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tv   America Reports  FOX News  November 11, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PST

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years, semper fi. >> i'm so proud to be a part of this organization and on this day to honor them it's really wonderful to engage the community and with campaigns like this that really do make a difference. thank you to everyone, don't forget to dvr the show, and now here is "america reports." >> john: emily, thank you and for sure, honor our vets. election day plus three, control of congress up for grabs, and as for the wait, well, grab a chair. it could be a while. good friday afternoon to you, i'm john roberts. good friday afternoon to you. >> gillian: you might want some popcorn with that chair, john. it's going to go on and on. it's good to be with you. i'm gillian turner in for sandra smith. this is "america reports." at this hour, the ballots still being tallied up in arizona and
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nevada, despite the polls closing three days ago now. >> john: in arizona, mark kelly widened his lead over republican blake masters, and the race for governor, katie hobbs maintains a narrow lead over republican kari lake. ballot counting will not be completed until the start of next week at the earliest. >> gillian: our political panel moments away why the count is taking so very long, first to our reporters on the ground, jonathan hunt has the latest in nevada. >> john: and alicia is live in phoenix. when are we getting the next batch of numbers from maricopa county? >> expecting the next batch this evening at 8:00 p.m. local, 10:00 eastern, and also throughout the day little batches. take a look at the most recent numbers in the senate, incumbent
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senator mark kelly expanded the lead over blake masters by more than 115,000 votes. the governor is tighter, 26,000. and a bulk of votes have not been counted in maricopa county. arizona law allows ballots to be dropped off to 7:00 p.m. on election day. an increase since 2020 that has bogged down the system. the lake campaign has been highly critical, her attorney tweeting the biggest problems are maricopa and pima counties. they are slow walking results hoping to outlast our legal and other observer, ain't gonna happen. recorder in the second largest county pushing back. why taking so long? 44k people dropped off ballots on election day in pima county,
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i literally have receipts. an if the team would have been paying attention before the election they would have heard about us talking about this over and over again that we would not have results on election night or the next day. it is offensive for kari lake to say that these people behind me are slow rolling this when they are working 14 to 18 hours. >> and john, they are getting a lot of comparisons to other states, especially florida which wrapped things up pretty quickly. their laws are different than arizona laws. in florida, early ballots have to stop being dropped off on sunday. here it was 7:00 p.m. on tuesday. and they -- he pointed out along with other election officials that if you want it to speed up, you got to change the law. john. >> john: alicia acuna, interesting to see that back and forth between gates and kari lake as well. because they are both republicans, after all. gillian.
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>> gillian: nevada senate race a nice edge this hour, republican adam laxalt lead over cortez masto is less than a percent. jonathan hunt is in las vegas this hour. jonathan, how much longer do we have to wait for this? >> well, the county registrar here in clark county, which remember home 75% of the population of nevada, believes the counting would be done by the end of tomorrow. four days after the election, the same time frame for the declaration of president biden as the winner of nevada back in 2020. so the counting is continuing. the only way it goes beyond saturday is if it is a really close race and need to bring the provisional ballots and cured ballots to be added to the tally. so, i think we'll have a very good idea by tomorrow night who has run this race if not an
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actual declaration. but we shall see. the registrar says it's really just a case of crossing all the ts, dotting all the is, and getting it right. listen here. >> i can tell you with a great deal of confidence everything we are doing in clark county is moving the ballots through as quickly as we can but i have to caution you saying we don't want to move too fast, we want to be accurate invalidating the signatures and the identity of the folks. >> now the difference right now in this race is just about 9,000 votes. the republican challenger adam laxalt ahead of democratic incumbent senator catherine cortez masto. laxalt you might remember was a leading voice in alleging fraud in the 2020 election on behalf of president trump. this time he says his people have been on the lookout. listen here.
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>> in clark county, we did so much to make sure this was a secure election, we have lawyers everywhere, we had election observers. >> now that may be significant, laxalt a leading voice in alleging fraud in 2020, saying his team had observers everywhere, had lawyers everywhere, he clearly had the opportunity to say there were problems again this time around, he did not. that could be very significant, gillian. >> gillian: i don't care what john says, jonathan, he deserves some popcorn, you do too, thanks for your great reporting. >> thank you. >> john: get the extra large bottomless bucket to weight this out. touch screen, the race for governor here, in arizona, you can see that between katie hobbs and kari lake, 26,979, about 27,000.
