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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 9, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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(snorting) if you struggle with cpap... (groan) (growling) (chuckle) should check out inspire. no mask. no hose. just sleep. (beeping) learn more and view important safety information at ♪ ♪ >> steve: so the big question is which party will control what goes on under that big top in our nation's capitol? it's wednesday morning, but the battle for control of congress continues today as we wait for the results in a number of crucial races in both the house and the senate. >> brian: yeah, it's hard to believe. we know there's no red wave we got it.
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we actually could see one party in control of both chambers, the balance of power in the senate is up in the air. democrats and republicans now tied at 48 each. 51 needed. obviously for the majority. we might be able to call one before we get off the air >> ainsley: yeah four key senate races are still not calleded ye it's georgia, nevada, arizona and wisconsin, and we are closely monitoring those races as the results come in, as you said hopefully this hour while we're on air. >> brian: nevada since we got on air, laxalt seems to be pulling away >> steve: meanwhile the house of representatives still up for grabs as you can see up in the right-hand corner, a majority of 218 is needed, and republicans only have 200 so far. that big red wave has not yet materialized. >> brian: many tied races ending in stunning upsets and critical wins for both parties >> ainsley: we go to kevin corke live in washington for the latest there. good morning to you kevin. >> steve ainsley and bk game on as in the waiting game as the
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nation continues to await results as you all pointed out from several senate and gubernatorial races in the country. we are looking at the numbers to see which party will ultimately control which chamber of commerce. i'll make that chamber of congress. in arizona let's take a look. masters right now searching but still trailing, kelly out in front 51.9 to 45.9 but again blake masters he's making some progress there. we'll see how that all turns out. as for the gubernatorial race there, same story line frankly for kari lake. she was down big early because hobbs had a massive lead to start out with with the mail-in balloting and early voting but as you see kari lake is reeling her in now with a 30,000 vote difference and of course we'll keep an eye on that one. over in nevada, laxalt again was down big early but, boy, has he come roaring back over in the silver state now leading 49.9 to 47.2. in wisconsin a little badger
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love there, let's check out ron johnson yep now leading but boy is it tight over barnes. there has been a call nowhere johnson, at least according to one service. we are not yet calling that here at fox. over in the great state of georgia, herschel walker and raphael warnock dualing down the stretch they come with a runoff as casey mentioned earlier, very likely yet to come here ahead, 49.4 to 48.5. in pennsylvania, john fetterman riding the wave again of massive early and mail-in voting to beat dr. oz. >> we jammed them up. we held the line. i never expected that we were going to turn these red counties blue but we did what we needed to do.
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that's why i'll be the next us senator from pennsylvania. [cheers and applause] >> and there will be lots of studies to see exactly how they turned some of those places from red to blue. meantime in ohio, jd vance pulling ahead in and he sends tim ryan and his life beer packing getting an important victory for the gop in the buckeye state. >> whether you voted for me or not, the thing that i promise to do is go to the united states senate and fight every single day for the people of ohio. thanks to you we get an opportunity to do just that. i will never forget the great people of ohio. thank you for this honor to serve you. i'll fight for you every day. god bless you guys and thank you. >> they may have the coolest state flag really like that. meanwhile barring any major surprises on the house side, yep, the gop, could be tight, could be 220, maybe 224, but at least right now all-pro jackss would suggest that kevin
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mccarthy and the gop will send nancy pelosi packing from the speaker's office. >> when you wake up tomorrow, we will be in the majority and nancy pelosi will be in the minority. [cheers and applause] >> the american people are ready for a majority that will offer a new direction. that will put america back on track. republicans are ready to deliver it. >> and now's the chance to do just that. meantime let's look at some of the high profile gubernatorial races around the country, brian kemp no problem beating stacey abrams in georgia again. beto o'rourke in texas facing off with greg abbott losing again. but the news wasn't all bad for the democrats as far as gubernatorial races were concerned. kathy hochul and gretchen whitmer both beat their republican opponents despite tighter than expected races. a runoff likely in the great state of georgia, it could change but unlikely between now
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and then. we'll also keep a very close eye on what's happening in arizona and of course nevada as well. a fun morning for us i hope before the show's over we get to call another race guys. >> brian: let's do it even if it's premature. i'm only kidding. >> steve: no, no, no. >> ainsley: not going to happen. >> steve: waiting for somebody to call us on the red phone. all right kevin thank you very much. >> brian: you have to figure, too, if there is a runoff that libertarian goes away, it is just warnock against walker and joe biden is so unpopular in georgia, if it becomes about the balance of power in the senate which it loots like it will be that will be advantage walker. >> steve: and you have to wonder about what impact if donald trump does make an announcement next week, what impact that would have on races going forward. kevin just ran a sound bite with jd vance who came up a big winner yesterday and he can thank in large part according to the wall street journal mitch mcconnell's senate leadership fund. they pumped $32 million into that race.
