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tv   America Reports  FOX News  November 17, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PST

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i like the tip to fan. >> it's benadryl, take the sides. >> if you don't do the shopping, you may be surprised what's on the table on thursday. happy thanksgiving and cheers. don't forget to dvr the show. here is "america reports." >> john: emily, thank you so much. fox news alert to kick us off this thursday afternoon. disg disgraced democratic donor, sam fried open in the scandal that wiped out billions in customer investment. >> sandra: and questions over his inner circle and very close ties to some of the most in influential democrats in washington. will it affect whether charges
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are brought against him by the biden justice department? jackie and robert are here. >> and with great confidence in our caucus i will not seek re-election to democratic leadership in the next congress. >> john: it's the end of an era for the democratic party. speaker nancy pelosi stepping down after republicans clinched the majority for the upcoming term. hello, i'm john roberts in washington. sandra, i'll let you say it today. >> sandra: happy friday eve, john. great to be with you. sandra smith in new york. "america reports." pelosi receiving a standing ovation after ending her 20-year reign as the leader of the party, two tenures as speaker of the house. >> john: she said she will stay in congress representing her district but it's time for new leadership to take over. >> sandra: complete coverage begins now. and divided congress goes from
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here. chad pergram is live on capitol hill where this all just went down a few moments ago. hi, chad. >> sandra, good afternoon. nancy pelosi served two decades leading house democrats as speaker or democratic leader, former speaker dennis hastert also remained a member after the gop lost in 2006. >> scripture teaches us for everything, there is a season. a time for every purpose under heaven. my friends, no matter what title you all my colleagues have be stowed upon me, speaker, leader, whip, there is no greater official honor for me than to stand on this floor and to speak for the people of san francisco. >> in a statement, president biden said when he thinks of pelosi he thinks of dignity. speculation that pelosi might stay since democrats would have a narrow minority, this will now set off a scramble to succeed
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her, most eyes are on democratic caucus chairman hakeem jeffries. >> i think if she steps aside, i'm clear jeffries is the person i will be voting for in leading the congressional black caucus to vote. >> of course this raises questions about the future of house majority leader steny hoyer and whip jim clyburn. stenny has indicated he will not seek a re-election bid for leadership. the other big story comes from the gop. they'll be in the majority next year, so jim jordan and james comer announced investigations into president biden, hunter biden and family members. >> establish the joe biden and foreign partners and whether he is a president compromised or swayed by foreign dollars and influence. i want to be clear. this is an investigation of joe
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biden, and that's why the committee will focus in the next congress. >> comer characterized the president as the core of their investigations. they asked if the president's business dealings could jeopardize american national security and the gop wants to probe the withdrawal from afghanistan and the origins of the pandemic. sandra. >> sandra: chad pergram reporting live, thank you. john. >> john: let's bring in our panel now, juan, let's start with you. pelosi went halfway, a lot of people thought she might give up the seat as well, she gave up the leadership. does hakeem jeffries have a lock and what happens to hoyer and clyburn? >> i would place it on jeffries in new york, but adam schiff, well remembered and well-known from the impeachment hearings. >> john: well remembered that's for sure. >> he's been lobbying and seeing how much support he has in the
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caucus. but right now looks like you have a situation where hakeem jeffries and a leadership team, congresswoman from massachusetts and another from california, look to be in place as we exit this pelosi era and boy, she is a figure of american history. like her or hate her, she's, you know, i think the second longest serving speaker in american history, john, and if you think about the record of accomplishment, it's pretty substantial. love her or hate her. >> john: changing of the guard here. >> she was effective for pushing the progressive agenda. also why she lost the majority for democrats not once, but twice. it was also interesting to hear the speaker talk about the number of women she brought to the congress, of course she only talked about democratic women and how the house had advanced so far amongst democratic women and yet republicans have the most diverse caucus we have ever had and certainly a record
