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tv   America Reports  FOX News  November 15, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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control of the house remains up in the air. republicans are one seat away from clinching the 218 magic number. kevin mccarthy may still have a challenger between him and the speaker's gavel. i'm sandran new york. john. >> john: john roberts in washington. just one of the events we are watching this hour that could impact not only the next two years, but where republicans go next. there are rumblings somebody could challenge senate minority le le leader mitch mcconnell. and in florida, gop governors are meeting. breaking news out of the war in ukraine. russia launching a major missile
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attack in cities across ukraine and a report a missile crossed into nato territory killing two people in poland. greg palkot is live in kyiv. what do we know and what are the potential implications? >> john, this is the huge significant event that we are just tracking just the last couple of minutes. according to a senior u.s. official and according to reports on the ground, a russian missile fired from somewhere off of ukraine went into ukraine air space but then veered into eastern poland and actually hit a target, not a target, but a site in eastern poland killing two people. first time something like this has happened. this triggers all sorts of questions about what the reaction could be from nato. i think we all know now about that article 5 of nato that any attack on an ally of the united
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states of a nato member would trigger some kind of response from nato. so breaking news in the last ten minutes or so. we are tracking it, we'll give you more as we know about it. but yes, let's talk about the huge barrage of missiles that hit ukraine today. the biggest barrage of this entire war. we heard a few hours ago the air raid sirens. we heard explosions. take a look at what we saw. >> what happened is a russian missile was flying over this residential area, it was shot by ukrainian air defenses, some fragments hit that building, caused a hole, a lot of damage and then pieces of that missile fell down into the street. you can see it right here being taken away by officials. >> incredible stuff. the fire raged from the building for a long time. one person was killed, one injured. we were at the scene. we can't believe the casualty toll was not higher.
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over 90 missiles were fired by russia in the direction of ukraine from all sides. ukraine says it shot down around 70, but the rest got through. once again, those hitting power stations in other parts of the electric grid here, and knocked out power all over, millions tonight in kyiv and the country are without electricity. president's office said it was russia's response to zelenskyy's message to the g20 summit saying russia needs to withdraw, and others think it was from the taking of kherson. but the breaking news following here, john and sandra, potentially immensely significant. looks like one of those missiles, according to a u.s. official, associated president is reporting, we do not have it yet confirmed from polish authorities, it seems like one of those russian missiles strayed across the border
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between ukraine and poland, hit a site in poland, apparently a civilian site there, but killing two people. we understand the polish government is in emergency session now taking a look at this. we'll be watching it as the day develops. back to you guys. >> john: thinking about the potential repercussions, poland is a nato member, nato has article 5, attack against one is attack against all, is this something that could potentially rise to article 5 level or do you think this is something that will be contained just in the polish government, a strong response toward russia and not much else? >> we can't predict that at this point, but certainly throughout this entire war and prior to this war, prior to february 24th, that has been the risk. that has been the danger that the u.s. and nato allies have been very concerned about. nato has been worked hard to prevent this war from happening essentially because of this kind
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of danger, and it has flatly stated before and during, during this war, that if russia decided to intentionally attack any nato ally, there would be a nato response and frankly, according to the nato charter, that could be very strong. is this an intentional attack, a mistake, we will see again in the next hour as we are waiting for a response from nato as well, how the alliance handles this. >> john: greg, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: a missed opportunity, what critics are calling president biden's first face t face meeting with china's xi jinping. the president failing to hit on hot button issues in that meeting over the course of the three-hour discussion. he stayed away from addressing china's role in the covid pandemic that took the lives of more than a million americans. >> john: or the fentanyl crisis as drugs flow into the united states from the communist nation through mexico.
