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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 18, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> ainsley: bye, everyone! ♪ ♪ >> bill: thanks, guys, good morning. great work in florida. hello on a friday with a mystery deepens in idaho. four students murdered, killer on the loose. so many questions and getting our first look at the autopsies. it's friday. dana has the day off. i'm bill hemmer and this is the lsu tigers. >> i'm happy to begin my friday with you. thanks for having me. i'm sandra smith and this is "america's newsroom." a horrific story. the coroner revealing all four victims were stabbed to death
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likely with the same knife. it happened last weekend at an off campus home near the university of idaho. the massacre rocking a small college town to its core. >> bill: victims including a 22-year-old madison mow began, kaylee gonzaga, >> xana kernodle was 20 and a junior in marketing. her boyfriend, ethan chapin was 20. >> bill: the loss of these four young people ripping a hole in the community. tragedy being felt all over the state. video in boise, idaho where hundreds gathered. >> dan springer is reporting live from moscow for us on the ground in idaho where the community is reeling and so many questions left unanswered, dan. >> sandra, more information is trickling out from those
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autopsies. two reports that each of the victims was stabbed more than once and the coroner telling me that it was likely the same knife used on all four of the victims. here at the rental house where those four students were murdered we saw another full crime scene investigation conducted yesterday. this time it was not moscow pd but rather idaho state patrol and f.b.i. we're told there is a team from the f.b.i. behavioral analysis. we saw evidence techs taking pictures and doing fresh swabs of the grizzly crime soon. >> looking for additional evidence and collecting it and take additional photos. they are going over it. it is a large scene. not anything in particular was missed but important to have another set of eyes go over it especially with a crime of this
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magnitude. >> no suspect or description. they have changed their message to the community saying as long as the killer or killers are out there people are at risk. we don't know if they've been able to contact everyone in this video of the victims two hours before they were killed. the daily mail is reporting the names of the two roommates in the house during the attacks and unhurt and unaware. bethany funk and dylan mortensen. people all over idaho continue to mourn. there were at least two candlelight vigils in places such as coeur d'alene and boise. >> hope that they figure it out. because it's ludicrous that they have absolutely nothing, nothing. >> we do not know if police are planning on any update today.
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we haven't heard of a news conference. we can tell you there are dozens of cops working this investigation. >> thank you. >> bill: let's bring in mark fuhrman. you live in idaho and talked to students. where are you now and what have you found out as to how far police or investigators may or may not be? >> well good morning, bill and sandra. it's beyond tragic what happened in moscow. you know, i talked to students as early as monday. i talked to alumni, some parents, not the parents of the victims. i learned -- i knew about the two girls that were in the apartment, in the house at the exact time of the murder and their story was they heard partying, they heard noise but they just, as usual said, you know, there was partying going on and locked the door. it is interesting that they said
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they locked the door and then i talked to more students and they go well, when you are in a house that has a party and you don't want to party, you look the door so nobody comes in. but it does actually create some more of the timeline. now we have madison and kaylee that went to a food truck at 3:43. when i'm trying to reconstruct in my head this series of events, we know madison and kaylee are alive at 3:43. was that food eaten or in packaging or part of the attack strewn all over the house? were madison and kaylee attacked first and xana and ethan hear the commotion and come down? it's interesting and kind of disturbing that the police get there and immediately they say this was a targeted attack. i think this is really important in this investigation at almost
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day six. the targeted attack, it wasn't because they had seen so many homicides of this type they could make that determination. there was something at the scene that made them think that one of those victims was the target but why? and i think it's time they release at least the basis for that impression because somebody might actually know something about one of the victims that they relayed before the murder. >> seems like so much of the information has been really slow to come out here. we caught up with a forensic pathologist who said the gruesome scene that we've seen graphic images of should reveal more, particularly when it comes to possibly obtaining the dna of the perpetrator because there can be slippage with the knife with this many stab wounds. horrific to talk about. he said this yesterday.
