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tv   Lawrence Jones Cross Country  FOX News  November 13, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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georgia and spread the word, bring ten beam you. see you next week. ♪ ♪ fox news alert the democrats will maintain control of the senate. fox news decision deck has called nevada mail bight senate race in favor of incumbent katherine cortez masto over adam laxalt they maintain majority control with vice president kamala harris still at the helm to break any ties. joining us no i by phone to
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break down all of this fox news senior correspondent, a congressional correspondent chad whack you tell us about what's happening on capitol hill. >> well there's a vote to tally done tonight in nevada, and this, you know, went heavily in favor of katherine cortez masto who had been behind adam laxalt behind here so far. just the fact that she, you know, pulled this off. this gives us at minimum and they have tie breaking vote of vice president harris. this is key because it means that democrats can still going to be trouble getting bills through and overcoming filibusters things like that but they can get nominations through from president biden for cabinet positions or even if there's a vacancy for the supreme court. that is a paramount importance to democrats in a vac city were to occur there.
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this makes race in georgia the runoff that's coming up in early december a little less important to democrats although if they have that then they have 51/49 that's important internally because democrats then have higher ratios on committees right now it is pretty much even steven. there's a power sharing agreement with the republicans. as this means that mitch mcconnell won't have much power at all, in fact, one wound percent there are any crimination towards mitch mcconnell not able to get control of the senate. however, one person who is intending to challenge him rick scott, the republican senator for florida he was chair of the national republican senatetorial committee in charge of getting republican elected to senate and this was a point in time where he was talking about anywhere from 52 to 54 republicans in the senate that's not going to be the case now. dwhras there was pressure earlier this week from marco rubio and other conservative
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senators saying lest delay or leadership election scheduled for this coming wednesday in the senate until we get through the georgia runoff and john barrasso chair of the senate republican conference no we're going to have those leadership elections on bend but the senate at least holds in democratic control right now and the house might still take a couple of weeks to sort that out. but that's going to be a razor's edge. lawrence: thank you so much we'll be monitoring situation if you hear anything on capitol hill any press conferences please let us know. thank you so much joining me now to react turning point usa founder charlie perk is here thank you pr rolling with breaking news. what does this mean for your party? you know they were tiebl win this govern's race. but the senate not so much. less than ideal in nevada had laxalt up and democrats went to work we're in era of vote by mail. i don't like it a lot of people don't like it but tough we have to wake up and get good at it.
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republicans have to understand that ballot harvesting is legal in nevada and we have to start to do that. the culinary union in clark county they get ballots in nevada and polling show would have been a comfortable win for adam laxalt so i believe republicans will control the house of representatives. not controlling the senate it is a weakup call pennsylvania i think is exact same thing. where democrats have now mastered a long voting window where they able to go precinct by precinct and not turned in their ballots so we as conservatives complain about it or start to at least get into the arena of trying to get into early voting by vote by mail and secure ways of voting but i hope this is a backup call lawrence for the conserve teff movement realizing that messaging is important. candidate quality that's important. raising money is important, but it is the machinery that seems to be making the difference for in thes in these key states.
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lawrence: someone to follow this -- race, i see weak ground game there. what were the republicans doing? if you really want the seat, then you've got to make the pitch to the voters and if republicans were able to win that governor's race, i mean, they could have done same thing here it looks leak weak candidate or candidate that wasn't willing to go out there to make the case to the voters. >> i think adam ran a great race but republicans have to do more than just tell people to show up on election day. this is kind of a throw it at the wall and hope it sticks strategy democrats pulled fire alarm when they saw up two or three in tracking polls and they organize and they went door by door and started to knock off one at a time with huge air support in back of favor. but i agree where is ground game? it is time for the republican conservative no. say we should have took the house and should have took house by more and
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senate i think we'll keep the house, and thes reason being -- despite even winning probably the national congressional popular vote which looks almost inevitable now than ballots counted across the country it is thes machinery it is the ground game precinct by precinct work the covid vote by mail era has notes gone away. i don't like it conservative don't like it republicans don't like it tough it is time for us to modernize and not just show up on election do but we keep doing that we're having underwell results. where were republicans on the ground? j you can collect ballots it is time for republicans to do what they have done in nevada. >> much more on that ahead to another fox news alert after told to be resign or fired chris magnus stepped down news coming out of the white house tonight after dhs secretary alejandro
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mayorkas given him ultimatum that claim or southern border is secure. we know that is lie. acting i.c.e. director tom fox news contributor host of the dark wars, podcast sarah carter tom i'll go to you first. i don't understand why he's the fall guy when this is the biden administration policy. isn't he doing exactly what he was told to do? >> exactly. you've got that straight. look, if mayorkas is telling truth border security of operation of control magnus should be getting award. magnus has done what mayorkas wants him to do this isn't the family mayorkas this is getting rid of magnus that republicans will have when the control congress. that is what this is and i said from one day magnus was oversaid he was a bad pick because when he was a chief of tucson he ordered his officers not to assist border patrol or i.c.e.
