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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  November 9, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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washington to see the memorials and the moments. these are the honor flights. they recognize their service. honor flights san diego organized the travel at no cost providing a first class experience upon their return hundreds of friends, families, strangers, gave them a memorable homecoming. thank you for your service, everybody. tomorrow on "special report," we'll see what we could call and what we can't. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. back in washington jesse over to you. >> jesse: all right. go get some sleep. >> bret: all right. >> jesse: thank you. ♪ >> jesse: fox news alert. the republicans are projected to win the house. meaning nancy pelosi will no longer be the speaker of the house. she'll probably be the italian ambassador. and if she does stick around, democrats are coming for her crown. the house margin isn't as big as we expected. republicans will probably have between a 5 and a 10 seat majority and kevin mccarthy will be speaker. but we will be facing serious
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rebellions, the senate is still in play no. red wave in the senate. the only way republicans win the senate at this point is if they win nevada where republican adam laxalt is ahead by about 23,000 votes. it looks good there. but we still don't know. but, that makes me a little nervous since clark county, meaning las vegas, will be counting, they say, for days. so it looks like, again, this comes down to a run off in georgia that will be in december, walker and warnock did not hit 50%. a lot of that has to do with the libertarian candidate you have never heard of, thank you chase oliver, who ate up 2% of the vote and made it that much harder for either candidate to hit 50. what a spoiler. ron johnson was the winner in wisconsin. ted budd was the winner in north carolina. rubio won his race in florida big time, congratulations.but dn
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fetterman by 200,000 votes. by 3%. i did not see that coming. abortion played a big role in pennsylvania. it was top of mind for voters as the press secretary would say and republican voters didn't seem to trust dr. oz and after that bruising primary battle, he wasn't able to pull it together. he was a trump pick so that hurts. and mitch mcconnell dropped about almost 60 million in pennsylvania helping oz. and that hurts, too. the republican candidate for governor in pennsylvania got blown out and that also really hurt oz. but the people of pennsylvania, they wanted fetterman and they are going to get john fetterman for six years if he can make it. and they also got will give fetterman and the stone nothing gather that travels around
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fetterman and keeps the computer handy for translation. tells you the democrats will vote for anybody and anything. this is basically like us against them now. republicans and democrats could both nominate a glass of orange juice and democrats will still show up. they ran a scam in pennsylvania, too. because fetterman hid his health for months while covered for him. refused to debated oz until the very last week while he had already banked thousands of early votes he deceived the voters and got away from it. this early voting thing republicans have to get a handle on. show up on election day and democrats show up weeks before election day day after day after day the democratic machine in philly and all over pennsylvania is grinding out early votes at a crazy clip. and come election day, republicans have a big mountain to climb. and unless we have a game plan
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for these mail-in ballots and early voting, this is deja vu. j.d. vance won in ohio, congratulations. trump endorsed him. i like j.d. but mcconnell had to plow about $32 million to help j.d. win in a state that trump won by 8. that money could have gone to masters in arizona. now, malice terse, ohio also like, didn't raise enough dough. got outspent by about a billion dollars a gazillion dollars, i can't keep track. and got defined early by kelly's money as kind of out there. now, arizona's tricky. republicans have to run independent-type guys out there. it's like a mccain state. maverick state. sinema does her thing out there. it's weird. nobody can even define what kelly believes in, but it works. all we know is that he is an astronaut who has great manners or something. mcconnell spent close to $400 million on these senate
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candidates. i don't know what goes on behind the scenes but that ask a lot of money. we didn't pick up a single seat? so, either some of these candidates are garbage or the money is not being well-spent. but trump sitting on a massive war chest in mar-a-lago did that money go? we don't know. the governor's races were all over the map. ron desantis ran up the score in florida with a 20-point blow out win. congratulations. republicans never win that big in florida, ever. the man is sitting on a pile of political capital and has a ton of momentum and we will get more into that later on in the show. and what that means for the presidential race. will lee zeldin in new york came real close in a deep blue state. only lost by a few points. obama, biden, kamala the clintons all had to swoop in and save hochul from an upset. and zeldin had coat tails. republicans won a bunch of house seats in new york. crime a major issue. stacey abrams went down hard in
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georgia and she actually conceded this time. kemp won by 7 points and really out performed herschel walker which is going to be a big problem in the runoff. stacey can now go back to writing novels and teach at 2026. and beto o'rourke lost for the third consecutive time. he has now lost a presidential primary, a senate race and a governor's race. he is running out of offices to run for. and between abrams and owe o'rourke, democrats have burned nearly $200 million. a lot of cheese. and that brings us to kari lake who is a nail-biter in arizona. >> there was some then than gangs in maricopa county or incompetence we don't know. 20% of voting had machines that ran out of ink. katie hobbs is the secretary of state in arizona. she is in charge of elections. there was an ink shortage in maricopa county. the county that decides the
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race. and they were short ink. the day most republicans vote. election day. where did you hide the ink, katie? i'm just kidding. i'm sure it was an honest mistake. now, lake is down just 4,000 votes. but there's tons more to come in and it's basically a dead heat but most people think lake is going to pull this out. now, the exit polls tell us a lot about what happened last night. republicans are making major inroads with blacks and latinos and doing even better with men, issuburban women and working class. that's nothing to sneeze at. so long term this is fantastic news for the republican party. but democrats are dominating the cities. i mean, absolute dominations, 85 type spreads. single women breaking for democrats by 30 points. and this makes sense when you think about how democrat policies are designed to keep women single. once women get married they vote republican.
