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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 8, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PST

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♪ ♪ well, it's finally here. election day at the polls are opening up in states all across our country. >> brian: that is true, ainsley. [laughter] i was just so happy to relationship away part of my rundown. several closely watched battles underway including here in new york, especially new york city where the race for governor is much closer than expected. steve and we are going to talk to lee zeldin in moments. in the meantime, take a look at the numbers. 35 other states will pick their governor today as control of the u.s. senate hinges on the outcome of 35 races. and, of course, as you know, the
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house is up for grabs every two years. and it's that time. >> ainsley: and there are a lot of early bird voters who are heading to the polls and we are hearing from candidates in many of the key races this morning including don bolduc, brian just interviewed him. we also heard from tudor dixon, she was on the first hour of this show. they joined us with their final pitches. >> i have held the hands of moms and dads wondering how they are going to put food on the table. we have a moral imperative to help granite staters in america so they're not choosing between eating and heating. >> we will bring back education. we will bring back safe communities and support our police officers and we will support businesses become a partner to businesses and bring back the american dream in the state of michigan. >> brian: she was fired up this morning. also this morning we are going to hear from senator marco rubio, there's his picture. congressman lee zeldin. dr. mehmet oz. sarah huckabee sanders, one woman, three names and j.d.
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vance. plus we are trying to take the pulls opulseof the people. we will hear directly from people who either have voted or will vote today. >> ainsley: yeah. one woman, three men in this brian. will cain is live at the morning glory eatery satellite beach in florida. >> brian: rachel campos-duffy in gorskis in wisconsin where she used to call home where polls open in just under two hours. >> steve: lawrence jones is down in gainesville, georgia at the smokehouse barbecue. >> ainsley: we will start with pete hegseth at warminister diner in pennsylvania. >> pete: good morning, what an awesome crowd here in warminister, pennsylvania. i will make an argument right at this very moment at "fox & friends" center of the political universe in the country. here's why. the balance of the u.s. senate comes down, could be 51-4 #. could be decided here in pennsylvania. where does pennsylvania get decided? in the filly and pittsburgh
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area. especially outside of filly which is where we are in bucks county. bucks county literally a toss-up 50/50 county. as we were about to take the lights down i spoke to the director of security for mehmet oz. we actually served in the military outfit dr. oz, the leading candidate will be in this diner in just a few minutes to talk to all of these voters these are the voters he needs to turn out the polls just opened two minutes ago if he wants to win the race. "fox & friends" in the middle of it in pennsylvania. we are going to get the voice of the people in just moments. don't go anywhere. >> steve: we won't. now let's go to rachel campos-duffy live in wisconsin with the latest there. rachel? >> rachel: good morning. i heard you talking earlier about major -- or general bull duck saying people are choosing between eating and heating. i'm hearing the same thing here as well. energy, a big issue when you are in rural wisconsin. how many people here think that
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energy -- we need to be energy independent again? [cheers] >> rachel: absolutely. big issue when you need to heat your home and drive places here in rural wisconsin. also hearing a lot from people saying that they will not tell pollsters how they are voting. so we will see how the election goes. if it looks like a red wave, it could be even bigger. back to you guys. [cheers] >> steve: thank you very much. polls could be wrong again. >> ainsley: let's hand it over to will cain he is live at the morning glory eatery in satellite beach, florida. will? >> will: welcome back to the morning glory satellite beach, florida. wild to think at one point florida was a swing state. now reliably blue. president donald trump carried brevard county where we are in satellite beach in 2016 and 2020, 57% roughly. and now ron desantis and marco rubio look to be in for bigger days in brevard county.
