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tv   America Reports  FOX News  November 14, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> sandra: fed up parents showed up at school board meetings across the country and at the ballot box. >> you want to make sure that we are getting education system that we are actually expecting
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from the public schools. back to the basics. >> sandra: don't we all hope? welcome back as "america reports" rolls into a second hour. i'm sandra smith in new york. hi, john. >> john: john roberts in washington. good to be with you, sandra. parent groups claiming big wins on tuesday as the nation's biggest teachers' union tweets educators know better than anyone who students need to thrive. former education secretary betsy devos firing back, you misspelled parents. where did parents win big? we'll break that down. but first -- >> sandra: an american city so overwhelmed by crime and open air drug use that mexico is showcasing it for its don't do drugs campaign. that country's government debuting a new ad filled with shots of homeless people using drugs, including fentanyl, on the streets of philadelphia. >> john: the irony is rich, much of the fentanyl destroying
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american families is coming from mexico, where they have captured a steady stream of illegal crossings all weekend long. >> sandra: after downplaying the crisis and calling the border secure, the white house has forced out a top border official after reports he would skip or sleep through important meetings and that could suggest that president biden is taking a closer look at the border crisis that has been spiralling out of control under his watch. >> john: and while mexico is busy mocking the city of brotherly love, philly officials are bracing to receive a bus filled with illegal migrants, which represents just a tiny fraction of the 2.3 million migrants encountered at the southern border over the past year. >> sandra: former acting ice chief tom homan, whether the white house is looking for a fall guy. bryan llenas on the mexican anti-drug ad, something to see
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that. what has the mexico government said about why they chose to showcase american city philadelphia? >> good afternoon. so far, nothing. the mexican government has not acknowledged that it is using footage shot of realtime in philadelphia in their new national anti-drug tv ads. the ads never identify the city but the scenes are noticeably from kensington and infamous philly neighborhood, open air drug market, particularly for heroin, two of the ads show homeless people as well as drug users laid out on the ground, barely walking or slumped over. a spokesperson for the mexican president said the ads are meant to warn young people of the effects of drug like fentanyl and meth. >> in the united states there is a crisis due to the use of fentanyl generates more than 80,000 deaths a year, we are preventing the expansion of fentanyl from reaching our country. >> the deadly irony here is the record amount of fentanyl flooding the streets of u.s.
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cities comes from fentanyl through the southern border, of course. drug overdose deaths in 2021 were the highest they have ever been in philadelphia, 1278 people dead, 77% from fentanyl poisoning. the mayor released a statement saying in part it is always hard to see our city's people and neighborhoods portrayed in a limited and negative night. no neighborhood or person should be defined by the tragic and widespread crisis. we acknowledge a great deal of suffering. the mayor has embraced harm reduction techniques, offering free narcan through vending machines and support proposals for supervised injection sites. sandra. >> john: biden administration, sandra, forcing out the head of customs and border protection.
