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tv   America Reports  FOX News  November 14, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PST

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deliver. and i think i have. people are excited about it. i'm so excited about tomorrow, but last night was special, too, and that's up on fox nation, it's a special all about the book and tomorrow we'll be together and i'm so grateful to have you in my life and you in my life, so thank you. >> we cannot wait to read the book, see the special and the fellowship is real, harris. thank you to everyone, now here is "america reports." >> john: emily, thank you so much. fox news alert, newly elected members of congress arriving on capitol hill the first time since winning their races in the midterms. >> sandra: still unclear which party will actually have the majority when several races are still up for grabs. how is it going to play out? our all-star line-up will break it down for you. >> university police encountered several victims of gunshot wounds.
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the shootings occurred on a bus full of students returning from a field trip. three of the victims did not survive. >> john: shocking shooting on the university of virginia campus which has left three members of the football team dead. hello, john roberts in washington. a sad way to start off the week, sandra. >> sandra: indeed, we are monitoring the story for you at this hour. this is "america reports," the suspect from last night's shooting is now in custody. police say christopher darnell jones, jr., a student and former virginia football player shot at least five people on a bus that was returning from a class field trip. along with the three killed, two others were injured. >> john: jones fled the scene, sending the campus into lockdown before they found him and arrested him. >> sandra: david spunt is on the scene at charlottesville, virginia. what is the status of the two
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injured? >> one is in good condition, the other is in critical condition at a local hospital. authorities not releasing their names for privacy reasons. people still trying to put the pieces of what happened together. the motive in this horrible tragedy, this terrible shooting that happened last night after 10:00 p.m. still unknown. before we get to the suspect, let's focus on the victims here. these are three men on the football team who lost their lives. devin chandler, from virginia beach, virginia, lavel, and d' sean perry. they were shot on a charter bus behind me sandra and john just after 10:00 p.m. on campus. they went on a field trip with a class to see a play in washington, d.c. just returned to the campus when the gunman fired multiple shots. >> my heart is broken for the victims and their families and
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for all who -- those who knew and loved them. and they are all in my prayers. >> the man who pulled the trigger is christopher darnell jones, jr. he's in custody right now, taken into custody just before 11:0 11:00 a.m. in a nearby county. it's not clear what happened immediately prior to the shooting. the police chief today announced that jones was a prior problem known to law enforcement. listen to this. >> mr. jones came to the attention of the university of virginia threat assessment team in the fall of 2022. in fact, in september of 2022 our office of student affairs reported to the multidisciplinary threat assessment team that mr. jones, they received information that mr. jones had made a comment about possessing a gun to a person that was unaffiliated with the university.
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in other words, a third party. >> according to the chief, jones was involved with a concealed weapon violation outside the city of charlottesville in february of 2021 as a student he was supposed to report that information to authorities. he didn't, that information never made it. clearly there were several communication breakdowns there. we know right now he is in custody waiting to find out more about how he was apprehended, we know he was taken down in a local custody. but right now the president of the university said the focus is on the victims who lost their lives and there will be a vigil to honor them, but a sad day on the campus of the university of virginia. >> sandra: a grieving community and campus in charlottesville. thank you. >> john: g20 summit in bali, indonesia, biden's first face-to-face meeting with his
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chinese counterpart since taking office, both signalled they want common ground, president biden did talk about china's aggressive approach to taiwan. jacqui heinrich is travelling with the president, she is live in bali. what are the big take-aways from the meeting. >> the president was asked point blank if he had issued any warns to the chinese president about how the u.s. would respond if china invaded taiwan. he did not answer the question, but seemed to conclude that that is not something we need to be concerned about in the near term. >> i do not think there's any imminent attempt to invade taiwan and i made it clear our policy has not changed at all. it's the same exact position we have had. >> tweets from the chinese side after the press conference would indicate that things stand exactly where they did before the leaders met face-to-face. each side warning the other not
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to take a step too far. the chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said the taiwan question is the very core of china's core interests. the bedrock of the political foundation of the relations, and the first red line must not be crossed and taiwan independence are not reconcileable. we can surmise biden did not make any warnings about military intervention. the chinese have strongly responded. the white house has walked it back as not a change in u.s. policy and we are not seeing any of that language right now. but it does seem some progress may have been made on biden's goal to ramp up pressure on putin who did not attend the g20. biden claiming he and xi agreed that nuclear weapons is unacceptable, that's the strongest condemnation of russia's posture in ukraine we have heard so far from china, albe it from biden's mouth.
