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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 9, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PST

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years because so many people moved into this state, the decisive victory says it all. people need to start paying attention to how we have done it down here. >> carley: america still has a lot of counting to do with the senate races and house races to go to be called. lara, we have to leave it there. thank you for joining us on this day after the midterm elections. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> brian: is that a painting? or is that real? it looks real. i assume it is. hi, everybody, election night might be over but, as predicted the battle for control of congress continues this morning as we await results in several key races across this great nation. >> ainsley: that's right. the balance of power in the senate is up in the air arrests democrats and republicans are
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tied with 48 seats, 51 are needed for a majority. >> four key senate races still have not been decided in georgia, nevada, arizona, and wisconsin. we are closely monitoring those races as the results come in. folks, this is a nail-biter. >> brian: yeah, so many high profile races, obviously the senate, too. we might get some results within our show. the house is also still up for grabs, believe it or not, where 218 seats are needed for control. you can see republicans are inching closer and closer to the majority. and making mccarthy speaker. >> ainsley: many tight races ending with major upsets and critical wins for both parties. >> steve: somebody down in washington with his pulse on the people, we hope. that's why we woke up kevin corke live in the brurks hey, b. hey, kevin. >> it's almost they knew something was up before election night. you see, democrats here in
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washington, had quietly been reassuring each other that other than the so-called red wave, to expect something a little less ominous. they thought it really wasn't coming. and it turns out it certainly didn't. and certainly didn't happen in pennsylvania because there john fetterman, the man who struggled through his lone defate somehow still managed to ride the wave of massive early voting and mail-in balloting dr. oz. >> we jammed them up. [cheers] >> we held the line. i never expected that we were going to turn these red counties blue, but we did what we needed to do. i will be the next u.s. senator from pennsylvania. [cheers] >> can't wait to do the voting autopsy on the keystone state.
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so many questions. meanwhile, over in ohio, j.d. vance pulled off the win over tim ryan to claim a much heralded senate seat in the buckeye state. >> you voted for me or not, the thing that i promised to do was to go to the united states senate and fight every single day for the people of ohio. thanks to you we get an opportunity to do just that. i will never forget the great people of ohio. thank you for this honor to serve you. i will fight for you every day. god bless you guys and thank you. >> meanwhile, barring any major surprises in the house side, republican kevin mccarthy and the g.o.p. certainly seem poised to usher nancy pelosi right out of the speaker's office. >> when you wake up tomorrow, we will be in the majority and nancy pelosi will be in the minority. [cheers and applause] the american people are ready for a majority that will offer a new direction. that will put america back on track. republicans are ready to deliver it.
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>> well, they certainly have an opportunity to do that. again, assume nothing major surprises as we continue to count the tally 218 to take the majority. now, all of this is happening as we await the final tally in nevada. a major senate race there obviously keeping an eye on the georgia senate race as well. i know people aren't talking as much about it but we have particular interest the gubernatorial battle happening down in arizona seeing how kari lake and katie hobbs are doing. i promise to watch it all and give you all the details. back to you. >> we are downtowning on you. thank you very much. kevin. the red wave has not materialized in the house yet. but, you know where it did materialize in the great state of florida. the cover of the "new york post" says young g.o.p. star desantis it victory in florida. desantis is the future. because it looks like he will win by about 20 points, which is extraordinary given the fact that back in 2018 he beat gilliam by just 33,000.
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desantis won everywhere in the state. and in particular, in notable democrat strongholds and we have been talking about this over the last week, in miami-dade county, which joe biden won by 85,000 points, ron desantis will win by close to double digits. >> ainsley: it is a ruby red state. desantis is welcoming anyone who wants to escape liberal state. conservatism works there. there he was with his family last night. once the nation's premier state in 2,000. then george w. bush won the presidency boy a margin of 500 votes. >> steve: i remember that. >> ainsley: florida does not have a single democrat holding a statewide office. here was his victory speech last night. >> after four years, the people have delivered their verdict. [cheers and applause] >> freedom is here to stay.