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drill down on some counties. maricopa county, alicia has been following so closely. 52.3 for hobbs, 47.7 for lake. there are rough calculation earlier today, about 195,000 votes still out in this county. if those margins were to continue, it's obvious that lake would lose maricopa county. however, she insists that a lot of her supporters dropped off mail-in ballots the day of the election and those have yet to be counted. her contention is a lot of the outstanding ballots in maricopa county will go her direction. down here in pima county, 113 votes out, hobbs with a more significant margin over lake, and pinal county, lake ahead, and 17,000 votes outstanding. and the senate races, state overall, kelly with a substantial lead, we had that
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margin of difference at 115,000. let's move on now to the state of nevada, clearly is going to be a potential big one here because i'll tell you in a second, the senate race, depending on which way it goes could really determine where we go from here. laxalt with a narrow margin over catherine cortez masto. here in clark county, 45,000 votes still out. masto a fairly big lead, and washoe county, a smaller margin lead from cortez masto and about 26,000 votes that are still out. we go to the governor's race here and pull out to the statewide numbers, sisolak is trailing joe lombardo by almost 30,000 votes. but again, with that number of votes still out, these margins could change. now, why are these two races so
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important when we look at the senate races? here in arizona if mark kelly continues this lead and he wins, that's going to put another one in the win column of the democrats. but here in the state of nevada, if adam laxalt beats cortez masto, it's a tie between the democrats and the republicans, and then this state, georgia, and the run-off december 6th. let's bring in our panel, mark, let's start with you. the election officials in arizona say hey, look, we are just following the law here, we told you that this was going to be a long drawn out process but the longer it's drawn out the more space it does leave for some people to sow doubt in the process. >> well, it's unfortunate that i think in these two states they have processes that really take
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a long time and that they felt overwhelmed at least in one of them by the ballots that were left, you know, a day off. but, you know, don't seem to be real allegations of fraud or mayhem here. seems to be very good transparency. cameras are looking at kind of what's going on here. i do think it's -- and they are saying look, we have to check signature, we have to follow procedures, we have to wait for deadlines, you know. i would like to see for the next time maybe florida rules get adopted more broadly, but i don't see any serious allegations of problems here. we are just going to have to get the popcorn and wait. >> john: you, too. get in line. you are behind jonathan hunt and myself. mercedes, mark points out that there have been no real allegations of fraud or anything, but as with you saw, bill gates, the county elections supervisor who is a republican got angry at kari lake's campaign for suggesting that
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they were deliberately slow-walking these returns. >> well, i've got to tell you, i'm sure the election official is very stressed out because he's trying to finish his job but it is really taking a long time, it's very frustrating for voters. this should have been fixed this time around after the debacle that happened in 2020 and the handling of the mail-in ballots in arizona. i mean, here is where mark and i agree, which is they should adopt the rules like from the states in florida where they are able to count the mail-in ballots before election day. what happens in arizona is that they don't start counting the mail-in ballots 'til the polls are closed. this delays the process. also the debacle with some voting machines in arizona, john. which again, create, sows doubt and that's the type of things that need to be fixed where they have -- they invest in technology, they test the systems ahead of time and they make sure they are able to count these mail-in ballots ahead of
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time. then i think you would find that there will be a lot less stress and a lot less frustration and you all can have the popcorn, i'm going to have a bucket of ice cream, chocolate ice cream preferably. >> john: the last thing i need is a bucket of ice cream. the popcorn is bad enough. what the "wall street journal" said about the process in part, states are making a bad policy choice when they let vote counting drag on for days. if the roles were reversed, democratss would be suspicious and anyone who doubts it, the crazy left conspiracy in 2020 that the u.s. postal service was stealing the election. when you take a look at it, florida has three times the population of arizona, seven times the population of nevada and as mercy pointed out, they have rules to allow you to know who won that night. >> well, you know, look, i absolutely agree that this long process, especially in places
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like clark and maricopa counties, which are famous wink-wink counties, you know, i think bottom line here, it seems like a fair, drawn out process and it looks like everyone is doing their best to do things by the book. i agree, lake should not have said oh, they are drawing it out to make my election watchers sleepy or something, i don't think there is any evidence for that. it's a transparent process, it's a long process. we should learn from this, change the rules, make it efficient and by the time we get to alaska and california, i mean, it's crazy how long it takes in california, how long it took in new york, you know, and rank choice voting in alaska i think is a mess that should be obviously repealed by the voters of alaska as soon as possible. >> john: i did it just a second ago, mercy, you did a moment before that, and everybody is holding up florida as a grand