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married women, married men go for republicans by double digits. but single women and voters under 40 have been captured by democrats. so we need these ladies to get married. and it's time to fall in love and just settle down, guys, go put a ring on it. and abortion is really driving turnout. in some cases it drove turnout more than inflation. so republicans have to figure out if they are for a total abortion ban or if they are for legalization in the first trimester. but back to the women. they are also teaching our children in schools. so you have hard core democrat females in school with your kids for 8 hours a day. we have seen the videos. we have showed you what they teach in those classrooms, too. so there is a brainwashing pipeline that runs through women and children and it's starting to show up on election day. now, looking ahead in the next two cycles, the democrats' luck is probably going to run out. they're defending an insane amount of senate seats and a lot of them are in red states like
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montana, ohio, so this little run that they're on in the senate, not going to last forever. the democrats lost the house. and the path is open for them to lose the senate. so, is joe biden running again? >> my intention is that i'm going to run again. >> what in the next two years do you intend to do differently to change people's opinion of 9 direction of the country, particularly as you contemplate a run for president in 2024. >> nothing. >> jesse: so joe biden learned nothing from last night. 75% of the country says we are on the wrong track but he is not going to change a thing. even cnn says that's insulting. >> you have 75% of the country saying that we're headed in the wrong direction. he said he just wouldn't do anything different because, of course, our achievements take a long time to be recognized. that's insulting people. and i don't think that was a good answer from the president. >> jesse: and it looks like
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donald trump is announcing next week. so it's shaping up to be another rematch. dolls trump win? i hope so. i love the guy. and a week ago i would have said slam dunk. but, after how last night shook out, i don't know now. democrats will walk over hot coals to vote against trump, but will republicans do that to vote against joe biden? joe biden isn't the clintons, he is not obama. he doesn't bring out the type of passion and anger the way these other democrats have done. republicans just see him as this incompetent lazy old joke. so there's not a lot of emotions going on with joe. but there are around the country tonight. you can't really characterize how this midterm went. all these races were different. all these candidates were different. we need to run every election like florida, don't we? we found out who won early that night. the vote is secure. we have confidence in it, and we don't have to wait days to find out who won, which makes people suspicious and it particularly
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annoys me. let's bring in south carolina senator lindsey graham. so, lindsey, you came on "primetime" and you predicted 453 senate seats for the republicans. what the hell happened? >> right. i think i may be one or two short. but here's what happened. before the midterms, the democrats had the house. they don't have it today. and our majority is going to grow. and they are going to lose the senate by december the 6th. so what is that? is that a good day for republicans? if you lost -- if you had both houses as democrats by december you are going to have a republican majority in both houses, you lost. and here's what i think. war new york doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell if we'll get behind herschel walker. if you are an incumbent and you come up short the first time. you are not going to win the second time if the opponent has a chance to get heir record out. loeffler and perdue fell short both of them lost. warnock is going to lose. team
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he need money. he got outspent 3 to 1. is he going to be on a run off december 6th. jess gels i know december 6th is a critical day. >> no, tomorrow is a critical day. tomorrow is a critical day. >> jesse: i gotcha. he under performed kemp. he did. so it makes me nervous. i mean, why should i not be serves have you about hanging this all on herschel walker. i like the guy. i want him to win but kemp blew out abrams and walker came up short. >> there's a 4 point differential if you are an incumbent trust me with $100 million you are tough to beat. if you don't win the first time around you are going to lose. he got 49% of the vote, outspending his opponent 3 to 1 every media outlet in the country described to destroy herschel walker and basically tied him. we are going to have an election december the 6th. loeffler and perdue are good friends of mine. they lost. if we get behind herschel, team
