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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 11, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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harveyy pratt himself a member of the cheyenne nation. concepts recognized by the 625 tribes of native americans alaska natives and native hawaiian. happy veterans day. >> judge jeanine: that thank you that was. >> dana: definitely running for president. >> judge jeanine: have you back here on monday. have a great weekend. enjoy the game, will. ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. breaking tonight we are inching closer to knowing which party will be in control of the house and the senate for the next session of congress here in washington. but three days after the voting final results are still not in for a handful of key midterm races. we have fox team coverage tonight. jonathan hunt has the latest on the nevada senate race from las vegas. but we begin with senior correspondent alicia acuna in two big contests in arizona. good evening, alicia. >> good evening, bret. in a call with reporters, members of republican arizona
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hopeful blake masters campaign say they are confident that this next batch of results and those that follow will provide a path to victory. right now, masters trails democrat incumbent senator mark kelly by more than 115,000 votes. we haven't heard much from kelly but masters is counting on those early ballots that were dropped off on election day to get him across the finish line. here's what's left to count. across the state more than 516,000. the bulk of which is in maricopa county with more than 500 -- with more than 353,000 republican candidate for governor kari lake says her win is in that number. >> whatever they're gaining is very minimal compared to what we stand to gain when they get to that huge chunk of votes that are -- that's our base. that's the people and think about it, these are the people who don't trust the way the elections are operating. >> lake's race against democrat katie hobbs remains very tight.
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hobbs, who is also secretary of state tweeting this election will be determined by the voters, not by the volume at which an unhinged former television reporter can shout conspiracy theories. critics have hit maricopa county elections division for the pace of the count. officials say compared to 2020 they had an unexpected 70% increase in early ballots dropped off on election day and this is a function of state law. >> maricopa county doesn't set the rules. rules are set by state statute and state statute does allow you to drop off that early ballot until 7:00 p.m. on election day. so, whether or not that should be changed will be left to the determination of the state legislature. >> and tonight's batch for maricopa county will include votes that came in and were walked in those early ballots on election day. those were expected at 8:00 p.m. local time, 10:00 p.m. eastern. you know, the state of nevada also waiting on results right now. that's where we find my friend
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and colleague chief correspondent jonathan hunt in las vegas. jonathan? >> good evening, alicia. republican challenger adam laxalt still leads here in nevada but that lead over democratic incumbent senator catherine cortez masto is shrinking and as we await new numbers in the next few hours from northern nevada and from here in las vegas, it would be a gamble at this stage to put it all on red. but the laxalt team appears willing to make that bet. >> we're going to win this thing, hopefully. and the important race for the country and migrate state. >> a bold prediction from adam laxalt in the crucial nevada senate race as he hangs on to a slim lead over democratic senator catherine cortez masto who has not granted any interviews since election day. the counting continues most significantly in washoe county northern nevada and democrat heavy clark county in the south
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home to las vegas and 75% of the state's population. >> appreciate your vote. clark county registrar has suggested the vast majority of votes will be counted by the end of saturday. >> we're not purposefully holding this process back. we are doing everything in our power to move ballots forward just as quickly as we can. but the statutory deadlines that we have in place, i can't do -- finish all the mail until it all comes in. >> if the margin is still close after the last mail-in and drop box ballots are counted, then provisional ballots and so-called cured ballots, those, for instance, where voters are given the chance to correct a mismatched signature will come into play. >> and, if that happens, we could be waiting until the middle of next week for a final result. bret? >> bret: thanks, jonathan. with those two senate races in the nevada and arizona still undecided and a run-off election december 6th in georgia, balance
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of power in the senate remains the same 49 for republicans, 48 for democrats. now, as jonathan mentioned, democratic incumbent out in nevada senator cortez masto, catherine cortez masto has mailed some gains on republican adam laxalt's leads. if we look at the house races in nevada, district 2 republican mark am aday is the only republican incumbent there to secure his seat so far. incumbent democrats are ahead in all three of the contests too close to call at this time we go back to the senate map, each of the three uncalled house districts holds a piece of that blue region, the clark county region. if we now go back to the senate map and we go next door to arizona, and arizona, maricopa county election officials continue to count ballots there. it's hard to predict if those votes will help boost republican blake masters and make up this
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difference with democratic incumbent senator mark kelly. if we look at the house races there, 8 of arizona's nine congressional districts hold a portion of maricopa county. and if we look at where the house races there are, we are seeing similar results in nevada, close results. democrats won or are ahead in four races. republicans have won four, including arizona 2. now, that was called late thursday night. republican eli crane flipped that seat ousting incumbent congressman democrat tom owe hall ren. the big picture here in the house we have 211 seats for the republicans 196 for democrats. 28 seats in place still. 218 is the magic number for the majority. maine and new york each have a seat too close to call. moving west you have got alaska's at large district still undecided. washington has one seat uncalled. both owing and colorado have two
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close contests. if we look at colorado and we go into there, it includes colorado district 3, that's republican lauren boebert's seat. she was behind democrat adam frisch thursday but late votes have given her the lead in colorado's third district. if we go back out and we go further west to california, it could determine which party wins the majority all the way in california. those votes are coming in slow. 14 races there could still swing either direction. california 20 is kevin mccarthy's district. he easily won re-election in the 20th district. but if republicans take control of the house, as is expected, there really could be a messy path ahead for him as he makes his case to be the next house speaker. here's congressional correspondent chad pergram. >> kevin mccarthy brims with confidence that he is the next speaker of the house. >> look, i'm not concerned.
