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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 10, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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classroom. >> laura: that was julianth pickering the state board of education and tonight we cane s tell you not only did she win but the board strengthen them5 semajority 10 out of 15 seats. that is fantastic news.s that is it tonight, thank youve for watching it is america for now and ever and keep this maze dull my face smiling, greg gutfeld's next. ♪ ♪ >> carley: a fox news alert tropical storm nicole making them fall as category one hit hurricane was 75 miles per hour winds and striking south of beach and fort pierce on the states east coast. you are watching "fox & friends first" on thursday morning. i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i am todd piro and scary images out of surrounding areas decimated by hurricane en, 45 counties with a state of emergency and 60,000 people
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already without power. >> carley: griff jenkins live in palm beach, florida. what are you seeing and experiencing right now? >> hey, carley and todd, good morning. it is a category 1 hurricane nicole around 3:00 a.m. near the beach and this would normally be an outdoor bar area where in november, people are savoring the sun but obviously not today a little colder as you see the winds with the trees, but the story of this category 1 hurricane is hitting in november. they haven't seen a hurricane making landfall in november and their concern as you mention 75 miles an hour coming on shore here are the eye is but the storm surge, you can see the angry seed behind me coincided
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with the tide appear that is when the full moon makes a large tide. and we will see it today high tide, little after 8:00 a.m. and worried about could actually collapse and that is the images in daytona. i will watch a little bit and obviously, this retaining wall all along here and just north of where we are about 1 mile in the boardwalk collapsed already, the police to set up a roadblock so people can't go there. that was the tide coming in on the storm. we don't know exactly what the day will bring with 45 counties under hurricane emergencies. it is because of the storm surge expected and the causing of problems miles south of us.
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that closed off as well. >> todd: all right, i believe we we loosed griff jenkins but they lost the boardwalk this early in the storm. that is scary stuff let's go to senior meteorologist janice dean checking the storm, jamie what is the latest. >> it is downgraded to a tropical's but the results with the same. it made landfall about an hour ago and you can see if you look at the radar the reason we didn't see griff is because he is in the eye of the storm and he will get the backside within the next couple of hours. this is a massive system, by the way so we can pinpoint one area and this one getting the worst of the reigns and the winds because the tropicals to to extend over 400 miles from the center of the storm. here are the wind reports
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86 miles per hour cape canaveral 79 miles an hour, 73 miles per hour so those wins will continue to howl 40, 50, 60 miles an hour. you can see the oranges and the reds near the space coast, 40, 50, 60 miles an hour. that will cause problems. power will be in it and tornadoes, heavy rainfall and strong, gusty winds for duration of time. there is the track in lent and you might see a dip into the gulf of mexico side towards tallahassee. georgia and the southeast needs to watch the storm of the northeast to transition into nor'easter. we will talk about the remnants of the storm for many days ahead. we have hurricane warnings in effect even though this is technically a tropicals. you can see the wind field, how large the storm is so it will not just impact florida but the
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southeast coast to midatlantic and wind gust around orlando area, cape canaveral area and heavily populated areas. this is going to be a story we are following today and the next several days. rain still to come and 2-3 inches isolated amounts of maybe 5-a as we go through the next 12 to 24 hours. the tornado threat with the tropical systems, we see tornadoes and possibly structural damage and power lines down. this is going to ongoing today. widespread and heavily populated areas of the central coast of florida and towards the panhandle and the big bend of florida. this is going to be even though it is a tropicals to, it could potentially cause a lot of damage. then, we talk about the mid-atlantic and the northeast towards friday and saturday.
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heavy rainfall we could be dealing with flash flooding. we will keep you up-to-date for the latest details and we will see those images even though a category one or was a category one on the ground and a lot of troubles onto an area inundated by rainfall and hurricane end. >> todd: that is a lot to pay attention to when with regards to the storm spirit closing in on the house majority claiming out of 218 seats needed to flip, 44 races undecided. >> carley: senate control hangs on two races and a georgia runoff. ashley strohmier joins us with more, ashley. >> republicans on the verge of claiming house and senate as voters continue with the vote pouring in from key races. republicans are itching closer to securing 218 seats and flipping the lower chamber. the g.o.p. telling seven democrats, 184 and as it stands
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the g.o.p. has 49 seats, 51 are needed for the majority. this is key races in nevada and arizona just too close to call. nevada senate race, republican adam laxalt is leading over democrat catherine cortez masto and the state's governor's race. the republican party is leaving as well with joe lopardo holding onto a comfortable lead over democrat steve and officials say tens of thousands of ballots do need to be counted and the state but arizona republican blake masters is still trailing behind mark kelly by 5%. meanwhile the states governors race between republican kari lake and democrat katie hobbs' neck and neck. last night, still feeling optimistic about the outcome, listen. >> i'm feeling 100% that i will win but how big will that win be?