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[cheers and applause] [chanting] [chanting u.s.a.] >> we saw freedom in our very way of life and so many other jurisdictions in this country wither on the vine. florida held the line. we chose facts over fear. we chose education over indoctrination. [cheers] >> we chose law and order over rioting and disorder. [cheers and applause] florida was a refuge of sanity when the world went mad. we stood as a citadel of freedom for people across this country and, indeed, across the world. >> brian: the other thing to add
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another convincing victory despite somewhere else of dollars spent against him was marco rubio. he was really strong. val demings law enforcement background. high profile name, very good speaker. huge dollars behind him bottom line is marco rubio was not vulnerable he did a very good job. basically the secretary of state central and south america under president trump. the mind behind the ppp loans while the execution was fine and had to follow up to see who took advantage of the system it. shows he acted under pressure to get people money when they were forced to give up their jobs. so, it does not surprise me. the other thing is people constantly speculate when you aren't happy with your state, and you move to another state. are you going to take your politics with you? so far in texas, the answer is no. and so far in florida the answer is no. but, it just -- the segmentation of america. however, if you look at what happened in new york, with lee zeldin closing in tight on kathy hochul, despite $50 billion in
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her cov coffers and outnumbering republicans 3 to 1 you see how many seats shifted. zeldin within five points. might be out of reach for him. no concession there. i'm shocked there was a no red wave. if you think about inflation, a 40 year high, crime, the worst since the 1980s, unpopular president with an agenda that's more green oriented than people oriented. and evidently jen psaki said last night she called the white house and she says they are giddy on the results, which i think is pretty premature because they could lose both chambers and one is pretty much in republican hands although not officially. >> ainsley: our country is completely divided now. you are either very conservative or radical progressive and woke left. the fact don't seem to matter here. some of these individuals that won, when you look at their records, they are so extreme and so progressive. people are just dug. in they are dug in really deep
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right now. and. >> brian: john fetterman you are talking about. >> ainsley: so extreme. wants to open up a third of the prisons. >> brian: against fracking. >> ainsley: and lied about it. mandela barnes wants to open 50% of the prisons. it's so tight. how do you explain this country, brian, to your point. open borders, record gas prices, inflation is the worst in 40 years. the president's approval ratings are so bad. worst crime since the 1980s. yet, i heard last night this is an indictment on the republican party. is it? how are these -- these issues, when our country is in such a bad state right now, how is this not a red wave? >> steve: well, you know, when you look at how the democrats -- brian, to your point, i get why the white house would be giddy because yesterday we were talking about you look at the polls, and they suggested that there was going to be a gigantic red wave. there has been no red wave yet. but it's still too close to call regarding the senate and a bunch of house seats have not been
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called. so they lean to the right for the most part. they are leaning towards the republicans. but i think what is -- i think what was proven yesterday is america is more in the middle. and ultimately, there are a lot of people who are very strident in their politics, but there are people in the middle who ultimately decided. if the -- the democrats were able to limit their losses through the issue of abortion. and i was looking over at the cnn exit polls, they said that 27% of the voters in house races said that abortion was their number one issue second only to inflation. and of those who cited abortion as their most important issue, 76% voted for the democrat. also, abortion voters sided with democrats in favor of abortion rights in michigan, california, and vermont. so, while we have been talking a lot about inflation and it certainly does impact people, it seems like abortion was a gigantic motivator for
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democrats. >> brian: yeah. we are going to see what happens. because you mentioned radicals up the middle, mandela barnes is way to the left in wisconsin. john fetterman is way to the left in pennsylvania. >> ainsley: warnock. >> brian: warnock way to the left pretending that he wasn't in congress. listen, right now there is so much to determine. that's what you have got to watch throughout the show things are changing. think about nevada right now 48, 48, adam laxalt slightly in front. georgia heading to a runoff. see what the runoff will mean because you have also in the senate race mark kelly with his lead but it's shrinking in arizona. all this is developing throughout our show. >> ainsley: well, florida, everyone is watching florida. that was interesting. the "new york post" cover. defuture. we will find out if he will run for president. we will find out if president trump will run for president. >> steve: very telling, that soundbite we ran with ron desantis they were chanting two more years. clearly those people are thinking he is going to the