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think about this. since i have been leader for the last four years, we have only gained seats. it's the goal of winning the majority. we won the majority. >> but mccarthy's success hinges on the math. mccarthy's mathematical equation for the speakership may not work in a narrow majority. all across the country, republican voters continue to tell me and other members of congress and candidates that they don't support kevin mccarthy because is he not a true conservative. and they want someone who will fight. >> bob goode is one of a handful of house republicans who fox has told may not back mccarthy under any circumstances. >> this has very little to do with kevin mccarter. what this is a pew power play by few members who want to have leverage. >> it wasn't that long ago that mccarthy loyalists thought he would cruise to the speakership. >> i have confidence that kevin mccarthy will pull together a coalition and be elected leader of the house for republicans and then speaker of the house. >> for months mccarthy pricketted a red wave. >> if we win 18 seats, that's equal to 1994.
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if we win 33 seats, that could be the largest in like 90-some careers. >> the house hasn't taken a second ballot for speaker in nearly a century. the body is paralyzed until it elects a speaker. >> they may need to grind this out over a number of days. and it could become a staring contest. >> on the democratic side house speaker nancy pelosi was mum about her plans before a climate conference in egypt. it might take a while to pick a speaker two months in 1856. plus, a push by conservative senators to postpone g.o.p. leadership elections until after the georgia senate runoff. bret? >> bret: chad pergram up on the hill. thanks. colorado voters have passed a ballot initiative to decriminalize psychedelic mur roms for people 21 and older. state regulated healing centers where parents can experience the drug under supervision. colorado becomes the second state after oregon to vote to establish regulated system for
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ha lewis know generals found in some mushrooms. the initiative will allow an advisory board to allow other plant based psychedelic drugs later. stocks were up today. the dow gained 32 the s&p 500 finished ahead 37. the nasdaq rose 209. for the week the dow surged and 4.15 percentage points. the s&p 500 jumped almost 6. the nasdaq was up more than 8. up next, president biden wants the head of the customs and border protection gone but he does not want to go. we will bring that you story. here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 5 in new york as new york city mayor eric adams announces the city is closing the tenth shelter on randall's island built to house asylum seekers. a new humanitarian relief center with 600 rooms will open at the watson hotel in midtown manhattan. the mayor is again asking for state and federal assistance to deal with the immigrants, many of whom were bused to the city
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from the southern border. wfxt in boston our affiliate there has a deadly listeria outbreak linked to deli meats, hot dogs and cheeses sold in massachusetts and five other states. the cdc says the food has sickened 16 people so far claiming the life of one person and leaving 13 others hospitalized. and this is a live look at lake tahoe from fox 11 our affiliate out there. one of the big stories there tonight, several area ski resorts are open for the season this weekend. recent snowfall out there in the mountains has made it possible for resorts to open ahead of schedule. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." gorgeous look. we will be right back. ♪ cold as ice ♪ as cold as ice to me ♪ coldt as ♪ice
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>> bret: breaking tonight the head of u.s. customs and border protection forced out of his job. chris imagine imagine miss has led more less than a year, senior correspondent tells us iusmagnus is not going anywhere
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quietly. >> not a surprise chris magnus out first shakeup since the midterm elections even though he has been on the job for less than a year growing tension with his agency and agencies like i ice. >> we can show you pressure video of a group crossing the rio grande current. the reason we can show you fresh video crossings are constant. troublesome issue in the midterm elections. also, with fentanyl coming across the border, a recent seizure of 145,000 fentanyl pills in nogales, arizona, security at the border impacts the entire nation. crossings are up 37% from last year and double the rate when trump was in office that all comes back to magnus as his accountability, even his management style are called into question. magnus has been defiant. he says he won't resign, a statement released today reads in part. i didn't take this job as a resume builder. i came to washington, d.c., moved my family here because i