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riden the red wave. big turnout here at the morning glory. come join us and see you at the polls. they are open now in florida. back to you guys. >> brian: let's go out to lawrence he is live with a great vest in smokehouse, barbecue in gainesville, georgia. lawrence, say something imprevisich. >> lawrence: well, it's great to be in the poultry capital of the world. that's very impressive. great to be here in georgia, guys. you guys may be wondering why it's so close when it comes into the walker race vs. the kemp race. and when i talk with folks and you know he was going against stacey abrams before the reason why response to the pandemic and able to business owners. they say they know brian kemp now that's why he is up by 7 points. looking at walker race it's going to be a dead heat. these folks are fired up and some of them are going to vote today. and they think they can be the
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difference-maker. real quick before i send it back to you guys. you asked about the desk from fox news digital. i talked to digital team they are working on something hopefully the audience will be able to buy these vests soon, guys. >> steve: fantastic. >> brian: how about they order a jacket with scissors and cut the sleeves off at home. >> steve: no. absolutely not. excellent coverage for all of our diners coast to coast. thank you very much. here in new york, the cover of the "new york post" is very simple. it says vote to save our state. vote for lee zeldin. and it just so happens that lee zeldin is joining us via the remote technology today. congressman, good morning to you. >> it's great to be with you. >> steve: of course, one of your key foundational arguments is that crime is a real problem here in new york. and we know that but your opponent, the current governor, kathy hochul yesterday, said you are just hyper ventilating. watch this. >> he has been hyper
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ventilating, trying to scare people for months incomers are on to it. all the legitimate media organizations have called him out for what he is doing. fear-mongering. it's not just here in new york. that has been the republican playbook all across this country. all you need to know is that the democratic states are safer than republican states. check out the facts. >> steve: of course we know a lot of the people on the streets of new york city who would disagree with her. is that what you are doing just trying to scare people to vote for you? >> you know, she is making those remarks over the course of about 24 hours, there were six subway attacks. so as the governor of the statute of new york, what you are supposed to do is say that you understand that is happening and that you are focused on doing absolutely everything in your power line to roll back pro-criminal laws like cashless bail. to fire weak district attorneys like alvin bragg. to say support our men and women in whether you. make sure we are providing all the tools and resources we need
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make sure law-abiding citizens are in charge of the streets instead of criminals, instead she is trying to say this is all just a conspiracy, we are data deniers even though by the way all different kinds of crime categories are up. she is trying to spin here. we have been down this road before. in the 1980s, elected officials said it was a perception. there is nothing to see here. look away. kathy mobile is trying this again in 2022 and voter of all walks of life. republicans, democrats and independence, they have had enough. they don't want to be gaslit. they don't want to look away. they want boldness and courage from elected officials to actually make the streets and subways safe again. >> ainsley: congressman, i know there are a lot of democrats that live in manhattan. i don't know what percentage you have to get. i heard 30 some odd percent of new yorkers people who live in manhattan in order to win. this you are doing well on long island, definitely staten island, upstate new york where we have more conservatives. what do you say to the people who haven't gone to the polls yet or planning on going out to vote this morning here in new york city that normally vote for
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a democrat? >> well, would veto work together to be able to save the big apple, to save the state. if you are concerned about congestion pricing, affordability of life in new york. if you believe that balance should be restored to albany, maybe you are a democrat who feels like the party has gone too far left. right now kathy hochul isn't up for the job. she has funded her campaign through rampant pay-to-play of corruption sell out access to her office. as you just played this that last clip, she is trying to avoid the issues that actually on the minds of new yorkers. for that new yorker hitting the breaking point in this state. maybe they have other members of their family already hit their breaking point and fled. this is the opportunity. the state ising wrong direction leading the whole country in outmigration. we can't continue more of the same. that's why i'm in this race to do my part to save this state. kathy mobile is in this lace to save kathy mobile. the contrast couldn't be any stark everywhere.