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white house. >> ainsley: marco rubio first republican to win a third 6 year term. he was outspent by value demings. marco rubio won re-election by 16 points. >> brian: frances juarez. such a great mayor in miami. don't be surprised if he doesn't run for president. >> ainsley: anna paulina she won 13th district to the u.s. congress she will be with us as well. >> brian: we have a lot to discuss. so many notes and developing and thrilled that you are here. >> steve: indeed. >> ainsley: we hope we find out these senate seats while on the air. don't turn your will channel. still ahead, a fox weather alert. we are tracking the tropical storm nicole warnings and warnings system gaining strength on the florida's east coast. and janice dean is tracking it all. plus, laughing, giggling. joe concha breaks down the reaction to the midterm wins and
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>> brian: to the surprise of nobody, all eyes are on georgia right now. if you don't get 50% you have a run off december 6th. right now walker and warnock within a pointed of each other. .9% of each other. warnock with a slight lead. we have a situation where 98% of all the ballots are counted. a substantial win for the governor, brian kemp. stacey abrams already admitted she lost this time. but right now this is obviously
3:18 am
heading to a runoff. >> steve: so far the georgia case, if we could go back to georgia for just a second, mark. georgia is the case where there obviously was some ticket-splitting going on because the governor did win decisively. and stacey abrams, to your point, brian, has already conceded. herschel walker, look at that is actually trailing. we are going to be talking about ticket-splitting throughout the day and over the next week or. so but when you look at and now move to the nevada senate, adam laxalt is actually right now up over cortez masto by a couple of points. so that is looking good for the republicans. >> brian: with 72% of the vote in. a lot left to count in nevada. and evidently they had a snow storm and they shut the follow poles early in some places. >> steve: for safety. >> brian: for safety. you just wonder about that. >> ainsley: in georgia that runoff is going to be on december 6th? we are expecting there to be a runoff. georgia is now a purple state.
3:19 am
>> brian: we are at 48-48. laxalt holds on 49-4 #. arizona it 48 point lead with 65% when carley went off the air 65% of the votes are. in so we got to wonder if it comes down do georgia. if it comes down to georgia. how much money and attention is going to pour in there. traditionally before the last run off election, republicans seem to have added a vantage, libertarian drops out. 1.5% goes into play and usually goes to the right. >> steve: we remember the last time there was a special election down in georgia see what happens this time. >> ainsley: people are wanting ron desantis to go and campaign for herschel walker. >> steve: if i was them i would, too. carley, a lot going on numberswise and other news as well. >> carley: start here with a crisis at the southern border. officials in del rio sector reporting more than 3100 migrants escaped cpd custody
3:20 am
last week alone. agents apprehending more than 10,000, two are sex offenders, one from mexico, the other from nicaragua. meanwhile another busy morning of illegal crossings in eagle pass in normandy, texas. our drone capturing three groups of several hundred migrants see them on your screen there elon musk unloading nearly $4 billion worth of tesla stock. that's nearly 20 million airs is. the third biggest sell-off by the ceo since he launched his twitter takeover bid. tesla hitting a 52-week low yesterday as many investors fear musk is preoccupied with his social media venture. forbes says musk net worth plummeting to just a meager $197 billion. mark zuckerberg is laying off thousands of facebook employees this morning. he told executives yesterday that he is accountable for the social media giant's missteps, that includes overstaffing. zuckerberg specifically cuts to
3:21 am
the recruiting and business team. facebook parent company meta will provide at least four months salary as severance. that is meta's first mass lay off ever. and there is one lucky winner for that $2.4 billion mega ball jackpot. the ticket was sold at joe's service center in alta deanna, california. the owner receiving a check for a million dollars. and he now has a sign outside his shop that that reads billionaires made here. is he not wrong about that. the winning numbers 10, 33, 41, 47, 56 and the powerball number of 10. and there were plenty of other big prizes. the store in florida sold a ticket worth $2 million. those are your headlines, i played, i did not win. >> steve: me too. you win a million bucks if you got the five but missed the power ball. >> ainsley: did you see the sign
3:22 am
outside his store. it originally said millionaires and put a b over the m. carp car even better news. >> steve: congratulations to some lucky person. >> ainsley: change your world. save so many people's lives. >> brian: don't need the overdraft in your checking and everything is going to clear. >> ainsley: how many times i got dinged for that and called my mom. i need $100. >> brian: make you pay. meanwhile, let's go to a fox weather alert now. >> thousands of florida residents can no longer focus on the election told to evacuate as tropical storm nicole approaches the state's east coast. residents are filling sandbags to prepare. >> steve: of course, many people lined up at gas stations and there was, as always, panicked buying of food and water and toilet paper leaving some store shelves can you see right there empty. >> ainsley: fox weather senior meteorologist janice dean has the fox weather forecast. janice, i remember when sandy hit, brian did all the sandbags in his front yard. >> brian: i got wet sandbags.