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in mid october, vance had only raced $12 million, tim ryan had about 50 million and then that money that mcconnell's super pack pumped into that race was able to change tim ryan's public perception with the people who were watching tv because they bought a whole bunch of ads. and at that point tim ryan had been ahead in the polls but thanks to the big money, that really helped mr. vance win last night. >> yeah, and here in new york a huge red wave out in your area out in long island four congress men and women won. >> four maybe five by the end of our show have taken over. they might provide the balance of power to republicans in the house. >> right and florida, too, florida and new york a big red wave in that area out in long island. also in upstate elise stefanik won again and that's an area barack obama won twice.
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new york city very democratic lots have left. we have a migration issue because a lot of republicans left to go to florida after the pandemic. they live down there, they said this is great we're an open state we're staying. so lee zeldin looks like will not pull off the governor's race here in the state of new york. he has not conceded says he will not do that yet. elise stefanik was on our show earlier and she wants another term as the chair of the house republican congress. there was rumors she might run for the house majority whip. >> liz cheyney. >> that's right she took over for leslie cheyney president trump said he would be fantastic in that role and supports kevin mccarthy if republicans take over the house but here's elise stefanik talking about the election. >> we're looking at some of these races, we feel confident we will win the hubs and we will fire nancy pelosi and there will be a republican majority and that's really important. that was my top priority as the house republican conference chair and we're going to win the majority in new york state alone
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if you look at the four seats we picked up on election night. we won if you talk to voters on the issue of inflation and we have to stop that reckless spending. we need to do strong work to secure the border. we need to support our law enforcement and i'm the only member of leadership who flipped a district. people forget my district twice voted for obama and we now win so we have to win for the american people and i'm committed to doing that. >> steve: one place there was a big red wave is depicted on the cover of the new york post this morning, young gop star desantis romps to victory in florida. it's called defuture. and when you look at what we know for sure, we know according to the numbers he beat charlie crist by 19 points so far but when you look at the exit polls and i'm looking by some by edison research exit polling, ron desantis won hispanic voters by 57%, women by 52%, suburban voters by 58% and independents
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by 52%. his share of the puerto rican vote jumped from 34 to 55. it went up 20 points between the two races, first and second. and desantis's victory was fueled, of course, as we've been talking about, but the strongest showing by a republican in miami dade county in decades. >> ainsley: do you think it's because so many new yorkers and people from other states have moved down to florida? they did not take their politics with them? or maybe they were all republicans and they took their politics with them? >> i think a couple of things. i think his performance. the last case in point hurricane ian, president biden comes down, they clearly disagree on a number of issues totally bipartisan. he's building bridges to get people back to their islands to see their home and then you think what happened during the pandemic, he was on the home on a daily basis with the cdc trying to find out what was happening. his only regret was he shut his
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state down at all and then he empowered people had a plan in place to cycle the vaccine for people who wanted it. he got kids back in school and if you didn't like that you could leave the state but for the most part people were like i would like to get my life back i'm coming there. >> florida does not have a single democrat holding a state wide office clear they shifted from purple to red. remember when bush won by 500 votes in florida? it has changed so much. joe concha calls it ruby red but the blue states have become a deeper blew. >> rubio red in florida. >> rubio red. >>. >> steve: ron desantis i was at a diner on friday, people love him. they just love him in florida. and here he is last night and i want you to listen to the chanting. they're not chanting four more years, they're chanting two more years, which means they're encouraging him to run for president. here he is last night. >> after four years, the people
