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tv   America Reports  FOX News  November 16, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> sandra: chaos erupting in a los angeles target store leaving a 9-year-old boy fighting for his life. >> john: police say a homeless man walked into the store, saw the boy and confronted him. >> and told him the young boy
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that he was going to stab him and kill him. he repeated that more than once. >> he then stabbed the child before stalking another aisle and stabbing a 25-year-old woman. all of this happening just after 6:00 in a busy shopping mall in downtown l.a. already lit up with christmas decorations. i'm john roberts in washington. welcome to hour two of "america reports." >> sandra: horrible note to start this hour on. following this story, i'm sandra smith in new york. just one of the headlines capturing america's crime crisis. those details from that store still to come on hour two of "america reports." begin with the crisis unfolding at our southern border. border states at their breaking point are bracing for a bigger crisis, a federal judge yesterday late in the day blocked title 42. the trump era policy that
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allowed expulsion of migrants who crossed illegally. >> john: the judge giving the biden administration five weeks to prepare for the policy to come to an end. >> sandra: all of this comes as record numbers of migrants continue to flow over the border with nearly 2.4 million encounters in just the fiscal year 2022 alone. >> john: and record number this past october. more than 1 million migrants were sent back under title 42 and border officials warn things will only get worse in its absence. >> this is just a horrific to even think, the floodgates will already been opened. you are handing the border over to the criminal cartels and the smuggling organizations. >> sandra: fox team coverage begins now with pete hegseth. >> john: aishah, what's the latest where you are. >> good afternoon to you. if you thought the chaos at the
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southern border might inspire the democrat controlled congress to pass some kind of comprehensive immigration reform, even a budget that would increase resources for cbp, think again. don't hold your breath. because right now senate democrats are prioritizing daca. they need ten gop votes to get anything done on that and republican deal makers have long said they want border security to be part of any immigration discussion. here is senator dick durbin acknowledging title 42 going away is going to have to be a part of negotiations. >> well, it's going to be part of the conversation. i can't see where it's going to end, but that decision by the court has to be taken into consideration. >> so as the administration braces what happens without title 42, greg abbott is taking matters into his own hands. he tweeted this. i invoke the invasion clauses of the u.s. and
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texas constitutions to fully authorize texas to take unprecedented measures to defend the state against invasion. i'm using constitutional authority and other authorizations and executive orders to keep our state and country safe and that includes, john, building a border wall and designating mexican drug cartels as terrorist groups. abbott is also adding philadelphia to the list of the sanctuary cities he's bussing migrants to. a bus of men, women and children arrived at the amtrak station this morning. they were taken to a welcome center. amid the chaos, homeland security secretary mayorkas is set to appear at a senate hearing tomorrow morning after getting a grilling from house republicans yesterday. >> you still believe the border is secure? >> congressman -- congresswoman, we remain committed to enhancing the security of our border every single day. >> that's not an answer. >> and john, with republicans
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like senators ron johnson, rick scott, josh hawley, you can expect plenty of fireworks tomorrow. >> john: he did go on to say he thought it was secure, seem to be in stark contradiction to the reality down there. watching it unfold in congress, thank you. >> sandra: pete hegseth now, "fox & friends" weekend co-host good to have you here. first your reaction to this judge now ending title 42. when you've got massive amounts of migrants pouring over our southern border, this was a way to send those crossing illegally back enacted under the trump administration. that goes away, what does that mean for our crisis at our southern border? >> well, what a mess, what a mess of our own making. title 42 was something those on the left rejected, criticized
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donald trump for when it was first put into place, because of covid to remove people, and then building a wall, remain in mexico, effective and served as der -- deter rence. ok, if you are cuban or venezuelan we will apply title 42. the judge on those grounds said you are not allowed to do that. good for texas, good for governor greg abbott, i wish he had done it sooner. this will be on states knowing we have two more years where mayorkas is completely willing to allow the border to be porous, and they are processing illegals with almost no tools at their disposal so expell them. this makes it worse but already
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was going in this direction. it was a fake tool they were not really using anyway. >> sandra: nobody knows the struggles like art del cueto, i was talking with him right after this news came out, asked him about it and here was his reaction. >> because as long as they keep on with the policies it doesn't matter who they put in what positions, it will be the same process over and over. it will just divert the attention from who is being there and who is not to what the actual policies are doing. >> sandra: and that was a response to the question about president biden doing away with the border chief and i asked him was that some sort of sign that president biden is finally waking up to this crisis, certainly just heard from art del cueto, he does not believe that to be the case. southwest border encounters, you know this very well, reached almost 2.4 million. >> staggering. >> sandra: in the fiscal year, that is remarkable.