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number of women. and so the partisanship that she also brought is why she lost the house for them ultimately, and the post pelosi house should be about practical, not partisanship. >> john: we'll see heading into january which way that goes. now, we know which way some republicans are going. earlier today another press conference in which republicans announced there were going to be a number of investigations, not even just 24 hours earlier gained the majority in the house. joe and hunter biden, afghanistan withdrawal, origins of covid and politization of the doj and the fbi. and congressman comer from kentucky. >> this is is an investigation of joe biden, the president of the united states and lied about his knowledge and participate in his family's international business schemes. >> to be clear, joe biden is the big guy. shows hunter biden was
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conducting business with respected human traffickers. >> john: not even in control of congress and the investigations have already begun. >> i think americans are tired of this kind of pettyness and extremism, but it's not only that, you know, on substantial issues like funding for ukraine. will a republican majority back that. a lot of this stuff, especially going after biden in this way seems wow, why would you use whatever energy republicans have gained from taking the majority on such a -- disruptive, divisive issue. >> john: have david explain that. >> seems juan never turns on fox news when the january 6th panel continued after partisan investigation and partisan investigation, and that's just one example. but you could -- >> john: back before that, adam schiff, how many people did he haul in via subpoena to investigate russia, went
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nowhere. >> more importantly, government needs to govern as we were elected and certainly the house's responsibility to investigate. we should investigate thoroughly, speak thoughtfully, and we should be practical in learning things about how government has been running under the biden administration that we can course correct and change. we don't need an investigation to know the homeland security secretary is incompetent. he's proven that time after time. we need to figure out how we course correct and get the borders secure. a complete debacle getting out of afghanistan, we have to know what we learned from that so we can make it better and that's where house republicans investigation should focus. >> john: 15 seconds. does he make some salient points there? >> i think david makes an excellent point. i want to be sure i understand, david. i think there should be an agenda moving america forward, a slim majority, a need for bipartisan cooperation to get something done for the people.
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>> move away from the partisan investigations that was the epitome of the pelosi speakership. >> john: we will find out soon where it's all going. congressman mccarthy does not have the speakership yet, saying hey, let's not go down the road to impeachment too quickly. thanks, guys. good to see you. thanks for kicking us off. it's going to be an interesting couple of years, no question about that. >> sandra: interesting watching the house floor, a lot of traffic in the chamber, they had a hard time breaking things up, emotional speech when nancy pelosi made that announcement. >> john: end of an era, no question about that. >> sandra: absolutely. meanwhile, fox news alerting to this. the murder of the four university of idaho students over the weekend, investigators now reviewing surveillance footage of two of those victims just hours before they were killed. police also revealing more information on the weapon they think was used. dan springer is live on the
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ground for us. is there any sense they are close to catching this killer? >> well, sandra, one of the big take-aways from last night's news conference, they do not have any suspects identified so no, they do not appear to be close to making an arrest. and because of that, the police chief had to walk back the comments that they have been issuing ever since this took place on sunday that there is no ongoing threat to the community and the people in this area are not in danger. they walked that back completely last night. we also now have a better timeline. two of the victims, madison and kayleigh were seen on video at a food truck in moscow at 1:41 a.m. police said the 21-year-olds had come from a bar nearby and all four of the victims were back at the rental home a few minutes later at 1:45 a.m. the pair does not appear to be in any stress at the point. and another one who lives at the rental house was with her