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we have 650,000 votes that have not been counted. guess who these voters are? the people who showed up election day. >> georgia all eyes on the senate race as democratic incumbent raphael warnock and herschel walker advanced to a runoff with candidates with 50% of the vote. walker is ready to keep fig fighting. >> right now we are in a tiebreaker and like i said i'm not giving the seat up because right now the majority of people with inflation, the georgia people are hurting because of crime on the street. kids have got men and women in sports. two years since he's been in office, and i will not continue to destroy georgia or destroy this country. >> these other republican's repair for their roles in congress sharing their plans for house leadership. >> we have to have a leadership team ready to roll up our sleeves and ready to go. to push and advance this agenda
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take strong republican leadership and i tend to be at that table. >> we will have our elections next week and i support kevin mccarthy and he will win that race. we talked about getting to work but a lot of people like to focus on the drama in washington. we will get to work for the hardworking families who gave us this majority. >> some of these races are obvious nail-biters, guys. hopefully we get some results soon, days, weeks, months. >> todd: the letter and word, not good, and the fact that we are even talking about taking a month to get results. but that is where we are, ashley. speaking of nail-biters, los angeles mayor race were rick caruso has a slight lead over congresswoman karen bass but too close to call with 50% of precincts to report. >> we don't know the outcome yet, but i'm happy to say we are starting out strong a and a coue thousand points ahead. [cheers and applause]
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>> while we wait the results because it is going to be a long night and it might take a few days, but when we win, we will win because we will build a new los angeles. >> todd: candidates trading jabs on the campaign trail over the crime crisis with caruso and police commissioner to boost the l.a.p.d. well past claiming ellie was a safe place to live. she was to change that stance earlier this year. if caruso wins it would mark a huge turn for the liberal seat. >> republican new york congressman mike lawler said not even the clintons could save his opponent, democrat congressional chaired sean patrick maloney. >> it wasn't until two weeks ago that he realized he had a problem when he had to call him bill clinton to campaign. he asked hillary clinton to send an email and up the 30,000 she deleted, but he also asked joe biden to do a fund-raiser for just last week.
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this district, this district is home to the clintons and george soros. the fact that they have a republican congressman speaks volumes to wear the elect where it is. >> carley: mike lawler beating out maloney with the first else sitting campaign committee chair since 1982. and now republicans hope to turn wins like mike lawler into majority and president biden wishing the plan to investigate him, his administration and scandal written first son hunter. >> carley: [boos] >> todd: brooke singman with the latest, hey, brooke. >> said dimmick celebrating the term success, the american people are finished with republican lawmakers looking into him, his son, hunter and his business deals. listen. >> what is your message to republicans considering investigating your family and particularly your sons hunter's
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business deals? >> lots of luck in your senior years, my coach used to say. look, the american public wants to move on and get things done for them here it's because the future of the house majority is in limbo with key races to be cold but republicans are already gearing up to follow through on their promise to provide oversight of the biden administration. >> the leadership team ready to roll up sleeves and ready to go to push and advance this agenda, not just the policy agenda but the figures oversight of the biden administration to provide investigations of what happened in afghanistan and holding big tech accountable and investigating china for their origins of covid-19. we have a lot of oversight to do. >> as per hunter biden the presidents on a subject of a federal investigation for his tax affairs since 2018. fox news is predicated in part by suspicious activity reports
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into hunter's foreign transactions with republicans already accusing the fbi of protecting the biden with significant evidence of criminal activity. the o over the oversight commite with the biden and the president has maintained he has never spoken to his son about his business deals, carla, todd. >> carley: brooke singman live for us, let's bring in the congressman of the the house oversight committee. interesting comments about the investigation saying he thinks americans want to move on. what do you think about that? >> i think the president is wrong. "newsweek" came out with a poll that said 52% of americans want to see an investigation into the biden family business dealings. so that is what we are going to provide a republican majority. i have bad news for the president and if he thinks that they will turn a blind eye like the democrats have to the biden
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influence family peddling this is something we have been investigating for months and we are prepared to press forward and pressed forward in a big way. >> todd: that sarcastic comment from the president good luck with your investigations and making that nonsensical reference to senior year, will you make joe biden regret that sarcastic remark? >> joe biden will regret a lot of remarks, that he didn't have any knowledge of hunter biden's business dealings as we have several people involved with hunter biden that are coming forward and explain specifically how joe biden was involved in some of these shady business deals. the president also said it is comedy that the republicans would want to investigate his family, especially hunter biden. welcome if the president thinks that tax evasion, illegal foreign lobbying, securities fraud, if he thinks those things are comedy, then he has a sick