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also talked about collaborating to counter north korea's nuclear threat. listen. >> it's difficult to say that i am certain that china can control north korea, number one. number two, i made it clear to president xi jinping that i thought they had an obligation to attempt to make it clear to north korea that they should not engage and long range nuclear tests. >> biden said he was confident that china at least does not want north korea to escalate things. john. >> john: all right, jacqui heinrich for us, a half a world away. thank you so much. more on this ahead as well, sandra, with lieutenant general keith kellogg, and also be talking about the fact that the cia director burns in turkey told his russian counterpart you better not use nuclear weapons in ukraine.
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>> sandra: indeed, and there are lawmakers openly questioning this idea of finding common ground with xi. senator marsha blackburn tweeted out xi jinping is focused on global domination, not working with climate change. and another biggest fear of biden is misunderstanding between the two countries. we'll likely hear more about that meeting shortly. >> john: i would assume xi jinping's idea of common ground might be slightly different than ours. >> sandra: newly elected house members have started arriving in washington, but don't have a clear picture of who is in control on capitol hill. democrats have retained control of the senate, georgia up for grabs, republicans are leading in nine remaining races and need six of those. even though they have not reached the magic number, 218 to
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hop into the driver's seat. karl rove just ahead, but chad pergram is live on capitol hill. house republicans are still going forward with the leadership elections. is that putting the cart before the horse in this situation? >> well, sandra, it's hard to talk about leadership elections when no one knows which party will have control or by how much. here is the math. republicans need 218, right now they hold 212 seats. democrats 204, but several uncalled races are on the edge. republicans are trying to figure out just what went wrong. >> candidates that were seen as ultra all about the previous president and relitigation -- relitigating the last election, they went down in flames, even in many cases where conventional republicans, including conservative republicans, were winning big. new hampshire, georgia. >> democrats believe voters
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rejected extreme candidates or those tied to former president trump. >> we were on the edge of beginnings of it creeping into the grand noble experiment we have prospered under for 200 years and the public, it was the public whose quiet deep roots for democracy said no. >> republicans will hold leadership elections tomorrow despite the house being uncalled. it's unclear if minority leader kevin mccarthy would ever be speaker, even if the gop wins the house. >> leader mccarthy raised the most money any leader has ever raised in the history of the party, $500 million. he did his part to put us in position to win the majority and we are going to do that, again disappointing slim majority. >> in the current congress, democrats hold 220 seats. a senior house republican source says they expect to win between 219 and 221 seats.
