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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 17, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PST

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outfit that will and i saluted. looked like the american flag. >> carley: we decided on that show that if pete was a girl this is what he would wear. >> rachel: i'm wearing red pants. >> todd: stand up right there. >> carley: there you go. >> todd: rachel campos-duffy is patriotic. tonight is patriotic. >> carley: as she always is thank you very much, rachel. more "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ ♪ [commands] [marching band]
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>> steve: live from the hard rock hotel a and casino from hollywood, florida, it's "fox & friends." ♪ >> steve: welcome. that is the miami central senior high school band. the marching rockets performing step in time. ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: they have the big playoff game tonight. they don't have school today. they are going to practice. tomorrow night big playoff game against again, i was talking to. so moms brian and i went to talk to a mom up there. she said this is going to be very interesting tomorrow night because they are playing in the playoffs. >> steve: i know it. they got up early to be with us today. ladies and gentlemen, you were
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fantastic. >> ainsley: you are, fantastic. >> steve: give yourselves a round of applause. [cheers and applause] >> ainsley: some of them woke up at 2:00 a.m. to be here. >> steve: some of them will be waking up at 7:00 anne they look tired. >> brian: ainsley, you were talking to one of the moms. >> ainsley: i was talking to one of the moms while steve was being responsible and preparing for what he was going to say in the show. tomorrow is our big playoff game against northwestern. >> brian: don't have to go school just have to go to practice. >> ainsley: that's how important southern football is take day off of school. >> brian: did they all call off sick and we blew it for them. steve: we just broadcast all their faces. join us live once again our second year down here at the seminole hard rock hotel and casino. tonight, the festivities kick off at 7:00 p.m. for the patriot awards, fourth annual and they are going to be fantastic. this place is beautiful.
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>> ainsley: it is. while i was walking down this morning at -- what time did we get down here 4:00 in the morning? there were still people gambling at the slot machine. >> brian: with their mortgage. whoever got the pledge out and shined up this floor pretty impressive i can see my face in it. >> steve: yesterday i was talking to the person who put this down a my larr finish on top of the floor, if it were wet we might be in trouble we would slide down in the orchestra pit it's absolutely beautiful. >> ainsley: squared to step on it. i felt i might break it. it looks like glass. >> steve: easy going up the is it fair to say but difficult going down. >> ainsley: you were a gentleman and helped me. >> brian: pete is going to be hosting today. we do not know who the winners are. >> steve: i have a list right here accepting the award for best support patriot is -- i'm just kidding. tune in. >> brian: we know rough live
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what we are doing but play a little bit of a role. table here that looks like the oscars. stadium type seating. and been sold out for a long time. >> ainsley: what i love about this is it is in the real hollywood. this is hollywood florida. and these are the real ceremonies, the real award ceremonies honoring our patriots. people who have gone above and beyond for you, for our country, for the children and future of america. >> steve: i was here for the run down last night. ainsley, if you notice right under your chair is a gold star. we will be standing right here tonight. >> we are the first presenters of the first award. and it's going to be a great american patriot. we know who it is. >> brian: good news for republicans last night. it came in early evening. they went up and got the threshold necessary to get the majority with nine seats out they have 218 it. looks like devin mccarthy will be the speaker and the republican also be in control. it's a slight majority. it is going to be very hard to
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rangel. you know how independent thinkers are especially for the freedom caucus for the republicans. this is what they wanted. they thought it would be a bigger win. a win is a win. >> ainsley: republican mike garcia one election in being. 218. pretty famous among republicans this morning. there are still six house places still in play. >> brian: unbelievable. >> ainsley: even if the democrats got all six of those, that would take them to 217, not enough to have the majority. republicans have it. >> steve: anyway, here he is. he was talking to sean. talking to kevin mccarthy last night about how important it is. keep in end moo, the republicans have been out of power for four years. it's gonna feel good. oof course, technically, he stil has to win 218 votes when they have the election in january. >> ainsley: he won 188 to 31 he has to goat 218.
