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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 14, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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in north korea and the united states wants to work with china on food insecurity, healthcare, and climate change. >> beautiful back drop. bill and dana will take over in a few seconds. once the president speaks we'll cover it. >> looks like he will be taking questions and peter doocy hopefully gets to ask. >> we'll see you tomorrow. right now "america's newsroom." >> bill: thanks, good morning. 9:00 in new york. president biden about to take questions. face-to-face meeting with xi jinping. hope you had a great weekend. we blast off again now. i'm bill hemmer. good morning. >> dana: i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." bill hemmer's birthday and he is here and happy for it. we'll celebrate all day and send good wishes to him. we expect president biden to address reporters after his meeting with xi any minute now. it was their first in-person
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meeting since biden's election. the leaders trying to find common ground with u.s./china relations at an all-time low. team coverage from all angles. former secretary of state mike pompeo is standing by. we begin with white house correspondent peter doocy in bali, indonesia. i notice you just put your jacket back on. it must have been hot there. >> it is not heat, it's humidity as i'm trying to just communicate to everybody here. but it feels like this event is getting close. we do have the official read-out from the white house and there are two words that are missing. two topics missing from this first draft of history really. covid not being advertised as a topic of discussion today and neither is fentanyl. the reason both of those things is relevant, fentanyl's ingredients come from china. something covid is what china misled the world.
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health security. president biden decided not to mention any of those in the first in-person meeting. they did talk about climate change, china's non-market economic practices hurt u.s. families and taiwan. president biden objected to taiwan's recent aggression towards taiwan. also objected to china's human rights practices and told president biden and xi agreed a nuclear war must be avoided. which in the long term may wind up being the biggest headline from the first summit of super powers during biden's add min trigs. chinese are saying this. the current situation facing relations is not in line with the fundamental interests of the two countries and two peoples or in line with the expectations of the international community. we expect to hear president biden elaborate on all that and we are hearing now there is a two-minute warning to the president. we'll take a seat and review our
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questions and wait. >> dana: it's bill hemmer's birthday. we'll be watching. we'll bring in mike pompeo the former secretary of state watching this with us. but you guessed it would be 9:05. i went with 9:18. you are the lucky winner this morning. >> bill: closest without going over, i guess. in the 90 seconds we have. secretary pompeo, thank you for your time today. what would be your expectation from a meeting such as this when so much of this has been pre-determined in language prior to? what happened over the past three hours one-on-one? >> good morning. it would be my hope the president would have laid out not only his view, his vision, but the concrete actions that the united states is prepared to take. chinese communist party is good about talking. they the think it's a win for them. i hope biden said these are the concrete measures on fentanyl,
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to make sure chinese espionage. protecting the uighurs in the west and those are the things i hope he would have laid out. >> president biden: please, good evening, everyone. let me start with a few words about the recent elections held in the united states. what we saw was the strength and resilience of the american democracy in action. the american people prove that democracy is who we are. there was a strong rejection of election denials and those seeking to oversee the elections. there was a strong rejection of political violence, voter intimidation and in america the world of people prevails. i have traveled this week been clear how closely the world, ole ace and competitors are
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following our elections at home. i have a little cold, excuse me. what these elections showed is that there is a deep and unwavering commitment in america to preserving, protecting, defending democracy. our agenda over the past few days. in egypt and in cambodia and here in indonesia. in this moment of great global challenges from global inflation to the climate crisis to russia's brutal war against ukraine, we're bringing together the broadest possible coalition of partners to deliver results. at cop 27 in egypt i made it clear thanks to the bold agenda of our administration we pursued from day one to tackle the climate crisis and advance energy security at home and around the world. the united states will meet our missions target under the paris agreement. we will keep working with our partners to support the most vulnerable countries in building resilience to climate impacts
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align global ambition with the 1.5 degree cellous goal and supercharging our green agenda. we will work with our partners in the indough pacific to insure a future vital to the region. that's free and open and prosperous as well as secure. and i met with our allies from australia, japan and the republic of korea underscoring our commitment and deepening engagement with our closest partners and strengthening cooperation among our allies to meet shared threats to our own security and their security including the dprk. let me -- i just met in person with xi jinping of the people's republic of china. we had an open and candid conversation about our intentions and our priorities. it was clear he was clear and i