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the most narrow majority in house history came in 1931, republicans had the bare minimum, 218 seats. sandra. >> sandra: we'll watch all of it. thank you. john. >> john: president biden overseas cannot escape the drama on capitol hill. what the president had to say earlier about efforts to pass an abortion rights bill. >> i don't think there's enough votes to codify unless something happens unusual in the house. i think we are going to get very close in the house but i think it's going to be very close, but i don't think we are going to make it. >> john: i don't think we are going to make it. fox news contributor and former deputy chief of staff, karl rove. karl, you are an expert at defining where the remaining votes are and who they might likely good for. based on that expertise, will republicans, do you believe, take control of the house. >> i think they will. as chad said, republicans 212,
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democrats 204, those are the races that are called. there are four races where the republican leads by five points or better. california 27, mike garcia, 45, michelle steele, california 3, kylie, and 22 -- and those range between 60 or 70% of the vote in to the last two, the 22nd and the 3rd, about 53% in. but i think that big a lead it's going to be hard to overturn for the democrats. then there are two races where they are separated from the democrat by 1 1/2% by 5. one up by 4,000 votes, 74% of the vote in. that's a steep hill for his opponent to climb and new york 12 with brandon williams, this one, he's up by 4,000 votes and literally virtually everything is in. i've talked to people in new
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york wonder why it has not been called because like dribs and drabs in some of his rural upstate new york district not counted, but 99% or better in. if they win those, they are 218, and then they have four races that are less than a point. one of them is arizona 6, i did some fundraisers for him, up by 1700 votes, half a percent, 89% of the vote is in. there are more votes out in the part of the district he won by 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 than the part of the district he lost 54-46. so i think he will hold on to win. and then we have boebert in colorado, she's up by 1100 votes, less than 5% of the vote out, where it looks like it's out is clearly her territory. likely to win. and a surprise one, arizona 1, scottsdale and north phoenix,
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david has been behind through most of the count, about 94% of the vote is now in, and he moved ahead. he's up by, you know, 900 votes, but we don't know what's left out there, but he is moving up the last couple of days closing the gap and now moving ahead here, he's got about 6% of the vote out, it's going to be on the bubble. the final is california 13, stockton to fresno, the republican is up by 89 votes with 61% of the vote in. this one is up for grabs. >> john: all right. and then the arizona governor's race, let's put that up on the screen right now. katie hobbs against kari lake. lake insists the majority of the votes still out are for her. however, when you look at maricopa county, its been 52-48 in favor of hobbs for a long time. does lake have the votes out there to win? >> look, we don't know what's out in maricopa, just -- it's a big county with the majority of the state's voters in it. she's up as you say by 26,011 votes by the latest count.
10:15 am
she would need -- and her territory, the red territory outside of phoenix has already reported, its already in. so all that's left is maricopa and dribs and drabs elsewhere. she would need 58% of the remaining votes in maricopa in order to erase the 26,000 vote margin. they think there are about 160,000 votes out there to be counted. 58 is a big number. we really don't know what's out and what's really in in the county, and maybe it's a deep red part of the county still out, maybe it's not. >> john: all right, we will find out at some point. karl, great to get your expertise, you know, and we know you've got the depth on this. thank you so much, appreciate it. >> you bet, thank you. >> sandra: all right, john. good stuff there. thanks to karl as well. democrats clinching control of the senate. no matter what happens next month in georgia, there could be massive consequences if raphael warnock beats herschel walker
10:16 am
and picks up the 51st seat. >> john: and shake-up at the southern border, head of customs and border protection is forced out. is the biden administration setting him up to be their fall guy on the border crisis? >> magnus was not qualified for this position. he had been a law enforcement officer but of no real significance and they hired him because they wan dad and i finally had that talk. no, not that talk. about what the future looks like. for me. i may have trouble getting around, but i want to live in my home where i'm comfortable and my friends are nearby. i can do it with the help of a barber, personal shopper and exercise buddy. someone who can help me live right at home. life's good.
