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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  November 12, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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without getting into politics. >> yeah. neil: which the reverend never does, he puts it in perspective and talks about dignity under pressure, how you deal with illness and everything else. and he does it in a way that transcends whatever your political views are. i urge you all to read this book, to breathe this book and these days, to get this book. that will do it. ♪ >> arizona senator mark kelly is about to address his supporters in phoenix. you see there he'll be giving his victory speech after his late night win over trump-backed republican blake masters. it will be kelly's first full term in office and he won in a special election in 2020. welcome to fox news live. i'm griff jenkins, hi, aishah. >> there's a lot to get to.
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the kelly race, means a senate balance of power now at 49-49 between democrats and republicans. so if the democrats take nevada, that will give them control of the senate since vice-president kamala harris, as you know, can break the tie. republicans need to win both nevada and then georgia. that senate runoff happening in just about four weeks. alicia acuna is at the mark kelly rally right now and that's where we begin our coverage, hi. >> hi, aishah, hi griff. great to see you both. as we await that victory speech by incumbent senator mark kelly over republican blake masters. we're inside the maricopa county tabulation and election center where the count continues and the candidates in the race for governor are still awaiting results. the republican in the race, kari lake, she was tweeting last night shortly after
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senator kelly's win, quote, they want you to be demoralized. there's no reason to be. our path lies in the overwhelming red votes that maricopa county hasn't counted or deliberately chosen not to release, hold the line. from democrat katie hobbs, as we aoutstanding ballots, i'm grateful to those working to ensure every vote is properly counted. the latest shows hobbs leads lake by about 31,000 votes. left to count more than 370,000 statewide and more than 247,000 in maricopa county. maricopa county, lifelong republicans, once again detailed the law in part that led to the long wait and similar timelines in past elections allows for mail-in ballots to be walked in on election day. this year, it was a record amount and when you add to that the close margins in these
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races, it makes the spotlight burn even brighter. >> i am going to stand up for my state. maybe not everyone here is, but i am. we're doing things the right way and i appreciate that you're all here, but we're not doing anything wrong at all and that someone from here would suggest that we are doing something wrong, that's frust frustrating. >> now, last night, senator kelly tweeted this photo writing thank you, arizona. the white house says president biden placed a congratulatory call to kelly last night and aishah and griff, the count does continue and will continue likely into next week. we're expecting an addition l a set of results later on this afternoon from other counties. here in maricopa county, it will be later tonight. back to you. >> can i just ask you, all eyes obviously have been on arizona, especially with everything that happened two years ago. how have voters responded to the way this election went this time around?
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>> well, it really depends on which voters you talk to, because there is some frustration out there. a lot of people questioning why this is taking so long. so you have that. however, as the elections officials will remind folks here, this is actually been happening every two years on average, it takes about 10 to 12 days for the final results to come in. so, it does take a while. there's a lot of tension in arizona and there has been for quite some time. the state has been a traditionally red state and over the course of the last two, four, six years, it has slowly turned more purple. not everyone likes that and some people really do. >> good way to put it. thank you. griff: thousands of votes are still counted in nevada where democratic incumbent senator cortez masto is facing a tight race against jonathan laxalt. jonathan with the latest. >> hey, jonathan.
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>> good morning to you from las vegas, griff and aishah. i have to say that republican optimism that we saw over the last couple of days in terms of the senate race is beginning to dissipate, as adam laxalt's lead over catherine cortez masto diminishing with every count we get. it's now less than 900 votes and the problem for republican challenger adam laxalt, the majority of the outstanding votes are here in democrat heavy clark county. s so every night they release new numbers and every night the last couple of nights the numbers have eaten into axa laxalt's lead. and he tweeted that the path to
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victory is getting narrowing. and 20 to 30,000 votes in clark county and saying, quote, if they are g.o.p. precincts or slightly dem leaning, then we can still win. if they continue to trend heavy dem, then she will overtake us. thanks for all the prayers from millions of nevadans and americans who hope we can still take back the senate and start taking our country back. the good news for republicans is that they did take back the governor's office here in nevada. sheriff joe lombardo the republican candidate relatively easily beating in the end, democratic incumbent steve sisolak. he made no mention of any allegations of fraud, no indication that he will pursue the kind of claims he made on behalf of president trump in 2020, and frankly, given that
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republicans won the governor's race, it would be very hard for a defeated republican adam laxalt, if he is indeed defeated, to make a claim there was fraud because he would by extension be calling into question the governor-elect. griff: do we have a time when we'll get the next update? any idea? . we tend to be getting the updates sort of late afternoon, early evening here so you'lle into the mid evening east coast time before we get the next bunch of numbers, we're getting a number from the registrar at 11:30 here, that's 2:30 eastern, but he tends to give updates on the number of ballots still to be counted not the actual results. those you won't be getting into the evening your time, griff. griff: jonathan hunt for all of us in las vegas, thank you. this is a fox news alert.