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accepting chris magnus' resignation as migrants continue to pour across the southern border virtually unchecked. gillian turner, a lot of back and forth, but officially out. >> he is, and it comes as the border chief says he's leaving essentially on a bad note. he's left the administration under a cloud of criticism about his job performance and clashes with homeland security officials. the white house says they are accepting his resignation, but they are also avoiding thanking him for his service as cbp chief the past 11 months. said the president appreciates the contributions he made to police reform during his tenure as police chief in three u.s. cities. amid reports secretary mayorkas threatened to fire him unless he resigned, magnus refused but changed his mind saturday. i'm submitting my resignation,
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and his predecessor says it's a tragic distraction. >> instead of the white house acting to do more on the border, to secure the border, to give the men and women the tools they need to fix those problems, we are talking about the commissioner being fired. >> magnus's ousting comes amid cascading crisis of migrant crossings. applicants are awaiting hearings in the united states for years. in september, magnus blamed republican governors claiming they lured migrants to sanctuary cities with lies. >> well, it's clearly scapegoating. i mean, first of all, magnus was not qualified for this position, him because they want cbp to fail. >> for now, dhs tells us magnus's deputy, troy miller, will take over the job as commissioner. what's interesting, my sources
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have been flagging to me all morning that miller has deep experience and expertise really with intelligence and counter terrorism, so if he ends up sticking around for the medium or long-term, it could signal the biden administration is approaching the border maybe in a new way. a whole lot of attorney generals are calling for mexican cartels to be designated foreign terrorist organizations this. comes amid that. >> john: love that word kerfufal. >> sandra: tom homan, you sort of had a running commentary as we were hearing that report there. what is your reaction to biden forcing this border chief out, is this a sign maybe he is waking up to just how bad it is down there? >> no, he's not waking up to anything. magnus is a fall guy. i said from day one, the day after they nominated him, i did a show where griff jenkins. i said worst pick ever. when he was chief of police of tucson, he ordered officers not
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to cooperate with ice or cbp at any time, even public safety threats on the streets. so don't work with border patrol, he supported sanctuary cities, attacked trump policies to secure the border so they hired him for ideology, and done everything mayorkas wanted him do. they are getting rid of him for one reason. they don't want him around for oversight hearings. alejandra mayorkas is saying the border is secure and under control, they ought to give him can an award and not fire him. >> sandra: and new york post agrees with you in an op-ed titled biden and mayorkas cannot escape blame by scapegoating. it points out in the piece, few biden appointees have less experience than magnus, largely in the upper midwest and san francisco bay area, despite the
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ongoing border catastrophe he faced on arrival, focused attention on attempting to change the border patrol's culture. that was where he focused his priorities while all these migrants were pouring in illegally. >> they are looking to knock the border patrol down a few levels, he made that clear. he did not support the border patrol during the investigation, horse patrol. where is chris magnus in the horse patrol, they were found innocent. has chris magnus ever held a press conference on the border catastrophe, and said here is our strategy, the plan. no. his first town hall meeting in yuma, the officer said the trump policies worked can we turn some back on, his response is if you don't like the biden border policies, quit. that's not leadership, and mayorkas, he needs to be impeached. he violated the oath of office he's taken, made the country less safe under his leadership.
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in addition to the 1 million got-aways, were not arrested, who were they? obviously did not turn themselves in to be fingerprinted so they have something to hide. 114 known suspected terrorists caught entering the country illegally, how many in 1 million mayorkas needs to go. >> sandra: you look at the number of border encounters, 217,000, fiscal year, 2,378,944. you look at the enormous task that this patrol has at the border and how they have been sort of disabled from being able to do their job. now, as far as the migrants that are being shipped to all the american cities, where do you stand on that? so far, 8300 have been shipped by governor abbott in texas to washington. that is since april 2022. 3700 to new york city, 1200 to
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chicago and now word that 52 are going to be sent to philadelphia. they are getting them on a bus right now, arrive some time this week. is this effective? >> yes, it is, he's calling out the sanctuary cities. it's a magnet that draws illegal immigration. and governor abbott and desantis called them out. you have democratic governors, and mayors complaining? they have never complained before, so they put this issue back on the front page of every newspaper across the country. in comparison, the biden administration has flown or bussed 1.7 million people all over this country. so i support -- >> sandra: sometimes in the dark of night. >> dark of night. most on the airplane at taxpayers expense. put the illegal in the airplane to go to the city of their choice free of charge at the expense of taxpayers. >> sandra: tom, great to have you here on set with us. huge problem and interesting to see this move by the biden administration, but you seem to
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agree with the new york post that they are making him the fall guy in a worsening crisis at the border. >> this will not get better until alejandra mayorkas is impeached. >> sandra: tom, thank you. john, we see the pictures every single day, our reporters at the border send us the video, we have the drone shots and you see the migrants pouring over the border, and they are trying to figure out what to do about this. governor abbott sends the migrants to some cities, philadelphia is next. >> john: the men and women of customs and border protection are so overwhelmed and the pictures we see daily would seriously contradict proclamations from the white house that the border is close. they just enforce the policy, so if they are looking for a scapegoat, not sure chris magnus is the one they should be looking for. >> sandra: good point.
