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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  November 12, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PST

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god shed his grace on thee ♪ ♪ and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea ♪ will: that is the american bomb chems performing america the beautiful this veteran's day weekend and this is "fox & friends" weekend. good morning and welcome in. we're getting, i think, better
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by the weekend. rachel: yeah, i'm -- >> each weekend or this particular day? will: maybe. i'm with rachel, sign the american bomb shells up for like the -- rachel: this is like the sexy version of america the beautiful. i think they're amazing. i'm down with it. can we bring back the 40s fashion like that . is there a pencil skirt style with it? >> i don't know about the female variuation, i have not purr -- variation of that . i have not purchased it.
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will: i'm wearing a tie part of the campaign -- we'll get it up. you can buy this tie and camo gear and supports veteran's organization forthing homeless veterans. >> reporter: it's called make camo your cause. >> in nevada republican joe lombardo is now republican el elect. will: rachel: alexandria hoff
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joining us with more. >> good morning. democrats are one seat away from controlling the senate and they need the runoff in georgia or the undecided race in nevada. start in arizona where a major blow was provided to republicans in chaffs seen as the biggest -- what was seen as the biggest pick up and senator mark kelly won the tight bid for reelection over blake masters and me believes it came down to gop investment. listen. >> mcconnell decided to spend millions attacking a fellow republican in alaska instead of helping me defeat senator mark kelly. had he chosen to spend money in arizona, this race would be over and celebrating a senate majority right now. my message to the republican senators and future colleagues, let's not vote mitch mcconnell into leadership. >> the governor's race between kari lake and katie hobbs remains too close to call but lake remains confident.
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>> we're less than a pete away from our o -- point away from our opponent and we think it'll turn and turn quickly and we believe it'll win with a nice padding actually. >> now, in maricopa county officials estimate there's been 265 and 275 ballots left to tabulate and a hand count audit will start there today. in nevada's race for senate, 821 votes separate the candidates as an estimated 40,000 ballots still need to be counted in clark county. about 20,000 more statewide still need cured or provisional or eligibility status need to be determined and the vote counting continues and former attorney general adam laxalt's lead slimmed over democratic sen senr
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over cortez mastro and nevada's race for governor is a different story. late yesterday republican sheriff joe lombardo defeated democratic govern joe cisilac and comes down to a december 6 runoff and herschel walker attempted to unseat raphael warnock. here's walker. >> i've been doing the work to let the voters know i stand with you guys. i've always stood with georgia and i'll continue to stand with georgia. i'll get into washington and let the people's voices be heard and let the people know they'll have a champion there because senator warnock has not done it in washington if the last two years. >> looking at the house and two dozen congressional races and republicans have secured 211 seats to win the majority to pick up more. >> reporter: last hour, 275
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275,000 ballotsnot counted and e ballots were shipped to phoenix that weren't counted and still haven't been counted. rachel: how do they call races say for example for kelly versus blake masters when they're not done with the counting? pete: above my pay grade. i think it's based on what the ballots they think are out there and how far the gap is so not based on the count like projections on election night and call governor billie in tennessee with -- bill lee in tennessee with 0% reporting. will: and where they're coming from. pete: correct. rachel: i think that a lot of people in maricopa, as you know i'm from arizona, they're very concerned and people in the state in general are concerned about the elections and the fact that katie hobbs, who is on the tom of the ticket for governor
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going against kari lake that she's in charge of this election as the secretary of state that it's been run so poorly but also why is she in charge? synergy home wasn't she forced -- why wasn't she forced by public opinion through pressure by the media to re-cruise herself. it teems like -- recuse herself and seems like absolute conflict of interest to be in charge of your own election. will: larry kudlow who hosts kudlow on the fox business channel says the nation's attention hoes to turn to georgia. larry: now we're turning to georgia and make america great and america first and all adds up to herschel and in conversations with leading republicans around the country in the last day or two, they will all be coming around descending in georgia to help the herschel first operation. i think it would be terrific if
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my former boss, donald trump, put his own political plans on hold just until we get through the herschel first operation. that's december 6, and a number of people, number of leading people have talked to me and suggested the wisdom that president trump would unlock a good chunk of his own pack money to assist in the herschel first operation. these are suggestions but a number of gop leaders have made them to me. will: i mean, there's no herschel walker candy without donald trump. pete: they've been close for years back which donald trump owned the new jersey generals in the 80s and herschel was the star running back. he'll no doubt support him and donald trump will announce his running possibly on tuesday. america first is a movement he built. candidates ran on that platform and he still has a massive base of support. yes, there's a lot of incoming and out going going on right now. a lot of blame games.
