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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 11, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PST

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>> thank you, guys. >> carley: we appreciate it. >> todd: need to remember the sacrifices so many made. quite a week. a lot to process. as you at home process the election results this week, take solace in one result we can all celebrate guy fieri reelected mayor. >> carley: with that say goodbye. "fox & friends" starts. ♪ >> bret: balance of power remains undetermined. could stay that way in the senate until georgia's run off election. >> i feel no pressure because i was built for this. this is a choice of character. >> that press conference tells me is losing nightmare for an incumbent is to be in a runoff. >> tropical depression nicole plundering toward the carolinas after leaving at least five people dead in florida. >> surf washing away an entire row of houses. >> federal judge is striking down biden's plan to cancel student debts. >> those getting handout. >> 70% plan on travel and dining
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out. >> we are funding those vacations and fundamentally unfair. >> if you can physically make it to an office and you don't show up, resignation. >> federal trade commission is tracking recent developments. >> arranged marriage between big government and big business fell out of favor. he started pushing free speech. >> happy veterans day to everyone out there. >> it's our responsibility to go out and support veterans. thank them for their service. fly our flags proud and high. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [anchors away] ♪
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>> ainsley: listen to anchors away. it is veterans day y'all, it is november 11th. we thank everyone watching our show. that's the army band from the # 9th readiness division out on the fox square. >> brian: what were they playing ainsley. >> ainsley: playing anchors away. >> brian: unbelievable, horns ready to fly. in is veterans day. i don't think there is any show that is -- gives greater tribute to veterans. did you see our lineup? >> will: it's a great lineup today. brian is incredibly excited. >> brian: why? >> will: in about two and a half hours from now sylvester stallone will be here when i say here right over there. >> brian: right over here. >> ainsley: sitting next to you. >> brian: that's the way the format is. >> will: very exciting for all of us fans of first blood, rocky, ran bow. >> brian: unbelievable. live in studio. tulsa king. i watched two episodes last night it's awesome. the length of his career he has had a hit movie in six decades
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is he going for seven. we have something else for veterans today to help combat veteran homelessness and the various crises oftentimes they go through when they get out of their service. we have a theme. it's make camo your cause campaign. we want -- we are going to donate with every purchase of our camo gear a donation will go to u.s. forward. >> will: camo hats, fox and friends. i want this tie so you can't bus one i'm going to keep this one. >> ainsley: fox in camo u.s. vets on the other side. >> brian: i should probably change into that camo. >> ainsley: you should. >> will: this one right now? >> brian: i will do that in the break. it takes too long with all the ifb. veterans day. a time in which we cannot recruit for any branch except the marines seem to be hitting their threshold. we have to reconfigure and recalibrate the people that have served in the past and why they should serve.
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>> ainsley: every time i go to sleep or wake up, i turn on fox news because i want to find out has nevada been called yet? >> brian: what about arizona? >> ainsley: republicans are closing in on the house majority claiming 211 of those # 18 seats that need to be flipped -- need to be acquired to flip that chamber. >> will: senate control is also still hanging in the balance, nevada, arizona, and of course the runoff election in georgia. >> brian: where do we stand right now. last night around 10:00 a huge dropoff. what just changed. kevin corke has been on this all night long. kevin, all these races matter so much and they are still a long way to go. >> a long way to go. i'm very hopeful that eventually perhaps as soon as monday we will have more clarity. maybe today although i frankly doubt it. like the rest of us, the white house and everybody still trying to figure out what's going on in these races that we have been talking about in particular a couple of senate races that we are keeping a very close eye on. and the dozens of house races
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just so we can get a gauge of who will actually be running the new congress. at this hour, the house still looks favorable for the g.o.p. while the senate, as you pointed out, is still a toss-up. so, with that in mind, let's take a look at the numbers. 211 for republicans, 192 for democrats. everybody believes at this point it's going to be a g.o.p. run in the house. eventually. got all those races still out there. i just can't imagine what in the world is going on that we have some house races that have yet to be called. how about the senate? as you see republicans 49-48. if laxalt gets over the threshold it will be 50-48 and we will wait for the last two to figure out where that all goes. how about the great state of nevada speaking of the senate. laxalt right now still leading but look at the difference. it was at 22,000 about a couple days ago. now it's down to right around 9,000, because more tranches of votes keep coming in. and generally they have been
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favorable for cortez masto but still laxalt still leading and they still very confident do gop folks in the silver state that he will, in fact, win that race. how about the governor's race there? lombardo still looking good. difference is smaller. 2 # thousand plus. it does look good for the g.o.p. there as well. how about the grand cannon state of arizona? well, all you can say is right now if you are a fan plaintiff kelly, you are feeling good. in the cat bird seat. 115,000 vote difference. but, blake masters still says a lot of votes out there. they are not giving up hope just yet. staying in the grand canyon state. how about the gubernatorial race there, yes, kari lake is close, still trailing though. in fact she is trailing more than she was at this point yesterday by nearly 27,000 votes. and despite the snails pace, kari says don't worry i'm convinced i'm going to win when all the votes are counted i will