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democrat arizona senator mark kelly, you see here, giving his victory speech shortly after beating his republican challenger blake masters. he'll be joined by his wife at the barrio cafe in phoenix at a competitive election campaign. he's not speaking less. >> and it's noon on this satellite and by now you've figured out the billion of power in congress decided with all eyes on a handful of key house races that could clinch a slight majority for the g.o.p. before the weekend is up. our alexander huff is tracking that for us. >> republicans are seven seats away from the 218 majority. two dozen outstamping congressional races more than half in california where millions of ballots are uncounted. it could go either way, the 47th district where progressive rep katie porter is locked in a
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dead heat with the republican challenger. equal share of republicans and democrats. in the state's 41st district. ken calvert who served for 30 years only holds a one point advantage over democrat will rollins, 60% of the votes have been tallied there. north in california's 22nd district republican congressman holds a five point advantage over rudy salas. that's been chipping away from an eight point advantage and then in colorado's third district, there's a big name with potentially a big problem. lauren bobert is locked in with adam frisch, trailed and then continues and this could head to a recount as thousands have to be counted there. republicans are poise today achieve at least those seven seats need today reach 218 it will not be by the margins they
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had hoped for. >> taking a look at the house for us, thank you, alex. >> well, for more on the midterm results and the balance of power in congress. we're joined by republican senator by west virginia and the senate and environmental works committee. the science and transportation committee and shelly moore capital toe, thank you for taking time on this saturday. we're obviously closely watching this razor thin race out in nevada trying to figure out who is going to control the senate and to get your reaction. >> well, obviously, i'm watching very, very closely myself. i feel optimistic with nevada. if we get to 50-50 that's where we were when we started, but of course, the leadership would fall into democrat hands. we were trying mightily to try to make sure that we got to that 51 votes. we can get there by supporting
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team herschell in georgia and that's where our focus is because those votes have yet to be cast and we can make a great influence on that. griff: senator, are you disappointed by the results? there was so much talk about red waves and republicans were favored in many polls like issues like inflation, economy the border, but yet, the results don't seem to be there, what do you make of it? >> i would say it's definitely a letdown for those of us who were speculating that we could get 52 and 53 seats. but at the same time, we have to look at how these seats laid out. it's very difficult to beat an incumbent senator. a state like pennsylvania is always very, very difficult for republicans. so i guess we should have had a reality check looking at this and realizing that we were still as republicans, the playing field wags not tilted in our favor, but i admit to being disappointed, but we're going to fight through this, hopefully the house will hold, and that we'll be able to stop
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a lot of the things that the biden administration's putting fo forward in a partisan way and working to do things that are good for this country and don't penalize like over the fast last few years. >> if the republicans are able to take the house, but the senate does not go and stays in the 50/50 where vice-president harris is the ty tie breaker. will the control of the house allow them to make significant changes with regards to things like the border? >> i would certainly hope so. when you see over two million illegals coming across this country, when you see the drug trafficking and the human trafficking that occurs in the southern border, and when you see this administration put their hands up and say there's nothing they can do or not willing to do anything, certainly, they've got to come to the table with a divided congress no matter how the numbers shake out. the country is very, very concerned about what we're seeing on our southern borders and penalizing a lot of those border states, but it's also
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telling the american public that illegal is not illegal anymore, and we have open borders, and we can't tolerate that. that's not fair and it's not right. griff: senator, i've got to ask you while we have you, about your colleague, senator joe manchin and there's much talk about whether he could consider switching parties because, obviously, the republicans being favored issues like the border and energy policies, which your colleague, senator manchin was just crossed with the white house. what do you know about that and what do you anticipate lies ahead? >> i think the white house through president biden's own statements are opposed to what's happening in west virginia, we're an energy state and we want to power the country. i'm hesitant to talk for senator manchin, he will not change parties, he's told me that personally, i don't think that that's anything that he would consider seriously, but
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the policies of his party are harmful to our state and driving people out of jobs and i think you can see in our state with 88 republicans taking over a 100 house of delegates that we're very much not in step with what the national democrat party is doing. griff: there was some discussion in the last few days, whether or not he would be considered for the democrat top of the ticket if joe biden were not to run for reelection. would that surprise you if joe manchin were the democratic candidate in 2024 for president? >> well, i don't know. i mean, that's hard to consider in some points, but i've also learned not to-- not to think too frivolously about anything that joe manchin might try. we're good friends, joe manchin and i are. i'll have to ask him the question on monday when i see him. griff: let us know, it's interesting. >> i will. griff: we love playing the parlor game here in washington. start capito, thank you for your time. >> have a good weekend.
