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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  November 9, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PST

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new district and i represent 20% in the state assembly. so he didn't have that built in advantage of incumbency. >> dana: an honor to call you congressman elect. thank you for being on our show. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. >> dana: lots more to come throughout the day as we get more results. harris faulkner is up next. here she is. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert. there is no sugar coating it. mid-term elections were less of a wave and more of a trend for republicans. and democrats would love for people to just stay on that focus on it. the fact is the gop performed and is still on the verge of taking control of the u.s. house of representatives. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus." let's check in. as of now, the dozens of house seats, those races remain in play. democrats claiming 174 seats,
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republicans with 200 so far. the gop taking some critical wins yesterday grabbing house seats in key districts and heavily favored to win control. turning a seat from red to blue was a trend. you are about to meet congresswoman elect monica de la cruz who did just that. the senate a very different story, though. one top republican admits it was not the red tsunami that was expected. >> definitely not a republican wave, that's for darn sure. i think we'll be at 51, 52 when it is all said and done in the senate. >> harris: the open ohio seat stayed with republicans. vance beat ryan. john fetterman pulled off a win for the left in pennsylvania. even after his disastrous debate performance. but we still have four states too close to call which became
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like a thing last night. all of this was too close to call among them. set to be determining factors for senate control, georgia, nevada, arizona, wisconsin. let's dive right into the race in wisconsin. republican incumbent senator ron johnson with a microscopic lead at this point on rising star democrat mandela barnes who got a late visit from former president obama. all of that could be what he needs. we'll see. we'll check in back and forth on this. we'll have former congressman jason chaffetz in "focus" just a moment from now. grady trimble who is in the badger state. >> senator ron johnson's team certainly thinks the race should have been called in his favor by now. he leads his progressive challenger, lieutenant governor mandela barnes by under 30,000 votes but about 99% of the votes have been counted at this point.
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johnson's team just put out this scathing statement saying the corporate media is refusing to call a race that is over. there is no path mathematically for barnes to overcome the deficit. the race is over. but officially our decision desk says the race in wisconsin is still too close to call. senator johnson spoke to his supporters at his watch party before 1:00 a.m. central time last night and tell he wanted to claim the win but held off. >> i'm not going to declare victory until all the numbers are in. i want to give you guys the sense that this race is over. [cheers and applause] >> in the governor's race democratic governor tony evers held off his republican challenger, trump-backed
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businessman tim michels. evers overturned many laws that the legislature had passed. they don't want conservatives to have carte blanche at the state level. worth noting that a lot of voters, republican and democrat, harris, split the ticket last night. tim michels didn't perform as well as johnson in the republican strongholds and barnes didn't perform as well as evers in the democratic cities madison and milwaukee. harris. >> dana: thank you very much. let's talk about that. jason chaffetz, fox news contributor and former republican congressman of utah. great to see you today. let's start there. there was no real coat tail pulling as they say in politics. if one republican wins by a big enough margin you can win with another one on the coattails. not a lot of that last night. >> let's get to the nub of this. endorsements don't matter. people are smart enough and look at each issue, each candidate and compare it to the other one. i don't think endorsements.