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pete, you have a few kids, you know what it's like to be a parent with a sick kid at home and there's a lot of sick kids, rsv among other things that people are dealing with. now there are reports that children are left waiting for 15 hours in emergency rooms in the united states of america, 15 hours due to amoxicillin shortage caused by covid restrictions, and now there's a record number of patients that are being forced to, parents having to take time off to care for their kids, they can't get the medicine -- how is this happening in america, pete? >> it is happening, let me tell you this. i got a lot of kids and have had a lot of sick kids over the last couple weeks, missing days at school, going to the doctor's office, waiting and then a prescription. my wife or i calling multiple pharmacies in the area, many of which are out of stock on the basic amoxicillin and you have
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to wait a day or two, so they are out of school. some of it has to do with the fact that we locked kids down for a long time, and their immunity is not what it was before, and then of course supply chains controlled by china, should they want to make this worse for us they could. 80 to 90% of the basic ingredients that go into the drugs emanate from the communist chinese. we don't have that capacity here. so it's a pinch on the supply chain and the process, and we don't have a good immediate answer. it's basically good luck, call your pharmacy, and we don't know that things will get better any time soon. >> sandra: and after doctors have said they do believe kids are getting sicker easier because of those restrictions and shutdowns, they were not exposed to as many germs and now they are getting sicker more easily. i want to ask you finally about the patriot awards, a lot of excitement about this. hearing you talk about it on the network today, i know this is your moment, pete.
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you host the awards, and so many are looking forward to honoring and shining a light on those who typically would not get an award stage, pete. >> yes, yes. it's our moment, and frankly, their moment, the real heroes, the patriots, forgotten men and women, they go about their jobs every day, some in society have turned their backs on them, defund the police, not allowing the border patrol agents to do their jobs, the stain in afghanistan. here we remember them, we honor them and on the stage behind me we shine the bright light on them to say we thank you, we appreciate you, we understand where our freedoms come from. there are going to be some big surprises tomorrow night. musical performances, and then the awardees themself. won't be a dry eye and it's what we need in america today. honor those who keep us free,
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7:00 p.m., thursday night, fox nation, and by the way, if you live nearby, stubhub has a few tickets left if you want a trip down to south florida and join us. >> and see pete hegseth, the host of the five, "fox & friends," and you say no dry eyes in the place, that is you, too. it gets to you and important to you. >> every time, it's my favorite assignment. thank you, sandra. >> john: u.s. authorities are reportedly working to extradite the man who may go down as one of the world's biggest financial scammers. sam bankman-fried may be hold up at a bahamas high rise, after investments at ftx are completely wiped out. he says he's trying to do the right thing for his customers, but the explanation where the
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money went could be in a courtroom instead of social media. and chris, you did a lot of the financial crimes when you were the assistant fbi director. walk us through how this is going to unfold in the days and weeks ahead. >> yeah, john, in order to extradite someone from another country, you have to have a legal extradition treaty, mutual treaty, we have with the bahamas. i served in miami eight years, a regular thing. you have to have an indictment, which we don't have in the united states right now and it would be really soon, it would be really fast work by the fbi and other agencies to have an indictment at this point when the case just broke about a week ago. unless they had a preexisting investigation. so the bahamas could expell him from the country but you can't extradite someone, or you can't take them into custody in the united states just for questioning. i don't know where that came
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from, it does not exist legally. >> john: i did see one report his luxurious and lavish penthouse condominium is reportedly on sale for $40 million, so maybe he's planning on trying to get as much money out of that as he can before whatever comes down comes down. in your mind, how does this compare to the bernie madoff fiasco. ponzi scheme is being kicked around. >> it's another variation of what madoff did. a lot of these investment-type operations don't start as a scam, but they become one when the bad business model breaks apart or the owners or the principals start dipping into the till, if you will, diverting money and funds and then try to cover it up with new money. it's' similar to that type of scheme, and this is nothing really new. it's a novelty because it's
