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tv   America Reports  FOX News  November 7, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PST

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until now blue districts like connecticut fifth, state of new york, california 49th, the democrats think they had it in lockdown, not sure now. >> and i'm watching you. >> thank you for tuning in. here is "america reports." >> sandra: after months of campaigning filled with heated rhetoric and record spending, almost time for voters to make their voices heard. welcome to election eve edition of "america reports." i'm sandra smith in new york. hi, john. >> john: can't get to get going today. john roberts in washington. candidates in key battle grounds making their final pitches to undecided voters. arizona is a prime example, mark kelly is fighting for political survival. republican blake masters within striking distance of unseating
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him. >> sandra: if masters is able to pull off that victory, it may be thanks to republican governor candidate kari lake, campaign focused on inflation and border security and appears to be resonating with arizona voters. we have a jam packed show for you just ahead, all-star poli poli poli political -- >> john: and alicia, which voters are the candidates targeting today? >> all about the super important, illusive, unaffiliated voters, all the candidates are targeting today and the issues that are most important to voters inflation and border security. >> our border crisis has been going on for decades, and washington has failed arizona
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and other border states on this. hey, i provided a billion dollars more for border patrol agents, technology and monitoring at the border. >> that was democrat incumbent senator mark kelly. he's in a dead heat race to keep his job trying to convince voters he's not aligned with the current administration on all things. fox news polling has shown political newcomer republican blake masters is the senate candidate voters trust most on the issue. >> if you just throw the border wide open you think that's going to cause a crisis? yes. they did it on purpose. not only did they tell illegal aliens, come on in, we are not going to deport you, they incentivized people to break the law. come on in. >> then the toss-up governor's race, kari lake is endorsed by former president trump and denies biden won here. while democrat katie hobbs certified the election as
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secretary of state. >> we have been right here solid conservatives for a long time. we have not moved. guess who moved. the democrats, they moved further and further and further. they have fallen off the stage, ok. >> this race for governor is not about democrats or republicans, it's a choice between sanity and chaos. and it's about electing a leader who will govern with vision and strength. >> and john, all of the candidates are spending these last final hours here in maricopa county which makes up 60% of the state's electorate. john. >> john: kari lake stretching out a lead in some new polls. alicia, thank you. >> sandra: a spin on the touch screen to tee off on the report you just heard from. looking at balance of power in the senate, majority is 51, 4 toss-ups, it's anybody's guess
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how this will go on election night to secure the majority in the senate. diving into the senate race in arizona, you look at the candidates, neck and neck race, toss-up, mark kelly the democrat trying to hold on there, blake masters making a run for it. i'll dial into maricopa county in a second. but we are also watching the governor's race in this state. obviously kari lake, that very recognizable name, former tv anchor and reporter gaining a lot of popularity, a far right campaign in the state has run a tight race with hobbs. so we are watching both of these races come election night, 9:00 p.m. closing time. you heard alicia talking about maricopa county, and presidential 2020, 60% of the votes coming in from the entire state from that county home to the capital, phoenix, and a lot of the campaigning you have seen, pinal county as well, tucson a lot of campaigning on the ground. when you look at maricopa county
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in arizona that is going to make all the difference. you are reminded just how close it got last time around with the difference of 45,000 votes and the entire state when you consider 60%, john, of the votes coming from that one county. it came down to just 2% margin in maricopa county. so, that is going to be key. and john, i just wanted to leave off with a what if in the senate. those four key toss-ups we are watching. if you saw the republicans secure a victory, let me kind of fill these in with the direction we believe most of these states are going to go, but if republicans are able to secure victory in arizona, reporting on the race we just did, you've turned this red and a likelihood that they could turn nevada red. all of a sudden you've got pennsylvania and georgia could go to democrats. at that point you've already got republicans securing the majority.