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boyfriend ethan at a party in town before also returning to the house at 1:45. murders took place between 3 and 4:00 a.m. and the stunning new detail, two other roommates were also at the house during the murders. >> there is still a person out there who committed four horrible, horrible crimes, so i think we have to go back to -- there is a threat out there still, possibly. we don't know, we don't believe it's going to be to anybody else. but we all have to be aware of our surroundings and make sure that we are watching out for each other. >> the chief says the other roommates were not hurt, he would not call them witnesses and said they were cooperating to the extent they could. and also would not disclose who called 911 eight hours after the murders. autopsies have been completed, the coroner confirming all four
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were homicide victims and were stabbed to death. i was also told by the coroner that it is likely the same knife was used on all four. the idaho statesman spoke with the owner of a local sporting goods shop who said police were in his store more than once asking if he sold anyone a knife like this, a k bar knife with a six inch blade commonly issued by the military. the shop did not sell that knife, he does not have records of buying that knife, but six inch knife could be the murder weapon, and used on all four victims. one suspect responsible for all four murders in that house early sunday morning. back to you, sandra. >> sandra: awful, awful story, and still so many questions unanswered. dan springer following that for us. forensic pathologist, dr. michael baden will join us with
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more on this next hour. >> john: looking forward to all of that. fireworks on capitol hill as mayorkas says the border is secure. is he prepared for the new surge coming once a covid-era restriction ends. >> sandra: and john, emergency rooms all over the country overwhelmed by a sudden spike in sick young patients. could the fast approaching flu season make things even worse? we'll ask dr. marc siegel and what parents need to know right now. >> we are seeing a much earlier season and a rapid rise and it's really put a stretch on our pediatric hospital beds and pediatric systems across the state. okay everyone, our mission is complete balanced nutrition. together we support immune function. supply fuel for immune cells
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>> john: children's health groups are calling for president biden to declare a national emergency in response to the amoxicillin shortage in hospitals. families are forced to wait for hours because of the shortage and viral surges. fox team coverage now, dr. marc siegel is standing by. but gillian turner is here. >> so far, as a couple of us can attest to, the cold and flu season is one of the worst on record for moms and dads of small kids. not only are the immune systems weakened after covid isolation, but a raging rsv virus and now a nationwide amoxicillin shortage, the antibiotic used to treat everything from ear infections to bronchitis in kids. don't wait for the federal government to step in. fda is punting the blame. they tell us there are a number
10:19 am
of factors that can cause or contribute to drug shortages that are out of the fda control. this includes manufacturing and quality problems, delays, and discontinuations. and more than 100,000 americans missed work last month in october, according to new government data, this is an all time record, because of childcare problems. cvs pharmacy tells us we are working with manufacturers to get supply. and diatrician said i tried to prescribe amoxicillin, the pharmacy did not have it. and tamiflu for flu, they didn't have it. and walgreens is still able to meet patient's at this time, and will work with the suppliers and distributors. now pediatric groups are asking the health and human services
10:20 am
secretary to step in and declare dual national health -- excuse me, dual national emergency and health emergency so they can get much needed quick funding to help take care of some of the problems. and because of the sick kids, pediatric hospitals tell us they are getting overwhelmed. >> john: almost ten years ago now we had a huge shortages in hospitals and back to that old thing again. >> i guess it's cyclical. >> sandra: dr. siegel, good to see you. there's a lot of scary things, quite frankly, happening here. first of all, you have the emergency rooms in the country filling up with young patients. what is happening here? >> well, sandra, very old and the very young. i want to start by saying we are seeing seven per 100,000 elderly that have been hospitalized this season for an upper respiratory or respiratory infection which
10:21 am
is ten times what we saw last year. but you know what's even worse than that, under 17 years of age, children, 50 out of 100,000 is the statistic, way more than ten times what we usually see. what are we seeing? we are seeing enormous flood of hospitals from a combination of rsv infections, an upper respiratory infection. smaller you are, the smaller the airways, easier they get clogged. flu is raging back this year as we predicted it would. you know, as gillian just said, we don't have a lot of immunity from flu from last season, a small outbreak and the young children are getting the flu and some have died. and then covid is also coming back, 80,000 cases reported over the last 24 hours. deaths are way down from covid, thank god, because there's a lot of immunity around to covid now, but we are still seeing hospitalizations from covid, and that's the triple threat. >> sandra: have a scroll here of all the infections, bacterial infections, respiratory