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was clear that we'll defend american interests and values, promote universal human rights and stand up for the international order and work in lock step with our allies and partners. we'll compete vigor orously. i look to manage the competition responsibly and want to make sure that every country abides by the international rules of the road. we discussed that. one china policy has not changed. has not changed. we oppose unilateral change in the status quo by either side and committed to maintaining the peace and stability in the taiwan strait. it was also clear that china and the united states should be able to work together where we can to solve global challenges requiring every nation to do its part. we discussed russia's aggression against ukraine, reaffirmed the shared belief in the threat or use of nuclear weapons is totally unacceptable and i asked
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that secretary blinken travel to china to follow up on our discussions and keep the lines of communication open between our two countries. looking ahead at the g20 meetings tomorrow we'll take on the issues that matter to people's lives not only here but also our allies and partners. that means tackling the suffering that russian aggression has unleashed not just in ukraine but people around the world particularly food insecurity and strengthening the fundamentals of our global economy for everyone. support for debt relief. reforms for multi-lateral development banks. investments to bolster global health security and make sure the world is better prepared for the next pandemic. the g20 has been an important forum for the world's largest economies to work together for the good of people every where. i'm looking forward to our meetings tomorrow. let me close with this. my first trip overseas last year, i said that america was
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back. back at home, back at the table, and back to leading the world. in the year and a half that's followed we've shown exactly what that means. america is keeping its commitments. america is investing in our strength at home and working alongside our allies and partners to deliver real meaningful progress around the world. at this critical moment, no nation is better positioned to help build the future we want than the united states of america. i'm happy to take questions and i'm told there will be four questioners. i won't do ten questions from each questioner, all right, make that clear at the outset here. ken thomas, "wall street journal." >> the meeting that you did not want -- did not want competition to turn into conflict. based on this meeting today, do you believe a new cold war with
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china can be avoided? specifically on the issue of taiwan. you spoke about tensions. do you believe china is preparing, intending to invade taiwan at some point? and what warnings did you issue to president xi if he were to take such action? >> president biden: i believe there need not be a new cold war. i met many times with xi jinping and we were clear with one another across the board. i don't think there is any imminent attempt on the part of china to invade taiwan and i made it clear that our policy in taiwan has not changed at all. it is the same exact position we have had. i made it clear we want to see issues peacefully resolved and so it never has to come to that. and i'm convinced that he understood exactly what i was saying.
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i understood what he was saying. and look, i think the united states is better prepared than any country in the world economically and politically to deal with the changing circumstances around the world and i think that -- i think xi jinping we agreed we would set up a set of circumstances on issues that we had further resolve details, we agreed that we would have our chiefs of staff -- the appropriate cabinet members and others sit and meet with one another to discuss the details of every issue that was raised. we raised a lot of issues. kim, associated press. >> mr. president, you met with president xi face-to-face after he had consolidated his power at
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home. so now that you've met with him face-to-face how do you assess his posture towards the united states now and did you find him personally to be more confrontational or more conciliatory and willing to compromise. >> neither and yes. i didn't find him more confrontational. i found him the way he has always been. direct and straight forward and do i think he is willing to compromise on various issues? yes. i think he understands that -- look, i think -- how can i say this tactfully? i think the election held in the united states was still -- leaves a little bit uncertain, has sent a very strong message around the world that the united states is ready to play. the united states is -- the
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republicans who survived along with the democrats are of the view that we are going to stay fully engaged in the world and that we, in fact, know what we're about. and so i don't get any sense that there is more or less confrontation. we were very blunt with one another about places where we disagreed or where we were uncertain of each other's position and agreed we would set up and we did mechanisms where we would meet in detail with our key people in each of our administrations to discuss how we could resolve them. or how if they weren't resolved, on what basis weren't they resolved. sebastian smith, the afp. >> thank you very much, mr. president. does the retacking of hassan in ukraine signaled a turning point
