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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 9, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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could be the second time that we've seen a hurricane make landfall in the north of november. big deal. thanks, bryan. for more, stream fox weather on your favorite tv device. that brings us to the top of the hour. great to be with you, john. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. by the way, in nevada, that press conference is that we won't know the official results until the 18th. i'm john roberts. martha? >> martha: wow. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. so here we go again. control of the senate could come down to a georgia run-off four weeks from today. there's the latest numbers, if you can get a look at the percentages there. it's very tight. democratic senator raphael warnock and herschel walker in georgia. the state has said these two be
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face a run-off on december 6 as i said. senate control still hangs on. the question of that in nevada and in arizona. we still determine that these two states are too close to call. you heard john say they could be counting until the 18th. that's the deadline for mail-in absentee ballots to have come in to the election headquarters there. that ace republicans inch to a house majority that is a lot slimmer than what expected. there's 55 seats though that are still in play at this hour one day after election day in america. reaction in moments from rnc ronna mcdaniel. she's also with us, joe concha, dr. ben carson and we'll see what he thinks about the prospects for the upcoming run-off there. first, aishah hasnie who has the breaking news for us this afternoon from georgia.
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hi, aishah. >> hi, martha. well, you know what? for the secretary of state, this was simple math. he told us that there were less than fewer than 10,000 outstanding votes. no matter how you did the calculations and the math, there was really only one path forward. >> are we headed to a run-off? >> yes, we are. look at how many outstanding votes we have and the difference with both candidates. there will be a run-off tuesday, december 6. >> yeah, that 50% threshold, that is what either of those candidates could just not beat last night. ballots are already being built in georgia. the counties already getting ready for a december 6 rematch. raphael warnock, the incumbent democrat tweeting this. we're going to a run-off, georgia. let's do this one more time attaching a donation link to the
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tweet. he's starting up that campaign. a walker spokesman tells me that it's overtime and we're confident. unclear though if walker will hit the ground running or take a break. the spokesperson telling me tbd. something to make note of. the difference between this race and the governor's race last night. we saw incumbent governor brian kemp easily defeat stacey abrams. the current tie shows there were plenty of split voters and walker struggled to convince enough georgia republicans that he was the right man for the job. now he gets four more weeks to try to make that happen. martha? >> thank you very much. let's bring in republican national committee chair woman, ronna mcdaniel. good to have you here today. obviously a long night. not a night that came out many republicans had anticipated. what is your reaction to the numbers and where they stand right now? >> i think the night turned out great.
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we're retiring nancy pelosi. there was a wave that happened last night. we're waving good-bye to speaker pelosi and we'll have a republican majority in the house, which also means we'll stop this disastrous biden agenda that is hurting the american people. it is on track with what we were expecting. the media was way out ahead of this. i think there was a narrative that was out there that was unrealistic and now we're in contention to take back the senate. i feel very good. especially with what we saw in florida and with ohio and with iowa and texas and beyond that, the hispanic voters that we're seeing come to our party, i'm in a very good place today and republicans are taking control of the house. >> martha: certainly that happened in florida. didn't happen in the way that a lot of people thought it would in other places like texas. what do you say about that? >> i think texas is exactly what we thought. myra flores went into a more
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difficult district. you're talking about d + 19 or d + 17 districts. we competed there and we held our own. but we won with monica de la cruz in texas 15. we won with wesley hunt. we picked up two seats. abbott won against beto o'rourke despite all the money he had. we beat stacey abrams. we retired sean patrick maloney, the head of the dccc. we bait elaine lauria. this is a good night for republicans. anybody saying otherwise is wrong. when you win the game, did you win by one point or two points? we won the game. we won the super bowl last night. nancy pelosi will no long very the gavel and it will be in the hands of kevin mccarthy. that is good for the american people. >> let's talk about the senate and herschel walker going into this run-off. how does that change the dynamic here and what do you want to see happen in the next four weeks? >> well, everybody needs to go
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support herschel. give him money and support we have to keep our field staff on the ground. herschel is right. we're in overtime and it's all hands on deck. i hope governor kemp is campaigning with him and every surrogate that we can bring in around the country to show the importance of why we need to win this seat. laxalt right now is looking good in nevada. we'll have a long time before we have that vote in. we have a lot of west coast votes out there. good numbers in california, nevada, arizona, oregon. so everybody needs to take a breath because we've got more wins coming as we go through these votes on the west coast. >> martha: as we just said, 55 seats that are undecided in the house. we're watching that measure move every couple minutes to see if there's new indications in there that we're keeping an eye on. you know, last night, let's take a look at the right direction, wrong direction fox news voter analysis. 75% said the country was headed