10:22 am
infections affecting patients. a lot of cases of asthma being reported, allergies, ulcers, diabetes, chronic pain, anxiety, a lot of reasons why these e.r.s and hospitals are filling up, to your point both young and old. but as a result of in particular from some of these infections, amoxicillin is running short and dr. siegel, we have been covering it this week. how is it possible that in america we are running out of a medicine like amoxicillin, that is so badly needed? >> i have a few points on that that have not been paid. first of all, it's the powdered form that's short. and that's for people that can't take a pill or for little kids who can't take a pill. we need the liquid, take the powder and make the liquid. the reason that's short is because it's the supply chain relies on china. ingredients are coming from china, over 90% of the basic
10:23 am
ingredients come from china. we are having supply chain shortages of all drugs from china because of the shutdowns, one of the reasons. and we need to make it more domestically. the second point to make, pediatricians out there caution, you are overprescribing the stuff and you always have. so if little kids get rsv g or they get flu or get covid, we don't want them on amoxicillin, we want to reserve it for other infections like for ear ears, sinus infections, the shortage is real but we doctors tend to make it worse by prescribing antibiotics for viruses. >> sandra: a conversation for another day why we are choosing to be that reliant on china for such a crucial important medicine for so many in the country. i want to end with this. this is a utah mother talking about the lengthy recovery for her son with rsv, so many are
10:24 am
dealing with this right now. here she is. >> he was a perfectly healthy little boy, this is the first time he ever got sick. we were told pretty much do not take him out for three months after because he is that much more susceptible of catching anything. >> sandra: can you add to that for anybody listening, grandparent, a parent who might be having a child dealing with this respiratory illness. she was told not to take her otherwise perfectly healthy boy out for three months after recovering from this because he is that much more susceptible to catching something. what is your message on this, dr. siegel? >> well, i think that that -- i don't want to say anything about the specific case because i don't know the child. i think the overreaction of shutdowns and sequestering kids keeps them from being exposed to viruses they usually see. the reason we have the rsv outbreak -- usually see it by the time they are two, every child and they get mild
10:25 am
versions. we are seeing it out of season, we are seeing it for kids that were sequestered that were masked that did not get exposed to regular viruses. so i'm not of the philosophy keep your kids away from other kids. i think exposure to germs -- wash your hands, of course, well hydrated, watch for temperatures, be on the lookout for behavioral change, yes. but sequestering, no. >> sandra: dr. siegel, appreciate you joining us on all of that. a lot to watch out for especially as we approach the deepest part of the flu season. thank you very much. and john, we have been reporting on this the past couple of weeks how many doctors have weighed in to say they believe kids are more susceptible to a lot of this because they were kept indoors and away from kids for so long, were not building up the immune system, exposing their bodies and respiratory systems to germs. >> john: and the point you made a moment ago why are we relying on china to the precursors to the drugs, the debate in the
10:26 am
early 2000s, pharmaceutical companies were saying we cannot buy drugs from companies outside the united states, we can't be assured of the quality, and what's in them, and now we get so many things from china if they really want to put the screws to the united states, all they have to do is turn off that spigot and we are missing everything from computers to other electronics to drugs. i mean -- that's a slippery slope we are on. >> sandra: seems there should be an urgency on changing that. >> john: diversifying the supply chain, no question. the investigation into a democratic mega donor is heating up. could sam bankman fried's knowing top democrats have a probe n the collapse of ftx. >> sandra: why is the joint chief chairman suggesting ukrainian president zelenskyy
10:27 am
should start negotiations for a ceasefire? we'll ask morgan ortagus when she weighs in next. >> russia right now is on its back. the russian military is suffering tremendously. you want to negotiate at a time when you are at your strength and opponent is at weakness.