3:23 am
lasted for a year, the sand never went away. >> brian: i still use it as weights to keep my umbrellas up. >> janice: yes we still talk about brian and sandy 10 years later. >> ainsley: water went in main floor. >> janice: some people are still out of their homes 10 years later. that shows you the scope of the damage these storms can do. folks in florida are bracing for impact overnight tonight into thursday. let's take a look at it. and also a big winter storm across the west. you mentioned it impacting voting in nevada. woe warned you about that. feet of snow nevada region. we are talking about this system which we do predict to become hurricane as it makes impact across the west -- sorry, the east central coast of florida this evening. we have hurricane warnings in advance for the bahamas towards west palm beach and daytona beach. here is the track, the fox model as we go through time overnight tonight making impact. the center of the storm tracking
3:24 am
over port st. lucie and into the gulf of mexico side and then up towards the panhandle and then towards the southeast and the mid-atlantic. there is port st. lucie, rain fall 3 to 5 inches. storm surge, heavy rainfall and hurricane force gusts in the next 12 to 24 hours. that's what we are going to be tracking fox weather. of course, definitely doing all the election forecast but also the weather forecast is important as well. steve, ainsley, brian, over to you. >> steve: because this is a very big and powerful storm. thank you, j.d. >> brian: the media waste nothing time in celebrating key democratic victories. >> it looks like it's going. and there isn't a gigantic red wave. there is more like a red ripple. [laughter] >> this might feel more like the edge of a lake. just moving up an inch or two here. >> it just doesn't seem to have any sense of a wave. >> i think that big sound that you hear is democrats having a big sigh of relief. >> joe biden is on the verge of
3:25 am
being the most successful democratic president in a midterm election that we have seen in quite some time. >> ainsley: joining us now react is fox news contributor joe con challenge. joe, what's your reaction? >> i wouldn't be so giddy if i'm the white house or the people that serve them in the media right now. one word was used during that montage relieved but just for now. as you guys have been talking about, there are still the senate is in play, as far as wisconsin, ron johnson takes that adam laxalt in neftd then georgia. with herschel walker in the runoff and arizona is still in play with blake masters. so it could come down to, look, a lot of people thought that republicans were going to win by three touchdowns here right, if they win by a field goal in the house and an extra point in the senate, those are still two victories that give them those two chambers and they are in control regardless. the big story last night as far as republican politics are concerned is what happened in
3:26 am
florida that you guys were talking about. a blowout victory byron desantis winning in miami-dade which that's a deep blue county. several house seats were flipped in florida as well. you used the perfect term ruby red florida used to be a purple state. >> ainsley: i heard you stay on "fox & friends." >> stole that from me. will. >> steve: make it rubio red. >> who also had a big victory as well. some people thought val demings was a threat. the reason was ron antioxidant, unlike some of these other candidates who are rookie candidates who are just talking right now what they want to do he has a record to run on. as far as opening that state first, which a lot of people you talk to in florida still thank him for. there has been an exodus to florida ever since. and what their children aren't being taught in florida. >> ainsley: a lot of people that might have voted for zeldin in new york have left. many have gone to florida, tennessee and texas. >> that's great point. somebody i was watching the speech with last knight that steve may or may not know who
3:27 am
wasn't a very political person as well because she is working too hard and taking carol of the kids watched desantis' speech and said that looked presidential to me. he gave the speech of his life last night. you have to wonder now what the 45th president is thinking as far as competition with ron desantis if he decides to run because he has the wind at his back right now. >> steve: you have got to think about what is joe biden thinking because yesterday, going in the polls all predicted a mask red wave. the republicans were going to take the how fast by gigantic majority. that has not materialized yet. some houses could flip here shortly and we will tell you immediately once the decision desk lets us know. buff, the face of that loss for democrats was going to be joe biden. >> precisely. >> steve: now, joe biden is the face of the dems not doing so bad. joe biden is thinking you know what? i am going to run for re-election. >> precisely because this would have been a referendum on him. >> the bad news for the country is let's say there were 20, 30,
3:28 am
40 seats flipped in the house and republicans had 543, 54 seats in the senate. then i think the president would be forced to fire some people around him and make some changes to his cabinet. now that may not happen and they are going to stay the course. stay the course on what? 40-year high inflation and spending. gaffes prices still too high for people's tastes. crime still being too high. education, the border. nothing will change now as a result and that's bad news for the country. >> brian: they will change if they flip the house and the senate. i will say, this a cbs poll asked people on the exit what do you think of joe biden. only 30% expressed support for running for a second term. >> isn't that amazing. >> brian: other dems have to decide who is going to challenge him. joe, thanks so much. >> hanukkah of election 8 crazy nights. two things i wouldn't want to be any pollster and anybody who doesn't have access topicsy sticks and coffee. tough morning without that. >> steve: pixie sticks. tell your wife thanks for the analysis by the way.
