats have gotten the messaging wrong the whole time. now they are walking into this election saying we have no closing argument and we can't speak the language of the electorate right now. which is economy and inflation. >> steve: and you know who knows tomorrow is going to be a big red wave? the mainstream media and, in particular, "saturday night live." look at this. >> it's tuesday our midterm elections will determine the fate of our democracy and let's just say big yikes. [laughter] what's going on? i guess the democrats' message ain't getting through some people over here talking to people i'm on the peloton every morning tempting fate. >> steve: if they're joking about it, sean, they know it's going to be a red day tomorrow. historically, the opposition
3:33 am
party of the president in the midterm always wins historically. the question for tomorrow is how big? >> historically that's right. we have both houses of congress. the win is that much bigger for the out of power party. this set-up is ripe for a red wave. but, again, the closing message on the economy is i know you care about inflation, i know you care about gas price, i know what we should do, let's stop mining for coal and drilling for oil. that's going to make things a lot better, right? >> brian: that's why it's such a big mistake he made. is he saying in a candid moment as if he had sodium pentothal i have stopped drilling. i have stopped everything. and the point is you want to do no harm to your party. that's why you send them to maryland. he goes to maryland and makes these dumb comments and they ricochet through the tv screens of americans go these guys are out of touch they don't understand. you didn't get these people coffee this morning, brian. come on.
3:34 am
>> steve: thanks for throwing us under the bus. sean duffy making his final appearance. >> ainsley: order chick-fil-a for everyone, too? [cheers and applause] >> yeah. >> i will stick around for that. >> steve: we have a live audience today. we are going to take questions for this trio right here. first question comes to us from that side londa. what's your question and who is it for? >> anyone, what are the chances that the republicans will take back congress realistically? >> brian: senate, the house looks pretty strong. >> the house is 100 percent. republicans are going to win the house. how big is the majority going to be? and that matters because you have got to have a majority that can you rule with. right? because. >> brian: five seats to make up. >> republicans are going to make that happen. senate is an issue. i think the republicans are going to win at least 51. some projections say 54%
3:35 am
majority. that is a bloodbath for democrats. >> cook political report, i think they are getting this right. they under the number of seats could be between 12 and 25 in the house. >> that's low. >> and some are saying two independents in the senate. but they -- the republicans would still have the majority. so the mix could be interesting and different but we'll see. but i think we're going to have the senate, too. >> brian: go out to steven, steven, where are you? you are in the second row there all right. steven, go ahead. >> the polling that we see is all over the place. is any of it realistic? which ones can we believe? >> brian: we will find that out. >> i think the main thing you can look at with polls are the big movements, the big shifts, the big numbers. we have always known that these small numbers between you can't really tell what's going on. hillary was leading in 2016. what you saw in the fox news poll as an example is within that last week for trump
3:36 am
independents had moved by double digits. that's when i knew he would win. even though the top number had her ahead. you look at condition of the country, where the independents are going. what happened with lee zeldin moving double digits within a two month period of time. those big movements you can trust. >> look at the trend line. the trend line is towards republicans. also look at 2018, 2020, and i think the this cycle, republicans are under polled. democrats overpolled. it 2 to 5 point. factor that in and looks like great for republicans. oprofessor let's get a question for robert m. robert, what is your question? >> well, the election i hope turns out the way it should and that would be like with a g.o.p. majority but, if that happens, like what are we talking with, you know, as far as the economy, inflation, and mandate and the big thing is like the mandates.
3:37 am
what can we see happen before the '24 election. can we see real change? >> can i jump in on this one? because this is a key. you look at what happens if you get divided government. the best part about divided government is not very much happens. and that's probably the best thing. >> steve: gridlock. >> energy has to be the issue. if republicans take the house and the senate they should be hammering that issue and i would say that issue alone every day day after day because that's the biggest contrast between democrats and republicans and if you want to solve inflation, there's nothing better than you can do than get oil production, gas production up, unleash american energy. because it's world leading if we let it do that. >> ainsley: brian, would the president veto anything that the republicans want? >> yeah. put him on record. this is a longer play. >> brian: leverage. you want the senate and anyone nomination confirmed. do you my energy plan.
3:38 am
but, also, there is a congressional review act. the house, if it's republican and the house and the senate, they can go back and look at administration action and pull those back with just a simple majority vote in both chambers. that's a big deal if you have republican majority. >> brian: congressman on the panel. >> how about a round of applause for this panel. [applause] coming up on this monday putting midterm elections to the chance win $25,000. >> ainsley: this time tom shillue is asking the questions and here he comes. [cheers and applause] [marching band] ♪ed
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♪ >> steve: they are clapping because somebody big money because fox bet super 6 app. is giving you another opportunity to win $25,000 in a quiz show game. >> ainsley: fox news contributor the great tom shillue joins us now. [applause] steve. >> brian: tom, worked out a live audience. >> we have asked the audience and they will be able to give their input. remember like that quiz game ask the audience. the audience is always right hopefully they will have the right answer. >> steve: the customer is always right. >> we have these questions i
3:44 am
asked you before in a previous "fox & friends." >> brian: they have all been asked it. these candidates who will get the least amount of votes, walker, ryan, vance, rubio or demings? what do you think? >> val demings. >> that's what the audience chose. our audience has the same choice by a wide margin i guess, right? >> steve: these are the actual questions that somebody will win $25,000 to. >> yes, if you get all six right, you can win. more than one person wins they can split that pot. which of these governor races will be closest by total votes? am i going to read all these things? >> brian: sure. >> wisconsin, georgia, new york, florida, texas, or arizona? >> new york. >> tom: new york is going to be the closest maybe with zeldin eking out a win? what do you think? [cheers and applause]
3:45 am
definitely undecided. >> brian: very split. >> tom: of which the house races will have the most voter turnout what did we answer? >> we said d, pennsylvania. >> tom: that's interesting. now our audience here so far has flores, gonzalez by a wide margin but you picked pennsylvania. which candidate will win the pennsylvania senate race and by how many votes? it's a two part question. who is going to win, nina? >> dr. oz. >> tom: dr. oz. [applause] >> tom: what percentage did you choose? >> we said 2500, to 4,900 votes. >> tom: fantastic. second two-part question. who will have a majority of seats in the senate following election day and by how many? >> of course the g.o.p. >> tom: of course. >> yep. 52 seats.