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in any way whatsoever and public safety threats he attacked on border enforce wment more security border of a lifetime and support sanctuary cities they hard him for his ideology he did what he want him to do not enforce law and now a scapegoat because oversight hearings are comes that's only reason leaving. >> there's scandal after scandal you've seen agents turn their back on this administration and the people that are in leadership. you saw what happened with the whipping not whipping scandal that happened and these guys are sell on desk duty. is this enough, though? >> oh, oh it certainly not enough i have to agree wholeheartedly on this, if this was the case, then borders are vice president kamala harris qowld have to turn in her resignation alejandro mayorkas turn in his resignation and failed miserably but this is
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their policy and just like he said this was a policy that was established by the biden administration by this president. they don't want him testifying before republican congress. that's why they're doing this. they're pushing hmm out of the way. they were perfectly happy with him sleeping in meetings not doing anything. this is just come up right now. and also i think what's really, really interesting, they put him there because he was an ideal log if everybody remembers he wrote a op-ed in new york times in 2017 where he was bashing on the trump administration because of their wanting to withdraw money from sanctuary cities. and that's what he did. he was a big ideal log he believed in sanctuary cities and he believed in less enforcement was better an now they're just using him as you said lawrence as a scapegoat. >> do you believe there's going to be a shift in biden administration policy are they doing this as a reaction to the election because the president made it very clear.
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he ain't changing anything. >> no it's not i use analogy this morning you can fire a waitress for delivering bad meal to the table. and that's what they're doing but shongts you fire the cook? alejandro mayorkas is the architect of this failed board policy he needs to be impeached and that's bottom line. and this shows he's gutless, he's a coward for throwing all magnus again worthless too. but thes throw on him when this was his plan and everybody did exactly what he wanted him to do. >> sarah what should republican dos if they indeed have control of the house? >> they absolutely must start holding hear physician to expose it. i know it feels to a lot of americans that isn't enough but that's just beginning we need to expose what's going on here because unprnghtsly we've ordered borders so wide under this administration and so many people lawrence have gotten into this country that i'm afraid that there's a real national security risk here and if something happens people need to
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be held accountable. they can't just run away or resign the facts have to be laid out on the table before the american people, and people need to be held accountable. >> sarah carter tom thanks so much. now back to our democracy 2022 coverage and a lesson learned in georgia. while their race is heading to runoff next month and we won't know the resultses until december, the statings contest for governor was a total blowout. brian kemps declared winner just hours after the polls were closed and he deliver his second more decisive win over stacey abrams now while main street media and doing everything short of installing her as governor she pengt her time ignoring key demographics that she go on to say were too stupid to vote the right way. watch. we know black voters are often discounted unprkt fortunately this year black men are a targeted population for
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misinformation. not misinformation about what they want but about why they want what they deserve. and my campaign has been the only one that has intentionally thoughtfully and consistently reached outs. lawrence: but here's the thing folks in georgia have been talking for months about how stacey abrams has been talking to taking black voters for granted instead of listening to the wants and needs of our community she's been telling them toe the line and vote for her. and don't worry it is not just black men who are to blame for her. spectacular loss, despite nor georgia i cans voting in this gubernatorial election than in 2018 stacey abrams can't stop claims white supremacist stopping voters from casting their ballots. watch. >> brian kemp and brad outsource voter merging that's what they did they franchised it to white supremacist groups to hard right wing groups to give them the opportunity to do what is this can no longer do because of lawsuit from my organization and others regarding their voter
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purging practices. joining me now straight shot no chase podcast host contributor jeff charles and patriot host sunny johnson now reason i have these ladies and gentlemen on this program today because they were ahead of the curve. they predicted things that were happening and didn't want to tell you what was going own and i have a friendly conversation you're independent lay a little bit left an you told them listen to black men. yet the governor got the black man's support but stacey abrams didn't. why? >> well actually lawrence she did get black men support. black men voted overwhelmingly now not so much in the rural countries more attention could be used in rural county bus it is very important you know that we clear that up. black men have been trashed all week particularly by their party saying they were not involved but reality is they were involved always been involved. black people have voted 90% for the democrat party and that has