4:13 pm and give him the money. warnock is going to lose. i wouldn't trade positions at all in georgia. >> jesse: i like your confidence. >> it's not confidence it's just fact. tomorrow. >> jesse: we haven't had it i agree laxalt is going to win. what happened in pennsylvania? >> i think you nailed it. early vote killed us. you know, pennsylvania is a tough race. when you are governor candidate loses by 14, it's pretty hard for you to wins a a senate candidate. so, nevada is going to go republican in the next 24 hours. there's no way for her to get there, laxalt has the lead that i think is it insurmountable. watch arizona. >> jesse: what's going on with masters? masters is done though, right? >> same thing. >> jesse: i love blake masters. >> no. he's not done. kari lake will be governor. she is going to win by 3 points. it's over in the governor's race. >> jesse: yeah. >> i have been doing this for a
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while. if you are running against an incumbent, astronaut mark kelly, you have never run before. the guy has $100 million to pound you and you only raise 10, it's tough. but here's what's going to happen in arizona. there is hundreds of thousands of votes that are same day voting that's going to pick -- put kari lake over the top and blake is going to close. whether or not he gets her, i don't know. but i do know this: nevada is going to go republican tomorrow. and on december the 6th, if we will give money to team like right now. because every liberal is going to help warnock like right now team, we are are going to win georgia. we will be at 51. >> jesse: there you go. >> maybe 52. won the house. going to take back the 123459. we are going to stop all this crazy crap. we are going to have the gavel. we will stop crazy judges. team listen. there is a tidal wave coming. >> jesse: all right. >> good. and you are doing to do what?
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go team this guy deserves our help. he stood in the breach for all of us. let's help him. >> jesse: what was the website again i missed it the first time? >> i think it's team >> jesse: lindsey graham making me feel a little bit better after last night. >> we're going to win. >> jesse: i hope so. thank you. the red wave hit florida. so is ron desantis running for president? and what do people think about last night's midterms? >> what did you do had instead of voting. >> i was out. >> did you have a hot date last night and couldn't vote. >> she was pretty hot. >> where did you take her. >> the shake shack. >> you couldn't treat her to anything else. >> depends on what we was doing after. ♪ ♪ ♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala is a once-monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma that can mean less oral steroids. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred.
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>> jesse: ron desantis blew the doors off last night. 20 point victory, the biggest republican victory in the history of florida. >> thanks to the overwhelming support of the people of florida, we not only won an election, we have rewritten the political map. [cheers] >> thank you for honoring us with a win for the ages. [cheers] >> jesse: desantis won the governorship in 2018 by .3%. from .3% to 20% he has built a colliscoalition that is scaringe hell out of the democratic party. >> how alarmed should democrats be. >> in of course florida it's catastrophic. obviously we saw 'in 20 in the presidential race. let's remember, barack obama won in 2012 basically tied the cuban boat got over 70% of the hispanic vote. the obama vote in florida is
4:22 pm
gone. >> jesse: 70% hispanic that is what happens when you don't call hispanics tacos. he won cube can bans will you also won puerto ricans in the orlando area. he crushed it. if you watch the media, hispanics hate ron. they just got tricked. >> there is going to be a question in democratic circles i mean have we lost florida now to the republicans? >> they have been very slowly losing florida to et republicans and when i see those numbers, blue miami-dade as you can see in that map, miami-dade is probably the bluest county in the state and really it's the democrats that have themselves to blame for this. >> jesse: well, did the rich liberals who winter in palm beach get tricked, too? because desantis cleaned up in palm beach county another blue county. desantis won florida by a bigger margin than gavin newsom won california which should really stick in gavin's hair gel. everyone was so worried about all these blue state democrats fleeing places like new york to florida and turning it blue.