3:29 am
>> maybe it was my son or daughter. >> steve: they are 4. >> brian: republicans making gains with deep blue new york including george san toast flipping a long island district red. lifelong democrats join us live to explain why they voted for the g.o.p. this election. ♪ announcer: type 2 diabetes? discover the power of 3 in the ozempic® tri-zone. in my ozempic® tri-zone, i lowered my a1c, cv risk, and lost some weight. announcer: ozempic® provides powerful a1c reduction. in studies, the majority of people reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as stroke, heart attack, or death in adults also with known heart disease. and you may lose weight. adults lost up to 14 pounds. ozempic® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't share needles or pens, or reuse needles. don't take ozempic® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have
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♪ >> steve: some races still too close to call keep it right here on fox you know as soon as they figure it out. in the meantime here in new york, governor kathy hochul elected to her first full term in office but only by a very slinel margin, the teleprompter says due in part to the fierce campaigning for congressman lee zeldin on behalf of our next guest who now hope hochul will see how important crime is for people in the empire state. joining us now lifelong democrat dove hiken and chu as well. they both were on the show a couple weeks ago talking about how they were supporting lee zeldin. iraqen, you got to feel badly that your candidate didn't win but at the same time maybe this
3:34 am
will force the governor to wake up and smell the crime in the streets. >> it's clear she doesn't have the mandate, right in the race is close. i am disappointed. i was at his event last night was sad to see the results coming in isn't what we expected. >> steve: i heard a portion of his speech he said there were still a million ballots outstanding and he felt ultimately dove, he would prevail. >> i don't know about prevail but there is no question that the issue of crime is front and center now for the new governor and, you know, of course, we wish he would have won. but what i want to say is we are all disappointed looking at the bigger picture, you know, what happened. we are supposed to be great victories all over the country, part of the problem i don't think there is any question in my mind that hurt republicans all over is donald trump. i would say to the former president, ohio supported and did great things during this
3:35 am
term move on a couple days before the election he tells the country he has a major announcement, donald trump it was not about you. it was about the candidates that were running and you took away from them. there is no question that he hurt candidates all over the country. and i would say to donald trump on november 15th you are going to make a major announcement. i would advise you and i have great respect for you and things that you accomplished. i would advise you to announce to the country that desantis is the one that we should support so that we can win the white house in 2024. donald trump, you had your opportunity, you hurt your party that you love, your country in this election. so donald trump move on. >> >> steve: regarding what happened here in new york state, there was a red waive in new
3:36 am
york island where dov lives and there were pockets ultimately here in new york city, mr. zeldin would have to get at least 30% your side was motivated so were democrats. more people showed up voted for her exactly. definitely pockets in parts of queens and brooklyn and staten island and certainly in long island that went for lee zeldin. turnout was good for kathy hochul. and she prevailed as far as the results that we see today. >> yeah, and there you see right now we are projecting lee zeldin at 47. so, as -- i know you were just talking about the trump effect on the midterms, but ultimately, as they start to do postmortems, the republicans, was there one issue they got wrong or did they get the issues right they just
3:37 am
couldn't motivate people? >> they had the issues right. and everything up until a few days before. everyone was predicting. i mean, it wasn't just fox that was saying clearly what weigh going to happen here. a great victory for the republican party all over the country. the other side was doing the same thing because they red the numbers. something happened and we have got to be honest about it. what went wrong? and more and more people you talk to who were supporters of donald trump, nobody wants to say it openly, but it's time to be honest if we want to move on and have great victories in this country, someone like desantis, i mean, look, he is a super star. and, you know, we need that change. i want donald trump to be the hero, support desantis and let's move on. he hurt the party. there's no question about it. no question about it. >> steve: let's see what his big announcement is next week. >> desantis. it will be disants.