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>> steve: got to get them come january. here he is last night with sean. >> only republican entity that can stop this disastrous biden agenda. think for one moment, it is official. one party democrat rule in washington is finished. we have fired nancy pelosi. the one thing i know in washington, they don't hand the gavels out in small, medium and large sizes. it's one size gavel with the ability to subpoena and hold this government accountable, secure this border. fight to make us energy independent. give the parents a say in their kid's education and actually look what the doj is doing. what the dhs is doing and others. that's exactly what we're going to do. on day one, in this house, we will repeal 87,000 new irs agents. >> brian: that will be great. nobody thinks we need 87,000 irs agent. if you think they are going
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after millionaires and billionaires you are drunk. >> steve: those are the people in the casino. >> brian: hopefully they will sober enough to still have money left. i will add this to it. they can't overinvestigate. i know there is a danger in that but, whether you have whistleblowers coming forward and the fbi to jim jordan and others, you cannot ignore that because that effects everybody. if the fbi is not doing their jobs or focused on one party or the other, that's dangerous for the country. so i want that exposed. >> ainsley: these are the investigations that they are hoping to do in the house, the republicans, hunter biden business dealings, the findings of the january 6th committee and biden's withdrawal of afghanistan. >> steve: one of the brand new house members from the great state of new york, george ramos, said two days ago with martha mccallum said, you know what? i don't know about the investigations, i think we should spend more time trying to dig americans out of a hole rather than go over stuff. >> ainsley: i think that's the most important. >> steve: after they hit the 218 with mr. garcia out there in
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california's 27th district. joe biden congratulated kevin mccarthy. here's a quote, part of the readout. i congratulation leader mccarthy on winning the house majority and ready to work with house republicans to deliver results for working families. yesterday, kevin mccarthy was asked, given the fact that it was wednesday, after donald trump's tuesday night speech, reporters said, hey, mr. future speaker, would you endorse donald trump for president? and he said you guys are president. he would not commit. i thought mr. trump gave a good speech. >> brian: looking forward and not looking book. nancy pelosi weighed in. >> ainsley: her spokesman, what was interesting, said stay tuned. she is going to address her future plans today and stay tuned. what does that mean? >> brian: sticking around. >> ainsley: is she sticking around. she said this year house democrats defied exceptions with excellent performance running their races with courage and optimism and determination.
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in the next congress house democrats will continue to play a leading role in supporting president biden's agenda or is that really her agenda, with strong leverage over a scant republican majority really is neck and neck. some said red wave. it is neck and neck in the senate and the house. it's pretty equal. >> brian: absolutely she navigated for five seat for two years. >> ainsley: that's true. >> steve: if she says i'm going to step away. keep in mind the house leadership on the democratic side are all in their 80's. if she says, you know what? i have had enough of this, i want to be with my husband he got whacked in the head with a hammer a couple weeks ago, it would start a domino effect in the house with democrat leadership. if she went, steny hoyer, probably james clyburn, who would be the new generation? hakeem jeffries of the great state of new york, his name is circulating. catherine clark from massachusetts. david sis lien as well as adam schiff one of them may be the
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top democrat come january. >> ainsley: she represented california's 12th district for 35 years and democratic leadership for 19 years. is it time for new blood? and when you talk about investigations, do you think the american people, the public, are they thinking let's move forward, let's focus on the future. let's try to get our country in a better place economically, and let's don't focus on the past. >> steve: they want $3 gas. >> brian: you mean be $6 gas. >> ainsley: california $7? >> brian: i think nancy pelosi wants $6, $7 gas. have everybody get a electric car and have rolling blackouts. when you lose power of as speaker you bow out. she stuck around and then she became speaker again understood. now she is out. okay, if she is out. she is probably going to be an ambassador to italy. if she cities around it, shows you how dedicated it is, she went over to the climate conference over in egypt days
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after the election knowing her husband, who i think is still in the hospital. so if she is looking to retire, that's an odd way of showing it. sit in there and hope in two years she gets the gavel back. >> steve: her office has tamped down that ambassadorship to italy thing over the last couple of weeks. what is interesting is, you know, if she were to stay in leadership, you know, what would she do? she and kevin mccarthy have one thing in common, and that is it they're both the biggest money makers for people in their party. nobody makes more money for the congress men and women on the democratic side than nancy pelosi, nope raised more money on the republican side than kevin mccarthy. follow the money. if people want to continue with cash, with nancy pelosi, they are going to say hey, can you stick around for two more years? i could use of it. >> ainsley: 1 # minutes after the top of the hour. chilling video the moment a woman tries to kidnap a young boy walking home from school.