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>> i like how she put that. not to think too frivolously for joe manchin. on the other side of the aisle we're joined by from california, house infrastructure committee, john garamendi, and serves on the armed services committee. and what a busy week and i know you're probably also glued to the tv screen, the ticker on the bottom waiting for it to change. let's start with the state of the house, republicans seem to be inching closer to a very, very slim majority. your thoughts this morning on where things stand. >> well, i was delighted to follow senator capito, her husband and my wife worked closely on the congressional club and so, it's great to see her. i think we agree that the house of representatives is definitely in play. i was looking at the california seats that you put up. we have the probability of winning all of those seats,
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we'll see how it goes, i'm very, very familiar with all of those districts and i believe that they will trend blue for the remainder of the count. in which case, it's possible that the house remains in democratic hands. on the other hand, it may remain in the republican's hands, either way, it will be a very, very tight situation and that will lead to a very different congress in the next two years. one in which both sides will have to be very, very careful about the policies they put forward, and my position is that we ought to put forward moderate policies, we ought to build on the successful legislation of the previous congress, the 117th, and get about building a solid foundation of infrastructure for the state and move on with the green economy that will be good for west virginia as well as for the nation and the world. >> congressman, may i ask you. we didn't see the red wave that republicans predicted, but we
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didn't see a blue wave. neither side seeing historic numbers come out for them, really, a lot of these races were neck and neck. i want to shift over to the east coast, and i know we're waiting for the west coast returns to come in. but republicans did a lot of damage, especially in states like new york, including taking the d triple c's chair seat. sean patrick maloney's chair. do you think he failed democrats this cycle? >> no, quite the opposite. normally, historically, the party in power takes a s shellacking, using obama's words in the midterm. it didn't happen and quite the opposite instead of losing seats we may very well wind up continuing to be in control of the house of representatives, that is a remarkable change from the historic pattern of the past. so, no, sean patrick didn't do -- did a good job.
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unfortunately didn't do a good job in his own district against a well-funded candidate, but keep in mind that the issue of greed got into play in new york. the initial redistricting that was put forth by the democrats in new york was frankly greedy. the court said no and did the redistricting themselves and redistricting that actually favored the republicans, rather than the democrats. so that really, that problem lies on the shoulders of the democrats in new york. nevertheless, we may very well carry congress and sean patrick and the rest of the democratic leadership and membership really carried a remarkably successful midterm election. >> and just 30 seconds left here, congressman. i have to ask you a lot of democrats are crediting, including yourself, increditing inflation reduction act helping to keep democratic seats and republicans are saying inflation actually helped them to pick up seats.
9:19 am
so which is it? >> i think it's both. the inflation reduction act had an enormous opportunity to reduce the costs for senior citizens. the ability for the medicare to negotiate drug prices, capping the drug costs to seniors, as well as the enormous investment in the green economy, all kinds of economy. green systems, grids, all of that is in that bill. >> it was a primely-- >> it was primarily a clean energy bill though, it was primarily that. >> exactly. >> thank you, congressman for your time and we appreciate it and we know you'll continue to watch these numbers come in, thank you. >> all of us will, thank you. >> tomorrow on fox news sunday, shannon bream will have an exclusive interview with republican senate chairman and she'll speak with maryland's governor elect wes moore, check your local listings for time
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you're looking at live images from our southern border as the head of customs and border protection, chris magnus, is refusing to leave his post after being ordered to resign or be fired. our senior correspondent mike tobin is on the ground in eagle pass, texas, hey, mike. >> hey, griff. through the politics like a steady flow of a stream, the migrants keep coming. this morning, our cameras caught up with a group of about 250 as they crossed the border from cuba, nicaragua and vence hoping to make contact with some agents and they're processed here in eagle pass, texas. yesterday dramatic video as the group waded across the rio grande in swift currents and we're able to get pictures like this every day because the flow