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we need everybody to get out of to polls. if you are a proud american, that means that it is your duty, your obligation, your responsibility to vote before the polls close. >> brian: bill clinton was supposed to help with the message on crime and made a joke is kathy hochul handing outline billy clubs and bats on the subway. the next day two subway attacks a 44-year-old was stabbed in a neck and 54-year-old stabbed in the arm when she tried to stop a woman from being assaulted. so, that is just happening. and i think for some reason they are making a cottage industry of ignoring crime. meanwhile, their big message, a lot of people don't agree with, but i want to get your take. here is joe biden on his closing argument. >> think about new republican party there is not your father's republican party. this is a maga republican, trump republican. >> brian: went on to say democracy is on the ballot. what would you say to people because they know you are a
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supporter of donald trump. what do you say to people who say that you're an extreme maga party member? >> well, i think it's extreme that you just referenced that there is two different people who were stabbed. i think it's extreme people are getting thrown in front of ongoing subway cars. it's extreme. listen, i live there is a gang drive by shooting at my house just a few weeks back. the stories from across the state aren't just inside of new york city where there are all sorts of different categories of rising crime. where even kathy hochul she goes on another network a couple days ago and the most she probably thought this was going to be a softball layup couldn't be easier interview. the host cuts her off and says listen, i don't feel safe inside of new york city. when i go to the pharmacy everything is packed up. she is not riding 9 subway. no one wants to be told that we just should just look away here. as far as what bill clinton said he used to be the closer. to think this is supposed to be just laughed off like this is some big joke, that people are
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concerned about rising crime just proves how unfit and unready these individuals are right now to actually address these issues. the eric adams the mayor of new york city is a democrat. i'm a republican. i look forward to writing a story in january of 2023 about how well a governor zeldin is working with a mayor adams to save new york city. that means overhauling cashless bail. that means raising the minimum age. i will declare a crime emergency on day one and suspend cashless bail, less is more. raise the age. halt act and the discovery law changes and force the state legislature to come to the table. on day one i'm going to tell the head district attorney alvin bragg that he is being removed for his refusal to enforce the law. >> that's what new yorkers want. they don't want to be told to look away and they also don't think any of this is a joke. >> steve: the closing argument for lee zeldin. congressman, thank you very much. good luck. >> ainsley: thank you. we wish you all the best. >> thank you all. >> brian: i don't want to tell
4:13 am
him and maybe i thought you would that cher is not voting for him. she has come out. >> steve: is she a new york state resident? she is not a new york state resident. >> brian: no she is supporting kathy hochul. >> ainsley: he is not a resident. if you are not a resident you can't vote. >> brian: urging her followers. >> steve: both of them. all right. it is 13 minutes after the top of the hour on this wednesday -- tuesday and right over there she has the news, hello, carley. >> carley: i certainly do. we will begin at the border where an estimated 6 # thousand migrants evaded border patrol in october alone. agents apprehended over 205 illegal immigrants last month as the biden white house continues to insist the border is secure. this thermal drone footage running contrary to the white house narrative each day this week huge groups of migrants are seen crossing the rio grande in normandy, texas with no resistance whatsoever. look at that line of people.
4:14 am
and an arizona border officer seizing over 200,000 fentanyl pills in massive amounts of cocaine and meth. during two separate border busts. a total of 4.5 million turning to a second job to supplement their income. this is 6% increase compared to last year. many of those americans are taking on additional work to combat soaring inflation with a holidays right around the corner. the october jobs report clocking in at 261,000 new jobs marking the lowest growth since decembe. check this out. bizarre video out of washington state shows a suspect knock himself out while trying to run out of a luxury store that he just robbed. the 17-year-old ran into a glass window and then instantly hit the ground. police say he grabbed $18,000 worth of louis vitton handbags just beforehand. they believe he is part of a retail theft crime ring.
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a blood moon illuminating the sky early on election day. look at that if you were lucky enough to have full skies a full lunar eclipse cast a red across the moon. nasa capturing the different stages several cities across the nation. the final stage finished before 7:00 a.m. amazing site you won't see again until 2025. how about that blood moon. a lot of people are saying red color is indicator of people. >> steve: red wave, red moon. >> ainsley: next time we will see it we will know who the next president will be. >> brian: absolutely. very interesting. i remember when i was little i asked for a telescope i got a moon scope. the only thing i will could really see was the moon. and it's never happened my entire youth. i can't believe i got rid of it. >> steve: you got it, right? >> brian: i got it. >> ainsley: no blood moon. >> brian: look at the eye piece.
