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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 16, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PST

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we will have to see what happens. i can tell you he is ready to go. he wants to get america back on the path to success and greatness. very exciting times. >> carley: thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate you as always. >> you got it. thanks, guys. >> todd: a lot of news today. >> carley: guess what? "fox & friends" is going to pick up the mantel that show, three-hour program, starts right now. ♪ >> i am tonight announcing my candidacy. >> 2024 has officially started. former president donald trump has announced he is running for president. >> this will be our campaign all together. [cheers and applause] >> todd: poland investigating a missile strike killed two people four miles west of its border with ukraine. >> president biden pledging to support poland's investigation. important questions remain. >> it's unlikely in the minds of the trajectory that it was fired from russia. >> do you continue to maintain that the border is secure? >> yes. >> secretary mayorkas says everything is under control.
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>> the texas governor greg abbott declaring the border crisis an invasion and preparing to take matters into his own hands and seal off the border. >> senate republicans are holding leadership elections today former senator rick scott issuing a formal challenge to mitch mcconnell. >> i welcome the contest. >> g.o.p. nominated kevin mccarthy for speaker. >> we have our work cut out for us. >> 3, 2, 1, boosters ignition and lift off of artemis one. we rise together back to the moon. ♪ baby, there ain't no mountain high enough ♪ ain't no valley low enough ♪ ain't no river wide enough. >> ainsley: every time i see nashville i think of brian kilmeade, visited every single bar, danced on the table. talked to all the celebrities. >> brian: video available. i sit on the outside and wait for people to get out so i can go in. i can't get back the row of ropes, are you kidding?
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>> >> ainsley: have a ballroom. >> steve: wait until people leave at 4:00 in the morning? >> brian: i have to. >> ainsley: pull an all-nighter and anchor the show. >> brian: sit there and wait for the bouncer to come out and of course they wave the hotties in ahead of me and i have to wait on the outside you know how it is. >> ainsley: the cowboy boots. >> brian: i can't get them on i still don't know how. >> steve: get them on you couldn't get them off. >> brian: that's true too. >> ainsley: high of 45 and low of 33. bring your coat if you are in nashville today. >> steve: we need one in new york city. currently 41 degrees. >> ainsley: what does this show you? >> steve: it's called an apple watch. >> ainsley: i don't have one. the temperature. >> steve: there's a time of day. >> ainsley: tells you the 5-day forecast nice? >> steve: it high today 52. >> brian: apple's decision not to give us directions in the 1981. i'm not all for it. you just
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did three things on an apple watch that i have never done. >> steve: are you serious? >> brian: never done any of those things. >> steve: ainsley, watch this. if i want a timer. all you got to do is push that one. when i work out, there i just push that and it goes it says ready, set, g and counts my calories. you have never seen that stuff? instance a ains i have it on my phone. health app. on phone app. on it see the steps for the day. >> steve: favorite thing the camera remote. >> ainsley: what is a camera remote? >> steve: what happens is my phone right there it, i can take a picture with my watch. with this and you know what, brian? i have did not need the owner's manual. i just figured it out. >> brian: i'm a manual guy. >> ainsley: need a few hours of your day to navigate it. >> brian: sit down and stare at my wrist.