3:38 am
>> steve: let's see. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> steve: coming up on this wednesday. florida governor ron desantis who we were just talking about flips diverse miami-dade county red for the first time in decades. miami's mayor on the impact of the latino vote still ahead. ♪ ♪ time. it's life's most precious commodity, especially when you have metastatic breast cancer. when your time is threatened, it's hard to invest in your future. until now. younger women are living longer with kisqali when taken with an aromatase inhibitor in hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's proven to delay disease progression. kisqali can cause lung problems, or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death. it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections. tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms,
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>> no matter how many press conferences you give about the threats to democracy and other garbage we are never going to abandon common sense. >> we have embraced freedom. we have maintained law and order. we have protected the rights of parents. we have respected our taxpayers and we reject woke ideology
3:43 am
florida is where woke goes to die. [cheers] people have come here because our policies work. leadership matters. >> and that was a victory speech for a republican that has a lot of momentum. governor desantis. it was once the nation's "primetime" swing state but massive g.o.p. victory shifting florida from purple to solid red. no one would deny it. most striking was miami-dade county a traditional democratic strong hold latino population. desantis is the first g.o.p. governor to win in now 20 years. joining us now to discuss it on the heals of a very exciting night. another rising star on the republican side, miami mayor francis suarez. mr. mayor, it looks like ron desantis took the hispanic vote in florida 57-42. he wins by 15. gilliam won it by 10 four years ago. why? >> you have to look at the trend of what is happening.
3:44 am
in 2016, donald trump lost miami-dade county by 30 points to hillary. in 2020, that 30-point margin was just an 8 point margin in favor of biden. and now you are seeing miami-dade county go completely red by double digits, both for marco and for the governor. i think it means that people in miami-dade county and in florida by the way you win miami-dade county you have a great chance of winning florida by a huge margin we saw that also last night. a 20-point margin in florida, which is unheard of for a republican candidate it sets a template for now we can win nationally. we have three simple rules. keep taxes low. keep people safe and we need innovation to create high paying jobs on the greatest country on the planet. that message has resonated with miami-dade county voters and they are rewarding republicans because we are, you know, because we are running a competent government.
3:45 am
>> brian: i agree with that miami is booming right now and you are recruiting. jen psaki tweeted this out tell me what you think. la teen nope vote is not same anywhere. there are huge generational differences and in florida population of older voters, most likely republicans. larger than younger. socialism doesn't play there. translation problem in the media. what is she talking about i don't speak spanish you probably do. cuban background. democrats go because the hispanics are miss informed. what's going on. >> democrats are in denial. they are in denial because they first tried to brand all hispanics as latin x. that didn't work. that monolithic brand didn't stick people don't like it. then they tried to go nuances and president first lady said we are unique as tacos that obviously didn't work and obviously offended people. and now they are trying to come up with more excuses as to why republicans keep gaining with
3:46 am
hispanics. not just big for miami-dade county and florida. big for the united states. it's a template for success for republican elections for a generation nationally. and i think if we continue to communicate and connect with hispanics, it could mean a tremendous amount in terms of, you know, not just winning elections but creating prosperity for a country governing through the principles that have, you know, that are the basis of republican elected officials and republican politics. >> brian: mr. mayor, it seems like the governor and the former president are pretty much going at it a little bit where i think governor desantis is keeping his powder dry. do you see friction between the two and will that affect whether or not you run for president. >> there is definitely friction between the two. i think the former president, you know, even last night was sort of indicating he is going to make an announcement on
3:47 am