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care about this agency, its mission, and the goals of this administration. so, with the midterms out of the way, home lands secretary or homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas approached him fox news has confirmed and gave him that ultimatum, resign or be fired. we reached out to mayorkas office. nothing back yet. bret? >> bret: mike tobin, eagle pass, texas, thanks. the website for americans seeking forgiveness of student loan debt is no longer taking applications. yesterday a federal judge in texas blocked the president's plan to eliminate student loan debt for millions of americans. the judge criticized the president's unilateral decision saying the country is not ruled by what he called an all powerful executive with a pen and a phone. program was already on hold while a federal appeals court considers a separate lawsuit by six states challenging with president biden is extending the
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public health of the covid-19 pandemic. this coming in just minutes ago. this allows millions of americans to still receive free tests, vaccines and treatments until at least april of next year. comes less than two months after the president said publicly the pandemic was over the third largest crypto currency exchange in the world is seeking bankruptcy protection tonight. the founder and ceo of ftx a democratic donor believed in have lost all of his $23 billion fortune. lucas tomlinson is here with details tonight. lucas? >> you remember that tulip craze in holland similar to bust and taking down high profile names with it including the second biggest democratic donor during this year's midterm campaign season behind george soros. the crypto currency exchange ftx is one of the biggest players in the industry. its ceo sam bankfreed one of the richest self-made billionaires
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on the planet has just resigned. his company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier today. bankman freed gave $40 million to democratic candidates during the midterms and donated more than $5 million to joe biden's presidential campaign in 2020 ftx had a super bowl ad starring comedian larry david and signed many high profile celebrities tom brady, gisele bundchen and certify curry. not clear what will become home of the miami heat, a $5.5 million payment due in january. crypto currency is a digital currency. some say more like a casino. lawmakers view it like a commodity like gold or pork bellies many have warned crypto's unregulated and dangerous. maxine waters the house financial services committee and reported friend of bankman freed says it is clear that there are major consequences when crypto currency entities operate without robust federal oversight and protections for customers. bankman freed's assets have
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dropped from $16 billion down to zero in recent days is worth more than 26 billion just a few months ago, bret. >> bret: tough to watch that one. lucas. >> a little slow to the hip. >> bret: exactly. thank you. up next, analysis of the midterm elections from pollsters kellyanne conway and mark penn where we are right now. first, beyond our borders tonight be french presidential emmanuel macron places a wreath on the tomb of the unknown soldier to mark armistice day in france. it's the anniversary of the november 11th 1918 truce that brought an end to the first world war. and this is a live look at jerusalem. one of the big stories there tonight israel's president asks former prime minister benjamin netanyahu to form a new government. netanyahu was the winner of last
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week's national election in israel the fifth in four years. netanyahu will have one month to assemble a governing coalition with a majority in parliament. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight, we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ >> i'm not sure i believe the polls. you give me the power to ask the question the way i want, i will give you whatever response you would like. >> like the election, is there a disconnect that the polls are not showing? >> well, the polls aren't god, as we learned in 2016. >> bret: our late colleague dr. charles krauthammer, we miss his voice. i want to bring in two more voices looking at the election. a pair of pollsters to talk about the results. joining us tonight kellyanne conway and mark penn.