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>> steve: now it says time to start the show. >> ainsley: the 20204 race for the white house is officially underway. >> brian: donald trump officially launching his pain at mar-a-lago after months of speculation. >> steve: griff jenkins got the lucky job of being posted in palm beach florida on this wet day in new york city. hey, griff. >> griff: just to rub it in a little bit. it's 71 degrees here, clear skies, headed for a high of 84 and nothing but sunshine. but i digress. steve, ainsley, brian, good morning. it's official. former president trump announcing for the third time he will run for president if elected he would be only the second u.s. president in history to get elected to nonconsecutive terms. here was the crux of that major announcement. take a listen. >> in order to make america great and glorious again, i am, tonight, announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> america's come back starts right now. [cheers and applause]
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>> i am running because i believe the world has not yet seen the true glory of what this nation can be. this campaign will be for you. >> griff: he spoke for just under 64 minutes and addressed issues like crime, education, and wanting to overhaul the doj and fbi and no surprise here. he took a shot at president biden, listen i will will assure joe biden does not receive four more years in 2020. our country could not take that i say that not in laughter, i say that in tears. our country cannot take four nor years it can only take so much. >> biden reacted with a pretty pointed tweet simply saying quote donald trump failed america. meanwhile, that wasn't the only event in florida. over in orlando, florida governor ron desantis addressing the republican governor association's winter meeting
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coming off the heels of that landslide victory last week and desantis was asked about trump's comments and criticism last week. here is how he answered that question. listen. >> when you're -- when you're leading, when you're getting things done, yeah, you take incoming fire. that's just the nature of it. all that is just noise. really what matters is are you leading? are you getting in front of issues? are you delivering results for people? and are you standing up for folks? and, if you do that, then none of that stuff matters. >> griff: former president trump first out of the gate will see if ron desantis or others join what will probably be a crowded primary field wh we're two years out. as we look at who may be on trump's team. brook singman our colleague got an exclusive interview with ivanka trump. i love my father but i don't plan to be involved in politics this time. brian, ainsley and steve, send it back to you. >> steve: all right, griff. thank you very much.
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ivanka says she wants to spend time with her family but going to sit it out. >> brian: no word about jared though. he played a key role much to the chagrin of kellyanne conway. very interesting. >> ainsley: i thought i saw jared in the crowd last night. i know the family was there i saw barron in the crowd because he is so tall i thought i saw jared there sounds like, based on what she is saying. they want to be there to support their dad and go to the events but not involved in the politics. not work in the white house if he wins. >> brian: eric and don jr. will be very much involved. >> ainsley: he runs the business, i don't know if he can have a job at the white house. >> brian: that's a good point. i think he can be involved in the campaign. i could see him doing our show. >> ainsley: like he did the last time. >> steve: let's see how it all shakes out. i think -- there is so much stuff here, where do you start? it's 721 days before november 5th, 2024. so he is throwing his hat in
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early. there were so many republicans who said, please, mr. in the, don't announce before georgia is settled because, right now, it is -- it can be 50/50. if the republicans win georgia, then it would be 50/50. but, if the republicans lose georgia, then they lose that 50/50 split. there won't be the power-sharing. that means the democrats can subpoena anybody they want without republican approval. so, 50/50 power sharing thing is really good but president trump decided, you know what? i'm going to go before georgia and let's see if that has any impact. >> ainsley: he did talk about herschel walker and said please support herschel walker if you live in georgia. go to the polls and vote for him. would it really matter though? >> ainsley: yes. >> ainsley: everyone waiting until after georgia is settled. everyone either suspected donald trump was going to run or be involved or goal. >> steve: ainsley, how many people after the midterms blamed
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donald trump for having some sort of influence in the candidates, and ultimately the losses? >> ainsley: he was going to have some influence in georgia even if he were or were not running for president. >> steve: i why not wait three weeks. >> brian: big difference about now in 2016 is many. one is he does have a lot of accomplish manies. almost everything that he ticked off someone were reminding me and we do this every day what he was able actually able to accomplish in that short time. if you read mike pence's book. he was able to get through a few hundred pages last night. you see what was able to do with the headwinds against him. almost all of it made up with this dumb, ridiculous, distracting russia investigation and people not accepting that he actually won the presidency in 2016. they act like in 2020 was the first time anyone ever objected to the presidency. i thought he stayed to the project ter, stayed right to it. went after packed house. created excitement, it looked
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like melania who they were saying six months ago telling him don't get involved she looked happy to be there last night so that's important. see what kind of team he can get together. i think it will be a horse race all the way through. ron desantis played it perfect. ron desantis not engaging perfectly. he doesn't look like he at all wants to engage in something he hasn't even said he was committed to doing. right now he wants to be florida governor. so, why argue with the guy that helped him become florida governor until he makes that decision to get in? >> ainsley: saying when donald trump called him a name he said it was just noise. but donald trump last night said he wants to fix education. that schools will lose their federal fund going they push crt and gender insanity. he says he wants to rehire every member of the military that was fired for not getting the covid vaccine and apologize to them and give them back pay. he wants to change election laws, demanding voter i.d., same day voting and only the paper ballot. >> steve: he wants to finish the wall and he said he is running on a national greatness agenda.
