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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 15, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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♪ >> only one seat away from taking back the house. >> some gop aren't ready choose leadership. >> it's time for something different. continue the status quo isn't acceptable. >> katie hobbs manage to kari lake. >> a recount on the horizon. >> ftx collapsed and filed for bankruptcy. >> 1-2 billion in customer if you understand vanished. >> bank rolled democrats to the tune of 40 million bucks in the midterms. >> second biggest donor to democrat politicians including the ones who would regulate
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them. >> my heart is broken. >> former football player accused of shooting five teammates three dead. >> he came to the threat assessment team. >> lawlessness that has come with backing off of proactive policing. >> producer index coming out. >> month to month is .4 but year to year 8.3. >> consumer having less because of inflation, gas prices. >> this is shot, watkins a diving catch. commanders pick it up at the 15 yard line. another take away by this washington defense. ♪ ♪ >> brian: look at that little guy. >> ainsley: new jersey. >> brian: yeah, a guy right there by himself. what is he doing? >> steve: walking. >> ainsley: walking. >> brian: looks like his dog's in the water. >> ainsley: oh, yeah there's the dog. how cute. >> steve: great activity. live from new york here.
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that was in new jersey. >> ainsley: where it's cold. >> steve: it's freezing outside 28 degrees when i got up this morning >> brian: do you remember when we had dogs when you were younger, you never used to have to put them on a leash. if they were well trained, a lot of people didn't have dogs. a lot of kids were attacked, a lot of attacks going on. >> steve: and that's why we have leashes >> brian: and for a long time no one picked up after their dog then they had to put up signs >> steve: what kind of neighborhood do you live in. >> ainsley: i was going to say. >> brian: this is relatively new. >> ainsley: when was the dog leash invented. >> brian: when was the dog leash invented? put it this way, i never had a dog that was trained well enough to stay by my side. >> steve: see, that says more about you than about dogs. >> brian: right. other people did. but you remember the beginning of andy griffith show. >> ainsley: 1908 brian. dogs have always had leashes in your lifetime. >> brian: i know there have been leashes and they invented leashes, people worked on the wright brothers had the plane right after that but people
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chose not to put their dog on a leash. >> ainsley: oh, okay. >> brian: ron howard would be on the andy griffen show with the dog, no leash. >> ainsley: did you ever get bitten. >> brian: no, but that was a problem with dogs >> ainsley: my dad's favorite joke, the pink panther, does your dog bite, no my dog doesn't bite. he goes down to pet it, that is not my dog. >> brian: we'll roll that club later. president biden skipping the g20 submit after avoiding the topic of covid after the meeting with president xi with china. >> steve: why would he duck out? earlier he joined other countries to unveil a $20 billion investment plan to promote the use of green energy in indonesia. >> ainsley: and peter doocy joins us live with all the details from bally. hey peter. >> speaking of animals not on a leash here not far from the presidential summit is happening, there are monkeys everywhere and they are not on a
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leash. and so that is something that president biden does not see every day. but he's not going to see anything for the rest of the night. he did call out sick to the leaders dinner this evening. we are told he does not have covid but this is a major missed opportunity for a guy who likes to brag about how america is back and how he can go and work his magic after decades in dc with world leaders. we've seen video of mds of saudi arabia talking to canada's trudeau. we know that they sent antony blinken the secretary of state in his stead. we don't have an update exactly on the president's condition. as of now, he is expected -- there's the secretary of state. as of now he is expected to still go to tomorrow's events. as for the big event so far, since we've been here, president
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biden and president xi sitting down. the president says that the two of them, who have known each other for a long time, didn't come up with anything concrete. however, they did make some kind of progress. listen. >> we hope to mobile icing $20 billion for indonesia's efforts to reduce emission and expand renewable energy. investments we make today will have far reaching impact on the world for generations to come. >> when he talks about xi that was a different sound bite than we were expecting. when he talks about xi the same that he has always known him, that is a lot different than when he was on the campaign trail. listen to this.
