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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 15, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PST

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extracts the contents including everything messages, photos, contacts, and video. it is created by an israeli spy ware firm black listed by the u.s. government. cybersecurity experts call it a powerful and stealthy cyber weapon. take a listen.>> it uses 0 clic order to infect the target's phone without requiring any interaction from the target user. much more sophisticated in the way it collects data on user's phones. >> lawmakers are worried the f.b.i., though they didn't use it yet, may take it up in the future without oversight. >> bill: wow, gillian turner, thank you. we'll follow it. >> dana: homeland security secretary mayorkas and f.b.i. director wray are facing questions on national security from the chaos at the southern border as well as the chaotic departure of cbp commissioner
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magnus this week and other issues like domestic terrorism and cyber threats. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: good morning to you, dana. i'm bill hemmer. good morning. secretary mayorkas appearing on the first time since magnus resigned over the weekend. magnus did not want to go. republicans accusing mayorkas of trying to cover up his own failures saying he should be next on the chopping block. actually is >> the white house forced the resignation of chris magnus. let's be honest what it was. an effort to shift blame away from those in power, who are the ones responsible for over 2 million people illegally entering our country through the southern border. the president, vice president and secretary mayorkas. we can't let them get away with this. >> dana: aishah hosni is
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following the hearing this morning. >> mayorkas this hearing is going to be very, very tough for him this morning. not only is he facing criticism for not having a handle on his own department. of course, things are getting worse and worse down at the southern border. take a look at these brand-new numbers from customs and border protection. we just got some numbers for the month of october. they are stunning, dana. more than 230,000 migrants crossed the border last month. that's the highest -- the highest october in dhs history. according to cbp sources they averaged 2,000 gotaways every day. people who have now slipped into this country without any record. now, in the midst of this, mayorkas asked his customs and border protection commissioner magnus to resign. there were regular leaks that appeared to come from the cbp
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criticizing biden's border policies. a top cbp official testified under oath earlier this year. there were no consequences for those attempting to cross the border illegally. republicans on this committee are going to be tough and call magnus the fall guy, the scapegoat for president biden's national security crisis at the border as they try to figure out what mayorkas is planning to do without magnus as the white house tries to control record crossings. they've called on mayorkas to resign and talking about impeaching him once the republicans take the majority of the house. a very tough and fiery hearing for mayorkas. >> dana: we'll watch it all. >> bill: the fox news decision desk late last night calling the arizona governor's race for the democrat katie hobbs projecting she will defeat republican and former tv news anchor kari lake backed by the former president donald trump. we're live in phoenix with more
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on this where there might be a recount. good morning. >> good morning, bill. we're waiting to see on that one. the white house this morning saying that president biden gave governor-elect katie hobbs a congratulatory call. the campaign will host a victory party after today after the projection came down. hobbs tweeted democracy is worth the wait. thank you, arizona. i am so honored and proud to be your next governor. the tone of the campaigns were strikingly different. hobbs the sitting secretary of state and defender of arizona elections processes. republican kari lake a former tv news anchor backed by former president trump and called into question the 2020 election. after the race call lake tweeted quote, arizonians know b.s. when they see it. the lake campaign and supporters have directed ire at the maier copy elections officials.
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it didn't help when 17,000 ballots cast on election day had to be brought back to the center office after printing problems created problems. officials insist they have been transparent making sure every legal vote is counted. >> thinking about the future and what we can do to rebuild confidence in those who have had their confidence shaken because people who they believe in, leaders in their own party sadly have spread misinformation. >> across the state 48,000, maricopa county more than 15,000. hob leads lake by 19,382 votes. a margin of.8%. if lake slices that lead to.5% it would trigger and automatic recount. one last thing news organizations including fox news pro pro projected caity hobbs as the
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winner. they believe lake will not be able to overcome that lead. >> bill: that's been a very closely-watched race. updates when we get them. >> dana: looks like former president trump will move ahead with plans to announce his third campaign for president tonight after a disappointing week for republicans overall in the mid-terms. if he does as widely expected the "wall street journal" is wondering will the gop nominate the man democrats know they can beat? james freeman is a fox news contributor. what do you guys think? how do you apreach this moment as we get closer to tonight? >> yeah, it's interesting. when you look at the last week's election results and you are looking for trends we talked about how it seems clear across the country and kari lake is another great example. she was a good candidate. her opponent barely campaigned. didn't want to debate or discuss the issues but what seems to be poison especially among independent voters is people who
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will not accept the results of the 2020 election. now, you are allowed to question election results. mr. trump in 2020 went to court. he lost and at that point i think you have to accept the result. you can try to reform the system if you think there are problems with it. georgia did it well despite a lot of criticism. but at the end of the day i think they will find republican voters i think will come to the conclusion that there is a ceiling on donald trump in terms of independents, people who just beyond the issues of the day, want you to accept the results of elections. once all your reasonable challenges have been exhausted. he went beyond that in 2020. >> bill: the phrase for tonight is special announcement. i sit in the big room with the big brains that work at the journal. how do you define special announcement. >> i think everybody assumes it is another run for president. obviously it could be a shocker.