3:28 pm
we have had a couple days to digest even as this is going on what is your take away now. >> two takeaways t stopping red wave. in the previous four elections independence broke for the party out of power dible digits. this time exit polls the independents favored democrats 49-47 narrowly but just enough, i think, to push over in a couple of theses races. the other thing is the youth vote favored 18 to 29-year-old favored democrats by 28 points. look at a place by michigan gretchen was not penalized for locking down gen z activated by act 3 on the ballot. reports of students at michigan and michigan state sitting in the cold with plan dotes vote on the abortion referendum. we got our clocks cleaned in michigan state legislative races lost. i'm really happy for the republicans. i think this was transitional election transformative one. we will have majority control in
3:29 pm
the house in the senate get back to 50/50 maybe. the democrats spent a lot of money and honestly didn't have much of a message except scare people. democracy is on the ballot. biden wasn't but he will be next time. best thing for republicans coming out in addition to majority control in the house is that joe biden said he would change, quote, nothing. and you know he is running in 2024. that's great for us. >> bret: , this mark, is the best a president has done in a midterm since george w. bush. your thoughts a couple days out now as you are digesting all of this. did pollsters take overcorrect thinking that there was an undercount for republicans? >> look, the polls showed pretty much that it was going to be a closely divided race. and i think there were particularly some exuberant polls maybe in the last week, particularly central fall garr polls but we had been running 5050 in the congressional race.
3:30 pm
a lot of people voted joe biden who didn't democratic and sticking with the democrats. i think that's what happened here. the argument about threat to democracy became a code for trump. i think trump was on the ballot beth trump and negatives. i think the voters didn't like either of them. fear trump kept people who voted democratic on the democratic side. i also think the democrats did really well with the mail-in ballots. i think that unless republicans learn how to get their voters to mail it in that more people drop off whether or not they think they are going to go to the polls than mail it in. and if they are going to lose mail-in ballots 60-40. mail-in ballots are here to stay. they will lose a lot of elections where democrats will have an exceptionally good turnout particularly with young people. played out as well, keeping more women and independents on the democratic column than people thought. >> bret: right. republicans have election day.
3:31 pm
it seems that democrats have election, you know, four weeks, five weeks. let me look at a couple polls here, the rcp had laxalt 58.8, cortez masto 44.4. now we see where that is today. as these counting continues in nevada. it's 49-48. roughly in the real vote as the total is come in. arizona masters 48.3 and the average of polls to 48. and that in the real vote is 51.7 to 46.1. are you surprised as you tick down, that's the trend that you see about the polls. >> well, arizona may be a little. we will see what happens in the governor's race. you have saw how strong governors were able to pull across some of these down ballot races and the opposite was also true. mastriano in pennsylvania hurt oz. i don't think oz's closing message bringing balance to washington is very compelling to
3:32 pm
your base. the democrats are out there turning out the base late in the game and we already have balance in washington. that's the problem. it's 50/50. so i don't know that that was a compelling message. look, i'm very pleased at the realignment going on for the republican party. looks adorable and permanent in some ways. the fox news voter analysis across the country showed a 15 point swing among african-american voters, hispanic voters, the 13 points being among white suburban female voters. these are big 6 points up among jewish american voters. this is big because those tend to be durable. and states florida, ohio, iowa are now solidly red. the democrats won't win those back in 2024. >> bret: mark, quickly, the next map does not set up well for democrats. the next election, but your thoughts as you kind of come to the end of this one? >> well, i think as we think forward, the republican party, even if they get across the finish line here and won the
3:33 pm
house or not i think they are about to have a war that is going to dominate politics between trump, between desantis, between mccarthy, between the freedom caucus, oh my god. whereas i think the democratic party is going to be more united. i think -- i didn't think joe biden would run for president. i think he is after this going to try to run for president. and we're going to see, you know, how far he makes -- he certainly gets a lot more support from democrats and much more unified, satisfied party coming out of this election than people expected. >> bret: i will say sean patrick maloney and aoc exchanged some barbs today. mark, kellyanne, thank you very much. president biden spoke early today in egypt to a global summit on climate change. he is now on his way to cambodia for another summit and a meeting with chinese leader xi jinping. but he is still getting questions about the midterms. white house correspondent peter doocy is travel g with the president in cambodia, now. >> it's still alive.