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if i'm herschel walker, i want the support of donald trump in this race. you've got to make sure that who's the governor there in georgia? rachel: kemp. pete: kemp throws his operation there behind it and mitch mcconnell throwing money behind it and everybody behind h herscl walker. will: georgia only matters if they win in nevada. pete: correct. if democrats get to 50 in nevada then it's a wash. rachel: this is the been some really weird stuff happening in nevada over the security cameras that were suspiciously not works. there's been all kinds of issues with that election as well very similar to the things happening in arizona. i think we need to, whatever happens in this election, i hope that this is a wake up call for americans to fix elections coming out of this. you saw florida did that. but also for republicans in congress to talk about the role of big tech in elections. tucker charleston had a very a--
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carlson had a very amazing conversation with a professor named robert epstein on tucker carlton today talking about how big tech can turn up one side's voice on the internet and turn down another's. we need to really as americans understand the impact of sensorship and how they, you know, use the algorithms and shut people downright before elections or shortly before elections and that has an impact and we need to understand that. pete: yeah, consumers have a lot of that on social media. including tiktoks, democrats all over chinese owned tiktok and republicans are skeptical of that. social media consumed by youngest people, voters 18-29. there was one sell to them in this midterm, which was used to motivate them, which we always knew was a sham and it really, really was. joe biden decided he was going
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to forgive student loan, up to $5,000 in student loans and turns out the whole plan was falling apart and here's a tweet from ned ryan saying fascinating. motivated under 30s to out and vote -- come out and vote meaning student loan forgiveness and in the end biden got what he wanted and they got played for fools. give more context, will. will: yeah, people are saying fairly and inaccurately this was a con job because the biden student loan handout program has been thrown out by a federal district court in texas saying he didn't have the power, constitutionally, to do this. the judge chaza says i'm not sag whether or not this is good policy, that's up to the legislature. he doesn't have the executive power to go in and forgive student loans. that'll be appealed and if it's in texas, it'll go to the fifth circuit and that's an insane
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peappellant district and doesn't look like it would survive and biden's federal loan system wouldn't survive and many say they never thought it would. it was a ploy to get young people motivated to vote in the midterms. he says give biden credit, student loan forgiveness was cynical and dishonest and the best bait and switch scheme in modern political history. rachel: the new york post also weighing in through editorial board saying biden student debt con job fueled generation z for the m midterms. will the kids wake up? no. pete: they went onto write, the new york post writes, "the ploy has to count as a brilliant piece of low down sneakiest and gained the president and his party the electoral world. frankly we thought the big guy
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was past sharp credit like that and biden driving the kids deep eric into his hands and will the under 30s wake up and realize that had guy horn swag -led or fall harder for the long c con"? will: they're not getting their money because it's unconstitutional for bide ton promise that. rachel: this is assuming the numbers for young people they swung this election for bide and this is assuming that the student loan program is what did it. i don't buy it. my take away from the election. indoctrination works. you had cory deangeles on. indoctrination works and not just in the schools but happying through social media and i don't want to belabor what i brought up before but essentially big tech is working in conjunction with the democratic administration and candidates to turn up their voices on social media and turn down other
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voices. if this is true, we need to get to the bottom of it and looks like it is based on studies done by dr. epstein, this is an in-kind donation to the democrat party. if it's true, all of our elections are a mirage because we can't have them weighing in like that. what i'm saying is kids have been indoctrinated on climate change and you name the issue and they're all in on the woke policies. pete: k-12 schools then the reinforcement mechanism of social media of what you want to think and then go vote for six weeks without an id and now know who you're supposed to vote for, vote for john fetterman in pennsylvania before the debate. that's what a lot of people did and they're winning over bigger numbers than ever of young people because they've been told america is a bad place, you can change your gender and more.