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maybe it's expansion of mar-a-lago or something like this. i think it's expected to be a run. i think everyone understands he still has a lot of fans out there in the country and they respect his legitimate record of achievement during his term. when you talk about tax reform, deregulation, a lot of foreign policy victories. abraham accords. he was wrong on some of the particulars but he got the washington establishment to change its view of china. i think that has been helpful with people realizing that our belief that capitalism would liberate that country and drive it to political reform has not worked out. it is an old-fashioned dictate orship. he has the policy wins. >> dana: the china point he made a bipartisan issue. >> there are achievements there but recognizing at a baseline level our system doesn't work if people don't accept the result.
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>> dana: ask you about your column yesterday. the headline of your column. is progressive now a bad word in u.s. politics? do you think the democrats think so after they win? >> certainly some of them do. i thought it was interesting this year. you've had a few years where progressives have had an amazing media run. the rise of bernie sanders in 2016 and aoc in 2018. in 2020 so much of the democratic establishment even embraced the defund the police nuttiness. the establishment has run away from that but i thought what was interesting about this year even progressive candidates didn't want to call themselves progressives. you saw that in the oregon house race just decided and in the wisconsin senate race. this is a state biden won in 2020. this time republican ron johnson beat mandela p barnes who spent much of the campaign saying i'm not really a defund the police guy and johnson saying yes, you are. let's look at the tweets.
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>> that's true with barnes losing there. with each passing election the progressive movement gets larger in terms of numbers. the city of pittsburgh summer lee wins. the winner in oregon whether she wants to use progressive or not. omar's margin got bigger than it did last time. and i think the same might be true for aoc in her district in new york city. >> let me give you the optimistic case, which is the progressive issues were losers for democrats this year to the extent they had success -- by the way it is not that great a success. we think the republicans take the house. so this is a relative success compared to expectations but the issues that hurt them were the progressive issues. crime, inflation, which i think is reasonably tied to the bernie sanders spending agenda which the president unfortunately largely endorsed when he came
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into office. they didn't get the whole build back better but they got a lot of it. those issues were not good for democrats. they were talking about other issues. they were talking about -- this gets back to our first discussion. belief in democracy, the health of democracy, the importance of democracy. people respecting election results was really, i think, the underrated story. >> bill: excellent debate. i don't know where it ends or how it is settled. karen bass is probably going to win the mayor's race in l.a. and the fellow democrat was big on fighting crime. he may not win. >> i would look at that one. it's like los angeles. this is the most progressive -- among the most progressive cities, a democratic lock on the city council for years and years and years and have not had a republican mayor in two decades.