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we don't have that sound bite but basically when i was on the campaign trail the president said xi did not have a democratic with a little b bone in his body. we are hoping to get an update on the president's condition. we know he has a wedding to get back to in washington, dc on saturday. his granddaughter naomi is getting married at the white house on saturday and turns 80 on sunday. so there's a lot that he has back at home, but for now he is down for the night here just after 9:00 in the morning -- 9:00 in the evening in indonesia. back to you. >> steve: so peter, joe biden, kirby says he does not have covid and apparently he sent his regrets to the president. said he's doing routine business and he'll be at the morning meeting? it sounds like he just ran out of gas. >> and that's entirely possible. there are a lot of people, if
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you ga go into the press file, which is about 20 feet away from me, there are a lot of people that are already out of gas. however, this president talks -- including yesterday, about how he likes to come to these summits to remind fellow world leaders that america is back and we were told by white house officials that so far on this trip to indonesia at the g20 fellow world leaders have been congratulating him about midterm election results. and so it's not like the president is trying to avoid going to some boring dinner. it sounds like he is really not feeling well. they're saying that it's not covid but we just don't know what is going on. but based on my experience in biden world for the last 3.5 years, he must really not be feeling well to be missing a dinner like this >> brian: because he loves it you would think and been doing
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it his whole career. lastly how many shots has the president gotten? have you kept a score card? >> yeah, we do keep a score card here at the to us white house unit. i believe he has five covid shots. is that -- yeah. i just confirmed with our producer on screen. five covid shots. they're telling us that he does not have covid but he has had five vaccinations and my experience so far in asia is like transiting through the south korean airport and being in cambodia a couple days ago, they take covid very seriously on this couldn't meant. >> steve: they do indeed. peter thank you for the live report. he doesn't have covid maybe he has the flu or is out of gas. >> brian: he was exposed. could they be taking precautions at this point if you're just exposed? >> ainsley: maybe he just doesn't feel well. the time difference has to affect you. >> brian: let's say he was feeling well and he was exposed to that president of cambodia who got it, would they push the
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president into exclusion. >> steve: probably not he tested negative for it and i'm sure they tested him for the flu as well. >> brian: you don't necessarily tell positive right away. >> steve: the real tell is whether or not the president shows up tomorrow morning because it's 9:00 at night there. >> ainsley: i hope he's able to make his granddaughter's wedding on saturday. >> steve: absolutely. >> brian: it's one of those things you ask yourself, can the president do the job at this age, right? >> steve: well, he was okay till he wasn't with something. we just don't know >> all right, we're going to begin now with the latest results from the midterms, which is an ongoing thing. fox news now projecting democrat katie hobbs will defeat republican candidate kari lake in the race for governor out in arizona after a very hard-fought combine and the numbers are really close. >> brian: republicans now just one seat away on the other side from taking back the house. they picked up a few seats overnight. >> ainsley: and gillian turner is live in washington with the latest. good morning. >> good morning to you guys in
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new york. so katie hobbs has been an outspoken critic of president trump's ally she's now officially pete out the gop pick for arizona governor kari lake. this after a bitter race that may yet change the future political course of the state. hobbs did eek out a narrower than expected victory over lake. the fox news decision desk predicts the race may yet go to a recount under arizona law. lake tweeted her frustration and disappointment last night writing, quote, arizonians know bs when they see it. looking at congress more broadly speaking the balance of power this hour as we just mentioned stands at 217 republicans to 205 democrats. last night new york's 22th, california's 41st and 45th districts were all called for gop candidates. new york's 22 in particular had been a deep blue district for years. house leadership elections are scheduled for today just a few hours at 1:00 p.m. this despite the reality that control is still in limbo. something republican senators are not happy about.