3:34 pm
drawing an inside straight still alive. >> the president who insisted before tuesday these midterms would not be a referendum on him says the results validate him. >> what in the next two years do you intend to do differently? >> nothing. >> that includes his economic plan, which he outlined along with a pledge to meet ambitious emissions goals by 2030 at the 27 climate change conference in egypt. >> proving a good climate policy is good economic policy. >> president biden and russian president putin were invited to some of the same meetings in asia this week but putin won't show. instead, this trip's marquee one-on-one will be with biden and china's xi jinping. >> well, i hope that president biden takes advantage of this opportunity to really press xi jinping publicly. deterring the pla from invading taiwan in the next two years is among our national security challenge. >> the white house press secretary says the leaders will
3:35 pm
express efforts to deepen lines of communication between the united states and the people's republic of china. but, lines of communication go back decades. president biden just boasted about this on the campaign trail. >> i spent a lot of time, more time with xi jinping than any other head of state. >> not clear what all that time got him or the u.s. >> so, is there going to become a time where you might call him old friend to old friend. >> let's get something straight. we know each other well. we are not old friends. it's just pure business. >> this is the rare major international summit. this is the rare host city i should say for a major international summit where cars are outnumbered by motorbikes and cabs called tuks, security imprint increase ahead the summit locals grew concerned by all that security. there's an item in the local paper an english copy of the local paper where they try to calm some of those nerves right
3:36 pm
here on page 4 government rejects rumor u.s. security forces will shoot onlookers. they reject that bret. >> bret: peter doocy, traveling with the president in cambodia. peter, thank you. up next, the veterans day story you really want to see featuring our own fox news employees and his connection to a former prisoner of war. good to hear. ♪(fis so when do you make more money, only when your clients make more money? (fisher investments) yep. we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments, we're clearly different.
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>> bret: happy veterans day. golf legend jack nicklaus surprised military heroes with a golf lesson. the 18-time major champion invited veterans to the bear's club of course he designed in florida. part of south florida's pga hope program which introduces veterans with disabilities to the game of golf it's the military portion of the pga's charitable foundation pga reach. on this veterans day, we honor those who have put their lives on the line for this country. this evening a personal tale from the fox family. one of our own connects with a former prisoner of war from the vietnam era. it's an amazing story. chief national security correspondent jennifer griffin has it. >> as war raged in vietnam, a quiet effort started by two
3:42 pm
sorority sisters to show support for the pow and mias shot down in rice patty fields took off across america. students began wearing bracelets with the name of an american pow and the date they were shot down. stars like john wayne, princess grace and sonny and cher wore them. fox news editor brad paxton was one of those kids who sent his $2.50 away to purchase a bracelet. >> this is actually a photo of me wearing the bracelet. i had lots of hair back then. >> his bracelet honored lieutenant ke carrie august 31s, 1967. >> 50% of my junior high school was wearing the bracelet. this was a way to show support. you didn't have to be for or against the wash. >> spurred by a conversation with his wife will the celebratelets and how they united a country during a divisive war. he tried to find l lieutenant de carrie.
3:43 pm
he found him in texas. he spent five and a half years in the hilton. >> i have been getting those periodically for all these years. i tell them they have no idea how much those celebratelets meant to us when we were in hanoi. kind of lifted our morale. >> carey who retired as a captain can still recall the day he was shot down. >> a missile went right between us a huge explosion. fireball. when i ejected from the airplane, parachute landed in the middle of a small north vietnamese village. >> he still remembers the beatings. >> i ached wiggling around my stomach and stick my face in a bowl of rice. >> woman who started a movement carol base brown was a student at cal state north ridge. >> somebody came up with the idea of putting names on the celebrate bracelets when it really took off like it did it was shocking and unbelievable. we distributed something like 5 million bracelets. >> a little airplane had one
3:44 pm
seat. >> 55 years later, one of those pilots finally met the student who wore a bracelet with his name on it. lifting their spirits when they were pows. >> we kept our sense of humor and we kept the faith. faith in ourselves, faith in each other, faith in our country and faith in god. >> is he a genuine american hero and i'm just hummed to be have a small footnote in his story. >> in washington, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> >> bret: amazing story, great stuff. fox news proudly salutes our nation's veterans and the organizations that serve them every day. we believe our veterans deserve to live with dignity and independence, not on the streets and that's why we are making camo our cause and support in honor of u.s. vets campaign. you can join us by making a donation wearing camo on this veterans day to donate and learn more information on how you can help u.s. vets end veteran homelessness. visit u.s. forward.
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wearing our camo tonight. up next, the friday lightning round, the midterms behind's speech in egypt one last candidate casino. ♪ we're investing for our clients in the projects that power our economy. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive. (vo) a thin painted line. the only thing between you and a life-changing accident. but are these lines enough? a subaru with eyesight... (kid vo) hey dad! (vo) the lines for any danger...