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how the quick-thinking 10-year-old stopped his own abduction. >> brian: first, here is the miami central marching band, the rockets performing 400 degrees. about now. >> steve: action. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ when moderate to severe ulcerative colitis persists...
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>> all right. welcome back we are in hollywood florida for fourth annual patriot awards. police have revealed shocking new details about the four university of idaho students who were murdered near campus. turns out two roommates were home, apparently, at the time of the killing. >> this story is just so disturbing. the new surveillance footage shows two of the victims at a food truck. i guess they had gone out and go to the food truck like many of us did in college hours after -- or actually they went to the food truck and then an hour, hour and a half they are assuming that they were killed ashley strohmier here is the details as the killer is still identified and on the loose. ashley? >> yeah, guys, authorities haven't even named a suspect in
3:18 am
that kwame murder case and are warning this is a very dangerous situation. watch. >> we do not have the suspects at this time and that individual is still out there. we cannot say that there is no threat to the community. and as we have stated, please stay vigilant, reporting suspicious activity and be aware of your surroundings at all times. >> the four university of idaho students were targeted attack. surveillance footage showing two of the victims at a food truck hours before their death. i do want to warn you these images we are going to show you are graphic. new pictures of blood leaking out of the house coming from the first floor bedroom. the responding officers saying the scene was the worst they have ever seen. the sister of kayleigh speaking out for the first time yesterday. writing on instab gram. isolated targeted attack it is isolated until it is.
3:19 am
whoever did this is still out there, and is he stick enough to murder four sweet innocent humans so brutally he is stick enough to do it to anyone else. how the police say no threat makes no sense, no one is safe. please get your loved ones home. are cailee shared heart wrenching photo. she shared this photo with the three other victims one lucky girl could be surrounded by these people every day. so sad, guys. back to you. >> it is heart breaking, ashley, thank you very much for the live report. >> i have been reading what some of the sisters of the victims were writing on social media. close knit families. you know, they are trying to get an education. they are all living together. we can all relate to this story. our kids are doing it. your kids are in college. >> brian: one of the texts was -- one of the last posts was i feel so fortunate to have friends like this. meanwhile, carley shimkus is covering the other news she covered on "fox & friends first." that story, now you have these
3:20 am
stories. >> carley: another theory unfortunate one to get to here this surveillance footage shows the moment just before a wrong way driver plows into 25 law enforcement recruits. in l.a. county. five of those victims are in critical condition. some of the other cadets could be released from the hospital later today. the circumstances leading up to this crash remains under investigation. horrible situation there. chilling video capturing the moment a quick-thinking young boy escapes a potential kidnapper. the 10-year-old was walking home from school when he says the woman started following him, offering to buy him food and claiming she knew his parents. that's when he decided to walk into the closest store he could find. he grabbed the employee and asked her to pretend to be his mom. the employee immediately gets up and locks the door to keep the stranger out before calling police. wow. and the young man from new jersey walking across america on foot to raise awareness and
3:21 am
money for home also veterans. i'm going to make this journey across country it's going to to go from sea to shining sea. we have been passionate about, you know, helping out veterans in any way i can because they have given so much to us. >> carley: that is tommy pascrell, he began his journey from a beach in nuke. final destination is venice beach, california, if you can believe it. he is walking at least 20 miles a day. and he hopes to complete his trek in april. can you believe that guys? >> brian: seems like is he enjoying himself. >> ainsley: needs a foot massage after sounds painful. >> steve: he just got it from you highlighting it. thank you very much, carley. >> brian: didn't take long for chuck schumer to make clear where he food and the democrats wide open. no network covers it. no democrat except henry cuellar speaks out about this.
