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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 9, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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to be in this race, we have a let of our votes coming in across the state yet to be tabulated. we are going to win this race. >> i am so grate to feel all of you for being here and for standing with us here in nevada. we are not done yet. >> we always knew that this race would be close. so y'all just hang in there, i'm feeling good. >> i want to thank everybody and the campaign staff and let's wait for all the numbers and then we'll declare victory. >> a big election night unfolding this morning. you are watching "fox and friends first" on this wednesday, i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro, here is where things stand.
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63 seats up for grabs in the house, republicans inching closer to securing 218 seats and flipping the lower chamber. look at the board, right now gop tallying 200 and democrats 172. >> carley: in the senate, four seats up in the air, each party has 48 in their column, democrat john fetterman is projected to beat republican dr. oz in the senate race, republicans notching a win in ohio where jd vance, claims victory over ryan. >> todd: and raphael warnock is ahead of herschel walker by less than 1% and mark kelly holding a six-point lead ahead of republican blake masters, only 62% of the vote is counted there. another nail biter in nevada, incumbent catherine cortez-masto and laxalt jockeying for the job, laxalt ahead by 20,000 votes.
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>> carley: in wisconsin, ron johnson is ahead of mandela barnes, brooke singman has more on all of this. >> brooke: john fetterman defeats mehmet oz in pennsylvania, fetterman delivering his victory speech early this morning. listen. >> we jammed them up. [cheering] >> we held the line. i never expected that we were going to turn red counties blue, but we did what we needed to do, that is why i'll be the next u.s. senator for pennsylvania. >> carley: jd vance defeats tim ryan by 6%, wider than originally predicted, here is vance late last night. >> i promise to go to the united
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states senate and fight every single day for the people of ohio, thanks to you we get an opportunity to do just that. i will never forget the great people of ohio, thank you for this honor to serve you, i will fight for you everyday. god bless and thank you. >> carley: and ted budd defeated sherry beaceley, budd delivering his speech late last night. >> well, thank you, north carolina. as someone born and raised here in north carolina, this state is part of me, it is in my bones and i want to make the old north state that much better again. >> carley: too close to call in the biggest senate races, georgia, arizona and nevada, candidate raphael warnock holding a narrow lead over republican candidate herschel walker in georgia signalling a potential runoff. in arizona, republican blake masters is trailing mark kelly, we expect a longer delay in
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results from this state after reports of ballot glitches in 30% of polling sites and in nevada, adam laxalt gaining stronger lead over catherine cortez-masto, widening that margin and laxalt is still feeling optimistic. we're in for a long night and maybe a few days into the weeka as the votes are tabulated. we are confident the numbers are there and we're going to win this race and take back nevada and take back america, thank you all. >> carley: in the senate, democrats and gop have 48 seats, 51 are needed for majority and things can change quickly, we will keep you updated as more results come in. >> carley: thank you very much, big night for incumbent governor in florida, ron desantis is florida's future, with new nickname, winning by land slide
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over charlie crist. >> today after four years, the people have delivered their verdict, freedom is here to stay. [cheering] >> carley: and up in new york, democrat kathy hochul is projected to beat republican challenger lee zeldin, who has not conceded. >> i'm here to make a difference. [cheering] >> and because of all of you, we'll keep making progress, breaking down barriers, breaking glass ceilings, helping new yorkers achieve the greatness it is capable of. >> carley: in georgia, republican brian kemp beating stacey abrams for the second time and he's taking a victory lap. >> we stopped stacey abrams and
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saved georgia. tonight hard working georgians spoke with a clear voice, they know which direction they want their state to go and it is forward. >> carley: and in michigan, kathy whitmire edging out tudor dixon. we are waiting for arizona results, katie hobbs is leading republican cari lake 51-49 with half of the state's counties reporting. election officials don't expect to count ballots until friday after 30% of voting sites in maricopa saw voting glitches, the printers were not printing dark enough on the ballot. it was ruled no evidence the error suppressed voting. look at the crazy long lines
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outside maricopa county voting sites, include one in scottsdale. >> todd: republicans 18 seatses away from taking control of the house and kevin mccarthy is confident they are going to do it. >> you wake up tomorrow, we will be in the majority is nancy pelosi will be in the minority. >> the american people are ready for a majority that will offer a new direction and put america back on track. republicans are ready to deliver it. it is a new direction toward an economy that is strong, you can fill up your tank, feed your family, your paychecks grow and not shrink, new direction toward nation that is safe, communitieses are projected and law enforcement is respected and criminals are prosecuted. >> todd: partner of mcmclaughlin back to break down the results. you heard kevin mccarthy say
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when you wake up in the morning, the east coast, it is 5 a.m., they are in the morning, go to the house. potential speaker echoing he says republicans will win the house. do you echo that sentiment? >> i don't think there is any question, there is a question how much do they win by at the end of the day? 10 seats or 20 seats? still over 60 seats need to be decided here. >> todd: i think a lot of people went to bed thinking they were going to see a red wave and woke up thinking oh, we don't have that and may have been nervous that were predictors wrong on losing the house or winning the house? going forward, what races are you focused on looking ahead to seeing how many more above 218 the republicans can get? >> look, i think there are several races out there, there are races in new york right now that are still pretty close, it looks like the republicans are going to keep the seats.
