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tv   Fox News at Night  FOX News  November 17, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> greg: we are out of time. thanks to dana perino, tucker carlson, kat timpf, tires. i am greg gutfeld. i love you, florida. >> trace: welcome to america's late news, "fox news @ night." i am trace gallagher in los angeles. breaking tonight, day after winning back the majority, house republicans unveiled bombshell allegations against the president's family that lawmakers say connects hunter biden to human trafficking. and the evidence could "compromise" president biden. the new house majority plans to
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slow down the administration's goal of massively expanding the irs. where will nancy be during all of this? the g.o.p. agenda, straight ahead. plus the common sense department weighs in on the doublespeak of homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas. he keeps saying the millions ofs roam the u.s. taylor swift. still silent, even after ticketmaster put a stop to sales for her new tour. who is more unhappy, her fans or congress? we begin with what the white house has to say about the president's alleged involvement in his son hunter's business deals. kevin corke's live in the nation's capital with more. >> good evening. some have suggested that an investigation by congressional lawmakers into the biden business dealings in general and hunter biden's laptop in particular is nothing more than
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political revenge run amok. but for republicans on capitol hill, this is about national security, the rule of law, and answering the question, is the president of the united states compromised? if the answer is yes, they argue, then the big guy, as joe biden is often referred to in several emails on the laptop, needs to be impeached. full stop. >> the bidens became millionaires by offering access to the family. this is an investigation of joe biden. the president of the united states when he lied to the american people about his knowledge and participation in his families international business schemes. national security interests require the committee conducted an investigation and we will pursue all avenues, avenues that have been long ignored. >> at the white house the president has a message for those looking to "sabotage" his remaining time in office with those pesky nonstop investigations.
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>> what's your message to republicans who are considering investigating your family, particularly your son, hunter's business dealings. >> lots of luck in your senior year, as my code used to say. >> defiance is the president. at the counsel's office they are frankly accusing republicans of launching "politically motivated attacks" chock-full of long conspiracy theories. but g.o.p. lawmakers are quick to point out that often what's been deemed a conspiracy theory and washington later on turns out often to be true. >> trace: anyone say wuhan? kevin, back to you later on. it looks like republicans are gearing up for at least one investigation into the biden family and it will likely focus on hunter biden's business dealings and exactly how much involvement if any the big i had with his no criminal defense attorney brian claypool.
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i am curious if this investigation goes forward, where do the first subpoenas go? >> great to be back with you. this is a high-stakes political poker game but i think republicans have a better hand. the first subpoena i'm going to send out is for hunter biden's bank statements and find out whether large amounts of money were transferred from hunter over to joe biden. you know where the second subpoenas going to go? let's see what president biden does here. it should go to his bank accounts and find out whether he was receiving any money from hunter or, and/or this company, cfc, in china. >> trace: i look at this congressional investigations and they tend to end at dead ends, you had a lot of talking points, a lot of comments but they really never go anywhere but you look at the information in this one and you've got to pursue it because if there's public corruption involved here, this is worth pursuing, at least for a while.