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>> the greatest thing that's happened for the republican party is when the chips are down and the decisions are made as to who the candidates will be, then
3:50 pm
the 11th commandment prevails and everybody goes to work and that is thou shall not speak ill of another republican. >> trump at 71, ron desanctimonious at 10%. >> i do not call people names. i really work hard to bring people together. >> do you see a lot of people surrounding you saying gee i can't wait to be arm in arm with former president trump? >> we have a clear message and it is time to move on. >> we have got the best policies and messages. we don't have unity right now. >> bret: well, the 11th commandment we are not sure it's sticking as of yet as we get ready for what's ahead in 2024. we mentioned yesterday the governor desantis and the 45th president going after him. now it has as you just saw governor youngkin of virginia post last night from president trump saying youngkin that's interesting take sounds chinese doesn't it. in virginia couldn't have won
3:51 pm
without knee. i endorsed him did a rally for him fell phonically got maga to vote for him where he couldn't come close to winning he knows that besides having a hard time with dems in virginia but he will get it done. let's start there. bring in our panel. hugh hewitt fox news legal correspondent anchor of "fox news sunday" shannon bremen and fox news senior analyst juan williams. well, shannon, we knew it was going to start. just didn't know it was going to start before we didn't finish. [laughter] >> well, 2024 was always in the wings ready to burst forth and it has now those this trump world say tuesday this announcement is coming. "rolling stone" had an interesting article saying they accused the president of going out and actually asking for dirt on ron desantis and is he starting the rumor mill politics is a contact sport. we knew 2024 was going to get rough. the party is going to have to make a decision about which way they go. >> bret: juan, even still, you have this runoff december 6th. and this, you know, potentially
3:52 pm
effects some of that who is campaigning for herschel walker, what happens? does the 45th president go in there? you know, where does it go? >> wow, see, that's the very curious thing because you are looking at dynamics now. dynamics taking shape. if you are herschel walker do you really want donald trump coming in? does he help or does he hurt? last time he was telling people don't come out to vote. don't trust in the election process. now he has become even more of a divisive figure. second thin is does he announce before he goes in? if he announces tuesday, i'm not sure then that he some ways is not more like kryptonite to superman herschel walker. all of a sudden loot of people will be saying, you know what the party should be going in a different direction and he is pushing against that trend. it's very -- and also, let me say, tuesday is a curious time. kind of in the aftermath of the election. people are like let's have a little before we pick up the pace. >> bret: hugh?
3:53 pm
>> i think president trump is beginning the 2016 strategy all over again. which is take on your most significant rival early the way he took on jeb bush and then move down the line to glenn youngkin so he is going to replay his 2016 playbook. dolls it work the second time you run it in major league baseball the second time the batter comes up usually hits better and football you try to get the quarterback the second time around, so i'm not sure it will work. i don't like shooting inside of the tent ever. and i certainly don't think it helps herschel walker. it doesn't help him at all. >> bret: what about what the fall out from this midterm inside the republican party? i mean, there was such expectation. there was such kind of hope and build up and then to have president biden be one of the most successful midterm presidents since george w. bush. >> i was among the most exsue exsueenter tant. ought to be disappointed we thought we were going to win big and going to win little. here's the deal though it's a win and a win is a win and s.
3:54 pm
win. right now got attack on mitch mcconnell by some republicans in the caucus. that makes no sense to me. we will talk about mccarthy later. never shoot inside the tent, certainly not until you have to. >> bret: shannon, you have got this weekend on "fox news sunday" some of that developing house drama that it appears that leader mccarthy will become speaker mccarthy but there is going to be a challenge. >> yeah. the conservatives are speaking up and saying they want to extract some promises, some con tetion is before they get in line and vote for him. they are saying publicly the votes are not there yet. congressman jim banks with us. one of the more conservative voices in the house. is he running for the whip position against tom emmer who was in charge of turning the house from blue to red. he says he did it so he should hang on. maybe not in the way that hugh was looking for. but those interparty values are going to continue and leadership is going to be a fight. >> bret: chip roy from texas. words are not enough. we have to stand for something. we have fight for something. doing so willingness to take on real political risk to fight for the people we congressional
3:55 pm
republicans have taken no such political risk thus far. leadership has not demonstrated the willingness to use all the tools the at our disposal to check radical white house and check people suffering from its policies. seems like a bumpy right for mccarthy, juan. is he going to have to make some concessions but he did have jim jordan on his side, scalise on his side. kind of did some prep work prior to this moment. >> right. i think it's very important, especially jim jordan because jim jordan has been sort of the unofficial maybe i don't know if he is officially the leader of the freedom caucus, but, he is the spiritual leader. is he kind of the fiery face. and for him to say right now let's stick with mccarthy, i think was critical. scalise could have stuck him in the back you know and said i'm running and he didn't do that those are both good signs. buff the reality is that you got to make some of these concessions. you have got people out there who are at the extremes. i think one of the reasons democrats did well is i think they were able to some might say caricature but certainly portray republicans as an extreme alternative.