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we'll look at seats in california, in some suburban areas and possibly in oregon and washington state. i think there is quite a few races here up for grabs and another race or two in texas that the republicans may have a shot at getting. >> todd: i'd like to focus on the senate, one thing you like to do in our business is go to the thing that is new and at 5 a.m. we are seeing movement in the laxalt-cortez-masto race. when we started, cortez-masto had the lead and now laxalt is in the lead by almost 23,000 with 72% of the vote in. what counties, what areas of nevada are you looking at in the next couple hours? >> ep why, he's picked up 25,000 voteses since we went on the air the last hour. look at clark county right now, the las vegas area in clark
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county. even though clark county tends to be democratic, they are telling me the votes are out in the republican areas and joe lombardo, who is ahead of adam laxalt, the clark county sheriff. i think you will see the vote between both lombardo and laxalt will be pretty similar and i'm looking forward to seeing the exit polls when all said and done, i think we'll see what seems to be putting laxalt and lombardo over the top are hispanic voter necessary nevada. >> todd: 80% on the map means twenty % outstanding, does that 20% lean more laxalt or cortez-masto? >> there is a lot of red in nevada, with the exception of the clark county area. i think it will help and as the
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night has gone on, what we've seen in a lot of races, democratses are doing better with early voting and the election day voting, the republicans are doing better, significantly better. i saw numbers were actual real numbers down in florida, republicans basically outnumbered democrats on election day voting by 2-1 margin. >> todd: focus on wisconsin, georgia, nevada, we are seeing changes now. carley, over to you. >> carley: stacey abrams can't say the election was stolen this time, brian kemp scored decisive victory in the georgia gubernatorial race and stacey abrams closed out her campaign by insulting law enforcement as good old boys, how much of a role did that play last night? we're asking leo terrell coming up next.
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>> janice: hello, good morning, my friends. we are talking about election results, we have a lot of weather happening. a storm out west, snow in the forecast, feet across sierra, nevada to the rockies and the west and potential for a
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hurricane in the next 6-12 hours impacting east coast of florida. this is tropical storm nicole, 74 miles per hour makes it a hurricane, we think we will have an hurricane making impact tonight into thursday, south central florida, hurricane warning for west palm beach up to daytona beach and tropical storm warning for florida and moving up toward coastal areas of georgia, south carolina and look at how big this storm is. i think 200 miles from the center of circulation, talking about tropical force storm winds and think rainfall overnight into thursday and might see this area of low pressure dip into the gulf of mexico side and the panhandle on thursday afternoon and watch this thing become a potential nor'easter this
2:17 am
weekend. heavy rainfall today, tomorrow you could see five to eight inches and pocket of 8-12 possible and tornado threat with this storm system as it moves inland, the weak rotation could develop weak tornados that could cause structural damage. a big system that is going to impact millions of people. foxweather.comare if the latest details. >> carley: major weather news. >> janice: i'm grateful you included weather in your show today. >> carley: you have to. bring in fox news contributor leo terrell, what a night. we have questions answered, not all of them. republicans and democrats in the senate, 48-48. what of your top-line thoughts, wro do you think this is all going? >> leo: thanks for having me, todd and carley. i'm glad the house will be
2:18 am
republican and i think it will be key in georgia. i like the results in nevada with adam laxalt moving ahead, possibility of republican senate, you got the house, which means biden and progressive left wing will be neutralized or kept in check by republican house. >> todd: focus on georgia, you think if there is a runoff herschel walker takes it over raphael warnock? the runoff being december 6 if neither candidate reaching 50% tonight. >> leo: let me think about that, yes, no doubt herschel walker will win a runoff, i think republican voters will come out and not repeat what happened two years ago, todd, when the two senate seats went blue, we need a check on biden, check on the progressive left and i think herschel walker will prevail in a runoff in december. >> carley: you know, leo, if
2:19 am