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rachel: the indoctrination that goes to your child's phone is curated to them. my young girls were getting inundated with pro choice, you're going to die if you don't have the right to kill someone else. it was all pro choice, pro choice on young women. maybe using other messages on other people but we have to understand our kids are owned by the messages coming through social media, and that is indoctrination works. it worked in all kinds of totalitarian systems before. >> i'll wrap it up here. we'll is the same question. will: when do you realize the policies being promised to you are the long con and don't make you better. it was one passed on the young generation and it was weariness going to give you money. pete: political give away as you
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can imagine. all right, 15 minutes after the top of the 7:00 hour here in new york and turn to a few headlines starting at southern border. el paso border patrol seizing 215 pounds meth inside of a railroad car on wednesday. the discovery was made during a routine search of a train entering the u.s.. officials say the drugs have street value of about $420,000. no suspects were on board. overnight a anyoning fire gutting an autobody shop and charring all the cars inside and about 80 fire fighters rushing to the scene in orange county, california. first responders taking a defensive approach out of fear the building would collapse and a small business is a total loss and thankfully no one was hurt. it is veteran's day weekend and one organization we're celebrating is the national infantry association. remember we visited the infantry
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museum at ft. bening, georgia, and it'll be renamed and builds come rod reigns leading through debt -- comradery through heritage, history, customs and traditions through the united states infantry. and we're joined by the president of the national infantry association, retired colonel robert chapa is here to tell us more. colonel, thank you for being here and for everything the infantry association does. great to see you. >> will, rachel, pete, thanks for having me. i'm a big fan of your should want rachel: thank you. pete: appreciate t robert. will: tell us about the national infantry association. >> it's based out of columbus, georgia. we represent infantry men from all over the world. ormy infantry, marine infan to the best of my recollection foreign army infantry.
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then infantry supporters both inside the branches of our army, joint services, and civilians. all are members of the national infantry association. our purpose really is multifold. we want to build to help the past, present and future infantry men through our benefits and through our programs and we like to award special recognition to infantry men that have contributed to their nation. will: we understand you intend to award or recognize one particular infantry man this morning. >> i do. and the national infantry association is proud to present the order of st. maurice to pete hegseth. rachel: let's talk alaska the
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colors. it's not the ukraine flag. pete: it's not. infantry blue. >> it's infantry blue and medallion is st. maurice and he's attacking uphill. it has laurels and wreaths and represents all that the infantry does in combat. pete: very cool. colonel, i joined the infantry association as a young lieutenant out of fort bening bg and everyone did and i know the importance of this medal and never thought it would be bestowed and thank you to perpetuate what the early intervention program pantry does. >> that's exactly right. i'm going to read the orders that go along with the medallion, and i'd like someone to place the medallion around pete's neck. rachel: i just did. you got it. pete: we only have about 20 seconds though. >> the orders read having
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appeared before most adminadministered ewous and infy patriots and pete hegseth was tested and found worthy of special ebbing in addition for outstanding contributions to the infantry and hereby inducted into the honorable 0rder of st. maurice. rachel: bravo. >> congratulations, pete. you make us proud. pete: proud to be associated with you. what an honor and on this veteran's day weekend. thank you. rachel: thank you, colonel. by the way, pete, this sounds very catholic. this patron saint of st. mauric e. pete: it might be. will: still ahead, even as biden's border crisis is under control, his top border chief refuses to resign. tom holoman is up next.