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>> sandra: democrats have now officially clinched control of the senate. the upcoming georgia senate
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run-off is critically important for both parties. major implications for president biden's agenda and moderates would have less power if democrats gain control with a 51-49 senate. let's bring in our panel in you, doug collins, from georgia, and jessica tarlov, co-host of "the five." i'll ask you, what are the implications if democrats are able to win 51 seats. >> it's a majority, and legislative standpoint may not sound like a lot, but in the committees, one more vote in committee votes, to bring things to the floor if it's tied in committee to come to the floor, so if you keep it where it's at right now, what has bogged down the agenda on normal business items. if they go through reconciliation, that is different. but 50/50 we have now, not only dos it bog it down but a good
10:22 am
step looking ahead to republicans can build off. >> sandra: and i know 2024 is what you are looking at now, jessica. but as it stands in the senate, the obvious point you are making, 51 seats for democrats would obviously be better than 50. president biden making that very clear as well, listen. >> we are focusing now on georgia, we feel good about where we are. >> how is your agenda better, 50 or 51? >> always better with 51, in a situation you don't have to have the make-up of the committees, it's important, mostly, but it's just -- simply better. the bigger the numbers, the better. >> sandra: a lot is obvious stuff. making the point doug just made. >> isn't it great, bipartisanship at its finest. better to have 51 than 50. georgia is obviously incredibly
10:23 am
crucial. and warnock is a fantastic senator, we know walker got less votes than every other republican on the ticket by hundreds of thousands and how many conservatives stay home or swing over for rafael warnock. and if donald trump announces or takes a step back for three weeks, 2024, a number of democratic senators up for election in red states, senators whose win margin has gone down the last election cycle. sometimes like a 12,000 vote margin. and having that extra senate seat will make a huge difference. >> ok, that being said and i heard you agreeing with jessica there, looking forward to what democrats may do, and where do you both stand on what will happen? in georgia. >> i think walker has as good a
10:24 am
shot as any to make it, it's going to depend on turnout. >> warnock. >> sandra: chuck schumer, if they win the 51 seat majority, his prediction. >> well, it's obvious, 51 is better than 50, with 51 votes you can get a lot -- take judges at this point in time, with 50 votes when the republicans would all vote no because the judiciary committee was 10-10, you have to take the long steps and motion to discharge. with 51, quicker. >> sandra: a window into the future? >> a little bit. these are not surprising things, the majority leader would be saying we can get so much more done. and also neutralizes like joe manchin and sinema, and we got the skinny inflation reduction act, but i would imagine he wants to make the most of the
10:25 am
next two years before another presidential election. >> one of the things you hit on last was important. there was two against -- the filibuster. use reconciliation, but against the filibuster, you make 51, that cuts down to one. and a lot of times it is hard to stand by yourself, i don't care who you are and we saw that, and what they were able to get i call it the build back manchin, he controlled the whole process. makes it very much harder with just one vote and not looking around and saying i have a partner over here, you have to get two of us. with 51, the house is going to be republican. some is out the door anyway, if the house, you know, does -- >> can i add to that, that senator sinema will likely have a challenge and a lot of pressure on her to play ball with democrats in a different wan that she had been. >> sandra: i cut you off. you have two seconds.
10:26 am
>> sinema will play closer, manchin on his own. >> invite us back. >> we'll be here. >> sandra: count on it. john, comes down to this december 6th, the run-off election, obviously this will be highly anticipated and this will be the determiner if they get that 51-seat majority. >> john: we'll see. even if it sits where it is now, kamala harris to break the tie, but it will certainly free her up to do other things if they get 51. >> sandra: indeed. all right. so this could be a long four weeks anticipating this. good discussion, thank you. >> john: we'll see, at least it's not eight weeks like two years ago. more busses packed with migrants set to travel from the border to the northeast. texas governor abbott has a new democrat-led city in his sights. where the busses are headed and how the city's leaders are reacting. >> sandra: and a high stakes meeting between two of the most powerful people in the world.