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>> are you kidding me, i heard in the opening here that this is not a public security risk, the democrats are talking about, yet mar-a-lago document seized were national security risk. remember that? if you dig deep into this company, cefc, it is staggering, frightening. why is hunter biden, why is joe biden allegedly even involved in a company like this? in 2009 it went from 48 million to 37 billion in 2017. this guy, he was an advisor for this other guy who was the ceo of the company, he was convicted in manhattan in '19 of corruption so everybody should be on high alert. >> trace: the numbers don't add up. congressional member jim jordan tweeted "first it wasn't hunter's laptop and then they admitted it was his laptop but argued it was russian disinformation and then they
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admitted it wasn't disinformation but assured us joe biden wasn't involved in outlooks like joe was involved with they are telling us he did nothing wrong. republicans were right about the laptop, as we told kevin corke, they are right about the potential genesis of the covid virus in this wuhan lab. this is worth pursuing. >> it's all about integrity, it's all about transparency, i can't imagine why there would not be an investigation into this when there's an email and there's an allegation that the bidens had a 10% equity in a joint venture with cef so. last time i checked, people don't cave. they don't just give you money for nothing in return. so what was given in return by the bidens to this company to get this money? that needs to be delved into. >> trace: what did you get and why did you get it? brian claypool, great to have you on. >> if you look at the commitment to america, they were four
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tenets. a fourth was to hold the administration accountable. that's the job of the oversight committee. some of the media said this is what the republicans, their whole focuses, this is the focus of the oversight committee. kevin said the first legislation we are going to vote on is to repeal the 87,000 irs agents to reduce the size of government because we have inflation because the democrats have spent too much money. we have a legislative agenda and we are focused on a lot of things in congress but from the oversight committee, we are in charge of investigations. we feel this is of the utmost importance. >> trace: democrats are already accusing republicans of focusing too much on investigations and not enough on the big issues like the economy. republicans say they have a full plate and it's a lot more than just investigations. matt finn live with a closer look at we can expect. >> good evening. as expected republicans announced a list of investigations they plan to launch now that the g.o.p. has gained control of the house.
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most notable, as kevin mentioned, planned investigation into hunter biden's foreign business dealings and whether his father, the president, was ever involved. claims he denies. the freshly nominated speaker of the house, kevin mccarthy tells fox news the republican-controlled house has a long list of objectives >> let's make china dependent on our natural gas. let's secure our borders to our children are being told by fentanyl every day. let's stop defiling the police and start funding them. let's make sure parents have a parents parents bill of rights, essay of their kids education. we want to know the origins of where covid began. we want to know what happened in the last 60 days of afghanistan. >> republicans say they also plan to repeal 87,000 new irs agents. fact-checkers of "the new york times" argue that 87,000 figure is overblown, arguing it refers to the total number of employees, not just
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auditors and agents the irs plans to hire up the next ten years. all this comes as democratic house speaker nancy pelosi announced today she will not seek reelection to democratic leadership. >> for me, the hour has come for a new generation to lead the democratic caucus that i so deeply respect. >> nancy pelosi was the first female speaker of the house. her announcement today was described as a watershed moment in politics and a changing of the guard in washington. >> trace: big-time changing of the guard. matt finn, back to you later. thank you. the "fox news @ night" common sense department reminds us it was march 2021 homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas came on fox news sunday and said the southern border was secure. unusual, and considering in february of 2021, 100,000 migrants had crossed into the u.s. illegally, an astounding number at the time. though it's a drop in the bucket
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today and the fact that mayorkas was disingenuous with the media doesn't really mean much. what official or politician hasn't tried to b.s. the press? but when you go before congress, there's this thing called title 18, section 1001 which says it is against the law to lie and yet secretary mayorkas also told lawmakers the border was secure. you could argue that crafty lawyers can purse the definition of secure border but then mayorkas went on to acknowledge that dhs had "operational control" of the southern border. he was told straight out the definition of operational control is "the prevention of all unlawful entries into the united states." yet mayorkas stood by his knowledge meant. he has not face charges. heck, he is ins in charge and sl defiant. >> do you maintain the border is secure? >> yes and we are working day in
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and day out to enhance its security. >> trace: yet last month 230,000 migrants crossed into the u.s. illegally. that's a record and it's almost 3 million since joe biden took office. secretary mayorkas says he has "effectively managed the crisis." common sense wonders what ineffective management looks like. get some insight into the political handling of the crisis on the border as well as what to expect from the new house leadership on both sides of the aisle, let's bring in tonight's political panel. global situation room ceo, democratic strategist johanna maska. america first policy institute chief communications officer marc lotter. that's the whole thing, you look at this. mayorkas continues to deflect and deflect and you look at what greg abbott says. i want to put this on the screen, the texas governor.