3:56 pm
made it less of the referendum on biden. and more of a choice between extremism and what looked like normalcy. >> bret: hence, the abortion and threat to democracy close that they used. >> effective as well as the social security and medicare which i didn't think worked anymore but it did. it worked with enough people. even though republicans are winning the national vote, it worked in enough places to get them close. >> bret: let's do winners and losers. >> my winner is kevin mccarthy. since paul ryan announced his retirement in april of 2018, leader mccarthy has put together what appears to be a majority. and he has done so through hard work by being a big tent republican, by being conservative. what juan just said is important. he will need a good team. shannon is talking to the guy i hope he becomes the whip because of jim banks i think kevin mccarthy is the big winner. the loser of the week is china. because kevin mccarthy wins, he sets up a select committee on china and they will be going deep into what is our number one adversary in the world. >> bret: shannon, winner and loser? >> winner i have all of us as americans. it's veterans day today.
3:57 pm
we are saluting them and because of the sacrifices they have made in their families as well, we have freedom. have you got make camo your cause if you are wearing it today to salute our vets. god bless them and their families. my loser is chris ima magnus atp whether he hangs on or not a push to push him out the door. whether he hangs on or not, it has been a rough historically bad year at the border for him. >> bret: winner and loser, juan? >> i think it's pretty clear from the tone of our conversation the winner is president biden. the democrats you know, they balked history as you pointed out earlier in the show, bret, best midterm performance by incumbent party in power in 20 years. and nobody, i think, understood the dynamics at play but president biden was consistent in his messaging and it was effective. he avoided the red wave. the loser of the week i think is donald trump. and you know, it's odd for knee say that because people say well, you are a democrat. no, but let me just tell you, politically, he is more damaged now. his rivals, it seems to me, ron
3:58 pm
desantis in florida, youngkin, i think these people are doing very well right now, obviously desantis had a great week. great performance. and i think that the polls show right now biden is more popular than trump. so, you know, it's like where is he going except self-serving attacks. >> bret: yeah. i was going to take a trip down to candidate casino but i noticed you are all about 50/50 on the senate control. so, the casino is closed. [laughter] >> thank goodness. >> i lost everything last week. >> lock it up. >> bret: all right. thank you. ♪ ♪ >> bret: it is friday. it's friday. time for "notable quotables." >> it is 7:00 p.m. in the east and polls have now closed. >> you did it, joe. [laughter] >> what's your new reality going to be like in washington? >> more difficult. >> florida is where woke goes to die. >> and your words freakin'
3:59 pm
nightmare. >> we're feeling good about what we are seeing. >> there was no red wave, it was a ripple. >> i think it was not a good night for donald trump. >> i'm going to be making a very big announcement on tuesday november 15th. >> we are exactly where we want to be in this race. >> the votes are still being counted. we know this will take time. >> you mark my word, the people of georgia are going to get this right. >> i think the lord prepared me for a moment like this right here. >> nicole early yesterday morning all of the surge from the sea and the churning waves just ate away the sandy foundations. >> president zelenskyy and the ukrainians have to be open to the possibility of negotiations but on their terms. not on russia's terms. >> by lending your talents to the united states military, you made us stronger and smarter. you reminded us that this democracy is worth defending. >> bret: well, winner was democracy this week it's been quite a week. monday, on "special report," fox
4:00 pm
news senior strategic analysis analyst rather retired general jack keane on the meeting between president biden and chinese leader xi jinping. please join shannon sunday. indiana republican jim banks a maryland democratic governor the new one elect wes moore. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report" fair balanced and still unafraid. make it a great weekend. here is jesse. >> oh, it's me. >> pete: heat hegseth. >> pete: i snuck it at the last minute. i put on camouflage and snuck in here. >> bret: happy veterans day. >> pete: you deserve to sleep in tomorrow. great coverage. it's been three days since polls closed and we still don't know who will control the house and the senate. we're not even close to knowing. in nevada, poll workers are slowly counting the votes. still at least 50,000 left t