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example how things should get done. it was not long ago that florida was an embarrassment, 2,000, holding up the hanging chad and florida realized what a disaster it was, they made changes and reformed the system and kari lake is vowing to reform arizona's vote counting system but she's got to get elected first. >> no question, obviously, and kari lake has run on election integrity, knows arizona had a huge problem with their election process in 2020. and let's be real. when these states were confronted with the mail-in ballots because of the covid pandemic, it created mayhem. it really, these states were changing the rules during that election year which is not ideal. these are problems that need to be fixed ahead of time so we don't end up in a situation where voters feel insecure, where voters are feeling is my
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vote being counted and i think it's an issue that should be a bipartisan issue, an issue that i think we should all agree on, that elections should be resolved as much as they can and we should see the results the night of the election. that should be the standard, that should be the goal of these states and frankly, it's very disappointing that arizona can't get their act together and nevada's rules are also just not as functional as they should be. >> john: meantime, as we talk about it we'll get the popcorn and the ice cream ready. good to talk with you. thank you. >> sounds like a plan. thank you. >> john: a lot more coming up as well, gillian, we have bill and congresswoman elect jen kigins from virginia. >> gillian: in response to the last segment. brazil, look around the world, they got results faster in a presidential election, faster nationwide.
10:16 am
i think thinking the u.k. has cycled through two prime ministers in less time that it has taken time to get results in a couple of states. maybe that's not a fair analogy but put it out there anyway. the point is, we have to stay competitive on the world stage. can't have months and months go by we don't know who is leading the country. >> john: it is ironic that florida is a model for the nation after what happened 22 years ago. >> gillian: floridians are getting a look at the damage after nicole washed homes and businesses into the ocean, it has killed three people at least. where it's headed next. >> john: and kathy hochul may have held on to the governor's mansion but democrats lost big in the state. will hochul and the rest of her party get the message? bill weighs in next. >> reality is, americans at large here on long island and
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>> john: fox news alert, commissioner for the customs and border protection agency is being forced out by the biden administration. chris magnus who has repeatedly clashed with the white house over the handling of the migrant surge has been told by the homeland security secretary to either resign now or he will be fired from his role. mike tobin is down on the border this afternoon. he's got more on this, mike. >> john, having a hard time hearing you but i think you are tossing to me and the bombshell report that chris magnus is forced out of his role with customs and border protection. dhs and border protection are not responding through official
10:22 am
channels right now. the best source we have right now is coming from the associated press in which they cite that brandon judd, the president of the national border patrol council says indeed that chris magnus is being forced out. it's the "l.a. times" broke the story citing four unnamed sources and the unnamed sources say the secretary of homeland secretary was indeed giving him the ultimatum that if he does not resign from his position that he's going to be forced out. as we look at some live pictures of the rio grande, and the airboat is firing up behind me, i can tell you that the crossings are constant. the crossings are up some 37% from last year and more than double than when donald trump was in office. so with all of that taken into consideration, it should be note thad through the reporting we have thus far, that chris magnus is defiant to this point, he is
10:23 am
defending his record according to the sources and not resigning, and if he does not resign, ultimatum is he's going to be fired. john, back to you. >> john: mike tobin in eagle pass, texas with the airboats and everything else going on. >> gillian: kathy hochul held on in a race for new york's governor but the narrower than expected lead over lee zeldin helped republicans make big gains in the deep blue state. they managed to flip four house seats and defeat the chairman of the dccc, sean patrick maloney. so bill, that narrower than expected victory for hochul has a lot of people saying well, new yorkers are now getting a taste of what actual real political competition looks like. or tastes like, i should say. take a look at city journal, the
10:24 am
fierce contest has accrued benefits and will pay dividends not only to new yorkers, but to millions who may have preferred hochul to her competitor. >> i agree with that, although new york city still went for kathy hochul by large numbers. you know, one said democracy is the idea people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard. i think new york is going to get that. kathy hochul showed some signs that she realized her vulnerabilities at the end. she was running ads portraying her as a crime fighter, which is absurd. >> sandra: in the last month, really. but yes. >> yes, exactly. i think that's a key to what she's going do, change her policies, no.