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cryptocurrency is the platform for it, but as old as time. >> john: so he's a huge donor to the democratic party, donated tens of millions of dollars during the last election cycle. here is bankman-fried bragging about that on bloomberg. >> well, if i pulled out my phone and looked at my last ten text messages, about half of them are going to be people asking for, you know, politicians asking for contributions. >> john: not in the realm of law enforcement, maybe moral decency more than anything, but what do you think politicians who received contributions should do with the money. >> they took it in and used it to fund their campaigns. there is such a thing, of course could be wire fraud here, it could be mail fraud, it could be racketeering, but public corruption as well, stream of services. if you get money over the course
11:15 am
of time as a politician or public official as a donation, then you provide services that correspond to the time that money came in, then there's a potential there for one of those quid pro quo type corruption charges and that's always lurking in the background when i see political donations. it's hard to get the express quid pro quo but the owners laid it out there on social media, and maybe laid it out themselves. >> john: some members of congress who did not receive donations are suggesting there needs to be more regulation of the crypto industry, we'll see what happens when republicans take control of congress, if they do, in early january. always great to get your take on things, thanks, appreciate it. >> thanks, john. >> john: this thing is blowing up big time. >> sandra: huge, and following the money trail.
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we will talk to larry kudlow about this coming up. john, i've talked about it a lot, i was knee deep in covering the bernie madoff ponzi scheme, talking about this as way bigger are starting to come to fruition, and some are hesitant to talk about it, they are hurt and wiped out, but likely we'll hear more and more from some of those victims who were swindled. p>> john: and looks like the contagion will expand across the crypto market, it could take down other companies. >> sandra: huge implications across the board. just ahead, any parents' worst nightmare. a 9-year-old boy among those hurt at a random stabbing at a target store. what more are we learning about that attack at the hands of a homeless man. >> john: and president biden tested on the world stage after a missile strike in poland killed two people.
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>> sandra: the crime crisis hitting actress denise richards and her husband, she says somebody shot their truck while looking for a parking spot. the driver behind them was frustrated, richard's husband let them pass and the other driver opened fire. fortunately no one was hurt. >> john: that is terrifying. nypd on the hunt for a group of criminals linked to four carjackings, staged fender benders. a group armed men confronting a
11:23 am
gray bmw after another vehicle deliberately rear ended the car. this follows three similar car jacking attributed to the crew that took place in both brooklyn and queens. sandra. >> sandra: now to the terrifying attack at a target store in los angeles. two people, including a 9-year-old boy, are in the hospital after a homeless man stabbed them with a butcher knife in the store. the attacker, he told the boy he was going to kill him. chief correspondent jonathan hunt is live in los angeles. the homeless man was walking down the aisle and grabbed the kitchen knife. >> shopping trip turned into horrifying few minutes inside the target store downtown l.a. just after 6:20, the homeless man walked into the target, grabbed a knife from a shelf and approached a 9-year-old boy
11:24 am
saying repeatedly he was going to kill him. >> the young child attempted to flee and leave, ignore him, and move away. when the suspect without any further provocation suddenly attacked and stabbed this young child in the back, deep laceration on the shoulder. >> then targeted a 25-year-old woman. >> the car went straight into him and several classmates were severely injured. one basically severed foot, another laceration to the thigh. >> that obviously was nothing to do, the sound bite of the attack in target, but then the homeless man moved toward the front of the store where an armed security guard stepped in. >> he was apparently trying to argue -- he was being irrational
11:25 am
and had his knife and he was being very aggressive like he was going to stab him. >> as the man moved towards him still holding the knife, the security guard fired, hitting the attacker in the stomach and killing him. both victims thankfully survived. the 9-year-old boy is in stable condition, the 25-year-old woman was listed this morning as in critical but guarded condition. sandra. >> sandra: we will continue to monitor their progress there. thank you. >> john: president biden wrapping up a week abroad as top pentagon officials share more about the missile that killed two people in poland. retired u.s. army daniel davis is on deck. >> sandra: christopher ray and how much data he says china has extracted from the united states. wait until you hear this. >> the greatest long-term threat
11:26 am
to our nation's ideas, innovation, and economic security, our national security, is that from china.