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have delivered their verdict. freedom is here to stay. [cheers and applause] [chanting: two more years! usa! ] >> we saw freedom and our very way of life in so many other jurisdictions in this country widther on the vine. florida held the line. [cheers and applause] we chose facts over fear. we chose education over indoctrination. we chose law and order over rioting and disorder. florida was a refuge of sanity when the world went mad. we stood as the citadel for
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freedom for people across this country and indeed across the world. >> steve: just one other thing about the florida race and that is, i spent the weekend down in florida and i was watching a lot on the tv. the desantis ad that i saw a number of times was all about his accomplishments. charlie crist was running the typical negative ad about what a bad job mr. desantis had done. but when you see it all lined up, all the stuff that ron desantis has gotten accomplished as governor, you can understand why the number is so big where he beat charlie crist by 19 points. >> ainsley: why do you think he did so well in miami dade? >> steve: because i think florida freedom. i don't think you feel like you're walking in voting as a party. it's like you're voting how i feel as somebody living in florida and i think they like what he has done especially during the pandemic. >> ainsley: yeah, we also are going to have anna paulina luna on, an air force vet from
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pinellas county and she won there west of tampa, charlie crist's old seat when he decided to run for governor. she was endorsed by president trump and by ron desantis. >> brian: right. by the way maya flores did lose last night and lashed out at independents and republicans who didn't come out. >> ainsley: they changed her district. >> brian: and made it tough to do that so we see if she bounces back. carley shimkus you have breaking news. >> carley: i do i have news to get to in jackson mississippi an arsonist is in custody for allegedly for ching two churches and setting five other fires on election day. officials say all but one of the fires was put out before voters hit the polls. thankfully no injuries were reported. elon musk unloading nearly $4 billion worth of tesla stock. that's nearly 20 million shares. it's the third biggest selloff by the ceo since he launched his twitter takeover bid. tesla hitting a 52-week low yesterday as many investors fear musk is preoccupied with his
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social media venture. forbes said his net worth plummeted to a mere 197 billion, with a b, dollars. >> and we are still waiting to hear who won the $2 billion powerball jackpot. the ticket was sold at joe's service center in al take dina california the owner receiving and saying billionaires made here >> one, ten, 41, 53 p56 and the powerball number of ten and plenty of other big prices as well a store in florida one worth $2 million while 22 people had tickets worth one million >> listen to this mcdonald's unveiled its first grease proof gaming chair with fast food friendly features like a french fry hoster dip holders a hot box
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and agrees 2 proof leather. one will get one for free, there is a catch though you have to live in great britain. so if you're british and you like gaming and fast food today's your lucky day guy. >> steve: so you have to buy a ticket to fly over there to get the bucket. >> carley: or you could live there. >> ainsley: they need to bring it here. >> carley: exactly our british following of fox and friends would be very happy. >> steve: that would be on our bucket list. thank you carley. >> carley: you're very welcome. >> brian: 16 minutes after the hour major republican victories in florida turning the sunshine state red. >> ainsley: and that includes anna paulina luna who flips charlie crist's house seat and she's going to join us next. ♪ at red land cotton. our traditions are grown and sewn right here in our hometown of moulton, alabama. from our heirloom inspired sheets to our super absorbent bath towels, to our 100% cotton quilts. every single piece is made right here in america. we believe in keeping our heritage 100% american made. enjoy our farm to home products and receive
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♪ >> we're still awaiting results
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for arizona's gubernatorial and their senate races but election officials say that they will not have all the votes counted until friday. kelly o'grady joins us live. kelly, why friday? >> ainsley, i know. that's causing so much frustration from voters here on the ground that we're talking to. so arizona actually has a history of mail-in voting and then a lot of folks yesterday dropped their early ballots off on the day of the election and you actually can't start counting them by arizona law until the polls close so that's why you're not going to see from 95 to 99% in until friday that means a lot of things could change between now and then. let's look first at where the senate stands 63% reporting democratic incumbent mark kelly leading by about six points. he heavily won in that early voting but that typically does skew democratic and we're seeing the new batches skew heavily for the gop so mast, steadily closing that gap overnight. another reason that could change and why we're waiting until