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"your silence in the face of our repeated pleas is deafening. leaves texas with no choice but to escalate our efforts to secure our state." what do you think, marc? >> this is another example of everything that this administration says, the exact opposite is true. the border is not secure. the inflation reduction act will not reduce inflation. so this is just another example that we know about the hundreds of thousands, millions since he took office, people coming across the southern border and now that title 42 has been struck down and gone away, that's the last effective tool they have to keep people from entering our country. it's going to cause a flood of new immigrants and it's also going to cause a flood of people being released into the middle of the country. most likely never to be seen from again. >> trace: marc talking about title 42. johanna is having trouble with her earpiece. he makes a good point, what
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happens when title 42 ends and you have these people waiting at the border? they can't handle what's coming right now much less one title 42 ends. >> it's an issue that for 20 years, none of us have addressed appropriately. you can just build a wall and the people starve on the other side. that's not a solution. if we want to actually come together, which is what voters told us to do last tuesday, there's actually already a bipartisan bill on this. the bipartisan border solutions act. just needs some refinement. this is something the u.s. department of -- sorry, the... the chamber of commerce. i know exactly what it is. the chamber of commerce. we have business people and "the new york times" all agreeing that this could actually bring together republicans and democrats for actual border security that
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could help us in america. we have got to bring people out of the shadows in this country. we've got to get comprehensive immigration reform so that we get talented people. right now we let them come to our schools in america and then we send them home. it's stupid. it's time for all of us. >> trace: a lot of them don't go home. in fact, most of them don't go home. according to somewhere spend $160 billion a year putting them in schools, putting them in hospitals, giving them medicaid, a lot of money is going to this and americans don't realize quite how much money. so a lot of them are not -- >> our history is that america's economy has always been stronger because of our immigrants. they have come here. they have built businesses. they have made us stronger. for us to not look at that history, reflect that in our future would be -- >> trace: a lot of things that are weaker as well. a lot of things are weaker, schools, inner-city schools, we talked about this. the inner city schools are weaker because of this. the hospital situations on the
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infrastructure weaker because of this because they have to mandate to handle this. i want to move on. nancy pelosi steps away from leadership. hakeem jeffries they think will be the heir apparent here, marc he doesn't really like kevin mccarthy and kevin mccarthy doesn't really have a lot of love lost for him. how is it working? >> i think they're going to end up having to work together, much like we had to work in the minority, there were to look at the work in the minority as well but here's the problem. the new republican majority is going to put forward bills that deal with american energy, get us energy independent again, dealing with the immigration crisis, deal with china and the democrats don't want anything to do with any of those problems. they ignore that they even ex exist. the house will start moving bills for the deal with the problems facing america caused by the left and the biden administration and then chuck schumer will let it sit there and nothing will happen.
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>> trace: she can hear you now and she is shaking her head. >> the truth is if you want to blame one party on everything we have been doing that for a long time. impeachment, trump's impeachment, everybody blaming each other. i think americans said they want people to act like grown-ups and come to the table with some solutions. hakeem jeffries, if you want to talk about hakeem, he has put forth solutions over the course of his career and he's a guy who's not just a washingtonian. he is someone who goes on to his community and actually has roots. his wife is a social worker. he's a good person. i hope that mccarthy can come to the table like the adult that he is. >> i am sure mccarthy hopes hakeem will come to the table. >> and we can actually bring together some bipartisan solutions for the border and our
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economy. >> trace: glad to hear. great conversation. one of the nation's largest retailers, target, blaming some big corporate losses on the increase in shoplifting tied to criminal networks. ashley strohmier shows us tonight. good evening. >> hey there, trace. target is the latest big retailer blaming organized crime for putting a major dent in their profits, forcing them to lose out on hundreds of millions of dollars. the cfo said this week the year to date incremental shortage has already reduced their gross margin by more than 400 million versus last year. we expected it will reduce our gross margin by more than 600 million for the full year. a coo adding the culprit is primarily organized retail crime, says "it all started probably in some localized area originally but we see the circles expanding and the impact
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continuing to grow." the company also blamed higher markdown rates, costs for the loss of profits. target says is working on training and technology to try to combat theft and also reportedly is working with other companies to try and find solutions industry-wide. the situation is so bad at a location in queens that they are locking up things like toothpaste and razors behind glass doors, forcing customers to ask employees to unlock those items. the company is taking the situation so seriously it's even brought in a forensic science team to try and solve the problem. they will be sifting through things like fingerprints, computer forensics, combing through video for any clues. it's not just target that is felt the burden of these organized retail criminals. back in september the ceo of rite aid said lost 5 million year-over-year and said stores in new york city were actually the biggest problem. >> trace: cvs, walgreens, on
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the same boat. they can't find employees to unlock the locked cabinets to get people there toothpaste. back to you a bit later in the show. thank you. chicago mayor lori lightfoot seeking reelection, now under fire for a new campaign at. >> lori is delivering. chicago is ranked best american city. she got 5,000 google jobs and she was cool during covid. [doorbell rings] >> did you order thousands of new jobs and a pepperoni? >> trace: it depicts lightfoot as being cool despite being a surging crime crisis in the windy city. fox news contributor gianno caldwell, whose brother was murdered in chicago, weighs in. >> anything about the issues that plague chicagoans, talk about the murder rate. wwe had the highest murder rate in chicago and 25 years.
