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tv   Fox News Democracy 2022 Election Coverage  FOX News  November 8, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> it is 8:00 in new york. polls have just closed in 16 more states. we start in the critical battleground of pennsylvania, where the fox news decision desk says it's too early to call this race. pennsylvania's another historically slow-counting state, so it could be -- warning here -- a long night for both dr. oz and lieutenant governor john fetterman. we'll keep you updated on that one. >> also too early to call new hampshire. the senate race there between incumbent democrat maggie hassan and republican don bolduc.
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hassan won in 2016 by over a thousand votes, making her the most vulnerable democrat up for re-election in this cycle. >> in florida, we can project republican scenario marco rubio has defeated democratic representative val demings with millions of votes in. that's a big win for rubio. was expected, but percentages in miami-dade and other counties where he hadn't won before are stunning. >> very notable what's happening in florida tonight. over to illinois, where democratic senator tammy duckworth has a lead. that race too early to call at this hour. >> schmidt has a lead over trudy valentine. >> in maryland, senator chris van hollen will win his race, defeating the democratic candidate. we can also call the alabama
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senate race where republican katie britt is projected to win, taking over the seat from senator shelby. >> looks close there. you sure you're ready to call it? >> we're ready. >> two races in oklahoma, both too early to call, but both republican candidates lead at this point in the first james langford fighting for a second full term, and in the special election, republican mark wane mullin is hoping to replace senator jim emhoff. >> the white are the ones we haven't yet called. majority is 51. it stands at 50/50. we'll be tracking that all night. moving to the governors' races, in florida, ron desantis will defeat charlie crist. again, the margins are here eye-popping. we'll let brit talk about in
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just a bit. >> that's an enormous number for governor desantis. the pennsylvania governor race, josh shapiro has a strong lead over doug mastriano. this one is too early to call. there's 3% of the vote in in that race. >> at this hour, the oklahoma governor race too early to call. this was rocky for a bit, but it's too early to call. >> not enough data to call the race in maine. governor janet mills has a lead against her predecessor, going for another round as governor there. we'll see what happens there. >> in massachusetts, we can project that haley will be the next governor of the bay state. next door in maryland, wes moore will replace term-limited republican governor larry hogan. that goes to the democrats. >> the fox news decision desk says governor chris sununu has a lead in the great state of new
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hampshire. >> and connecticut in, the democratic governor has a lead against g the gop candidate. >> and governor dan mckee, who will make his first full term in office in rhode island. he is the incumbent there. >> and ope alabama, we can projt governor kay ivey will win a second term in the state of alabama. >> and finally fox news projects republican bill lee leads in tennessee. >> and governor phil scott, the republican, will win a fourth term in office, defeating the democrat. >> that's the races we have. we'll take a break. >> that's a lot. we're still waiting for a lot of numbers to come in here. we're getting early indications in places like new york, which doesn't close until 9:00. >> let's just digest that florida race. >> i'd love to. >> i mean, that is eye-popping.
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>> yeah. so, again, i guess governor desantis who had a tough election his first time around, has shown himself to be a competent governor, who listens to the people of florida. responds to them. you know, he was a very different governor when it came to covid. you had people fleeing from new england states in order to move there, because the schools were open. they just run -- he runs the state very well. he wasn't afraid also to reach out to different people. that number in miami-dade, if that holds true, will great to get karl rove analysis on that as well. the election in 2000 there a big deal. interesting thing about his opponent, charlie crist, i don't know if you realized this, he will be the first person in florida to lose a statewide race as a republican, an independent, and a democrat. >> wow. he's done it all. >> campaign headquarters exploding in tampa tonight. >> i think they're watching fox. we welcome harold ford jr., former tennessee congressman,
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cohost of "the five," welcome to the panel, with this big republican win, we'd like you to weigh in. this is from president obama's '08 campaign manager said, quote, the obama coll coalitionn florida is gone. that's stunning. if you look at the numbers here, miami-dade county, hillsborough county, os see olea county, places they did not win, republicans. now they're winning in big numbers. >> democrats have proved to not being able to adapt to changing situations in a political situation. clearly we've gone through covid, from supply chain challenges, to the challenges of getting our kids back to school. governor desantis is being rewarded for that. i think if you're going to counter him, you have to counter him with substance, counter him with an alternative course that's going to make life better for citizens in florida. frankly, does look as if the three-time -- you say lost as a
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democrat, republican, independent. if you're governor desantis, this win tonight i think in many ways, not only ro roils democra, but choices will have to be made who's the leader for republicans, is the desantis or trump. congratulations to desantis. >> we talked about governors and how they're elected or re-elected based on competence. i think back to hurricane ian just a short time ago. people got their power back on i think in record time. it wasn't the kind of situation where you're going around the state and people are saying, i keep calling the governor and nothing is happening. in fact they were saying exactly the opposite. they were lauding his performance. >> he was proving that he could build a bridge in three days, things like that. look, what's happened in florida has to take over the conversation tomorrow, no matter what the rest of the night
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holds. this is a huge sea change. as dana said, as karl remembers, you know, this is a situation that i think we could never have anticipated, even a few years ago, to see miami-dade come in the way that it did. it just is an indictment, i think, not of just the other side, but of the white house's approach to this election. if you were focused on issues that were on social media, issues like abortion, guns, climate, etc., i think you lost the force forest for the trees. you were paying attention to issues that might matter to your progressive base online, but they're not present at the kitchen table, where people are trying to make ends meet, they do prize the kind. competence you're talking about, keeping things open even during the intense time of covid. >> i just want to say, it's a place that during covid, it became sort of the option, right? people said i want to move to florida because of this. so they were choosing where they wanted to live based on the way that the state was handling it. they stayed. that's the key.