10:25 am
i think democrats largely say gee, we didn't get the message out that our policies are really great. so they change the messaging. but i don't expect the substance to change. i don't expect her to go after d.a.s like mr. bragg who are very soft on crime. i think it's more the same. >> gillian: bragg who zeldin promised to fire his first day in office. so she ran on abortion, gun control, anti-trump stuff. zeldin ran on crime, again, we talk about the narrower than expected margin, you mentioned it was still a whole lot of voters, i think almost 300,000 were, you know, voted for her over and ahead of lee zeldin but something like nearly 4 million registered democrats in that state, just so our viewers have an idea of what we mean when we talk about a narrower than expected lead.
10:26 am
hochul, when it comes to messaging, appears to not really be taking the same message from this that you and i are talking about, listen. >> the lessons of tonight's victory are that given the choice, new yorkers refused to go backwards on our long march toward progress. >> yeah, that's the voice of joe biden. just confirmed the path, they may change their messaging a little to make for people worried about crime, she blew it in a couple appearances during the campaign. she might tweak her message saying we are determined to keep the streets safe but she's not going to do anything about it. >> gillian: policy is unlikely to change, especially now given her victory, bill, we have to
10:27 am
leave it there. thanks so much. >> john: tropical depression nicole churning up the east coast leaving behind a path of destruction in florida. how much trouble are other states in. we have had this all day today in washington, it's headed for new york now. we have a live report coming up. >> gillian: republicans are closing in on taking control of the house and gop will swear in a record number of women in january. including one with a first interview since her big win. >> elected more republican women, that number will grow in the next congress, i have been very focused on in recruiting and supporting those women.
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my name is joshua florence, and one thing i learned being a firefighter is plan ahead. you don't know what you're getting into, but at the end of the day, you know you have a team behind you that can help you. not having to worry about the future makes it possible to make the present as best as it can be for everybody. >> john: republicans are inching toward control of the house of representatives. our next guest was one of the big winners for her party in
10:32 am
virginia. republican jen kiggans, in the newly redrawn second congressional district. congresswoman elect and navy veteran joins us now and on this veteran's day, thank you for your service, congresswoman elect, we really appreciate it. >> thank you so much, happy veteran's day to all the veterans out there.enter thank them for their service and remind them, i've got their backs in congress, looking forward to serving. >> john: you are in virginia beach, a huge military, a huge military presence here in this country, being right by the norfolk naval base. this was a big win for you, to what do you credit your victory? >> gosh, we worked hard. it was a great victory here in virginia's second district. ran a campaign off issues that voters cared about this year, things like the economy, things like the border crisis, things like community safety and their kids' education and our military and for me i mean, i'm a mom,
10:33 am
i'm a military veteran, a nurse practitioner, i have a family. what issues do families care about. we still have 40-year record breaking inflation, it was 1.4% when joe biden took office and now down ever so slightly, 7.7, it's no good thing. we need to work very hard, be unified as republicans, how can we help the every day lives of tax paying americans, and that's a campaign we ran. listened to the voters of the second district, the democrats, republicans, independents, you know, what do families care about, what do families need right now, and that's where they need help the most. they need help with their pocket books and help afford groceries and pay their bills. >> john: here at fox news we are reaching for the popcorn, mercedes wants ice crime -- ice
10:34 am
cream while we wait. the democrats insist they may have a route to hang on to the house. but if it is republican control in the house, how do you predict what we will see unfold in the next two years? >> republicans have a message that we need to get out to voters and that's what we tried to do in the second district. how can we solve the problems that americans are caring about. what are the solutions we offered and i offered solutions. we have a commitment to america, we need to educate and remind voters what we bring, how we are going to fix the record breaking inflation, how we are going to lower the gas and grocery prices by stopping the wasteful spending, that's a priority of mine, how can we become domestic energy independent and energy exporters, how can we solve that border crisis. i'm excited to work with the
10:35 am