10:27 am
lieutenant general keith kellogg with his take away from the meeting with president biden and xi jinping. >> the confrontation is underway, his idea of a world that looks more like theirs and less like ours is one we have to confront in every dimension. er so we're hard at work, helping them achieve financial freedom. we're investing for our clients in the projects that power our economy. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive. ordinary tissues burn when theo blows. so puffs plus lotion rescued his nose. with up to 50% more lotion, puffs brings soothing relief. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. america's #1 lotion tissue. ♪ ♪
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low re-fi rates instead of high credit card rates. and that makes a huge difference. >> john: some people are calling the closely watched sit-down between xi jinping and president biden the second global summit since the cold war, and restoring their nations even if they did not see eye-to-eye on some issues. keith kellogg, i want to play just a little bit of what president biden said in response to a question about it at that press conference in bali earlier today. >> i absolutely believe there need not be a new cold war. met many times with xi jinping and we were candid and clear
10:32 am
across the board. and i do not think there's any imminent attempt on the part of china to invade taiwan. >> john: let's take that one first of all. no imminent threat to invade taiwan by china. do you believe that? >> no. john, when you look at it, our track record with intelligence is not have good. look at what happened in afghanistan and ukraine, and they have said when they said not invade, well uni if i getting taiwan back under china. it may reach a point he has do a military operation to do it. for somebody to say it's not imminent -- it's not going to happen tomorrow but xi is looking at the long-term and looking maybe at one year, or two years down the line and i think he'll say i'll be prepared in a couple years to do it and the capacity to do it. >> john: if you are xi, do you do it while biden is president, who knows who will be president in 2025. >> that's what i would do. makes sense for him to do that and build up the structure to
10:33 am
make sure that happens. because when you look at -- leaders look at other leaders and we make a big mistake, china is an adversary, i don't care what they say, they are not a competitor, they are adversary, and they want certain things, one is reunification with china and taiwan. it's the world's largest army, of course they can do it if they want to expand the troops and he, meaning xi, looks at biden as somebody who is going to push back on it. >> john: interesting the way the description has involved. bill clinton called china a strategic partner, and now a strategic adversary. could work together toward common ground and rebuild ties. do you think china is interested in that? >> no. they have proven that. when you look at what they have done like working together with
10:34 am
covid, they have been very, very secretive about what happened with covid. as an example. killed a million americans. look at the education of our young, for the first time in 45 years our reading scores went down and our math scores went down, and it hurt the whole world. why don't china open up about covid. if you want to cooperate, start there. let's find what happened. >> john: some transparency would be helpful. ukraine, william burns met with his russian counterpart in turkey to warn russia don't you dare use nuclear weapons in ukraine. do you think russia will listen? don't give me a third no, please. >> no. [laughter] >> john: you're killing me. >> i don't think putin is in that stage. they did a strategic withdrawal from kherson, they went across the river, a huge obstacle, they will wait the winter out, refit, rearm during the winter, and probably restart again.
10:35 am
so i think right now today nuclear weapons are off the table but something that should have been said not by the director of the cia or the secretary of state, no, the president should say it. >> john: so you believe the retaking of kherson is just a temporary thing. >> i think -- >> john: russia will go at it again. >> solidify everything they have. the whole territory they have taken, solidify the ground they have held on to with the reserves that they have. they are not going to go back to kherson but say i own this part of ukraine right now. >> john: keith, always great to talk to you, even if everything you say is no. [laughter] >> thanks, john. >> sandra: good stuff. thank you. first time ever, a bus load of 52 migrants is expected to arrive in the sanctuary city of philadelphia, from del rio,
10:36 am
texas, this week. a top border official has resigned after initially refusing to step down. senior correspondent mike tobin is live. mike, we saw hundreds of migrants crossing the border just this morning? >> yep, for all the things that are going on in washington, the people coming up through mexico, and the people smuggling them are not discouraged at all. the group that came across in eagle pass, texas, about 300 strong. lately the people we see coming across are from venezuela, nicaragua, and cuba. and department of public safety officers encountered a smuggler in a rented pickup. he sped off and took them on a high speed chase, the truck wrecked, the driver took off. four illegal immigrants were picked up. undeterred by the shake-up in washington.