3:46 am
>> tom: that's what i have in my too. who will have the majority of seats in the house and by how many? >> of course the g.o.p. and 233 to 235. >> brian: wow, okay. so they could snrit split $25,000? >> tom: maybe. nina says yeah they will split it with her. >> steve: what people need do is download the app. so you can officially play and register so that if you win they can send you the money. >> tom: still play. download it today it's easy set up in a couple of minutes and answer the questions. >> ainsley: you upped the wins last year it was 10,000 and this year $25,000. >> steve: thank you, nina. >> brian: now over to the meteorologist always on the move. i met her in person before. janice dean has the fox weather.
3:47 am
>> janice: hi you guys. [cheers and applause] can i give you all a hug after? can we do hugs? first we are going to do the weather because i have weather to talk about. not only record-breaking across the east coast with very warm temperatures. it's already 68 degrees here in new york. we set a record yesterday. along that cold front we could see the potential for some showers and thunderstorms for the mississippi and tennessee river valley and the west is a mess of coastal rain and snow and that actually could affect your election day forecast. i know you guys are still going to get out there despite the rain and the snow. we are also watching subtropical storm nicole. this actually got named at 5:00 a.m. and it's going to effect florida on wednesday and thursday. possibly as a hurricane i know a lot of people are waking up to this information. pay close attention as you live in florida and southeast coast. keep you up to date. obviously talking about midterms and also need to talk about the weather.
3:48 am
i'm going to hug every single person in this studio starting now. [cheers and applause] brian play by play on the hugs. coming up next. democrats reveal the final campaign strategy. >> 30 million people in the country maybe a good 80 to 90 million are very bright. >> i love those signs when i came in socialism. give me a break. what idiots. >> brian: bill concha. tim shillue is here. [applause] >> steve: what were you throwing? ♪ and as winter approaches, they need our help
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3:53 am
>> brian: meanwhile you are going to love this topic. democrats ramping up insults ahead the midterms why wait for the last minute. joined by the hill media and politics columnist and fox news contributor joe concha and best-selling author. >> thank you. >> brian: tell everyone what's going on. >> this is what happens when you don't have a good closing argument around inflation, around wages that aren't keeping up with inflation. with skyrocketing with the border. with immigration, with education, you revert back to fourth grade. you become peewee herman i know you are but what am i? there is no thought process and no good strategy. they don't have that bumper sticker, right? make america great again. shining city on a hill. >> hope and change. all about demonizing opponents and it's not going to work. i think we will find out tomorrow night. >> ainsley: we remember with hillary clinton deplorable comments that made a lot of people upset. >> brian: 28% approval rating with independents.
3:54 am
>> those are the people that decide elections elections in ad georgia. when you see domestic terrorists and suburban women are voting for republicans because they are roaches. and start to use ultra uber maga. >> ainsley: trickle down. >> just immature only word i can come up with. steve soundbite shows you the current president with michael moore they are talking about republicans. you can kind of tell by the end who he is talking about. listen to this. >> i love those signs when i came in socialism. [laughter] give me a break. what idiots. the american people are treated like we are all -- they are a bunch of dummies. they are not idiots. okay, now, granted there was 330 million people in the country. maybe a good 80 to 90 million aren't very bright. >> steve: got to figure at the end michael moore is referring to the people who voted for
3:55 am
donald trump. >> yeah. >> steve: 80 or 90 million. >> small number if you don't vote democratic. jonathan turley had a great piece over the weekend. best headline. democracy is not in danger. democrats are a danger. that's why we have athlete this rhetoric. steph of stephanie ruhle on another network he she criticized this one by saying the only thing we are reporting on is inflation, the border, crime, and education. thanks for the compliment. >> brian: go out to michael. you have a question for joe or for anybody? >> my question is for joe. why is the mainstream media drop their honest, unbiased approach to news. >> brian: when did it happen or why? >> and why? yeah? what's their motivation? why would they want to do this and destroy the country. >> journalism has become
3:56 am
activism. i will give you one quick example. we saw over the weekend there was a report on paul pelosi out of nbc news. and they asked all these good questions like what happened in those 30 minutes before the police arrived? why did paul pelosi walk back towards his attacker? and then the report was actually scrubbed from their website. so even if you do have those remaining good reporters out there who actually have this thing called skepticism, curiosity? you have corporate overlords no we are going to squash it. >> bad business model shut out half the country. >> somebody once in a great line about fox news we found our niche audience half the country. we talk about the things that matter. >> steve: joe concha, everybody. [cheers and applause] >> ainsley: his amazing book "come on, man." coming up after chris pratt just made endorsement. we will tell you who he is backing and why. ♪
3:57 am
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