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in the wrong direction. you might have seen marc thiessen talking about that. he was saying that when you have a number like this, the gop needed to offer a more viable alternative and candidates that could back that up in bigger numbers. ed there was discussion that this was going to be a red wave for every text that i got today, i thought there was a red wave coming. you're telling them that they won the super bowl. they might want to hear more than that, ronna. >> listen, we never used the word ret wave. there were less competitive seats because of redistricting and we picked up 14 in 2020. everybody forgets that. but republican governors were overwhelmingly reelected last night because of what they did in the pandemic, because we did have a message. we kept our schools open. we kept our economies humming and from florida to ohio to iowa, across the board, we didn't lose a single republican
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governorship. the wave did happen because we're waving good-bye to speaker nancy pelosi. >> martha: we'll be in touch as the counts come in. thanks very much. >> thanks for having me. >> martha: let's bring in dr. ben carson, former hud secretary, he was out campaigning for herschel walker in the final hours before election day. always good to have you with us. welcome. >> thank you. >> we heard ronna mcdaniel says she wants everybody out campaigning for herschel walker. here's governor kemp talking about this earlier on "fox and friends." watch. >> if we get into a run-off, i feel very good about getting herschel across the finish line. my goal has been for our whole ticket to win the whole time. we'll continue to do that if needed. >> martha: what would you like to see herschel walker doing in these next few weeks? how do you think this will shape up as we head towards this run-off? i know you support him heartily. >> this is a time to really look
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at the big picture. what are we talking about? we're talking about two very distinct visions for who america is, which direction we're going. we want a country that is of, by and for the people or a country that is of, by and for the government. one candidate is clearly in one camp and the other is in the other camp. it should be easy for the people. there's not as many distractions. they can point out the differences here. you know, talk about unity also. we need candidates that can understand the different points of view and try to bring people together. you take something like energy. yes, we need green energy. yes, it's a good idea. are we ready for it? no. we need people that can articulate that and articulate the differences that exist between us because we, the american people, are not each other's enemies.
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that has to become very clear. >> dr. ben carson, thanks very much. georgia headed to a run-off. dr. carson supports herschel walker. we expect to see you out there campaigning for him in the next few weeks. we'll be watching the developments closely. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> martha: so we're about to hear from president biden. dr. carson just talked about fossil fuels and the word is that the white house is pretty fired up today. the likelihood that they'll change their tone on energy, i would say, is slim. but we will watch to hear what he has to say and how his reflections are on what happened last night. republicans appear poised to win control of the house and potentially the senate as we wait for the two races that are still out there, nevada and arizona and georgia we know is going to a run-off. joe concha joins me live. also here from new york, kellyanne conway on desantis' decisive victory. what a story florida was last
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>> martha: we expect to hear from the president for the first time since the election last night. it will happen a short time from now. we'll see what he has to say, whether or not there's questions taken. that's the first solo news conference that he will give on u.s. soil since january. so word is they're fired up at the white house. we'll see what kind of tone the president takes. joe concha is standing by. first to lucas tomlinson at the white house with a look ahead at what we expect to unfold here shortly. hi, lucas. >> the president will have his day after election day news conference at the white house in
12:16 pm
less than an hour. it's scheduled for 4:00 p.m. even as votes come in. edward lawrence reported, the feeling at the white house is vindication and excitement. democrat candidates ran on the president's agenda and did not run away from it. the election results considered the best case scenario for president biden. the white house feels democratic candidates spoke to the issues of abortion, clean energy. no drilling and scrapping the coal industry comments recently. it appears president biden's strategy of not campaigning in battleground states besides pennsylvania paid off. the first lady that was dispatched to those states. jill biden campaigned in eight battleground states. the final votes are still being counted and just three senate seats remain up for grabs. recall mitch mcconnell's dire warning. most gop candidates don't think donald trump had a good night. others pointed to strong wins by
12:17 pm
desantis, sununu and dewine. last year, the democrats got the votes to past the $1.9 trillion covid deal and the inflation reduction act. >> martha: thank you. lucas tomlinson reporting from the white house. joe concha is here. media and politics columnist for the hill. struck me as lucas was reporting that not campaigning seems to work well for joe biden. >> worked in 2020, worked again this time unless you hear and see from joe biden, the less cleanups on aisle 5, 6 and 17. the president's handlers have done this and have been effective. hopefully the president doesn't make the same mistake in 2020 believing he had a huge mandate here. right? let's think about this. ronna mcdaniel brought it up earlier. they won 14 seats in 2020.