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>> john: you are looking now at a live event off capitol hill, members of the house freedom caucus are meeting republicans, doing a bit of soul searching after midterm results fell well short of expectations. and it to tee up a shake-up in party leadership. charlie hurt what he thinks the future holds for the grand old party. >> sandra: and president biden meeting face-to-face with xi jinping the first time since becoming president, and the stakes could not have been higher. live to indonesia with the latest. >> leaders look at other leaders and we make a big mistake and country in the mirror image, they are not. china is an adversary. i don't care what they say, they are not a competitor, they are an adversary. and they want to have certain things. made my joints stiff, swollen, painful. emerge tremfyant®. tremfya® is approved to help reduce joint symptoms in adults with active psoriatic arthritis.
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>> sandra: a live look at washington, a look at house freedom, the house freedom caucus and the members of the caucus. they are meeting in washington right now amid questions over republican leadership after tuesday and the gop is looking to answer what exactly went wrong for their party. washington times opinion editor charlie hurt is standing by on that. but first, aishah hasnie is live on the hill for us. what is the latest on leadership elections, what are you hearing? >> hey there, good afternoon to you, sandra. well, it changes pretty much minute by minute right now. according to the latest information from our gop sources, it looks like house gop leadership will be moving forward with elections as planned, but that could all change depending on what comes out of the meeting that you are watching right now. at this point, a lot is unknown, a lot is unclear. for one, we still don't know if kevin mccarthy has the votes,
11:20 am
the support to become speaker but also don't know yet if the republicans will have majority of the house. now, right now 19 house seats are still up for grabs, and republicans are currently leading in about half of those races. republicans are discussing rule changes to give rank and file members more power. now, this was the demand from the house freedom caucus and why they are trying to delay elections. if this meeting today does not go well, sandra, there is reports the caucus could nominate congressman andy biggs to prove mccarthy does not have the vote, and then put up another. and delay elections on the senate side as well, pointing fingers at whose fault it is for the gop losses there. senator pat toomey laying the blame on donald trump. >> the more candidates associated with donald trump and
11:21 am
the ultra maga movement and the false knowing the election was stolen from him in 2020, the more that was the message, the more they lost. >> but nrsc chairman rick scott, in charge of winning a republican senate majority was on sunday morning futures this weekend pointing the finger back at senate leadership. >> we didn't have a plan. i mean, because you know, because leadership said no, we are not going to have a plan. we have to come together as a caucus, not vote with the democrats. >> gop conference chairman barrasso says they will talk about all of this tomorrow at a luncheon, a policy lunch and will hold the elections on a senate side on wednesday. but a lot is, again, still up in the air on the house side. sandra. >> sandra: ok, thank you. john. >> john: sandra, bring in charlie hurt, fox news contributor, senator josh hawley
11:22 am
said the old party is dead, bury it, find something new, and did not attract independent voters, saying you cannot expect them to vote republican unless you give them an agenda they care about. republicans thought they had it, and it went -- >> josh hawley is not wrong there, it's a problem and boil down to one thing. the number one issue that motivated voters in this election was the economy. and then you look over here at democrats versus republicans, republicans beat democrats by double digit margins on the economy. yet republicans failed to close the deal with voters. and that's the bottom line, and am some point -- there is going to be hell to pay, we are seeing it now, but don't know whether we are talking majority or
11:23 am
minority, and i think hell to pay in the senate. >> john: even as they are talking about all of this, tomorrow we are expecting former president trump to make a big announcement at mar-a-lago, at 9:00 at night. puzzling to me. >> greatest asset so his ability to did it to talk to people, you would think he would do it earlier, the opportunity for his voice to be the one that people hear as opposed to it getting distilled through the media, which tends to kind of distort some of the things he says, just spit balling here. >> john: 9:00 at night as opposed to the afternoon which he did in 2016, you let other people chew over what he said -- >> he's got -- he's got, you know, two years of news cycles from starting tomorrow. >> john: why miss one? how is he going to -- >> doesn't ever want to lose a single one of them. >> john: how is it going to shake up the landscape?