3:22 am
senator kelly brought it up because he was about to lose an election in arizona. sadly it looks like lost a partner in terms of a governor cared about scaring now that doocy is going to be term limited out. >> ainsley: different spelling. >> brian: to me it should be a priority, clear when it comes to immigration, title 42 going away has made everybody focus on it. but their interpretation of the pandemic emergency measure is interpreted differently. >> ainsley: allowed for the rapid removal at the border because of covid. and the aclu said this is wrong, so they filed a lawsuit. they are not opposing to the delay though. the federal court said okay, we're going to delay this. this end of title 42 until the end of december. because the biden administration said that they needed five more weeks to prepare. the judge says they fear this will lead to an even greater migrant surge. >> steve: judge is the legendary
3:23 am
district judge in d.c. emmet sullivan. he took the extraordinary method to actually it in all caps he wrote: with great reluctance, i'm going to delay it. >> the official end is in five weeks. the problem is, and the government has made it very clear, hey, we need time to transition. to get things going. the worry is, according to the officials, is that it's going to lead to a surge of 18,000 migrants every day. just imagine, 18,000 people come in every day as soon as title 42 way. that's one of the reasons greg abbott, the governor of the great state of texas took the extraordinary measure of ordering out the national guard and the texas department of public safety, they said -- they declared an invasion on our southern border. a couple days. and they are are going to do their best to make sure that they can turn around as many people as they possibly can. >> brian: here san excerpt from
3:24 am
the letter. your silence in the face of this repeated pleas is deafening. refusal to visit the border for a first-hand look at the chaos you have causeside damning. two earls i don't of inaction on your part leave texas with no choice but to escalate our effort to secure our state your open border policies which have capitalized unprecedented crisis of illegal immigration are the sole cause of texas having continue to vehicle our constitutional authority to defend ourselves. that word to the president and mayorkas. >> ainsley: well, i mean, he has a good point. these are historic numbers we are seeing. in october alone, historic high for all octobers ever, 230,000 encounters. the fiscal year of 2022, 2.76 million. the year before that was 1.72. that just shows you the message is getting to countries 2009 was against these open borders. >> brian: he was for 700 miles
3:25 am
of wall. >> ainsley: now he is saying amnesty for all. >> i believe in it overall as an american who wants to see our country be stronger because immigrants make us stronger now more than ever. now more than ever. we're short of workers. we have a population that is not reproducing on its own with the same level that it used to. the only way we're going to have a great future in america is if we welcome and embrace immigrants the dreamers and all of them because our ultimate goal is to help the dreamers but get a path to citizenship for all 11 million or however many undocumented there are here. [applause] >> brian: is he insane? he says 11 million. it's more like 25, 30 million. it was 11,000,010 years ago. he wants everyone legalized destroy the system. break the law, come here illegally and get exactly what you want citizenship. so, thankfully, lindsey graham says there's not going to be any deal of immigration until we secure the border. it's just a matter of time until a bunch of us get killed because
3:26 am
the border is broken and terrorism is on the rise. here's my message to democrats. there will be no deals on immigration until we secure the border. to my republican colleagues send us a border security bill. send us strong as hell. we will make the democrats in the senate vote on it. how could you even entertain letting everybody here i will legally, you will will be getting 18,000 a day. 180,000 a day. come one, come all, stay for free? >> steve: you know, what they said yesterday, the department of homeland security, they said they need until december to transition to what they refer to as new policies at the border. keep in mind, as long as this administration is in power they can go ahead and administer the border any way they want to. unless the congress takes republicans and democrats get together and say, okay, we need immigration reform. i thoug know they have tried ite past. 20,000 a day? this is something where the two heads should get together.
3:27 am
>> brian: chuck schumer would have said it yesterday. let's secure the border and do immigration reform instead he says just let these people become citizens. >> ainsley: they have to be careful though with their messaging so many people who did it the right way that are now citizens who can vote and they are so upset about this. >> brian: i hope so. steve: listening to what chuck schumer said he is essentially saying let's make them citizens, it requires the correct me if i am wrong to do it. they have to work together with joe biden. so, stay tuned. let's hope they do something. >> ainsley: 27 minutes after the top of the hour. still ahead, republicans have officially taken back the house. so, what should be first on the agenda? david webb and sean duffy are here in hollywood, florida, they are going to weigh in coming up next. >> brian: they are here now.