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included black men. so pun dents even on left running warngd saying black men disengage i'm looking for an apology qib to want black men to go on apology tours. where's the apology tour in bending knee from pundits that lied and before rolls dmaim poll came in they were already blaming black men in particularly blaming killer mike aka michael and the results just didn't show that lawrence so if they want black men to come back it would behoove them to bring more policy to the table, reach out to black men outside of atlanta and to the black voters that did not vote for the democrat nominee because the in the candidate because they're not getting enough policies to the table figure out a way to reach out to them and best way to reach out is to uplift instead of tear down that's what they've been doing and latino community targeted by gop over 36 put in the latino community
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sorry 21 put in latino community so they were ones that delivered the governorship to kemp. white women were ones so if anybody -- blame game let's take it to them. >> tesla is right they did -- he did -- she did get majority of black men to vote and governor double hi support amongst black men and when black people vote as block traditionally any time they can take that away it benefits that candidate so jeff what was governor able to do to give black folks to show up for him? >> turns out not much we were promised that jim crow 2.0 was going happen and black people show up in near record numbers at the polls and they try to pre-emptively not show up and not the sam numbers in 2018 it turns out saying that you would keep businesses closed during covid-19 which includes black
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businesses wuct a winning strategy soy wasn't surprised to see this but this is just a microchasm of what's happening across country. you have more black men, more black women latinos latinas, veering away from the democratic party instead of trying to figure out you know what do we need to do beaters or promising to do better, they blame the people that they've been ignoring over past year and a half. so this is not shocking at all you can't try to sell a crap sandwich to people and then get mad when they don't buy it. lawrence: can't shut down the modern day wall street and show up for it -- you know this is where the cookie gets a little on other side sunny because you saw folks show up for the governor there and then senate race as i predicted as well by being on the ground they didn't show up for walker. why? >> well first and foremost he's a representation of every single negative type about black men that are out there. so when you look at herschel
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walker's record whether it comes to the issue of abortion and being ab sent parent and having a violent record same arguments that republican use against black men are all representative in herschel walker and a lot of black men are wondering why it is so acceptable coming from him but when you look at greater black population as a whole black men are not treated the exact same way. but this goes back to at least 6 to 8 years where i have been telling republican party that that's where they need to focus they need to be looking at black men. who want to be fathers who want to be husbands, who want to be leaders in their communities, who work hard and sacrifice for their families. but instead of treating black men with that level of respect what we get is the again this whole repetition of stereotypes and talking points and i would like for conservatives, republicans to understand because i know you continuously get mad when people like want me to point out failures within
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your republican party, well if you had heeded warnings about your party before tuesday, then you would not be feeling way you are currently feeling about the situation at hand because there was a chance for you to organize. there was a chance for you to grow your base there was a chance for you to have greater numbers of support from the beginning. and republicans confrontously pull thabl back you continually fumble back and lose election. >> i appreciate y'all so much for joinings program and your insight predicted it before it even happened. up next we brought together voters from our swing state focus group series to hear their thoughts on how election day played out in their states. they join us, next. don't go anywhere.
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lawrence: so here at cross country we spent last few months goapg from swing state to swing state talking to voters across political spectrum to see what issues were top priorities now most of the results are in, we brought back some of our panel toys share their reaction. watch. i want to start with sally because y'all had a big race in ohio.