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there for a second we put up a slide of the potential people who could run for president. as you can see you got mike pence, our guest this morning, desantis, youngkin, larry hogan, asa hutchison, tim scott, mike pompeo, nikki haley, chris christie. look for them, if they do get, in look for them to get in probably in late 2023. i mean, why get in too early and then just have, you know, the back and forth which we would assume because donald trump we have seen the way he operates. >> ainsley: most the candidates will get in before the end of next summer. >> brian: you have got staff. you got to get the best people. also let donors know that, for example, if you are glenn youngkin, hey, if you are going to support me, i'm going to get. in if not, glen, if you are not going to get in i'm going to give my money to donald trump, chris christie or ron desantis. in the past nikki hail live has said i'm not getting in if trump gets in. kristi noem i'm not going to get
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'in if president trump gets. in one der if president trump shows vulnerability if they change their mind. mike pompeo hasn't made a decision. wonder if he gets in if trump gets in if is he vulnerable. you can't win without the trump base. but the trump base is not enough to win. the question is, who out there can get democrats and independence to listen to them and make them thing that they can govern the whole country not just the 40% of republicans? >> steve: right. brian, you are exactly right. you know, one of the reasons we thought early on and donald trump used to come on this show, we thought that he could get elected was there were so many independents who said that's a really good message. and sitting here in new york city, there were so many democrats who would come up to me and come up to both of you as well, i'm sure, and say i'm a democrat. i'm going to vote for donald trump. that was in 2016. how many will from the democrat party vote for donald trump now? how many independence? we know he has a core of
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supporters, ardent supporters. the question is how many? and you can make it through the primary can can you win in the general. on with jesse and had this observation about mr. trump and governor desantis. watch. >> they have the same agenda. same record of accomplishment. one for a state one for a whole country. they are both -- desantis and trump are both on the front lines for freedom. they are both stewards of freedom, of lower taxes, of fewer regulations, of border security and national security. the existential threat in 2024, i'm not going to give in to the media and the democrats trying to fracture the republican party when jesse watters, we should all be focused on the one person we know for sure who is running for president who should not. joe biden. and i will throw kamala harris in there. this guy had declowned our country. he has embarrassed again and again. i don't care about the election results last week when it goes
3:14 am
to biden. that doesn't change anything about the poor record he has. >> brian: you see that 76 years old. donald trump and even bernie sanders a lot more energy than joe biden who couldn't get through a whole day yesterday. one thing about -- no one really -- no one discounts donald trump's engine. >> ainsley: look who is coming on our show today. mike pence just wrote this book that brian got through 100 pages last night. i didn't have get mine until this morning. >> brian: make my notes on it. >> ainsley: so help me god. we are interviewing him today and he was interviewed by bret baier. bret baier said would you vote for donald trump i said i think there will be better choice. >> brian: meaning him. >> ainsley: wondering if he is going to run. >> brian: it's crazy a lot of the people all on the same side are all breaking up their own factions. 14 minutes after the hour. >> ainsley: life changes, there are seasons. >> brian: i believe there is a song like that. >> steve: there is. >> brian: probably 20. a fox news alert, a big development in the deadly missile strike in poland yesterday and where it may have come from.