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and twisted mind because i can tell you i don't think the american people are going to think that hunter biden receiving millions of dollars from unmarked accounts in china and russia's funny when they are scrapping to pay their energy bills. joe biden will have to change his tune in a republican majority. >> carley: a lot of people involved with hunter biden and former business partner tony who is willing to testify if republicans take control of the house. the daily mail has this, new text message from 2017 from hunter to tony with potential meeting with joe biden and huntr asks tony by the way my dad is speaking wednesday morning at milken and you should come meet him if you can. further evidence that the former vice president was involved with the family business. what else can we take away from that? >> well the vice president was very involved in hunters business, which by the way, his
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business that in itself is illegal. the democrats talk about investigating the trump family, their business ties, they had actual businesses. we know exactly what businesses the trump family was involved in. when people talk about the biden family business, let's be clear that business is influence peddling. we have another word for that in washington, lobbing purity was loving the adversaries that is called a foreign agent and he was not registered as a foreign agent. he received millions of dollars from these foreign entities but joe biden facilitated several meetings with these people who transferred millions of dollars into hunter biden's account. he had meetings on air force 2 and meetings in the white house and we believe he had meetings off campus at different places around the united states with these people. this is what we will get to the bottom up in a very public hearing very soon in a republican majority. >> todd: along those lines
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deadlocked with elon musk to turn over documents with the hunter biden laptop story is tomorrow. two part, have you gotten a response and when we do get these documents, how deep do you expect the censorship to go? >> we haven't gotten anything concrete yet. we are hopeful that we will. i do believe that elon musk is trying to come up with an eight type of correspondence. you wonder if twitter executives shredded documents on the way out. i have no idea, but we believe we have someone elon musk to help the public investigations to determine the extent to the government's involvement in sentry conservatives. so we are optimistic that we will get some information. we are very concerned with tips that we have received that that the democratic national committee and certain members in the biden administration communicating with biden as zuckerberg said about facebook.
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we are optimistic to get some information and this investigation will move forward in a big way in january when the republicans put the house. >> carley: a very interesting moment at the press conference and the president was asked if elon musk as a national security threat. and he was also asked about his joint acquisition of twitter with saudi arabia and that that should be investigated. listen to the president's response here. >> i think that elon musk's cooperation and/or technical relationships with other countries is worthy of being looked at. whether or not he is doing anything inappropriate. speed to the saudi prince had a steak since 2011 though. the president though said, yeah, there should be a federal investigation into elon musk. that is a pretty big deal. >> that is a big deal.
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the fact that joe biden said there should be an investigation into twitter over foreign investment will go down in history as one of the most hypocritical statements ever made by a president of the united states. once our investigation is into the biden family peddling -- he wants to police twitter instead of the border is astonishing. but to say that should be under investigation but that congress should turn a blind eye to his family's influence peddling with china, russia, ukraine and yes, with the middle east is amazing that he would say that. it will go down as one of the most hypocritical statements ever made by a president of the united states. >> todd: biden at this administration threatening to use the power of the federal government against its enemies and potential enemies. it is a story not being told it not because it is frightening for america democracy which he
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always likes to threaten us with. congressman, thank you. >> thank you for having me on. >> carley: thank you, congressman ted budd in north carolina, one of the most important g.o.p. victories on election night. >> todd: we will speak to a voter there why he ditched the democrats to vote for ted bud.
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♪ ♪ >> carley: a pennsylvania state representative winning reelection despite dying a month before the midterms. democrat anthony deluca passed away last month from lymphoma, a disease he battle beating twice before, well my. 85-year-old with the longest serving state representative with unofficially drawing. he managed to win 86% of the vote against a green party candidate. as a result of the special election, it will be held next want to make month to fill his seat. tennessee democrat odesa kelly is blaming her midterm loss on white supremacy and voter suppression. she tweeted, "i just lost a congressional race due to white supremacy" under blue dog dems and voter suppression, not because mark green was better.