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no plans to resign as cvp commissioner and he moved my family there because i care about this agency, its mission and goals of the administration. will: fox news contributor and retired acting ice corrector joining us now. tom, we've been talking about this all morning long. kim pointed it out and why do they want him to go in make sense of this. >> you can't make sense of it because if secretary mayorkas has been telling the truth, the border security as operation to control the border. why is he part of magnus in he should be given an award. i noticed this morning in fox there's a story and there's a clip of me and cliff jenkins talk a year and a half ago we were talking after he got nominated. he was a bad choice and a number
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of reasons, when he was in tucson chief of police and ordered his officers not to support ice and chief of police and talked bad about trump policies to secure the border and when it cames to public safety threats in tucson, he refused to work with men and women of border patrol and ice. he needs to go. they need to fire him. but they need to fire mayorkas too because they're doing what mayorkas told him to do. rachel: yeah, the job of secretary mayorkas is to protect our country, national security, and yet we see 98 apprehended known terrorists just this year. he's been wreckless with our national security. >> i used the analogy last night you want to fire a waitress that delivered a bad meal to your table but it's the cook. >> another example of mayorkas
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with bad leadership in the tower and magnus is going to control it. he'll put it on magnus. secretary mayorkas needs to women pea pea peached and magnus doing what he wants and historic border and our country's leadership and he needs to go too. pete: there it is. that's the best explanation i've heard. this guy is going to be hauled in front of congress and they don't want him answering questions because he's completely incompetent. do you expect action from, let's say house republicans take the nah majority and do that i have the guts to impeach mayorkas? >> i'll call them out too. bottom line is this is an immigration crisis and just not immigration crisis but as rachel just said, national security crisis. we got over 1 million recorded got aways and they were arrested since joe biden became president 114 people that tried to enter
4:28 am
illegally and 100 million known suspected terrorists and they'll do us harm and it'll be a bad day for the country and secretary mayorkas made this country less safe since day one. rachel: there's no question about it and firing in guy will not change the policies or the situation for the people living along that border. tom homan, i can't wait for you to hold the republican congress, at least the house now that we know they have the majority responsible because he's derelict of his duty. will: thank you, tom. the rem remnants of nicole set o soak the northeast. pete: plus, inflation impacting americans two years into biden's failed administration. cheryl kansa kansa casoni crunca
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numbers nextn . ♪ i
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rachel: we're back for a weather update and with remnants of nicole and a late season hurricane. the storm leaving five florideans dead and causing millions in damages and the system moving north up the mid atlantic packing heavy rain and strong wind gusts and tornadoes are possible. meteorologist rick reichmuth tracking what's left of the system. >> hopefully this is the end of any tropical storms this weekend and making landfall in florida and that storm is pulling off the coast and warm temperatures and you'll watch this storm up across parts of maine into new
4:34 am
england and bit afternoon there's a second batch of precipitation not associated with hurricane nicole and you see that snow cutting across parts of lower ohio river valley and that's going to pull off now towards the east and we'll put this back in motion and this one, when this gets through here tonight, we'll watch much colder air come in all across the eastern sea board and in fact not just the eastern sea board and the entire country will be below average temperatures for this time of year likely for at least the next seven days and get ready and get winter coats out and it'll be really cold. we'll watch the first real big lake effect snow and with this very cold air mass and temps into the 70s for so many people
4:35 am