9:25 am
is constant and why we're seeing a shake-up at customs and border protection. commissioner chris magnus was informed he needs to resign or being fired. defiant, magnus says he won't step down. i didn't take this job as a resume' builder, i came to washington d.c., moved my family here because i care about this agency, its mission and the goals of this administration. and the timing of the shake-up is not coincidental right after midterms. and secretary mayorkas gave him the ultimatum. resign or be fired. this is the aftermath. griff: mike at eagle pass, thank you very much. aishah: president biden arriving for a summit with southeastern asian leaders. as he looks to counter china's influence in the region. and ahead of his first meeting with xi jinping since taking
9:26 am
office and more from cambodia with more on the president's trip. hi, peter. >> ahead of that meeting, president biden is here in cambodia hoping to convince the rest of the southeast asia to team up with the u.s. instead of with china and without naming china, he is already very subtly calling them out. >> together we will tackle the biggest issues of our time from climate to health security, defend against the significant threats of rule based order to rule based order and threats to the rule of law and to build an indo-pacific that's free and open, stable and prosperous, resilient and secure. >> electric vehicle production was not much of a consideration for voters in this week's elections, gas prices actually seemed to move the needle more. but here president biden is making ev's a center piece of his presentation, urging asian
9:27 am
countries to look at the u.s. as a good example for an electric vehicle future. >> through our new electric infrastructure initiative we'll work together to work an integrated electric vehicle system in southeast asia, enabling the region to pursue clean energy development and ambitious emissions and reductions targets. >> so far no major bumps in the road for president biden this trip, just two minor mix-ups where the summit is happen. >> and i want to thank the prime minister for the colombia's chair-- and headed over to colombia, then to-- cambodia, i'm thinking the western hemisphere. >> it is cambodia and it's been
9:28 am
a lot of late nights for the president this week, he had election night and a long flight and even though it's 12:27 in the morning, already past midnight on sunday, he's still up making congratulatory calls from his hotel to democrats that are being declared winners in house races back home. aishah. aishah: all right, peter doocy live for us from cambodia. thanks, peter, griff. griff: and he's up late. democrats and republicans are pouring money into georgia as voters get ready to go back to the polls on december 6th for the runoff between hershel walker and rafael warnock. that's next. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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hi, i'm william devane. did you know there's only been two times in american history - two - when the national debt was larger than gross domestic product? world war ii - and right now. that's a deep hole. and i don't know how we'll climb out of it. that's why i buy gold from rosland capital. rosland capital is a trusted leader
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9:33 am
trading blows over personal and policy attacks. charles watson is live in atlanta with the latest. hey, charles. good afternoon, griff. this race is heating up. republicans pretty much have all hand on deck to try to get hershel walker a victory over incumbent, democratic senator rafael warnock. it's expected to be a tight runoff in georgia. national republicans are leaning on georgia governor brian kemp to help with those efforts. he's loans his get out the vote machine, addresses, voter data, targeting programs, phone banks, all of which minority leader mitch mcconnell's super pac will reported bye spend $2 million on. and republicans are also taking a page from kemp play book, a hollywood elite and similar to the governor as his reelection bid against stacey abrams.
9:34 am
>> warnock is a great actor, he just doesn't act like your senator. spending taxes, energy, you name it. >> we're separated, separated because you even see our president, he want to divide us, you see senator warnock want to divide us saying you're america and need to apologize for whiteness and the problem with america is racism. you know, we have problems here, but we're still the greatest country in the world. >> in the meantime, the warnock campaign is expressing confidence in the same optional infrastructure to led warnock to victory against senator kelly loeffler two years ago. they plan to ramp up voting in urban areas where warnock was able to outperform president biden in 2022, and warnock is really making his message simple for voters, saying this race really comes down to what's right and what's wrong. >> hershel walker has no vision for our state or for our country. think about it, we've been running now for a little while.