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did it turn out in your favor? >> candidate i voted for one j.d. vance and hi won well he didn't win as of as mike duane be but he's a beloved govan in ohio i think they called his race 30 second after poll closed but all in all republicans did well in ohio and we've got a lot of reasons and lessons learned there. >> everybody was talking about red wave it didn't really happen nationwide but in florida all cleaned house. >> it was a tsunami and whether it was in miami it was a clean sweep i was born and raise in meme and cuba xiel so we live in a community of bheem fled communism in cuba or venn way la or socialist cities of new york and new jersey and chicago who are moving to florida in droves. fleeing that type of policy so people vote with their feet. and i think that's what we saw on tuesday in florida. lawrence: joshua got a split
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dismition your state. first your reaction to the governor's race and then the senate race. i was pleaded by him winning again, newt it was going to happen a lot of people split their ticket in wisconsin, and i think that it may have impacted barnes a little bit. he was footing their vote overall i think he did overall good job in wisconsin lost about 1% and it was like overall about land slietdz for ron johnson but overall, i was pleased by governor i was pleased by race -- lawrence: why did he lose with so many democrats that voted for your governor evers but they could not was it l criminal justice stuff that started to fly out in final stretch of the campaign his record on crime and some of the his positions? >> age i felt ads had something to do with it and him being
1:25 am
painted as not being soft on crime stuff leak that and i think that was to rural community in wisconsin. >> kathleen. >> yeah. your state -- were you disappointed by the results? >> i was. you know, i was democrat flipped republican. and i really thought that we were going to have this landslide win, instead they didn't pick up one congressional seat i was so disappointed and then i was looking at race between fetterman and oz, you know, we are so democratic. and it's going back years and years and years in generational of families they just democrat you know when i was raised in. but when i saw comparison between two and, of course, you saw the debate which was a total debacle. >> did that surprise you didn't seem it swayed people that debate. >> was it a little bit sympathy on his part? the fact he didn't even bring his medical records forward -- you're going up against a
1:26 am
doctor. but then you watched all of the advertisements which was showing fetterman as this, you know, person in jeans sweats and this and that nosk coal mining towns so blue collar and blow but maybe that appeal to voter. up against a guy that they're claiming, you know, just made money on tv selling his whatever -- and dressed in a suit and tie. once again they didn't look at the policy, that i believe in my heart and soul. >> brian kemp won by landslide in the governor's race what's your reaction to that part of the election? >> he's a very strong candidate and one thing about georgia is -- we like strong. so yeah, he won by a landslide, of course, you know i would have chosen differently. i did choose differently. >> were you surprised and we talked about this leading up to people cast before they cast their vote. the amount of black males that
1:27 am
showed up for brian kemp over stacey abrams. do you feel like she could have done something different? because black males i spoke to said it was condescending just saying you know, take it butter cup vote for me and not providing a agenda for them. >> that's the thing nibble georgia we were a slapped with a lot of mudslinging, and notes enough what are you going to do? let's hear it. let's hear broken down how it's going affect my families how we're going to benefit there in georgia not make it a total -- defensive back and forth. you know? same with the senate election. it is like whole bunch of mudslinging not enough what are you going to do for us and make better? >> what do you want to see happen in congress? with the divided government? >> whaing a lot of people want and also in florida my community is to just put the brakes on a lot of these radical socialist policies that we saw over the
1:28 am
past two years. how they basically destroyed our economy inflation is through the roof. and while we know and we recognize it is not an overnight thing. at least i think most people want to put the brakes on what bidedden administration is doing. would he win a reelection at this point right now? >> yotd. here's why i say that, look, i mean look at the midterms. it wasn't -- big indictment on him at all because we picked up more seats actually if you would look at it. governor race was beaters than we anticipated. democrats extremely overperform than ever anticipated in midterms. >> i have to put republicans in the hot seat because there's leadership issues going non republican party. ron desantis some team ron delaware san it is and some team trump there was a time when they were part of the same movement. but there was -- interesting tone shift after ron
1:29 am
desantis start to get so much praise for his performance. >> peening donald trump would announce he's going run in 2024 and up against ron desantis it will be a little bit because trump feels he helped him ascend if you will so that will be a little bit of competition for hem there. >> ray is your governor and former president and your party -- are you team ron or team trump? >> i think it is good that all eye are on florida and i don't know why there's this junction position of like you have to be on one team or other. i think overwhelming majority that people i spoke like both of them. >> let's not forget last election kamala harris call joe biden a racist and a rapist and now she's his vice president. i think when you have these primaries you're going to see a lot of contentiousness and butts heads and it can be very good you can see who can throw and take a punch and put yourself
1:30 am