5:22 am
friday here, maricopa county experiencing a lot of voting issues this race, 27% of counting machines in the county were down for a period yesterday. gop candidates encouraging their base to vote on election day so the current gap could tighten significantly as those votes finally get counted. on governor's election it's a lot tighter. kari lake inching closer just about 30,000 votes separating the two and lake has been winning the last few batches by 70 to 80%. i want to highlight she's been tough on the border so we're seeing that play out in co-cheese and yuma counties. i asked blake if these vote counting issues would impact with her opponent highlighting the count. she said it was unethical. stubble roughly a million votes left so we're watching the gap in the senate race which certainly became a lot more important after the gop lost in the pennsylvania senate race last night. back to you ainsley.
5:23 am
>> ainsley: thank you kelly. meanwhile florida shifted from a swing state to a solid gop overnight with senator marco rubio and governor desantis both claiming victory along with numerous house candidates and that includes anna paulina luna who flipped charlie crist's florida house seat to red. congresswoman elect, anna paulina luna joins us now. how does that sound, congresswoman elect? congratulations. >> thank you very much. it's still very surreal. we are honored to have the support of many residents both bipartisan across the county. but we 12-1 so nothing can outdo a grass roots campaign and that's exactly what we were. >> ainsley: that's what happened with marco rubio, out-spent and out-raced but he still won by 16 points. i think a little more than 16 points. marco rubio won by almost 20 points. why are we seeing the red wave in florida? >> i think what happened after covid is many people that were under a lot of bad blue legislation moved here and they
5:24 am
got active, not just in local politics but national politics as well. and so that's why you're seeing a shift. but, remember, we also have a very high percentage of the hispanic demographic that's largely been voting more and more over to the republican party platform. we welcome with new voters as long as you're for lower government and factions welcome to the gop. >> ainsley: i know you served our country as an air force veteran. you were endorsed by trump and marco rubio and others in the great state of florida. and you took charlie crist's seat in panella county. is that normally red? i know charlie crist was a democrat. >> it was a lean blew seat last time and i was also endorsed by governor desantis and so we did have a redistricting. i think that that did play a factor. but, you know, at the end of the day, when you're looking at how
5:25 am
much they really spent against us, on friday president obama actually dropped a robocall against me. my opponent was funded largely by a billionaire out of michigan. so we did not have the financial advantage but what we did have is the advantage of what was happening with the biden economy and the fact that we are actually going to voters and asking for their votes and we did it. >> ainsley: well we wish you the best. thank you so much for coming on with us. >> thank you very much. >> ainsley: you're welcome. coming up déjà vu republican brian kemp defeats democratic favorite stacey abrams for the second time. he joins us live as he celebrates a second term as georgia's governor. ♪
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a clearchoice day changes every day. schedule a free consultation. ♪ >> brian: governor brian kemp claiming victory in his reelection bid last night beating out democrat stacey abrams handedly for a second time. >> steve: but the high stakes senate race in georgia is still too close to call and could, probably, will result in a runoff first week in december. >> ainsley: connel mcshane is live from atlanta with more. connel. >> hi there ainsley it certainly was as you guys were talking about an uneven night for republicans here in the state of georgia. you had both governor kemp and the senate candidate herschel
5:30 am