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but instead, the president put climate change front and center. so was his pitch well received? right to it with peter doocy, he's travelling with the president in indonesia. peter. >> and the two things president biden is really focused on here in indonesia would be climate change and then the crisis in ukraine. following up on greg's reporting just now from ukraine, i have spoken to one white house official says they are checking on the reports and what it means. it's a weird time right now. president biden is asleep, it's 3:00 in the morning here, so any u.s. response, administration response may be a little bit delayed just as they wake folks up to talk about what exactly to do. there was a russian delegation here in indonesia for the g20. putin did not come, bus sergey lavrov did and all this started unfolding, missiles in kyiv,
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reported in poland just after the russian delegation left this summit site, or at least left the airport closest to the summit site. ukraine is not part of the g20 but obviously the members here give them a lot of money and munitions. >> we discussed russia as aggression against ukraine, reaffirmed our shared belief in the threat where the use of nuclear weapons is totally unacceptable. >> so that was at the biden-xi summit yesterday and one of the very few areas of agreement between china and the u.s. otherwise the two seem to have talked at each other and not to each other. national security officials travelling with the president say they are keeping a close eye on russian nukes. >> we continue to monitor as best we can russian nuclear activity so that we can make sure. now again, i would tell you that as we monitor we have not seen anything that would cause us to change our own strategic
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posture, but it's something we have to take seriously. >> president biden came all the way to indonesia but he is missing one of the main events at this g20 summit because he is sick. he's down for the count. white house officials are telling us he does not have covid, but he did phone out from the g20 leader's dinner that happened late last night here in indonesia, basically 5 or 6 hours ago. we know he does have a wedding, his granddaughter's wedding at the white house to get back to on saturday. his 80th birthday is on sunday. white house officials are telling us he's just tending to other business, john and sandra. >> john: peter, thank you. >> sandra: reaction, bill from the wall street journal is joining us. bill, reaction to the news we have just received, this is according to the ap and a senior u.s. intelligence official the russian missiles have crossed over into nato member poland.
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how much does this change things? >> it changes it a lot. allies of ukraine have been very careful in munitions, giving them stuff but not to bring the fight to actually russia. now russia has brought the fight to a nato member. i don't think they can let mr. putin get away with this. i mean, it -- it has to require some action to counter him because he's widened the war. as the others have tried very scrupulously to confine the war. >> sandra: and this obviously will be a big part of the conversation with the new congress as far as funding for ukraine to continue this fight. >> yeah, i think he just guaranteed more funding now because it shows the neighborhood is not safe, and you can't trust russia to stay within itself, it's a menace to
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everyone. >> sandra: i want to actually look live on capitol hill right now. we know there is a big week of leadership decisions that need to be made. eventually, some don't want to make the decisions right now, we are still waiting to see if republicans win the last seat to cross the magic number threshold 218. the wall street journal editorial board seems to be calling out what is happening and the chaos in the republican party saying if republicans don't want mccarthy, then find another candidate who will run against him. articulate a vision and process and hold a vote and get behind whoever wins. back room plots to undermine the leadership or factual hostage taking on this bill or that will play into the hands of the opposition. they write democrats understand this better than republicans, speaker nancy pelosi has been able to pass so much of the obama and biden agenda because she has the authority to reward and punish. do you believe the actions
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republicans are taking and the disagreement we are seeing is playing into the hands or could play into the hands? >> a little bit. you don't hear of an actual candidate. you hear someone may run against mcconnell or someone may run against mccarthy. you don't hear of a name say i stand for a, b, c, and i plan to do 1, 2, 3. >> sandra: if you can stay with us, we are going to go to the pentagon and update on what we just learned about the russian missiles into poland. >> since then, the department has stood up a joint task force to focus on the safe and expeditious defueling of red hill. recently completed a critical preliminary step in the defueling process from october 25th to november 3rd, and removed over 1 million gallons of fuel from the facility's fuel pipelines. the operation known as unpacking concluded without any issues involving the handling, transport or storage of the fuel.
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the next phase includes performing all necessary repairs, modifications, and enhancements to the red hill infrastructure to reduce risk during the defueling of the red hill storage tanks. jtf red hill is on track to complete defueling by june of 2024. p>> sandra: this update at the pentagon right now, listening for specific reaction from the pentagon to the missiles landing in poland, killing two. we are going to continue to monitor that, and back to the pentagon as soon as we get a specific update on that. bill, i'm sure we will learn more on that situation in a moment. back to leadership, byron donalds on the house leadership process. >> there have been fights for leadership in the past. that's not new. i think everybody can take a step back and understand it's not new stuff. as a conference we are going to make sure that when we line somebody up for speaker, not just 218 but whatever our majority will be. >> sandra: some of what we are hearing. >> he's right.