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so, that is one of the cases that could be made for control of the senate come election night. >> john: rick scott, in charge of the nrsc predicting 52 plus tomorrow night. we'll talk with newt gingrinch about this coming up. back on the senate race, kelly is ahead by one point, so -- that race is tick tight, no question about that. former president bill clinton lending star power to democrats in battleground nevada stumping for catherine cortez masto. that 1 of 4 toss-ups that could tip the balance in senate. and alexandria hoff back in lost wages. celebrity trail? >> blustery las vegas, and pete buttigieg will attend an event,
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yesterday former president clinton attended a gospel brunch and he urged voters not to participate in any kind of protest vote over issues like inflation or gas prices. an if you cast a protest vote, you don't just vote against something, you vote for something and the question is what are we gonna do right now. >> this is the second former president to campaign in six days here for cortez masto, former president obama held a rally on tuesday. we asked the candidate if she would have welcomed president biden given his low approval ratings to the trail. >> you know what, anybody is welcome to come to the state. the focus right now, let's turn out the voters. exercise the right to vote, the voice in the community. >> in terms of early voting, just about 640,000 have been
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cast and that's up 100,000 from 2018. 1.4% more democrats have returned a ballot than republicans. republicans are more likely in general to turn out on election day. right now, independents are polling toward the gop. adam laxalt, the state's former attorney general says rural counties hold the power. >> as long as the independents continue to break our way and our people slow up on election day, then yes, all in nevada have to turn out on tuesday. we are supposed to have some snow, i know we are going to still turn out despite the snow. >> weather could be a factor. wild wind we are having, but tomorrow rain is in the forecast and snow near reno. john. >> john: an antidote to the weather there, just get inside the casinos. >> you know what, you've been pressuring me into the wagering, john, i don't know if i can handle it.
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>> sandra: avoid the casinos. president biden pledging to shut down coal plants across the country. setting hits sights on blocking now domestic oil drilling. listen to this. >> no more drilling. there is no more drilling. i haven't formed any new drilling. >> sandra: hard to believe at this point. guy benson, host of the guy benson show on fox radio and jackie deangelis. my blanket statement about not heading to the casino, that was from me. i'm a horrible gambler. i don't do well gambling. what a gamble to say something like that on the eve of the election? when gas prices are historically high, guy, what is the president thinking here? >> i think what we just saw in that sound bite is why senator cortez masto dodged the question whether she would want joe biden
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in her state campaigning for her. the last few days, shut down i think coal plants and coal mines and like that's going to be done, and they had to walk that back, the words were twisted, didn't mean it. and a heckler saying no more drilling. the white house has spent the last six months pretending like in the middle of an energy crisis and high prices, it's all the fault of the oil companies and putin and greedy people, they want all this stuff to happen in america. it's a conspiracy from the republicans and then back-to-back days right before the election biden comes out and says the truth out loud and the walkbacks are not persuasive. >> sandra: and he's demanding the oil companies pump more. you can't have your cake and eat it too. the strategy of the white house, people are paying a dollar above the national average in so many parts of the country and a lot higher than where prices were when he took office.
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>> i think it's desperation and speaking to the progressives to get people on board to make sure the democrats can hold on to the senate and hold on to some of these key governorships as well. but sandra, we all saw the clip when he got up and demonized the oil companies and said they would be punished if they were not drilling more. it flies in the face of that. i want them to drill, it's not my fault, it's putin's fault, yet we are 1.2 million barrels under production when it peaked under president trump at 13.1 million. 2 million delta if they had been investing their profits back into oil fields and building out for the future. so we wouldn't have to be begging opec and saudi arabia and american consumers would be paying less at the pump. oil companies like $60 oil. they like $55. they still make a lot of money when there is demand and that's when they take the profits and put it back. >> rhetoric is incoherent, and
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this is not the strategy. he is freelancing. >> sandra: it's not just biden, it's sean patrick maloney in fight of his life north of new york city, he's suggesting this is what you need to do to combat inflation. eat chef boyardee. >> i grew up in a family where if the gas price went up, the food budget went down. by this time of the week we would be eating chef boyardee if the budget was not going to change. that's what families have to do. >> sandra: in a deep blue county he is in jeopardy of losing that seat to mike lawler, the republican running against him, and he's running big time on inflation. how can you pitch to voters that hey, just change the way you eat, change the things you are feeding your family, not actually offer a solution to inflation. >> he said that's what families have to do, go eat canned food. this is a man who voted for every single element of the
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inflation, and even democratic economists have been saying for months the better part of a year, this was insane to spend as much as they did. warning signs were everywhere. now the message is buy some canned food and eat that. good luck with that message. >> sandra: jackie, nothing against chef boyardee but you cannot tell people to change their habits and not offer a solution. gas prices people are paying, today 3.80, 1 day prior to election day. 2.39 when biden took office, up 59%. but also something on the horizon and that is home heating costs. as we enter into the winter heating season, people have already been told because prices of these commodities are sky high, that their bills are going to go up and we have already heard from people having to sacrifice in other areas of their lives to prepare for this. so, is what is expected also