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>> it would be insane if we reelect the same leadership two days from now. if we say, hey, nothing happened. everything's good. keep rolling off the waterfall. >> it's time for something different and to come in here and to continue the status quo isn't acceptable. >> crews and other republicans want the vote delayed until after the georgia runoff in december when control of the house will be certain. right now rafael warnock and herschel walker are furiously fund raising walker pulled in 11 million bucks since just wednesday. warnock, though, overall has hauled in a much bigger figure about $103 million for his reelection compared to walker's 39 million overall. warnock's campaign though has not released any figures since the recall kicked off a few days ago. so we're left to wonder. back to you guys >> brian: lot of drama in washington thanks jillian. >> you bet. >> steve: and georgia. new details about the epic
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collapse about that democratic mega donor the crypto guy sam bankman freed whose massive business filed for bankruptcy just days after he gave the democrats a bunch of dough. >> ainsley: yeah, only 30 years old, said to be worth about $16 billion and put nearly 40 million into far left voting causes this midterm cycle on top of the ten million to help get joe biden elected in 2020. >> brian: our next guest says the party should give that money back. fox news contributor miranda devine is here to explain. miranda he spends all that money, millions of dollars on the campaign but the moan doesn't really exist. so the money was never there and he gave it and they bought stuff with it, what do they have to give back? >> well, they did get -- the democrats did get money. >> yeah, real money. >> the second biggest donor and real people lost real money talking about between one and
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$2 billion of this crypto exchange's customers, they lost that money, that real money. but whatever this wiz kid was doing, it was not dealing with anything of value and we know he was by the media, he was on the cover of fortune and forbes magazines, new york times even after this bankruptcy has just written a glowing article about him just skipping over the really sham bobble i can and nature of this business and crypto currency and sam bankman-fried is a young bizarre wiz kid who had a bizarre life style in the bahamas. he was likened to the next warren buffett and yet warren buffett himself said this industry, cryptocurrency is worthily and attracts
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charlotteens. >> steve: the thing about the crypt tow market right now it's so tightly regulated so anytime somebody gives a bunch of dough to lawmakers you just wonder why. >> well, it was pretty obvious why. i mean sam bankman-fried was giving money in particular to very pro crypto democrats like kirsten gillibrand in new york. he was behind legislation that was being dropped and that was supposedly going to regulate crypto to keep the sec out of it. so while he portrayed himself and was portrayed as this so-called effective al trueist who was going to give away all his money and supposedly going to give a billion dollars to the democrats for 2024, really a lot of this money just served his own purposes. he went to the white house several times this year and met with various people until the
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biden administration. this was all about not regulating crypto, probably, and the result, as we see, is this unregulated market has collapsed. a lot of people have lost money. and have been ripped off basically. and the democrats, with their $40 million that they got, at least, this cycle to win the midterms, plus the $10 million that this guy put into biden's campaign in 2020, they really owe it to the victims of this scam to give it back. >> ainsley: yeah. well, the lobbyist who worked for the company severed ties with the exchange. the golden state warriors are not airing his promotional ads anymore. he spent $3,000 to go to this bahamas crypto festival with tony blair and bill clinton and orlando bloom and katy perry. he is very different, went to mit so he's brilliant parents are teachers at stan ford. i wonder what will happen. he lives in bahamas, can he
5:16 am
evade arrest and law enforcement living in another country? >> well, he's under some sort of supervision by the ba hamian authorities because there was some reports he and his co-founder were planning to ski dadle to dubai which doesn't have extradition duties. but one of the assets in the cryptocurrency exchange was kind of this worthless joke bitcoin called trump lose. so this was a very political operation. pretty obvious it was going to go down in flames and very conveniently it only went bankrupt after the midterms. >> brian: him and his father evidently were meeting with investigators all weekend long. they were also hacked over the weekend so they said they cannot keep up with the number of inquiries. a big cash withdraw and no cash to get. so this guy is broke, busted. >> ainsley: no one understands this stuff so how do these investigators investigate?
5:17 am
right? thank you so much miranda. >> brian: that's necessarily true but you have to wonder, too, there was a canadian ontario teachers union investment fund, pension fund. >> ainsley: that put money? there? >> brian: that put money in there and it's all gone. and i wonder do you think it's just ontario do you think there's other police and other organizations, fire fighterss >> steve: whoever thought that was a good idea, putting it into crypto, a pension? come on. everybody has been warned about the dangers of it and this is exhibit a. time for some news and carley joins us with news from. >> carley: yeah an update on this tragic horrific story we've been following. police identifying the four university of ohio students found dead in a home near the college campus. the victims are kaley gonzalez, matty, ethan and santa. they're calling it a crime of passion. they have not released any information about how the
5:18 am
victims were killed but believe it's not a case of murder suicide >> to the crisis of our southern border new data shows cdp encountered 230,000 migrants in october. reacting to the staggering figures. >> it just isn't about immigration. when you overwhelm the border patrol with these numbers that are 70-80% pulled off the line to process, that's when the fentanyl comes across. that's when known suspected terrorists came across. they arrested 114, and unknown gotta ways. >> carley: alejandro may or kiss is set to testify in front of the homeland security committee today. one of the topics that could come up chris's resignation as cbp commissioner. he says he was forced to resign by mayorkas >> astros fans getting a big surprise at raising cane. shortstop jeremy peña was
5:19 am
working the drive through where he surprised a few hundred customers while he was serving chicken fingers screaming fans made some very interesting requests, some asking him to prom, which is so cute. others said for you i'll get a divorce. wow. i hope that person's husband wasn't there. >> brian: right. >> carley: that took a turn. [laughter]. >> carley: can go to prom? i'll get a divorce for you. >> ainsley: one is sour one is sweet. >> steve: the chicken is delicious. we've had it here before. thank you carley. >> you're welcome. >> ainsley: bryan what's coming up. >> brian: thanks for asking ainsley that means my name's on the prompter. one of the largest teachers union playing cleanup after suggesting educators know better than anyone what students need. fox news contributor leo tyrell reacts live. newd we have a noble purpose. our purpose is not just closing a loan. we want to do whatever's best for the individual service person. we want to be known as america's mortgage
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company for veterans and active-duty service people, and they and their families. we're the ones there to help them. people are doing hard, arduous, difficult, dangerous things. some of them are giving their lives right now, today, for the freedoms that we have here in this country. they're willing to do that for you, for me, and for our family. so for us, at newday, to have the opportunity to turn around and help those people at this point in time. it's a labor of love, it's a noble service, and that's what we're all about.