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they have to line it up, but they have to stand for something. can't be just you don't like the personality, or think they did well in the midterms. people, we have inflation, we have russia, we have china, gas prices, people want to know what are republicans going to deliver. if we -- if they get the house, which is likely, they can have big effects by stopping or tempering the president's plans. i think they have to go further. a lot of things they could do, send up bills that are hard to veto like drilling and so forth. so they can at least drive the agenda, if not for next year, not to win it, to set up for 2024 and identity what both parties stood for. >> sandra: that's what you are writing about, bill. here is your new piece, donald trump preview of the 2024
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presidential election, what you are saying the bitterest pill for him is not that oz lost but desantis won resoundingly. what is the point in your piece here, sir? >> i think the point is donald trump may be losing his touch. in 2016 he had an uncanny ability to read the room, what republican voters want and he mowed down like 16 gop candidates. but this time he's attacking ron desantis and glenn youngkin, successful republicans. you know, one of the few bright spots of the last two years, and people i think even his own supporters aren't quite there with that. they want to know why. sometimes it seems donald trump would rather defeat his enemies in the republican party than have republicans win if he's not holding the spotlight.
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and i don't think his voters are there. i think they are shifting. they don't hate him, but they -- more and more of them think sadly his time has passed and they want a winner. >> sandra: very interesting analysis. bill, good to have you on set with us. thanks so much, bill. john. >> john: retired general keith kellogg on the phone with us, former national security adviser to former vice president pence and fox news contributor and the news we are following at this hour, general, is of course reports and the pentagon says it's aware of the reports, but cannot corroborate them, this a couple missiles fired by russia at ukraine somehow strayed into polish air space, landed in poland, killed a couple of people on the ground, the polish prime minister has called an urgent meeting for his national security and defense affairs. what's your read on this. clearly this is a serious development but how serious?
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>> yeah, john, look, what this is how wars start, they start through miscalculations. there's no such thing as a stray artillery round. they knew where the target was, clearly they were shooting out there. artillery, you create a buffer. make sure you don't have things like this happen and when you shoot across a border, if it's not deliberate, its close to b deliberate and i think the pentagon is being smart by taking a knee, making sure they have all the information. generally first reports are wrong, not that there was an artillery strike but i've seen that happen when you have, we saw that happen in iran, example, where shot down the drone, found out later it was a general officer of the republican guards made a huge mistake and shot down, soleimani was not happy about it, but this is serious. nato and poland have to react to to make sure putin knows it's very serious, you cannot do something like this and there will be something in store if
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you do it again. what i mean by something in store, they are probably sure where the missiles came from. they have the ability to track when the other side -- when the russians shoot where it came from. and if it happens again, they are going to lose that battery, they are going to lose that missile site and say we are not going to tolerate that, from russia or anywhere else on the enclaves there. they are not going to, you know, tolerate. and they have to make sure the message comes across clear to putin. >> sandra: and perhaps the message sooner rather than later, general. thanks for joining us. following along the news, some market reaction with the euro dropping against the u.s. dollar on these reports. the pentagon just said it cannot corroborate the reports the two russian missiles crossing into poland at this time. perhaps an update from the pentagon again here shortly. but the polish government, and this is just hitting the wires, set to hold this meeting and now we know when.
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that is expected top of the hour, 3:00 eastern time. so perhaps when they will send the strong message you are suggesting that needs to be made immediately, general. >> i think they need to. look, this war has been going on long enough, we know who the aggressor is, that's russia. you cannot sit back and not respond to this at the very least diplomatically, the next time something comes close to this, you want to fight nato, fight nato. part of miscalculation, to do nothing, don't respond. poland has to respond, nato has to respond, at the very least diplomatically and tell russia they are way out of line on this. >> john: general, thank you for your thoughts. talk to you again soon.
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bret baier, anchor and executive editor of "special report," just looking at a map here, the area it landed in was just across the polish border from ukraine north of lviv. >> a little village which is very small, right across the border with ukraine, and it's, from what we are told by polish authorities, is that it's an area where grain drying was happening. with all due respect to the general, i think that's not the target for russia, and it seems to me just looking at the evidence that this is a misfire. i don't think they were trying to go after grain drying facilities just in this small village but we'll wait and see. by the way, at the pentagon a briefing about red hill, the navy fuel storage in hawaii as they are cleaning up from those families that were affected just, i don't think the pentagon is going to have any statement yet because the national security council is digesting this as we speak.