12:18 pm
they're projected to win 13 to 14 seats in 2022. that is 28 seats in two years going for the gop. they get control of the house. so while it's not the two to three touchdown victory that so many people thought was going to happen here, victory is still a victory. if herschel walker could win that run off, then they take the senate by, if we keep using the football analogies, by an extra point. so you still lose the house and the senate where at the very worst you lose the house and it's a 50/50 senate. democrats and the president doesn't overplay their hand here to think that they have won something here. >> good points. maybe you can pop up the map again. if nevada goes red and let's say arizona potentially goes blue, seems to be leaning that way, we have not called either of those states and walker wins georgia, you're at 51 for republicans. then that's going to turn out to
12:19 pm
be a very different story. so we caution everyone, elections take time these days and the numbers are still coming in. it's interesting the president will -- we'll see what he has to say. a lot of talk about the trump effect on these candidates. here's what some of the pundits on other channels had to say about it. get your thoughts. >> we said a loss, 57 seats easy. and the republican is really donald trump. >> i think donald trump has done for the democrat what's nobody could have done for the democrats. >> what do you think? >> the democrats are trying to make this a referendum on donald trump and they have succeeded talking and january 6 and threats to democracy so much. i looked what happened in florida. we discussed it during the break. it's now the united states of florida. it's like we talked about, it's its own country. for ron desantis to win by 20 percent. 55% of the puerto rican american
12:20 pm
vote. he won in miami-dade. he win there's easily. you wonder -- >> martha: marco rubio by 16 points. >> yeah. desantis did need trump in any rallies. brian kemp in georgia also didn't need trump. trump is a critic of his. we saw glenn youngkin last year. he won virginia without donald trump. so you wonder if the common thread is just like with joe biden is it's better for these candidates to not have trump there because people will vote against the candidate as much as they're voting nor the candidate. that makes sense? >> martha: we'll see. it's an interesting theory. we'll talk to kellyanne conway in just a minute. great to see you on this post election day. kellyanne conway and doug schroen both in the house join me live after a florida tsunami for governor ron desantis. this is a huge part of the story today in our post election day
12:21 pm
coverage next. >> thanks to the overwhelming support of the people of florida, we not only won election, we have rewritten the political map. thank you for honoring us with a win for the ages. orence, and one thing i learned being a firefighter is plan ahead. you don't know what you're getting into, but at the end of the day, you know you have a team behind you that can help you. not having to worry about the future makes it possible to make the present as best as it can be for everybody. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance,
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>> we saw freedom and our very way of life and so many other jurisdictions in this country wither on the vine. florida held the line. we chose facts over fear. we chose education over indoctrination. we were a refuge of sanity when the world went mad. >> ron desantis celebrating his historic victory becoming the first republican governor to win the democratic strong hold of miami-dade county in 20 years. four years ago, desantis lost miami-dade by 20 points. this year he won it by 11. giving him a jolt of momentum and obviously fueling a lot of talk about a 2024 presidential run for him. kellyanne conway and doug schroen are here. first to steve harrigan joining us from tampa. hi, steve. >> martha, really a dramatic and startling right nor ron desantis
12:26 pm