9:20 pm
the rate of poverty in which young kids in chicago are facing. if if you don't think it's time to bring in a better mayor, then you're lost. stephen the first term mayor is up for reelection in 2023. a reporter in kenya interrupted by an elephant and it's almost time to defrost the turkeys. while these guys enjoy their first and last snow day. the days best viral videos coming up. and the taylor swift ticket fiasco, a.k.a. the ticketmaster disaster, just put the brakes on more public sales. some state attorneys general want answers. "fox news @ night" will get you caught up on the drama if you're ready for it.
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>> trace: first up into nights viral videos, snow already billowing over buffalo and other parts of new york. the empire state is apparently in for a major winter storm even though it is still fall. the national weather service calling for up to 4 feet of snow, most coming tonight and continuing through the weekend. that's what led to this scene at a jam-packed grocery store. their shelves are bad but even worse, the buffalo bills game has been moved to detroit because of all the snow and a driving ban is in effect for erie county. you can bet the bills will have a follow-up tomorrow. >> it's up to us to be guardians of our own natural world, save our species, and provide a home.
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[laughing] >> trace: a reporter in kenya couldn't quite keep it together when a baby elephant put its trunk on his face. the reporter said he felt the trunk on his back but decided to keep going. as you can see, the elephant was not about to stop until i got a laugh. i got a laugh for me. now this, we have more snow. this time of year of young turkeys enjoyed a snow day in indiana. it comes before, well, you know, before they end up on a sled or a plate. their owner says it's the first time they've ever seen snow. it might be the last. they apparently have commitments next week. turn the defrost button on. a 5-year-old cancer patient got her wish granted by the make-a-wish foundation and i've got to believe it fulfilled her uncles wish as well. he got to pilot her alaska airlines flight to disney world and announced to the cabin that she is healthy and thriving, even scoring three goals in her
9:28 pm
last soccer game. we wish her the very best of luck and a very long life. time to break out the bug spray for a homeowner in new south wales. apparently a swarm of mosquitoes took over the veranda during heavy rains. the homeowner says she had to give her a new cancer treatment so they wouldn't be affected by a drop in their red blood count. that is a heavy dose. if you have a viral video, had a sub @tracegallagher or @foxnewsnight on social media. widespread complaints over tickets for the taylor swift tour prompting attorneys general into states to investigate the ticketmaster disaster. marianne rafferty is live with a look at the nationwide fallout. >> good evening. it's pretty safe to say a lot of people are ticked off. people that wanted those tickets. fans were like, okay, stuff happens. ticketmaster is going to get it together but now it's gone a
9:29 pm
full blown anger for millions of taylor swift fans. >> this is really my first rodeo with [bleep] ticketmaster and this was going on this whole [bleep] time and no one has done anything? what are we doing? where is taylor? say something, girl. this is [bleep] crazy. >> this whole fiasco started on tuesday when overwhelming demand for presale tickets because the ticketmaster site to crash. thousands waited in a queue for hours to get those tickets only to find out they couldn't get them. as of this afternoon, ticketmaster has canceled friday ticket sale saying in a statement "due to extraordinary high demands on ticketing systems and insufficient remaining ticket inventory to meet that demand, tomorrow's public on sale for taylor swift has been canceled." the debacle is caught the attention of tennessee's attorney general who is planning a full investigation and he says it's no laughing matter. >> it's easy to laugh and say they didn't get their tickets. there are people who saved up money, who put a lot of time
9:30 pm
into the process to do the presale. want to make sure that any representations that were made to them in that process were honored. >> it has even caught the attention of washington minnesota senator amy klobuchar sent an open letter to ticketmaster demanding answers. it reads in part "i write to express serious concerns about the state of competition in the ticketing industry and its harmful impact on consumers." the only option right now if you want to get tickets, buy resale tickets and they can be i don't mark up, up to $30,000. crazy. >> trace: the woman with the rant, that was my daughter yesterday. could not have been more unhappy. she finally got two tickets. they were kind of pricey. marianne, standby. let's continue with fox news radio entertainment anchor michelle. that's the whole thing, you've been covering entertainment a long time. you know how these companies have all this power and you have a lot of taylor swift fans out in the cold. >> and irate taylor swift fans.