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i think the polish have convened an emergency meeting going to convene in a matter of minutes and other countries are suggesting they are going to have emergency meetings within hours of this. and obviously the implications are big. the question is what the response is from nato as a whole, and from the u.s. with the president overseas. >> difficult to tell what the target might have been. it's north of lviv, maybe something in between there the missiles were fired at and went astray. but as you said, grain drying operation not necessarily the sort of thing you would think of as a military target. >> understand. and the implications of the nato country and all that brings with it. >> john: i expect a strong verbal response from poland. >> poland, nato, maybe even from the u.s. president overseas. >> john: according to kelly,
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kevin mccarthy won the speakership in the house vote, which turns us to, back to politics. and a big announcement today from president trump expected. he put out a little thing on truth social, or earlier this morning, hopefully today will turn out to be one of the most days in the history of our country. the hopefully is an interesting qualifier, you would not expect from donald trump. but in terms of the political capital that he possesses going into this announcement, wouldn't seem to be as much as he had prior to last tuesday. >> definitely diminished. after the midterms, it has diminished after his statements about, repeated statements about governor desantis and governor youngkin. i think that there are money people who had backed the former president and were maybe thinking about doing it again that have turned, and there is
11:22 am
evidence that those people are going other places, and some are speaking out about it. i don't know how he's going to encapsulate this from what we are hearing in trump world, positioned much like he was the outsider again trying to -- >> john: running as the underdog. >> like he was in 2015 and he did it effectively and a huge field of people. he shot the gap while everybody was focused on jeb bush and marco rubio. this is a different story. january 6th, fallout from it, mike pence is on special report tonight, the former vice president saying his own thing. >> john: i want to play something he said last night, but it was speak of under dog, al gore ran as the under dog and on halloween dressed up as the under dog. former vice president pence was asked by abc what he thought
11:23 am
about trump running again. >> do you believe that donald trump should ever be president again? >> david, i think that's up to the american people. but i think we'll have better choices in the future. >> john: i think we'll have better choices in the future. one of them may be him, he's potentially planning to run for president, a little bias in this statement there. as you mentioned, you've got him on tonight, without giving away the farm here, what are you going to ask him? >> see if we can get it a different way. he's obviously been to new hampshire, iowa numerous times, it's interesting he's coming out on this day and also that the republican governors' association in orlando, a speech by governor desantis later tonight ahead of the announcement at 9:00 p.m., whatever that is. so listen, this is the beginning of the next step, and as we have seen, politics does not stop.
11:24 am
it continues on until the next election and this will be a big one on both sides. >> john: first shot being fired in 2024. not a moment too soon. see you tonight. boy, can you believe it, like we didn't even get a week -- didn't even get all the results in from the midterms and already talking about 2024. >> sandra: and here we go, 2024. just to top off what we just heard from chad pergram about the source telling him that mccarthy wins the house gop speaker race, he's saying mccarthy's 30 votes shy of what he needs the 218 to prevail on the floor in january, he needs the outright majority of the house. so learning more from capitol hill as the minutes go on. secretary of homeland secretary mayorkas wrapping up his testimony on the hill. lawmakers slamming him for what he is calling a secure border. texas democratic congressman
11:25 am
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that's 800-630-8900. >> secretary mayorkas, do you continue to maintain that the border is secure? >> yes, and we are working day in and day out to enhance its security, congressman. >> i think it is a position that denies reality. >> john: homeland security secretary mayorkas testifying under oath he still seems to believe our southern border is secure. the latest border crossing statistics clearly put that bold statement in doubt with a record number of migrants passing through the southern border during the month of october. aishah hasnie has the latest from capitol hill. what message did house republicans and the homeland security committee send to mayorkas? >> hey, john, good afternoon to
11:31 am