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reign victorious. >> 100 percent compel dense that i'm going to be the next governor of arizona. i think the the republican party should continue along with america first policies like we are. >> meantime in georgia it's run off time in a few weeks as mr. walker and mr. warnock go head to head again, round 2, to determine that state's senate seat. in the meantime, of the democrat isn't frankly talking about, you know, kitchen table issues like the high cost of food or gas. instead, raphael warnock is taking the low road, slamming mr. walker personally. >> we have seen that herschel walker has a disturbing history, a pattern of violence against women, against his own family. is that who we want? >> he is not telling you the truth and he is going to continue to be the hypocrite that wolf in sheep's clothing. got get out and vote and tell your friends get out and vote. this is the most important
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election. >> most important election. meantime, on truth social, former president trump is also getting a little, well's let's just say a little frisky as people start talking about 2024 already. he is taking a shot at ron desantis, the governor of the great state of florida. this is what the president wrote: he calls him ron desanctimonious says he is playing games. the fake news asks him if he's gone to run if president trump runs and he says i'm only focused on the governor's race and i'm not looking into the future. well, in terms of loyalty and class, that's really not the right answer. if you know the president, you know how he feels about loyalty, and he feels like he has helped ron desantis in the past. and that the right thing to say, at least is i will stand down until and unless i hear what the president wants to do. he didn't say that. someone argued that's politically the smart thing to do. a little back and forthright there, guys.
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a little infighting by the g.o.p. >> will: all right, kevin. thank you for that report this morning. that's a bomb. that statement by president trump last night was the beginning of a republican civil war. i want to get to that in just one moment. first, can we just address this quickly? it's been said it needs to be hammered. in kevin's report he talked about nevada and arizona. you know, we are talking about the senatorial races. here is why those governor races kari lake and nevada's governor's race as well is so important. there is no wave that in 2022 in america you should be waiting weeks, days into weeks for election results. strong, gubernatorial leadership in florida ensured that a state of 21 million people could count their vote in one night. it's inexcusable that a population of 7 million in arizona can't get it counted in a week. you need a strong governor to come in and reform that voting system not this last-minute mail-in balloting. that is so important to the future of the integrity of our democracy. >> ainsley: i believe they need to count the mail-in ballots before the election.
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they don't want to do that because they are worried it will slip out into the press hough is actually winning and that could tilt, you know, the election results. but, it would be nice if we could have integrity, election integrity and they could count those ballots and keep that a secret. we could go to the polls on tuesday and tuesday night we have the results. >> brian: right now they are going to be taking, if you postdate your mail-in ballot by election day, you will have until the 13th -- until they can check the mail and say okay, we got that ballot in. we can now count it. signature march is a problem. signature match takes forever. so they're taking signature match. we got to go to do what georgia did. they have i.d. they have voter i.d. do mail in voter i.d. the last four digits last four digits of your social security number and license number and they crosscheck it. a way to scam it but very hard to. if you have to do a voter i.d. do a voter i.d. to your point, florida straightened it out through rick scott. still had a problem with rick scott. when desantis came in they fired
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the last problem and last three elections wept well. in georgia said we are going to go ahead and do this thing and make it transparent. reign in some of the pandemic rules. drop boxes not as many. there is going to be voter i.d. now arizona remains a problem with a republican governor now for two terms. there is no excuse for that and a secretary of state and i brought this up to kari lake, are you comfortable with your opponent controlling the election rules in the state in which you are running for governor and she says i asked to be recused but it's going on deaf ears. governor ducey could have come out and said this is a problem you have got to recuse yourself. nevada taking their time. 300 drop boxes and still have ballot harvesting in that state. are you kidding? >> ainsley: they had ballots postmarked on tuesday. and in clark county, so those have not yet been counted. the registrar says we are moving those ballots as quickly as we can. >> brian: this is why kari lake
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feels confident she was on with sean a long time. kind of running with breaking news. getting things as she was there. people showed day of voting with a ballot. the day of voting traditionally going to republicans. she is instance requested today or shortly she is going to overtake hobbs. the problem in nevada is a little bit different where clark county seems to have the most uncounted ballots. >> ainsley: that's las vegas which usually is blue. >> brian: right. >> will: meanwhile we mentioned the statement by president trump last night. it was a three-page statement solely and exclusively focused on florida governor ron desantis. you know, president trump's political instincts have been over the past five years in my estimation on point. and they have been on point when everyone else has doubted president trump. i think he is responsible for bringing a populisten, a necessary populist element to the republican party. focused on the middle class, focused on industrialization here at home, jobs at home. >> brian: and working class. >> will: and the working class.