4:16 am
think you see the moon never find it once you looked in the eye piece i got sick of it. this would have been a perfect time had i kept it. >> ainsley: sounds like my parents. couldn't find the telescope. >> brian: just a little bit short of exactly what i wanted. >> ainsley: we wanted the cabbage patch kid we want got the faux one. we wanted atari. we wanted. >> have hs we got beta max. if. >> brian: carolla. >> ainsley: free ones from applebee's. >> steve: dr. mehmet oz to looks to win a key senate race from pennsylvania. is he going to join us from the keystone state next. >> brian: polls are set to open in less than an hour. rachel set the scene. >> rachel: all right. we're here in central wisconsin. i told you it's wisconsin so, of course, there's a bar. joe biden not on the ballot. but his policies are. so i thought i would ask them to give these great wisconsinitis
4:17 am
to give a grade. what grade would you give joe biden. >> f minus. >> f. >> f minus. >> f. >> f. >> double f. >> double f minus. a g. >> f. >> rachel: there you go, you guys. is he getting an f here in central wisconsin. right back at you. more "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tum tums ♪ hey, i just got a text from my sister. you remember rick, her neighbor? sure, he's the 76-year-old guy who still runs marathons, right? sadly, not anymore. wow. so sudden. um, we're not about to have the "we need life insurance" conversation again, are we?
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♪ steve well, the polls are now open in pennsylvania where the balance of power in the u.s. senate could come down to one of this year's most competitive races and john fetterman's campaign already warning of election delays suing to have the mail-in ballots counted even if they are not signed with a valid date.
4:22 am
and this is against state law currently. dr. mehmet oz is hoping to win the seat, he joins us right now live from that diner we have been visiting. dr. oz, good morning to you. >> good morning. this is actually our home diner. i live 10 minutes from here so it's very convenient. a lot of enthusiasm behind me. finally got to sit down to get our interview in. >> steve: you know this, democrats would have looed to have had the election about a month and a half ago when fetterman was ahead, but then there was the debate and that kind of changed everything for a lot of people. >> you know, the debate was the first time that john fetterman ever took questions in a forum that he didn't coordinate. he never answered the questions from voters on the campaign trail. never took press gaggle questions where he had to where it was coming. it was an effort by his team to hide what radical positions were. we finally got him to agree to a debate he had to start answering
4:23 am
about radical positions on energy, economy, crime and drugs. it became a problem for him because he doesn't have good answers. that's why what i'm hearing here is going to be the final story when we win this campaign. what i'm hearing is folks are upset that washington keeps getting along with radical positions. and john fetterman just seems like he is even more radical than joe biden pulling him even further to the left. i have been arguing i stand for balance. i will cut through bipartisan bbickering bring solutions to te forefront. that's the what people want. people desire hope. what i'm pushing day in and day out deeper insight as a heart surgeon that's my day job as you know until last year when i entered the campaign. i'm not a politician. i'm a doctor. surgeons focus on big issues in my case broken hearts. we know how to unify feel address them we don't divide. that's whattens been happening in earthquake in. folks at this diner and all across pennsylvania are frustrated by that. >> steve: so fetterman's camp is suing to have all those incorrectly filled out mail-in
4:24 am
ballots have them counted but right now the supreme court in your state of pennsylvania said a couple of weeks ago that apparently they had to set them aside because they did not put it on the right date. fetterman wants those counted because historically, as you know, the mail-in ballots go to the democrats. >> sorry, i don't really hear you it's sort of loud here and the ifb has gone out. i think you are asking about concerns that the fetterman campaign has raised about how close this election is. when all the vote are counted i'm going to be the winner. and the reason for that is because i have been pushing hard every day about the kitchen table issues. the issues that are plaguing pennsylvanians. and john fetterman's has waged a campaign aimed at attacking me for who i am. at the end of the day, people care more about what they're staying up all night thinking through. the issues around inflation in particular, where gas prices here are skyrocketing the last few weeks. i believe that there is no real agenda for prosperity. we are not actually going
4:25 am
anywhere with the current biden agenda and biden more moderate than fetterman. i will leave you one last idea. i believe we are the land of opportunity and land of plenty but most of all i want you to believe in you and believe in me because together we can make this happen. god bless you. [applause] >> steve: the crowd there at the diner approves of that message. dr. oz, i don't think you can hear me, thank you very much. you have got to go out and shake about 10,000 more hands before it's all over today. tomorrow you take a nap. all right, coming up, of the polls are open in florida. and will cain is having breakfast with friends down in the sunshine state and will, they are motivated. [chanting] >> pete: they are motivated. so much so i'm having trouble hearing you back in new york. transition to don. don was a lifelong democrat until about 10 years ago. why did you change over. >> democratic party changed for me. not the same party it was 10 years ago. >> will: jimmy said the economy
4:26 am
is 16 years on the job right, jimmy? >> that's right. >> will: that issue impact you and your money. talk to more diners right here in florida. satellite beach when we come back. ♪ hi, susan. honey. yeah. i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad. try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love, plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? robitussin. the only brand with real honeyand elderberry.