11:24 am
>> we are looking at three major leadership votes coming up. the house, we still don't know what's going to happen there, but looking at a leadership, and by the time we get through with all the voting there, we might end up with the janitor as speaker of the house. with the minority, the minority party in the senator minority leader for the senate. but the biggest one, most important vote coming up, leadership vote coming up is going to be the republican primary for president and donald trump will shake that up, and if donald trump focuses on the issues, he, you know, a lot of people are trying to write him off saying he's -- he shouldn't run or whatever, he's running, that's that, deal with it -- >> john: one of the people that wrote him off was the lieutenant governor of the state of virginia, said this about president trump. >> a true leader understands when they have become a liability. a true leader understands that
11:25 am
it's time to step off the stage and the voters have given us that very clear message. >> john: she said all the trump candidates did not do well, he torched her, always thought she was a phony, now i find out she is. >> sears is not a phony, she's very much the future of the party in a lot of ways. i think she's wrong about this. the notion of people around here saying who should run and who shouldn't run, get over yourself. anybody that wants to run can run. trump is going to run, and it's going to be a battle royale, certainly between trump, probably desantis. >> john: he was posting on truth social all day yesterday there are polls that show him killing ron desantis in the primaries. >> we'll see, we'll see. a lot of hope for republicans. on the issues, got donald trump elected in 2016, on the issues,
11:26 am
desantis, and youngkin and donald trump, 99 -- 98% in agreement on the issues. and they are winning issues that republicans can win on that. >> john: we'll find out what he has to say tomorrow night 9:00, though he is going to miss the whole news cycle by doing that. >> it's going to be interesting. >> sandra: fox news alert, jay leno, he has canceled an appearance due to what is described as a very serious medical emergency. we have brand-new details what we are hearing, we'll have for you after the break. >> john: big concern there. also, president trump facing off with xi jinping amid growing tensions between the world's two top super powers. were the two leaders able to hash out any common ground. >> sandra: rising mortgage rates creating a massive headache for home buyers. could the housing market be the tip of the iceberg for a
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>> john: breaking news out of los angeles, tmz reporting that jay leno was rushed to a medical center after one of the cars in his famous collection went up in flames with apparently him very close to it. christina coleman tracking this from los angeles. what's the latest, christina? >> jay leno reportedly suffered burns to the left side of his face after one of his cars erupted in flames without any warning. tmz is reporting that the car was stored in his l.a. garage sunday when it caught on fire. it's unclear what led to this incident. now, the flames did not penetrate his eye or ears, according to tmz, but he was still taken to a burn ward at a local hospital. his condition is unclear at the
11:33 am
moment. though again, it was serious enough for him to be taken to the hospital because again, he did suffer burn injuries to the left side of his face. tmz is reporting leno was set to make an appearance at a banking conference, the financial brand conference yesterday in las vegas but he did not make that appearance. after organizers announced there was a "very serious medical emergency that was preventing him from showing up." we have reached out, we are trying to independently confirm some details and get more information on what led up to this incident. again, his condition is unknown at this time, but his injuries were serious enough for him to be taken to the hospital. he did suffer injuries to the left side of his face. i believe he is 72 years old. so we are going to have to wait and see what has happened, what led up to this fire, and you know, just how long his recovery could take. john. >> john: well, our prayers are with him, there's no question about that, christina coleman in l.a. thank you, sandra.