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what should the future deliver? (music) progress... (music) ...innovation... (music) ...discovery? or simply stability... you shouldn't have to choose. (music) gold. your strategic advantage. (music) visit >> carley: we're back with headlines starting with this. every football in the acc will wear these helmets decals and hold a moment of silence to honor the three university of virginia football players killed on campus shooting saturday night. canceling upcoming game coastal carolina following the deaths of
3:32 am
the three players. the virginia alum ron thornhill where wear these cleats during the kansas city chiefs games on sunday. launching a probe into ticketmaster taylor swift presale chaos. swifties say there is bad blood glitches to wait days to buy tickets for her spring tore. tour. >> ticketmaster is making my skin crawl. making me so upset no. one on earth can buy taylor swift tickets right now. >> making her skin crawl she says, attorney general saying industry player you think ticketmaster would be well aware that these were probably going to be the most popular tickets or close to the most popular tickets they have ever had. and, take a look at this. nassau's artemis one sending back first images from space as it blasts towards the moon. the photos show a man can taking
3:33 am
a ride in the $100 billion space shift and a view of the earth far in the distance. the rocket blasted off yesterday after multiple delays. we love those pictures. guys. over to you. >> steve: that is cool. carley, thank you very much. senator mitch mcconnell will remain in his role as g.o.p. leader in the senate. winning comfortably over florida senator rick scott who mounted the first challenge for mcconnell in 15 years. >> brian: republicans secured a majority yesterday afternoon after picking up 218th seat have a shot at getting nine more. >> ainsley: here to react and fox news fox news contributor and former congressman sean duffy. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> ainsley: sean, you used to be in the house of representatives. >> i was. >> ainsley: tell us what's your reaction to this mcconnell and mccarthy? >> so republicans have had a lot of turnover in the house and even their members turn over quite a bit.
3:34 am
mcconnell fresh blood in. mcconnell 15 years? i'm sorry we should have new blood. rick scott is great is thinking about a new vision. i'm a little disappointed in that. a lot of us go rick scott, marco rubio, ron johnson, think the conservatives you have to realize a lot of senators we don't talk about much more moderate that voted here. the red wave is here 218 in the house. we are winning. we got the majority. >> steve: you call that a wave? >> red wanks steve. >> i'm taking it. >> brian: looks like mccarthy is going to eventually get the speakership. what changes right away even though it's a slim majority? >> what doesn't change is what concerns me more. they won't change the rules that give power back to the committees. both in the snot and in the house. this has been a problem since the mid '70s. too much power in the pirik's office. >> brian: nothing comes out can. >> if you look at committee hearings they have gone down
3:35 am
significantly since the 1970s because of these changes in the rules. paul ryan wouldn't change it. no speaker would change it. both mccarthy and mcconnell have been there in that position because they're the next in line. it's not a meritocracy anymore. you know what? i'm sick of this, sean. why is it you have to raise money for committee chairmanships when we have a lot of qualified people with business scicialtion prior military, with real world skills that also need to be a part of this discussion and to sean's point, new generation. if we evolve as a nation, it's because generations come in and add new blood to this. i have nothing against people who have been there. we need experience, but we need new blood in leadership. >> ask can i ask the question now. republicans get gravels, chairman of committees and ranking members of the committee you control the agenda. can you do oversight on joe biden and hunter biden. can you do oversight on the border and crime energy, all those things pass legislation at least out of the house where it
3:36 am
goes in the senate, we're not quite sure but it draws attention to issues that joe biden has been failing on. >> steve: chances are joe biden would never sign the bill in a million years anyway. let's talk about the senate. forget about mitch mcconnell let's talk about georgia. if georgia is won by the republicans, then there will be a 50 oi 50 power sharing split in the senate, which is important. because you are talking about investigations. if the democrats have one more than the republicans, they can subpoena anybody they want. but the way it is right now, when it's 5050, the democrats say hey, republicans can we subpoena these people and the republicans say absolutely not. >> how did the power sharing deal work out for this time around with mcconnell and schumer? it hasn't. the republicans are not been able to move because i don't understand why, mcconnell went along with this deal with schumer when he really didn't have to. essentially the democrats this whole power sharing deal after they took the majority.