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"kayleigh mcenany said kelly's argument is thin. >> what happened was democracy and despite that, my favorite argument from the left, "there was record turnout in georgia" but there is voter suppression. no, they can't go hand-in-hand. interesting, too, biden talked about threats and there will be all these threats out there. as he sat in the press conference, the election officials did their job, did their duty but apparently without little interference. rachel maddow went out there and said in arizona, people were replenishing their weapons and intimidating people. >> meanwhile data suggest voting efforts could have reached a record number, which is a very good thing. todd overview. >> todd: north carolina ted budd scored a victory in that senate race beating out democrats cheri beasley. all of the voters delivered enough republican wins this week to trigger a senate super majority in the state.
1:27 am
north carolina left the party, here to react. thank you for being here appear the talk has been about port of the last 24 hours, but republicans had a dominant nighn north carolina. why? >> i think we did really well in pointing out some of the issues that really matter to the american people. and of course the economy and inflation are you just choose, but one of the things also that i think senator budd did a gret job in pointing out was some of the radical positions in the criminal justice system that his economy supported. no cash bail and bring them in, process them and turned them right back out on the street. where we know they go back out many times and it is just not a good strategy from the republicans. i think what it did come it took a lot of people from being woke
1:28 am
to we better wake up because -- >> todd: you mentioned the two key issues, ted budd prioritizing table kitchen issues like inflation which more than 93%, that is a huge number, 93% of north carolina voters labeled as important factor when voting. so what is your reaction when you're the president the day after the election say, "he is not going to get inflation under control? "what was your reaction when you heard that? >> i think it is pretty much tone-deaf as this administration has been to a lot of different issues. and i know a lot of people are expecting a huge red away. i think we may not have had a mandate, but i think what we did get is the public saying, hey, we need to change direction on how we handle these issues, especially around crime. >> todd: you mentioned crime and ted budd focused on, 85%
1:29 am
another huge number of the voters in north carolina consider crime rates increasing from just a few years ago an important factor. as a former county sheriff yourself, how much did beasley soft on crime resignation with the voters of the tar heel state? >> well i think it resident had quite a bit. we are one of the candidates that seen an increase in crime rate and violent crime. and i think that strikes home with people when they start to worry and they leave their house about the risk they may be encountering. i think those things matter to people. and you can imagine a victim of crime and you step forward, you report to the police and they arrest the person who is responsible, and that person is immediately back out on the street. it's got to be something for people reporting the crime at times. it makes for a bad situation for
1:30 am
keeping it safe in the community parents who wanted voters in new york state think everything is okay and we are safe. van duncan, thank you very much and we appreciate your time this morning, thank you. president biden confirming he will meet in person with china's president chichi ping during the g20 summit but the tension split between the two leaders. what can biden gain from the face-to-face meeting? >> carley: gordon chang is here to pick it down for us after this. ♪ ♪
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visit when we started our business we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. i remember setting up shipstation. one or two clicks and everything was up and running. i was printing out labels and saving money. shipstation saves us so much time. it makes it really easy and seamless. pick an order, print everything you need, slap the label onto the box, and it's ready to go. our costs for shipping were cut in half. just like that. shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers. go to and get 2 months free. ♪ ♪ >> carley: at the october report set to drop with experts predicting prices will continue to rise. >> todd: after signing massive spending bill, president biden says he has no solution to searching inflation. kevin corke always has solutions. he is live in washington with
1:36 am
the details, kevin. >> carley and todd come with the hits keep coming and another stunningly high index figure. let me say if you thought that might inspire the president to maybe make a course correction, well, think again because the numbers are absolutely calling. 8.2% year-over-year, core, 6.6 year-over-year, unbelievable! that is the largest increase since august of 1982. before carley was born. that is after rising 6.3%. the latest fox news voter analysis following the midterms shows that you have inflation is a big reason that people are very concerned and 54% of those we spoke with said they blame biden for the rise. another 46% limiting factors beyond biden's control. >> but what i can't do is i can't guarantee that we are going to be able to get rid of
1:37 am
inflation. but i do think we can. the minority brought down the price of gasoline about $1.20 a gallon across the board. >> but if you thought those staggering numbers, you know, the high cost of everything from food to gas to home heating might inspire the white house to shake things up, you are wrong. >> 75% of voters say the country is heading to punk direction despite the results of last night, what do you have to do differently the next two years to change people's opinion the direction of the country particularly as you do plan to run in 2024? >> nothing. >> not going to change a thing kind of like that cartoon, the dog is sitting at the table and the fire is all around. he's fine, things are fine. meanwhile on capitol hill, republicans say, "listen, now is the time to rein in the white house and force them back to the bargaining table and get
1:38 am