9:35 am
and he has yet to tell us what he actually wants to do. >> and yeah, really no love lost between these two campaigns and folks here in georgia can better get prepared for an influx of more ads on the airwaves. experts say when everything is all said and done, additional $100 million could be pumped into the senate race in georgia. griff: they may break records with the money poured in there. charles watson live for us in atlanta. thank you. aishah. aishah: for more on peach state politics, we're joined by two georgia small business owners. ariana, atlanta fine homes, a hershel walker supporter. and maya, an entrepreneur and affordable housing advocates and she is a rafael warnock supporter. ladies, welcome to the show. let's get right into it. you know, i just got back from georgia, i was there for two weeks on ground talking with a
9:36 am
lot of voters down there and i kept hearing the word inflation, as i'm sure you have also heard a lot. inflation was the number one issue for georgians in this race by some 20 points according to the most recent fox news poll and i talked to a lot of business owners on both sides who were hurting badly. so maya. i'll start with you. did inflation hurt senator warnock from touching, breaking that 50% threshold? he got so close, what kept him from breaking it? >> i think what actually was working against him was in this campaign, it was inflation, inflation, inflation, and then the reports came out basically the day after the election that the numbers actually are down. so, for us, we're going to be fighting an uphill battle with this election, but more so, people were feeling the pinch in their rockets and they were voting with their pockets. now we're going to be dealing with facts and the facts are that hershel walker has no policies, he has no plan for
9:37 am
the state of georgia and we can't send him to washington. >> so, avian i'll get you to respond to that. did inflation help walker close the gap in the final days? >> absolutely. so inflation definitely helped walker close the gap with the base and the reason being is because the final-- a few bills that were signed into legislature that was passed or voted on by warnock really hurt him. so let's go into the facts, number one, american rescue act. 1.8 trillion in spending was voted on in the senate, in the house and of course, passed by the sitting president. and that 1.8 trillion was passed in march of 2021. now, let's take a look at a few things. when we talk inflation, the last administration left office about less 1%, 1.5 to be exact. the end of 2021 after the american rescue plan was passed
9:38 am
inflation rose to 7.4%. fuel, as well as food costs, as well as, you know, household energy costs, as well, all skyrocketed altogether. that's all before the war in ukraine and russia even took place, so, i definitely want our vote towers remember that, what's being voted in congress has significant impacts on your daily lives. >> sure, yeah. >> and georgians won't stand for it. >> it was a referendum on senator warnock and democrats absolutely. let me follow up with this, if we can pull up the race board between kemp and walker. walker didn't do as well as governor brian kemp did, 2,000 more for the governor than walker. kemp gets credit for keeping georgia's economy open for the pandemic. and why didn't they get on board with walker? >> we had a third party candidates in the race, i believe chase oliver, a libertarian, with that being
9:39 am
said he took about 82,000 votes away from walker, most republicans will see that they have a lot more in common with libertariansen that democrat so i think we have a great opportunity to there to take back the libertarian votes and bring them back. right now the race is less than 42,000. and if we can get the 82,000 back from chase oliver we win the race and hershel walker cannot get the 200,000 between kemp and walker when we analyzed in greater details, but iffer we able to get the 82,000 from chase oliver, the libertarian candidate. we will be in good standing. aishah: maya, i want your take on this. we didn't see a lot of political heavy weights help out warnock in the final days. and president biden said he
9:40 am
could, and walker as you said 200,000 away from governor kemp and governor kemp wouldn't be seen with him in public. and i think that libertarians will sit this one out. aishah: he says he will. and i think we'll be watching this closely. >> thank you. griff: aishah, ukrainians celebrating the recapture of kherson after months with russia. what they're finding is devastating. we'll talk to a ukrainian parliament member next.
9:41 am
9:42 am
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9:44 am
>> today is historic day. we're returning to south of country, returning kherson. the people of kherson were waiting, they never gave up on ukraine. hope for ukraine is always justified and ukraine always returns its own. >> and ukrainians are celebrating the retreat of russian troops from kherson as
9:45 am
ukrainian forces take back the first city to fall under russian control in early march. day 262 for this war. and joining us from ukraine and the reaction to this development of the ukrainian troops going into kherson. >> well, you know, the mood is very much uplifted, and it's smiles are back on everyone's faces, my own included. and every time i see the news or give interviews and hear about kherson being back under the ukrainian flag, i cannot help, but smile. it's definitely reassuring and reencouraging to see that victory is on the ukraine's side, but it's only the beginning of victory. we have to remember that still many cities of ukraine are under russian occupation and that our military continues to
9:46 am
do its extremely difficult job to regain ukrainian territory and reinstate ukrainian flags and ukrainian control. and it's not just about the territories, mainly it's about the people, right now, you're showing these images from kerz kherson and how the people were greeting the ukrainian army and flags with embraces and shared happiness and relief and this is exactly about that. why we want to get the territories back under ukrainian control so that these people can return to living their life to the full and in freedom. griff: and we're also told while kherson is liberated, the region of kherson, russian troops, remain there. it's an important strategic area because of its closeness, proximity to that crimea land bridge to russia. so is there some concern that the victory of the city is not as significant as really the
9:47 am
work to be done and is the u.s. doing enough to support ukrainian forces? >> well, the u.s. has said time and time again that ukraine will have support for as long as needed and for ukrainians, this need is defined by the number of russian soldiers in ukrainian territories so the ukrainians will be fighting until the very last soldier of russia, and this is for how long we will be needing u.s. support. just over the last 24 hours a new tranche, a new batch of u.s. military support is announced and it's much, much needed and we're hoping that the weapons and also the ammunition for the weapons will be arriving steadfast in ukraine, because speed is of the essence. time is of the essence right now. it is a matter of days that the temperatures, the cold will set
9:48 am
in and that the make any counter offensive or military advancement, and we'll have to build up defenses so basically these days that we want to make the most use of it and to push the russians out of the rest of kherson and the rest of the eastern regions under occupation. griff: quickly in the 10 seconds left. is it time for president biden to visit kyiv? >> yes, and waited for the support and moral support for our military ap civilians who will definitely get the message although they're under russian occupation that the u.s. stands strong with ukraine and the whole world is fighting to see victory set for democracy. griff: ukrainian parliament member, thank you very much for taking time. >> thank you. griff: aishah. aishah: millions of americans getting drenched today by the remnants of nicole. the latest forecast coming up
9:49 am
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>> as we honor our veterans, sometimes the smallest gesture to inspire the biggest show of support. for fox news editor, a bracelet he wore as a child inspired him to go looking for a lieutenant.