11:34 am
>> sandra: we'll look for an update there. meanwhile, president biden holding a high stakes meeting with xi jinping, the first time they have met face-to-face as leaders of their respective countries. while biden and xi promised to tone down the simmering tensions between the two countries, there are plenty of issues that could disrupt those efforts. peter doocy is travelling with the president there, he is live in bali, indonesia. peter, how long did the two actually meet for this morning? >> about three and a half hours at a resort nearby here in bali, sandra, the chinese have been playing by their own rules for the last several decades, president biden says he left the meeting with xi under the impression that there are now some things the chinese are going to want to try to play by president biden's rules on. >> didn't find more
11:35 am
confrontational, but the way he's always been, direct and straightforward and willing to compromise on various issues, yes. i think he understands that -- >> we also know when president biden told xi the u.s. has a problem with how aggressive china is towards taiwan, xi did not lay out reasons he thinks taiwan should be invaded. how we know that. >> we were candid and clear with one another across the board. and i do not think there's any imminent attempt on the part of china to invade taiwan. >> with the exception of an agreement with nuclear war should be avoided, it sounds like these two were talking at each other and not to each other. listing things the other leader is doing or has done that they don't like. >> i'm not suggesting it's -- this is cumbya, with agreement,
11:36 am
but need for concern as one of you raised the legitimate question, the new cold war. >> president biden spoke in his prepared remarks about investing to prevent the next pandemic but he was speaking about the g20 as a whole. we have no indication that president biden brought up covid or covid origins with xi during their private meeting. sandra. >> sandra: peter, thank you. john. >> john: amazon getting ready to lay off about 10,000 employees, according to a report from the "new york times." that would be the largest payroll cut in amazon's history, accounting for about 3% of its corporate workforce. amazon is not the only tech company cutting back. me meta and twitter have also,
11:37 am
new pressures of decade high inflation. >> sandra: economic pressures not just squeezing businesses, also squeezing home buyers in this country, and now even the federal government. economists are warning the debt is pushing to new highs raising fears of an economic calamity, and that paying off the interest alone is going to be a massive challenge. let's bring in former cbo director and president of the american action forum. doug, i'm going to have you sort of make sense of all this for us because bottom line behind all this is the rising interest rate environment and the idea of the rising interest rates is to tame inflation, and most economists agree that that was caused by massive government spending. so, we are here, the interest rates are supposed to calm that inflation, but meantime, are home buyers paying the price? >> home buyers are especially paying the price this time. because yes, the fed is raising rates, it has done that in the past, but on top of that,
11:38 am
pulling out of the financial system the trillions they plowed in during the pandemic, and tightening on homeowners like no one else and seeing it in the housing market, refinance market has dried up completely and what happens next, people stop buying homes, builders stop building homes and then the rest of the economy cools. if you are not building homes, you are not putting furnaces in them, refrigerators, not carpeting them, and that slows down through the economy. how the fed has worked on excessive inflation and demand. yeah, homeowners are feeling the brunt of it, they are the leading edge. >> sandra: and what's behind it, the 30-year fixed rate mortgage and it is at levels as of today that we have not seen in this country in decades. and that is spurring big warnings from the likes of kpmg and others saying economists are sounding the alarm. once you start the process of
11:39 am
prices falling nationally, a self-fulfilling momentum to it. no one wants to catch a falling knife. large double digit declines, i think 15%, this is diane swanic, i think 15% next year is very conservative. we are already turning. meaning those losses could be even bigger than 15% in house prices? >> a lot of people think so, and it's going to depend where you live. so in some places, places you might not expect like boise, idaho, went up 20% year over year. we are seeing the unwinding of that, and going to come down fairly dramatically as well. so you hope on balance people come out ahead. the next 18 months in the housing market are not going to be pretty. >> sandra: a big warning coming from you. "new york times" agrees, it has a piece out, first time buyers face brutal housing market, and also the interest we are going to have to pay on this massive debt as a country that we are accumulating right now.