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>> john: developing story out of california he. more than 20 police academy recruits were injured after a driver plowed into them while they were on a big group run early this morning. it happened in the city of whittier east of los angeles. william live in los angeles with the very latest on this. some of these folks are in pretty rough shape, william. >> five remain in critical, 23 injured, including the driver after this suv crossed the middle lane going the wrong way and struck this formation of recruits out for a morning run around 6:30 this morning. 75 runners in the group, 65 men, ten women, mostly in their 20s. part of a cadet training program or academy, in week eight of a
11:32 am
22 week program. they would then enter the sheriff's department or other agencies, it happened in whittier. the 22-year-old male driver is in custody. all cadets were wearing white t-shirts, shorts, and bright reflective tape around their waste band. and 8 were road guards, bright reflective vests. the group was accompanied by two police patrol cars, one in front, one behind. but when this happened the patrol cars were still blocking traffic at the last intersection, so the recruits were exposed whether they were hit by the suv going 30 to 40 miles an hour. l>> the chaos, you know, that ensued, said it looked like an airplane wreck. so many bodies scattered everywhere, in different states of injury that service pretty traumatic for all individuals involved. >> this happened about 500 feet from a fire station, so you have
11:33 am
the paramedics. four critical casualties were taken immediately by patrol cars to trauma hospitals nearby. helicopters as well. and the suv struck a light pole which stopped and prevented more injuries. one of the recruits' girlfriends relayed what apparently happened from the recruit's point of view. >> the car just went straight into them and several of his classmates were severely injured. one basically severed foot, another laceration to the thigh. >> chp says the driver blew 00 on the breathalyzer, no alcohol but take blood to see if there are drugs in the system. the suspect has not been arrested but is detained. he is cooperating. one of the driver's family members said he was on his way to work. appeared to be an accident, but no skid mark in the street which
11:34 am
might suggest he fell asleep at the wheel. >> john: strange case. william, thank you. >> russia could end this war today, russia could put an end to it right now. but they won't. they are going to continue that fight, they are going to continue that fight into the winter as best we can tell, and we the united states under the direction of president and the secretary of defense, we will continue to support ukraine for as long as it takes. >> sandra: that was joint chiefs chairman mark milley at the pentagon giving an update after a missile crashed in nato member poland killing two people. but the pentagon and the president of poland say the missile was most likely a ukrainian defense missile but say russia is ultimately to blame. jennifer griffin was at the briefing at the pentagon, joins us live now. what are we learning about the
11:35 am
missile that landed in poland? >> first time we heard from secretary austin and general milley since the missile landed in poland yesterday, threatening to spread the conflict to nato. the u.s. agrees with poland it was likely a ukrainian air defense missile that went awry. >> we have seen nothing that contradicts president duda's preliminary assessment that this explosion was most likely the result of a ukrainian air defense missile that unfortunately landed in poland. and whatever the final conclusions may be, the world knows that russia bears ultimate responsibility for this incident. >> president zelenskyy says he disagrees with that assessment but will let the investigation play out. the u.s. will be joining polish investigators on the ground, they have a team there already. general milley was asked to explain why last week he
11:36 am
suggested this winter could be a time to negotiate an end to the war. >> the russian military is really hurting bad. so you want to negotiate at a time when you are at your strength and your opponent is at weakness and it's possible maybe that there will be a political solution. all i'm saying is there's a possibility for it. that's all i'm saying. >> he was asked whether the invasion of ukraine had changed president x i's calculation when it comes to taiwan and his response was such that president xi still would like his military, the chinese military to be the best military in the world and to be the best military in the region by 2027. but he said the chinese military has not fought a war since 1979. he said president xi is a rational actor and does not think the chinese military could achieve its goals in taiwan right now. also notable that general milley said that after the missile
11:37 am
landed in poland and there was some concerns that suspicions that it was a russian missile that he tried to reach out to his russian counterpart but the russians did not take the call. >> sandra: jen, thank you, live at the pentagon. john. >> john: some more perspective and analysis, retired u.s. army colonel daniel davis, we heard what lloyd austin said. this is what the nato secretary general said about this. >> no indication this is a deliberate at tack and no indication that russia is preparing offensive military actions against nato. but let me be clear. this is not ukraine's fault. russia bears ultimate responsibility as it continues its illegal war against ukraine.