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they stayed. they reregistered to vote. ron desantis takes credit for that. also he's done great investments in workforce development. i think the republican party becoming the party of the worker, plus 12 shift from 2010 martha on the number of blue collar workers who call themselves republican, that has to do with these great governors. mike pence did it, saying i'm going to invest in technical vocational opportunities. not everyone is wanting college. one thing, in charlie crist's congressional seat, we're about to flip that, pinellas county, with a hispanic female veteran. 95% of the vote is in. she's up by 8,000 votes. it's huge. it's charlie crist's congressional district, not only has he lost three times with different parties, but it's a growing trend for republican
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candidates, female hispanic veteran. huge. >> you haven't mentioned the former president, but you use his terminology. >> back when he was in the house desantis, i used to see him around fox news in washington. and he seemed to be kind of standard issue republican conservative congressman, with no particular distinction. and he ran, you may recall, the nomination for governor, against adam p putnam. >> we did a debate. >> exactly. putnam was thought a rising star in the gop for a long time. he's an able guy. i remember, he said to me there wasn't an opening for senate, so he ran for governor. look now. he had the stones to stand up to the medical establishment, the political establishment, the democrats and media in the state of florida on covid, which i think is where he made his mark,
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and was willing -- took the chance, believed in his own advice he was getting from his medical advisors. i think it's played out for him. now he is where he is. >> we shouldn't overlook the win by marco rubio. democrats had hopes that val demings, former police chief from orlando, it's not close. in some of the counties, it's equal or greater than desantis' spread. let's head over to bill hemmer. >> i'm going to stir the pot. give me a moment. i want to set it up the right way. then you can have a stab at it. okay? talking about florida, i don't want to overlook it. keep in mind, when we began this night, okay, republican leadership thought they had to flip four seats in florida, right? or pick up four. okay? so this is florida 13 right her.
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about 99%. she's going to win based on this right here. so that would be a flip. that is charlie crist's old seat too right now is being defeated by ron desantis at the governor's level. i would also point your attention to florida 15. this is just east of tampa. all right? right now laura lee who used to work for ron desantis is leading with 96% in. that's a new open seat based on the census. florida gained a seat. republicans will pick up there as well. the point i'm making here is that if you needed four, you got four. now the question is can your incumbents across the country hang on? i'm going to end this report with one thought on there. before i leave florida, just want to show you what's happening here. okay? so this is rubio. all right? this is rubio in miami-dade. set up the right way. okay. sorry.
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clear that. boom, boom, boom. in miami-dade, rubio is at 53.4. cuban americans, latinos, right? south american latinos. desantis at 54.2. they're close with each other, right? there's rubio. there's desantis. and then in 2020 there's joe biden. so we'll get into it later tonight, but i just wanted to put it out there right now, that people like desantis, if he's going to get into this race for the primary battle there for 2020, he's going to be making a big case about latinos, cuban americans, appealing to democrats who live in a blue county like miami-dade. okay, let's leave there. let's go to georgia. herschel walker, the trend i see is this -- now, there are two candidates not on the board. one is picking up a point and a
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half, the another point. two and a half. i want to share this with the audience. here's walker statewide at about 30%. now here's kemp and abrams. so again, you can see the difference, right? 47.4. and he's right around 43. he stayed at that margin, guys, of about 4 to 4.5, no more than 5, but a separation of 4.45 points between what kemp is doing in the governor's race and what herschel walker is doing in the senate race. maybe in the end that matters. just keeping an eye on that. now, i mentioned these incumbents. i'm going to come back to this right here, just to complete the play as they say. i'll come back to the senate. republicans are trying to hang on to their incumbents. this is ohio one. that's my hometown. that's cincinnati.