3:15 am
general david perkins on the latest in russia's war in ukraine. >> ainsley: plus, an unarmed security guard is hailed a hero after he manages to subdue a gunman with an ar-15. incredible takedown that's caught on camera. >> steve: what a guy. >> ainsley: nice guy. ♪ ♪ entresto is the #1 heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto.
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>> brian: a floater. president biden reportedly telling allies he believes the fatal missile strike killed two in poland was actually a ukrainian deference missile. world leaders gathering at the g-20 summit now expect poland to article 4.
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nato ambassadors are set to hold emergency meeting today. retired general david perkins serves as training and doctrine command just about every position in the military working his way up. general, first off, what -- how would you characterize article 4 as opposed to article 5 means we all attack. article 4 means, what? >> yeah, good to see you, brian. yeah, exactly. the good news is, everything in nato has a process. the bad news is, everything has a process. so, things will go through a very deliberate process. that does prevent overreaction and ms. calculation. article 4 is really the consultation process where the north atlantic council comes together. starts looking at the facts. everyone starts presenting options, et cetera. it really is for lack of a better term almost like a grand jury type thing. article 5 is the article that would invoke the collective defense aspect of it. now, understand, there are a lot
3:21 am
of options even if you invoked article 5 and then have to decide what they're. article 5 has only been invoked once. that was after 9/11. somewhat of an act of solidarity with the u.s. it is not an immediate world war iii. when they invoked article 5 after 9/11. it was things like increased intel sharing. overflight rights, access to ports. increased presence in the looking for terrorist weapons. so, there is just a lot of options and right now it's really in the fact-collecting working off the option phase. >> brian: let's look at the war yesterday position strikes since the nine month war began. why? because they lost kherson, every time they lose something big bike crimea, they try to have an overreaction. the bottom line is, this has been a russian embarrassment. doesn't mean there is not pain inflicted on the ukrainians,
3:22 am
before we even talk about how ukraine reacts. does nato have a plan in place because the way the russians shoot. the way they have acted, intentionally or unintentionally, you have got to figure that one of the nato allies is going to get hit. >> yeah, brian, that's a key point. kherson is a huge embarrassment for the russians to have to give up that terrain and then being seen on tv ukrainians come in and putting up flags as this has gone on, the russians are continuing to deplete their stocks, so they used some of their most accurate and precision weapons already. so, unfortunately, for the ukrainians, as this war goes on. they are having to de -- they have to dig deeper and deeper into their kash of weapons which means they are probably getting the older, less accurate. what happened yesterday the chances of that happening again are going to continue to increase with more and more,
3:23 am
unfortunately, common occurrences, and the russians, by nature, are not well-trained. they are not particularly discriminating when it comes to their targets. and so, this really should be seen as a wake-up call that this is -- unfortunately probably be the first of many of these misfires. >> brian: general can we put that map up we just h people at home, look at the blue, that's progress that the ukrainians have made. the red is what russia has taken. every time they fight russia loses. they can't even draft enough men to put into forces because they are untrained and they become cannon fodder. over 200,000 russians have left rather than be drafted, i ask you, general, if you are the ukrainians, why would you go into talks when the people that you are fighting that invaded you are losing two you? >> well, the point here, like you said, is the ukrainians have exceeded all expectations with regards to their victories on the battlefield, and when you go
3:24 am
in to negotiations, you always want to be in a position of strength. >> brian: would you leave any red on the map if you are zelenskyy? wouldn't you push that red out intuntil the russians are out. >> obviously the more blue less red the better it is going to be four in the end and the better you are at the negotiating table. >> brian: general perkins, thanks so much. great to see. >> thanks, brian have great day. the fox nation patriot awards are tomorrow night one fan is already in the all-american spirit the touching way they are giving back to first responders. plus, chicago mayor lori lightfoot delivers a new political ad. >> hey,. [laughter] >> did you order thousands of new jobs and a peperoni? >> i told you she delivers. >> brian: promo that twitter can't stop mocking.