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>> when there are this many stab wounds and a lot of blood. blood is very slippery and sometimes the perpetrator is cut by the slippage of the knife and some of the blood at the scene can belong to the perpetrator. and dna would be able to evaluate that. >> hopefully it takes them somewhere with this. >> i totally agree, sandra. and the doctor makes a good point about slippage. blood is incredibly slippery and in a battle with four different people, maybe four different times or some two at a time, there is a chaos. you have to remember that the attacker is also trying to hold and fend off the victim with one hand and stab with the other. and sometimes those -- his hand or forearm or even leg might
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come in contact with the blade. another thing. the suspect is walking in blood. there should be a shoe print, a footprint, a boot print. there should be something at that scene that they cannot attribute to the police and first responders that actually arrived. that's important. the possibility that there is a fifth blood type/dna there from the suspect's blood is huge. i think that's what the f.b.i. and i.s.p. went in to try to find and identify all the blood types. so these are important, but the targeted attack with the knife is -- a knife is a weapon of rage. and if one victim had, you know, numerous stab wounds more than every other victim, then you could assume that the one victim was the target and the rest were collateral.
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but then you have to actually tell the public who was the target because they talk. people talk before this incident. i talked to one student, and i agree with this. it was twist removed from the person that said it, kaylee. kaylee two months ago complained about a stalker. >> bill: there may be something to that. very interesting. you said the most important thing the murder rate in moscow, idaho is 0. that could have an impact on the investigation. thank you for your time. >> time is up for twitter employees given a choice by the new ceo elon musk work hard core or resign with severance pay. the social media giant is losing more employees. the exact number who chose to leave is still yet not clear to us. national correspondent connell mcshane is here. the threats were there for a loot of employees saying we're
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checking out. that head count. then elon musk says if you don't want to be here, leave. who is left? >> we really don't know. even the people we check in to see where the answer is are not there. it is a chaotic situation still unfolding. the choice was pretty clear. you are either hard core or going home. we have these reports out this morning that there is a whole new wave of twitter employees who are planning to stay home but we don't know the number. not much time given by elon musk. an email the employees woke up to on wednesday morning. from elon musk. it was real. said you have until 5:00 p.m. eastern thursday, last night, you can stay at the company and commit to working quote long hours at high intensity or you move on and we'll give you three months severance. on the slack channels like the internal slack channels with the company that they can community all these farewell messages
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being posted throughout the day. tough to add up the exact number. musk already cut half the staff earlier in the month. the best way to follow this might be on musk's twitter account. this was dave portnoy, maybe twitter is on the verge of shutting down. the bottom of the screen musk said the best people are staying. not super worried. another tweet from him -- twitter was the top trending topic on twitter. musk said we hit another all time high in twitter usage and finally at twitter headquarters san francisco trolling was going on. someone projected messages onto this building last night. worthless billionaire, things like that aimed at musk. so there is a lot we don't know yet. there is the whole back and forth about blue checks and government scrutiny to come.
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this morning we are trying to figure out how many people work at twitter. >> bill: amazing how many people want him to fail and not hiding from it. last night so many tweets people saying i can be found here if this is not working tomorrow. >> it's like the end of the world is coming. >> bill: today it's still working. >> we can all agree one of the things we see on twitter is a lot of group think. a lot of journalists that get on twitter and retweet and talk to each other. a ton of that happening last night. speculation about twitter being chaotic and in trouble and going out of business. maybe that's true but there is another side of it that maybe it's not and maybe we should just wait to see how it plays out. >> all-time high usage. >> there is a lot of work to do. twitter wasn't the best business before all this. and that's why elon musk would argue he is doing all this. >> bill: we remain #hard core
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around here. >> still here. >> bill: senate and house announcing on the crash of ftx. with billions down the drain is it too little too late >> swift plans hitting another roadblock. >> bill: republicans in charge of the house plan to get the ground running on hunter biden and the focus is on his father, also the president. what do we expect to learn on that? jim jordan stops by coming up. >> this is an investigation of joe biden, the president of the united states and why he lied to the american people about his knowledge and participation in his family's international business schemes.
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>> bill: dawn of a new era in congress. republicans turning their sights on investigating hunter biden, james biden and the president himself. how will it go and how far will it go? griff jenkins has that. >> buckle up. in incoming chairmen comer and jordan are investigating the entire biden family a priority for the next congress. >> i think the american people care whether or not their leaders are compromised. whether or not they have been involved in shady business deals that have enriched themselves and their family members. >> coverage oversight committee released a 31 page report detailing new evidence of alleged crimes by the president's family. money laundering and wire fraud and other things. the committee says it is a threat to national security. >> to be clear, joe biden is the big guy.