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if you are nobody trying to become somebody on a school board race. if you're running of the congress and senate do you go to the poll and say i have to go with -- i don't think endorsements matters and pollsters, why do we keep paying these people money? they got it so wrong. >> harris: i was with a live audience last night and they made it very clear that they don't appreciate the fact that people put so much into the polling so close to races because people lie. and it was interesting to spend time with this group that says you know, we're in a society now where if you vote one way or another people bully you. so we won't be honest about that. >> who has the land line that they actually answer the phone? come on. >> harris: you said something interesting when you were first sitting down and grady trimble was reporting talking about wisconsin. he is in appleton today. you said ron johnson has always
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won with races this close. >> he did the right thing in holding back. i think republicans win there. i think republicans win in nevada. i think laxalt will continue to see that same-day voting come his direction and same with blake masters in arizona. i have to tell you, this was not the red tsunami. i think it is two different races. you look at florida. that was a tsunami. ron desantis, marco rubio, what they did throughout the whole state of florida, that was a tsunami. then there is the rest of the country where republicans better think hard because they did not have the type of night. if you are really adamant about the issues, and they are all on your side why weren't the republicans sweeping all the races? you have to be able to communicate. i don't think the communication was as good as they thought it
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was going to be. you also have to get out the vote. republicans better look deep. if you aren't going to win with all the issues on your side and the president who is incompetent and vice president with no voice then why aren't you going to win if you can't win in that atmosphere? >> harris: sometimes that's what you need is to be introspective. shocker in new york's 17th district. maloney, the chair of the house democrats campaign arm just conceded the race to state assemblyman mike lawler. this is historic. a sitting house campaign committee chair has not lost re-election since 1992. congressman elect mike lawler moments ago. >> this election was never about me. it was about the voters of my district and the future of their families. and right now we're dealing with record inflation, surging crime, skyrocketing energy prices, and
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people wanted change. >> harris: in florida the gop has added four seats to their house delegation. army veteran mills the winner in florida's 7th said this about his victory. >> things like the economy, inflation were the driving factors. seems like they are out of touch messaging was a big factor but i also in my district specifically they saw me as a person of action whether it was my service in military as a combat veteran or me going to afghanistan to help rescue americans after the botched withdrawal or even during hurricane ian. >> harris: you know, jason, i wonder if that introspection for republicans includes or does not include former president trump. >> i hope so. i think it really needs to. i think for him even before the votes were closed to start to take shots at ron desantis, i mean, honestly, when i go out there and listen. donald trump is not going the like this, but i have to tell
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you, the people i talk to, they say we love donald trump, we're so grateful he beat hillary clinton. we love his policy and think it is unfair how the media is treated him and unfair what the department of justice treated him but we don't like all the drama. we like ron desantis. that's what i hear. it will be fascinating but i don't think republicans want to hear infighting between donald trump and ron desantis and right now donald trump keeps taking shots at ron desantis, that is not going to play well. >> harris: only one of them picked up 20 points last night. that's the person running on the ticket. there are critics out there who say trump helped desantis by taking shots at him. people who thought he was an also ran went out and voted and might have driven up the points for him. >> some of the people that kept arm's length with donald trump, think of governor kemp. he did well, ron desantis did well. they're not running away from the maga doctrine but they are
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trying to say hey, i have my own agenda and i am not going to be beholding. i am not just a puppet of this person. again donald trump is still wildly popular. don't get me wrong and policies wildly popular. but there is a point to which you have to actually be able to say -- the two people we just heard you can see why they are good candidates and why he won. it was the night of the incumbent. 98% of the incumbents won re-election. >> harris: the "new york post" said gop controlled house has plenty to investigate on the big guy joe biden and house minority leader kevin mccarthy gave a preview of what the gop might be looking into. >> a government that is accountable. we should know where the origins of covid began and the last 60 days of afghanistan so it never happens again. we should also make sure that the d.o.j. stops going after parents simply because they go to a school board meeting and want a say in their kids'
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education. on the first day we'll repeal 87,000 new i.r.s. agents. >> harris: that's a closure a lot of republican voters said they want to hear. >> republicans did. is that what the independents wanted to hear? we have to look hard and say why wasn't that persuasive to those people. why didn't they break for republicans en masse? >> harris: last night we had a live audience and pollster lee carter was with me. she does the realtime look with the live lines and focus group. she said independents have been telling her more months that republicans complained more than they answered questions. and she said she saw it time and time again. the commitment to the america comes out, the timing of how late it took for that to come out maybe played a role for some