9:31 pm
the prices, what happened here is dynamic pricing happens, ticketmaster put into place about six months ago. if you remember the bruce springsteen event when bruce springsteen ticket prices were like $5,000, they are chasing algorithms. the people are doing is getting online and they put in algorithms so people can -- so they can avoid scalpers and give presale people the best prices. but the best prices go up very quickly because of this algorithm. >> trace: all of these charges, it's crazy. i want to put this up. a country singer tweeted "all my homies hate ticketmaster. live from red rocks." that is the just. people like zach brian and you have big stars, huge stars, the biggest star in the world, taylor swift.
9:32 pm
she hasn't said a word about this at all. >> hopefully we are going to hear from her. we are talking, some kids may have saved money to get these tickets and they can't. even if they went to the website that we just talked about or you can still buy tickets, they are outrageous. >> trace: the live nation came on and said it's not our fault. we didn't expect the demand. she has nine dates in the l.a. paired all of these stadiums. do you buy that whole thing? >> they had one job and they couldn't complete it. they knew what they were coming up against. her fans are like the beehive. only they've got some sting. they are showing some sting. you showed that woman. taylor makes money, stars make money off merchandise and that's why zach said that. the performers don't make money off these tickets.
9:33 pm
ticketmaster does. live nation entertainment makes the money. they make their money. zach, taylor, from the merchandise they sell. >> trace: why aren't more bands and acts pushing back on this kind of thing? why didn't taylor swift hold say hold the phone. we are going to start telling tickets tomorrow or we are going to go elsewhere. >> that's what we need to see. a big-name star coming out against this. >> a lot of times you don't agree with alexandria ocasio-cortez and some of the far left in congress but when they say maybe you have ticketmaster and live nation a little too cozy, little too big. maybe it's true. >> i was surprised that i agreed with her. she's right. she's got a point. amy klobuchar, what she did was outstanding. we need more of that. i guarantee swifties on the phone with klobuchar right now.
9:34 pm
>> i feel bad for all the people that really one of those tickets, waited in line, they have the money. those of the people being hurt, the fans. >> trace: it's expensive. michelle, marianne, thank you both. coming up, baffling twist of the murders in four idaho college students. the four victims were all inside the home but have you heard t this? so were two other roommates. criminal defense attorney bob bianchi joins us live as the mystery deepens.