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going to weigh on the voter's mind? >> oh, absolutely. natural gas, 35% increase this winter. half the homes in america are heated by natural gas. and inflation, you are never going to see food costs come down, even the chef boyardee will be more expensive as long as diesel prices are over $5 a gallon. input costs to bring the canned goods or the fresh food or whatever it is to the supermarket costs more, these prices will not come down. cpi report will come out on thursday. people need to watch that number closely. >> sandra: all right, one day out from election day. appreciate you guys joining us. thank you very much, guys. john. >> john: all right. the excitement continues to build. critical toss-up senator race in georgia. rafael warnock and herschel walker neck and neck one day before the election. what big name is hitting the campaign trail today to help push herschel walker over the
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>> sandra: a busy final full day of campaigning in georgia and another big name republican is joining herschel walker on the campaign trail. neck and neck with rafael
10:20 am
warnock. aishah hasnie is live in macon, georgia for us. what is the strategy in the final hours? >> good afternoon to you, the strategy right now for both of these candidates is get every single voter out to the polls tomorrow to avoid a runoff. we are live at a warnock event. still waiting for the incumbent to take the stage. check out the crowd here, 30 to 40 people, small venue, small crowd, different than the herschel walker rallies in the last couple days. another difference we have noticed, warnock has not had a big political heavyweight campaign for him since former president barack obama was in the state about ten days ago. that's a concern. republicans keep churning people out, like nikki haley, she followed a visit from tulsi gabbert and tonight we are expecting lindsey graham.
10:21 am
the latest polling has warnock and walker practically neck and neck but neither is polling above 50%. georgia saw record early voting for midterm but the pressure is on the gop to prevent a repeat of 2020 when georgia handed democrats the senate. here is a warning from nikki haley. the>> don't listen to this red wave stuff they are talking to you about. the win that will happen in georgia will simply be based on turnout. more of us show up than they do. >> warnock holds the advantage among independents, according to the latest fox news polls. looks like he just arrived, just about to take the podium here to rally voters to hit the polls. sandra. >> sandra: following the last full day of campaigning on the ground in macon, georgia. thank you. john, looking at regional inflation in august, that state,
10:22 am
georgia, 9% inflation, so they have prices higher than the national average. also a drop in the state gdp in the last quarterly report. this is a state that's struggling on a few different levels. although the unemployment rate is below the national average. a few of the figures we are watching. >> john: i lived there not too long ago and you know, people who i know who still live there, friends of mine, they are complaining about crime as well in the atlanta area in particular. a lot to chew over. by the way, a new local fox poll has got walker bumping up against 50% now, 49 to 47. so we'll see what happens tomorrow. >> sandra: key to avoid a runoff, if neither candidate reaches the majority, the runoff on december 6, 4 more weeks of campaigning, john. >> john: can you imagine that, another four weeks. just south of georgia early voting in florida miami-dade county suggests it could be
10:23 am
turning red for the first time in 20 years. potential swing could also be a swing that republicans are gaining support among a crucial demographic. joining us now is former state department spokesperson under president biden and mark, assistant under president trump. let me put up on the screen for the last three cycles the historical presidential vote in miami-dade county. 2012, obama beat romney, and clinton beat trump, and closer in 2020, now a race where republicans, marie, have gone early voting more than democrats have and if miami-dade flips it could be a bad night for democrats. >> the trend in this county and across florida has been going towards republicans for some time. i think most democrats you talk to would say florida is not a swing state anymore this.
10:24 am
county has been but florida is not a swing state. i think the democrats feel good about the chances in the senate tomorrow, although other four weeks of campaigning made me nervous, john. a house is the place they are trying to limit losses. if democrats lose in the district -- early voting, you cannot tell a lot, trying to read the tea leaves, who registered, who shows up tomorrow, i don't think we should read too much into that yet. >> john: what do you think of the idea florida is not as much of a swing state. >> i agree with marie on that, but i think it's a bellwether. >> john: a shame, i love going to florida to watch -- >> absolutely. >> john: no better place to go in january. >> i think what we are seeing and you showed it in the presidential race closing and it really closed under president trump and i think the republicans are building on that, a lot of credit goes to the republican party of florida, governor desantis, lieutenant governor nunez, and basically
10:25 am
type cast hispanic voters as immigration voters, and this is not a monolithic greating group. they are voting on the same issues as everyone else, economy, gas prices, crime, education very big issue in the hispanic latino community. i think they started to see the benefits of the trump leadership. now they are seeing the negatives coming from what's currently going on and i think they are going to vote that way tomorrow. >> john: so what do you think, is the democratic party losing touch by and large? >> i think there are a lot of different kinds of latino hispanic voters. cuba-americans, venezuelan americans in florida, very different than voters in nevada or arizona or texas. i think that's important to keep in mind. we also know from polling that hispanic voters, particularly women, are not as conservative as the caricature suggests.