out there and tell the american people or republican people this is what i stand for. i think all primaries are con ten nshes both parties and thing idea that we're going to have a coronation of one or another is silly. >> good having them in studio tony and former biden i'll get your reaction to that focus group that we have. but i want to get y'all reaction on this nevadas race tony it looks like they want another one i'm curious how they're able to win that governor seat and not win the senate seat. what's going wrong? >> you see this in a couple of place and pleem scatch their heads rightfully so there's a conversation about how do democrats do it and certainly people look why does it take a long time to vote like in arizona and do they have that better ground game it is a valuable conversation. there's a whole conversation about candidate quality goes both sides of the aisle and yet
1:31 am
some people who clearly are not quality got elected republicans are going to do a lot of staring at this but there's also a lot of good news that we can get into. specifically whens we talk about some of the smaller races like school board races where qeive teffs won across the country there are things to celebrate. you have to get better at, you know, doing the job on the ground. >> that's right. kevin, is this a moment of celebration for the dem 75% of americans say they were heading down the wrong path which won a lot of seats as well. so are you guys celebrating or there's still soul searching for the party at large? i know not from the president he says nothing really going to change on his part. but the consultant people that are on the ground. >> yeah lawrence certainly it was a good night for democrats on whole i think you're goapg see we netted one governor mansion if not two. obviously keeping the senate with the call tonight, with potential of adding to our ranks with senator warnock in december. so certainly good night beat all
1:32 am
expectations on the ground teeny make a lot of good points it is ab grouped game i think he saw democrat are also step up their game from 2020 two years ago where we didn't have a ground game because of koafdz and tony point as well it is about candidate quality you saw so many ticket splitters that is a good thing for this country because it means americans are looking at the quality of the candidate and not just label next to their name. i think that's a good night for democrat and country going forward. lawrence: real we cannily tony what's the case? >> i think the case is that some people look at quality candidate and some people look at a letter after the name. i think that's oven obvious and clear for races like for example, pennsylvania. but republicans are going to have to forget out this leadership conversation, and kevin mccarthy and mitch mcconnell have to know they're in the hot seat and anybody believes otherwise is out of their mind. goncht talk to your people. talk to voters is that simple.
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thanks gentlemen coming up super bowl champion wins big on election day. he joins cross country after the break. don't go anywhere.
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so any next is legendary nfl probowler super bowl champion now he's walked on to different
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feel politics cory simpson elect in florida third district first really to represent the district in decades and he joins me now. cory thanks so much for joining my program tonight. we're getting these election results tonight all of this breaking news and it doesn't look as strong of a victory for the republicans. but you were tiebl capture a seat that republicans didn't have for decades. so what were you able to do differently what did you tell voters to make them come out there and vote for you, sir? >> well i think at the end of the day and i appreciate you having me here this evening, lawrence. i think at the end of the day i stock things that family is worried most about putting food on table keep light on putting gas in their car and those are things that we focus on we have also a message of hard work with our career and technical education piece and so -- those are things that really resonate with the folks here in district three.
1:38 am
lawrence: so tell me what -- what does the republican party need to do differently because you know you're hearing now that there needs to be a lot of soul searching you can't have 75% of the country saying that we're heading down wrong direction. yet they didn't take a different path. so what needs to go in that calculation? >> well i think the party needs to attack a look the what state of florida is doing. whaing our great governor is done is kept state open during covid. you know really focus on family. you know having the safe they need over their kids lives and really focus on freedom. i can't speak to the rest of the country. all i know is it is important for us to put -- protect the sovereignty of the great state of florida and that's what i was elected to do. >> sir it sounds like voters want strong decisive leadership. am i feeling that correctly?
1:39 am
i think you're absolutely right and proven here in the great state of florida. you know, it's that's what folks are looking for. i think the weak kneed approach is not working. i think our governor here, i think our elected officials here have done and amazing job of really pouking on things that matter to american people and people of this state. >> sir can we expect you to be on the campaign trail all across the country? i know there's a lot of candidates that are running they want inspirational leaders you have some success. would you be out there on the campaign trail? >> no. i won't. i will focus on -- what folks of this district focused on and that's getting elected and from things that i talk about on the campaign trail. my role in responsibility is to people of this district. and that's where i'll spend my time i live in one of the poorest districts in state of florida so it is important they focus any time on those folks. those are people that voted for
1:40 am
me. those are people that i fight for. >> sir it feels good hearing ledder dedicated to his people and district cory simon thanks so much for joining the program still ahead a salute to service. as we honor our nation's veterans don't go anywhere.
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welcome back to yesterday narc 68th anniversary of veterans day and i have great pleasure to visit with veterans for a very special day of honor our nation heros. take a look. every year on november 11th our nation takes moment, a day in our life to honor celebrate and pay respect to those who serve our nation.