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they chopped up the district, gave him a big part of the city of cincinnati. this district really runs against him. with about a third of the vote in, he's trailing. so good landsham holds on, that's a flip that republicans -- they need to find another seat to flip in order to get the majority in the house. we're watching that throughout the night. the senate, 11% in. tim ryan leading j.d. vance. we'll see where the vote comes in throughout the night. three cs, cincinnati, columbus and cleveland. i could go on for three more hours, but my time is up, because they told me to wrap three times. >> let's go to tucker carlson, who joins us tonight. tucker, great to have you with us. i'm thinking about you also a big florida resident. you spend a lot of time there. we've got double-digit wins for
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the governor, ron desantis, and also marco rubio. a huge night when you look at what's transformed in miami-dade county. what are you thinking, tucker? >> it's miami-dade county that jumps out at you. desantis lost it by a lot four years ago. he's winning it solidly it looks like right now. so what you're looking at is a realignment of voters. i really think we're undervaluing the extent to which blm, the democratic party going all in for the black lives matter movement in the summer of 2020, really moved hispanic voters to the republican side. i think it shows up in the polling results. nobody wants to say it, but it's absolutely a meaningful factor, i would say, in this. but if tomorrow morning we wake up, and these numbers in miami-dade and texas are real, possibly in arizona, then you're looking at really a different democratic coalition. >> what do you make of the numbers, tucker, that we're seeing out of pennsylvania? that senate race is really, really close. it could be a long time before we call it.
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>> well, that's the problem. i feel sorry for you, bret, and martha, because it will a late night for you, a tense one. look, the, the country is divided in lots of different places. you'll have close election results. people have to have confidence that those results are real, that they can trust the mechanics of the election. and what happened today in maricopa county where some huge percentage of electric voting machines, 30%, they claim they're dominion voting machines, but doesn't matter, electronic voting machines didn't allow people to vote apparently. whatever you think of it, the cause of it, it shakes people's faith in the system. that's an actual threat to democracy. the core problem, we're not serious about democracy if we're using electronic voting mac
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machines. you're going to have that these moments where everybody in the country fears volatility, because one side doesn't believe the result is real. you see it on both sides. you saw it yesterday, democrats suggesting that electronic voting machines could be hacked. democrats. this ran in politico. it's not just the crazy right, it's everybody losing faith in the system itself. i hope one thing comes out of this, i hope it's bipartisan. no electronic voting machines. retrequire voter ids, and the temperature goes down. >> i knew this was going to happen. now it finally has. >> you have the exact same tie. you're wearing the same tie. >> an election tie. >> you go to the same school? what happened there? >> not quite. something like that. >> you know, tucker, you just said a different democratic coalition.
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depending on where this goes tonight, we're just looking at early results right now, that might be one of the big stories that really emerges from this moment, where we're seeing groups that have been courted by democrats for more than a generation, who are now making a choice that is not based on the box that they have been told they belong in, who they should vote for, but they are, you know, interested in the same things that all-americans are interested in, because they're americans. >> exactly. that's exactly right. it's really a hopeful outcome, i would say. i'm not saying that as a partisan. i'm saying it because you don't want a country where it's white men against everybody else. that really was the dream of the democratic party. that's the politics they hope to create. what you're seeing is instead npr listeners versus everyone else. right? so in the end, you'll have a democratic coalition that's only people with pledged tote bags versus the rest of the country, and they're not going to win if
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that's what they're left with. >> we knew we could count on you, tucker. next up, we head to denver to check in on the colorado senate race testing the power of the trump endorsement out there. >> but results from key house races. we're watching three races in virginia that are a real bellwether here. we'll get you an update on those as our fox news special coverage of the mof the midterm elections on.