6:20 am
this evidence raises troubling questions whether president biden is a national security risk. >> f.b.i. director chris wray grilled yesterday on capitol hill over the intelligence community's down playing the controversy surrounding hunter biden's laptop in the run up to the 2020 election even though 51 officials labeled it as russian disinformation. >> somebody leaked the f.b.i. briefing. are you going to investigate that? that's election interference. let's face it. this letter by 51 intelligence officials interfered in the 2020 election to a far greater extent than anything russia or china ever could have hoped to accomplish. >> as for who we may see sub ined, no subpoena yet for the president but we'll certainly see hunter and james biden. >> bill: griff jenkins in d.c. >> sandra: let's bring in james freeman assistant editor of the wall street editorial page.
6:21 am
spill it, james, what are you thinking? where does it all go? >> americans never got to learn in the fall of 2020 what exactly happened. there was a big effort, including it seems some in government, and certainly among media companies, to suppress the "new york post" reporting about biden family enrichment schemes. we would like to know. what is the answer to why all those millions of dollars went to that man in jobs that he was manifestly unqualified for from various oligarchs in countries around the world? i think it will be tough for investigators to get any further. i mean, you can say what on earth did he know about chinese finance or ukrainian natural gas or rue mainian real estate? will hunter really tell you what was given in turn for the money he collected? probably not. i do think it's important to
6:22 am
look at the government end of this. we've heard from facebook's mark zuckerberg about the f.b.i. telling him to watch out, there is some russian disinformation coming. the biden laptop story comes out and then lots of experts in the media saying it is russian disinformation. i think investigating whether the government was leaning on media companies not to report this is really foundational for free elections. it is important. >> bill: you think short of getting anything for hunter biden, you go after the f.b.i. and find out what was behind the curtain. >> i'm not saying. this is not political advice for republicans. i'm not saying independent voters want you to devote your time to this investigation. it is foundational to the system, free press, free elections information has to be shared and you can't have the government violating first amendment principles by leaning on media firms not to report
6:23 am
certain information, which we since have learned was true. >> bill: that's a great point. >> there is somewhere they can get with that. you put a spotlight on these government agencies, f.b.i. and perhaps others. there are documents and meetings and records. let's learn what they say. >> sandra: so pelosi has passed the gavel. has she passed the torch in a question? more than a dozen house democrats say they believe pelosi's role will be more complex than simply an advisory position. what will be her role with democrats in the house of representatives going forward? >> i think she will be very influential. people wonder why she wants to keep doing it in her 80's and now she is going to go to a back
6:24 am
been bencher role. jeffries is not quite an aoc type squad representative. a guy who has had a foot in the establishment, corporate lawyer, long-time member of the house. he is probably someone who is instead of fighting her going to appreciate her wisdom, probably lean on her for advice on how she so effectively managed that caucus. i would expect that she would continue to be an important part. >> bill: 30 seconds for the republicans. your paper writes today the narrow margin next year calls for a strong speaker and republican unity. if the gop wants to give it a mandate in 2024 it needs to show it can govern. >> that's hard to do when you only have one house and the white house is another party's hands and it will be hard. when they pass substantive legislation aimed at expanding liberty, growing the economy, a
6:25 am
lot of people in our industry will ignore it. it won't be taken up in the senate. so they have to put out an agenda and they have to communicate. that is going to be the big issue. i think a big target is debt and spending and how do we avoid the catastrophe that's inevitable if -- >> bill: you can pass 250 bills. if they go nowhere nobody pays attention to them. >> they won't be celebrated by most people in our industry. they will be ignored. what they can do and this end of year is a chance to start talking about how you turn around the spending disaster. and i think that's going to be a big focus. >> bill: thank you, james. we have a brazen robbery at a mcdonalds drive through. red s.u.v. pulls up to the window.