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in the war in your opinionian where the ukrainians could pursue their ultimate goal of expelling the russians completely including retaking crimea? if so, does the u.s. intend to support and facilitate that goal as you have been doing so far with their other goals, or would you perhaps see kherson as a different kind of inflection point. a good time to start negotiating now that they have more strength than they had a few weeks ago. >> president biden: significant victory for ukraine. significant victory and i can do nothing but you applaud the courage, determination and capacity of the ukrainian people and the ukrainian military. they have really been amazing. i think it's hard to tell at this point exactly what it means in terms of -- but i've been very clear that we are going to continue to provide the
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capability for the ukrainian people to defend themselves and we are not going to engage in any negotiation. there is no -- nothing about ukraine without ukraine. it's a decision ukraine has to make. i think you'll see things slow down a bit because of the winter months and the inability to move as easily around the country. but i think it remains to be seen exactly what the outcome will be except i'm confident that russia will not occupy or defend ukraine as they intended from the beginning. i have trouble reading this. reuters. >> mr. president, quick question on north korea, which appears poised to conduct a new nuclear test. i'm wondering if you can talk about your specific discussions
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with president xi on that. to what extent do you think china has the ability to talk north korea out of conducting such tests and what are the repercussions for u.s./chain yeas relations if a test goes forward. >> president biden: first of all, it's difficult to say that i'm certain that china can control north korea. number one. number two, i made it clear to president xi jinping that i thought they had an obligation to attempt to make it clear to north korea that they should not engage in long-range nuclear tests and made it clear as well that if they did, they meaning north korea, that we would have to take certain actions that would be more defensive on our behalf and it would not be directed against north korea -- it would not be directed against china but to send a clear message to north korea. we are going to defend our
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allies as well as american soil and american capacity. and so -- but i do not think that it's difficult to determine whether or not china has the capacity. i'm confident china is not looking for north korea to engage in further escalation. i made it clear from the very beginning and last year as well that we will do what it needs to defend our capacity and to defend ourselves and our allies, south korea as well as japan and we would be more up in the face of china, not because of china but what was going on in north korea. and again, on a number of these issues, we have put together teams for our national security
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advisor, secretary of defense and others engaging with our counterparts in china to see -- we won't be able to work everything out. i'm not suggesting it's kumbaya, but i do not believe that there is a need for concern of -- as one of you raised legitimate question the new cold war, and i think that -- i'll conclude by saying it this way. i want to be clear and be clear with all leaders but particularly with xi jinping that i mean what i say and i say what i mean. so there is no misunderstanding. that's the biggest concern i have is the misunderstanding about intentions or actions on each of our parts. we went into -- i look at my team. how long did that meeting last? 3 1/2 hours. so we covered an awful lot of territory and i must say that he
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was as straight forward as he has been with me in the past and i think that we understand one another, which is the most important thing that can be done. i guess all of you are going swimming from here. it is not far. [inaudible question] >> i don't think they can expect much of anything other than we'll maintain our positions. i won't get into more questions. no, no, i don't think -- inauk questions >> i don't think there is enough votes to codify. i think we'll get close in the house but i think it will be very close. i think we are going to make it. >> thank you everybody. thank you. >> bill: four different reporters. about a half dozen questions there? they covered taiwan, xi, mid-term elections, ukraine and north korea. >> dana: a lot to get to. a lot of things that didn't come
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up. he only took four questions. we didn't get a chance to hear him if he talked to xi about covid or about the fentanyl that's coming into the united states or even about china building a coal-fired power plant when he said the united states will meet its emission reductions agreement as laid out in the paris agreement. >> bill: your headline. what did you hear? >> he seemed a little confused and perhaps tired. it has been a long trip. i get that. i've been there before, too. i hope he didn't leave an impression of weakness in the mind of xi. he said something on taiwan. he started with the comment we haven't changed our policy and we know president biden has made statements that are direct contradiction of what he said. he said xi understands him. i can't tell you what our taiwan policy is. that's very important. finally, while sitting in the meeting the chinese communist