you. republicans, of course, have called on mayorkas to resign repeatedly. they did so again today. it comes just days after mayorkas actually forced his own customs and border protection chief to step down and so today republicans wanted to know, what was in store for his future, watch. >> have you had a conversation with anyone in the administration about stepping down from your current role? >> i have not. >> i hope for the sake of the safety of the american people that that conversation happens very soon. >> so for more than three hours, secretary mayorkas testified about threats to the homeland as cbp releases record new numbers of migrant crossings. more than 230,000 migrants crossed the border last month, john, making it the highest october in dhs history. and according to cbp sources, october also averaged about 2,000 got-aways every single
11:32 am
day. >> my question to you is now can you guarantee that none of those people have criminal records? >> enforcement work is not fun, congresswoman, this is a noble profession in which people risk their lives to conduct it. and you know that very well. >> all the righteous indignation, here we go. >> so mayorkas is facing one crisis after another, john, after forcing as i mentioned his commissioner, chris magnus to step down, accusing him of in subordination, republicans have called him the fall guy for the national security crisis at the southern border and remember, this may be the last time that mayorkas appears on the hill, at least on the house side with a gop minority that, could all change as of today, and then things would be -- it would be a very different ballpark for him if he has to be called back, john. >> john: the heat will get
11:33 am
turned up next year. >> sandra: texas congressman henry cuellar, and a member of the subcommittee, homeland security, welcome to you, thanks for joining us. what is your reaction to secretary mayorkas calling our border secure? >> you know, if you are talking about migration, the large numbers we saw in october, no. people are still coming in in large numbers. if you are talking about crime statistic, the border is still safe, you look at the latest fbi stats, the border is a lot safer. in fact, my hometown of laredo is 3 or 4 times safer than washington, d.c. i'm not talking about the politics, i'm talking about crime statistics. but is the border open, definitely, absolutely it is open. >> sandra: i'll play this sound out of mayorkas being questioned
11:34 am
on exactly that and doubly down saying the border is secure. >> i want to know how many of the 600,000 people match the terror list. >> by definition, they are got-aways. >> how can you say the border is secure? the american people are not buying it. >> sandra: how can he be so out of touch with what's happening there and should he be allowed to continue in the role? >> policies have to change, policies have to change. you can change individuals, about you if you don't change the policies you are not going to make a difference at the border. so the policies you have repercussions have to change. i will tell you this, that when you have large numbers of individuals coming in, you have to make sure that every person doesn't have a criminal record. i will tell you most of the people that have come in are trying to find a job. but let me just take you back to
11:35 am
the 53 migrants that died in san antonio some months ago. 20% of them had serious criminal records and they were from the u.s., and not from another country, so yes, when you have large numbers of people you always run the risk you will have some bad apples in the large number. >> sandra: you were able to win a tenth term, republicans thought they could flip the house, you were able to secure this by basically showing voters that you are able to step away from the party message there. obviously you have a border district, you are south of san antonio down to the border there, this matters for your voters there. they see this happening. >> yeah, absolutely. look, a lot of people believe in legal migration. i believe in legal migration, my father was born in mexico, he came in the legal way. so, they believe in legal
11:36 am
migration. they don't like what's happening down there at the border. we believe in legal migration, we don't want to see chaos, certainly don't want to see where there's no law and order. so i've always been very strong on border security. i will continue supporting migration, legal migration, but still law and order at the border. >> sandra: it was a message that won for you, considering this, the southwest border encounters under the current administration, put the numbers on the screen, just shows them year after year under the administration swelling to massive amounts of encounters. i want to ask you about reports that there were requests from allies of gop leader kevin mccarthy to have you switch parties, of course as axios put it, known for your conservative leaning stances. did they try to get you to
11:37 am
switch over to the republican party, congressman? >> look, i'm a democrat, always a democrat, i do put country, state and before my party, so yes, there were some allies, he never called himself, of course, but there were some allies, but i told them with all due respect, i will stay as a good conservative democrat that represents south texas in a good way. >> sandra: ok. so it did happen, they asked you, some allies asked you, but obviously you decided not to. >> that is correct. that tells me that mccarthy is having a hard time because of the freedom caucus, but i think that's something they need to work out within the republican caucus. >> sandra: i've got to go, you support nancy pelosi for leadership? >> that is correct. and after that, i represent my district. >> sandra: got it. congressman cuellar, we always appreciate when you can join us, thank you.