10:26 am
women's rights are stripped away from healthcare, but the dobbs decision has up ended a lot of what we thought about some of these identity groups and i think we will see tomorrow how that plays out at the polls. >> john: latino voters, and again, it's not a monolithic block, so if you are puerto rican the concerns are different than if you are cuban, but when you take a look at the issues, is abortion the driving issue by and large for latino voters? >> i don't think so. i think what we have seen in a lot of the polling is hispanic and latinos, family, faith, hard work. economic message is driving this. seeing the traditional democratic voting blocks because of the current situation, opening their eyes and going wait a minute, i want that back and while we may differ in some areas, even if they are
10:27 am
generally ok with abortion, it's something they are morally against even though if it's legal and so i don't think that's going to be a driving factor in the election. >> john: quick last question to you, marie. unprecedented number of latino and latina candidates on the republican side seem to be resonating with voters when you look in texas with mayra flores. is that a concern? >> we will see tomorrow. also older latinos, particularly in florida, concerned about social security and medicare. so young across the country, the message they are nothing going to cut social security and medicare -- we'll see tomorrow. >> we'll see tomorrow. marie, mark, great to see you. thanks for coming in. >> sandra: president biden says tomorrow's midterm elections won't be a referendum on his job performance. but could his falling support among independents prove too costly for democrats on the ballot? charlie has a lot to say about
10:28 am
that. he'll be here next. >> john: and as crime takes center stage in the race for new york's governor, even campaign rallies are turning violent. exclusive interview with a lee zeldin backer who was attacked just for expressing her views. >> i think it's disgraceful what happened. we are supposed to have a middle ground where we can have agreements and have disagreements but always be respectful. no matter your purpose, at pnc private bank we will work with you every step of the way to help you achieve it. so let us focus on the how. just tell us - what's your why? okay everyone, our mission is complete balanced nutrition. together we support immune function. supply fuel for immune cells and sustain tissue health. ensure with twenty-five vitamins and minerals, and ensure complete with thirty grams of protein.
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>> you can deny those who seek to vote. you can deny an election like those individuals and we say hell no. >> john: a scrimmage breaking out at a kathy hochul rally over the weekend. a man seen chun -- punching and choking a woman, a supporter of lee zeldin. eric has more from the new york
10:33 am
city newsroom. looked like assault, eric. has there been an arrest yet. >> no, john, no arrests yet, no charges. new york city police say the man you saw on the disturbing video apparently hitting and choking that lee zeldin supporter, nypd tells us he was actually helping her. this is angie torres. she and a group backing lee zeldin showed up at that manhattan rally, it was a rally for his opponent, democrat governor kathy hochul. torres says she was attacked, it criticizes hochul and the democratic party ticket. someone in the crowd snatched the sign out offer had -- her hands and he was seen hitting and choking her, you can see on this video. crystal hudson grabbed her, too. torres told me she was stunned that she was assaulted for
10:34 am
supporting zeldin. >> i was treated like a subhuman, like my feelings did not matter, just because i have an opinion that's different than theirs, they have a right to enact violence against me and i feel like it was just completely unnecessary. >> we don't know the identity of the man seen on the video or confirmed if he is a hochul supporter. an unknown woman did attack torres, but they claim the man stepped in to help her. but zeldin says torres was clearly being attacked. >> we had one of our supporters actually at a kathy hochul event and she ended up getting choked, it's all on video. political forms in all forms, any form is not okay. i don't care if you support one side, republican, democratic, no room for political violence.