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party is building out islands in the pacific and building coal fire power plants and our biggest problem with them seems to be climate change. that's a big mistake. xi will read it as american weakness. the idea we'll have more talks and discussions seems to me ill founded. we need actions not just more words and meetings. >> dana: biden said i intend to stay competitive but not have confrontation with china. i don't know if that's possible. even at the end the president said look, he is not saying it was a kumbaya meeting in any way. we'll see what the chinese have to say. is it possible to compete with china vigorously but without confrontation? >> this confrontation is already underway. it has been for the past decade. they have built their economy in china on the back of the american worker. they are inside the gates at home conducting espionage and
6:22 am
inside our university systems and research centers. for a president to say we don't want confrontation he misunderstands the threat of the communist party and what it means to workers across the country. the cold war, not a cold war. the chinese communist party has deep intentions. xi has a lifetime lock on power and his idea of a world that looks more like theirs and less like ours is one we have to confront military, economic, political, each of them. >> bill: the war in ukraine is a big topic. a big victory of sorts for the time being in kherson. however, at the same time these reports are out there for two weeks. here it is on record. senior white house officials involved in undisclosed talks with top putin aides amid concerns over escalation and nuclear threats. what the president seemed to say
6:23 am
a moment ago is that there will be no negotiations without ukraine. they have a little mumbled in there but that's what i think i heard. how can you enlighten us on what these talks could be about? >> that's what i think i heard, too. i hope these conversations with national security advisor sullivan are very direct about the things we would do if vladimir putin does something crazy like go after the plant in zapatero or use a nuclear weapon. i hope we've been clear how the united states will respond and how costly it will be to the russians. and then i hope they are beginning to chart a path forward and what it will look like. it will ultimately be president zelensky who makes these decisions and i hope the americans, when they spoke with putin made it clear to him as well. >> dana: a question about north korea and a new nuclear test. can china play the role it needs
6:24 am
to play in the region in order to prevent north korea from using a nuclear weapon? the president said he is not certain that china can control north korea. anything on that come to mind? >> i was listening closely to that. i'm not sure i understood exactly what he said there. our experience was the chinese communist party has the capacity near perfect to direct the activities of chairman kim. very close and connected. they rely upon china for food, food security and relied on them throughout the covid crisis. the chinese communist party should not be left off the hook. the chinese communist party must respond in a way that's serious and meaningful. they have every capacity to do it. to give them a free pass and she re say they can't control it is false. >> dana: just to make sure he said it is difficult to say that i am certain that china can control north korea.
6:25 am
he says he made it clear that jinping has a role to play to do whatever they can. >> bill: on that point you were with the north korean delegation in hanoi and singapore. what did you tell the north koreans about what you felt the influence of beijing was then and now? >> that's a great question. we have lots of conversations about this. i was with chairman kim on multiple occasions. we made clear we understood they were under the jack boot of the chinese communist party and it made things difficult for chairman kim when he wanted to be closer to the united states. he wanted to listen to president trump and consider whether there was a path forward towards full and final denuclearization. chairman kim is in a tough place and made sure the chinese communist party understood we were serious about what they were doing and understood while they were not in perfect control of what took place in north
6:26 am
korea very influential on sanctions, coal, moving in and out of the country and energy and things that matter to kim. the chinese communist party has the capacity to control. >> dana: no better guest to have that secretary pompeo this morning. thank you for listening to that press conference with us. >> thank you. >> bill: thanks for being here today. we'll chew on this and see where it leads. >> dana: we'll get the chinese reaction as well. >> bill: the whole thing about north korea. we look to the transcript here and parse the words and interpret them as best we can. in the meantime there is a manhunt underway in virginia. a deadly killing shooting at the university. we're live on campus to find out where the manhunt is leading police now. >> dana: republicans win some key house seats over the weekend. the battle for the majority is still not over. go to the touch screen and talk to josh as well. >> musk has too much on his plate after buying twitter. what the future for him is
6:27 am
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>> dana: three people are dead, two wounded after a mass shooting at the university of virginia late last night. a manhunt under way right now for the suspect. the university says he is a student there. david spunt got to charlottesville for us live at the university of virginia. what do you know this morning >> three people killed. we're not sure if students. waiting to get more information. two injured. a manhunt underway. it happened last night in the 10:00 hour behind me sunday night inside a parking garage here on the campus of the university of virginia. right now police are looking for a suspect that they named shortly after the shooting took place. they say his name is christopher darnell jones junior.