6:26 am
one suspect points a gun and ask for the money. they got away. no arrests made. >> sandra: i'm watching that video. the biden administration taking a student loan hand-out to the supreme court. does the white house have a legal leg to stand on here? we'll ask shannon bream on what is at stake. she is joining us live coming up. plus the new head of ftx blasting the complete failure of corporate management there. why some a-list celebrities are g caught up in that you' collapse. but at the end of the day, you know you have a team behind you that can help you. not having to worry about the future makes it possible to make the present as best as it can be for everybody.
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6:32 am
football fans hoping for a sunday snow bowl between the bills and browns. they are out of luck. buffalo, new york, known for chilly cold winters, the nfl has moved the game to detroit, michigan so they can play indoors this weekend. >> sandra: amazing. >> bill: that means buffalo will play back-to-back games in detroit because they also play in detroit on turkey day on thanx giving. if you were a bills fan would you like that? i would feel like i got ripped off. >> sandra: i'm thinking about all the people commuting for thanksgiving and time to start thinking about rerouting. >> bill: i have a question for you. how can they get 60 inches of snow in buffalo and the sun is out? we have nothing. they don't expect anything here. not too far away. >> sandra: okay. we'll save it for later, charlie. okay. well, moving on to charlie. the downfall of crypto currency
6:33 am
exchange ftx has now exposed some of hollywood's biggest names and stars who endorsed the bankrupt company. they are being named now in a class action lawsuit and facing big questions about how much they raked in. fox business's kelly o'grady is live in los angeles with more. so many questions and so many people involved, kelly. >> i know, so little answers thus far, right? but this is interesting because ftx sought to build a brand of credibility and trust by partnering with these celebrities. the class action lawsuit is brought by ftx customers and naming a number of big name defendants. tom brady and others saying they caused $11 billion in damages. the crux hangs on whether defendants did not disclose the nature, scope and compensation related to their partnership. folks knew they were equity stakeholders, they were in
6:34 am
commercials. how much each was paid is unknown. here is an example of a ad featuring steph curry, you don't have to be an expert. >> quit messing around. give me tips on crypto. you are an expert, right? >> no, i am not. i don't need to be. with ftx i have everything i need to buy and trade crypto safely. >> recently kim kardashian paid 1.26 million to the fcc charged with failure to disclose that she was paid $250,000 to publish her instagram post. the investor suit hit a snag and the judge ruled to dismiss saying the disgruntled investors were trying to act like the sec. i do want to touch on a bombshell court filing that came out yesterday saying former ftx founders were instructed by
6:35 am
bahama regulators to gain unauthorized action cess to transfer fund to that government. in other words a hack, a key development that's coming out in the bankruptcy filings and could impact what investors get paid. lots of stuff happening. >> bill: charlie can't stop talking. we are talking about the ftx. where do you think it stands? >> the celebrity stuff is the least nefarious part of this. they are paid equity in ftx thinking it will go public and make a lot of money. i don't think they were sitting around looking at the books of ftx. where the rubber meets the road and the u.s. attorney and barring evidence they try to get a case out, criminal case before the end of the year is what i'm hearing. can't call him a fraud yet. he hasn't been charged. just because you are preparing a
6:36 am
case doesn't mean you bring it. something you find something where you won't win it. in the last sort of couple months right as -- right before this thing blew up. sbf was running around the middle east looking to raise money trying to get a valation on ftx. he is raising money. the expectation is if you give equity money to him, he will go public, whatever, at a bigger valuation, maybe a $60 billion valuation. while that was going on, his finances were imploding. his token that ftt folk en was a part of his hedge fund and ftx was imploding. while that was happening he was taking money out of ftx and putting it -- then he was going around to try to raise additional money.