walker appearing in front of their supporters last night but governor kemp was there in a festive mood celebrating that reelection victory over stacey abrams whereas walker had to vow to keep fighting because indeed looks like he's heading to that runoff. as you look at those numbers and compare them in both races i want to go back for a moment to a voter i alluded to when i was on with you guys in the last hour. this was a voter who told us he had just moments before speaking to us voted for governor kemp but did not vote at all in the senate race. take a listen. >> i kind of abstained from votes in the senate race. i don't really dig most of the people so i just kind of left it alone. i kind of kept it more local, people that are actually going to affect me here. >> so you votedd in the governor's race but didn't vote in the senator's race. is that what you're saying? >> correct. correct. >> so there you go, that kind of thinking or perhaps the ticket splitters, those who voted for kemp and then went for warnock leaves us where we are today still covering a senate race that appears to be ongoing while
5:31 am
wrapping up a republican victory that i know you're going to talk more about on the governor's side. back to you guys. >> steve: we are indeed in fact we're going to talk right now to the governor, brian kemp joins us right now from georgia. governor, congratulations. >> thanks, guys. good morning. >> steve: when you look at the numbers, you handedly beat stacey abrams and she has conceded. but herschel walker, you know, if he got the same number of votes you did he would be a run away winner. but it looks like there was a lolot of ticket splitting goingn in georgia and as connel was just talking about, there are some people who apparently voted for you but didn't vote for the senate candidate on the republican side. what is that about? >> well, first of all, i'm just honored to be able to continue serving as georgia's governor. we have a great state. we've got a great legislature and the republicans held the state house and the state senate last night. looks like we're going to
5:32 am
prevail without runoffs and all our constitutional officers who were elected like i am. so a good night for us state side. it's good for people to remember with herschel walker and rafael warnock a libertarian in that race got about 2% of the vote last time i looked. so right now everything i'm hearing it's headed to a runoff, still votes to be counted, we'll let them do that see where it lands. but it's tough beating an incumbent and thankfully we prevailed last night because we've been putting hard work in georgians first talking about fighting through joe biden's 40-year high inflation, disastrous domestic energy policy that's led to high prices at the gas pump, a porous border, raising taxes on hard-working georgians and hard-working americans when he promised we wouldn't. and wee we've been cutting taxes here. so those issues prevailed for us and in the down ballot folks and our general assembly folks last night but if we get nah a runoff i feel very good about getting herschel across the finish line
5:33 am
and my goal's been for our whole ticket to win the whole time that's what we've been working to do and we'll continue to do that if needed. >> ainsley: those issues did prevail for you in the state of georgia, they didn't prevail for people around the country where we were expecting more of a red wave than we saw. i don't know if it was the polls were wrong and we thought that because we would ask people what is your main issue everyone said inflation, in atlanta they were saying crime, in new york city they were saying crime. why didn't those issues -- was this more just pure partisanship? did all those issues take a back seat? >> no, no, not at all. the number one issue in this race, this was a pocketbook election in georgia. it was inflation. it was jobs and the economy, which we've got just an incredible record here with the number one state in the country to do business. we've had two record years of investment and job growth in a row and that's been going on all over our state not just in the metro atlanta area literally giving all georgians equal economic opportunity no matter
5:34 am
their zip code but also people want to be safe we talked a lot about crime supporting law enforcement and not defunding the police and other things like that. i think around the country, you know, i can't really speak to those races, i haven't had time to look. a 'em this yet but we also had a great team. we had a great plan, a great ground game that we haven't had in georgia in the last cycle or two and that was a big reason i think we over-performed from 2018. >> brian: yeah, governor, to tell you the truth you and ron desantis had similar situations, closely won your governor's race, and you got renewed because of your performance, did an outstanding job and i think that's what people responded to. thanks so much for joining us today. >> have a great days guy. >> ainsley: thank you, congratulations. >> steve: congratulations. >> ainsley: brian what's coming up. >> brian: up next fox news voter analysis says majority of voters disapprove of biden's border. >> steve: former secretary of state impacts how this could impact arizona's races which are still too close to call on this wednesday morning. ♪ >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield...