republicans do take the house, they need 218 to do it, natural next question, what will they do with that power? people have said that you could stop the spending, is that going to be enough to make republicans happy? there are investigations that i know a lot of republicans are very interested in, is that the most important issue? >> leo: carley, that is a great question, it is a two-front war, they have to do an investigation, the hunter biden situation, afghanistan and covid, they have to use power as a check and a compromise. if biden wants something, okay, let's secure the border, kevin mccarthy and republicans have to use it as a check. if you want something, we want something and that way the american people win. there has -- they have to use power to the fullest extent. do not give in to the progressive left. >> todd: lee zeldin apparently lost new york, that is what the
2:20 am
numbers show at this point. two other states that are huge, oregon and california, on the governor's race in oregon for a moment. do you think the republican takes it there? >> leo: i think there is a very good chance. i tell you why, lee zeldin did a great job in new york as far as bringing the crime issue and democratic cities, i live in los angeles, democratic cities, in portland, you have situations where crime has been rampant since 2020 and democratic incumbents have done nothing. talk about georgia and brian kemp, stacey abrams disrespected law enforcement, bottom line, people, even democrats are saying, we want safe streets, number one obligation of every civilized organization is to protect the citizens and democrats have abandoned law enforcement and safety and democratic voters want safety. >> carley: there are bright spots republicans are
2:21 am
celebrating this morning and if christine drazan 44.7% against tina kotek, 65% reported in right now, if christine drazan can pull that up, that will be bright spot for republicans moving forward. thank you for waking up with us, we appreciate it. >> leo: my pleasure, thank for having me. >> carley: governor ron desantis sailing to victory and making a statement with big win in blue miami dade. >> americans have been voting for many years now with their feet, the woke agenda has caused millions of americans to leave these jurisdictions for greener pastures, florida is where woke goes to die. >> todd: winener florida last night, cory mills, flipping his district red for first time in years. cory mills joins us live after
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>> carley: florida republicans winning big with governor ron desantis beating democrat charlie crist by double digits, just four years after winning by less than 1%. senator marco rubio beating demings and fox predicting florida seventh district to flip red with republican army veteran cory mills defeating karen green. >> todd: cory mills fresh off his win, great to have you, why were you able to complete this big flip? >> cory: thanks for having me, the biggest thing is the democrats have basically had the american people finally tell them definitively, we will not stand for your communist and perverse ideology, economy and
2:27 am
inflation were driving factor. their out of touch messaging was a big factor. in my district specifically, they saw me as a person of action, were service in the military as combat veteran, going to afghanistan to help with the botched withdrawal or during hurricane ian, i mobilized a team to do evacuation, delivering baby formula and baby wipes needed for people in my district. they want a person of action and they have that with me. >> carley: cover of the "new york post" this morning says de-future referring to desantis and i don't think they are talking about the florida future, i think they are talking about the country's future. what happens now that ron desantis gained sizeable victory, desantis versus trump, how do you see this playing out? >> cory: i'm not really sure on whether it is a trump versus
2:28 am
desantis ticket or trump-desantis ticket or who putses their hat where. i am blessed in florida we have another four years with a great governor who has went against political science and opted for medical science. he knew not to shut down our schools, we are third highest in education in the country and second lowest in taxes in the country. by leaving blue states people are coming to florida looking for america to be more like florida. >> todd: looking ahead to future election, what lessons can republicans waking up in states that they did not see the success they did in florida, what lessons can those republicans learn from ron desantis, from cory mills, from marco rubio as to how to campaign better >> cory: voter contact is the big deal, we walked probably i couldn't tell you how many miles, knocked 150,000 plus
2:29 am
doors since march of 2021, when it came to events, we've done hundreds of events and given town halls and meet-and-greets and had big rallies. one thing ron desantis has been great at as have marco rubio, rather than thinking about themselves, governor desantis is making sure the entire state won. he recognized it in many speeches, unity for conservative red wave in florida. >> carley: how do you explain what happened in miami dade county, flipped red for the first time in 20 years? >> cory: i say it time and time again, the american people are awake, not woke. they see the crt indoctrination in school and military academies and creeping into the corporations and vaccines being pushed by the blue and trying to lock down schools by democrats.