1:45 am
at 9-1-1 memorial and museum two pool res flexion offer sobering reminder of sacrifice. but on this debutty grows from somber place. what is the significance of the yellow roses? well yellow roses honor them to let them know this is the veteran right this is the one that we're going honor and yellow is more significant right and points out that, you know, we're here to honor those that have fallen. for those civilian out here that want to show their support whatk they do for veterans? >> acknowledge them for service whether they gave one or 20 years you know that is just as important one year as 20 years and they gave their time for their country so when you see them say a little something and thank them for their support.
1:46 am
discipline, courage to be one that lives life of service and some like retire u.s. army veteran, carried those dutiful qualities just as sh and others from the 9/11 carried to the veterans day parade. >> it is dear to my heart i'm a u.s. army veteran i was in the army for six years. not only that i'm a army veteran -- military brat, my father retired from the military so he retired first sergeant from the u.s. army. >> why fight for the american flag? >> as a black person that's -- that's the really something that people struggle with but i think -- i'm from america. i lived here. i grew up here. my family grew up here. my grandparents grew here whether we were brought here on our own accordance or not this has been home for me for generations. you know, it's been legacy like you said my father fought or this this country people who
1:47 am
come to the memorial all of the time but i don't think they're aware of the museum and what's beneath their feet when they come here. they're the story to be told and i think it's important that we share those stories with the next generation. what happened on 9 eleven directly impacted military so you know we had to get called into action and present the things that we take for graduated on daily basis. so today we honor heros that put their lives on the line for our nation. our freedom, and we salute them. >> that place still gives me chills. up next cancel culture coming for the goat dave chappelle again as he host s&l later tonight but this time outvaij coming from the shows own staff. get into it, next.
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welcome become so the legend himself dave chappelle prepares to host "saturday night live" forked third time tonight. but this time the cancelation is coming from inside the show itself. s&l writers apparently skipping out on this week show over
1:52 am
chappelle transgender joke entertainment reporter lauren joins me to break it down who is complaining about the goat they should be honor that goat is gracing them. >> i agree with you. 100% agree with you lawrence let's be honest s&l ratings are bad and lauren michaels said they're in a transition season a lot of greek cast members that we all loved left last season, i mean, pete david just kidding. he left bryant left. that is for another time another topic but listen everybody left so they need someone like chappelle to boost ratings. now page six was, obviously, diagnostic their job and not disclosing the one or two people who made a big deal about this. but s&l did get a new cast member and they have a writer that's also nonby their they were concerned for their feelings. if you wash clothes or know that
1:53 am
trarns gender comedian that he was talking about -- he was paying for funeral and kids college this is a man that actually supports the, you know, transgender community. what's the big deal? >> so glad you brought this up because my husband and i saw dave chappelle there and laughing and loving his set and then he gets into whole thing about his transfriend daffney that committed suicide and we all stop we're leak my gosh this is serious. he was so broken up, over his friends' death she committed suicide. not because of him but because of the transcommunity and how they shunned her. let's -- >> she opened for hem. if you think that this man is -- he's probably sit back laughing leak you all think i'm trans and comedians it is their job to make fun of everything. this is normalizing the transcommunity. they think about it, if we
1:54 am
tiptoe around it and we treat it like -- >> said they're not equal. so fact that, you know, pete dade son father passed away 9 eleven but trying to normalize it in everyday life if people want us to tiptoe around lbgtq community i think they will but i don't think that's the right move. >> but is this going the wrong direction? dave chappelle keep trying to cancel hem and get massive raidings and views. i mean it seems that people love the guy because he's just funny. >> he's fun thy funny but again laughing to himself like you guys, i'm not transphobic i don't know how to explain this to you this is my job and if you were to talk to it let's say all of us ten years ago for you onef the comments supposed to get him canceled about everybody, you know, coming through the legs of a two tom get in -- into the world. it is like well exactly but it
1:55 am
is kind of like that is a fact. i don't understand why that's not a fact it is a fact. so you know, i don't think dave chappelle is ever going to get canceled thankfully from people like you and i who love to watch him. >> he's the goat you should go. one day i love my audience but i would love to be there watching the goat. >> wait, i would too should we go? let's go. done, done -- >> more cross country after the break. ♪ ♪
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lawrence: i've been talking to viewers they're disappointed now that election is over. well cross country still be on the road of course we are. we're going cover it all the way to wire and still a lot issues impacting america. oh, y'all been asking about nala look at this picture. you know what nala is doing watching cross country leak you. thank you y'all so much for watching we'll be right back here live next saturday night.
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