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but turns out florida man made them red. this is what happens when you take a strong stand on the issues. this is what happens when you go on offense. ron desantis kept the state open during the pandemic while the media called him a mass murderer. he confronted disney, the most iconic and profitable company in the state and he was rewarded for that because he listened to parents and wasn't scared of the press. he is effective. just ask the liberals of martha's vineyard. is he competent. you didn't even hear about the cat 5 hurricane anymore. the state is recovering much faster than expected. they run clean elections, too. they tell you who won that night. they counted 7 million ballots. done. it's going to take a whole week for arizona to count 2 million. florida is now a solid red state. not a swing state anymore. and so what does this mean for the next presidential election? ron desantis is the hottest republican governor in the country with a strong be record. even though his wife is really
4:24 pm
his secret weapon. and donald trump is already calling him names. the former president m may be announcing his plans next week. does desantis enter the primary with trump that sounds vicious. glenn youngkin is the governor of virginia who joins me right now. what is going on down this florida, solid red now, right? >> well, good evening, jesse. and thank you for having me. and i think what we saw in florida was the result of great leadership from ron desantis and floridians rewarded him. and we saw that all over the country with republican governors who had done a great job leading out of 9 pandemic. that's what governor desantis did. i think this is all about results. and at the end of the day voters want their elected leaders to deliver results and they are a lot less inclined about making sure that they are either republicans or democrats whether they're delivering for him. that's exactly what ron desantis has done in florida and i think
4:25 pm
we will see it across the nation as we look at these final, final results where, you know, governor kemp in georgia and governor dewine in ohio and governor abbott in texas all had the exact same kinds of strong showings because they delivered results, particularly coming out of the pandemic. that's what we saw in virginia as well, jesse. last year when we brought folks together about delivering results, i think that we were able to bring people to the republican party who may not have ever been there before. and that's directly representative of the miami-dade latino showing. so, this is a moment for republican governors and particularly ron desantis to show that results matter. >> and abbott crushed beto and put him out of his misery so we don't have to watch him dance around on tables anymore. up and down for governors, zeldin came within inches, i thought that was going to be different. tudor who i know you gave a very nice vest to up in michigan lost by a hair. that was disappointing it. looks like kari lake is going to
4:26 pm
eke things out. how would you interpret what happened with some of these races that didn't go, again, pennsylvania, that governor's race was a blow-out. what went wrong there? >> well, let me just back up and we still got two races we're waiting on and i think nevada and arizona look like they are breaking the right direction. and i think that just, again, reflects the fact that arizonaens want a republican governor and nevada voters said clearly that they want to a change. and again, results matter. and i think sheriff lombardo has demonstrated for folks in las vegas that he can deliver for them. and he is being rewarded for it. this is a moment where folks were voting for people that they had trust in and a couple of them came up short. i really was pulling hard for lee zeldin. i thought he might because of the crime that really halls overtaken new york really show new yorkers that republicans should win.
4:27 pm
>> jesse: so, governor, does ron desantis get into a primary with donald trump? >> gentleman speculate what's going to happen in terms of 2024. what's going to happen now people are going to go to work. i think this is the big message as we look to the future. it's time to deliver. folks that were rewarded by strong showings from their constituents now need to go deliver for them. and i think this is the big message for the republicans is it's time to deliver. it's time to make good on promises made and i think that if we can do that, then we can continue to deliver on getting inflation down and back in the blue and making sure parents are at the head of their families and this is going to be a great time for republicans to show that we can deliver. >> jesse: absolutely. i'm still waiting on you to deliver the glenn youngkin vest to my desk. we'll be looking for it. thank you very much. >> i look forward to seeing you soon, jesse. >> jesse: all right. take care. joe biden just dared house republicans to investigate him.