11:38 am
>> thank you, god bless. >> john: good to get confirmation of that. >> sandra: did confirm the reports they tried to get him to swicht. he has different views from members of his own party and looking at things and helped him win re-election, the border not being secure, contrary to what mayorkas is saying on capitol hill, win over voters concerned about what's happening, i don't know. >> john: referred to himself, a conservative democrat but one who prefers to remain a democrat. at least for the time being. we'll see if something changes in the future. sandra, update for you and fox news alert. back to a top fox story, the associated press reports a russian missile has landed in poland killing two people. the pentagon addressing it a few minutes ago at the briefing. >> i don't want to speculate or get into hypotheticals. when it comes to our security commitments and article 5, we have been crystal clear we will
11:39 am
defend every inch of nato territory. we are aware of the press reporting on this. we have no information to corroborate those reports but we are looking into them. i will make sure we provide you with updates as soon as we have them. >> john: reference to article 5, which is the nato doctrine that says an attack against one is attack against all. what we don't know at this point, was this intentional, as bret baier was saying, it landed in a grain drying field, likely not a military or even a civilian target. it could be just a mistake, but no doubt, sandra, will provoke a very strong response from poland and nato as well. >> sandra: and the president travelling is probably still sleeping, back in march, warsaw,
11:40 am
poland, in his speech, he said don't even think about moving into one inch of nato territory. so we'll see what the response is from the white house, hopefully soon. >> john: we'll keep watching that. >> sandra: a school district is out with the lgbtq inclusive reading list, and some of these books are aimed at kids as young as prekindergarten, meaning four years old are learning about drag queens in some of these books. >> john: dearborn, michigan, school board protests. chris will be here live to explain why he thinks the issue is going to unite parents of all backgrounds. stay with us. >> dearborn public school of ed characters you have been served with a notice of claim and intent to sue by attorney wesley. ♪ we all have a purpose in life - a “why.”
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>> sandra: investigators working to find the motive in sunday's night's mass shooting in virginia. thousands gathered to mourn the
11:46 am
three students killed there. >> so many questions about the motive. the virginia governor glenn youngkin dropped off flowers if he football stadium as he honored the three football players killed. a private moment to pay deep respects. devin chandler from virginia beach, lavel davis, juror, dsean perry from south carolina. >> it's a shock to the community to lose three like that, and i would consider peers of mine. >> 22-year-old darnell jones, jr., charged with three counts of second-degree murder and three counts of using a handgun in a felony. he was arrested near richmond
11:47 am
about 80 miles from the university. investigators say the uva students had been on a class field trip to see a play in washington, d.c. and just returned sunday night when the shooting took place. today the virginia attorney general asked the public for patience. >> we have a lot of questions we want answered and we are going to get to that. right now we are trying to wrap our arms around the charlottesville community which is just hurting right now, and the students. >> the suspect's first court appearance is expected to take place tomorrow. >> john: there is a fight about what's taught in schools in dearborn, michigan. parents are leading the charge bringing sexually explicit books into classrooms and they announced they are suing the school board for violating their rights to freedom of speech, freedom of religion and due process. a manhattan institute senior fellow and editor is following the story and joins us now.
11:48 am
interesting twist to the fight about books in michigan, this is dearborn, michigan and the parents are muslim americans, chris. >> that's right. predominantly muslim american district and they have rallied to the cause, they are outraged at the books and not just books about lgbtq issues, what the left would like to claim, they are explicit, x-rated detail and available in public school libraries, targeting kids as young as elementary school. no fear about it, they are going aggressively to the school board saying get rid of this, not what we came to the country for, not what we want in the schools and as the voters, the parents, we get to decide what's taught to the kids and example all over the country, you have to attack it with courage and without fear. >> john: back in october the parents managed to shut down the school board meeting.