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>> classes in advance at the university of virginia cancelled today as students and the community grieve the campus shooting that left three uva football players dead. police have arrested the man they believe is responsible after a nearly 12-hour man hunt. bob bernard is live in charlottesville with the very latest. bob? >> steve good morning we are outside scotts stadium the football field you see behind me students coming in placing flowers and candles and cards to remember the three students. they're three fellow classmates who were murdered here on campus sunday night. we can show you their pictures. they are desean perry, lavelle davis, jr. and devon chandler, all three members of the uva football teamment two others were wounded in the attack sunday night. one of them also a football team member. arrested is a uva student christopher jones jr. 22 at one
5:25 am
point a freshman four years ago was on the football team. he is now facing three counts of second degree murder. he has an arraignment here in charlottesville today. his arrest 12 hours after the sunday night shooting was announced during a news conference kind of caught everybody by surprise. here's tim lingo the chief of police here at uva. >> thank you captain. we just received information the suspect is in custody. we just need a moment to thank god, breathe a sigh of relief. >> so the three football players and the others who were wounded were on a charter bus just arriving back on campus here in charlottesville from a day-long field trip sunday to see a play in washington, dc about two hours from here. we're not sure led up to the
5:26 am
shooting we do however know suspect jones had a prior situation where he was questioned and under review because he apparently made a threat of some kind involving a gun but no gun was ever found. the virginia attorney general, jason mioras was asked about that earlier on your show guys. >> a lot of questions we want answered and we're going to get to that. right now we're trying to wrap our arms around the charlottesville community which is hurting right now and these students. >> and as you mentioned, steve, for a second day now classes have been cancelled here at uva. virginia's governor glenn youngkin ordered all flags around the commonwealth of virginia flags half staff today until sunset. >> steve: bob thank you for the live report from virginia. brian. >> brian: now after the top of the hour, a bold claim from the top teachers union has parents up in arms. get this the national education association now on the defense
5:27 am
after tweeting, quote, educators love their students and know better than anyone what they need to learn and to 35. really? here to react, fox news contributor former public school teacher himself leo tyrell. leo, after 5,000 replies they shut off the response on twitter. what's your response? >> well, thanks for having me, brian. look, to deny parent participation in a child's education would amount to a dereliction of duty for every school aid teacher. teachers do not teach it's the individual teacher in that classroom who need to make an assessment on every student. guess how they get that assessment? from parental involvement they get information from the parent on study discuss his work habits, you can't get that information anywhere else except from the parent and this is why what the teachers union said is nothing more than the political stunt. they're in the back pocket brian of the democrat party.
5:28 am
they don't teach. individual classroom teachers teach. as a former school teacher i relied on parents to give me information about their sons and daughters. >> brian: wow. so here's the former secretary of education betsy devos responding. you misspelled parents. further they say together families and educators are a team that advocates that all students need. out of touch billionaires, however, are not. so that of course is a push back on her as secretary of education. so here's the deal. true, educators go to school for education degrees and they go over curriculum and set up daily planers. i get it. but in terms of what is taught in the classroom, we are seeing more and more that we want -- parents want control holisticically how their children will learn and where they will learn. do you think arizona is the beginning of choice for parents of all income brackets?