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o' >> democracy in action tonight as we are awaiting more calls about a dozen states coming up. we're getting more and more raw data. you can see on the bottom of your screen the ticker keeps on going through with these races that we called with the checks. you've seen that before, throughout the night we'll continue that. we're watching some big, big races, very closely. ohio we're getting more numbers in. we obviously made those calls in florida and virginia. those house races that we've been watching, the three that are crucial to telling us how maybe this night is shaping up. >> yeah. are we going to look at those? are we going to panel? panel. karl rove, you were just looking at north carolina, which we can look at some of the early votes in. >> i was actually looking at the virginia results, which i've got a co source more up to date than
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ours. virginia seven, half the vote in, and vega is keeping her lead with more than half the vote in. and same in two, i'm looking a at -- >> we have 31%. >> i'm looking at 38 there. it's the same, 58-42. >> what i'm hearing, they were winning in the early vote in virginia too. >> i'm saying the republican is winning by the same margin with -- i'm looking at about 40% of the vote now. >> okay. back on seven, you want that. go ahead, kellyanne. >> she has her spanish speaking father in the ad, thrown everything at her, calling the sexist and racist, the usual january 6th. they don't talk about inflation, crime. i think she's going to prevail,
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another hispanic woman, winning as a republican. i'm interested in luria race. kissinger resigned, liz cheney was defeated handily. stephanie murphy, of florida, democrat on the committee, resigned, and luria may lose. what can you read into that? well, i don't think that's all coincidence. i think it's causation. polling january 6th as a major election issue declining in importance. if you put almost all into that, not talking about the issues that people care in your district, you run the risk of losing. >> this was a district that is considered to be a republican plus two district. right now the republican is winning by 16. go to number seven. number seven is seen as a democrat plus one district. the republican is winning by 11,
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nearly 11. then go to 10. 10 is a plus 10 democrat district, and the democrat is winning by 2.5, 3. >> another one that stuck out to me down in florida. florida to me starts sounding a little bit like arizona 20 years ago, right? oklahoma or kansas. i mean, you really think about how red it's becoming here. this is senate level here. okay? this is os see olea county, south of orlando. not a ton of people. 400,000, but sizable enough. joe biden won this county by 12 points. it's 56% latino. what's going to happen between that border? maybe it shows up again in
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nevada, karl. maybe colorado and some other places. >> we're focused a lot on the senate races, how tight they are. there is a disconnect, a little bit, with the house races that seem like they're separated, some of them. can you go to indiana one for dana perino? >> i sure can. that's a senate race. we called that for young, on the house race here, northwestern part of the state. 20% in. the democrat is leading by 21 points, dana. this is primarily lake county. i remember -- was it 2008? the primary race on the democratic side between barack obama and hillary clinton. i remember working till 2:00 in the morning, waiting for results out of nebraska. what are we doing here? one night indiana had the primary. we had our entire focus on lake county, which is gary, indiana. i don't think they reported that. >> yeah. >> very late. >> thank you for indulging me.
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>> you got it. >> ben, what are you looking at? >> you know what, i think what we may be seeing here is the summer of love coming home to roost. you remember that comment from the seattle mayor about, you know, the 2020 strife and violence that we saw that, she hoped for it being a summer of love. she's not the mayor anymore, by the way. there was obviously a lot of skepticism about that i think after 2020, saying, you know, this association with the black lives matter movement may not have hurt democrats as much, and that sort of thing. i think now you're seeing all these different suburban, particularly women, but suburban areas of the country come back and express themselves about the democratic continued devotion to this anti-cop, you know, pro sort of chaos agenda. it's not just crime. it's homelessness. it's vagrantsy, all these thinge
5:29 pm
see. you know, you could see this playing out, i think, in a way that could prove very beneficial for republicans in the house. >> and again, you're seeing the impact of the last two years, whether it's the black lives matter movement or covid, seeing this enormous change in the state of florida. i think of the cover on the "new york post" a month or so ago, 50,000 people moving, leaving new york. that's going to be interesting. when you look at the new york vote, see what happened when those disgruntled people left. that may be a factor. >> we are 38 seconds away from sominex race calls. we're awaiting results from key battleground stats. we're getting raw vote totals added to our fox news voter analysis, which enables us, and the decision desk, to make some
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of these calls. we're tracking a lot of house races. remember, republicans need five to take control. it's looking like a good night for the republicans as we look at it now across the country, but we'll be following it throughout the night. here we go. the coun countdown is on. eight seconds till the next calls on the east coast. one place where a governor's race is probably going to be called. :30 on the east coast. 7:30 in arkansas where polls are closed in the senate race there. >> we can project that senator senator boozman defeats natalie james. meanwhile sarah huckabee sanders is projected to win the governor's race, replacing asa hutchinson. and obviously sarah sanders known well. >> former press secretary at the white house. she did not have any problem