and low temperatures overnight and overnight tonight into tomorrow morning in atlanta and you're below freezing and same for jackson, mississippi, you're still warm across parts of florida but take a look at this by the time we head towards monday morning, we'll be pushing the freezing temperatures into places like dc with cold air on its way. rachel, back to you inside. pete: i'll play rachel. i look like her. thank you, rick. you got it. inflation is still high this month with prices up 7.7% compared to last year. it's been a year with it being over 6% and all happening during joe biden's time in office with rent,ous, soaring is their hope moving forward. joining us now with reaction is the host of american dream home on fox business, cheryl casoni. >> good morning. pete: i want to break it down a bit more for you and inflation is high and item by item tells an even deeper story. by the way to orient everyone to the barographs, this is the final year of the trump
4:36 am
administration, year over year; right, cheryl and this is the first year of the biden administration? >> right, these are the headline numbers we look at and includes food and fuel and every american family and going back to januarx and eating out and paying at the grocery store and feed your family at home and 3.7% when president trump was still in office and october of this year, we're at 12.4% for the entire index and believe it or not, i found this troubling. food at home jumped 12.4%. it is now more expensive to eat at home than at home. >> obviously a lot of that is what is the energy component, which we'll get to in a second. grocery stores are paying to ship everything and everything goes by truck, diesel truck and
4:37 am
we saw diesel prices and jumping ahead as far as the graph goes and big component and general inflation paying workers more with supply issues going on. there's a lot of factors. pete: housing itself, that's almost minimal and jumping to 6.9. >> it's the biggest chunk of this inflationary report that we talk every month on fox business and looking at breakdown on the shelter number and i was looking at this and it jumped 0.8% month after month and 6.9% year over year and this is red. the forecast is that shelter reremains high for the next monh and more for americans till the spring of 2023 and remember with mortgage rates going higher right now, less people can go out and buy and now they're having to either stay and rent or they're forced to rent and
4:38 am
the administration. negative. skyrocketing 17%. >> we're going into the winter months i want to point this out really quick, fuel oil in the report jumping 19.8% month to month and 68.5% year over year and fuel oil in that diesel story and that's the thing. >> american dream home on 9:00 p.m. eastern on fox business prime. pete: cheryl, real quick, we don't have time to show a clip.
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>> orange beach, alabama, because this couple loves fishing. who doesn't love fishing in alabama. then going to buford, south carolina, and it's getting cold and rainy outside here in the northeast. watching american dream home and warm you up. pete: thank you so much, cheryl. great to see you. >> you bet. pete: a round of apause. how one day saved the day saved the day for his locked out owner. i think it meant to say. one dog saved the day for locked out owner. but first, former president trump could announce a run for president as soon as tuesday. tammy bruce is here defining what the future of the gop looks like. ♪
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will: former president trump could announce a white house run for 2024 as soon as tuesday. after the midterms, the gop seems to be split on the best candidate for president. there's a lot of talk about whether or not it's going to be trump or desantis. what does that mean for the future of the republican party? what does it look like? joining us now is fox news contributor tammy bruce. it's a fascinating question. let's start with tuesday. what do you expect and what does it begin to define for republicans for the next, i don't know, six, four, two years? >> it's a great problem to have, such a big talent bench. it's a great problem to have
4:44 am
when you think about donald trump, glen youngkin and mike pompeo and niki haley, there's a deep bench of people that care about the country and who can save this country and have been and will in the future. president trump is part of that, clearly. he's the most popular republican politician in the country and that's not changed. the issue becomes of course today's world, the fact that trump's first term with the functional two years literally made everything better with the economy in the world and international scene that was not at war and it just kind of the quality of life moving up for people and the family and we know the position of people that tells us everything with calm down and everything will be nice and boxing and of course we now live in a volcano and americans are going to have a chance.