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to discover on social media, and there's even this... the easiest way to book an exam at america's best. get two pairs and a free exam for $79.95. book your exam today. >> trace: stunning new information coming into "fox news @ night" as authorities in moscow, idaho, warn residents to stay vigilant while they continue searching for a suspect in the murders of four university students. senior correspondent laura ingle has the latest. >> trace, answers can't come soon enough for the family and friends of the four victims were found stabbed to death near the university of idaho this weekend. we have learned that
9:40 pm
law enforcement has additional help in the search to find the killer or killers. >> the reality is, there is still a person out there who committed four horrible, horrible crimes. >> still no suspects in the brutal murders of university of idaho students ethan chapman, xana kernodle, madison mogen, kaylee gone caldas care with autopsies complete and their bodies released to their families, an elite unit from the federal bureau of investigations has joined the search for the killer or killers. new footage of two of the victims taken hours before the morning of the murders could provide critical clues. two of them were seen at a local food truck shortly before they were killed. police revealed that there were two other roommates home at the time of the murders. they were not harmed and are cooperating with officials. the corner telling fox she believes the victims were all stabbed to death, likely with the same knife. investigators are reportedly
9:41 pm
looking for a type of tactical knife like this weapon. typically issued to members of the military. the coroner adds the last time this college town of 25,000 saw a homicide was five years ago. the investigation continues. trace. >> trace: laura, thank you. let's get more on the investigation with bob bianchi. you listen to what laura is saying. you have four people. you have one suspect who apparently went in with a knife and killed all four. i was going to ask you how the world as one people kill four without a fight going on. now we've heard moments ago the father of one of the victim says that his daughter had bruises on her, indicating that she was trying to fight. your thoughts. >> trace, as a homicide prosecutor, the first thing you've got to do is keep a very open mind, not get siloed into any piece of evidence. that was the first topic came to me. it's a very dynamic scene obviously. how does one person overpower
9:42 pm
four? with a gun, you can understand it. with a knife, it's up close and personal. it's very bloody, very slippery. a lot of times the perpetrators wind up getting wounded themselves. it's a significant piece of evidence that there was bruising. as you would suspect, these people are going to be fighting back. they are going to be screening. there's going to be a lot of what we call transfer of trace evidence, whether that be hair or fibers, clawing under the fingernails. it would seems there's going to be a lot of dna looked into. the investigator said they're not focusing on the roommates who they say are cooperating. but anyone who may be coming in or out of the house. they didn't say they ruled them out yet. >> trace: back up again, there were two roommates who were inside the house who apparently were sleeping because they knew nothing about this. we don't even know if they made the 911 call in the early morning hours.
9:43 pm
you think to roommates. was it they were looking at, they were inebriated. some of these people. we know they were at bars and at parties. how in the world of the two roommates not have any idea what's going on? >> absolutely. listen, of course we are not saying that the roommates had anything to do with that but again, keeping everything in mind, that's the first thing as an investigator you're going to see. there's two people. a case like this where people are screaming, four people. he will be a horrific and dynamic and long-lasting crime scene. how could it be that two people did not hear it? if they were intoxicated or sleep or where they were in proximity to where it occurred but it's something someone's gonna jump right on. >> trace: one father who said his daughter had bruising. another father said the following "the silence further compounds our families agony after our son's murder. for ethan and his three dear friend slain in moscow, idaho, and all of our families, i urge officials to speak the truth, share what they know, find the assailant, and protect the
9:44 pm
greater community." isn't your sense they are holding something back? that somebody is holding something back in this? >> yeah, listen. i understand the frustration. when you have to explain what's important is making sure we do it right by the book and that we don't put stuff out to the public that can affect witnesses down the road and defense can say witnesses are testifying about what they heard in the media. one note that's interesting is the knife. they are not identifying the suspect that they have identified a kind of knife that was used is very telling to me. a very specific piece of information. that tells me they know more than what they are putting out there which is understandable. >> trace: i've got to go but when you talk about trace evidence, somebody stabbing others. hair and other pieces. you believe that they will retrieve a lot more evidence that could point them in the right direction. >> absolutely, no question about it. there's going to be dna all over the place in the lot of trace evidence.