10:35 am
>> we have asked governor hochul and the city councilwoman for questions on this. >> john: shouldn't be difficult to figure out who he is. >> sandra: midterm elections are often a referendum on a president's job performance and if that's the case this year, it means tomorrow will be a very long night for democrats. president biden's approval rating has hit a new all time low, 28% among independents. charlie hurt is here, opinion editor for "washington times," and fox news contributor. and as a result of his approval rating with independents reaching an all time low, they are moving more and more to the gop. this is independent voters moving towards the republican party as of october 2022, you see the number climbed almost ten points to 48% from august,
10:36 am
it was at 39% leaning gop. so this has been happening in big numbers. >> it's incredible, and i think one reason it's so dramatic here at the end is because things are so bad that a lot of people are focussed on gas prices and grocery bills, and so they are checking in late. now that they are checking in, it's bad. and there are few better, you know, indicators for midterm than the president's popularity, you look at other things, whether it's gas prices or interest rates, all of these things, they are horrible for the party that's not only -- that's not only in power in the white house, but also controls both chambers of congress as well, and so they have nobody else to blame and in fact, you can -- it's very easy to make the argument and i think a lot of republicans are successfully making it, a lot of the problems are tied directly to the policies of joe biden and democrats. >> sandra: correlation, every presidential cycle when you look
10:37 am
at gas prices and you chart it up against the approval rating of a president. >> and interest rates. >> sandra: exactly. that being said, you just talked about looking back at times where we have seen an approval rating for the president be as low as it is. you go back to 2010, obama, 35%, not as low as president biden's 28% today. he lost 63, the democrats lost 63 house seats in 2010 when the approval rating was that low. >> i think it's going to be a blood bath and more remarkable, because in 2010, or in 2008, barack obama carried in a lot of house members with him. he was a very popular candidate running a brilliant campaign. in 2020, republicans actually gained in the house in the 2020 election. so the floor is a little bit higher for republicans starting out so to get to a 63 would be -- is going to be -- is going to be tougher for republicans.
10:38 am
but in this environment, sandra, i would not rule anything out. i think it's going to be an absolute blood bath and the proof that democrats are not even trying to reach out to independent voters, trying to make any in-roads whatsoever, when you have a president calling them semi fascist and calling voters of other party threats to democracy. in a healthy political environment every politician wants to win over the voters of the other party. you don't do it by doing that. >> sandra: and why there was not a pivot weeks ago on these issues. finish off with this. this is a democratic strategist predicting the election day doom that her party will see in a take down on another network calling out her own party's tactics. listen to this. >> i'm a loyal democrat but i am not happy. i think that we are, you know, we did not listen to voters in
10:39 am
this election and i think we are going to have a bad night. when voters tell you over and over and over again that they care mostly about the economy, listen to them. stop talking about democracy being at stake. >> sandra: brutal calling out of her own party. >> when you spend so much time in washington that you forget the democrats care about their children getting good education, care about being able to go to work, care about the economy, then you've lost any right to claim any sort of position of power in washington. that's what we have seen. >> sandra: it is amazing to see on so many of these issues. charlie, great to have you here. john. >> john: i want to see the beard come back again. good to see charlie, though. dire warning about china from the military chief in charge of america's nuclear program. why he says we may not be prepared to counter china's growing arsenal. >> sandra: and the races for georgia senate and governor running down to the wire.
10:40 am
are they taking a key voting block for granted? >> we are ready for runoff, i think herschel is -- he's continuing every week he moves up. means your heartburn treatment is broken. try zegerid otc. it contains the leading medicine to treat frequent heartburn, uniquely designed for absorption. get all day, all night relief with zegerid otc. i left headquarters after hearing a plane hit the world trade center. this can't possibly be an accident. look at the sky. it's beautiful. i had in my mind that this was an attack right away. you saved so many lives that day. where were you when the towers came down? i hear this loud noise. i look up and it was the north tower coming down.
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>> john: georgia, the site of some of the country's most contentious races, fox news power rankings show the senate contest between rafael warnock and herschel walker is virtually tied, and voters leaning toward republican incumbent brian kemp over democratic challenger stacey abrams in the race for governor. david drucker, senior political correspondent for "washington examiner," on the ground in georgia. david, great to see you. it's been a while. let's talk about the senate race. the latest real clear politics average has herschel walker ahead of warnock, a tight race.