other republican women and men to really stop the humanitarian crisis. finishing the wall, supporting our border patrol agents, for me and just being again a mom, a regular everyday person that got off my couch in 2019 because i was frustrated with politics, i care about the things that families care about. i want to see people raise their families in safe communities. supporting our law enforcement. some common sense issues we need to do better about so families cannot only afford their lifestyle, but feel safe, they can raise their kids confidently, voices in their education, and they can just provide for them in the way that so we can all live the american dream. >> john: yesterday on the program we had elisa slotkin of michigan who won a hotly contested race. what she said her hopes are for the next two years as a democrat. >> for me i hope that we don't just have two years of investigations and focusing on,
10:36 am
you know, niche issues, that we are actually focusing on things they said they wanted to focus on, the economy, national security, which is making sure we get away from just kind of throwing bombs at each other and do the work. >> john: what do you say to that? she wants a lot of the same things you do in terms of the economy but said i hope there won't be two years of investigations. where do you come down on that aspect? >> we have to do the right thing, right. we have to lead by example. what's best for the country. i think we have gotten off track and we have seen that, and in virginia in the second district they were not happy with the direction of things and heard that at the door, something is off, not right with the country, it's going to be a unified effort, but heespecially in the house, a slimmer majority than we would have hoped, how can we help where people need the help,
10:37 am
the economy, border and our communities. how are we going to be unified. >> john: on the issue of investigations, would you support investigation of hunter biden? >> why we one, why we one is because of the economy, we sought to tell people hey, we are going to help you, put more money in your pocket book and lower the grocery prices, the economy, border, community and families, my focus has been and will continue to be. >> john: congresswoman elect jen kiggans, good to talk to you. see you here in january. thank you for your service. >> sandra: tropical depression nicole is moving to the carolinas after tearing across florida, made landfall as a hurricane, houses and buildings tumbling into the water. phil keating is joining us, walk us through what you are seeing
10:38 am
at wilbur by the sea. >> most of the worst of the damage from hurricane nicole happened in wilbur by the sea, just south of daytona beach shores. both of these two communities have tons of coastal houses and condos and one after the other, they are seriously damaged, if not destroyed. this house right here, you can see the swimming pool slab fell down the hill, a bedroom, you can see the person's bed there, the black frame and the lamp next to it. over to the left, another swimming pool next to that patio, just being held up by those support poles. that's it. what happened here is right below us is the seawall, where it was. hurricane ian six weeks ago destroyed the seawall that before that the seawall kept the ocean from getting up on to the back yard property of these houses which was sand. well, no seawall, six weeks
10:39 am
later, category 1 hurricane nicole yesterday morning, all the surge from the sea and the churning waves just ate away the sandy foundations right below dozens and dozens of coastal homes. so here in wilbur by the sea, at least 25 properties either completely destroyed or just ruled uninhabitable at this point. up at daytona beach shores, we are talking 50, so the rest of the state did get a lot of rain, a lot of water, power was out for about 250,000 people. most people have their power back as of today here. overall the category 1 hurricane did not cause widespread damage but in this one, maybe ten-mile section of atlantic coastline for florida, you can see this. these are american dream homes. people living on the beach, you watch the atlantic sunrise every morning, you go out the back yard and it is the beach and you
10:40 am
walk into the water and swim. i mean, just a dream for so many people across the country, and these people now have a lot of work to do. some, though, think they can actually rebuild and repair. back to you. >> gillian: obviously hope they can, looking like a post apocalyptic paradise out there. thanks for bringing us the report, appreciate it. for more coverage, download the fox weather app or stream on your favorite connected tv device. >> john: top republicans rallying around herschel walker in hopes he can pull off a victory in that pivotal georgia state contest december 6th. so, will their efforts make a difference? we are live in the peach state with the latest. >> gillian: today and every day here at fox news, we honor service members who risked it all for the american way of life. as our bravest return home from battle fields and retire from a career in uniform, is america
10:41 am
failing in its commitment to them? far too many veterans are on the street. well speak with larry williams about the push to take care of our heroes and what we can all do beginning today to better serve them. >> i'm thrilled that so many veterans are running for office at every level because brian, in the fox hole, nobody cares about race, religion, socioeconomic background, it's about mission, about moving the ball for this country. dude, you coming? because the only thing dripping should be your style! plop plop fizz fizz, with alka-seltzer plus cold & flu relief. also try for fizzy fast cough relief! what should the future deliver? (music) progress... (music) ...innovation... (music) ...discovery? or simply stability... you shouldn't have to choose.