3:37 am
>> steve: 5050. >> you got the vice president who comes in to cast the tiebreaking vote. chairmanship matters, if you are going to have real power you comedian committee chairmanmanships and stein power back to the house. >> brian: herschel matters. >> herschel matters because you have that 50/50 split again. the map was hard for republicans in the senate. wins a republicans. obviously didn't happen. the next will in 2024 is a great republican map. republicans are going to take the senate in two years from now. and that one seat can make all the difference in georgia. >> that's important. >> ainsley: sean, "yes" or "no," do americans really want to investigate hunter biden? january 6th, withdrawal from afghanistan or move forward and focus on. >> both. ainsley, can you do both. so committees can do the work on the investigations, then you are to the point the speaker is actually driving legislation. which is, i agree with you, david, that's a problem. but then they bring that legislation up to the house.
3:38 am
>> brian: president never been briefed about what went wrong in afghanistan. he refuses to take a brief. so the american people at least have to be briefed and now we will have a chance. >> called walking and chewing gum at the same time they can do it. >> steve: have them get together and do something about immigration. we talked about that later they have to do it. you agree. >> i totally agree. i was in those conversations to get agreement on what you all think should be easy to agree on, the people were so facts are before us. millions of people coming in illegally continue to grow a problem that becomes too big to fix easily. >> sean, congratulations. >> pete hegseth and jen are here no kids either. a little break. >> steve: without the kids you would expect to sleep in a little bit. >> sorry. go to bet at 8:30 now. 8:30 we are asleep. >> steve: thanks for joining news hollywood. >> ainsley: big show still ahead
3:39 am
from the beautiful seminole hard lock and casino. joanna caldwell joins us you on set here he is. who else, brian? >> steve: jimmy fail i don't know is here. failla is here. ♪ pregnant or plan to be
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at chewy, you can save on all the gifts you need for the gifts that keep on giving. smiles! because while they'll never understand this whole situation... they definitely get this. thank goodness. great prices. happy pets. chewy. ♪ >> has lightfoot done anything. >> given the mess she was dealt, lori is delivering and she was cool during covid. [doorbell] >> hey did you order thousands of new jobs and a peperoni? >> i told you she delivers. >> there there did you go
3:44 am
chicago lori lightfoot raising eyebrows cringe worthy ad as mayoral race heats up. >> steve: gianno caldwell author of "taken for granted" he joins us live from hollywood with reaction. >> good morning to see migrate friends in the state of florida. this is where i live. >> steve: you look at that ad who on her campaign thought this is a great idea? first of all, cool during covid. a million americans have died of covid and then this, your brother was killed in chicago. >> yeah i don't know that they even thought that ad was lame, talk about the murder rate, we had the highest murder rate in chicago in 25 years. think about the rate of poverty in which young kids in chicago are facing that national average 16%, chicago 23%. you continue to see the missteps in which she has made and chicagoans are tired of it. my brother was murdered on
3:45 am
june 24th, 114th south street. he has paid the price. so many other families have paid the price. i have friends, one in particular, who has lost two brothers within the three year scope. i thought. steve: on her watcher. >> on her watch. lori lightfoot. i talked to another friend whose mom lost four sons, separately. >> steve: unbelievable. >> if you don't think it's time to bring in a better mayor, then you are lost. she should just resign in disgrace. >> ainsley: her election is on february 28th. if no one gets 50 officers there will be a runoff on april 4th. here's of the thing. i thought take away everything you are saying, if you just look at the ad face value looks like she is cute and personal and done something and dancing in the microphone that looks like she is a lot of fun. you look at that and say she is so out of touch we are constantly every monday morning telling the folks at home how many people died in chicago over the weekend and you were telling us during the commercial break that the investigator, that is handling your brother's murder
3:46 am
is now on furlough. >> chicago police need a thousand new detectives for all the murders that owe r. occurring in the city. the best news i received all year was, perhaps, yesterday when i found out that republicans were going to take over the house because there needs to be oversight on the federal dollars that are going into chicago, going to the cook county prosecutor and we need to ensure that the fbi gets in on some of these cases because this has become just insurmountable for so many families. >> brian: there are no cops. >> that's the point. >> brian: no cops. >> nobody goes to the academy and doesn't want to serve. >> brian: they are basically in the handcuffs. >> the mayor does not have their back. things needs to change in chicago. she should not be running for re-election. she should resign in disgrace because she is a disgrace. >> steve: man, that's troubling. it is 14 minutes before the top of the hour. >> ainsley: check in with janice