5:29 am
>> brian, i hope so. i hope arizona serves as a model. why? because i guarantee you, there's a strangle hold on public education controlled by the teachers union. parents need choice. you cannot have a quality education without parental involvement. why? because of the lesson plan. the situation in virginia with parents demanding some form of participation, the idea that arizona, as far as school choice are requirements to not only bust up the union but to give kids a quality education. why? because education is the key to break the poverty cycle. >> brian: tell me if this is true leo. when they have back to school nights teachers love it because they want their parents engaged and knowing what the kids are bringing home, the criteria, the type of homework they give because it becomes a team. >> brian, i remember days when there used to be back to school night, pta. these reasonable fundamental
5:30 am
requirements to have quality education for each individual kid. it's a chance for teachers and parents to learn about each other. >> brian: yeah. and not to be protective of their format, what are you protecting and why you being so secretive. leo tyrell thank you so much. you go to law school and we keep on tapping into your education background. good job. >> i'm a better school teacher than i am a lawyer, brian. i'll teach your kids. >> brian: put it this way you'll never be unemployed, between tv teaching and legal stuff. thanks leo. >> up next we are waiting a key inflation report as holiday shopping gets underway. stay with us. ♪ even walking was tough. i had to do something. i started cosentyx®. cosentyx can help you move, look, and feel better... by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting...get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections some serious... and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms... or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms...
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we're ready for the holidays, so you're ready for what's next.
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>> we are back with helped lines starting with a fox news aert will. wal-mart a agreeing to pay $3.1 billion to resolve all of its opioid lawsuits. new york attorney general leticia james saying new york will get up to 116 million, that will go to local communities to help end this crisis and save lives >> listen to this jeffery's fans slamming the show for for an appalling clue that revolves around the murder of gabby pitino the trove yo clue says in
5:35 am
2021 the fugitive brian laundrie ended in the creek area home of these long and toothy critters. the answer was what are alligators but man fans felts that clue was insensitive and unnecessary given the answer was completely unrelated to petito's tragic death >> ron a mcdaniel is seeking a fourth two-year term as the head of the rnc but she could face some competition from new york's congressman lee zeldin who helped flip several house seats during his strong campaign for new york governor. former white house official mercedes schlapp also thinking about running. more to come on that shannon over to you. >> hello, good morning. it is a little cold outside. let's look at the maps to prove it. temperatures are below freezing in a lot of the states today. look at that my goodness i'm getting cold just looking at that. so 31, 32, 18, 26, you get the picture, right? look, i mean, it's cold as far south as georgia and the carolinas. so today, wednesday, thursday,
5:36 am
over 250 million people below average giving us a taste of what's to come. so, i know you get the picture right? and look at how cold it gets over the next couple days across the mississippi river valley and the southeast. florida is the only state not getting in on this and we're excited to go there tomorrow. here is the storm we're talking about that could delay travel today, tomorrow and into thursday so we need to watch this as the low pressure comes up the coast and brings feet of snow through parts of new england. hopefully we get out for the patriot awards, i'm crossing my fingers i know a lot of people are relying on this forecast. snow still to come. my prediction is we will get out tomorrow afternoon if not i'll be in trouble. steve ainsley brian over to you. >> brian: we get an uber and we drive >> janice: driving a road trip. >> ainsley: that would be fun. >> brian: for about an hour. >> ainsley: thanks janice >> fox news another inflation
5:37 am
received, whole safe prices rising 0.2% in october and 8.0% increase year over year. >> brian: as the holiday season kicks off they give a good look at what consumers are facing right now. >> steve: still more expensive than last year. madison all worth from fox business is live from a wal-mart in garfield, new jersey with more. and they are starting to shop, aren't they? >> good morning steve they are definitely starting to shop early to get the deals. what i really like about walmart is it's a bell weather for the consumer right? it's a big box store that has everything. what we learned from the earnings report is that yes people are shopping early and almost every income bracket is looking at wal-mart because americans are desperate for deals as inflation soars. so a big thing that came out this earnings report that we saw today is that the grocery business was their big success.