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monthly plan premium in many areas; and your doctor and hospital may already be a part of humana's large network. there is no obligation, so call the number on your screen right now to see if your doctor is in our network; to find out if you could save on your prescriptions, and to get our free decision guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. >> gillian: fox news proudly salutes our veterans today and every day. and here to talk about the organization and the mission is larry williams, vice president of programs for u.s. vets. thanks for joining us today. let's start with the basics here.
10:46 am
i was reading earlier this morning nearly 9% of homeless americans are veterans, about 38,000 people. it's such a stain on america's consciousness this is the reality we are in today. talk to me about the causes underlying that. >> absolutely. gillian, first, thank you for having me. really appreciate that. u.s. vets, an organization, formed in 1993 by veterans who wanted to support and help other veterans. we have been serving veterans and their families for 29 years and we have -- we are intentional with our movements. we want to end this epidemic among the veterans population. veterans should not have to return home to sleep on the streets that they were defending abroad because of veterans yesterday, we actually can enjoy
10:47 am
the liberties we have today. so many issues that cause veterans homelessness and there is a -- it's pretty complex, it's a pretty complex question, but some of the issues that veterans are faced with is economic dispairment, mental health, a lot of that comes from ptsd, obviously anxiety and depression surfaces from that. lack of support, a lack of access, that's another key issue. a lack of access. many of us have access to opportunities, medical services and things of that nature that allows us to live in a sustainable manner, but for the veterans who don't have the access a lot of times that leads to their compensation or the decompensation and ultimately they end up on the streets. >> gillian: larry, i know in 2021 you helped 3,061 homeless veterans establish permanent housing. i know that your goal is even
10:48 am
larger this year. tell us about how we here at fox news and also our viewers at home who are interested can get more involved. what do you most need, where can we do? are you looking for time, energy, looking for financial donations, tell us what we need to know. >> all of the above. we are looking for time, we are looking for fiscal assistance. if you want to know how you can get involved in this movement, in this action, please visit our website,, click on the take action page. it will talk about how you can help with donations, how you can volunteer time, is through collaboration that we get the job done. u.s. vets can't do it alone. we definitely rely on our community partners, community funders, but if we are going to end this thing we have to hit it on the front end, the middle and the end, which means this. prevention on the front end, that's key. if we are going to end homelessness. we deal with it while it's
10:49 am
happening right now and then ultimately taking a look at the resitivicm, it's real. >> gillian: larry, thank you. >> i have one more thing, please. if you are out and about today first of all, happy veteran's day to all veterans, wear your camo today, show support for veterans. once you have your camo on and celebrating your day, take a few snapshots, post them on social media, #honor u.s. vets. raise awareness, and make sure they feel appreciated for what they have done for the country.