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so we get what's the reasonable bar? the fact that caruso is competitive is new in that city. >> dana: like lee zeldin coming within five. same argument. >> yeah. i would say -- i think the trend line is positive if you are thinking let's have reasonable rule of law and police. >> bill: give me a text at 9:00. >> well, there's that. >> bill: in a moment that suspect on the attack on paul pelosi already in state court. about to appear in federal court facing multiple charges. >> dana: mexico is home to some of the world's most dangerous cartels. why is its government using video from an american city in an anti-drug ad? >> zbl the fall of a crypto company looking into dark money. do democrats pay the money back? a closer look next. >> the democrats with their
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>> bill: the man accused of break being into the home of nancy pelosi and attacking her husband paul is in federal court facing assault and criminal charges. we are live in san francisco. good to see you, claudia, good morning. >> good morning to you, bill. this is the second appearance in a courtroom for the man accused of busting into the speaker's san francisco home and attacking her husband, paul, with a hammer. depape has already been
7:19 am
arraigned in san francisco's superior court on a number of felony charges including attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. he pleaded not guilty. his court appointed public defender by his side and being held without bail at the county jail. today he faces federal charges stemming from his alleged plot to kidnap a u.s. official, the speaker of the house and the assault on her husband. according to a federal indictment paul pelosi told police he had been asleep when depape, whom he had never seen before. entered his bedroom looking for nancy pelosi. other court filings described how he admitted he wanted to take her hostage and if speaker pelosi lied to him he intended to break her knee caps. if convicted he faces 30 years in prison for the assault charge and 20 years for the attempted kidnapping count. knit state's case the attempted murder charge could send him to prison for life. the state's case could take
7:20 am
precedence here. paul pelosi is 82 and legal analysts say prosecutors will want to preserve his testimony as soon as possible as both a witness and a victim. pelosi continues to recover from a fractured skull and other injuries. his wife says this attack has been traumatic for her whole family and could impact her political future, including whether she decides to stay in congress. if republicans win control of the house. >> bill: we'll watch. thanks, claudia, in san francisco. >> dana: the mexican government released a new anti-drug advertisement featuring images of homeless people and open air drug users in philadelphia to scare mexican kids from doing drugs. why is mexico using video from philly and what's the reaction from that city? we'll bring in a columnist from philadelphia. you live in philly and you experience this. what's the reaction to people
7:21 am
you talk to about mexico using philly as an example of what not to do? >> we're absolutely horrified by what is happening on the streets of philadelphia and it is no lost irony on any of us what care about this city that mexico is an enormous part of the problems. the cartels they allow illegal drugs to flow through the border into the united states and do not protect their northern border, our southern border, is hugely problematic. i'm not against anything showing children the true devastation happening on the streets of philadelphia i would argue the mexican government is an enormous part of this problem. >> dana: drug overdoses in philly almost 1300. fentanyl overdoses up 76% of all drug deaths. when you look at that ad, some people might think it is a dramatization or exaggerated. you've seen it for yourself. that's real. >> yeah, i've driven down
7:22 am
kensington. i won't drive down to it anymore. it is one of the most tragic things that you will ever see. the video is just a small part of what is really going on there. this is the failed war on drugs where we as the united states decided to criminalize disease addiction. we put the victims in jail and failed to go after the real problem. the cartel. this is an example of a couple of things. the failed war on drugs but also the total and complete hold of the democratic party on the city of philadelphia for the last 60 plus years and also a george soros-funded district attorney overseeing this. there has been no solutions, no answers, more lives lost and devastation. >> dana: mayor kenny of philadelphia says it is not a good thing to see your city treated -- portrayed that way and says there is more work to do. you mention the prosecutor in philadelphia. there will be an impeachment vote in the house judiciary
7:23 am
committee to see if they can get him out. is that a realistic thing? >> i think it is becoming more realistic. the democrats just took control of the house in pennsylvania. so i think it is going to come and stall. but i think there is a legitimate case to be made. a bipartisan vote to move it forward before. i think it is still possible. it's remarkable to me that mayor kenny suggests there is work to be done. he has been in office. krasner has been elected. what are they waiting to do to solve this? this is the very fundamental issue. they promise and promise and never deliver. now lives and devastation are being lost. by the way, there are many good people living in kensington that have to deal with this every day. people lying on their stoops, children walking to school through the drugs and carnage of this. it is the shame of the nation that this is happening. >> dana: one other thing i want to point out. i don't want to sound like we're picking on philly but it is actually happening there. when are they going to do
7:24 am
something about it? gas station shootings and robberies are way up in philly. call for number three. six gun point robberies at stations in 2022. there were only 20 gun point robberies in 2020. what is happening at the gas stations in philly? >> the gas stations, two things going on. it is one of the last places people must go to outside of their home. you don't have to go to a grocery store or mall. those parking lots are not a sure thing for people. but people do have to go to the gas station. they usually pop out of the car. we leave it unlocked. phones and purses are in the car and probably one of the last places where there is a lot of cash transaction as well and people the end not to pay attention. easy target and prey. once again this shows -- i don't think you are picking on dell fachlt it is not a dramtydation. it is real life. because we have lawlessness in our city thanks to the d.a. larry krasner and incompetent
7:25 am
mayor and new york choke hold by the democratic party. no improvement on people's lives. if you live in the city life is worsening. there is no good neighborhood now. every where is vulnerable. >> it is a wonderful city. >> dana: we'll stay in touch. >> bill: republicans on the cusp of taking the house. they need one seat. 13 are in play. we'll go to the board and show you what's happening today. new details on a suspect accused of killing three football players at the university of virginia. the red flag that police say they saw months ago. that's next. >> you think you know in the first 24 hours of any investigation and what you know after you've been able to sit down and talk to all the witnesses and everybody involved can be quite different. everybody is in the midst of that and asking everybody to be patient. ore energy in just two weeks.