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>> jesse: even though it hasn't been officially called yet republicans are on track to take back the house it. will be a slimmer majority than we thought but it means that biden's spending spree is over. republicans made major gains in blue states in new york. republicans got a big scalp. one of the top democrat leaders sean patrick maloney, you know the guy who told to you eat chef boyardee to suck up inflation lost. house democrats did great in new york 'picking up a bunch of seats and looks like they are going to flip a bunch of seats in california, too. crime and quality of life are driving those wins. also, some january 6th committee members lost. so, there will be a new type of investigation next year. in fact, there will be a lot of them. >> what's your message to republicans who are considering investigating your family, and particularly your son hunter's business dealings? >> lot of luck in your senior
4:34 pm
year as of my coach used to say. >> jesse: biden is going to need all the luck he can get. republican also have bank records, treasury department records, tax records, witness testimony. they are going to be fingering joe biden on the big guy on live television. it will be hard to keep a lid on this explosive testimony. and hard evidence that could show joe biden was compromised by foreign power, was in business with the communist chinese doing favors for his son's business partners or even getting kickbacks. that sounds like the end of democracy to me. also, fauci is going to be in the hot seat. he will have to testify under oath about the origins of covid-19. what did he know and when did he know it? and how much money is he getting from pfizer? and the secretary of homeland security mayorkas probably going to get impeached for blowing up the border. and we're going to hear from fbi whistleblowers about targeting parents and democrats' political enemies and how the feds conspired with big tech to cancel you for asking the right
4:35 pm
questions. kevin mccarthy is going to have his hands full with investigations and rebellions from his right flank and party discipline and it's going to be problems since there is such a small margin for error. but he is going to get the gavel from nancy and nancy is going to have to decide whether she is going to be the minority leader or ambassador to italy. and if she decides to stay, democrats are already plotting to overthrow her. so it's going to get spicy. tulsi gabbard is a former 2020 presidential candidate who just left the democratic party and she joins us now. so how far do you interpret whether a went down in the house last night? >> jesse, i'm not a political pundit, but i can tell you given the direction that things are headed, i think the thing that's most important to the american people is whether they are democrats or republicans, do your job. don't just worry about which team won, which team lost? how do we strategize and maneuver order to make sure that our team wins in the next
4:36 pm
election. there is so many very, very real issues and challenges that people are dealing with every day in this country and they expect these people who just got elected or reelected to actually go there, do their job, and advocate for them rather than just pursuing partisan interests. >> jesse: if they do launch a slew of investigations, which are worthy, do you think the voters are going to say hey, guys, can you cut that partisan stuff out? can you try to fix inflation or crime or the border? >> i think every decision really does need to be weighed on how does this best serve the well-being and the interest of the american people, our national security, and our country. so i know the republicans are talking about a whole slew of different things. what they really should be doing is weighing each and every one of them based on that context. how does this best serve the well-being of the american people in our country and let that be -- let that be the guidelines and the north star in how they make their decisions. >> jesse: they should be able to
4:37 pm
do both. they should be able to provide oversight of the and find out what the joe biden family is up to. >> absolutely. >> jesse: find out what's going down at the border and also cut these purse strings in half because thinflation and spending is out of control. what would be the first thing if there was a speaker tulsi gabbard? what would be the first thing you would launch off with in the new congress? >> ooof, that's a tough question because there is a lot of priorities dealing with inflation has got to be the top of the list because i have just met over the last few weeks traveling the country a lot of folks who are really really concerned about how they are going to afford to pay their heating bill and also take care of the basic necessities they need to provide for their families. i would address and undo all of the incredible overreach of this administration, abusing their executive power and violating our fundamental god-given rights and freedoms in the constitution and work on the crime. crime is out of control and securing our border. i think those are really the top priorities that have an effect
4:38 pm
on our every day lives that must be tackled by leaders in washington. >> jesse: is it true that a nonmember of congress can be speaker because there are rumors that you might be -- i'm just kidding. i'm just kidding. >> yeah, i know you are. >> jesse: all right. tulsi, thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: up next, since republicans took the house, is democracy dead? prevent migra. you can't always prevent what's going on outside... that's why qulipta® helps what's going on inside. qulipta® gets right to work. in a 3-month study, qulipta® significantly reduced monthly migraine days and the majority of people reduced them by 50 to 100%. qulipta® blocks cgrp a protein believed to be a cause of migraines. qulipta® is a preventive treatment for episodic migraine. most common side effects are nausea, constipation, and tiredness. learn how abbvie could help you save on qulipta®.