4:45 am
not knowing what the party is and recognizing the facts that it's next in line and liz cheney saying this isn't normal. this is the normal they promised us and every generation averaged people back on their heels and a dynamic wear and relying on bigger government and in 2016, we want better. this is not the last chapter. no one is a mini trump or that kind of thing, that's an insult per happens to all the other candidates who are themselves and trump has created a new environment creation ophryon desantis and it's setting a different tone that we can speak about conservative values and we can govern that way and we can succeed. will: you made a fascinating
4:46 am
point and there's a lot. i would say even i was at first cringing at the fight has already begun and let's rewind the clock to 2015, 16, do you remember when i say there's rising stars that didn't survive the test of the stage of the grueling general reelection whatever it may be. the test has begun. >> that's the point of the primary season. if you can't handle donald trump, how can you handle the world. if you're afraid of a heated passionate conversation, how can you be president. if that's going to be the issue, this is where the republicans have been injured i think in the past. the democrats have made them afraid and question whether or not they had with the higher ground on values and the sense of the culture and not having the democrats and you're afraid
4:47 am
to stand up for and this full feel with everyone running which would be great and you don't have to defend themselves and this country if you don't do that and you'll be squashed by democrats who don't give a damn. donald trump headed that and he's the -- heed that had and he's the most popular politician for a reason and americans know what they're fighting for and you want quiet and normal. you're living in a volcano. welcome to the quiet and normal world. we deserve to know. will: rudy giuliani trying to get in there. >> debates are needed and primaries are needed and that's the test and it's exciting and we can do it. will: tammy, fascinating perspective. what are we looking at this
4:48 am
morning, it's assemblying charcuterie boards. the showdown you don't want to miss coming up.
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pete: as many plan their thanksgiving menu, maybe a charcuterie board is on the list
4:52 am
so we're learning -- rachel: he didn't say it right, did he? will: sound right to me. we're learning how to make the best board to entertain for your party. rachel: all right. here we are teaching you all the tricks for a charcuterie board. did i say that right? >> yes, perfect. rachel: riley carrie. >> come on down, guys. this is a typical traditional charcuterie board. i'm from sere cues and i don't say it right either -- syracuse and i don't say it right either. take meat, salami, bacon. take this and dip in your hot gordo cheese dip and take the container and put it in the microwave and heat it up and serve. it's easy. cheese and bacon. that's for pete. i knew pete was going to be here. this is cream cheese boards. this has become very popular particularly on tiktok.
4:53 am
you've heard about it? this is a great vegan cheese, violife and this is my tip here. it's delicious. you'll try it. i'm telling you right now. try it. you're going to love it, everyone loves it. okay. no preservatives, non-gmo and plant based. you'll love it. put camers on it, everything seasoning -- capers on it and everything seasoning. try it. now country crock plant cream. any time you can use t i dare you. this is a hot cocoa charcuterie board. isn't this cute? look, you can have your little hot cocoa here, it's nice and hot. here you go. rachel: i'm going to try your cream here. >> thank you, it's wonderful. take a bit of hot cocoa and chip
4:54 am
it up nice and country crock and brand new and plant cream. rachel: that's really good. >> i know, so good. dairy free, vegan. who doesn't want doughnut charcuterie board and go ahead and dig in. we have poppets. all kinds of yum yums and what i like to do here is, you know, put chocolate chip cookies in there, fruit, put it all and put little bit of the pumpkins and everything and make it look super, super festive. who doesn't want a delicious beverage? this is dos equis. >> this it is part of the charcuterie board? >> yeah, it's delicious and burnt sugar and amber and tastes yummy. we're going to go ahead and do a competition. you guys have learned things and remember you'll add cheese, add meats and then you'll take the back of your spoon for your
4:55 am
vegan cream cheese, which is delicious. >> for your shmear. >> yes, make a shmear board or hot cocoa board. decide what you're making and we'll start the clock and you know who is going to win this hot puppy. who has it right now? will: i don't know. >> okay, guys. your meats or go, hey, i love your shmearing with the violife. it's excellent. i think you should take that. pete: two late of dishes. rachel: we didn't think on our
4:56 am
feet like rick. >> you had the very most expensive meats. i don't know. rick won. yay. i like ricks. i thought he did a great job and added the good stuff. rachel: what's your website? >> rachel: more "fox & friends" coming up. >> thanks for having me. ♪
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