3:47 am
dean for fox weather forecast she is live at the seminole casino at the pool. >> i have the best location on "fox & friends." i have to tell you. i know you are in where all the action is going to happen. the action is here. i need a fancy drink. take a look at the temperature here in hollywood, florida. it's 70 degrees going to get up into the 70s, close to 80 degrees. a lot of humidity, that's why my hair suspect today. showers in the area, otherwise spectacular for the next couple of days here in hollywood, florida. look at the current temperatures across the country. how lucky are we that we are not affected by the artic air mass that is affecting much of the lower 48 not only today, friday and saturday, and the big story this weekend is going to be the lake-effect snow down wind of ontario and erie, buffalo, new york. water town. you could get upwards of 3 to 6 feet of snow. so, that is the big story, winter has arrived for parts of the northeast, but here in florida, we are enjoying the
3:48 am
heat. over to you, steve, ainsley and brian. >> brian: right. next hour the water temperature, okay? n. the pool. >> steve: they have beautiful pools here, absolutely, excellent. thanks, j.d. >> ainsley: everyone on the plane coming from new york had thick coats on. everyone was talking about how they dressed in layers, once you land in florida you have got to take off the coat. >> steve: down to one layer. >> brian: i love being in the hard rock it has its own atmosphere in particular. >> ainsley: 24 hour room service important to us because our sleep times are so crazy. i love 24 hour room service. >> brian: i had no idea. >> steve: somebody who knows awful about that is coming up next. >> ainsley: fox nation host jimmy failla joins us on stage at the beautiful hard work hotel and casino in hollywood, florida. hello ♪ ♪ ♪
3:49 am
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>> twitter fact checking elizabeth warren let's be clear, president biden last the legal authority to cancel student debt. >> ainsley: well, the social media company adding this is interesting two articles with context right underneath that
3:53 am
tweet saying, quote: experts disagree on whether the president can authorize widespread debt cancellation through an executive order. >> steve: here with reaction to fox nation host jimmy failla. good to have you with us. >> happy to know this is a real hit. i thought i was dragged out of the casino for my own good. i thought they were lying you are going to be on tv you have got to go. interveteransment to the point of student loan forgiveness. blackjack forgiveness for guys like me forgive every bad decision. i love this story one it's nice to see elizabeth warren getting fact checked about something besides d.n.a. test. stick with me. two, democrats are finally being forced to live in the world they crated for the rest of us. >> steve: the social media world. >> social media world. big tech censorship getting the job done for them, okay, but not the other side. >> steve: is elon musk being fair and balanced now or helping people who have been left in the cold? >> i feel like is he for this
3:54 am
simple purpose, okay? they are telling the truth. she is lying when she says let's be clear. any time a drag liberation says let's be clear, let be clear. if you like your doctor can you keep your doctor. we know it's a hustle. the fact they pushed back on that a little bit i love. >> ainsley: what's the point? if she is going to lie, why about this? it's easy to find out. >> steve: they have all been saying this. >> they got lazy for a long time they were able to line lie with impunity. have full support from the media and no factual, you know, push back in the court of public opinion when it comes to big tech and social media. now the game changed. you know, sometimes if you go to -- if you were in prison for 10 years and came out of jail wearing what was cool fashion 10 years ago you might think you looked good but bad. >> brian: prim miss of tulsa king. request brian brian the prepaid comedy show. tell me what we can expect in the preshow. >> first and foremost an honor to come on before the cameras
3:55 am
turn on warm up the crowd and tell some jokes. >> brian: you are a professional comedian. >> if you don't like a joke this isn't the oscars you can't storm the stage. we will be up slinging jokes and doing things. i'm pretty sure they are trying to keep me out of the casino i will believe it when i see it. >> ainsley: your wife called ahead of time. >> steve: jimmy, actually the gold star is right here under ainsley's chair. that's where you will be addressing the 5,000 people here tonight. >> wow, this is not a drill folks. >> steve: it is not. jimmy, thank you very much. will straight ahead, two big hours still with us right now here is the miami central senior high school marching rockets performing live from the seminole hard rock hotel and casino in hollywood. hit it. ♪ ♪ ♪
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the new subway series menu. the greatest sandwich roster ever assembled. tony, the new outlaw's got double pepper jack and juicy steak. let's get some more analysis on that, chuck. mmm. pepper jack. tender steak. very insightful, guys.
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