2:30 am
when it came to ron desantis, they stood for the american people and parental rights and the right to choose. >> carley: we're glad you won, you are no longer cory mills congressional candidate, we appreciate you waking up with us. >> todd: congressman elect. elevated, almost, have to wait for the official numbers to come down. >> carley: thanks. democrat john fetterman projected winner in pennsylvania senate race. >> todd: majority control in the senate hangs in the balance. we are checking in with our power panel, political panel next.
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2:35 am
>> we held the line. i never expected that we were going to turn red counties blue, we did what we needed to do. that is why i'll be the next u.s. senator from pennsylvania. [cheering] >> brooke: in ohio, jd vance defeating tim ryan by 6%, wider margin than predicted, here is vance late last night. >> whether you voted for me or not, i promise to go to the united states senate and fight everyday for the people of ohio, we get an opportunity to do just that. i will never forget the great people of ohio, thank you for the honor to serve you, i will fight for you everyday. god bless you and thank you. >> brooke: ted budd defeated sherry beasley.
2:36 am
listen. >> thank you, north carolina. as someone who was born and raised here in north carolina, this state is part of me, it's in my bones and i want to make the old north state that much better again. >> brooke: still too close to call in the biggest senate races including georgia, arizona and nevada. democrat candidate raphael warnock holding narrow lead over republican candidate herschel walker in georgia signalling a potential run runoff. blake masters trailing mark kelly, but we expect longer delay in result from this state after report of ballot glitches in 30% of polling sites. in nevada, adam laxalt is gaining lead over catherine cortez-masto widening the margin. laxalt speaking out this morning and feeling optimistic. we're in for a long time and maybe a few days into this week as all the votes are tabulated,
2:37 am
we're confident the numbers are there and we're going to win this race and take back nevada and take back america. thank you all. >> brooke: in the senate both democrats and republicans have 48 seats, 51 are needed for the majority and we will keep you updated as results come in. >> carley: thank you, bring back our panel, brian kilmeade, joe concha and mercedes schlapp, senior fellow and former white house director of strategic communications, good morning. welcome back. we are getting fresh reaction on results issue the latest from jen psaki, she says she has been in touch with the white house, they are giddy and gleeful about where things are sitting right now. mercedes, to you on that? >> mercedes: i'm sure they are shocked, i don't think they thought they would be able to
2:38 am
pull it off and republicans were aggressive saying this was going to be a red wave, i am burning my red wave shirt now. carley, they were able to hold their ground, democrats had strong fundraising numbers, organized in these states and that helped push them over the edge. some picks, there are struggles, we talked about pennsylvania with mastriano, he could not garner more of the vote and know ares and that hurt for example, dr. oz's chance of winning. if you had a good governor pick like you did in ohio, that helped jd vab vance, and makes a difference. >> carley: what is going to happen in georgia? there is a good pick and that race is 49-49, could kemp help herschel walker over the finish line there? >> mercedes: i think we'll get
2:39 am
into a runoff situation and you will see it get tricky. how do you remote vat voters to come out in december? it is challenging and republicans have to say, take the majority and stand up against radical biden agenda. >> carley: seen that dance play out in 2000 twenty, you are chomping at the bit here? >> joe: as ohio goes, dewine wins quite easily and jd vance, vote rising with him, right? with georgia, same thing, governor kemp, herschel walker is about even with raphael warnock. the problem is when you get to a runoff, kemp is no longer on the ballot, herschel walker will have to earn this on his own. >> carley: kemp could campaign for herschel walker. >> joe: agreed, it is different when you say, one, two in the ballot box and with oz, when you
2:40 am