the past four years. four years ago he barely squeaked by at less than 1%. now you talk to his supporters, they are surprised by this margin. desantis says this is a win for the ages. he also said florida is a state that high school become a bastion of freedom for the rest of the country. >> we reject woke ideology. we fight the woke in the legislature. we fight the woke in the schools. we fight the woke in the corporations. we will never ever surrender to the woke mob. florida is where woke goes to die. >> big wins, dramatic wins for republican as cross the state. senator marco rubio easily winning re-election by 16 points over representative val demings. it makes a move from a swing
12:27 pm
state to a red state. also shaking up some traditional coalitions. you mentioned that desantis was able to win miami-dade county with its 70% hispanic population. that is something that no republican has donor the past 20 years. of course, not a lot of time for desantis to savor the victory. he's back in tallahassee prepping for a potential hurricane that might hit florida overnight. martha, back to you. >> thanks, steve. take a look at this. governor desantis on the corr of the "new york post" today with the headline defuture. young gop star desantis walked to victory in florida. let's talk about what happened last night. let's bring in our panel, kellyanne conway, former counselor to president trump and doug schroen, former adviser to president clinton. wise people that have been involved in campaigns and polling for a long time. a top thought on last night before we dig in to this desantis issue. >> top line thought is the
12:28 pm
governor did very well including unfortunately some democratic governors. we'll have a switch in nevada and arizona. i think the other top line analysis is this. re-alignments like this are, they take awhile to be durable. so the fox news voter analysis shows shifts to the gop. plus eight among women, plus 15 among blacks, a ten-point swing among hispanics and the suburban white women that we talked about. the actual shifts were there. it just didn't read down to the benefit of every individual race. in terms of governor desantis, there's no question it was a wide and deep victory. that president trump also helped. trump lost by 30 in 216. desantis lost i by 24 two years later. two years trump loses by 7.
12:29 pm
two years later, desantis wins i'm. that's a shift that i think will last. it's not on any one election. president trump got 5.6 million votes in florida. a middle more. job got 5.2 million. two short years ago. this is huge against the democrats as well. >> the question -- two questions. the question is florida sort of its own unique thing or does it reflect the country? we're taught to look at elections. you know, oh, this happened in florida so here's what we might see happening. you're right. the same thing happened in 2020. a big win for florida and didn't translate across the country. doug? >> we heard an affirmative and clear and i dare say positive message for governor desantis. i would say kellyanne, i don't think the republicans did as good a job nationally as governor desantis did articulate ago rationale. the other thing i saw last night is polarization is strong.
12:30 pm
puts another way, democrats came out with terrible terrible numbers where you would have expected a much bigger victory as kellyanne suggested. it didn't happen because democrats voted on issues like abortion. they also just voted party identification and were mobilized by a president and former president and in the case of obama and clinton who got out on the campaign trail. >> martha: so they didn't care about the fact that things cost so much more? they didn't care about the fact that we're not energy independent? were they paying a lot of attention to the issues? not -- >> they were paying attention, but they were not doing what voters typically do, which is to swing against an incumbent president when 75, 76% said the country is heading in the wrong direction and his own approval under 50. >> martha: that's weird. usually you see a punishment for a 75% wrong track number.