6:33 am
he is a student at the university of virginia. the university president confirmed that he is a student. we're told he was on the football team at some point at least in 2018. it is not clear if he ever played or the last time he may have played on the football team. according to authorities, dana and bill, he might be driving a black s.u.v. with virginia tag twx3580. right now there is a shelter in place here in charlottesville at the local elementary schools, at the middle school, high school, all of the community offices and city offices are closed today. classes are canceled. people are being told to shelter in place as they look for christopher darnell jones junior. certainly a frightening scene and waiting for updates. we are getting updates via social media. we're waiting for some updates on camera to give us an idea of
6:34 am
exactly where police are in their investigation. right now there is an active manhunt, three people dead, two wounded. dana and bill. >> dana: thank you. back to you for more updates. >> bill: control of the house is still outstanding right now. late on sunday republicans got some good news in a couple key races. a few of them down here in arizona and a few others in california. here is where the question mark is. arizona one, okay? this is east of phoenix in the scottsdale. the republican hanging on right now to a lead of 900 votes with an estimated count of 94,000 coming in thus far. let me pop out here. here on the border has been trailing. then overtook his challenger on the democratic side. the difference is 1700 votes there. republicans are starting to feel good about those two races because of the way they flipped. california there is a ton. bring a lot of patience.
6:35 am
it could take several days. mail-in votes arrive on saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday and wait to count them up. here is where republicans believe that they are hanging in. the problem there in this race, here is the margin. 2800. the problem that 53%. i checked it on friday and i checked it on saturday and checked it yesterday. this hasn't moved, okay? we're still waiting on a lot of votes in california 22. show you one other one here come forward this is california 41 here. this is one that moved toward the republicans as well. more of the vote has been counted. he has a lead here. difference of 4,000 votes. they're hanging on, republicans are there. show you one more to show you how close these races could be. in the end a lot of these really could be a recount or they could be separated in this race in
6:36 am
california 13 by 84 votes. that's where we are. let's move across the room right now. i think right now republicans can get to 218. there are some insiders in washington, d.c. to put it at 219 to 222. >> dana: we have josh. do you think republicans are comfortable saying they'll have the majority when they all come in? >> it is clear republicans are favored to win the majority. it will be a narrow majority. those developments, two very encouraging signs in arizona for republicans. a lot of those remaining ballots will lean republican. it is not a call yet. republicans are feeling better than yesterday. california, boy, we'll wait some time as you said. that calvert race was one republicans were worried about.