to work together." to get inflation under control. >> if our economy does not get back on track, we are all in trouble. we will get the covid money out appropriated still not spent and the economy cannot take it. yes we have had border security. we can't have fentanyl in the streets. yes we have to make sure the military is strong because the chinese are a clear threat to global security, especially in taiwan. all of these things are happening at warp speed. >> you saw the graphic there during his response. the g.o.p. is this close to wresting control of the house. if that happens, congress has the power of the purse, which means the white house has to draw out even more executive orders or finally actually compromise and work across party lines. it is going to be very interesting few days as we continue to wait for these house races to be wrapped up if the g.o.p. does win is expected to
1:39 am
come it will make for an interesting january date. >> todd: december when it comes to the senate, december 6th, all eyes on the right state of georgia. thank you, sir come appreciate it. turning to the oc challenges, the president will draw redlines with president xi over aggression against taiwan. >> carley: the two leaders to meet face to face at the g20 summit next week. >> i'm not going to make fundamental concessions. so what i want to do with him is talk emily l what each of our red lines are understand what he believes to be the critical natural interest of china. what i know to be critical interest in the united states and whether or not they are cheek and cheek with each other. if they do, how did they resolve it and work it out question >> carley: senior fellow ephedra institute, gordon, no concessions, says the president. he wants to find out his redline. what do you make of that
1:40 am
response? >> it's a little silly. we know what china's redlines are. they say it every day. all you have to do is look at people's daily. we know what the chinese want. we have been turning the michael talking to them five days. they have been more provocative, belligerent. we need to stop talking to china and imposing cost for increasingly bad behavior and if we do that, we have a chance of some sort of accommodation. but with the approach that president biden is taking and predecessors, too, this approach does not work. we can see it in china's behavior. >> todd: you are not buying this threat from biden to drawl redlines? >> well, you know, he made verbally do that but the point is the chinese know what our redlines are pure to be say that as well. so we have gone beyond the point of talking because when we talk, we delayed taking action.
1:41 am
we delay taking action here are the chinese do even more bad things around the world, including to america. at some point, and i think that point is long past. we need to impose those costs because otherwise, you know, they will say, you warn us all the time but you never do anything. and we have talked the chinese to be aggressive, not just biden but his predecessors also so purely taught the chinese twinkies and the worst behavior because there is no cost for doing it. >> carley: gordon, navy admiral charles richard, he is one of america's senior military who oversees the nuclear program. he just issued a warning saying "the u.s. is falling behind china when it comes to military and trends nuclear threat was a near term problem." someone of that caliber says something like that, you have got to listen. >> certainly because china is building missile silos at a very fast pace. their arsenal could very well be
1:42 am
as large as ours. we are limited by the new treaty to russia 1,550 warheads and china is not a party to that treaty. we should get out of that treaty because the chinese are not in it because china and russia coordinate, which means their arsenal's combined. they very well could fight together. their arsenals combined could be far marginal two hours. >> carley: thank you for breaking it down, we appreciated. >> thank you, carley and todd. fox news alert breaking right now tropical storm nicole hammering florida. overnight a category one tree battering the states east coast. >> todd: fox news teams on the ground and we have a live report from the storm zone straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: listen to this, msnbc katie said the senator john fetterman it could one day make a white house run. >> fetterman as a nominee at some point as a president, i know there are some variables, obviously, but i just, you know, what he did in the super red, deep red parts of pennsylvania
1:48 am
and the way he ran ahead of biden, ran ahead of trump, it makes you wonder about his future. >> carley: fetterman was highly criticized in the final days of the campaign for lack of transparency over recovering from a stroke inconsistent answers of tracking and rocky debate performance last month. etching out dr. oz to win the race. >> todd: not being able to form sentences is now a var variable. senator marco rubio saying democrats failed policies had more to do with republican success in the sunshine state than the changing demographics. >> the changes in florida are not just people moving and that is certainly true and people are moving because they want to get a part of the mic away from lunacy. hispanic families have common sense who do not want schools indoctrinating their kids and perhaps family experience with socialism, leftism and don't want any part of this in this country. frankly, they want to live in a society who is covered by people
1:49 am
with common sense. >> todd: val demings he beat by a landslide for the third term in the senate, carley. >> carley: the sunshine state not only the g.o.p. sweep the races imported for governor, senate and attorney general. local elections were read there as well and florida senate district 14 near tampa bay, that is republican who flipped the seat, janet cruz state senator elect collins good morning to you, what of weight for florida, wins across the board but why the republican party seen so much success in your state? >> carley, first off, thank you for having me on here. so excited to be here this morning. the leadership, right? the parallel with people like fetterman, biden can't form complete sentences and don't understand what they are trying to do, doubling down no drilling, no coal purity in florida, we export freedom, right?