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>> in september of 2022 our office of student affairs reported to the multidisciplinary threat assessment team that mr. jones, they received information that mr. jones had made a comment about possessing a gun to a person that was unaffiliated with the university. >> dana: the suspect accused of killing three university of virginia football players was known to police. christopher darnell jones junior landed on their raid or in september over a prior conviction involving a concealed weapons. thousands of people attended a vigil on campus mourning the three victims. mike emanuel has more on this developing investigation. >> good morning. the big question is why. investigators are trying to determine a motive. the suspect is christopher darnell jones junior, 22 years old from richmond, virginia. he has been charged with murder. jones was arrested yesterday about 80 miles from the
7:32 am
university near richmond. the uva students had been on a class field trip to see a play in washington, d.c. and they had just returned to university grounds sunday night when the shooting took place. three members. uva football team students were killed. chandler, a second year student, davis junior a third year from richfield, south carolina, perry, a fourth year student from miami, florida. >> my heart is broken for the victims and their families and for all those who knew and loved them and they are all in my prayers. as i've said before, when i see our students, i see my own kids. >> members of several fraternities raised banners near the crime scene with the numbers, 1, 15, 41, the football jersey numbers of the fallen players. the virginia attorney general asked the public for patience. >> we have a lot of questions to
7:33 am
answer. right now we're trying to wrap our arms around the charlottesville community which is just hurting right now and these students. >> two others were shot. one in critical condition. one in good condition. the suspect is likely to make his first court appearance tomorrow. >> dana: thank you, we'll stay on top of it. >> bill: where do we stand? republicans are one seat away from getting the majority in the house. 217. you need to get to 218 to do it. what's happening out there? you have a dozen races yet to be decided. want to show you a little bit here in california. they take their time in california. i just want you to know that. this, however, a huge district. you see the congressional district three. the nevada border here. a little more than half the vote has been accounted for. republican leads that. if he hangs on to that, that would be a pickup and that would get you 9700 is the lead right now. it would get you to 218.
7:34 am
if that doesn't happen pop up right here and i'll show you yeah, here we go. garcia north of l.a. is winning his race as well. 2/3 of the vote accounted for. an easy lead here with 13,000 votes. that if he hangs on that would be the pickup that gets you to 218 as well. if that all happens, right, if you just get one of those two seats i mentioned in california, you still have to hang onto what you have. boebert in this district in colorado right now is clinging to a lead. 99% of the estimated vote is out there. difference of 1100 votes. she needs to hang on in order for the republicans to still just be one seat away. i mention at the beginning of this that california counts slow. remember yesterday i was talking about california district 22? a republican running. >> dana: 53%.
7:35 am
>> were they at 53? today they are at 54. [laughter] let's move across the way here. i think they are at 53, 54 on friday, saturday. >> dana: it never moved. >> bill: one of the counties has one tabulateor. they said earlier today it could be weeks before -- >> dana: i don't understand it. let's bring in mark penn. on the slow counting, should something be done about that? >> obviously we should have a standard by which boards of election count things efficiently and even things they have to wait for, there shouldn't be sitting here waiting weeks for a california congressional district town counted especially when it could be the difference between 217 and 218. >> would you have to do that at the federal level? it would suggest the states could not do it individually. >> but we know really that there
7:36 am
are just 3 or 4 states with problems. arizona, nevada, california. if you clear up those and you are in pretty good shape. you could find out elections sooner. >> you only see the warts when the races are close. you only see the problem when the races are super tight. >> that's a fair point but they will continue to be tight in arizona and nevada. those two states will be in play. so i don't know that you need a national standard but you need the governors to get together and form a pact and say look, let's share our best technology and practices. remember, a lot of boards of elections are patronage appointments if you were to wonder who winds up on them. >> bill: sounds reasonable. >> dana: it the likely republicans will get to 218 today and could happen in the next couple of hours and then they have the majority. last week president biden said he wouldn't do anything differently. if you were advising the democrats now, what is the best
7:37 am