10:50 am
>> gillian: larry, we have to leave it there. thank you so much. happy veteran's day to you. >> john: such great work they are doing there. >> gillian: amazing, spectacular, and fox news has been an integral part of that. in addition to all the permanent homes, they serve hundreds of thousands of meals, provided overnight accommodations for hundreds of more thousands of veterans, they provided mental health counseling, it's a whole big picture operation, it's phenomenal. >> john: so many great veterans organizations in this country all doing the right thing. and you can help, too, camo for a cause program. as we celebrate veteran's day, we are following an effort to restore a piece of america's military history. a rare amphibious landing craft dating back to world war ii that was discovered at the bottom of california's largest reservoir. claudia has got more and the question a lot of people are asking is these things are usually out in the ocean, how did it get there? >> well, that's a good question,
10:51 am
john. unfortunately we don't have an answer. no one knows exactly how it got there or even when. what we do know is that this military relic saw plenty of combat during world war ii only to end up at the bottom of this northern california lake waiting to be rediscovered. the original higgins landing craft emerged from shasta lake when california's drought caused the waters to recede. an this would have had about 36 men with all their equipment. >> local military but james dunsden got a special permit to salvage the boat and dive deeper into its history. 1943, attached to the u.s.s. monrovia, used during the invasion of sicily. the fleet of higgins boats transporting troops from ship to shore. iconic ramp nicknamed gate to hell. >> some of the troops in here may not have made it back, this may have been the last piece of
10:52 am
u.s. territory they stood on. >> no one knows for sure how it got here, but the future is clear. once restored, displayed in nebraska at the national guard museum, home state of andrew higgins himself. so the sacrifice of so many americans can be studied and honored. >> the veterans of world war ii are getting up there in age, so they are not going to be around too much longer to tell the stories. boats like this really are going to be the only things left to tell that story. >> james says the restoration could take a few years but says, john, he plans to keep the boats weathered look as a reminder of its time in the lake and to respect its combat history. back to you. >> john: it's kind of a two-edged sword here, the water evaporating is a real problem, but the things we are finding is
10:53 am
incredible. >> very true, very true. >> john: amazing when you find when you drain the oceans. >> gillian: it is quite remarkable. same thing happening out in some of those like well, the flip side of this, shall we say, some of the lakes in california and reservoirs being emptied, people are finding corpses and things at the bottom, not so nice. that popped into my head. >> john: remarkable at that find that world war ii landing craft out there. >> gillian: pretty cool, a great report. and dolly parton is keeping it cool, who deserves the queen of christmas, is it dolly or mariah? dolly has no interest in the battle and happy to be second in line to carey. mariah is handing it back to dolly saying she is "the queen
10:54 am
of everything." >> john: mutual admiration society. >> gillian: dolly parton deserves it, she's incredible. >> john: mariah as well. >> gillian: dolly has the humanitarian aspect of the career that's been remarkable. >> john: and you know what's interesting, listen to some older dolly parton songs from her prime, an amazing singer, amazing singer. no auto tune involved in that. >> gillian: no, and no lip syncing. ouch, did i say that? >> john: new at 2:00, president biden handing over hundreds of millions in your taxpayer dollars to other countries to push his climate agenda. are biden's priorities in the right place ahead of a pivotal meeting with china's president xi jinping. byron york here to break that down. and brian kilmeade on calls to
10:55 am
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we will work with you every step of the way to help you achieve it. so let us focus on the how. just tell us - what's your why? ♪ >> john: all new at 2:00, a live look at ballot counting in arizona and nevada. races holding the key to a senate majority with control of congress still up in the air. >> gillian: also up in the air, president biden. he's jetting off to cambodia after the climate summit in egypt, pledging the u.s. will spend big, big money to avoid what he's calling a climate hell. >> john: welcome back as "america reports" rolls into a second hour. john roberts. nice to be spending friday with you. >> gillian: good to be with you. i was out last week with some surgery during the midterms. >> john: nothing better to do? >> gillian: figured it was a
11:00 am
good time to do, ease pressure on myself. the president is promising to hand over hundreds of millions of dollars to help other nations meet their climate goals. concerns of a possible recession at home and congress up in the air, republicans are questioning the president's priorities. >> how do you plan to get republicans to fund your climate initiative? >> reality. >> john: byron york standing by. >> gillian: but first alex hogan in egypt. what do you make of the start of president biden's international trip, how did things go down? >> it was a very quick first stop, three hours here for cop 27, and in his speech at the annual climate conference, president biden argued a good climate policy is a good economic policy, laying out his administration's environmental ambitions. >> finally


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