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' ains ains voters down in florida are now heading to the polls to decide key races. >> brian: including marco rubio looking to fend off val demings for a third term plus governor ron desantis seeking re-election against charlie crist. >> steve: that's right. marco rubio will be joining us in the next hour. meantime will cain is in satellite beach and they are flying high. >> fl flying high, steve. i saw you pouring mimosas the other night. what's this. >> maybe a little vod can can a in it. >> will: the way you do florida in it. find out what's most important. what is the most important issue for you as you go to the ballot box today? >> immigration, i'm a legal imgranted to this great country and border. economy. >> will: immigrant from iceland. what's the most important issue? >> inflation, crime, second amendment rights. i know that's not a hot topic right now but it's always in the background. >> border, 100 percent.
4:31 am
way too many people coming in illegal in this country. way too many. >> i'm trying to get votes running for county court judge. >> national and local. all the way down election day in florida. what else the most important issue. >> actually securing the future for our children around future generation. >> our children. >> brought his son with him today. >> part of this whole thing. >> you can hear so, the border, inflation, recurring theme. okay. i will ask you guys here. i mean, the signs give it away. when it comes to florida. first of all, marco rubio is coming up on "fox & friends" in a moment. when it comes to the senate, the united states senate and supporting or helping address the issues you just told me, where does your vote go? show me by a show of hands, marco rubio? [cheers] >> will: the other big race for the state is governor charlie crist. it's ron desantis. how does your vote go there.
4:32 am
[shouting desantis] >> desantis. >> desantis. >> will: see if we can trade places over here. >> desantis. he has got to go big this time. very big. >> will: ron desantis very popular. why is it -- and i have met people that were democrats that support ron desantis. why is it he has galvanized so many people in florida. >> he says what he is going to do and he does it. exactly. look at why we are living here in florida. we got the freedom he freedom. >> will: kept our state open. you hear that over and over. people appreciate the fact that you got to continue to live your lives through covid. >> absolutely. it was the freedom i'm from connecticut. i came down here because it wasn't free in connecticut. >> will: that's the sentiment on the ground here satellite beach, morning glory. the sun is up. the little tropical storm brewing off the coast. we will be all right. check in outside when we come up later from satellite beach,
4:33 am
florida. back to you. >> steve: it sounds like it could be a hurricane by the time it gets to your neck of the woods. are people voting today and then evacuate or just going to hunker down with the cups with the vodka? i will ask them real quick. storm coming in are you going to vote today and hunker down or get out of town. [shouting] [laughter] >> will: vote and stay, steve. >> ainsley: everything is open. even the bar. >> brian: will, continue your polling as we always appreciate it. let's go to the woman representing all women on "fox & friends" today remote assignment. she is in wisconsin. she is rachel campos-duffy. hey, rachel. >> rachel: good morning to all of you. what an exciting day. people here saying they are going to have their coffee. have their breakfast. and then head out to the polls. excited to vote. i'm here with mark and phil. they work at a paper mill here.