5:38 am
that's a discount grocer compared to where you would go elsewhere. so they attracted a lot of new customers and 75% of those new shoppers are in a higher income bracket making at least $100,000 a year. that really shows that everyone is looking for those deals. and when the shoppers do come through the doors of walmart, they're looking for cheaper items. their proteins are things like hot dogs and beans over pricey meat from the earnings report. the same mentality being applied to the holiday season, walmart also saying in the earnings report people are spending more on food and less on the discretion area items like clothing and gifts. that's why we're seeing early deals to help get shoppers through their doors early. but even with the deals, the tough thing for families, buying gifts for the holiday season is that they are expected to be stretched thin. >> we're seeing consumers saving less money than they were before. so we're spending a larger proportion of our disposable income, and we are drawing on
5:39 am
those savings and in some cases consumers are drawing on debt, they're borrowing money top maintain these high levels of spend. >> you know, tough going into the holiday season with inflation so high but the good news is stores like wal-mart and really across the board do have better deals than we've seen in recent years because of the high inflation so there is a way to save when you go out holiday shopping. steve, i'll send it back to you. >> steve: thank you very much madison. and, of course, walmart is america's number one biggest grocery store. >> brian: easy to get lost. >> ainsley: i don't know my way around it. once you've been in one. >> brian: if you're with somebody and they say i'll be right back you will never see them again. >> ainsley: take your cell phone. >> steve: and if you don't you're done. >> brian: just have to meet them at home. >> ainsley: coming up next harris faulkner joins us live. come on out here. talking about wal-mart. >> yes. good morning. how are you? ♪
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>> ainsley: this is shocking, new numbers revealing customs and border agents encountering more than 230 migrants crossing illegally last month. that record likely to come up when secretary mayorkas is grilled by the homeland security committee today. harris faulkner recently visited the texas border where she spoke to locals about the damaging impact of the migrant surge and she joins us now. good morning harris. >> good morning ainsley. we saw this coming. what september was was the end of the fiscal year and we were at 227,000 then so we've ticked up. we've started a brand new fiscal year under this administration worse off than we were at the end of the fiscal year 30 days ago. whatever is happening, you know how they've decided to solve it? dhs says well there's a guy we can fire. there's christopher magnus, he's
5:45 am
in charge --. >> ainsley: scapegoat. >> yeah. and the timing of it is just perfect for mayorkas to talk about that today. so biden accepted chris magnus's head of cbp custom border protection commissioner accepted his resignation on saturday. i mean, this is a tick tock right until that seat. by the way talk about losing confidence in a leader, the patrol down there, they finally started to open up and talk and i said look when he comes here he says one thing, he goes back to washington and he seems to side with the president is not pushing us forward. i tell you it was a real eye opener to see this, but what really opened my eyes this morning is that it's getting worse and this doesn't have anything to do with the weather. people said, oh, when it's hot they come, when it's -- they're coming because the border's open. >> ainsley: right, they have an opportunity now. the cbp says that 64,000 got aways in the month of october. that's 2,000 people slipping
5:46 am
through our border every day. >> we don't know where they're going and i've gone through some of those entry points on camera to show people how long you can stand there, the sensors pick you up, nobody comes. they're overwhelmed and outnumbered. one last number, 846 was the last confirmed number of deaths at the border. moms and dads and children drowning in the del rio. we've got to change the politics. >> ainsley: you have a new book out and we are so excited for you because it's number one in pre sales at walmart right? it's called fate still moves mountains i love the title tell us about the book. >> thank you so much. you know what? people see me and they say this is needed right now this message. people are losing the idea that god intervenes in our life. and so i would just say to people today that god is not done with you yet. you have to give him an opportunity to move mountains in your life. and if you've fallen away from prayer, fall back into it.
5:47 am
read the testimonies of people who have walked who were told they would never walk again decades ago. there's a young woman in there who went to a nursing home in her 20s, doctors threw up their hands and said look, you need that kind of care. she met her husband in that nursing home, another contemporary age medical tech. they get married start going to a church. she walks in church. i'm shortening the story. the testimony is so amazing. the prayer clausing, earnstein. you and i covered 2019, the twister outbreak down in lee county alabama. everything was destroyed except for a prayer closet at one house on this one street that this 87 year old woman was praying inside when the storm hit. because she had been praying before the storm, during the storm and prayed mightily after, thank you lord, thank you for bringing me through. this will teach you the evidence that's there. to take another look at faith if you've fallen away or you just
5:48 am
very just have started to lose your way a little bit. >> ainsley: beautiful. >> this will help you to lean into god so he can lean into you. i'm so excited. >> ainsley: everyone go and buy this book it's called faith still moves mountains and you can go to and get a copy as well. >> yeah, anywhere books are sold. >> ainsley: congratulations. >> ainsley i love you thank you. >> ainsley: thank you, too, and i love your faith. >> thank you. >> ainsley: you're welcome. coming up, ralphie returns home to the brand new sequel to a christmas story. the real-life ralphie peter billingsley is going to join us live, yes, with a sneak peek but first check in with bill hemmer with what's coming up at the top of the hour. hey bill. >> ainsley good morning to you. republicans can smell the finish line to a majority in the house. will that happen today? could it happen over the next two hours? we'll find out together. and what does former president trump announce later tonight? kellyy and conway mark penn and more coming up on that. another month another record for apprehensions at the border when
5:49 am
will this stochlt cup about to kickoff but not without controversy from the home country where would we be without it we'll get you an answer dana perino and i join you at the top of the hour. see you then. 12 minutes away. ♪ ♪are you ready for me♪ ♪are you ready♪ ♪are you ready♪
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5:52 am
♪ >> no, no.