12:31 pm
>> i think we have. the republicans will take the house. nancy pelosi is done as speaker. it's more than likely they'll have a slim majority, a governing majority in the senate. kamala harris will no longer be breaking the tie votes. that's how we got -- >> martha: you say you think republicans will win nevada in the senate? >> yes. >> and also win georgia? >> they have to win georgia. we have to have every national star out there which includes ron desantis, kim reynolds and greg abbott helping herschel walker. the senate is on the line. the democrats said democracy is on the ballot. you're darn right it is in this georgia run-off. they tried to do everything they could to herschel walker and his candidacy. and raphael warnock who had all the kings horses and men and all the money he need and was not able to clear 50%. he's the vulnerable one here. i think the motivation is still to have divided government in washington. the big loser last night is joe
12:32 pm
biden in this way. he's going to run for president now. they're going to read all the wrong tea leaves here, martha. the people that wanted to get rid of joe biden and kamala harris and move on as the left loves to say, they're stuck with him now. he will run for president again more likely than not. he will lose. >> martha: mark pence said the same thing. >> it is true to the detriment potentially of democrats across the country, this is going to be a tough record to defend, martha. i would say i don't necessarily agree with kellyanne that it's a big republican win or ina republican win, but you will have a republican house. the senate will be up for grabs. and how that goes will say a lot -- >> a republican win in the house and the senate, that's a republican win. you and mark penn have been urging democrats and the president to pivot, to change their tone, to get closer to the middle. >> right. >> martha: now as a result of last night, they're not going to
12:33 pm
listen to you. >> they won't. >> martha: they'll say we have it all right. >> joe biden will run. it's also the case that most democrats privately don't want him to run. >> martha: what about the trump desantis issue? quick response from both of you. doug? >> big night for desantis. trump will go to knock desantis out quickly and strongly as he started doing last night. >> martha: you expect the former president will still announce mid november, kellyanne? >> that's up to him. i think trump can't wait and desantis must and can. he just got re-elected. my advice to president trump would be to do what you've been doing all a long. don't announce until after the mid-terms and the mid-terms are not over. we have to go to this run-off. i'd wait -- >> martha: you'd like him to not say anything -- >> i'd like him to finish what he and others started, get herschel walker in the united states senate so we have a majority there. the mid-terms are not over yet, martha. let's let them finish.
12:34 pm
donald trump deserves credit for his restraint in not announcing and trying to help candidates as best he could. >> we democrats would like him to announce november 15 as he said he would. that would be great. >> i wants him and other republicans helping herschel walker win. so we'll wait till the mid-terms are over. they may not be over this year. >> come back soon. thank you. >> martha: great coverage last night. coming up, mike pompeo who has also been a name floated as a possible 2024 contender reacts to last night's election that is still shaking out, folks. it could get redder or bluer. we have to keep watching this. the stunning blow to vladimir putin's war machine as russian retreats from a key city in ukraine.
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12:39 pm
the crucial port city of kherson in and its surrounding areas. this as the kremlin continues to struggle against ukrainian counter offensive, which has returned hundreds of miles of land back in to ukrainian control. with that, we bring in mike pompeo, former secretary of state, distinguished fellow at the hudson institute and fox news contributor. always good to see you. i want your response to that. let's hold that thought on one side of the table here. i also want your reaction to someone who served in congress and in a number of high level positions which we just mentioned. what did you think about last night for your party? >> goodness, martha. great to be with you. i'm first elected in the tea party class of 2010. it was a class that had built on previous efforts that had been laid down before us. the candidates that won were the ones that didn't just oppose what president obama was doing but late down an affirmative vision for america. that's what we saw last night. governor in texas, the governor in iowa.