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and that repositioning's fruits for a governor like ron desantis and his success in florida. will last night's attack on ron desantis, i think for many out there, represents a really -- the future where -- whereas i described it, you are looking at a republican civil war. and that is not going to be healthy for anyone that believes in the policies that donald trump helped push back to the forefront. >> ainsley: we need to just get through these elections and get through georgia and find out who is going to win in georgia and start talking about the presidency. because. >> will: it has begun. last night donald trump began that conversation. >> ainsley: the republican party has got to unify, that's what kellyanne was saying last night. listen to this. >> i'm glad both men, donald trump and ron desantis are in the republican party and have records of accomplishment that people can point to and want to emulate in their own states. and people who want to run for office because they are inspired by candidates. by leaders like them who don't back down. who get things done, who work
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with. i would love to see two of them up on the stage in georgia with i don't know, throw brian kemp and mike pence in there, too. i think we need more unity and less divisiveness in the republican party. guess what? we have the best policy and messages we don't have unity right now. the democrats have no good policies and no aspirational hopeful forward-looking messages but they showed a lot of unity last week ginning up their base. >> brian: in the big truth social his version of twitter that owns, he says that ron desantis should be saying-should not be saying things like i'm focusing on my next election for governor. ron desanctimonious is playing games. the fake news asked if he was going to run for president and he says i'm only focused on the governor's race. in terms of loyalty and class that's really not the right answer. he went on to to say is he an average governor he is not. he is one of the best. it's true what he said about his
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push for his governor's run was really fueled by donald trump, no doubt about it. >> ainsley: that's what makes it tough. because loyalty is important. did he take ron desantis over the line in florida. >> brian: marco rubio was mentored by jeb bush when he still ran for president the bushes were upset by that to me it's not a civil war. when they're all on stage they want to kill each other -- they are going to try to kill each other in the primary. the timing is bad. the timing is not good for the party. if you are a team first player, you wait for herschel to get through with this. and if you are smart politically, you wait for christmas to be over because there is no rush. it's not like you are going to get more money now. and the thing is, ron desantis keeping his powder dry, he never said he is running. in fact, there was a story in axios said he is not going to run. there is no reason for it. and the thing is, too, that glenn youngkin might be running, he praised ron desantis they might be going at it again. i thought mike pompeo did the same thing in praising ron
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desantis. they might be running against each other. there is just no reason to fight now. >> will: no. i agree. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, come in or get out. elon musk ultimatum to twitter employees return to work. army vernco host pete hegseth who looks exactly like that shares his message for veterans day. >> ainsley: that's not a dom doppelganger? plus, does brian have what it takes to keep up with rockie? >> brian: just one second. bill will why did you do that? >> brian: we saw it in a movie once. >> ainsley: we will ask the man himself sylvester stallone is going to join us live. >> brian: right. i hope he is up. ♪
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>> brian: drops nicole battering the coast of florida. >> will: 50,000 people are without power. >> ainsley: fox weather multi media journalist will nunley on the ground in charleston, south carolina now. will, what are you seeing? >> good morning here to fox weather, amazing when you consider how familiar of the country is experiencing parts of this storm still. the center of circulation in middle georgia rain as far authority as pittsburgh and over to memphis and flooding in the carolinas a live look outside the fox weather beast in charleston this morning. we go in a little bit closer. actually see water on the move here in the streets of charleston. high tide is a couple of hours ago. this is what we are dealing with here. in daytona they are doing damage assessment this morning. we saw incredible video of homes
3:22 am
and businesses and boardwalks collapsing into the sea yesterday being washed away. there is a damage assessment there of at least a dozen buildings, trying to determine if they're safe. talking large condo buildings that have to be inspected for integrity after this. the story of this big system still not over. tracking it moment by moment for you over on fox weather. over to you. >> will: thank you for that. will. we also have carley shimkus in studio for headlines. >> carley: i certainly do. it was my fault, off my mark. how dare i. rookie mistake. got some headlines here starting with. this president biden set to arrive in egypt just n. just a few hours to attend a u.n. climate change conference where he will tout his green energy agenda. he will then make a stop in cambodia for a meeting with leaders from southeast asia before heading on over to indonesia for g-20. once he is in bali, biden will have first president with