november 15th. and then we will see how the chips fall. what happens now. people doing postmortems over the next couple weeks to the end of the year to figure out what exactly what went wrong, what went right for republicans. pennsylvania and in georgia is this sort of just appeal to one side to be disrupted by a libertarian candidate. i think we need a broader appeal. a broader message to be more inclusive and generational as well. >> brian: got it. mr. mayor, great get your instant analysis. if people want to know what went right for republicans look as the florida because everything did for them. >> thank you. >> meanwhile over to carley shimkus who has the other breaking news. >> carley: certainly do. we begin in jackson, mississippi where arsonist is in custody for allegedly torching two churches and setting five other fires on election day. officials say all but one of the fires were put out before voters
3:48 am
hit the polls. thankfully no injuries were reported. voters in north carolina and arkansas ballot measures to legalize recreational marijuana. >> vote too close to call there and two other states maryland and missouri did approve measures to legalize the drugs. the number of states with legal marijuana to 21. and in arkansas, i'm sorry, a kansas city police officer, rather, is being hailed a hero. intense body camera footage shows the cops sprinting into a missouri home to save the life of a 1-month-old baby girl who was not breathing. this officer saving the baby from choking to death. he even paid the tiny patient a visit as she recover at the hospital. wow, guys, brian, how about that little baby and that police officer there. >> unbelievable. and we're probably the only station that shows what police officers are doing on a daily basis and that's help people every way shape or form. thanks. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. fox news voter and analysis
3:49 am
breaks down what was top of mind for americans yesterday when they went to the ballot box. most important issues and how they impacted the races dash still ahead, period. .
3:50 am
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>> ainsley: it looks like the democrat have swept the top contested seats in pennsylvania with john fetterman projected to win over dr. mehmet oz in what was a critical senate race for republicans. and josh shapiro defeating doug mastriano in the governor's race turning the keystone state blue. here to react pennsylvania based columnist and reporter selena. good morning. >> good morning, ainsley. >> ainsley: gowhat happened here do you think fetterman ignored the woke. heroin injection sites, releasing convicted murderers no fracking he said a while ago and now he is saying he has always been for track fracking, no restrictions on abortion? what was the issue here? >> it's crazy. it's astounding to see everything that you just peeled off and then you compare that with all the things that were most important to voters. and the decision to pennsylvania
3:54 am
voters made is sort of the opposite of what they said they were concerned about. and there's a couple things to unpack about pennsylvania. first of all, i think former president trump's sort of interference in that primary in may put a man, dr. oz, who by the way i will say ran a very good campaign and he overcame a lot for someone who was never in politics before, and he overcame a big deficit; however, he never had a true natural base here. a true natural connection with the state. i think that fetterman used that to advantage. he pounded him with that. and it was enough for voters to not feel as comfortable with him it as they would with dave mccormick. running the whipped mastriano who never ran a campaign that included creating coalitions to
3:55 am
win an election. and when you have those two drags on you, you tack on almost a million people voting before the debate and, it was just too much for him to overcome trying to win over voters in the state. >> ainsley: yeah we are learning that we have learned so much from this election because or all the elections around the country how important it is to have two strong candidates for each party for the governor and for the senate races. so you think he lost because of mastriano, he was criticized for living in new jersey, before he lived in pennsylvania, i know that those two states don't necessarily get along. what about the oprah endorsement? she endorsed -- she is good friends with dr. oz. she helped his celebrity status and helped make him a big name on television. do you think that hurt him when she endorsed fetterman? >> no, i really don't, you know, pennsylvania, the last statistics i saw from the census
3:56 am
shows 8 out of 10 pennsylvanians grew up within four miles of where they live, right? so the place and rootedness is very important. and dr. oz was never able to overcome that hurdle. and so i think that was the larger problem. i think mastriano ended up being the second problem. i think donald trump's over endorsement of them talking about running, you know, on the eve before the election. all those things get in people's heads. >> ainsley: right. >> it caused a problem. >> ainsley: and the debate was after early voting started. i'm not sure if that really influences anyone's vote. if you look at high crime in philadelphia, it's a little shocking and some of the polls were completely wrong about that. thank you so much for being on with us. >> thank >> carley: governor brias.n kemp in the great state of georgia. a once-daily pill. when uc got unpredictable,... i got rapid symptom relief with rinvoq.
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