10:37 am
the commissioner of customs and border protection resigned. chris magnus submitted his resignation, the president accepted. cops and agents don't think anything will improve. they have little confidence that magnus placement will be any better. the problems are the president, kamala harris, and mayorkas. troy miller will take over in the interim position, a position he held before magnus was confirmed. >> coming up, tom homan will join us on set, former acting ice director, visiting fellow. ask him about all of this and this bus as we await its arrival in the sanctuary city of philadelphia, remarkable to see, john, as so much is still happening at the border right now. >> john: i may be wrong, but i just suspect tom homan may have a few things to say about chris
10:38 am
magnus's departure. >> sandra: indeed. >> john: with the senate in democrat control and the republicans potentially losing a seat, many party leaders are asking themselves what happened. what does the gop need to do next to get things back on track? charlie hurt weighs in on the soul searching ahead. >> sandra: some soon to be lawmakers getting a first look at their new workplace. george santos is one of those getting a big welcome in washington. what does he think should be his party's priorities in 2023. we'll ask him on his first day there. ♪♪
10:39 am
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>> sandra: "yellowstone" returning for season 5. >> sandra: and shooting it down as a red state show. the creator pushing back pointing to story lines of the treatment of native american women and native americans, and corporate greed, land grabbing, and gentrification of the west. john, are you a big fan? >> john: i've watched a few episodes and the few i watched i enjoyed very much. my guilty pleasure right now is "for all mankind," just about done all of that, and looking forward to the next show. i'm a space geek, like neil. >> sandra: i love it. as far as yellowstone is concerned, everybody loves the show, and it is a hit hot show, so -- and our building is wrapped with promo of it.
10:44 am
>> john: people will complain about anything, that's what i've learned. >> sandra: exactly. if you are into it, check out fox nation's four part series with kevin costner, "yellowstone 150," and the 150th anniversary of the national park founding. >> john: yellowstone is an incredible place. health officials alarmed by the spread of respiratory illness, and the situation could get worse, shortages for key antibiotics and other drug treatments. madison alworth is live at a pharmacy in manhattan. what shortages are giving doctors the greatest concern? >> john, doctors are concerned about shortages of amoxicillin, tamiflu, and nebulizers, the flu is spreading like wildfire, especially among children. so doctors are worried about the
10:45 am
medications, also worried about space, you take a look, hospitals are struggling to keep up with the increase in cases. 90% of the pediatric hospital beds are in use and unavailable. let's talk about those medications. starting with amocxicillin, it' rsv, bacterial infection. and saying the fda is aware of some supply interruptions of products in the u.s. and working with the approved manufacturers. it's difficult for the families that need it now. and nebulizers, a device often used with treatments that are common during rsv season, you have lot of kids that have problems with wheezing or bronchial issues. >> there is a huge nebulizer
10:46 am
shortage. i feel i'm calling suppliers going all over, i feel i'm buying something that fell off a truck, but trying to get nebulizers for my patients as well. >> you know, another thing that the doctor has told us john that's really concerning, she is seeing higher rates of cases of rsv and flu because some populations grew up with a mask on, the in influential years of developing their immune system. she believes that played a big role why we see so many cases of flu and rsv, and the third medication i mentioned, tamiflu, also experiencing shortages of that across the country. all of this in time for thanksgiving when families get together and gather, so definitely something you want to keep in mind. john. >> john: good to get exposure to viruses, dirt under your fingernails as well. good for your immune system. >> sandra: from boom to bust, is there a housing bubble about to
10:47 am
burst? former cbo director is here. we all have a purpose in life - a “why.” no matter your purpose, at pnc private bank we will work with you every step of the way to help you achieve it. so let us focus on the how. just tell us - what's your why?
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>> sandra: incoming lawmakers are already heading to capitol hill today. many arriving there as they get
10:51 am
ready to take their places in congress. our next guest is one of them. congressman elect george santos, he flipped new york's third congressional district from blue to red and joins us now. congratulations on your big win, congressman elect, welcome to you. >> thank you very much. >> sandra: how is your arrival in washington going so far? >> it's a lot to take in. we are going over orientation, a very interesting process to acclimate ourselves with the institution that congress represents, but it's been so far very smooth and we just came from the house floor, champ chambers, a lot to experience. >> sandra: am i about to tease you the first day and having a hard time to find the camera position? there are those bumps. glad to have you here. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> sandra: your seat in new york, flipping from blue to red, how did you do it?