11:38 am
>> john: so lieutenant colonel, we do appear to have at least forestalled for the moment world war iii but does not let russia off the hook by any stretch. >> it does not let any of us off the hook, frankly. concerned about since the beginning, an error could draw us in. and in 2019, the u.s. government did a simulation on an alleged war between russia and ukraine before this happened and it spawned into a nuclear war because of an errant missile that landed on poland and did trigger article 5. if it had hit a military target in poland, whether accidental or not, we would be having a different conversation today and that underscores the danger we have right now. >> john: as jennifer griffin was reporting, the president of ukraine said i don't think it was a ukrainian missile, leaving the door open it was a russian missile but it's in his interest
11:39 am
to say that, is it not? >> certainly is. and he was calling for article 5 triggering right away, as will some other members of parliaments and they have been trying to draw us in from the beginning and that helps their cause. but american national interest has to take predominance and not in our interest. >> john: they were talking about article 4, reporting and consultative process. >> that's a step below article 5, could lead to remember aed conflict. this is there is a national security issue at stake where they fear it might escalate so they want to talk about that. but based on what we have seen, i think that maybe this is just something they want to do, i don't know, maybe send a signal to russia that it could go that direction but right now i think as you pointed out, i think we dodged a bullet here. >> john: article 4 could be a message to putin, you got our
11:40 am
attention but not in a good way. >> that's right. all the targets in ukraine yesterday, at least 35 kilometers from the border, does not want to take a chance from errors i think he gets the message. >> john: what do you get from general milley, potential is on for negotiated settlement, general jack keane said that's the wrong thing, putin is not interested in negotiated settlement. and only way to deal with the russians is to crush them. >> i am an advocate of negotiating an end to this as soon as possible and have been from the outset because there is no military solution. neither side is going to win this and the longer it goes more people are going to die. it will probably end up in negotiated settlement. right now i completely agree with general keane on that. nobody is interested in negotiated settlement. zelenskyy does not want it, and
11:41 am
russia does not want it. >> john: we are in for the long haul. lieutenant colonel daniel davis, good to talk to you. >> sandra: the disgraced founder of ftx may not be able to stay in his multi-million dollar home in the bahamas much longer. are charges imminent for one of the biggest financial scandals in history? larry kudlow will give his take next. >> i think this is huge. scandals to the level of madoff. it could be highly criminal activity. cash out loan from newday usa. it's called the newday 100 because it lets veterans borrow up to 100% of their home's value. not just 80% like some typical loans. that extra cash can make a huge difference in these times of skyrocketing prices. here's more good news: home values have skyrocketed too. that means even more cash!
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>> sandra: we are still learning stunning new details into the collapse of ftx, being compared to the fall of enron and the bernie madoff ponzi scheme scandals. authorities in the u.s. and the bahamas are investigating the former ceo, sam bankman fried, and whether he committed fraud by using customer investments on the platform to then fund risky bets for his firm. let's bring in larry kudlow, host of kudlow on fox business
11:47 am
but then i guess you have to finish the whole story. but then he was handing that money out in the form of donations to democrats and that is what makes this even more twisted. >> he was the second biggest donor to democrats, exceeded only by george soros. and he's basically trying to -- he's basically trying to get the easiest regulation possible so that's the ironic part of this. he goes to the bahamas to avoid regulation, meanwhile he's giving all this money to various democratic senators and one republican, i might add. to avoid tougher regulations. >> sandra: irony of that. democrats spend so much time demonnizing the rich but happily take the money of what seems to be a billionaire hiding his taxes in the form of living in the bahamas. >> shocking revelation. i love hypocrisy in politics and
11:48 am
finance, but this kid is -- i know it's alleged, but sure sounds like he was a crook, took money out of the exchange in order to put it into his own fund. that's a madoff-type situation. and now he's -- he wants other people to refinance him, silicon valley, all lost a lot of money. here is a thought. this was in fact, shows to me the resilience of the crypto thing i'm going to call it. because crypto is not dying, crypto investments are not dying. this guy is dying because he what he did and bad management. >> sandra: are you sure? >> it had no effect on the stock market, it had no effect on banking system. >> sandra: will it have the effect of the regulations, this crossing the wires, u.s. treasury secretary janet yellen said the recent failure of the major cryptocurrency exchange,
11:49 am