thing they could do to position themselves for continued victory or even a re-election of biden in the next two years? >> well look, there is something called the problem solvers caucus. a group of democrats and republicans. they will have the balance of power here. if they want to assert bipartisanship here and try to reshape things they will never be more of an opportunity for the assertion of a third force outside of the forces that are really locked into partisanship to try to break gridlock and it will be up to the white house whether they really form some kind of alliance with the problem solvers and try to move things forward. or -- or, you know, they sit back and go to reelection. >> what is your level of optimism for that? >> low because the theme of the election is we almost won, we didn't do as bad as everybody thought we would do. people are thinking first am i
7:38 am
running for president? and what is that going to mean and whoo kind of white house will it be if i run for president versus if i'm not running for president? you have to make that decision first. >> dana: when does he have to make that decision? >> well, now. pretty much >> dana: after thanksgiving? >> yeah. >> bill: how do you game that out in your own head. if i'm running it will be this way. if i'm not running it will be this way. >> if i'm running i'm all about re-election. if i'm not running i'm all about legacy. okay? so then what do i put on the board? the first one swing voters we didn't get. where we lost, how we lost it. issues that we're deficit on. legacy, totally different board. what is it that i really want -- >> dana: isn't part of the legacy who succeeds him? >> obama didn't seem to place that as very high on the legacy. it doesn't seem to be much of a foreign policy notion of legacy
7:39 am
here which presidents would normally have. it has been a real focus on domestic. does he want to push climate change? if he is all about climate change, racial equity like the first two years. if he is reelected i would expect dramatic changes and working with this congress. >> bill: come back soon, okay? love to chat with you. mark penn, thanks. >> dana: u.s. men's soccer team making a big change replacing the red, white and blue colors with rainbow. elon musk is warning twitter could go belly up. clay travis has a few things to say about all that next. veteran homeowners: if you're on a fixed income, today's rising prices are a big problem. but as a veteran, you already have a solution.
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>> bill: here is a twist. u.s. men's national soccer team heading to the world cup in qatar next week. instead of wearing a red, white and blue shield the team is changing it to show a rainbow pattern to make a statement supporting gay pride while in the muslim nation. clay travis founder of outkick. one of your writers writes the following. while each other country proudly represents their nation during the cup the men's team will represent the lgbt community. pandering has overcome patriotism in sports. >> i think bobby is very talented and we have great writers writing here every day. this is unique, bill, because of the policies in place in qatar.
7:46 am
because this is a direct statement in some way of america's embrace of human rights. but i also think hey, you know, the shield is iconic. i'm not sure that i necessarily would change it. players on an individual basis can speak out for human rights around the world, as i think they should. i've certainly encouraged in the past athletes representing the united states on the global stage to use the united states and freedoms that many of us take for granted here as a window into what they believe should exist around the world. so i think it's a little bit of a unique circumstance given where it's taking place. if we were playing this in the united states and they did this, i feel like it would be excessive. given where we are in qatar and take it outside of the world of lgbtq rights. you can't hardly drink a beer in qatar now. a different world cup to say nothing of the fact it is
7:47 am
happening in the fall when you and i are trying to keep track of our favorite nfl teams and bengals are on the upswing and sports, dana is plugged into the nfl season as much as she can be. >> bill: just win is the message is qatar. elon musk, there are a few urgent headlines crossing on the reuters wire. here is one. the engineering division said to be divided into three different organizations, product, infrastructure and support. musk is reorganizing the company and saying we have to make money if we want to stay in business. a leaked email from a few weeks ago actually five days ago. no way to sugar coat the message. twitter will not survive if its business model doesn't change. the economic picture is dire. especially for a company like ours it will depend on advertising and challenging economic climate. many on-line operations are
7:48 am
losing advertising dollars now. it appears that twitter might be losing more, however. how does he do it? how does he turn it? >> look, bill, elon musk figured out how to land planes in space and bring them back better than nasa and he managed to determine and build a brand-new way to power vehicles after 100 plus years of planning using the combustion engine. if i had to bet, a guy who can send space rockets better than nasa and completely remade the way cars are built and the way we power them in the country, i think he can figure out how you and me and everybody else can pick up our phones and send messages more efficiently because that seems like a relatively small challenge compared to the two that he has already done. i think he will figure it out.