6:37 am
the batch of votes overnight is favorable for republicans. a 7 or 8 seat pickup. that's a narrow majority but a majority for mccarthy. >> bill: what did you conclude about why this broke the way it did? >> it is all about independents. one of the assumptions we had with the economy the way it was and people thinking the country was heading in the wrong direction they usually break against the party in power. they narrowly vote for the democrats. swing voters wanted to check the white house but wanted to check the more extreme elements of the republican party and republicans in the senate races they nominated first-time candidates. some candidates that may be a little too far to the right in the states they were running in and that cost the republicans politically in the senate and the larger brand affected even the house republicans where some good candidates in blue areas of the country couldn't quite get
6:38 am
across the finish line because they couldn't win enough swing vote. >> dana: republicans did better with latinos, asian and black americans. not as much as they thought. when you look at a political realignment are these baby steps as you get more of the vote what you can count on in the future? >> they are baby steps. they did better with hispanics and asian-americans but they also struggled with suburban white voters that was part of the big biden coalition in 2020. a lot of analysis was a lot of folks were feeling the pinch economically and they swing back and forth and they would go to the republicans. they ended up sticking with the democratic party. abortion was a big factor in some key states and some of the candidates were too far to the right. maybe too far -- to aligned with former president trump that ultimately they didn't go towards the republicans but split more evenly. >> bill: the youth vote last
6:39 am
week we thought it was substantial. there seems to be a re-evaluation of how substantial it might have been. small s as opposed to capital s. if you are democrats and sean patrick maloney. you hang onto the senate and you lose the house by 2 or 3 votes, then you start looking at blue blue state of new york and you ask yourself why did we allow 3, 4, seats to flip? had they held them as we found out in other places across the country, they might have maintained control in both chambers. >> issues matter and every state had their own different political dynamic. crime was the top issue in new york. there was a sense that the democratic leadership starting from governor hochul wasn't addressing the issue. it had down-ballot effects. effects in the suburb in long island and hudson valley. new york city swung a little to the right. not enough to get lee zeldin to
6:40 am
the governorship within five points. you got five new republicans from new york in the biden-friendly district. a lot of democrats said we are moving to the middle on crime. in new york you had democrats running to the left on crime. >> dana: great to have you. it is not over yet. >> still counting. >> dana: thank you so much. after the collapse of major digital currency exchange ftx there are growing questions about how the company's former ceo used customer funds. the biden add min -- the crisis at the southern border keeps spiraling out of control. ls, when people needed it most. but there is still work to be done. thank you, claire. this year, we'd like to invite you back to jersey mike's
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>> bill: so there is major news here on the digital currency exchange called ftx. collapsed and filed for bankruptcy. billions are tied up in this. growing questions about the companies' former ceo sample bankman fried age 30 and his use of customer fronds. kelly o'grady live in l.a. on this. what do we think we know today? >> bill, this is being called the worst disaster in the history of crypto. the newest bombshell is 1 to 2 billion in customer funds vanished from ftx. it comes after the founder secretly transferred $10 billion to another one of his companies to meet the debt commitment there. so conservatives are questioning why the former ceo was allowed the carry on noting his ties to the biden administration. one tweeted this. while the biden gang has been harassing and threatening elon musk and his companies one of the worst scams in modern finance was being perpetuated under their nose by the second
6:47 am
biggest democratic donor. musk replied he was the dem donor and no investigation. ftx looking at a hack. 375 million has been stolen. ftx addressed the hack saying, quote, an active fact review and mitigation exercise was initiated immediately. we've been in contact with and coordinating with law enforcement and relevant regulators. there are larger implications that go beyond ftx. the catastrophe undermines waning consumer confidence in the currency. >> the big drumbeating now is telling people to get their money out of exchanges and platforms. we don't know how great the contagion is. we don't know which platform is the next to pause withdrawles and potentially implode. >> this unrafshg gives ammunition to lawmakers who want
6:48 am
to regulate the crypto industry. we could see something like that coming out of this as well. >> bill: more to come on this i think. >> dana: more right now with fox business anchor cheryl casone. listen to what larry summers said about this. >> i would compare it to enron, the smartest guys in the room, fraud, vast explosion of wealth that nobody quite understands where it comes from. >> dana: so i said in the break i actually resent every moment that i have spent trying to understand crypto currency. people have been patient. i never felt like i got it and i'm feeling like maybe it's a good thing i didn't get it. >> a lot of people said they were the smartest person in the room and understood crypto and watch their life savings get erased. people's lives are being ruined.