4:34 am
how is the economy effecting the workers at the paper mill? >> these guys they drive from a long ways in. they are paying double for the amount of gas. their groceries are up 30% and who knows what their fuel bill is going to be to heat their homes. it's killing them. >> rachel: killing them. so inflation top issue for you. >> top issue by far. >> rachel: all right. you are. >> my name is greg. >> rachel: greg, you are going to vote today, right? >> i'm voting today and i believe that both michaels and ron johnson, aside from the economy, they are strong on immigration and fortunately, i have had the opportunity to work for a european company for a lot of years, and i love the diversity that that brings. but no different than when i travel there, my colleagues travel here, we have to do it legally. and if it's done legally, there's a lot of benefit to that. >> rachel: that's right. top issue for you? >> crime. >> rachel: crime? >> it's concerning. tosoft on crime issues we are dealing with now. >> rachel: is the border
4:35 am
affecting central wisconsin. >> absolutely. absolutely. drugs like fentanyl are come in. things like that. and that has a lot to do with that, yes. >> rachel: all right. here we are, your name? >> karen shimek. >> karen, are you the grandma to this gorgeous baby? >> yes, yes. >> rachel: so you have a grand baby. your daughter is here. there is three generations at this table. >> oh, yes. >> what does this election mean to you? >> i want to see a better future for her. it just doesn't sound good the way the country is going. >> rachel: your top issue? >> inflation. >> rachel: inflation? >> that's hitting me. >> rachel: sir, your name? >> my name is lee, education amongst the other things and what's happening to our young people, what they are being taught in our schoolings is atrocious, to give this young child the chance to grow up in an american that we grew up in and to be proud of. >> rachel: all right. there you go. people voting on economic issues but also on the cultural i and education. right back to you guys.
4:36 am
>> steve: thank you very much, rachel campos-duffy. >> rachel: who is voting today? >> steve: everybody there i have heard so far. coming up on this program senate can daughter j.d. vance going to join us with closing argument for ohio voters. >> ainsley: first, lawrence jones is in the peach state where polls are now open. hey, lawrence. >> lawrence: hey, good morning, family. i don't know if you can tell me we are packed in here like sardines. i want to ask you guys a question. is education one of the top issues and who's concerned about our kids' future raise your hands? [cheers] >> linda you are a former teacher, retired teacher, what can you tell these parents to give them hope about kids future. >> have them take career tech family and consumer science because it's life skills. >> lawrence: thank you so much, friends. more "fox & friends" after this break. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tim ryan with his closing arguments on tonight's last word. thank you very much. >> we're going to bring it only, lawrence. >> gotcha. >> we're going to bring it home. >> brian: man of the people. it's one of america's most watched races for governor and democrat tim ripe although he doesn't want to be called a democrat already cracking opening a beer while predicting a win. very similar to elizabeth warren who had little success with that joining us now with his own closing pitch to voters ohio senate candidate j.d. vance. j.d., will you at the end of this interview be opening up a beer or having a bottle of wine? >> it's pretty early, brian. i think if i was cracking open a beer at 8:00 in the morning i would have some problems. i will be cracking open a beer in celebration tonight. i feel very good about where we are. >> brian: long campaign, a tough campaign because tim ryan seems to have run almost like a republican. how did you deal -- how do you
4:42 am
deal with that being that he took a lot of your issues? >> yeah, brian, we just try to tell voters the truth. i mean, i have a lot of faith in voter, especially after the last year and a half. we just have to get out there and deliver the right message. tim ryan says that he supports ohio workers but yet he wants to ban gas powered cars and wants to ban tracking. says he supports lower taxes but voted for $20 billion in tax increases like six weeks ago. and then also sent 87,000 irs agents after the people of ohio to collect toes taxes so we just corrected the record: the rhetoric of tim ryan does not match the record of tim ryan in washington, d.c. we have been hammering that and also telling my story about growing up in a poor family, getting a chance at the american dream and why if i get elected to the senate i will fight for that for every citizen in ohio. >> brian: what is one thing as senator can you do to bring manufacturing back to your state? where do you think you could put your stake in the ground there? if you get this job? >> i think a couple things,
4:43 am