11:49 am
i don't think that was their intent, but when the superintendent of the school board decided there might be a fire code violation he decided to suspend the meeting and last night made their views very clear to the school board. listen here. >> we have certain books that people have come and said those books are no good for our kids. >> we are not blind about the process. parents know what is this process. who is the reviewer for the books. >> i would love to learn how many lawsuits are there and how many judges actually rule sexually explicit books should stay in the school. i bet you will find none. >> john: in virginia where they had a similar debate, democrats criticized republicans for trying to ban books in schools. when take a look at the politics of this particular area, dearborn, michigan in 2020,
11:50 am
69/30 for biden. this is not a republican and democrat issue, chris. >> it's not, and not democrat-republican anywhere in the country. most parents are pretty common sense. they want a wide diversity of books, a range of topics, show respect for everyone in the classroom regardless of sexual orientation but these are sexually explicit and pornographic books, graphic depictions of sexual activity, its not appropriate and not a book ban to say we don't want pornography targeting elementary schools. the question is for the left, why do they want pornographic books exposed to children, flip the script, ask them the hard questions and how they defend themselves on the hot seat. >> john: in fact, chris, i looked at one of the parents reading from a book that you posted on your twitter feed. it's from a book called "flamer," and we debated whether or not we could play out the
11:51 am
crucial part of that and determined that on television you can't have words like that, at least not in daytime. but i did want to -- call four number three here, this brings up the issue of whether parents have got an appropriate say in what their children learn in school and what's going on at school. the national education association, which is the biggest teachers' union in the country, tweeted out educators love their students and know better than anyone what they need to learn and to thrive. that drew a lot of criticism from people saying what about parents? and again, seems to be this disconnect where educators and schools are saying we know what's best, not parents. >> that's right. and this is actually part of a long standing political project on the left dating back more than 100 years into the 19th century. they believe the state should replace the family as the key shaper of children, as the key shaper of youth. this is something that they have
11:52 am
always dreamed of and teachers' union letting the cat out of the bag, so to speak, is simply reiterating this idea. conservatives need to stand strong with the simple message. parents are the ultimate arbitors of the education of their children. they should be in power over the schools, over the legislative bodies. this is the heart of our democracy and we have to make sure that parents can determine what is appropriate and inappropriate regarding their children especially in the youngest grades. >> john: and if folks at home are curious what was read from the book, go to chris rufo's twitter feed. >> sandra: breaking news on the hearing involving paul pelosi as attacker depape. it has just ended, lasted about ten minutes. his attacker did plead not guilty to the two federal charges against him, attempted kidnapping and assault.
11:53 am
depape, it happened at a hearing a short time ago. next date is november 30th at 9:00 a.m. it just happened a short time ago. we'll have more in just a few moments. orange jump suit, he walked into the courtroom shackled at the feet, spoke to his attorney during the hearing. only spoke to the judge when he was asked by name. depape is being transferred back to sheriff custody for the state hearing as i mentioned which will happen november 30th. the hearing about ten minutes long. not guilty, paul pelosi's attacker just finishing the hearing a short time ago. we'll be right back. those loans are not cheap. neither are cash advances from your credit cards. call newday. you may not realize it, but one of the lowest cost ways to get money is to use your va home loan benefit. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value at
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>> all right. fox news alert now. the house gop conference is voting on leadership at the moment across the street on capitol hill. kevin mccarthy has become the republican nominee for speaker of the house. the vote was 188-31.
11:59 am
he beat back a challenge from conservative andy biggs. steve scalise has been voted to be majority leader by acclimation although sandra, they're not yet in the majority. that is on hold for the time being. and then elise stefanik is i guess facing off against byron donald for house whip. we'll see where that vote goes as well. >> sandra: because the formal vote will come when the new congress convenes in january. we don't know what that new congress is, right, john? mccarthy would have to shore up the support for no fewer than 218 lawmakers. a live look at capitol hill. a lot of news has come from there today, john. >> john: looks like they'll win the majority in the house.
12:00 pm
right now they're at 217. looks like they'll get 218 and a few more. can always be a challenge between now and january. we'll see if bigs tries again or what else could possibly go wrong. >> sandra: happy birthday, john. >> john: thank you. i just got a cupcake. >> sandra: excellent. >> john: you know, i'll develop diabetes one other thing, too. >> sandra: hope you like sweets. happy birthday. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. see you tomorrow. "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: breaking right now, good afternoon, everybody. i'm martha maccallum in new york. fox news headquarters. a.p. reporting that russian missiles have killed two people in poland according to intelligence officials. the pentagon is working to corroborate these reports. so we want to tread carefully here as we work towards confirmation on this story. obviously there's a lot of


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