12:40 pm
the work that lee zeldin did in new york. he changed the trajectory. congressional seats came across the line, not just talking about joe biden but articulating the things that they would do for the people of their state. that's what we saw last night. those republican candidates that did that were successful. those that just railed against the machine came up short. >> martha: you think the candidate quality was not good enough? is that what you're saying? >> i think candidates who present the case, here are the things i will do, here's the promises i will make to you, here's the things that i will do if you give me this incredible opportunity to serve, those folks did well. the folks that fell short in the senate races we hoped to win and a bunch of congressional races that we fell short on, even in kansas, we have a democrat governor returning the power. explain why inflation is so
12:41 pm
high, gasoline is so expensive. when we did those things, we won. when we failed to do that, observed the libs and railed against the machine, we didn't win those races. >> martha: interesting. your take on the latest developments in ukraine. what does this mean for this war effort? >> well, it's good stuff to see the russian as nounsing, although i heard from this morning they haven't quite left the north side of the river. they announced they're going to withdraw from kherson, the last regional capitol that they controlled. the administration continues to fall short in providing the ukrainian leadership and military what they need to push vladimir putin to the point that he will stop inside of that country. we should be doing more and faster. we should be pressing our european friends, the polls, the germans, the romanians to do more. the only way we'll prevail there, the good sign will win, we have to make sure there's a loser and winner and we can get
12:42 pm
there if america will do the right thing. reagan's deterrence model is alive and well. we should be executing that. >> it takes the support of the american people. here's the fox news voter analysis breakdown on this. the question was in ukraine, u.s. should take a more active role. that one got 27%. a less active role was at 33%. 40% said that the current role is about right. we don't have it on the screen, but i can tell you that republicans were more on the side of a less active role in this analysis. what do you say to that? >> yeah, that would be a mistake. it's not about sending our young boys and girls there to fight. president zelensky hasn't asked for that. we should make sure that resources that go there, whether they're american or european or otherwise are used appropriately. they don't go to underwrite a corrupt ukrainian government. we should do things that mat tore the people of the united
12:43 pm
states. farmers in kansas are being impacted. people in massachusetts will pay more for heating in their country. we can prevent this. we have the capacity to do it. all we have to do is continue to make sure that we understand that america's place in the world is important and we're a force for good. every leader needs to articulate. when they do, i'm confident america will support the leaders that understands why this matters to us. we deterred vladimir putin. if we put america first again, i'm confident, we can push back against him even to this day. >> martha: it was not a focus in the mid-term election. i would expect that it will be more of a focus come 2024. we'll be talking to you about that more in the future, secretary pompeo. thank you. good to see you. >> yes, ma'am. thank you, martha. have a wonderful day. >> you too. breaking a short time ago, fox confirms that kevin mccarthy does intend to run for speaker
12:44 pm
of the house, which was expected. but as the results continue to come in today, we know that neither will be an election in this issue as the republicans expect to take a majority. not sure what size that will be. react from michael mccaul on the potential leadership changes that could disrupt the president's agenda. that's next. (bridget vo) with thyroid eye disease... i hid from the camera. and i wanted to hide from the world. for years, i thought my t.e.d was beyond help... ...but then i asked my doctor about tepezza. (vo) tepezza is the only medicine that treats t.e.d. at the source not just the symptoms. in a clinical study, more than 8 out of 10 patients taking tepezza had less eye bulging. tepezza is an infusion. patients taking tepezza may have infusion reactions. tell your doctor right away if you experience high blood pressure, fast heartbeat, shortness of breath or muscle pain. before getting tepezza, tell your doctor
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12:49 pm
house republican, steve scalise, says he will not challenge him. he would be the majority leader he hopes underneath that. mccarthy could still face a fight for the gavel. congressman michael mccaul is standing by. there's likely a move for him in the committee world as well as a result of the election last night. first to chad pergram who joins us on capitol hill. hi, chad. >> good afternoon. no red tsunami. a smaller majority makes problems for kevin mccarthy to become speaker. one source said that republicans are eerily silent. freedom caucus members may oppose mccarthy or extract a pound of flesh for mccarthy in exchange for their vote. he tried to put a good face on the results. >> let me tell you, you're out late. when you wake up tomorrow, we will be in the majority and nancy pelosi will be in the
12:50 pm