existing regulations apply they must be enforced rigorously, and concerning risks related to the crypto market. that could change things. >> no, look, the point i was making a moment ago is financially there's no meltdown impact. it's much different than it was 15, 20 years ago. this was not an lehman thing, or fannie freddy thing, no impact on the stock market or bond market. now i think the regulatory issue, yes, there should be some regulations. frankly i think the sec should be the regulator. particularly these exchanges are in effect securities, they are public securities, and they should be regulated not by the commodity commission but the
11:50 am
sec, just saying. and he's trying to bribe senators not to do that. >> sandra: maxine waters was asked by hillary vaughn, a question, if you are a democrat who received money from this guy or his firm, do you have to give it back, and here was the question potioned to maxine waters. >> do you think some lawmakers that got donations from ftx's founder should give the money back? >> i don't want to get into that. both sides, democrats and republicans have received donations, thank you. >> one republican. bozeman from arkansas. >> sandra: so -- >> they shouldn't have to give it back. i'm going to take her position on this. >> sandra: you are something today, larry. >> why should they have to give it back? they took the money, and celebrities, now the politicians
11:51 am
who will get fingered will be very embarrassed and think twice taking money from people like this. what law says they have to give it back. i don't like this, don't get me wrong, but i'm just saying what you don't want to do here is set weird precedence, you follow my logic. what you do want to do here is apply some reasonable regulation. now, the problem with giving it to the sec right now is gary gensler will apply climate change and new laws, securities and environmental commission, not the securities and exchange commission, i wanted to inject that. but takes your money, all there is to it. life goes on. >> sandra: i was going to try to ask you some economic news today, but this seems to be dominating the financial news right you know, because crypto is everything to so many
11:52 am
people on no market implications. >> i think crypto investing, always high risk, but very resilient. a guy to trying to set up a recovery fund, i don't know what that means, but no, i'm a staunch backer of crypto. >> who did it. i believe in free markets. you take your chances, you take your risk, you get killed, life goes on. >> sandra: ok, all right. very interesting. >> i don't mean to laugh, i'm sorry people lost money. cut taxes and deregulate the economy. >> sandra: see you at 4:00, john. >> john: a shocking attack leaves a small idaho community on edge. four college students, none of them older than 21, killed in
11:53 am
what police say is a targeted attack. why police may already know who is behind the killings, that's next.
11:54 am
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>> john: the fbi is now helping to investigate the killings of four university of idaho students over the weekend. the killer or killers still not caught. dan springer is live in moscow, idaho. the killer is still on the loose. why are the police telling the public there's no ongoing threat? >> john, that of course is one of the big questions that we and a lot of people have. the police say they're not answering because to do so would hurt their chances of catching the killer or killers. so we hope to learn more at the very first news conference that the police are having on this horrific crime. the four students were apparently murdered, stabbed to death around 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. sunday. their bodies were not discovered till noon that day. police say all four were homicide victims and it was a
11:59 am
targeted attack. we know the victims were at a party together saturday night. the three female victims lived in the rental house off campus where the murders took place. the male member was part of a fraternity. the police are still guarded the taped off house. it was a grew some crime scene and the worst that the coroner has ever seen. so many students have left campus early for thanksgiving break. they decided to postpone a vigil for the victims until after the holiday break. the students that are still around here still can't believe what happened. >> no one would have ever imagined something like this could happen in moscow, idaho. in a small town. >> the four autopsies we're told will be done starting today in spokane, washington, 80 miles away. we expect the results by friday. the good news is we'll get news.
12:00 pm
the news conference by the police department at 3:30. so we should get some more answers on this crime, john. >> john: we'll be watching for your reporting on that, dan springner moscow, idaho. thank you. sandra, that will wrap it up for us today. >> sandra: that does it for us. great to be with you. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. we'll see you tomorrow. "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: thanks, guys. good afternoon, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. a victory today for mitch mcconnell who says he's not going anywhere as the gop sees challenges to all leadership positions from the senate to the house to the rnc. this comes one day after the vote to hand kevin mccarthy the speaker's gavel within his own conference. that vote happened. he will have to go to the larger members of the house in the coming weeks. the party clearly trying to regain their footing, find the way forward in the wak


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