9:53 am
our jennifer griffin picks up the story from there. >> as war raged in vietnam, a quiet effort started by two sorority sisters to show support for the p.o.w. and mia's who were shot down in rice paddy fields took off across america. and students began wearing bracelets with the name of a p.o.w. and the date they were shot down. brad paxton was one of those kids who sent his $2.50 away for the bracelet. >> and this is a photo of me, more hair back then. >> this was lieutenant carey, shot down august 31st, 1957. >> i would say 50% of my junior high was wearing the bracelet. he didn't have to be for or against it. >> and spurred by his wife and how they united the country during a divisive war, he decided to try to find dunt dave carey and found him in
9:54 am
texas, carey spent five years in the hanoi hilton. >> i sent him an e-mail and e-mailed me right back, and i'd love to have it. >> i've been having them periodically through the years and they have no idea how much they meant to us in hanoi, lifted our morale. >> and carey, retired as a captain can recall the day he was shot down. the missile went between us, the there was a huge explosion, when i ejected with a parachute in the middle of a north vietnamese buildings. >> and i'd stick my face in a bowl of rice. >> the woman who started the bracelet movement. carol bates brown was a student at cal state north ridge. >> somebody came up with the idea of putting names on the bracelets and when it took off like it did, it was just shocking and unbelievable. i think we distributed
9:55 am
something like five million bracelets. >> little airplane had one seat. >> 55 years later, one of those pilots finally met the student who wore a bracelet with his name on it, lifting their spirits when they were p.o.w.'s. >> we kept our sense of humor and we kept the faith. faith in ourselves, faith in each other, faith in our country and faith in god. >> he's a genuine american hero and i'm just humbled to have had a small footnote in his story. >> jennifer griffin, fox news. griff: heavy rains hitting parts of the east coast and remnants of former hurricane nicole. adam klotz has the forecast. >> we're continuing to watch it run up the east coast, and heavy rain across maine. on the back side of this winter weather and that's the story the end of the weekend and starting next week, indiana and ohio stretching into michigan and this is a true cold front.
9:56 am
that means there's cold air behind it. you see all the warm air up and down the east coast and then the temperatures drop 35 degrees in chicago, 29 in kansas city. that cold air is going to continue to settle. your time stamp is up in the corner so from saturday morning you see just that cold air settling and moving east. suddenly atlanta, 31 degrees in the morning and cold air continues to push east and new york and d.c. temperatures there, settling into the 30's. now with all of that cold air, we're going to be talking about possibly some more snow eventually moving in. a low pressure system will be working across monday, tuesday, wednesday. unfortunately, if you're not a big fan of winter, winter weather is on the way, griff. griff: adam klotz, get the jackets ready. thank you. meanwhile, a nation in suspense as we await the results that will decide who controls the house and the senate. team coverage coming up next. personalized financial advice from ameriprise can do more than help you reach your goals. wow... we can make this work. it can help you reach them with confidence. no wonder more than 9 out of 10 of our clients
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aishah: welcome back to fox news live. results in nevada and georgia runoff after mark kelly's late-night victory brought democrats one step closer to keeping 50-seat majority when factoring that vice president harris, of course, has the tiebreaking vote. i'm aishah hasnie.


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