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♪♪ >> john: elon musk pushing to weed out the woke at twitter, reportedly telling employees in a late night memo they have until 5:00 today to sign on to a new "hard core work culture of long hours and high intensity or they can leave twitter with three months' severance," and only exceptional performance will constitute a passing grade. employees must sign on to the ultimatum by clicking a yes
10:32 am
icon. as for musk himself, plans to reduce his time at twitter soon and put someone else in charge of running it. the old cushy culture days at twitter are a thing of the past. >> sandra: see if it works, and -- >> john: they were getting a lot of perks at twitter. apparently people got the laundry done for free? >> sandra: sounds great. we'll see what happens with this. i mean, he's trying something different there. and some people are very critical of it. we'll see if it works for him and for that company. >> john: imagine that, hard work, the concept. >> sandra: okay. new details, meanwhile, are being unravelled about the ftx founder sam bankman fried, including how billions of dollars of investments were wiped out and inner circle deep ties to top democrats in washington. kelly o'grady is in los angeles. what are we learning now about
10:33 am
his family, the story just continues to take so many bizarre twists. >> it really does, sandra, and what really makes this sensational, the people. let's start with his family, just like sam bankman fried, we are learning of their ties to democrats, his father joseph helped senator warren draft a tax bill, his mother barbara runs a pac that helps secure democratic funding from silicon valley companies, just before i hopped on with you i was reading an article she wrote that says parental income and education will determine if you end up in the board room or jail. so i suppose we'll see how this one turns out. but his brother gabe's meeting with white house officials have also raised questions, and these ties are drawing questions from critics about how much influence sam bankman fried had on the soft regulatory environment that may have been able to allow the mess ftx is in to unfold. bigger question is the team.
10:34 am
the new ceo underscores that in a court filing. he says never in my career have i seen such a complete failure of corporate controls. the concentration of control in the hands of a small group of inexperienced, unsophisticated and compromised individuals, this situation is unprecedented. and if you look at the members of his team, many have 2 to 3 years of experience before stepping into those roles. there are major questions being raised about his rumored ex-girlfriend, caroline ellison, the ceo of alameda research, the company they transferred funds to, and analysis of the calculation of risk. >> pull it off without my math degree, use very little math. use a lot of like elementary school math like arithmetic, probability, but not any of the advanced stuff in learned in college. >> sandra, i used to work on the
10:35 am
investment side. i know you did as well. the team is the foundation for your product. you look at them before you put your money in, right, sandra? >> sandra: i think that has a lot of people comparing it to the bernie madoff ponzi scheme, perhaps she should go back to the elementary school education and learn to donate or spend money you have to actually have it or make it first. kelly o'grady. >> john: a quick correction as well, it was facebook giving free laundry to employees, but stopped doing that. and missile strikes against ukraine, sixth mass attack, ukraine may be in position to negotiate a peace deal with russia some time this winter. bring in morgan ortagus. go to what the general said yesterday at the pentagon in the briefing about the perhaps the
10:36 am
time being ripe for negotiated settlement in the ukraine war. >> the russian military is really hurting bad. so you want to negotiate at a time when you are at your strength and your opponent is at weakness. and it's possible, maybe, that there will be a political solution. all i'm saying. >> john: it may be possible there is a political solution here, which obviously would involve some sort of a ceasefire. what do you think the effect would be if there were to be a ceasefire declared and ukraine entered into negotiations, which by the way, it says it does not want do with russia for an end of the war. >> well, they are going to have to get to negotiations eventually. that's how this story ends. but i think everybody is of the position that they want ukraine to be in a position of strength when they do so, so i think that's why general milley was riffing at the pentagon, negotiations under the purview
10:37 am
of secretary blinken, and coming from state and not the chairman of the joint chiefs. his assessment is pretty commonplace in terms of the russia military being weak at this moment, and about wanting the ukrainians to negotiate from a position of strength. there are several things that we could look at. ultimately what you want to do, you want to get the russians to the place where they would like to get out under the sanctions that have been placed on them by the international community. so that's about, around $300 billion right now of frozen assets. and how do you get them there? you have to make a really, really stark decision that they have to make to get there. one would be withdrawing from ukrainian territory, another helping to rebuild ukraine, another, we are not going to give up as an international community on pursuing the war crimes that we have seen russia pursue over this past year. so, listen, when you get to an end of a conflict which you
10:38 am