11:40 am
when you look at the comparison with government agency spending, it is -- it is safe to call this a dangerous debt scenario. what does this mean, doug? i think a lot of our eyes blur over when we see these numbers. what does all this mean for the average american and us all footing the bill for this massive debt down the road as taxpayers? >> well, when everybody is trying to get ahold of the scarce money left after the fed tightens, it means the government is competing like mad and that means higher interest rates for the private sector, less investment, means it's harder to have a credit card debt, auto loan, competition for the scarce funds and the idea that we have precommitted so much spending we have to borrow those amounts, and frightening to think of borrowing as much as we spent on the pentagon but we are headed there, that tells us we have a big problem and the underlying big problem is the size of the government, and the whole point of this borrowing is
11:41 am
to take the money from the private sector and put it to work in government programs, and when we do that, we lose value. we don't grow as fast as a nation, the standard of living does not rise, so you pay up front with the interest and pay down the road with slower growth. it's a very, very damaging economic policy and something the next congress going forward we need to reverse. >> sandra: interesting if we hear more folks in washington actually talk about this and address it. it's not very popular to talk about it. doug, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> sandra: and a dire warning as well, not just on the federal debt, but you heard it from doug as well, for the average home buyer in the country, affordability, it's a brutal environment right now and if you were one of the big pandemic home buyers you are seeing a lot of the values of those homes, mentioned boise idaho, attracted a lot of american home buyers during the pandemic, they are seeing the steepest declines quickly happening in this country. >> john: starts to hit places
11:42 am
like texas and florida you know it's digging deep. and in terms of congress reversing something over the next two years, given what we expect the make-up of congress to be, i don't think that's in the cards. >> sandra: not likely. >> john: a suspect in custody, sandra, more than 13 hours after the deadly shooting at the university of virginia. three members of the school's football team are dead, two other people are injured. one of them gravely. darrin porcher joins us, why he says the scene of the shooting is key to the case. >> sandra: parents rights in children's education is a huge issue, especially during the election. so what happened with the school board races across the country? some schools have to change their ways.
11:43 am
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♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ call one eight hundred,est resul eight million ♪ >> sandra: updating that breaking news we brought to you a short time ago on jay leno, as we are learning more via various reports, tmz and others, he went to a burn center suffering serious injuries to his face. he just gave a statement to "variety," i got some serious burns from a gasoline fire, i am ok. just need a week or two to get back on my feet. tmz reporting jay leno was
11:48 am
rushed to a medical center after one of his cars in his garage went up in flames. glad to hear he will be ok but burns can take some time to heal. >> john: no question about that. hopefully it was fairly superficial and back at it in no time at all. our best wishes go to jay today. we are now learning more about the suspect in that deadly university of virginia shooting after he was taken into custody just a short time ago. police nabbed former football player christopher darnell jones, jr., more than 13 hours after he reportedly gunned down members of the team while they returned from a field trip. three students were killed, two others wounded in the late night attack near a campus parking garage. no word on a motive, jones was known to law enforcement. darrin porcher is joining us now, darrin, a chance to chew over the evidence in this case so far. what are you thinking?
11:49 am
>> this is a really unfortunate circumstance. first, my heart goes out to jay leno, i hope he heals. but when we speak to the testament of this particular situation, we are going to do what we refer to as a backwards investigation. meaning the investigation is going to start where the shooting occurred and go back to the point where this suspect left his house with the intention of shooting and killing these people that were members of the football team. bear in mind, john, he was a former member of that team. therefore, there may have been some level of scrimmage we need to find out about in terms of admitting this evidence into the criminal trial because ultimately what prosecutors want is the availability of informational evidence to provide them with conviction in this case. >> john: the uva chief of police said chris jones had been on their radar, what he said at a press conference this morning. >> mr. jones came to the attention of the university of virginia's threat assessment
11:50 am
team in the fall of 2022. in fact, in september of 2022 our office of student affairs reported to the multidisciplinary threat assessment team that mr. jones, they received information that mr. jones had made a comment about possessing a gun to a person that was unaffiliated with the university. >> john: the police chief went on to say there was no -- that the gun possession was not associated with any threat. he also said jones was involved in a hazing investigation and a prior concealed weapon violation in february of 2021, which was outside of charlottesville, where uva is located. but there's nothing in here to suggest that he was a danger to the community in the way he is . >> well, john, if police did not have probable cause to make an arrest, quite naturally they could not have taken him into custody. however, it does no the take away from oversight.