6:37 am
it looks like and what they will investigate, that he is raising the money merely to stop the bleed on the other side. >> sandra: this isn't rocket science stuff. they are out raising money trying to cover the losses of money never there in the first place. >> potentially, i'm not saying he is doing this lying about the purpose. >> sandra: why was this person given so much credibility? >> i think he hit all the bases. we should point out. one other thing. this fraud is worse, if it is a fraud, again, not been charged, worse than enron. enron, remember, did crazy stuff with its own companies and shareholders. these are average people that lost money here. how did he hit all the bases? why does the media love a guy like this? wears a hoodie, out of a michael
6:38 am
lewis book, his unconventional smart guys that sort of, you know, unspool wall street and make money where other people can't. he kind of fits this image. on top of that wickedly into woke politics. into all this crazy new age sort of giving back to society, gives to all these charities. you build that up and let's face it, he rode the wave of crypto to make money. put it all together and the guy is a media darling and no one looks at the books and the fact the hedge fund is here, crypto exchange over here, they are interrelated. >> sandra: have you seen the tweets he put out? single words, what, what? >> in retrospect he was odd. i thought he was odd. when i'm a boomer. when i say that i get stuff on twitter okay, boomer. i'm a horrible boomer because i am suspect of a guy that wears
6:39 am
short pants, doesn't comb his hair. >> bill: a lot of rich people don't understand crypto and they trusted him because he talked a good game. >> who understands crypto? >> when this thing crashes. we aren't done yet. every financial crisis has its own manifestation and spreads. the canary is a coal mine is what we're seeing here. my guess, there will be a lot more. >> bill: thank you, charlie. >> sandra: charlie probably made his bed this morning. >> what did you say? >> sandra: doesn't comb his hair. he probably doesn't make his bed. >> i always make my bed. >> sandra: his office is a mess. democrats demanded saudi accountability over the killing of a u.s. based journalist. the biden administration is giving the saudi crown prince immunity. what kind of message is that sending?
6:40 am
good question. plus police call it a deliberate attack. the driver who hit the cadets is freely walking the streets. why?
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>> bill: senate runoff in georgia is hot. both campaigns looking for split
6:45 am
voters willing to cross the line. steve harrigan is live in atlanta today. >> runoff elections. drive out the base and get people to go to the ballot box 1 more time. that's not happening in georgia this time around due to an unusual series of voting patterns. we're seeing a lot of split tickets in georgia. it means people voted for brian kemp to be governor, the republican but did not vote for herschel walker, the republican candidate for senate. the gap was so big more than 200,000 votes that kemp won easily while herschel walker is locked in a runoff with democratic senator warnock. kemp is now preparing to go back on the campaign trail to try to convince his supporters to back walker for senator. here is kemp. >> we need herschel to win. we need to get that seat back. bring some sanity in washington, d.c. and i think voters will have to ask the question that i ask myself, do you want to vote for somebody that's voted with joe
6:46 am
biden 96% of the time or do you want to have a voice that will go to washington, d.c.? >> democratic senator warnock in the meantime is moving towards the center. he is trying to convince republican voters to back him this time around in his advertising trying to make the case that herschel walker is not fit to be a senator. here is one of those ads. >> i voted republican most of my life and i was proud to support brian kemp. the more i heard about herschel walker i became concerned about his honesty, his hypocrisy but also just his ability to lead. >> the runoff election set for december 6th. it will not determine control of the senate this time around but a democratic win would give them a key one vote cushion. back to you. >> bill: nice to see you live in atlanta. joe biden on the campaign trail called saudi arabia a pariah. after taking office the president fist pumped the saudi crown prince during a meeting in the desert kingdom.
6:47 am
now the biden administration is looking to grant him immunity from a lawsuit over his alleged role in the murder of khashoggi. good morning to our guest. big story here, right? his fiance tweeted this. jamal died again today, #injustice. i got to think this will surprise a lot of people, this position. >> it's an emotion -- the biggest failure the administration has had. the trip to saudi arabia, the fist bump was meant to be an opening to the saudis, a turnaround from where biden had been during the campaign. he didn't want to go personally. oil prices were higher. pressured by a lot of people in his own administration to go and it didn't lead to anything from the saudis. that's the big problem here. but on the khashoggi issue, the
6:48 am
fact that the crown prince and his father appointed him prime minister. three days before the judicial ruling had to come down on how they were going to proceed with this case. and yeah, the biden administration basically told the lawyers in the state department you have to give us -- >> bill: i went looking for the answer and purely legal determination. i don't know if that's true or not. state department said it is longstanding precedent. >> the reason for it is because the united states does not want its officials to be -- they need to have diplomatic immunity and can't be charged in foreign courts, either. something americans stand by in the same way that when we look at courts in the u.s., if you can't prove a murderer guilty they walk. >> bill: do you think they sat on this to get past the mid-terms or is that too cynical? >> i don't know. if they had the ability.