6:49 am
i don't want to kill the whole crypto space. i talked about the difference between blockchain and crypto currency. technology is one thing. coin is another. just because you say a coin with a dog's face on it is worth a million dollars does not make it so. and to kelly's point, are regulators going after this? yes. the journal is reporting this morning the manhattan d.a.'s office is looking into whether they can investigate sam bankman fried, the 30-year-old still in the bahamas who had both companies, the ceo of ftx and also ran alameda. if there were 16 billion in ftx assets he allegedly fun else $10 billion to alameda and a lot leant out. peoples lives are being destroyed by this. it looks like a upon ponzi
6:50 am
scheme. >> bill: it appears every time he had meetings with investors they were kept at arm's length. there was no website, there was no paperwork. no way for these rich and smart investors to track the investment that they chose to go with. >> does it not show people at home today how risky crypto currency is? again, i don't want to kill the whole space here and i will get pushback for this. would you put your mother into crypto currency? this is real money. when people were cashing out bitcoin and buying mansions in los angeles, you now have a hard asset. if you were sitting at $60,000 in bitcoin and 17,000 where it is now. that's a fall. you have to look at. then you have people like this sam bakeman fried for all intense and purposes where is the money? it makes enron look like child's
6:51 am
play. >> bill: is it of an enron level. if it is you'll look at a market that will go south. >> don't believe me, believe larry summers. this is being compared to a ponzi scheme. enron was -- it tooken ron 14 years to unwind and figure out what happened there. what larry summers is saying it is similar to enron and have bad characters doing bad things. i don't want to get ahead of regulators and lawyers and manhattan d.a. >> dana: is the crypto industry looking for more regulation from washington? >> after this i hope so. it is time. there is something else, too.
6:52 am
there is a piece in the "new york post" talking about the fact he was the second largest donor to the democrats. there is that side of the story. i won't get into the politics of this. again, i will wait and see what happens with the investigations but also do we oversee a company in the bahamas. alameda is based in hong kong. do regulators in the u.s. have jurisdiction over any of this? that's another question that needs to be answered. so many things that are d'orange me. >> bill: the etf for bitcoin and other is 2%. it is not a -- collapse. it is awaken today. >> people need to know if you'll invest in this have your eyes open, understand it and know what you are putting your money into. >> bill: have a footprint for
6:53 am
your money. more to come. president biden's border chief forced to resign under threat of termination. gillian turner has the story from d.c. he didn't go easily. >> he did not go silently into night. magnus has left the administration under a cloud of criticism about his job performance and the clash between him and white house officials. the white house says they accept his resignation. they are avoiding thanking him for his tenure as cbp chief. they say the president appreciates the contributions he made for police reform as police chief in three u.s. cities. mayorkas threatened the fire magnus unless he resigned. he initially refused and changed his mind saturday saying i'm submitting my resignation effective immediately. wish you and your administration
6:54 am
the very best. predecessor says it's really a tragic distraction. >> instead of the white house acting to do more on the border to secure the border and give the men and women the tools they need to fix those problems. we're talking about the commissioner being fired. >> his ousting comes amid the crisis on immigration policies. overwhelmed asylum. bag news blamed republican governors for the border crisis saying they lured migrants to sanctuary cities with lies. >> i think the commissioner has been in over his head for some time. i think when they picked him they picked ideology or competency. >> critics of the administration tell us that magnus is being used here by the homeland security team as a scapegoat.
6:55 am
dhs tells us his deputy troy miller will take over the job as cbp commissioner. >> bill: interesting timing. mid-terms are done. gillian turner, thank you. chinese increasing aggression toward taiwan looming large at the g20. did the president do enough to keep them from invading. dave chappelle made more jokes. was he on target or off? ng for t they envision. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive. okay everyone, our mission is complete balanced nutrition. together we support immune function. supply fuel for immune cells and sustain tissue health. ensure with twenty-five vitamins and minerals,
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you realize all along the journey, all along the journey, they were there. (light music) from gas to groceries, we're all dealing with higher prices, and we could all use the security of extra cash. with today's home values near record highs, the newday 100 va cash out loan is helping veterans homeowners
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get more money than they've ever imagined. cut your expenses by paying down high rate credit cards, personal loans, even car loans. and at newday, we look at your total picture. when banks say no to a veteran, newday can say yes. >> dana: fox news alert. president biden speaking to reporters last hour after his first in-person meeting with the president of china. he stays two sides will keep working together to keep disagreements from spiraling out of control. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. good morning, happy birthday. >> bill: thank you. >> dana: it is bill's birthday. >> bill: you are going with that thing, aren't you. appreciate that. good morning, everybody. the leaders of the world's two biggest economies had a sit down. he hopes the riv


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