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independents when lee carter found in her research. >> you did great segments last night and very insightful. remember the lesson from bill clinton. elections are about the future. always about the future. you can complain to stir up the base but you have to talk about the future. democrats actually did this. they talked about abortion. now, that was -- i'm opposed to abortion but you know what? they said we have to get in the state ballots and elect people. it drove a lot of people. elections are about the future. >> harris: good to see you. a deep blue district in texas turned red, an historic flip. monica de la cruz is in "focus" next. big victory for republicans in florida. governor ron desantis took a victory lap. >> i think governor desantis is the biggest single winner of the night and almost certainly become the rallying point for
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>> harris: when you make major change, you get a lot of people wondering how did you do that? a historic flip in texas. a deep blue district turned bright red with voters electing republican monica de la cruz over democrat. de la cruz is the first hispanic woman to win the seat. the congresswoman elect now joins me. great to have you in focus. first of all congratulations. i know the border was a big part of the conversation that voters were having about you. what were you saying that they wanted to hear? >> well, i believe that in talking to the people in our
8:19 am
community, they were saying that they wanted a strong border. they want border security. they believe in law enforcement. at the same time, they want legal immigration. nobody down here in south texas wants to see these illegal immigrants exploited by the cartels. we see them on a daily basis. nobody wants that. not for the immigrants and we also want to protect and want to honor the hard work of our brave border patrolmen and women who are on the front lines. >> harris: that's extremely important. they are doing all of the work. fox news voter analysis finds an overwhelming majority strongly or somewhat favor increasing law enforcement at the southern border, exactly what you are talking about. a majority disapprove of how president joe biden is handling security at the border. what else besides this issue put you out front. you didn't just win, you made
8:20 am
history. >> absolutely. i feel so humbled and blessed to have gotten the vote and the approval of all of my community. i think on top of border security what people are concerned about is inflation that is hurting all women, men, americans. i speak with single women who have to sometimes carry 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet. times are tough right now. as a small business owner myself, it is getting harder and harder to do business. and i believe that's one of the things that drove people to the polls here in south texas is they want a better future. they want change and they want to rein in the wasteful government spending. >> harris: the last question. what is the first point of change where when we look back
8:21 am
we'll see congresswoman elect de la cruz did this first and it changed the game? >> well, i think what i will do when i get straight into congress is to support our brave men and women at the border. they are missing resources that are critical to their success. things as simple as night vision goggles. they don't even have enough night vision goggles for the men protecting our country at night. that's simply unacceptable. i want to give them the resources they need to protect all americans, not just those in south texas, but everybody in this country. >> harris: when i was down at the border recently just in september when we were popping those historic levels of people coming across the border either undetected the gotaways. it was a situation that often was happening at night. i went out with infrared crews and drone-driven crews and
8:22 am
saying we need more gear for everybody. the state of texas with your governor who also won last night, greg abbott, has done some of that work and put a lot of money into those resources. but the u.s. border patrol also needs that help and that's what you are talking about. congratulations again, so glad that you joined us today, congresswoman elect de la cruz. we'll see you soon. >> thank you. >> harris: fox voter analysis shows poor views on the economy and the president's handling on what voters tell us is the number one issue. it comes as a bleak report now shows the price of heating your home is about to be 50% higher than it was last winter. plus the victories by republicans for governor and senator solidify florida's shift from a swing state to a flat out red state that will have national implications. kellyanne conway in "focus" next.
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>> harris: sean patrick maloney making history for democrats in all the wrong ways. he is speaking now after conceding the race to state assemblyman mike lawler. we were talking about that earlier in the hour. in new york has historic. a sitting house campaign committee chair hasn't lost re-election since 1992. it is official. he will step aside and we'll move forward right here on the show, too. let's go. >> faced attacks, we took the hits, we weathered the storms but we stood our ground. we set out a vision and executed on that vision and we produced historic results. and the people of this state have responded in record fashion. now while our country flounders due to failed leadership in
8:29 am
washington, florida is on the right track. >> harris: florida governor ron desantis nearly a 20-point difference over charlie crist. following that decisive victory, the winning continues up and down the ballot there. republican senator marco rubio cruised to a third term after defeating val deming. the state's red standing and lays out the blueprint for the grand old party. "new york post." ron desantis shows he is de-future of the gop. "wall street journal" the desantis florida tsunami and talk of a 2024 presidential run. >> i think ron desantis got a huge boost and much more likely to run for president now than we would have guessed. he is probably the biggest single winner of the night.