6:49 am
they were angry at him for deciding that they would take a million barrels off of production four weeks before the mid-terms. so there is no question electoral timing matters when it comes to the level of pique and anger that exist at the saudis right now inside the white house. >> sandra: there is a stark warning issued by the f.b.i. director christopher wray in a senate homeland security committee hearing yesterday. >> the greatest long-term threat to our nation's ideas, innovation, and economic security, our national security is that from china. the chinese government aspires to equal or surpass the u.s. as a global super power and influence the world with a value system shaped by undemocratic, authoritarian ideals. >> sandra: strong warning. do you agree? >> i think the intelligence
6:50 am
community across the board absolutely sees china as the most significant competitor to the united states on the global stage. particularly true in terms of china's ability too invest in technology in many areas. the chinese and americans are near parity right now. no other country in the world is close to that. >> bill: do you sense -- i feel as if this administration and xi's government have reached some level of detente to bring the temperature down. that was the impression i had after last week. >> unlike russia where the united states considers putin a war criminal and doing everything they can to isolate him on the global stage and it's been effective. china there is economic interdependence and american allies aren't on board with a cold war with china. not any of them. the relationship is more
6:51 am
pragmatic. on the issue of semi conductors the biden administration talked about containment. an effort to insure the chinese are not able to bridge the gap with the americans on that critical component. beyond that, american corporations, the vast majority are closer in their alignment on policy with the germans than they are with democrats and republicans in the united states. >> sandra: house republicans will soon hold the gavel and turning their attention to the bidens with a new investigation. what evidence have they found? we'll ask congressman jim jordan. he joins us ahead. taylor swift fans want the singer to speak now after ticketmaster cancels sales for her big concert tour. ♪
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it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual!!! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> sandra: taylor swift silent as her fans try to navigate a ticket roll-out that can only be described as a disaster. cheryl casone a huge taylor swift fan. >> she is fabulous live. let me get to this story. ticketmaster canceling today's public sale of her new tour. here is what they tweeted. due the extraordinarily high demand and insufficient remaining ticket inventory to meet the demand tomorrow's public sale forte lore swift has been canceled. internet not happened including alexandria ocasio-cortez, who tweeted this. ticketmaster monopoly got you
6:58 am
down. take action with at low perfect union. her fans want to hear from her. needless to say they aren't happy, either. listen to this. >> this is really my first rodeo with ticketmaster and this is what's been going on this whole time and nobody has done anything? where is taylor. say something, girl. >> so people are upset. if you want tickets on the resale market they're going between $10,000 to $22 thousand. the attorney general is investigating this fiasco. not the first time they own together 70% of the concert ticket market for everything. they own 70% of the market. >> what's going on here? no one is paying $22 thousand for a concert ticket. >> these are for shows for way next year. they'll be in new york in may.
6:59 am
>> bill: ticketmaster is an enormous company. why can't it move the product? sell the tickets and manage the quote, unquote, demand? >> the demand overwhelmed their system. >> sandra: isn't she coming off dominating the top ten, the first artist to do so? the demand for her music and performance is off the charts. you have to think about the demographic. it was the teens and twins that were big swift fans years ago. those people have now grown up. boys and girls and they are parents now and their kids want to go. the demand has to be through the roof. >> i will tell you this. i was not a taylor swift fan until i saw her live and she was unbelievable. >> bill: you are arguing that taylor swift broke the internet. let me tell you, the only thing breaking the internet is elvis
7:00 am
presley came back live and then ticketmaster would have a problem. >> not to be -- serious here, i think you'll see more calls for a breakup of ticketmaster because of this. this is a serious thing. honestly, can you imagine that 15-year-old that didn't go to their shift at the restaurant because they wanted to get the pre-sale for taylor swift and got kicked out and a code that didn't work. a lot of hearts are broken. you have to acknowledge that's a shame. >> sandra: a lot of trouble. >> bill: thank you, cheryl. fox news alert now. deadly new drug hitting our streets, the cocktail agents now reporting a surge in what's called kety mean smuggling. dana is out today. i'm bill hemmer. >> sandra: we just roll right into the second hour here. okay. good to have cheryl here a


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