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he was going to kill them. a security guard immediately stepped in firing his weapon and killing that suspect can you believe it?
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on to a fox news alert. the first bus of migrants from texas arriving in philadelphia. this just happened moments ago and this comes as texas governor greg abbott who wants sanctuary cities to feel the impact of the border crisis declares an invasion in texas tweeting i invoked the inflations clause of the u.s. texas constitution to fully authorize texas to take unprecedented measures to defend our state against an invasion. meanwhile a federal judge block the biden administration to enforce title 42 quickly expel illegal immigrants. nasa finally launches its artemis 1 moon rocket overnight after two previous delays, the orion capsule is now on a 25-day mission around the moon. if the heat shield holds up during reentry, and everything else goes well, arm tuesday 2 is set to blast off in 2024 with four astronauts on board. and it all leads up to phase 3, which would put americans back on the moon for the first time in more than 50 years, including
3:30 am
the first woman. and how about this? sam's club is offering a deep discount on its hot dog and drink combo to give costco a run for its money. the chain now offering the meal for just 1.38. that's 12 cents cheaper than costco's 1.50 deal. don't expect costco to lower the price of the combo any time soon. said sticking to 1.50 price point forever. ainsley over to you. >> ainsley: always a deal and buy in bulk. do you get like 12 hot dogs with that deal? >> carley: i wi would like to he 12 hot dogs. i can't have one. >> ainsley: can you do whatever you want right now, carley. the fox nation patriot awards are tomorrow. where everyday american heros are going to be honored for their actions. and our knicks guest was planning to attend, bought some tickets, instead is now donating those tickets to first responders. ruffle watson joins us now along
3:31 am
deputy john van wagner and deputy greg suchy with the st. john's county sheriff's office in florida. thank you all for joining us. >> good morning. >> good morning, ainsley. >> ainsley: ruffle, i know you live in arizona. you bought these tickets, and then you have a work conflict so you got in touch with fox folks and you said i want to donate them to law enforcement. why was that important? >> well, you know, without great americans that protect us every day, just like these gentlemen, greg and john, none of us would. [broken audio] we chose to honor them and give. >> ainsley: that is so niles of you have and you are a good person to do. this deputy wagner, 32 years in law enforcement. you are a hostage negotiator. what is your reaction to being able to go to the patriot awards where folks like you are going to be honored? >> well, we are really excited to get the news that we were going. and ruffle, thank you, we really
3:32 am
appreciate it. it's nice to know that there are people out there who appreciate law enforcement and first responders, our brothers and sisters in -- who are first responders. so we really do appreciate. we're excited to go. it. >> ainsley: deputy suchy, 27 years at the st. john's sheriff's department. i know you have watched the awards several times in the past and now you are going to get to go how do you feel? really excited i'm excited to see the fox personalities and award recipients i have been watching fox for years. with my parents and everybody. it's just really excited to go down to miami. >> ainsley: we can't wait to meet you. you have to come find us. i'm going to look for both of y'all at the awards ceremony tomorrow night and maybe beforehand at the hard rock hotel and i would love to shake your hands and give you a hug. deputy wagner, what does it mean to serve as -- tell us what your job is like, a hostage negotiator. when i read that i was just curious. >> well, we do our best to
3:33 am
resolve issues where people are in crisis. it's very rewarding and we love doing the job every day. every day it's really a gift to go out and help people. >> ainsley: and i know that deputy suchy you said that it was nice to be recognized. you know, we have so many people that are saying defund police departments and this is so nice of ruffle. he supports law enforcement. how does that make you feel? >> yes, ma'am. i feel very fortunate to work in the county that i work in. i work in the state of florida. but, nevertheless, it's always very nice to be recognized and have people reach out to you. and i do very much appreciate what he has done for us. >> ainsley: we appreciate everything you do for us. ruffle, i hope that you can come next year. we will look for you next year, okay? >> yes, ma'am. >> ainsley: all right. thank you so much for watching fox. all three of you, tell your parents. i know deputy suchy, you said your parents watch every year too. god bless you all. watch the fox nation's fourth annual patriot awards live