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>> jesse: fox news alert. election officials in clark county, nevada, that's las vegas, just announced they have received another $57,000 from 457,000 ballotsfrom drop boxes. lead only 20,000 votes and apparently they won't be done counting until saturday. yeah. the votes are also still be tallied in arizona, kari lake is now down by only 4,000 votes to democrat katie hobbs with still about a third of the votes to be counted. arizona insiders are predicting that blake does eke this out. but it' really shouldn't take this long to count 2 million votes. florida counted 7 million and we
4:44 pm
found out who won on election night. arizona has to get this together. that's what makes us lose faith in the election. but, according to democrats in the media, there was only one thing on the ballot yesterday. >> democracy here in the united states is actually on the ballot in this election. >> democracy, they are saying democracy is at stake and there is a lot to lose. >> democracy is at stake. >> what's at stake? our democracy, freedom and justice. and we have to make sure that people understand everything is on the line. >> jesse: well, this is where things get complicated because, based on this metric, democracy is dead in some places and alive in others. take the house, for example, we checked for a pulse and there isn't one. republicans are poised to take the majority. but what about the senate? as things stand right now, we may not know who has control until december. we could be waiting on the georgia run-off. so, this can only mean one thing. the senate is currently on life support and democrats are very
4:45 pm
worried. but, hey, they did much better than expected. especially considering what they were up against with all those scary russian bots. remember on monday the "new york times" warned us of the return of the russian bots? that's weird because the day after the election, no one is talking about bots. and it wasn't just the russian bots the democrats had to overcome, it was also voter suppression. >> you can try to repress the vote but people came out from under buildings, they came from helicopters. they landed. they divided. >> it was really amidst tremendous voter suppression going on. >> yeah. yeah. >> the level of voter suppression is beyond anything that we saw in 2018. we can't say that whatever happens tonight is a fair and equitable election because there have been too many laws passed by election deniers to keep people from expressing themselves. >> jesse: all of a sudden the votes aren't suppressed. the bots went bye-bye. get you angry and mistrust the results of the elections.
4:46 pm
that didn't stop joe biden from saying elon musk should be investigated. >> do you think elon musk is a threat to u.s. national security and should the u.s. and with the tools you have, investigate his joint acquisition of twitter? >> i think that elon musk's cooperation and/or technical relationships with other countries is worthy of being looked at. >> jesse: so the democrats investigate their political enemies, hang indictments over their heads to deploy psychological warfare. soros carpet bombs the country with cash. run early vote enterprises the. and count ballots days after the election. with media that hides democrat deficiency while democrat candidates refuse to debate. the question is what are you going to do about it? kellyankayleighmcenany co-host f
4:47 pm
outnumbered. did great yesterday. congratulations. >> thank you. >> jesse: what happened last night. >> what happened was democracy despite what those would tell you. favorite lunatic argument record turnout in georgia we saw it exceed 2018 levels however still voter suppression. they can't go hand in hand. interesting, too you probably caught this. biden, you know, he talked about threats there were going to be all these threats out there. as he said in his press conference. the voters, poll workers, election officials they did their job, fulfilled their duty apparently without little interference except rachel maddow she went out there and said the open carry laws in arizona people were brand dishing their weapons and intimidating people. >> jesse: biggest threat the ink that went missing on all those voting cartridges. >> go there we go. >> jesse: where did the ink go. did katie find the ink that held up maricopa county? what is going on with desantis.
4:48 pm
political capital. wind at his back. looks like trump has a big announcement next week. how does this play out. >> plays out where i think you are going to have a governor in florida step. in how could he not? talk about a mandate to run, 20 points with his victory i know joyless reed saying he only did well because they are cuban. you made the point puerto ricans, latinos generally. how do you not run for president with a tail wind like that. he is going to run. look as i said earlier president trump needs to wait to announce 2024 if that's what he wants to do. 2022. >> jesse: you think trump desantis primary battle? >> i hope there is not a battle. i don't think our party could afford a battle. but, at the same time, you know, we will see. i trust our guys. let's put it this way, desantis and trump in a battle. kamala, joe, pete buttigieg perhaps a battle. i will take our battle and i think we will prevail. >> jesse: what happens with the senate? you heard lindsey.
4:49 pm
he is still confident is he going to get to 51. >> only get to 51 if we stay on message. every republican steps in the state of georgia don't step in there unless the words on your lip is herschel walker will stop the biden agenda. every republican on message. got to be unified. >> jesse: herschel is the name of the website. >> there you go. i heard that too, twice. >> jesse: coming up, we sent johnny out to ask new yorkers about what they really think about the midterms. ♪ ♪ pain hits fast. so get relief fast. only tylenol rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast for fast pain relief. and now get relief without a pill with tylenol dissolve packs. relief without the water.