lose by dubbel digits, that helped bring down oz who was seen a jersey guy and pennsylvania people do not like our people, carley. >> carley: a lot of bright spots for republicans, some are disappointed in the margins, brian. one reason is for example, this gallup poll heading election day, 40% approve of joe biden and only 17% of the country says the economy is in good or excellent condition, you get in a situation where people are not happy, but voting for the party in power? >> brian: if i'm the white house, i want to be careful about the idea i'm giddy and gleeful, i don't think the american people delivered a message that you ought to be giddy and gleeful. they are saying you did a bad job, we are not persuaded other guys could do it better. it is a mixed bag. if the white house says we won,
2:41 am
then america has lost. it is clear nobody is that happy, except talk bright spotses, we mentioned florida is a bright spot, voters delivered a resounding change. it is red. >> carley: used to be purple and now red. the house races that cannot be forgotten in 2020 republicans lost white house and did gain 14 seats, a smaller margin to pick up this time around. where do thinks go? why did this happen? joe, get you on this, marc had this on the results, watch. we have the worst inflation in four decades, worst collapse in wages, worst crime wave since the 1990s, the worst border crisis, joe biden is least popular president since harry truman and there wasn't a red wave thachl is seering
2:42 am
indictment of the republican party. >> carley: what do you think about that and going into the election, democracy is in danger, did that end up working here? how are you read thanksgiving? >> joe: perhaps, what we're seeing to marc's point, everything lined up for the opposition parties, inflation and sky-rocketing crime dominating the news and border crisis where four or five million people crossed in illegally and yet barely a red ripple in the house. they could take the senate, if laxalt wins in nevada and herschel walker wins and arizona is an open race, then republicans take senate and barely the house, doesn't matter how much you win by, they will control the two chambers. this should have been the red wave that even democratic pundits were saying was going to happen. is the republican brand now broken in some level? they are still not trusted they
2:43 am
can govern as effectively either. >> carley: mercedes. >> mercedes: there is divide between mitch mcconnell and mcconnell didn't help many senate candidates and that is a problem, money came in too late for some candidates and i think causing that division created big problem in the republican party. >> carley: it is not election night, it is election week, possibly month, we do have questions answered so far, more to be answered to come. mercedes, brian, joe, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. todd. >> todd: texas congressman mayraflores unseated last night, we're talking to tom holman next.
2:44 am
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>> carley: texas congresswoman and border patrol rights mayra flores sounding off on twitter, writing the red wave did not happen, republicans and independents stayed home, do not complain about the results if you did not do your part. flores unseated by gonzalez in hotly contested race for redrawn
2:48 am
district and two congressional seats upset by democrats in border districts. jackson beat out by incumbent escobar and candidate garcia falling short in her bid to unseat cuellar. de la cruz flipping the district red becoming first woman to represent. >> todd: bring in retired ice director tom holman. you think texas would vote for border security and border candidates off the bat, in those three races, they did not. what say you? >> tomi: /* >> i'm shocked, the border issue is not resonating.
2:49 am
this is not just about illegal immigration, people don't understand, this is about fentanyl, killing americans and terrorists crossing it is border, they arrested 114 since joe biden is taken office, there are one million known gotaways. this is about border security and national security and maybe the plan works from democrats, maybe if you ignore and deny it, it is effective. it seems to be effective to them for mayorkas to say the border is secure, even though we have tape showing the opposite, maybe that works. it is not a bad problem, we're ignoring it and the border is secure, maybe that works for them, i don't know. i'm shocked we didn't get more seats, especially in texas. >> carley: bill has been in eagle pass and said he's seeing the busiest time in recent memory at the border.