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winning that race. it's a huge win for sarah human for sarahhuckabee sanders. we're waiting for more numbers to come in. let's go to grady trimball at ron johnson's headquarters. he's in wisconsin, as ron johnson tries to seek another term in the senate. >> hi, martha. senator ron johnson told us this evening he's feeling cautiously optimistic about his chances in this race, but no doubt it's going to be a close one between the republican incumbent and his progressive challenger lieutenant governor mandela barnes. i spoke to voters in oshkosh today, voting at the same polling place where johnson cast his ballot this morning, and every single one of them told me
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their number one issue is inflation and the economy. johnson blames barnes and democrats for higher prices, as well as a rise in crime in some of wisconsin's largest cities. but barnes is going to be counting on voters in those cities, specifically milwaukee and madison, to carry him tonight. and in the governor's race between democratic governor tony evers and republican businessman tim michaels, prominent in the badger state, that could be closer than the senate race. polls in wisconsin close in about 30 minutes. it could be a long one here, for all of the campaigns we're following tonight. >> thank you. we'll check back back with you later tonight. >> michael bennet, the incumbent, is hoping to fend off a challenge by the republican o'dea. good evening, jeff. >> good evening. polls in colorado about to close
5:33 pm
in 30 minutes. folks are showing up to polling places like this to drop off their ballots. each vote will matter, especially when it comes to the u.s. senate race, which in the last few days polls have shown has started to tighten. you have joe o'dea, a ceo of a construction company. would makes his candidacy interesting is that he's not only running without the support of former president donald trump, but he's said that if trump runs again he will actively campaign against him. on the other side, you have the democrat, appointed to the job in 2009, ran twice, michael bennet, and he's ready to move on to his third term, and has really spent a lot of time as of recently vocally saying he disagrees with biden on certain key issues, especially how he's handled the border and student loan debt relief. this race appears to be tightening, who's more
5:34 pm
passionate, especially in colorado, where you can show up on the same day, election day, register and vote. b ret? >> jeff, thank you. the polls are closed in new hampshire, where the republican is in a close race against democratic incumbent maggie hassan. hillary vaughn has been watching that for us, at bolduc's headquarters. hi, hillary. >> hi. retired general don bolduc brought the fight to maggie hassan in the final weeks of this campaign, turning this into a dead heat into today. now national republicans think this senate seat is in play. a spokesperson telling me they are confident that they will win this senate seat in new hampshire. a source with the bolduc campaign also tells me they are feeling good. they're looking at some of the turnout in the republican strongholds, saying it's
5:35 pm
surpassing 2018 levels, on track to hit presidential turnout, which is good news for them. they say this momentum is in their favor. that's something they have seen on the ground as they say they've done over 80 town halls up and down the state. the hassan campaign tells me they're feeling okay. they say it's still early, but they're bracing for a longer night. it comes down to turnout. today the new hampshire secretary of state told me they are looking at potentially record turnout today for a midterm election, because 90% of new hampshire voters show up in person to vote on election day. that is something that the bolduc campaign says, if there's record turnout, that's a win for them. martha and bret? >> thank you. the fox news decision desk can predict that duckworth will defeat salvi. >> in illinois, the decision
5:36 pm
desk says that democratic governor j.b.pritzker will win. >> tim ryan against j.d. vance is performing well. if you look at the vote total coming in, we don't have all of it to make a projection, but it is neck and neck in ohio, a red-leaning state. >> he's run a campaign, the race is not over, he's run a campaign on the economy, on helping everyday ohioans get to higher ground, make life better for their kids. that's the kind of campaign that democrats, when they did win in ohio and pennsylvania consistently, those are the campaigns they ran in michigan and across the midwest. tim ryan, win or lose tonight, i think gives a road map for
5:37 pm
democrats. i believe arguably republicans for how you run to represent everyday hard-working americans. kellyann talked about the relief that biden wants to get to, student loan forgiveness. i don't think that was the right thing to do. tim has said that, that he doesn't believe that joe biden should run again in 2024. you're not finding a lot of republicans saying that. democrats aren't saying it. what tucker said about black lives matter, i don't know how that matters in this campaign at all. the reason they're doing so well in florida, because ron desantis got schools open, roads back open. you could be blue, yellow in this country, get elected on those issues. hispanic voters want us to help their kids be better in their lives than they have been in america. that's what democrats have to get back to. democrats, win or lose tonight, we have to reset.