know, we not necessarily there, but when you get there it's going to have to be a negotiated piece at the end. that's how all wars end, right, john? >> john: at some point you would think there would have to be negotiation, but general jack keane said yesterday he thinks it's the wrong time do it. if you were to declare a ceasefire and start negotiations, that would give putin a chance to rest and resupply troops and then go back at ukraine again. he does not believe putin wants to negotiate, that putin would, if there were a piece of paper he would throw it in zelenskyy's face after he tore it up. >> that's probably true. but when you look at the long end of where we are going to end, i think milley was probably talking about where we end up in the coming years. i mean, if we look at crimea, russia invaded in 2014, they are still there. the russians remain, no one has been able to expell them, and
10:39 am
why they focus in the trump administration of deterring, so what did you see going forward. the ukrainians, while they are definitely taking back russia territory and seeing advancements, i still don't think, you know, when i talk to eastern europeans, i still tonight think putin is paying the political price to feel the losses. if it had happened to america or democracy or western country, the number of losses of lives of russian troops, the setbacks militarily, it would have devastating consequences for aur leaders. he has a firm grip on power and we have yet to paid the political price to have a vulnerable situation. i think there is a lot more time to go before we get there. >> john: the idea how much pressure on putin, something we will take up with dan hoffman, he knows a lot about putin, in the next hour. morgan, great to see you as
10:40 am
always. thank you. >> thanks, john. >> sandra: new surveillance video of the moment an suv drove head on into a group of police academy recruits. investigators still trying to piece together what exactly went wrong here and caused this, and what are we learning about the driver. >> john: homeland security secretary mayorkas under fire on capitol hill. does he have a plan to stop the expected rush of even more migrants after title 42 ends? brandon judd on what he says has to be done at the border right now. >> is the southern border currently in crisis, yes or no. >> we are seeing a significant challenge at the southern border as throughout the hemisphere. people are working hard to build a better future. so we're hard at work, helping them achieve financial freedom. we're providing greater access to investing, with low-cost options to help maximize savings.
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include a silver sneakers fitness program at no extra cost. you get all of this for as low as a zero-dollar monthly plan premium in many areas; and your doctor and hospital may already be a part of humana's large network. there is no obligation, so call the number on your screen right now to see if your doctor is in our network; to find out if you could save on your prescriptions, and to get our free decision guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. >> sandra: homeland security secretary mayorkas facing tough questions from senators on his plans for securing the southern border once title 42 is lifted
10:45 am
in a few weeks. aishah hasnie is live on capitol hill with the details on that for us. so, aishah, did mayorkas have a new plan for the impending rush this will cause many expect at the border? >> hey, sandra, good afternoon to you. great question. unfortunately, he did not. instead he told senators today that he will continue to implement that six-prong strategy dhs unveiled in the springtime in response to title 42 being lifted. he will continue with that plan, even though it is clear, sandra, that the number of migrant crossings continues to go up month after month. mayorkas testified today amid some startling data shows record 2.38 million migrant encounters in the last fiscal year, october the new fiscal year, record
10:46 am
230,000 migrant encounters, both democrats and republicans expressing concerns today about the end of title 42. >> the sudden announcement title 42 will be terminated in december i'm extremely worried dhs is not ready. >> what's the plan for dealing with this mass migration, illegal immigration coming now post title 42? >> what we are doing is precisely what we announced we would do in april of this year, and we have indeed been executing on the plan. >> texas governor greg abbott not waiting around, announced this week he's invoking the invasion clause of his state's constitution which he plans to build a border wall in texas counties. also bussing migrants to philadelphia now, the first bus arriving at the amtrak station wednesday morning, and they say title 42 was effective managing
10:47 am
the flow of migrants and once it's gone he's expecting a big rush into his community. >> ending title 42 will have an influx into the port of entry and congress has failed to address our broken immigration system. >> and sandra, as the secretary walked out of the hearing room at the end of this hearing, i asked him if he thought that his plan, the six-part plan was actually working. he did not give me an answer. sandra. >> sandra: very interesting. aishah, thank you. john. >> john: sandra, mortgage rates the highest they have been in 20 years. pricing out families across the country looking to buy a home. we'll tell you just how much money you need to make now if you want to own your piece of the american dream. >> sandra: a lot of people want to hear that, and fox nation in hollywood. no, not that hollywood, hollywood, florida, for the fourth and u at patriot awards
10:48 am
to honor the ultimate everyday american heroes. fox news contributor and afghan war veteran joey jones is up next with a preview what we can expect before he takes the big stage. ♪♪ i've pricked my finger 3,000 times. my a1c was still over 9. (man) then i got the dexcom g6. i just glance at my phone and... ...there's my glucose number. no fingersticks. none. yes! yay! my diabetes is no longer a mystery. you see a spike after eating raisins. but dark chocolate? no spike. that's a huge victory.