minority. >> it's not that easy. the full house votes for speaker in january. mccarthy needs an outright majority of the entire house. that's 218. >> he's popular within the conference. he's going to have dissenters. the challenge is can you get 218 votes on the floor. you've had some that have been outspoken to criticism of mccarthy. the challenge will be can we hold the numbers on the floor. >> mccarthy failed to be speaking in 2019. there's the future about nancy pelosi. fox was told before the attack on her husband that pelosi would likely retire. however, democrats believe the attack emboldened pelosi to stay and she's not saying anything. >> i'm not predicating any action on democrats not winning tonight. so that's a conversation for another day. let's just get out the vote and
12:51 pm
again, with hope. >> part of the problem is we don't know the breakdown in the house. some democrats believe that a small minority could boost pelosi. she leaves today but may not say anything about her future for weeks. martha? >> martha: thanks, chad. let's bring in republican congressman michael mccaul from texas. tenth district where he easily won his re-election last night. he also is the ranking member on the house foreign affairs committee. good to have you with us. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> martha: what is your take? do you want to see kevin mccarthy be the speaker of the house in a republican majority scenario? >> i do. i was on a phone conversation with kevin mccarthy on his team call. he has very strong support in our conference. he has worked tirelessly going around all across the country
12:52 pm
raising $300 million. you know, somehow this is being portrayed as a loss for republicans. i don't quite understand that. we're going to pick up somewhere between 225 to 230 seats. a win is a win. that means, you know, i'll be a the chairman of the foreign affairs committee. have the gavel on subpoena power. kevin mccarthy is in a very good position right now to be the next speaker of the house. a lot of this is sort of palace intrigue, d.c. talk. the fact is jim jordan, the god father of the freedom caucus is in strong support of kevin mccarthy. i don't see that dissension. >> martha: jim jordan is one person as you say, essentially the leader of the freedom caucus who some people think could challenge kevin mccarthy. you think he's lined up in support of a speaker mccarthy? >> i am. and jim will be the chairman of
12:53 pm
the judiciary committee. jim has an important role. he will do a great job investigating the fbi, the corruption within the fbi. he's very focused like a laser, like a prosecutor, like myself, on that mission and that assignment. that's what jim jordan wants. you know, it's -- i think this is a lot to do about nothing. a lot of the freedom caucus have come to kevin mccarthy and they're in strong support. >> martha: and we mentioned the total number of house seats you expect republicans will hold when the final 55 seats are announced. if you are in that position as chair, what is your priority? there's been some discussion about the focus of goals not be clear enough. what would you do? try to do? >> i think as a conference, we have an economic crisis. we have an energy crisis, a
12:54 pm
border crisis and a national security crisis. i'll be focused on the national security crisis. we will have intensive oversight hearings on afghanistan, what went wrong, why did we leave americans behind. we owe that to our veterans, 100,000 afghan partners left behind and now china is in afghanistan raping the rare effort minerals. that is a big part. china is a big focus for me in terms of why are we exporting technology that china uses to build their hypersonic missile capability? we need to stop that. they steal it. we sell it to them. that has to end. >> good question on both ends of that transaction. thank you very much. it's always good to see you, congressman michael mccaul from texas. >> thank you. >> martha: congratulations on your win last night. coming up, florida bracing for a late season storm with the potential to strengthen to a hurricane. a live update from palm beach coming up next.
12:55 pm
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>> martha: after every mid-term, you hear from the president the next day. that's what is about to happen a couple minutes away. we're waiting for that as he addresses his take on exactly what happened last night and take some questions, we expect, from reporters. we're told the feeling inside the white house is vindication and excitement. we still don't know which party will control congress next year. we have been watching these numbers very closely. there's a lot of races out west that are not all in yet. three senate races that are yet to be decided. so the majority is still up in the air. so we're going to also be watching ron desantis as he took a big victory lap last night. now he has storm nicole to get ready for. it's expected to slam into
1:00 pm
florida. disney world, airports shutting down. he's been out earlier today and we expect to hear more from governor desantis. he just dealt with hurricane ian on the west coast of florida. now this one headed squarely towards the east coast in the palm beach area, generally the dow getting ready to close, down 654 points. thanks nor being here. "the story" goes on as you well know. we look forward to having you with us tomorrow. have a great evening. >> neil: all right. more on the big sell-off in a second. you're looking live at the white house where the president is about to take questions on an election that is still shaking out. parentsly better than he thought it would be. hence his appearance before the american people today. so much we don't know. this much we do. democratic senate candidates that distanced thenselves from president biden are doing well. colorado senator michael bennett is here. and republican governors that


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