brian. one, i do expect to be part of the incoming senate majority on the republican side. and one of the most important part of manufacturing in ohio is allowing ohio energy to blossom. we have a ton of natural gas and oil in the state of ohio. we just need to get the biden administration to allow us to be become energy independent that will reduce prices for everybody at the pump, at the grocery store. it will also make it possible to manufacture more things in ohio and you are right, joe biden will still be president. i actually think after the shellacking we hope to deliver tonight, i'm hoping the biden administration will actually work with us and recognize you cannot go on bended knee to saudi arabia and venezuela when you have plenty of energy right in your own backyard. >> brian: ohio is tough to poll. looks the president was too close to call in ohio in 2020ened and the former president won by 8. he was there last night. he was there with you rallying. what was his closing messes sage and --message and what did he tu
4:44 am
behind the scenes. >> person feel very well. get out the vote message. look, we have sky high inflation, a border crisis, a terrible crime problem in this country. people have to get out there and vote to push back against this and that was really what the president hammered that we actually have the better argument. we certainly have the better of the policies but we need to make our voices heard today. the polls are open in ohio until 7:00. we have got to get out there and vote. because this is our one chance during the entire four years of joe biden's time in office where we get to push back against what's going on. we got to get out there and vote. that's what the president said. >> brian: hopes to replace rob portman for the next senator of ohio. it's election day. the word is get out and vote in ohio. bill hemmer will say it and so will j.d. vance. thank you very much, valentine's day j.d. appreciate it. >> thanks, brian. >> go and check in with janice dean for the fox weather forecast for this election day, hey, janice. >> janice: yes, here in new
4:45 am
york, it's a spectacular day, a little cool. what's your name, my friend. >> gainer. >> janice: where are you from. >> jackson florida but live in roanoke virginia. >> janice: anything you want to say. >> all my friends in roanoke and friends in florida. general january take look at the forecast for you. i am concerned with the west. we have a lot of bad weather moving in and potential for rain and snow for our friends in nevada. we are watching that race very closely. and then across the midwest where we could see some showers and thunderstorms in the forecast and then for our friends in florida, all right. we have a hurricane that could make landfall on thursday. a little bit of rain across the eastest do. that's something we are going to have to watch over the next couple of days, pay close attention to your local forecasters and of course fox will help you out as well. a lot of weather happening and, of course, we will keep you up to date on the election forecast as well. say hi to brian kilmeade. >> hey, brian. and joey and. >> janice: and the whole gang.
4:46 am
can i get a selfie with you. >> brian: yes you can janice charges though. major race could determine the balance of power in the senate. that's not news for pete. pete, you have done a lot of studying preparing for this diner shoot. >> pete: all night long. by the way, normally these states don't talk politics with people. here i don't talk sports because they got a filly fans with a lot of good teams around here. i'm not going to offend. all right? right here behind me ronna mcdaniel is here running the rnc ground game. we have been hearing whispers how long will the votes take to count? what is the republican strategy? light of that? some of you all say thanksgiving we hope not. we will talk to ronna in moments from here in philly.
4:47 am
♪ biofreeze, the number one clinician recommended menthol topical pain relief brand. works fast. lasts long. cool the pain with biofreeze.
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♪ >> steve: it is 7:50 in the morning on this midterm election day and the polls are open right now in the keystone state of pennsylvania. >> brian: "fox & friends weekend" co-host pete hegseth has spent this morning in the keystone state in warminister and is joined right now by republican national committee chairperson ronna mcdaniel. take it away, pete. >> pete: thank you, guys. i made the argument earlier we
4:51 am
are in, i believe, the center of the political universe in the united states right now here in bucks county in pennsylvania. [comeers] [cheers] the fact that ronna mcdaniels is here adds some have a did at this to our point. >> good to be with you. thanks, everybody. what a great place to be. >> pete: why did you choose bucks county the oz campaign. >> bucks county is a bellwether county. a key county. it's going to be key to republican victories. we see today republicans vote on election day in pennsylvania. so we're coming out and making sure everybody gets out and vote today. >> pete: i'm saying almost -- well, every single person i have talked to in this diner is voting today in person. >> yeah, exactly. [applause] >> pete: how does that break down from your perspective with the other absentee ballots? >> pennsylvania is an absentee and day of voting state, right? so democrats get a lead in the absentee.