10:45 am
neither one of them is over 50%, which means we could see a runoff on december 6th. warnock won a runoff in january of 2021. does that give him the advantage here? >> well, look, i think you have to give the advantage to herschel walker. momentum is with the republicans because the issues are with the republicans. i think it's a testament, i'm here on the ground in macon, georgia, senator warnock is a few steps from me, he's done a remarkable job in staying at parity with walker when you consider the joe biden approval rating are below 40% and governor kemp is on track to defeat stacey abrams without a runoff and possibly with as much as 53 or 54% of the vote, and so that is a really tall order for
10:46 am
a democratic incumbent, excuse me, in a swing state when the president's approval rating are below 40%, when the governor running for re-election is on track to win with well over 50%. he's got a lot of work ahead of him. i was just listening to him a few moments ago and he said he has faith in the people of georgia, he thinks they will get it right. they didn't see us coming the last time in reference to the runoff, we'll see. >> john: thought the police had finally caught up with you for a second, david. >> well, i am the media, i am the media, people are suspicious when i come to town. >> john: we look at the governor's races, you pointed out brian kemp is about 50% in the clear politics average, 52.6, to 44.6 for stacey abrams, which means if he gets above 50% his race will not go to a runoff. karl rove will be watching the returns tuesday night and he believes that if there is a
10:47 am
pretty big margin between brian kemp and stacey abrams, that that is going to bode well for herschel walker. what do you think of that analysis? >> i think that's 100% true. a governor at the top of the ticket performing extremely well, when the democrats are dealing with political head winds. like john, how many times have we seen this, whether it's a democratic wave or republican wave, voters are unhappy with the incumbent president, not with the incumbent party on the issues that matter to them the most, it's a really tough haul and top of the ticket poll is a thing. i'll give you an good example. in colorado, republican joe odea cannot get over the top, i think will go to jared polis, on track to win by a big margin. the governor races really matter when we are looking at the
10:48 am
competitive senate races. >> john: and the other way around as well. will governor kathy hochul's problem against lee zeldin affect some down battle races. david, great to see you. say hi to all the folks, we miss them. >> sandra: hours to go to election day and democrats cannot even agree on a winning message for their party. so do republicans have a lock on the issues? we'll ask juan williams and sean duffy just ahead. >> john: and will pennsylvania tip the balance of power in the senate? it could come down to swing voters in a few critical counties. >> they shouldn't decide between food and i'll buy gas this week or drugs. >> people want to be able to raise their kids and not worry about crime in the community.
10:49 am
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>> sandra: balance of power in the senate could come down to a few so-called pivot counties in pennsylvania. gas prices, economy and inflation among the top issues for voters in the keystone state. jeff flock is in p.a. for us. what are you seeing and hearing, jeff? >> you know, used to be a very reliable democratic county, lucerne county, but it has
10:53 am
turned into what you called a pivot county. that means voted for president obama twice and then pivoted in 2016 to president trump. the only pivot county in pennsylvania that stayed pivoted. voted for trump again while a couple other counties bounced back. if you look at the numbers on registered voters, democrats lost 12,000 registered voters since 2016, republicans gained 14,000, and as you point out, it's all about the economy, stupid. >> inflation is on the minds of everybody and there just does not seem to be an end in sight. everybody is worried about heating in their homes in the winter. >> it's money, gasoline prices. >> fixed income, retired teacher, 36 years, but the price of gas, groceries, you see it every day. >> also a tight race in the 8th
10:54 am
district in luzerne as well, cartwright is the only incumbent democrat running for re-election in a district won by president trump in 2020. so i would say momentum with the republicans perhaps hope for the democrats. that's what makes election days so interesting. >> sandra: absolutely. and nobody talks to the folks on the ground like you do, jeff. talking to people one day before the election and they are feeling all these things, and they have been for quite some time. do you get the sense that there are some who are still making up their minds in these final hours? >> i do. there are so many people here that have been switched from one party to the other. as i said, this used to be heavily democratic. a lot of people have switched to republicans but they go back and forth. not everybody is at the extremes, most people i talk to are not. >> sandra: very interesting. great to have you there for us, jeff. thank you very much.
10:55 am
and you know, you have to assume there are people facing some pretty tough choices whose lives have changed a lot in just the recent months here, leading up to election day, john. >> john: when you take a look at the economic problems so many people across america are having, particularly a lot of the areas of pennsylvania where income tends to be lower than some major urban centers, they are having a tough time making ends meet. they have long distances to drive, a lot of gas in the car, and have to make some very difficult choices as well. >> sandra: indeed, and that do mean some consequences at the ballot box. >> john: new at 2:00, 1 more day of campaigning before polls close across the country. republicans looking to win back the house and rebuke of president biden's first two years in office. newt gingrinch blazed a similar trail in 1994. see what his advice is for
10:56 am
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disrupt the itch and rash of eczema. talk to your doctor about rinvoq. learn how abbvie can help you save. >> john: instead of let them eat cake, it's let them eat canned ravioli? a high ranking democrat says families will have to settle for chef boyardee in the wake of inflation. >> yeah, i grew up in a family where if the gas price went up, food budget went down. so this time of the week we would eat chef boyardee. that's what families have to do. >> john: have you got your spoon ready? john roberts in washington. >> sandra: hard to believe that's the messages with hours to go. now the 11th hour, democrats


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