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♪ ♪ ♪ voltaren. the joy of movement. ♪
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♪ >> brian: bows laxalt and johnson slightly expanding their lead. what does that mean for the balance of power in the senate? the border crisis playing a huge role in this election as early analysis reveals most voters disapprove with biden's response but yet wasn't hit with the red wave and could have an impact on major races left arizona's race and the governor's race are still too close to call this morning. texas governor abbott won easily, beto o'rourke should retire soon. let's listen. >> we must escalate our battle against the deadly fentanyl that is pouring across our border. we must treat it like the crime that it is, and that is murder. where congress falls short texas
5:40 am
must continue our unprecedented efforts to secure our border. >> brian: let's hope somebody joins texas. joining us right now, acting dhs secretary, the remain for acting dhs secretary chad wolf. mr. secretary i'll be honest, i'm disappointed that the broken, busted border that allowed four million to get in here illegally and 800,000 got aways to come in did not really resonate substantially with the electorate. >> well, i do feel it's one of those top issues across the country. look, i think voters are accomplishmented and they're very smart. so they vote on a number of different issues. but you saw in florida, governor desantis governor abbott and certainly kari lake in arizona made immigration and border security a central part of their campaigns and we saw two of them win, kari lake in arizona's still too close to call. so i think there are still in bright spots there. i think when you look at south texas, we had a republican seat
5:41 am
member, candidate there flip a seat in south texas and certainly in south florida, in miami dade in the hispanic community there who care very much about legal immigration and border security. i think you saw a number of wins and success across the board there. >> brian: so if the republicans hold on to the house and we'll have to wait until december it looks like to find out if they hold the senate, if they get the senate, what could you do? if you only have the house. >> well, obviously your options are a little bit limited. two things. one is oversight. they can actually shine the light better by holding congressional hearings and holding the biden administration principles accountable to the american people, try to explain why they have done what they have done to the border and they have caused the greatest crisis along that border in our nation's history. two, they can pass legislation to fix the border. now, where that will go in the senate and if it actually will get signed i think that's an open question. but they can send a signal that at least in the house, they are ready to secure the border if the federal government and the
5:42 am
biden administration will not. >> brian: right. and you also have a senator, all these democrats saying, yeah, i'm going to secure the border like senator kelly suddenly puts on his bomber's jacket and talks how outrages he is about our broken border. any hope that they mean what they say? >> well, i think the proof is in the pudding there, right? you have a number of candidates that backed away from the biden administration's policies along this border. now, we'll have to see if they actually follow through with that after the election should they be reelected, but i think that is an open question. i think there's more opportunity to fix the crisis along that border. i think if you see, in poll after poll after poll. the american people do not support the biden administration's approach to securing that border, and so i think you've got to see wa the house is going to do under republican leadership and see what can be accomplished in the senate. >> brian: you still optimistic something will get done? >> i am. i am optimistic because i think
5:43 am
it's such an important issue and it's an issue that is really affecting americans every single day. not only the human trafficking but the fentanyl that's coming across that border. so i'm hopeful that obviously republicans will have a solution but i'm hopeful democrats will actually come to the table and want to solve this as well. >> brian: i would imagine because it's going to be right in their face for 2024. chad wolf appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. >> brian: all right. listen i want to get a weather update right now, thousands of florida residents are told to evacuate because the tropical storm nicole is approaching the state's east coast. residents are filling sandbags, that's how we got that video. many people are lining up at gas stations and panic buying food and water leaving some store shelves empty. fox weather senior meteorologist janice dean has more. janice >> janice: yeah we think this is going to become a hurricane ian before it makes land fall and i believe that would be a record setting for a hurricane this late in the season making land fall across florida. you can see the colder