5:38 pm
the left-leaning people in our party, they may have good intention, but their ability to implement and come up with good proposals has proved lacking. tonight we'll see more and more of that kind of result. >> karl, i'm looking at ohio as well here. maybe we can get a look at where the vote is still outstanding. it's interesting. we did town hall discussion with tim ryan and j.d. vance just about a week ago. one of the things that tim ryan has complained about is that the party abandoned him, he was not given the money that he needed to run this race because he had distanced himself a lot from joe biden, and also because they thought they didn't have a chance in ohio. >> look, it was a state that donald trump carried by eight points. he carried the state of ohio by a bigger marriage than he carried texas. schumer made a decision, senate democratic leader, that his super pac would not be involved in the race. mcconnell invested $35 million in the race, which would have
5:39 pm
been useful to spend elsewhere, but vance needed the help because he won the primary with less than 30% of the vote, and was being challenged by ryan. >> worth noting, that vance was one of the candidates who had criticized mcconnell. >> right. >> and mcconnell weighs in pac money to try to save his candidacy. >> right. >> in the meantime a certain other person we can talk about, who raised a ton of money, spent very damn little of it to support the candidates that he endorsed. >> there weren't a lot of outside groups that pumped money into ohio to help j.d. vance at the beginning. >> peter thiel put $15 million into a super pac to get elected, and hasn't been seen in the general election. let's see where the $100 million that president trump has in his war chest after the election, think about how it could have been deployed. >> when you've got a discrepancy like we're seeing between the
5:40 pm
governor's race, with mike dewine and the senate race with j.d. vance, i mean, you could drive a truck through it right now. >> take a look at the big suburban county just north of columbus, delaware county. dewinn is carrying it handily, and vance is losing it to ryan. >> tonight, interviewed on television, asked about the candidates that he endorsed, mr. trump said, quote, this is a quote, i've seen the video. he said this. quote, i think if they win i should get the credit. if they lose, i shouldn't be blamed at all. >> ha-ha-ha. >> obviously tongue-in-cheek. >> brown gets re-elected handily, and that's not ticket splitting so much as they go for people who talk about their issues. if tim ryan is the future of the democratic party, joe biden is relevant after tonight. >> might be another good irrelevant too. >> let's focus on this for a
5:41 pm
moment. tim ryan votes with joe biden 100% of the time, more some of these other democratic senate candidates, but he runs as bear hugging donald trump on trade. we'll see if that works here. they do have a democratic senator in brown. >> this is what we're doing here so folks at home can see it. 28%. okay? if we go into the purple range, the deeper purple, the more outstanding the vote. okay? let's put it into action, try to find where the votes are. okay? tim ryan is in northeastern ohio, he represented that district, 13, that got with drawn, pushed further west. really this is -- well, i'll show you. that's where he's from. he had represented the county
5:42 pm
for youngstown. we'll see how that goes. just come back, statewide. just look at this here. okay? take a step back here. all right? a lot of votes here, just south of toledo. it's hard to say right now. if you were to ask me, based on what i'm watching here, i look at northeastern ohio, teamsle seems to be the darker -- seems to be the darker purple here. >> democratic friendly? >> it can be. what's interesting about that part of ohio, that's when you knew in 2016, that trump was going to win the election. they've been deep blue countries. they've been voting democratic for 50 years, and they crossed over to vote for donald trump. you see what trump did. these are border counties, along pennsylvania, energy is a big deal up there. blue collar workers. they trap into what donald trump was talking about.
5:43 pm
better than 50% there. youngtown, it's tighter, but still he academy out a victor there. 71%. so come back here now to 20 -- what year are we in? 2022. okay. so this is how it's breaking down. all right? up in the same part of the state that i just showed you, you see how blue it is. okay? let's go in here and see how many -- okay. you're a quarter of the vote. ryan has a slight lead there. you're at a third of the vote here. 60% there. let's pop over here. >> is dewine winning those counties? >> great question. let me check that. i haven't gone there yet. hang with me. let's do the same exercise. dewine won in stark county.
5:44 pm
tim ryan, where he's from, at 56%. >> thank you. you know ohio. >> results from key florida house races we can call now. maria salazar, florida 27, she's a winner down there in florida. the balance of power in the house, we can take a look at it, and it's a big win, i mean it's not small, you can see. the majority is 218. we have a lot of white to take care of there. red, blue. >> lots to fill in. we've got all night. we'll be right back.