9:45 pm
they've got to go slow and steady. see if they can match the trace evidence to actual suspects. >> trace: great insight. bob bianchi, thank you. first up in tonight's crime crisis roundup, authorities have charged 22-year-old nicholas joseph gutierrez with the attempted murder of peace officers after he allegedly plowed his car into l.a. law enforcement recruits. he's accused of injuring at least 25 people and is scheduled to appear in court on friday. l.a.p.d. also offering $5,000 reward tonight for information about this hit-and-run collision caught on camera on santa monica boulevard. the police say the suspect ran a red light moments before slamming into another car. the victims fortunately sustained only minor injuries and were treated by paramedics at the scene. in new york city, police are asking for the public's help in
9:46 pm
finding a man wanted for assault on a traffic cop. the suspect engage the officer in a fight outside a brooklyn precinct on monday before he fled in his car. in philadelphia, police are looking for four suspects, three assailants on the driver wanted for the armed robbery of two men in the parking lot of a west philly gas station last weekend. the victims in this were not injured. can money buy you happiness? that may be an age-old adage but given the inflation rate i wouldn't be surprised if some but he wants to rethink their answer. good thing the nightcap crew will tackle that, among others, next
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>> trace: we've got a full house tonight. welcome back, marianne rafferty. michelle. matt finn. ashley strohmier. can money buy happiness? study gives participants ten grand to find out. ashley strohmier, you get ten large. are you happy? to go yeah, not because i'm going to buy a bulldog puppy and
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i'm going to be happy for a long time. >> trace: really? our bulldogs 10g's. >> those fancy ones are. maybe i can get two. >> trace: michelle fully know, $10,000. what do you do? >> very happy, i am buying taylor swift tickets. >> trace: one ticket. you're not going to bring anybody? kevin corke, $10,000. come on, my friend. >> it's going to take a lot more than 10gs to make me happy. i will make the most of it. i will probably try to find a trip to hawaii may be but 10gs is a starter for me. >> trace: it's two bottles of wine for you. you're very expensive tastes. matt finn. 10,000. >> maybe save some and spend some. maybe invest. >> trace: you're going to invest? no fun at all. >> i love kevin corke's idea,
9:53 pm
vacation. the initial happiness of $10,000 until it's all gone. >> trace: i don't have a dollar in my wallet ever so you give me 10 large, i'm happy. i'm walking around, i've got money. until my family finds out that i have it and it's gone. i don't have five bucks in my wallet. glory days. study shows our 20s and 30s with happiness. matt finn has to skip this because he's not there yet. we are going to tell matt. ashley strohmier. your 20s? >> my late 20s were nice. i am still in my early 30s. those have been nice too. >> trace: so you have to pass. michelle. >> i have some tail wind behind me. i'm going to go with early 3 30s. the early 30s were the best time in my life. >> trace: is that right? kevin corke? >> you know what, that's a good question. i would say 30s over the 20s
9:54 pm
because i had a lot more money in my 30s and have my 20s. to be honest, i have gotten happier as i have gotten older. 40s were great. stay when i was tending bar in my 20s my a cash in my pockets at all times. i don't have any cash in my pockets. i had cash. i felt rich. i felt rich. >> what we got out of this is donate to trace. that's what we got out of it. >> trace: i can make rent. i just don't have any cash ever. >> i'm going to go with my 40s. i have my kids and they had so much joy. love my 20s and 30s but 40s, the guy had the best time. >> trace: i was just kidding, matt finn. >> these reports are kind of depressing. i hope people can be happy at all stages of life. never look back and say this was the happiest or the pivotal moment in my life. it's encouraging when people are happy at all ages. >> trace: spoken like a man who hasn't reached 40 yet.
9:55 pm
listen, i think 40s was great because your kids are little. it was a fantastic time. super fun for everybody. and yes, by the way, we all know that matt and ashley are very young and that's the way that thing goes. thank you all. things were watching america's late news, "fox news @ night." i am trace gallagher in los angeles. see you right back here tomw night i can't! i'm just telling everyone! hey! use your vision benefits before they expire. visionworks. see the difference. i can't i'm just telling everyone, hey, use your vision benefits before they expire, vision works, see the difference, but hey girl, i all you i was touched with crazy. with >>azy. this is all you can eat buffet a smorgasbord of all you want, t thei >> did i sit at the wrong table when you get a chip inthey got your windshield, trust they safe like this couple counts b on their suv as they travel fora
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