8:30 am
that means he will overnight be for everybody who doesn't want president trump, ron desantis will now become far and away the leading alternative and a superstar. frankly, you look at the size of his margins and his reaction to the hurricane, somebody said to me this morning he just gets things done. >> harris: kellyanne conway former trump senior counselor and fox news contributor gets things done. let's get things done now in "focus." what do you make of ron desantis. not just a little bit but decisive win. >> it is huge. they have a veto proof majority in the state legislature. we flipped four house seats there including with luna, hispanic woman, a county that went for obama, obama, trump, biden. and >> harris: they're all over the place. >> the depth and width of the desantis and rubio win cannot be
8:31 am
overstated. one of the sub themes is do i have competence in your governor? some of the democratic governors got reelected in michigan and wisconsin and pennsylvania with a deeply flawed republican candidate on the ballot that hurt oz and some of the races down ballot. in florida you look at miami-dade, a lot of talk about that. palm beach county, these were two of the three counties in the hot seat when it came to hanging chads 22 years ago. miami-dade trump lost it by 30 points. desantis lost it by 20 and now desantis won it. when you have trends over time and it's not just a sugar high because of one election those trends are durable and lasting. i look beyond florida also. we had iowa a clean sweep. picking up congressional seats
8:32 am
on long island, new jersey, california. so i think everything all being told we are going to have a decent night and nancy pelosi will no longer be speaker. >> harris: as you were talking about miami-dade county we hopped up some numbers. let's put those back up to we can see those. how the vote has gone from 2018 to 2022. just look at where ron desantis has gone. what is it about miami-dade that is changing? you had a lot of new yorkers. >> they left their ideology behind. that's a concern that we always have which is when you have this influx of folks coming from blue areas, blue states and cities will they leave their blue state ideology? very clear in florida they are so impressed with the competence of governor desantis. let me say something else about
8:33 am
him. he does a number of press conferences. workforce development. taking on disney. keep businesses open and keep kids in the classroom. it is a state that has no state income tax, very attractive. he has kept that. but also a state that has a surplus so he can spend money on things people need not the way they do in washington. i think most importantly, nobody can see a hurricane coming and his test of leadership in just the last several weeks with the hurricane, i think people saw a different ron desantis and you never know what you are made of until things like that happen. it is a big night and he also spent some of his political currency campaigning for other republican gubernatorial candidates across the country. >> harris: talk to that issue if you would. you saw glenn youngkin do that as well. how much of that is important? it is not an endorsement as much as it is, you know, these are
8:34 am
people in the party who have won on certain issues so it is not just some big name coming in to kind of prop you up by the shoulder pad but desantis wins on the issue consistently of i'm going to get things done that nobody expects. the cause way connecting sanibel. engineers i talked to months or a year. he got it done in less than 60 days and glenn youngkin on the parents' issue. why is that happening in the party and not necessarily across the aisle? >> the democrats were scaring, scolding voters. >> harris: what worked for them? >> i think abortion was a bigger issue at the ballot box than people anticipated. when you look at the overall polling abortion faded as a top issue compared to june, july and august. planned parenthood and pro-abortion groups spent over $4 hundred million. half a billion dollars. it was very important and they
8:35 am
probably banked the votes early. when you ask people what is the most important issue abortion may fade a little bit because people are just overtaken by inflation and overtaken by their concern about the border and for some crime and parents education. i'm grateful every day youngkin and desantis are unafraid to take chances. reynolds got reelected in iowa. abbott in texas, mcmaster in south carolina. certainly we have very strong republican governors. i think last night people said you are competent and done a great job and reward you and have four more years and i think we'll pick up the governorship in nevada. lombardo, and sis lack in nevada he locked down the state. that will cost him that
8:36 am
governorship. >> harris: talk to me about what you anticipate to come next. we have toss-up states. we were just covering wisconsin because we have a reporter on the ground there. we are waiting to confirm it here at fox. what is going on in that race. but you know, you could see as many as 54 seats with republicans. what happened? >> we would never have 54 seats in 2022. will you never have a 1994 situation or a 201063 seat shellacking for president obama. why? the republicans banked 14 of those seats in 2020. and not a single republican incumbent lost in the house in 2020. that's almost unheard of and turned 14 blue to red even though biden became president. both parties are guilty of gerrymandering and redistricting in a way that has left so few competitive seats that you just can't grab it. i think my predictions were between 20 and 22.