5:44 am
temperatures. we also have a bless ard setting up across the northern plains in the midwest that's a big story heavy snow across the rockies and the inner how about stains west and the ciera but this is the big headline for florida, tropical storm nicole, almost a hurricane right now. we do expect it to become a hurricane before it makes impact. we think the center of circulation comes ashore around the port saint lucie area, but this thing is huge. 400 miles from the center of circulation at least tropical storm force winds hurricane warns in effect. so this is port saint lucie, the rain impact three to five, 3-5 foot storm surge, depends when high tide comes in and full moon and all that stuff so that will be a big deal as we go through the he ever i don't night and the rain forecast, we could see 3-5 inches, some areas could get isolated amounts of a foot of rain and then we also have a tornado threat and i also quickly want to make mention that over two feet of snow is going to fall across portions of north dakota. this is our next big weather maker across the plains. so for all of your latest details, especially
5:45 am
if you live across florida and we'll keep you up to date. brian kilmeade over to you. >> brian: thank you very much for the toss back and with that let me just be the person who tosses to carley shimkus to find out what you have to say about a bunch of layoffs. >> carley: i certainly do. we are starting with the layoffs that mark zuckerberg is going to be announcing more than 11,000 priebus employees will be laid on of this morning. that's 13% of its work force, he told employees today that he's accountable for the social media giant's missteps that includes overstaffing. zuckerberg specifically mentioned cuts to the recruiting and business teams. facebook parent company met a says it will provide at least four months salary as severance. this is met a's first mass layoff ever. >> one in three families say they're falling behind financially. that's twice as high as 2020 records show according to a new ap poll. meanwhile consumers are leaning on store credit cards to offset the budget crunch with the holidays right around the corner.
5:46 am
35% of americans are likely to apply for credit cards this holiday season. that's a 29% spike from a year ago, according to lending tree. >> and a trio of soccer fans on cloud nine after a real madrid player launches a shot out of the stadium and onto their balcony. wow. the booming kick courtesy of the star player on one of the most popular clubs in the world. the laughing home fans mocking the miss with shouts of goal, goal, goal. that ball is now reportedly being sold on line for 200 bucks. brian, over to you. i'm sure you have thoughts on that. >> brian: i just want to tell you i have roots in rock and roll, that's what rod stewart does before every concert gets celtic balls and bunches into the stands. >> carley: wow, okay, good to know you learn something every day and this is my moment. >> brian: there you go carley thank you >> meanwhile still ahead on this show, the balance of power in the senate still up in the air
5:47 am
as we speak. pollster lee carter breaks down election night's biggest winners and losers. but first the ultimate winner dana perino who worked through night. what's coming up on your show? still so much in the air i know you wanted it all done. >> i was the winner yesterday sitting next to you on the five. you're right still waiting on critical calls in the midterm elections some decisions could come in the next two hours so we'll bring those to you if they happen. one thing we know for sure ron desantis was the big winner in florida defying the national trend so what is next for the governor? we have analysis from bret baier rogen and penn. just like you sorting it all out we'll take you through what happened and why it happened. we'll see you at 9:00 moderate ta still disrupts my skin. despite treatment it disrupts my skin with itch. it disrupts my skin with rash. but now, i can disrupt eczema with rinvoq. rinvoq is not a steroid, topical, or injection.