4:52 am
we have seen it. know they come in with a lead on that and we overcome it on election day. everybody need to go vote gop. i was at oz's rally last night. i asked the audience of over 1,000 people home of you have voted not a single hand went up. got to get it done today. he has to win by 60% i think he will. get out and vote. call your family and friends. call everybody you know take back this country. >> pete: election day wave if you want the red wave here in pennsylvania. it's been kind of e eerie for democrat to set expectations how long you have to wait. when i talk to people about that a lot of angst. how do you prevent that from dragging on. >> it's hard because state laws pennsylvania doesn't preprocess ballots, states like nevada, oregon and washington will accept ballots until november 15th. some of these states it's going to take a long time. >> pete: how do we get this back until election day. >> this is why we have to win. and so everybody needs to be calm. but i will say we have poll
4:53 am
watchers everywhere, 100 percent coverage in pennsylvania. we have poll workers. we have lawyers everywhere. we're going to make sure if we see anything wrong we're going to protect everybody's vote and make sure it's fair. some of these states have wacky laws and we are just going to have to deal with it and be patient. it may take some time. >> pete: hopefully interim step toward simplifying election laws for the future? >> the democrats are against voter i.d. they want ballot harvesting. they don't want election day they want election two months. this is why people have concerns about elections. and so when democrats go and say oh democracy, democracy. how many just give us an election day, voter i.d. and make our elections fair and transparent. that would give a lot of people a lot more assurance. >> pete: it sure would. ronna mcdaniel thank you so much. >> good to see you. >> pete: everybody, ronna mcdaniel, give it up. [applause] >> pete: will it be a big day for republicans here in pennsylvania? we are about to find out. fired up.
4:54 am
don't go anywhere. we'll be back. >> ainsley: all right. thank you so much, pete. with polls now open, let's go back to gainesville, georgia, where "fox & friends" enterprise reporter lawrence jones is speaking with voters at the smokehouse barbecue. having breakfast there lawrence? they serve barbecue. >> lawrence: that's right. good morning, ainsley. go dogs. so good to be in georgia. [cheers] >> lawrence: there is a tight senate race we are think going we can figure out what the top see where the voters are leaning towards when it comes to the candidates. what's the number one issue and why? >> the border for the fentanyl and everything that's coming across if we don't secure that border, we're going to have bigger problems than what we have now. >> lawrence: ma'am, what's the number one issue for you and why. >> crime and the simple fact i'm more worried about the officers and my own safety. i carry just to keep my own self-safe. >> lawrence: a lot of people feel that way sir what's the egg aboutest issue for you.
4:55 am
>> economy, and i still have supply side issues. i only get two thirds of the products i order. >> lawrence: good god. sir, what's the number one issue for you. >> democracy. which party is weaponizing the fbi. who is talking about getting the fbi done we need to nip that in the bud. >> lawrence: a lot of voter integrity. what about for you sir. >>'s it the economy. i'm a financial adviser and what the democrats have done to this economy is criminal. >> lawrence: what is the best candidate. >> by far walker. only one not answering to biden. >> lawrence: sir, what's the number one issue and why? >> the economy and my wife thinks i'm at work. [laughter] >> lawrence: well she knows now that you are not. sir, what's the number one issue for you and why? >> the economy. i sell real estate, look what the inflation has done to the real estate market? >> amen. >> lawrence: sir what's of the number one issue and why. >> education, i have four
4:56 am
grandchildren and worried about the indoctrination they are trying to do to me and schools. >> lawrence: ma'am, what's the number one issue turning toward the camera. >> putting god back in our country because they have taken him out. [applause] >> lawrence: guys, as you can hear the number one issue it would be hard to say they would go for warnock with some of these issues they have been stating today. we don't know just yet we will be following the results. we still have one more hour to talk to the good folks of georgia. >> steve: indeed. lawrence, i'm talking to the wife of the guys who wife thinks he is at work he needs to call her. just call her. >> lawrence: that's right. you need to call your wildfire and let her know. [laughter] >> ainsley: thanks, lawrence. coming up our "fox & friends" election day coverage continues so don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪ dvice from ameriprise can do more than help you reach your goals. wow... we can make this work. it can help you reach them with confidence. no wonder more than 9 out of 10 of our clients
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♪ ♪ >> brian: what a star-studded show we have had so far. i mean, the players on the ballot today. it is election day and we are watching many of the tight races across the country a


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