8:37 am
it may fall short in the house. a lot of these are not being called. i think republicans have a good shot at ending up with 51 senate seats because adam laxalt feels good. i talked to him trying to get the facts what remains. it looks like the incumbent there, cortez masto didn't perform as well in hispanics. we have a lot of outstanding votes in nevada. you take your ballot to the polling place and they have 280 silver boxes in clark county alone, i believe. still looking at some of the rural votes. we have to keep our eyes open on that. >> harris: quickly we had gotten word that they are working on putting together very soon maricopa county a news conference and get your thoughts quickly on arizona. kari lake was someone who had just so much momentum going into the governor's race against katie hobbs and sued a month ago kari lake did saying we need to
8:38 am
go to paper ballots in the state of arizona. machines are going to fail. and we saw 20% of the 223 locations with those tabulation machines having trouble. we still don't know exactly the number. and as you and i talk about it, it is happening. let's go live to maricopa county right now where they are updating the situation. what are they going to do to rectify the fact that people had to do it differently and they're still counting. let's watch. >> the signature affidavit and load that into the database and review the signature. once the signature is matched we send it forward to a bipartisan ballot processing team. that team sits over there. it is a bipartisan team, different parties sitting across from each other taking the ballots out of the green affidavit envelopes, making sure that the ballot isn't damaged and not torn or making sure it doesn't have red ink or coffee on it.
8:39 am
any anything to inhibit it. we've processed those ahead to the board for tabulation. 86,000. we received approximately 50,000 early ballots on monday. so those were dropped off and received on monday. those ballots currently undergoing processing. again they have undergone the signature review process and gone through the audit cue and with the bipartisan team. we'll have those done today and they will be moved forward to again the board for tabulation. finally and this is the big number that is bigger than ever before, we received approximately 275,000 early ballots dropped off yesterday on election day. so that is what we were doing late last night. my team and i if you saw us in the warehouse we were receiving back the early ballots returned from the voting locations after the voting locations are closed. we're sorting those and then
8:40 am
processing those. sending them in and image capturing the signature and what we'll be doing today and tomorrow and the next day is reviewing the signatures of all of those 275,000. once they go through signature verification and deemed good signature and an audit cue they can be sent ahead to the board for tabulation. this number is immense. and it is something that's a conversation. >> harris: the main detail there is how much more counting they have to do and how many more ballots. 86,000 signature reviewed and now before a bipartisan review team and so on and so forth. maricopa county is important in the count for arizona. kellyanne conway back with me now. what's going on here? republicans changed the laws there. that is emotbarrassing for that. >> it is quite embarrassing when you can't do what florida, ohio and oregon does a good job count
8:41 am
the early vote. match the day of voting and tell us on election night, drum roll please, who prevailed in the races. we knew from two years ago. we know florida was the laughingstock of the world after 2000 with the hanging chads and got their act together and invested. state legislatures have to make this a proal or tee. the one person one vote is the most equalizing factor is to have one vote and people feel like that can be in peril and they're confused. we have to start investing in this. arizona under governor doocy did a great thing on school choose and educational freedom and do it on election. let's be patient and wait for every legal vote to be counted. in arizona and nevada and other places where some of these races are too close to call. a different network called it for senator ron johnson in wisconsin this morning.
8:42 am
it matters. we have to be patient because our democracy deserves nothing less than that. >> harris: yeah. you know, just one other thing. the secretary of state was running in this race. and that would be the person who is overseeing all of this. and the republican kari lake had pressed can you get her to recuse herself from this process, the competitor katie hobbs? i don't know how we'll look at those issues. >> that was a well-informed gentleman that you showed. we need people like that just to tell us and do it in a nonpartisan way. katie hobbs should have recused herself from counting the votes and not recused herself from debating her opponent. it demands these candidates debate. that's the free of charge way that we the voters get to look at the two candidates side-by-side and decide who our leaders should be. more debates, please. >> harris: thank you for being here. all right. voters are blaming president biden's energy policy for
8:43 am
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>> harris: democrats walked away with victories and managed to stave off several projected losses. so what does that mean for president biden and a potential second term? one article says this. with tuesday looking a lot better for democrats than expected, it is possible we will see rallying behind biden. presidents who suffered much more punishing mid-terms went on to win second terms. so give biden his due. but it is hard to argue that democrats overperformed on tuesday because of biden rather than in spite of him. steve hilton host of the next revolution is in "focus." great to see you. what does all that mean to you, the point that was it because of him or despite? >> well, i think it's pretty clear that it is despite him because anyone looking at his performance would conclude that he is a burden to his party and
8:49 am
in my view the country, not an asset. you have to look at his approval ratings. this was right across the media. this wasn't just people who are republican consultants or pollsters indulging in wishful thinking. last sunday before the election right across the board, abc, cbc, nbc, cnn. they all pointed to biden's historically low approval rating. now, they assumed that that would translate into a better result for republicans particularly in terms of the majority in the house. so i don't think it's any kind of endorsement of biden. but my first reaction seeing the results come in last night this pretty much guarantees he will be their candidate in 2024. he has got this mystical belief it seems to me he is the only person that can beat donald trump. if donald trump announces he is
8:50 am
running. seems like he is on track to do that. i think it strengthens biden's hand in arguing to his party he should be the nominee. they can't get rid of him. it would be hard anyway. after these results even harder. >> harris: jason chaffetz said elections are about the future. the president will be 80 in, wait, yes, 83 if he were to be president for a second term. at the end of term he will be 83. when you talk about the future you want to know if it's someone who can help build. is he a builder now? did he go from no one wanted to stand next to him on the campaign trail to sudden le he is a winner? >> no, what he has been doing is the opposite of building. he has been destroying. we've had plenty of opportunity to see that on every issue. economy, energy independence, we can go through the list and so on. not is if there is a great platform that he can run on.