1:50 am
we have a strong leader in desantis and people like marco rubio and simpson, nunez, understand what are american citizens need and want. people are voting. they are voting with their ballots and also voting with their feet. >> carley: you were able to flip your seat from democrat to republican and it was not even close. won by ten points and state wide, here's the breakdown, desantis won hispanic voters by 57%, women by 52%, sir berman folders by 58%, independents 52% and these do not typically lean republican. you have a lot of conservative pundits saying, we don't know what happened tuesday and it was not as good for the party as people expected. so let's emulate what happened in florida. what sort of advice would you give them? >> well, look, like i said, we understand what people need and what people want. the american people understand
1:51 am
what is important. they want more money in their wallets, safe and secure communities and education free from indoctrination, the abcs and the one-two three's peer that is what we are doing in florida. we know what it looks like and we are doing that under the strong leadership. and -- in the senate president, we are blessed state and this is what it looks like. and we want to see people follow our lead. >> carley: this is so typical talking about 2020 for two days after midterm elections but what do you think about desantis' future? during the speech on tuesday, they chanted two more years instead of four more years. >> look man i am a huge fan of governor desantis. it was actually there with the governor and his team. we are blessed, blessed to have him as our governor. i would never pretend to know what the governor has planned. i'm grateful for his leadership and looking forward to working with him here on the floor.
1:52 am
>> carley: you are about to embark on a new service, a retired green beret and a lot of veterans with this midterm election cycle which is great news all around. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, carley come appreciate it. >> carley: absolutely. now to this, the biggest names in country music all in nashville last night for 2022 country music awards, luke won big taking hardware for the entertainer of the year an album of the year. as well. >> nobody in this category does not deserve to be standing up here -- thank you for country music. let me tell you one more thing about tonight. country is sounding more country than as in a long time. >> carley: female artist, two incredible voices chris stapleton won for the mail award which brings him to 14 total trophies and alina wilson taking the trophy and the pml category and jordan davis brought the faith after winning song of the year for his track by dirt.
1:53 am
>> we wrote a song, we wrote a song about faith and family and if that isn't country music, i don't know what is. >> todd: it was emotional side of performances miranda lambert, carrie wood, reba mcentire to the great, great loretto land. a tribute. ♪ ♪ >> then we know the judge moved to tears praising her mother wynonna judge with a duo year award that they brought home. >> in death there is life and here i am humbled tonight to have a seat at the table of country music. i've had the opportunity to present cmc award for duo which me and mom won seven times. >> todd: that was the tough
1:54 am
part of the night emotional and luke bryan bringing down the house and peyton brought out the man, thank you so much, bringing up the man on tennessee clog or to rally the crowd in a big way but not before luke bryan got a little upset. listen. >> i have one goal tonight for everybody to have fun, to come together, to unite two country home and to celebrate being americans. >> wow! [cheers and applause] >> i have one thing to say to all of that, luke bryan for president, everybody! [cheers and applause] >> my slogan hunting, fishing, and loving every day. [cheers and applause] >> carley: he did the royal wave, too. >> todd: what they had to say about tennessee versus georgia
1:55 am
reference but not upset with the pitch for president. >> carley: i love it. >> todd: i am obsessed with that guy. >> carley: tropical storm nicole hitting florida and trekking northeast over the state over 45 counties under state of emergency and power outages are racking up. we are live on the ground next. ♪ ♪
1:56 am
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>> todd: a fox news alert, tropical storm nicole pummelling florida after making landfall as category 1 hurricane with 75 mile per hour wind, striking south of vero beach and north of fort pierce on the state's east coast. you're watching "fox and friends first," i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. 36,000 people have lost power and 45 counties are under a state of emergency. griff jenkins has more from the ground. >> griff: good morning, florida is used to hurricanes, even tropical storms, not this late in november, last time florida saw a hurricane make landfall in november, it was 1985. it has been calm, two hours laters, the winds are picking back up a bit, some debris blowing about 50 to 55 miles per


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