2:50 am
news focused on this and illegal immigration crisis coming into texas has never been worse than it is now, according to what bill is seeing on the ground there whchl it comes to illegal immigration, it is not just texas, saw big night for republicans in florida, state that does see illegal immigration coming through the waterses off the coast of florida there. >> maritime smukelling is all-time high, in florida and through the west coast. i get that first of all, we're the only network, fox is talking about this. the other networks and i've done it when they are talking about the border and they are simply not, ignoring and denying the issue seemed to have an effect on this. if people knew what was going on at the border, they would understand it is not an immigration issue anymore, no
2:51 am
matter your opinion on immigration, this is matter of public safety. when criminal cartels control the border, that is not a good thing and american people don't understand that. >> todd: tom homan, thank you, we appreciate it. looking at the latest results, economy, crime, education still top issues for voters, lara trump next. >> carley: steve doocy will look at what is coming up on "fox and friends." >> steve: americans waking up and no party has clear control of the house or senate, it is a nail biter and we're monitoring results and will bring you calls from our decision desk the instant they say that person is going to win. plus, georgia governor brian kemp will join us live folollowg his decisive win over democrat stacey abrams, who has already conceded, that's new. new york congresswoman stefanek
2:52 am
had a huge night and analysis from newt gingrich and mike huckabee, what is going on with the midterm? busy three hours in eight minutes and 15 seconds on the morning you trust for your morning news, more analysis on "fox and friends first" after a quick timeout. be right back. personalized financial advice from ameriprise can do more than help you reach your goals. i can make this work. it can help you reach them with confidence. no wonder more than 9 out of 10 of our clients are likely to recommend us. ameriprise financial. advice worth talking about. at adp, we use data-driven insights to design hr solutions to help you engage and retain top performers today, so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪ heart-pounding design. intelligent technology. courageous performance. discover a new world of possibilities in the all-new lexus rx. never lose your edge.
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only pay for what you need. jingle: liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. >> carley: fox news later voter analysis finds the economy is the biggest issue. 6 is 1% say president biden is to blame for the country's skyrocketing inflation and 61% say they feel less safe under the current administration. >> todd: fox news contributor lara trump. for those waking up disappointed there wasn't a red tsunami to handle those issues carley just mentioned. republicans looks like they will take the house and possibly even the senate, too.
2:57 am
>> it's very frustrating to wake up the day after and still not really know exactly where we stand. i think that's why a lot of people say maybe we need to take a look at how we vote in this country and figure out a better way to do it. this seems a little crazy to people. todd, i think, to your point, those polls that you just referenced really do show where voters are concerned. where the american people's concerns lie right now. you have to, i think, look to different races around the country to really feel where these polls kind of play themselves out. look at new york congressional district 17. where you have michael lawler, a republican looking to flip this seat from sean patrick maloney from blue to red. where is that district? it's just outside of new york city. think about how many people got out of new york, took their families out into these areas like west chester county and moved away from a place they felt like they weren't safe
2:58 am
where they didn't believe their kids were getting a great education, they moved to counties like that. you don't have to look very much farther. look down at where i am in the state of florida, i moved my family down here. we saw the blowout victory, of course, for ron desantis down here. but then you look at a state like oregon where this oregon governor's race is neck and neck right now. you have christine drafn look to flip the state of oregon to a republican governor. speaks to the polls that sentiment we have seen across the country. of course, we have to be patient and wait for everything to play out. we all wish we could know the answers right now. from the house, senate, governor's races to 2024. former president trump says is he going to make a big announcement on november 15th. what will that announcement be? >> you guys want me to tell you here this morning? >> carley: sure do. >> i will let my father-in-law make the announcement as soon as he is ready which looks like it
2:59 am
will be on tuesday. he has alluded to the fact that he is strongly considering getting back in and giving it another run for 2024. i will let him say it if that is what he ultimately decides to do. you look at the fact that people in this country right now, 75% of them feel like we are headed in the wrong direction. man, do we need to change course and we need to do it quickly. i if i if there is ever a time people waiting for donald trump to come back, it could be right now. let's see what happens on tuesday. >> todd: republicans celebrating florida big time this morning. should republicans transform their approach to campaigning to governance based upon the florida model going forward? >> yeah. look, it's a common sense approach. i think that's what we have seen from the governor here, ron desantis. we are excited to have him for another four years. i think that, look, whenever you block out all the woke nonsense and you focused on doing what is best for the people of your state, you see the result and you see florida picking up a
3:00 am
congressional seat. you know, over the past several years because so many people moved into this state, the decisive victory says it all. people need to start paying attention to how we have done it down here. >> carley: america still has a lot of counting to do with the senate races and house races to go to be called. lara, we have to leave it there. thank you for joining us on this day after the midterm elections. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> brian: is that a painting? or is that real? it looks real. i assume it is. hi, everybody, election night might be over but, as predicted the battle for control of congress continues this morning as we await results in several key races across this great nation. >> ainsley: that's right. the balance of power in the senate is up in the air arrests democrats and republican


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