7:49 am
>> bill: does he have too many enemies to sink that ship? >> hey, we're on the network that has more enemies than anybody and you know what it also has more on? viewers. so i don't worry as much about the people who hate as the people who love. and i think right now that elon musk has more people who love him and support what he has been capable of in this country, even if his critics sometimes garner a large amount of headlines. i think there are substantial minority overall. i think most americans believe we should have a robust marketplace of ideas and that's what ultimately he is committed to at twitter. >> bill: we'll see if he can make that kitchen sink better. clay travis, thank you. >> dana: we're learning more about the relationship between democrats and the ceo of ftx, the big crypto currency exchange that just went bankrupt. much more on this unfolding
7:50 am
story ahead. >> the democrats' second biggest donor just blew up after he helped democrats keep the senate. a shame. perfect timing for chuck schumer, though. no upfront costs at all. let us get your family security of cash in the bank. over the past two years, jersey mike's fundraiser for feeding america has been a huge success. their efforts helped provide more than 75 million meals, when people needed it most. but there is still work to be done. thank you, claire. this year, we'd like to invite you back to jersey mike's for another special weekend. come in this saturday and sunday, where 20% of all sales
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7:56 am
its founder's ties to the democratic party. he funneled millions to liberals and the far left. >> ftx spent 10 million to put joe biden in the white house in 2020. the guy running ftx, second biggest democrat donor in the mid-terms after soros, of course, spent $40 million to get democrats elected. wonder why someone like john fetterman was able to raise as much as four times as much cash as oz? well, you can thank sam bankman fried who ran the crypto scheme out of a penthouse in the bahamas. ftx was cracking into customer's accounts and using their funds for other stuff. when customers wanted to withdraw their money a lot of it was gone. crypto fraudster's brother has a job in congress. he works on the financial services committee and he works for a democrat. so the guy in charge of
7:57 am
oversight is staffed by family members of mini madoff. whatever happened to the $32 billion anyway? >> kelly o'grady picks up the story live from l.a. >> good morning. the ftx fallout may be more of a expected. discovering how big a friend he has been to democrats. in the mid-term elections alone he gave $42 million. 90% went to democratic candidates and went to the protect our future pact as well as guarding against pandemic. he pact he founded run by his brother and endorsed 25 democrats in congressional races in this cycle aleen. donations raising eyebrows are those made to kirsten gillibrand who sponsored a bill to put the trading future commission looking into the crypto market
7:58 am
and deliver a big win for the industry since sec chair has taken an aggressive stance toward crypto. sam met frequently with white house officials. critics are questioning how much of that influence was due to the money he funneled toward ftx friendly candidates. in a podcast this year the former ceo made it clear he could spend up to a billion dollars. a record by the way, on the 2024 elections especially if former president trump were to run. weeks ago he walked that number back when their lick i had tee crunch grew. we haven't saved comment from the campaign donations. many are questioning if campaigns could keep the money? >> $30 to 40 million so far ballpark? >> yeah, wild. >> bill: kelly o'grady in los angeles. if that continues the way story
7:59 am
seems to be developing you have to think the dnc has to give the money back. >> dana: who do they give it back to? that's the thing i don't -- i see your point but how do you figure out who gets what money? >> bill: over time the investors who lost their shirts perhaps it would go to them. >> dana: maybe. >> bill: a judge decides that. >> dana: we'll see on that. did you see this last night? >> dana reads sports. >> dana: members of the undefeated 1972 miami dolphins can pop the champagne bottles once again. the monday night football shocker last night as the washington commanders went into philadelphia and handed the eagles their first loss 32-21. philadelphia committed four turnovers. more than it had all season. the commanders are 5-5. no team in the east has a losing record. did you watch? >> bill: a little bit. the commanders played really well. football team in washington, d.c. >> dana: 5-5. >> bill: good team. no one is undefeated now. you know what the 72 dolphins
8:00 am
do? they wait to see and, you know, they call each other and say okay, record stands, we're good for another year. >> dana: they can keep dining out on that record. five turnovers, though. ever eat that many? >> bill: did you say ever eat that many? got it. >> dana: all right. >> bill: the answer is no. >> dana: here is harris. >> harris: fox news alert. republicans are one seat away from taking control in the u.s. house of representatives. and by taking the majority, they would gain the power to push forward their own agenda daring the senate to press back and daring president biden to veto if it gets that far. if it goes their way, would the highest ranking republican kevin mccarthy become the next speaker of the house? well, an arizona senator just announced he wants the job. i'm harris


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