3:34 am
tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. it's exclusively on fox and coming up, justice served. australian government officials finally reversing course on novak djokovic visa ban. when you could see him back on the court. we will tell you. plus, begging for a bailout, up to a million people affected by ftx's sudden collapse. the company's founder is out begging investors to help him. the latest in the crypto crash. ♪ ♪ whatever it takes ♪egy ♪breeze driftin' on by...♪ ♪ know how i feel.♪ you don't have to take... [coughing] ...copd sitting down. ♪it's a new dawn,...♪ ♪'s a new day,♪ it's time to make a stand. ♪and i'm feelin' good.♪ start a new day with trelegy. no once-daily copd... ...medicine has the power to treat copd... as many ways as trelegy. with three medicines in one inhaler,... ...trelegy makes breathing easier for a full 24 hours,
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3:39 am
the studio. she is a heritage foundation research fellow in the center for technology and she joins us live. kara, good morning to you. >> thank thank you for having me, steve. >> steve: a lot of people don't understand crypto it's digital money. started this money and it's gone belly up. he is begging people i need $8 billion. please help. anybody that dumb? >> i hope not. he ensnared tom brady, he ensnared shaq. a lot of these former athletes who were looking to frankly build their portfolio with the new hotness which was crypto at this point. he has been exposed for the scammer that he is. instead of being sort of the next warren buffett as fortune nag screen said he was. he is going to be the next bernie sanders madoff. this is a ponzi scheme. america knows it now. they should not be snowed by him. >> steve: jim cramer referred to him as the j.p. morgan of his.
3:40 am
talking about extra indicting him to come to the united states to answer some questions from the bahamas. why did he donate so much money, largely almost entirely to democrats and left-leaning causes in this lightly regulated field? >> well, whether a sbf did he operated under this philosophy of effective altruism. this is basically at this point a progressive grift. it basically says you make money to give away money. he never had this money to begin with as we know or those who invested it in did so erroneously. i think effective all true. you aaltruism. >> from altruism to cronyism. what about he gave all the money to democrats. was he looking for a cozy deal if they were going to change the laws or try to regulate crypto? >> absolutely. this is a phenomenon that happens in d.c. all the time. especially when you have entrenched incumbent. what they want to do is saying regulate us. regulate us. kind of like facebook or meta
3:41 am
was doing before. give us rules so we can entrench our monopoly. >> steve: they don't really wanted rules. >> not at all. they want to be more powerful. stiff arm new entrants and don't want the competition. >> steve: i understand something called block phi are preparing for bankruptcy. there is something going on in the crypto corner that is very troubling. >> precisely. this scandal has ensnared some companies that are invested in ftx they call it the crypto contagion. bleeding over into all these sectors including some of the institutions some of the organizations some place funded. we don't know what it's going to be like in the future. we haven't gotten to the bottom of it yet. >> steve: as you know, kira, a couple of years ago people talking about bitcoin before it took off. when it was pennies on the dollar. they gold this is the future. maybe it is. right now it still seems so
3:42 am
speculative. and the reason yesterday we were talking about how some pension funds invested in crypto and now they are left holding the bag. it's because people didn't want to miss out. it would fear foam mow. fear of missing out. wit is going straight up catch that comet. >> based on emotion at this point. people didn't want to miss the big wave like the litany of celebrities who invested in this. when teachers lose their pension funds, when the risk and volatility resident in crypto to begin with spills over like this, i think there are some good silver lining though. you look at some of the bad actors, have all these random coins that don't really offer any value, they are going to be burned away and we are going to give back to the original conception of this technology decentralization. giving people the 35ur7 over the purse. and not subjecting threatening to centralized entities. that's the whole point of crypto. and i hope this actually works better for the industry in the long run, but it doesn't really look like that right now. we will see.