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♪ ♪♪ ♪ >> steve: from winners and losers to races left to be decided, a lot still close to call, here with our biggest take a ways from last night's biggest races lee carter author of persuasion. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: first of all where's the red wave. >> you know, there was one thing
5:52 am
i was calling, i expected it to be more of a red surge than a red wave or red tsunami. so i think the polls were right in the senate they're really holding strong in the governor's races as well. i think they were a little bit off in the house. but at the end of the day, the republicans i think underestimated how important abortion was to the election. 27% of voters went out there and said that that was one of the most important deciding factors and there was some other lessons to be taken away as well. >> steve: i was reading some of the other networks exit polling. they said that abortion and democracy which a lot of people on the political right were not talking about, those were actually the big issues with the majority of the voters. >> so what was fascinating last night we had a group of voters here in studio who we were talking to, and when they were talking about democracy being at steak it just wasn't what i think everybody understood it to be. they weren't afraid that their votes weren't going to be counted as much as they were afraid that people were going to stand up for what was right. there were a lot of candidates on the ballot that they said were election deniers and they
5:53 am
really didn't like that. they wanted leadership that was going to take a harder stand on some of those issues. >> steve: how about, and we just bumped in with the race boards on georgia, brian kemp ran away with the governorship on the republican side, but herschel walker as you can see right there is still trailing by.9 of a percentage point you would see think there's a lot of ticket splitting going on there. >> there seems to be a lot of ticket exploiting same thing in pennsylvania where you saw a huge margin for shapiro and fetterman is just inching away. so there was a lot of ticket splitting a lot of very thoughtful voters and i think that what we are a seeing is that the american people are saying i don't love either the democrats or the republicans, and so i'm going to decide what's best for me a state by state issue by issue basis. >> steve: right. so when you look at the two parties, they both had their talking points. the republicans talked about inflation, the border, crime and stuff like that. the democrats were talking a lot about abortion and democracy and
5:54 am
climate change. and while you've got both sides polar opposite it's the people in the middle. >> that's right. >> steve: essentially do a little cafeteria thing. i like something from over here but i like something from over there. >> exactly right. the thing i thought was fascinating too when talking to voters last night and across time, not everybody thinks that inflation is within our control. about half the voters that were in the studio last night thought that inflation was a global issue that wasn't necessarily going to be changed by change of power in congress. and so i think the republicans really failed to make the case that if they were going to win, that they were going to change inflation in meaningful ways. and the pivot went about a month ago from the inflation message being look how bad it is to the commitment to america and here's what we're going to do about it. >> steve: i think the two big winners last night obviously ron desantis. >> oh, yeah. >> steve: but also joe biden. joe biden won only because he wasn't the biggest loser. we were going to, this morning, had there been a big red wave everybody would be going blame joe biden. can't say that now. >> you can't say that right now,
5:55 am
no. i think the democrats need to have some very serious lessons they learned as well and one of the things we heard throughout the election period was that a lot of voters felt like they were being condescended and looked down to by democrats so democrats can look at this as a victory by holding their own but there was a lot of money to just standstill. >> steve: what about donald trump. he endorsed i think hundreds of candidates. >> yeah, i do think that what we're seeing right now is that the future of the republican party is ahead of us not behind us. i think it's time, when you look at candidates like kemp in georgia, you look at desantis in florida, you look at these candidates who stand for freedom who stand for business, candidates of action, that's where the momentum is it's not coming from donald trump in the past it's coming from the future. >> steve: lee carter up late last night and early today. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: we're going to step aside. more fox and friends in just a couple. ♪ ♪
5:56 am
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♪ ♪ >> it is still a nail-biter. maybe today -- actually, we could be back tomorrow telling you who owns the balance of power. thank you to the "fox & friends" staff that was up all night gathering those numbers.
6:00 am
>> i watched continuously. fall asleep for an hour, wake back up, they never slept. >> bill hemmer did a great job. >> you can also see that on fox nation. in the meantime, for our friends down in florida, a big storm coming. be careful today. see you back here tomorrow. >> thank you, guys. bright and early, 9:00 in new york. still up in the air, the day after the election, the dust has hardly settled. it is still floating in the air. i am bill hemmer. >> i am dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." >> it might have been 60 minutes -- but it was a lot. >> dana: we've got some ideas, though. >> bill: come out to us for a moment. that's where w


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