10:52 am
>> i kept the campaign about the people, i spoke to the people, while my opponent kept going to rhetoric and partisanship, i just kept talking about bread and butter issues, kitchen table issues, things that keep people up at night, inflation, costs of fuel, costs of energy, inflationary impact on your salary, you know, life and crime, crime was a big issue, too. while i spoke about it, they said it was a conspiracy and here we are. it was a 19 point swing from a biden plus 10, i won it by nine and a half points. >> sandra: it was a big deal and you look at the new york districts that flipped red this time around and in one of your messages on twitter, we did it, new york 3 has spoken. what do you believe, you know, when we look at that map your seat flipping and those others that flipped, what do you believe is the message that voters sent with these elections, especially those seats that flipped? >> enough is enough. new yorkers for the first time in almost five decades are
10:53 am
experiencing one party rule from albany down to the city, all the way to washington, d.c. they had no one else to look to for the blame of what's happening to them other than democrats. so what we did, and with our gubernatorial candidate, lee zeldin, ran a fantastic campaign about the people, powered for the people and by the people, was a message of common sense and democrats kept distracting them from the issues. nobody wants to talk about distractions when they have issues, bills to pay, kids to feed, keep a roof over their head, that's the agenda we put on the ticket in new york and what we are going to deliver in congress. >> you talk about priorities and a lot of what mattered most to voters in the last elections. you also have some in your party who are already promising to go big time on investigations. house investigations, if indeed the gop takes back the majority in the house on covid origin, school closures, big tech censorship.
10:54 am
hunter biden, mar-a-lago raid, noting you just said inflation was priority for your voters. >> my constituents cannot send me here to waste time, they sent me here to work. our party, parts of our party want to go into the investigations, that's their per roingtive, i don't want to engage in hyper partisan issues, i want to deliver results. i want to go back to the district and bring back dollars for safety, education, and making the country energy independent, and my contributions to congress. we can be part of investigations so long as it does not clutter and sway us from the goal, making americans' life better, not worse.
10:55 am
>> sandra: first i thought i could characterize it safely that you see these investigations as a waste of time, but then sounds like you would support some investigations. >> absolutely. look, i'm not saying they are a waste of time. i'm saying they shouldn't hold priority over the issues at hand, affecting every american's day-to-day life. what we need to focus on is delivering results, then we can start investigating but i think for at least the first six months work on making the country energy independent, reducing crime across metropolitan areas such as new york city, and then we can start talking about investigations. >> sandra: and i know that was a big part of your campaign priority leaning heavy -- heavily on opposing cashless bail. this was a big one. crime was a big one in these elections. well, congressman elect, appreciate you giving time first day in washington. check back in with you soon to see how you are settling in. >> appreciate it. >> sandra: very interesting, john, asking a lot of the republicans where they stand on some issues, they have promised voters that they are going to
10:56 am
stick to the priorities that they campaigned on. so we'll be watching if they do. >> john: very similar position to jen kiggans as well. and new at 2:00, if philadelphia did not have enough problems with crime, it's a global poster child what not to do. mexico using footage from philadelphia to warn children against using drugs in that country. how the city's mayor is responding. plus, what was behind the mass shooting in virginia, tom homan whether firing the cbp commissioner will make a lick of difference, and charlie hurt on the east of donald trump's big announcement. all that and more as "america reports" rolls on. helping them achieve financial freedom. we're proud to serve people everywhere, in investing for the retirement they envision. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive.
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>> sandra: fed up parents showed up at school board meetings across the country and at the ballot box. >> you want to make sure tha


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