8:51 am
not a record of accomplishment but a record of the opposite. i don't think it makes him a stronger candidate in 2024. i just think that the dynamics of the democratic party mean that after a result like this he has just got more chance of resisting any calls from within the democratic party that he should step aside in favor of a younger candidate. so i agree with the point that he shouldn't be the nominee if we really want to have an optimistic future for the country. on the other hand i'm being practical. absolutely it looks like he is in a much stronger position to be the nominee today than he was yesterday. >> harris: i love it when you look from a 37,000 foot range at politics. what is happening right now? are democrats so entrenched that they are okay with horrible crime statistics and victims by the hour here and many other
8:52 am
dem-led cities? are the high prices not bothering democrat voters? what causes them to say yes to their party in the worst of circumstances. >> it is really interesting and the fundamental question. it wasn't just biden's approval rating but the handling of the issues. some discussion whether abortion was a higher priority. everyone has the economy as a top issue. on all the polling not just republican pollsters, all the polling, universally showed massive disapproval of what democrats have done on the economy, crime and immigration and the border. so what's really interesting here is that voters are rejecting the policy arguments and the policy outcomes of the democrats but it is not turning into support for the republicans. so that says there needs to be a stronger, more positive
8:53 am
alternative put forward. i think the real lesson here for the democrats, if they choose to learn it. but i don't think they will. is this is not a green light for them to go further and faster to the left. >> harris: you know they see it that way. >> i know, >> harris: you know they think it is a green light. >> exactly. but in the long term it is not going to serve them well. we know from the results already it is not going to serve our country well. >> harris: it is interesting what you say about coming up with a plan because republicans did that on the house side with the house minority leader kevin mccarthy and commitment to america. some critics have argued and maybe they will continue to that the timing of things will always matter and do you do that sooner than later. the idea that over the summer democrats lost momentum on the abortion issue, i had a live audience last night and i said why would you continue to vote democrat? all that we've seen today hadn't
8:54 am
happened yet. it was in process. knowing all of the things that you just told me are happening in america. they said because we didn't understand the other side was really for us. that biden actually did enough damage and other democrats saying that everybody else is deplorable unless you are with the democrats that they weren't even as democrat voters when it went against their own interests, they aren't even allowed to in their own minds say i will choose something different for myself. >> i think in the end you have to listen to the voters and listen to what they are telling you. i think that on the republican side, it is clear that people are looking for a bigger, better, bolder alternative. that is true in california. if you want to see an example of a place where the far left extremism of the democrats when it comes to policy has delivered terrible results it is here in california where i'm based.
8:55 am
but again you aren't seeing the kind of scale of response. there are some good results. looks like we could get a huge result in california. one of the democrat stars katie porter losing her race. that's still in the cards. we'll see. but i think in the end you have to have a positive alternative. that's the big takeaway for the republicans. >> harris: steve hilton. our big takeaway is spending time with you if "focus." i appreciate it. "outnumbered" is after the break. use your va home loan benefit to borrow up to 100% of your home's value. not just 80% like some other lenders. take out an average of $60,000 and lower your payments by $600 a month with the newday 100 va cash out loan. pay down high-rate credit cards, personal loans, even car loans. missed a payment along the way? newday's been granted automatic authority by the va.
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