3:23 am
chinese president xi jinping that will happen on monday. the bus carrying 300 migrants is holded to chicago. greg abbott says it won't be the last as the lope star state struggles to keep up with the influx at the border. meanwhile heaps of trash and piles of clothes scattered at the banks of the rio grande leaving areas of el paso filthy. about 900 venezuelan migrants plan to stay in tents on the mexican side of the border even as temperatures dip. and over in new york, oh boy, ousted democrat sean patrick maloney is alexandria ocasio-cortez. maloney saying quote the last time i ran into aoc we were beating her endorsed candidate 2 to 1 in a primary and i didn't see her one minute of those midterms helping house minority. not sure what kind of advice he has but i'm sure she will be generous with it. aoc firing back in a tweet let's make something crystal clear
3:24 am
sean patrick maloney courted me out for donations to swing races and it was the first thing i did this term. over a quarter million for dems this cycle. dccc facilitated now and he denies it if he isn't aware of my visit to california and efforts we put in. that's on him. and the carolina panthers getting their revenge against the atlanta falcons at home toppling them 25-15 for their third win of the season. the panthers getting a whopping 130 yards from panthers' running back dionte foreman including a big touchdown to secure the win. the falcons falling to 4-6 on the season. and a little sunshine this early morning, fan cons left tackle jake matthews seen arriving just in time before thursday's game in carolina after his wife went into labor in atlanta. safe to say he and his wife welcome add healthy little falcon into the world. congratulations to them.
3:25 am
those are your headlines. who doesn't love that image? >> brian: i will say this on a less important note. why are all the thursday game bad poor al michaels what am i doing? >> will: did you see how bad last week .12. to run my record to 0-9 winless. >> ainsley: and he started it. he made us all do this. who is winning? >> will: adam klotz is in first place. that's right, carley. more turmoil at twitter as elon musk tells employees to either show up at the office or consider your resignation accepted. >> ainsley: it comes as top execs flee reportedly including the man who censored hunter biden's laptop story. >> brian: i love that shot of the twitter employee just staring in the sky. >> ainsley: that's what i was looking at. army veteran pete hegseth joins
3:26 am
us now pete, they want everybody to come to work and that's a problem. >> pete: imagine that congress still not going back to work. nancy pelosi first thing she did after the midterms was extend proxy voting for the remainder of her time as speaker. by the way, they are throwing the kitchen sink at elon musk, you know that. from federal oversight to the criticism is he getting across the board from the phantom accounts. everyone is trying to make elon musk look bad. i think this is like a coach. a high school football coach that takes over a team with a bad culture. they are kind of lazy. they are arrogant players that are really not on board with the new coach and he says, okay. two a days. and we are going to do it for three weeks. and i want to know who really wants to be here. you are going to run until you can't take anymore and if you don't want to be here anymore, then can you show yourself the exit. he has already done that with half the employees, if you are going to change a culture, you need to make sure the people there are invested in what you need to do. they need to make money. which means getting people into
3:27 am
the office, fighting through blue check marks paying 8 bucks, what do you do with phantom accounts. that's something he wants to do in the office. i wouldn't bet against the guy who built tesla and spacex. >> ainsley: i don't know if you are on twitter but if you are you have a blue checkmark. >> pete: i do not. i used to have a blue checkmark. then i was kicked off and i got off when donald trump was kicked off. now i'm back on without a blue checkmark. unlikely i will pay for a blue checkmark. it doesn't mean that much. >> brian: you can't just throw $8 around. happy veterans day to you we salute what you do. also you are saluting modern warriors brand new episodes right, pete? >> pete: yes brand new episode. modern warriors war on warriors. we have a very candid conversation about what is happening in our military right now. is the military going woke from crt to lowering of the standards to recruitment problems. michael waltz, jc church, new
3:28 am
congressman wesley hunt, and stu sheryl the only person who stood up and called out the debacle in afghanistan. don't miss it right now fox nation modern warriors. >> brian: let's watch a clip. >> right now our military is being indoctrine nateed with a critical race theory curriculum to appease social justice warriors while losing our competitive edge. compi have moderate to severe we are aplaque psoriasis.