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♪♪ >> sandra: we are just hours away from the fourth annual patriot awards in hollywood, florida. to honor the ultimate every day american heroes like our next guest above and beyond patriotism. joey jones, retired marine bomb technician, we tell you we are so grateful for you and your service and your sacrifice. thanks for joining us. >> well, thanks for having me on, honestly, truly, this is not about me, but that's what's great. it's not about anyone at fox, this is everyone at fox saying thank you to our viewers and the people in this country that have done such amazing things. one of the recipients for award was on "fox & friends" this
10:53 am
morning, she took her state patrol suv and hit a drunk driver head on to keep that person from crashing into an audience, or into a race, and that's the kind of people we are going to honor tonight. >> sandra: i'm just pumped up looking at it. the stage is set, it is looking super patriotic, obviously, with the red, white and blue everywhere, and i know for you this is so important. we see so many awards shows, right, honoring as pete hegseth was telling us yesterday, best actress, best supporting actor, you know, people cheering themselves on for things that are -- that are not that important. this is what is important for this country, for those families, who are part of the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice in some instances, family members go off to war or serve overseas and that is what this is about. and it is honoring and shining a light on those who normally would not get the spotlight.
10:54 am
>> i doubt i'm the first one to say this but the way i can drive it home for people, the people that they make movies about, so if brad pitt gets the oscar for best actor, the person he's p pretending to be, those are the people we are honoring, the stories that it happened to, did amazing things to give them this night, we are all honored to be here and i can't say much about my award, i'm giving the courage award out with harris falkner. i cannot tell you who the recipient is but it will make sense and bring tears to your eyes. >> sandra: i love it. and as pete told us, there will not be a dry eye in the place. coward award, acknowledges the sacrifices from personal freedoms, and a huge surprise when you present the award.
10:55 am
other fox talent there, pete hegseth the host, greg, dana, judge janine, all the amazing people. it's going to be a huge night and also some celebrities. mike roe, some of the "duck dynasty" folks and others. >> michael ray, several hit songs on country radio, a good friend of mine, he's going to be performing tonight. the who's who are all the people that have come and walked through the lines to shake our hands and take pictures, and show you this was my dad in world war ii, my son in afghanistan, it's really a lot of fun to be here. >> sandra: amazing, i'm sure that touches you, so special for all of you in so many different ways. joey, thank you for joining us. great preview of what we will see tonight. we'll all be watching. >> the dogs and lsu are going to meet in atlanta.
10:56 am
if you want to put a bet on it -- >> sandra: go tiger, love it. >> john: more questions than answers as idaho police try to figure out who broke into an off campus house and murdered four college students. we are learning more about the weapon. what can it tell us about the crime? dr. michael baden will break down the case. and potential punishment for the ftx fraudster, and what happens when title 42 ends next month. all that and more when "america reports" rolls on into hour two.
10:57 am
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>> sandra: top of the hour, a fox news alert. police warning the small college town of moscow, idaho to stay vigilant, no suspect, no motive, and no weapon days after somebody stabbed and killed four


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