5:45 pm
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and take advantage of our special low monthly payment financing. >> welcome back. we'll take a live look at florida. senator marco rubio and governor ron desantis, senator rubio speaking right now. let's listen in. [speaking spanish]
5:48 pm
>> on nights like this, we generally do these in hotel, you've heard this story before, but i tell it because it's important to understand. i was raised by parents that worked in hotels like this. well, not like this. they had slot machines, but in las vegas. my dad was a banquet bartender in rooms like this. my mother was a maid. she worked at kmart. they worked hard. their story is a typical american story. there's nothing wrong with those jocks, but what makes the nation unique it's the one place on earth, people that work those jobs, can go on to do other things. even if they can't, they can give their kids to do all the things they didn't. i think this is an american story that people everywhere in the country would understand. >> marco rubio a big winner over val demings in florida.
5:49 pm
a huge win in some counties that really have never won before. >> 15% win for marco rubio, who goes on to another term as the florida senator. also we have steve harrigan from desantis headquarters. huge night for them as well. let's check in with them in tampa. hi, steve. >> martha, this place erupted an hour ago when the news came out that we were calling for ron desantis. if there's one star of this election so far, it's got to be florida's governor. four years ago, just think how far he's coming, squeaking out a victory in the governor's race by less than 1%, only after a recount. now tonight this is simply a dominant performance. a couple of figures to keep in mind, desantis raised more than $209 million. so he can fundraise. if you look at the numbers, the demographics, a key one has to be the hispanic vote. .he was able to pull it off and
5:50 pm
carry miami-dade county, a democratic stronghold, the first republican to do that in 20 years. a looming battle possibly ahead with president trump, but this offers a road map for his political future on the national stage. guys, back to you. >> there's a slight satellite delay with the news channel down there. steve harrigan, thank you very much. val demings raised $73 million in that race against marco rubio. that was called in the first few minutes. >> one other thought, when you look at desantis' numbers, when everything is in, he could win by 20% in florida potentially. right, karl? >> pretty close, because of the rest of the panhandle is starting to come in. >> yeah. >> think about it. this is somebody who won by less than half a percent last time around. he's winning right now by 18 points. marco rubio winning by 15. >> yeah. >> a tsunami has swept over the state of florida, left a
5:51 pm
gigantic red residue everywhere. >> let's see what's inside that florida tsunami. shannon bream has the numbers. >> a race in the senate people are watching, of course, pennsylvania, where democratic john fetterman and republican mehmet oz are in a tight race. fetterman has been reaching out to specifically white noncollege voters hoping to win them over, but a majority of them are choosing os at this point in our analysis. fetterman's supporters, on the other hand, are more enthusiastic overall over their candidate, 51%, compared to 40% enthusiastic for oz. this state was one of the most contentious in 2020. looks like that could happen again. poll closings, lawsuits, multiple, have already been filed. a majority of voters say they feel confident votes will be counted accurately. 7 in 10 said we're good about that. little than a third have
5:52 pm
concerns. national results, an unsettling finding, nearly 6 in 10 think life for the next generation of americans is worse than life today. that's a gloomy electorate for incumbents. a lot more to come in just minutes. >> shannon, thank you. >> let's go to harris, who is with lee carter, and they're talking to some voters tonight live. hi, harris. >> hello. we're here with our live audience. welcome back. lee carter is with me tonight as well. for months voters have said their most important issues are inflation and the economy. families across america are struggling to make ends meet. prices are soaring at the grocery store, the gas station, and really everywhere else. show of hands now to our audience who has inflation/economy as their number one issue. that's a lot of people. that's more than half the audience. >> jacqueline, you're from long
5:53 pm
beach, new york. why i g is this issue more impot to you? >> i had a stepdaughter of stani had to cut back on, vacations, buying cheaper things, not indulging as much. the gas prices are killing me, because i do drive so much for a living. in one day i saw the gas prices go up by 10 cents almost every couple of hours. >> wow. >> in the morning it was -- i don't know -- $3.15. it went all the way to $3.59 in one day. >> that really takes a toll. >> i know you're a nurse, you drive around a lot. >> yep. >> a key senate race in ohio between democratic congressman tim ryan and republican author and businessman j.d. vance. that race is too close to call still at this point. here's vance on those top issues of the inflation and the
5:54 pm