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if we are listening to this segment we don't want to get scammed where do we go. >> visit"fox & friends" to find information on how to know if you have been a victim and what information is out there and get access to special offers. >> ainsley: and you are offering for our "fox & friends" viewers a special. >> yes. we are offering a free trial and discounts on our plan. >> ainsley: okay great. it's see it there on your screen, "fox & friends."
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i'm going to do this. >> thank you. >> ainsley: what is your message to veterans on this veterans day? >> yeah. i want folks to know that with partners like aura blue star families dedicated to serving identity theft and fraud as we just talked about disproportionately affecting them with great partners like aura we can have the services we need. >> ainsley: thank you for your service and thank you to aura for caring about our military. >> thank you. >> ainsley: you are welcome. president biden now claiming he will work with republicans after the midterms but only certain once. national guard colonel and congressman michael waltz is going to react to that coming up. still to come a guest who needs no introduction. >> you did some pushing of your own, john. >> thank you, first blood. not me.
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♪ ♪ >> tuesday was a good day tore america. a good day for democracy. it was a strong night for democrats. i will always be open to any good ideas whether it's democrat or republican to move the country forward. but i have always made it really clear if republicans try to reduce power we gave medicare to reduce prescription drug costs i will veto it. >> brian: president biden touting midterm performance while vowing to work across the aisle with v.i.p. counterparts after weeks of attacks. kind of weird because he could lose both chambers. congressman waltz joins us now. do we take him at his word or work with republicans do we take him at his word?
3:42 am
how what do you think is going to happen now that you are on the cusp of being the majority in the house? >> well, brian, 70% of america says the country is heading in the wrong direction. so, i would like to be an optimist and believe that he will work with us. but, you know, in that same -- in that same speech, he then gave a whole list of things that he isn't going to change. the green new deal that they just passed $380 billion that's going to increase our dependency on china and a whole host of other provisions that he said are hands off. so, we'll see. look, you know, brian, near and dear to my heart is afghanistan. and the debacle that that is, the people that are still left behind that are still drying to get out and i hope that he will work with us on one, making sure that never happens again but, number two, we need to have some accountability and some answers for those 13 gold star families that have been asking questions and getting radio silence back from this administration.
3:43 am
>> brian: now we have the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff saying it's time to have talks. mark mill willy when it comes to ukraine and russia even though they're the invaders and number two brought up the relationship with saudi arabia and iran. does he like to recalibrate his foreign policy, michael? >> well, look, i think that the iran deal is dead. i hope that he will go back to a maximum pressure campaign. the only thing the regime caress about clearly not its own people as it is shooting school girls, you know, in the street is they care about their wallet. we need to go back to that maximum pressure. we need to embrace israel as our greatest ally. we need to show strength on the world stage, and we need a reagan-style military build up and modernization when it comes to china and when it comes to the ccp and make it very clear to them what we will and won't do when it comes to taiwan. i think those are areas we can work together. i hope we can learn from the mistakes of ukraine, for
3:44 am
example, and taiwan and arm them up right now and, you know, he has got to work with us on the border, brian. it's a disaster. everybody knows it. it's obvious. and there are some practical things we can get done. >> brian: all right. i want to have your message still in the national guard, green beret still in congress. what's your message on veterans day for all our branches are sucking wind when it comes to recruiting. >> you know, my message to the veterans out there is to keep serving. you are not done because you went to combat and survived your community needs you your family needs you. running for office at every level in the fox hole nobody cares about race, religion, socioeconomic background. it's about missions, about moving the ball for this country and taking care of the men and women to your left and right. we need more of that ethos in washington and throughout the country and veterans out there, look, we are going to fix a lot of this nonsense that's going on
3:45 am
in the pentagon in terms of this wokeness. so, encourage young people to step up and serve. we can't keep our republic free and open as it is and the world led by the united states of america, if we don't have people volunteering to serve. >> brian: absolutely. congressman waltz, thank you for your service on this veterans day special. always great to hear from you. >> thank you. >> brian: let's go outside to janice dean and the army band. >> janice: good morning, everyone. of course we are celebrating veterans day and we are with a wonderful army band here and major general rodney faulk is the commander of the general of the 99th readiness division and we thank you for your service, first of all, and thank you for being here and thank you to all of you for being here today. what made you want to get into a life of service? >> you know, like most young americans started as a way to