3:43 am
>> steve: unfortunately a lot of people did make money on crypto and now the value of their accounts in some cases has dropped to a few pennies on the dollar, now they have got to pay tax on not having any money after they made all that dough. >> that hurts. >> steve: kara, thank you for joining us live. >> thank you, steve. >> steve: 18 minutes before the top of the hour. carley joins us with troubling news out of idaho as they try to figure out what happened. >> exactly right. the fbi is now assisting the probe into the deaths of four university of idaho students. police believe the victims were stabbed to death in a targeted attack. the bodies of cailee are, maddy and ethan and santa were found in a home about a half block from campus. autopsies are scheduled to be completed later this week. police do not have any suspects in custody. a lot of questions remain in that case, still. an unarmed guard is being hailed a hero after stopping a gunman
3:44 am
from entering a buffalo, new york substance abuse center. this is crazy security footage, it captures the moment the man walked into a method don't clinic in buffalo with an ar-15. the security guard forces while attempting to pin him down. officers say at least two rounds were fired during the struggle but remarkably, no one was hurt. and, major controversy here. ticketmaster's website crashing because of one pop star. ♪ it's me, hi >> taylor swift fans have got some bad blood for the ticket giant after experiencing site glitches during the presale for the singer's tour. not just swifties who are angry. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez tweeting, quote: daily reminder that ticketmaster is a monopoly, merger with live nation should never have been approved and they need to be reigned in. break them up. ticketmaster defending its
3:45 am
effort saying there was historically unprecedented demand during the presale. and did you see this? chicago mayor lori lightfoot out with a brand new campaign ad. >> on anything. >> given the mess she was dealt lori was delivering and she was cool during covid. [doorbell] >> hey. did you order thousands of enough jobs and a peperoni? >> i told you she delivers. >> well, twitter having a field did day with that one. one person saying voting her gensler solely because of this ad. another tweeting this is her being cool during covid as a caped clorox crusade der. the chicago mayoral election is happening on february 28th. those are your headlines, steve, over to you. >>age thank you very much. it is a wet day here in new york city. and janice dean told us yesterday and she was right once
3:46 am
again. >> janice: i'm so glad i'm inside today. my hair thanks everyone. let's take a look at the maps. not only is it wet. it is cold outside. these are wind chill values, so below freezing and a lot of these areas and into the minus 4 digits in fargo and marquette, michigan. we got 19. and that is sinking as far as south as the lower mississippi river valley. there is the area of low pressure moving up towards the northeast. so if you have travel plans, there could be delays, we're on the tail end of the system but we saw definitely some rain, some freezing rain, ice and snow. here are. so pennsylvania snow reports over 5 inches for our friends in state college. not over yet. especially for parts of new england where you could see a foot or more and then we have a major lake-effect snow event that's going to unfold starting today for the buffalo area downwind of erie and ontario. not only buffalo but buffalo is in the bulls eye of seeing 4 to 6 feet of snow, which is crazy. thursday through sunday.
3:47 am
so this is going to be a bulls eye for incredible amounts of snow not only that for our friends water town alert several feet of snow in a matter of days. snowfall rates of 2, 3, 4 inches an hour. then we go over to california where we have santa ana winds starting to howell this morning. 40, 50, 60 mile-per-hour winds through the valleys and canons, that's going to cause some damage and the potential for wildfires, we continue to watch that region as well. so that perfect setup for the windy event for southern california. all right. steve. lots to talk about in the weather department. fox if you don't have it, download it today. >> steve: a very helpful app. on a day like today. j.d., thank you. >> you got it. >> steve: still ahead, former vice president mike pence is going to join us on the curvey couch. got a brand new book out. look who is in the studio. serving up mega morning deals. how you can get that screen left dutch oven pot and other great gifts for 60% off.