5:53 am
>> you'll shoot your eye out, kid. merry christmas. ho-ho-ho. >> no. >> steve: remember that holiday classic? well, if you are wondering what ever happened to that little adorable boy ralphie? his story continues in the brand new movie a christmas story christmas. take a look at this, an update. >> who wants to go see santa? >> this is amazing. >> incredible. >> we will meet you right here when you're done. >> don't let him kick you in the face. >> huh? >> joining us right now, look at that, it's ralphie himself, actor and producer peter billingsley. peter good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you. >> steve: it's about time. the original came out in '83. >> yeah, yeah. >> steve: and now it's going to be on hbo max the day after tomorrow on thursday night. >> correct. >> steve: what took so long. >> yeah, well, it's been 39 years. so it was an interesting movie because when it came out, kind
5:54 am
of did okay and then it went away and this was in '83 so through cable and video it started to build a following and then we realized we'd like to try to do it but we had to get it right. >> steve: you had to get it right. so now you're coming back you are grown up and you have your own kids and you're going home. >> that's a great starting point ralphie with his own family and kids and trying to give his kids a christmas like he had growing up. >> steve: so when you say a christmas like he had growing up, does somebody in the new movie get their tongue stunk on a flag pole. >> we don't go there because if we did it successfully but the relationship, you know, one thing is the entire kid cast is back, all the same actors that played those role is back. >> steve: that's awesome. >> so it's fun to imagine where are these characters now. the movie takes place in 1973 because the original was about 1940. >> steve: sure. >> so they're still home and ralphie has to come home. his life isn't quite where he wants it and he's tasked with putting on this great christmas. >> steve: peter you look so much
5:55 am
like you did as a little boy. how much does somebody come up to you and say you remind me of somebody? >> it happens a lot for sure. it's just one of those movies that continues to seem to resonate and nobody knew i don't think at the time the power that it would have and be playing on a marathon 24 hours a day around christmas is amazing. >> steve: so people are probably curious. did you ever keep that bb gun? >> you know, i was lucky they gifted me the bb gun and i actually have the bunny suit and my mom was just good at collecting little things from movies. no one had any idea what the film would turn out to be so nice to have it. >> steve: fantastic. tell us about cinematic journey podcasts. >> i realize i've done five christmas movies now. i love movies, i love christmas movies so it's podcast on spoked tie this year diving into why these movies resonate so much. >> steve: next week is thanksgiving and so the christmas holidays movies will start. >> it's going to start. >> steve: best time of the year to watch tv. >> i love them and all in the top ten on the i tune cues each
5:56 am
year. they're like comfort food we just relate and love them. >> steve: are you going to come back in 40 years as a grandpa? >> well maybe not 40, maybe we'll shorten it a little bit but certainly a third chapter could be in store for us. >> steve: peter billingsley great to have you here in the studio. folks watch a christmas story christmas on hbo max starting november 17th that is thursday. peter. thank you very much. >> appreciate it thank you. >> steve: can i be the first one to say merry christmas? >> merry christmas to you as well. >> steve: i think that's a record for me. more fox and friends in a couple of minutes. you're watching fox and friends. ♪
5:57 am
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>> cold whether throughout the northeast. >> i'm not swimming. >> whatever you do today, i just ask you stay within yourself. >> bill: good morning, everybody. house republicans now knocking on the door. we have had seven days of uncertainty but the balance of power now coming into focus as we say hello to you. good morning i'm bill hemmer live in new york. >> dana: is this live? >> bill: it is live. >> dana: i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." good to be with you today on tuesday. after a week of counting votes, control of washington is almost settled. almost. republicans one seat away from clinching the house. >> bill: right now 217. they need 218. more than a dozen seats still in play. many o


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