3:46 am
pay for college and turned into something else along the way a lifelong calling to serve our country and defend america. >> janice: how long have you been serving for? >> it's 39 years. who is counting? >> janice: what do you say to a young person today that wants to get into a life of service? >> i would just say explore it because there's really two reasons. look around the world and look at history. i mean, it only shows that it only takes one event and we could be in a conflict. better to be ready now than to be ready after. so that's the top level reason. but, on a personal level, there's a lot of benefits that you can get from service, educational benefits. you know, of course salvery potentially funding a retirement. but you become a dual threat soldier in america's army reserve. you have a kil skill in the mily while you serve your country and other ways whatever you choose. but, you know, it's so awesome to be in america's army reserve. >> janice: how long have you been with these wonderful
3:47 am
fellows? >> a little over a year. i got the call to go take command of the 9 #th readiness division. we provide readiness support to 42,000 army reserve soldiers in the northeast. as part of that, i get to associate with these fine soldiers. >> janice: what are we going to be playing right here for veterans day? >> i'm not sure. what do you have planned guys? >> playing the navy song. >> janice: the navy song? i think that's my cue to take it away. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
3:48 am
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♪ ♪ >> will: today we remember that freedom isn't free and honor those who are risked their lives to keep us safe. our next guest did just that. and they tell the powerful story of the afghanistan war through the eyes of combat hardened parachute infantry regiment. a new book called bravo company. ben committees ling and army veteran retired sergeant alejandro reggie join us now. thank you for your honor and sacrifice and being with us this morning. >> excited to talk about your book, ben, "bravo company" we have it here today. tell us what this book is about. >> i wrote the book "bravo company" because i wanted civilians never been to combat to understand what it's like to go to war the sounds and sites you experience what happens when
3:53 am
you come whoever after war. that's why i talk about 10 years reckoning with the deployment bravo soldiers like sergeant hearingy went through. >> steve: i found this statistic absolutely stunning in the reviews of "bravo company" your company suffered three in combat deaths multiple half the country purple hearts and you are one of the stories of those purple hearts losing both of your legs to an ied. >> yes, sir. for a while when we were there one was things that was said hopefully we will see you when you get back. every patrol i.d. incident during season. it's very nerve-racking deployment. >> will: you had seen so many ieds go off when the one that took your legs went off, you knew.
3:54 am
>> 100 percent right away. other iieds i had been on i was close enough that i could feel the impact but i always knew it wasn't me because i was still on my feet. this one in particular i knew i wasn't on my feet. i co i couldn't feel the bottom part of my body i was certain it was me. >> will: i know you wanted to read an excerpt from the book to tell the story like the one that affected the staff sergeant joey karen who died on that deployment. >> women knew only one thing for certain and immediately before he even thought about himself joey karen from tacoma, washington, who wanted nothing more to be a soldier was no longer joey karen. he was gone. joey was even closer to that explosion than lemon. he was at the very spot where that ied went off. he was standing at the one place, there in the middle of afghanistan, where he shouldn't have been. but he couldn't have been anywhere else. after all, he had been
3:55 am
practically bred to be a soldier. dad jeff in the 101st airborne division and granddad done two tours in vietnam. with an ied not dust to dust. the missed. horrible and violent cancellation of a person's parts and pieces. >> will: that is so graphic. but a necessary level of graphic. i imagine tells your story alejandro at least in part. >> absolutely. i was on that incident. one thing about this book does a really good job of describing the structure of the military and there is just very small portions of our story. you know, there are many other stories that need to be told and are worth telling and a lot of the combat stuff that's done is done over fire fights and ieds but other stories going two months without taking a shower. a year without sleeping on a bed. having three hot meals in a whole year. all that stuff that nobody ever
3:56 am
hehears about. >> in that are spirit, ben, i know this book is not just about what happened over there but really quickly what continues to happen once you come back home. >> yeah. in this book in "bravo company" i talk about the struggles that the men and women that they go through when they come back from combat and try to reckon with that understanding and also the ways in which they grow and i try explain that to families, to civilians who have never been there, and to help veterans understand their own story a little bit better. >> will: bravo company afghanistan deployment a and aftermath out by ben committees ling is out right now. we appreciate you being with us this morning more importantly we appreciate both of your service great country of the united states of america. thank you both. >> thank you. >> will: coming up, the balance of power in the hanging and balance of key races are still too close to call. army veteran arkansas senator tom cotton is next.
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