11:51 am
often times law enforcement will have information that will provide them this individual may be a possible threat as the sheriff mentioned in this particular statement, therefore it behooves law enforcement to maintain oversight over that individual. it's expensive to leave a police car in front of someone's house, but periodic checks. >> john: what we know about his backgrounds, he played football at uva in 2018, did not appear in any games and from his high school bio, two teams student of the year, member of the national honor society, member of the national technical honor society, president of the key club and president of the virginia grads program. if ever there was a person you thought would not be involved in this, he would be close to the top of the list with that pedigree. >> absolutely.
11:52 am
he seemed to be educationally astute person, however, we need to prosecute him accordingly based on the horrific act against the innocent victims. >> john: such a shame, three dead, all members of the football team, two others wounded, one in critical condition in the hospital. darrin, good to get your take on this as our hearts and thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those involved here. thanks. >> thanks, john. >> sandra: parental rights one of the key issues in the midterm elections. moms and dads fighting to have a say in their children's education. so, were their voices heard? ery. if you need cash, call newday. you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value. veterans get more at newday usa. ...tower cam for a - hey! folks, we seem to have a visitor. it looks like - looks like you paid too much for your glasses. ... who? anyone who isn't shopping at america's best
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>> a new focus on school board races surfaced across the country during the mid-terms. this as parents' rights were among the top issue for american voters. mike emanuel on that for us live. mike, how did the races pan out?
11:58 am
>> good afternoon. it's a mixed bag. conservative candidates said they would change the way what students learn about race, sex and gender or who opposed covid protocol. so a mixed result in tuesday's election. school board meetings became more energized when parents were frustrated by covid restrictions. many people were upset by gender identity and other sex education issues. on the other side, michael hartney said -- >> one school board official elected in texas emphasized teaching traditional social studies. >> that's what i would like to see really honed in on in the
11:59 am
early grades so that they can develop a sense of nationalism and love of country. respect for country. carry that through their whole experience in the public school system without critical race theory being a part of it. >> now that both sides are more engaged in trying to win school board elections, spending on many of the campaigns is way up significantly. sandra? >> thanks, mike. john, we learned a lot during the pandemic. one thing is for sure, parents don't want to be told that they don't have say in their children's classroom. that was a key lesson during the pandemic. it was happening all over the country. had parents in these board meetings that just did not like to be told to stay out. >> john: as a parent, i'm sure that you experience this. i know we did. friends of ours did as well, people that we talked to. you feel powerless. you say, well, can't we do things differently?
12:00 pm
you're told, no, no, no. the only recourse you have is at the ballot box. it seems that -- or through a recall. it seems as a lot of people voted with their feet. >> sandra: that was a big issue for two years. john, great to be with you. great to kickoff the new week with you. i'm sandra smith. >> john: there's no elections this week. how about that? i'm john roberts. see you tomorrow. "the story" starts right now. >> martha: thanks, guys. this election is still going on. we have that to deal with. i'm martha maccallum. this is a huge week ahead in american politics. we're waiting for the results in 19 more u.s. house races. republicans hoping for a slim majority at this point. still a possible path for democrats to hold the house. so that means that this is an epic week for the future of these four people. house gop leader kevin mccarthy, wants to be speaker of the house. not waiting for the final results.


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