economic that we're all dealing with. once again, the relevant represents republicans. the blue is democrats. the gray independents. >> one of the reasons we have terrible inflation is because the biden administration, backed by tim, threw fuel on the fire, causing the price of everything to go up. we have to remember, biden said that he wouldn't raise taxes, but if you're a family right now dealing with the grocery prices and energy prices, certainly you feel like your tax have gone up a lot, because the cost of living and good life in this country has gone up a lot. >> you can see republicans gave that an "a." independents a "b." democrats an "f." republicans and independents agree that inflation is an issue. democrats are saying it's not just here in the united states, it's a global issue, we can't address it here. >> i know from talking with our audience tonight that feels like abdication, feels like that the democrats aren't hearing the message and coming up with a policy to match it. all right. let's move. we'll keep hearing directly from voters tonight. right now let's go back to bret
5:55 pm
and martha. >> the state of north carolina, numbers are filtering in. the early vote there, not only there, but across the country, what that means for democrats. >> as we've seen everywhere, bret, the early vote favors democrats. if you're motivated to vote against republicans or for the democrats, in north carolina you can start pretty early. it's not clear if the democrats are cannibalized election day vote. they say that ted budd is up on election day, but should make up the difference. this is tighter than people expected. chuck schumer, i think is my friend, didn't help beasley very much at all. they feel good this will tighten. i would just say that they've already called three house races, greg murphy, dan bishop, patrick mchenry in north
5:56 pm
carolina, they're feeling good about that. also when i look at the counties, the 206 counties that we call the pivot counties, went for president obama and trump took in 2016, about six or seven of them were in north carolina. i'm looking at those tonight, because those should stay solidly republican. we'll have, i think, a longer night in north carolina than some people may have anticipated. >> when you look at north carolina, your thoughts, your neighbor to the north? do you think that ted budd pulls out? she's doing better than people anticipated. >> you know, it makes me wonder a little bit. there were two other candidates. three candidates in the republican. president trump weighed in very, very heavily for ted budd. so did mark meadows. so if you're going to take credit for the victories, you may want to take responsibility for the close ones too.
5:57 pm
>> so where that vote is important, bill. >> it is. votes outstanding. what we try to do here, you see a little bit of gray, right? obviously those counties are outstanding. i see the margins getting tighter. we're within two points of each other, beasley and budd. if you go to the purple rain -- >> can we choose one? >> is it prince or is it -- >> there we go. >> trey gowdy had the answer. >> what's that? >> trade trey gowdy had the ans. >> this is davey county. all right? no votes are in. what happened two years ago at the presidential level. trump was a big winner in that county. picked up 14,000 votes total raw. here we are.
5:58 pm
11,500. that's out there. oh, shoot. it did not work. let me reload it for you. >> while you're reloading, dana has a comment. >> what's interesting about north carolina, when we had an opportunity to talk to ted budd when he was in town, he's a farmer, an understated guy. his ads were not that apparently that exciting. beasley, she's a well-respected judge in north carolina. one thing that's happened in these cities, though, is the amount of people who have moved into raleigh and charlotte, and that whole area there, that's changed that population a lot. we were talking about how many people left new england or new york for florida, changing things. north carolina, might not happen this time around, but the pivot counties that kellyanne mentioned, urban areas, are ones to watch in north carolina. >> it's not only where the votes are. just remember again, this is our red wave, blue wave, red mirage,
5:59 pm
blue mirage. virtually all the early votes is mail-in votes. they announce them early. we've seen this before. tom tillis was behind in his races, won by several tens of thousands of votes, because the late vote to come in is the vote cast on election day. >> just to requeue, ohio was a hold. finishes also a republican seat they're trying to hold to know as is north carolina. >> yep. i have now for you the political comment of the evening. >> okay. >> maybe of all time. over on msnbc that the gop's dominance in florida is all about gerrymandering. [laughter] >> that's a story they will tell themselves. >> incidentally, on north carolina, just a few moments ago, the lead was 53,000. it's now down to 32,000.
6:00 pm
as election day votes get reported here, we're likely to see this. >> it's a race we didn't give a lot of attention to. >> and some of the committees and super pac. >> well, except on the republican side they did. again, they helped fund -- >> okay. stand by. >> it is 9:00 in >> it's 9:00 in the east. polls have closed in 15 states. we'll begin in arizona where mark kelly and blake masters are in a very tight race. >> over to wisconsin, ron johnson, democratic lieutenant governor, mandela barnes also locked in a very close race in wisconsin. >> in colorado, also too early to call, michael bennett leads at this point. republicans believe that joe o'dea who is a


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