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>> jesse: fox news channel is the most watched network for midterm election coverage. was everybody in america watching? do they even know the midterms were yesterday? we sent johnny to find out.
4:55 pm
>> how about those midterms? >> what midterms? >> midterms? oh. i'm not -- i don't know politics. >> i've been studying. >> talking about the election, not your test scores. >> what did you get for number four? >> very close. >> propaganda works. >> stay tuned. >> what happened? >> i don't know. >> i don't either. >> what the [bleep] just happened? >> corrupt now. >> a lot of people vote democrat like a religion, no matter what. >> i don't watch the news anymore when i get up. >> did you vote? >> no. >> no. >> what did you do instead of voting? >> i was out. >> did you have a hot date last night you couldn't vote? >> she was pretty hot. >> where did you take her? >> shake shack. >> what happened to that red wave? >> honestly i'm so owe. >> looks like the red wave came
4:56 pm
for your hair. >> yeah, for sure. >> i love those redheads, man. >> the democrats and the media did everything they can to make it less. >> literally waved on outta here. >> wait, you idiot. wave. >> how do you feel that bill clinton has won the governor's seat in nevada? >> that's a beautiful thing. >> he didn't win. >> no. >> isn't he retired? >> he should be. >> democrats said democracy will die if republicans win. is it dead? >> democracy will never die. >> it is, but it's the democrats and media that kills our democracy. >> if it ain't, it is, it's on its way. >> where is democracy's funeral? >> all over the world. ♪ ♪ >> democrats won in new york again. >> what is it about crime that keeps new yorkers coming back for more? >> a lot of new yorkers are not
4:57 pm
coming back. >> do you think the smart new yorkers moved to florida? >> yes. smart new yorkers moved to red states. >> you promise things will change, get their hopes up. >> by beating them over the head? >> sometimes. >> you may cut me, but i'm going to wrap this chain around your head. >> satan could run and win if he was a democrat. >> what message did the country send last night? >> that it's okay, joe biden. >> people act like they know me from somewhere. hello, mother teresa, i need money. >> i do not have time for this. i do not have time for you. >> what do you want to tell jesse watters? >> don't know you, but hi. >> this is too much early in the morning. i need to finish my coffee, and you coming at me like this. catch me when i have my coffee. >> catch you outside. >> how about that?
4:58 pm
>> jesse: that woman teresa, we need to get her on "primetime." i think she would love coming on the show. all right. we have a big show tomorrow. teresa won't be here. maybe friday. tomorrow we have kevin mccarthy. it will be an exclusive. also we'll have herschel walker., i believe. i'll ask him about the dot-com. tune in tomorrow for that. text messages. joe from boston. jesse, it's i'm sorry. i haven't been listening recently. david from montana. lindsey graham is partially responsible for republicans' soft finish. he threw us under the bus by proposing a national abortion ban. that is red meat to the democrats. trish from northeast philly. look at the bright side.
4:59 pm
representative sean maloney from new york will be eating beef-a-roni and crow tonight. claire from rhode island. zeldin was the best candidate. thanks, lee. long island is all republican now. can't believe it sarah from arizona. jesse, did you make any election bets? how's your bank account looking? well, i lost about a thousand to geraldo, and i lost a hundred to jessica, and i lost a bet to t-roy down in gator country. i had the phillies. he had the astros. i'm sorry. this has not been a good week for bets. louis from new york. jesse, whenever you send johnny out, is there a "primetime" car or make him ride the bus? no. johnny walks. that's where he's so skinny. we don't want to shower him with a lot of money, it gets to his
5:00 pm
head, although he did a good job with teresa. she was an absolute goldmine. we are a goldmine. that's why you have to dvr the show. the button on your remote says dvr, hit it, and it automatically records the show. "tucker carlson" is up next. always remember one thing, i'm watters, and this is my world. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." what exactly happened in yesterday's midterm elections? wish we could tell you with some precision. that's our job, but we can't, because in a number of key races around the country we still don't have a vote total. in arizona, for example, there's no declared winner in the senate race or governor's race. at this point it seems like both kari lake and blake masters will win. we'll spea


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