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>> got some headlines here, three former fired for refusing to get the covid-19 vaccine. the league tried to force them to comply despite their objections on religious grounds. and a former washington state football coach who was fired last year for refusing to get the jab is taking his case to court. nick rolovich is suing the university, its athletic director and washington governor jay inslee for discrimination and breach of contract. more to come. australia's government overturning novak djokovic's visa ban, potentially clearing the way for him to play in january's australian open. the tennis super star was banned from the country for three years over his refusal to get the covid vaccine ahead of last year's tournament. steve, ainsley, let's save some money. >> steve: all right. >> ainsley: thanks, carley, the holiday countdown is in full swing and with prices up everywhere and inflation out of control. we have ways to help you save.
3:53 am
>> steve: our old buddy meghan morning deals spokesperson megan meany joins us now with her top deals. i love, you know, next week is thanksgiving, great time to talk about cooking. >> that's right. we have a couple choices few to you, deals today. you can choose from a set two of pots or this dutch oven. the nice thing about the dutch oven is normally they are made of cast iron. this one is aluminum. so it is light. not so heavy, right? so for your casserole and soups whatever you are making holiday meal stove stop to the table nice serving dish as well. serve from a dish of two spots soft pan or a pot with wood handles, won't burn jr.self. tempered glass lid. really nice quality cookware. by the way no chemicals in this non-er is r578 mic dutch urch. dominoes, you know how to play dominoes. >> i don't.
3:54 am
that person who has everything, right? because these are really unique the designer made. it takes five days to make one of these, okay? every box is different. they do this bone inlay technique. aren't they beautiful so for $59. that is 66% off today. a really unique gift, you know, can you put it on the table during your holiday party. dress. >> steve: when the family is all together they need something to do. >> fun to play. >> this is videographer stick. so it has motion detector technology, 360 degrees as well as face recognition. put your phone on it. mortal or vertical. walk away up to 30 feet. a remote control. it will film and follow you. but it will always focus and have a nice clear picture because of the face recognition. so for all your holiday memories, run with the kids to the tree and have it follow you and point to the presents. >> ainsley: when they run out to see what santa gave them. >> steve: $35? >> video conferencing, 35 bucks,
3:55 am
75% off. >> steve: that's three coffees at starbucks. >> that's right. >> ainsley: this was a television producer making these on the side. >> amy williams, worked at entertainment tonight, always a fashion enthusiast, made a bracelet at work leather and beads and the stylist and the celebrities that would come to set started to really like them and ask for them. so she now has a jewelry line. we have sold them many times made here in the u.s.a. stack being, adjustable which is really nice. i appreciate because i have such a small wrist. three options here and actually just cut it after you fit your wrist can you cut down the string. they are starting at $25, it's a savings of 74% off. great gift. and then nay favorite d disco lights. moves to the speaker. kind of dancing for your tunes for your holiday parties. they have touch control. you can use the light effect
3:56 am
even without the music. it will be rhythmic lighting or solid liting if you want. and it's $28 today, which is a savings of 65% off. >> ainsle ains singh sync with your phone. meghan thank you very much. >> you are welcome. >> steve: people are hurting out there. they want to buy gifts. they want to save some money. go to, click on the link for mega morning deals and you can get all this stuff. all right, ainsley, what's coming up? >> is he one of football's greatest, hall of famer and nfl jimmy johnson reflects on his own year that's still ahead. own year that's still ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪are you ready for me♪
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take advantage with an aarp medicare advantage plan... only from unitedhealthcare. >> unlikely that it was frird russia. >> president biden reportedly telling allies in the deadly missile strike in poland yesterday it was actually a ukrainian defense missile. >> this really should be seen as a wake-up call. >> i am tonight announcing my candidacy. >> it's official, former president trump announcing for the third time he will run for president. >> after months of speculation -- >> america's come back starts right now. [cheers and applause] >> senate republicans are holding leadership elections today. florida senator rick scott issuing a formal challenge to mitch mcconnell's position.


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