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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  November 19, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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hello everyone i'm nicole safire, shaun duffy and jimmy. welcome to "the big saturday show". here's what is on tap today, and eat at. quickstart new details and the murders of four college student killed while asleep in their beds. the information that could reveal more about a possible killing. >> the bad blood between taylor swift fans and ticketmaster after that huge a ticket debacle, tonight ticketmaster
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finally has something to say about that. >> and jimmy? >> more than 1000 people on the twitter staff are ready to say bye to work. tells is lazy twitter employees to grow the f up. get to work. >> but first, days after former president trump announces his 2024 reelection bid and republicans lay out their plans to investigate hunter biden, attorney general merrick garland name to special counsel to look into the fbi's raid on mar-a-lago. it's a time and coincidental or end is that correct? president biden did say he would use all of his tools to keep trump out of office again. remember this? it was only just a week and half ago. >> we just have to demonstrate he will not take power. if he does run, by making sure he under legitimate efforts of our constitution does not become the next president again.
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>> so, are one of those legitimate efforts under the constitution, whatever that means a special counsel appointment? >> first investigation into whether any person or entity unlawfully interfered with the transfer of power following the 2020 presidential election, the second is the ongoing investigation involving classified documents and other presidential records. as well as a possible obstruction of that investigation. >> former president trump does the d.o.j. is playing politics. >> i've been going through these investigations and hoaxes and scams from the day i came down the escalator at trump tower. and you really say enough is enough. this will not be a fair investigation. but again i thought this was all done very close to being done. these people are corrupt. yet they go after innocent people under the guise of legitimacy.
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>> , to start you on this one. before get to the trump investigation for you were my fellow former congressman buddy. i want to lay out something for us and not congressional viewers. when a majority control to control the investigation and oversight while the republicans have recently taken control of the house they have laid out what they are wanting to do. and in that, the republicans have said they've seen about 150 suspicious activity reports as they pertain to hunter biden. yet they've only been actually been able to look at two of those. have one to have you take a listen of what representative byron donald set about this and get your reaction on the other side. >> we have the ability to go whether it's a formal request as the majority that runs the oversight committee or even have to go as far as subpoenas for suspicious activity reports. you when you go down the process you through the evidence leads
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freedman he became's the rules in congresses ability to view and have access to these officious activity reports. so joe why did you change the rules? that's were going to start and investigations will go from there. >> out shaun, do you think is a smoking gun earns you think there is merit to these investigations? lexi sars reports are generated on a lot of people does not mean there is a crime. with this is going to differ republicans of the take the majority it's it's going to give them a roadmap. what was hunter biden making his money? the use reports to do that. they might be able to access, did joe biden receive any of this money from the sars report shipping that is important. again it shuts down or limits the amount of work you have to do on the investigative front. can i make one point as joe biden saying i want to make sure he does not take power again for thought this is a part of the talked about democracy.
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thought people had the power to decide who takes power again, not joe biden. it's troubling we have a part in things of the one-party rule and people are not in charge but they are. >> and shawn makes a very good point. so last week on her president trump announces he's going to run for the white house again. it's been clear the d.o.j. and fbi influence election since 2016 is on the timing of the russian investigation for the timing of the mueller report in 2018. the suppression of the hunter biden laptop story and 2020 and that mar-a-lago rate in 22. i wanted to take a look at this fox news poll. fox's voter analysis that compared to previous ones biden administration says 36% said they are more ethical. 42% said less ethical. 22% said about the same. you think public perception about this newest investigation into the mar-a-lago raid, house is going to be perceived by the public?
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>> it depends on who you ask. if you ask a trump subordinate they are going to say here we go again, right? $32 million, adam schiff said there is evidence in plain sight of collusion with russia. none of these things amounted to anything. now they have a special prosecutor but they're going outside of the d.o.j. which is probably a good to go outside the d.o.j. jack smith is supposed to be independent of politics. >> or so we think. >> he is billed as a nonpartisan former prosecutor from the hague i think. but if you look at -- i took a look at the gallup poll of the perception of d.o.j. it's not very good. let's see here the numbers of people who think they are doing an excellent or good job, 35% sprint only fair, 35% poor 30%. the perception of the d.o.j. is not very good. last week, the week of the election a right before the election the house judiciary republicans put out that 1000
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page reports. they basically said the fbi is broken and the d.o.j. is highly politicized for that's coming from republicans. we will save this guy comes up with. >> i guess we'll see jimmy. to me, jimmy i will say it feels a little bit like tit for tat. you hear about the democrats who are continuously going up the trunk, going after trump for the moment the republicans since the majority all the said they say never going to go after biden. it's a little bit back and forth. your press secretary saying the d.o.j. is not politicized, the white house does not have any idea really what is going on. take a listen i want to get your take on this. >> first i can just tell you know he was not aware pete we were not aware. we do not politicized the department of justice for that something the president said during the campaign but we were not involved in this particular issue. >> i don't know, jimmy should the white house be trusted? let's first of all hello it's good to bat for the patriot award through the first three
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sober people i've seen in 72 hours. i mention sobriety because you would have to be drunk to take them at their word on anything at this point. whether we are talking with the white house saying there's no coordination between them and the d.o.j. or the d.o.j. saying this is not political. of course it is and to be clear this is a delicate story for me because i have been a casino drinking and gambling i am hunter biden right now for all intensive purposes except my dad did not get a shady kickback potentially from a foreign government. i think no matter who you are, at this point there's got to be a healthy degree of cynicism toward the fbi. but also towards hunter biden. because to be clear there's been a lie after lie when it comes to the narrative surrounding the story preserve the justice department telling us what this was russian disinformation ignore it. we found out that was true. biden added to that this is a scam. he told our peter doocy you are one trick pony with this whole thing enough with hunter. we also found out he did lie what he said he did not know about hunter business dealings
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had never met his partners. i am at the point where there's smoke either elizabeth warren is sending a message or there is fire. bottom line. >> a ghost that need is point you have a d.o.j. that is light for four years to the hunter biden story for the russia collusion story. they were leaking information fbi, the d.o.j., the cia they kept alive for four years is completely debunked was actually false as a hillary clinton lead story and they went with it. if we think we have faith in the d.o.j. to investigate donald trump i do not have the faith and i was a former prosecutor for ten years. look at donald trump he is the most investigated human being on earth. they have gone through his life with a fine tooth comb and found nothing. they're coming back for another bite of the apple project at this point they're going to go and investigate the analogy of celebrity apprentice. [laughter] >> guys is no longer grassroots movements it is no longer good policy their influence elections. all is is the smoking guns that are coming out before election
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cycles are influencing people who will vote pretty also see the fbi's work in cahoots with the facebook and others to suppress certain stories. that is how elections are being formed these days were talk about democracy being in peril it is in peril because of this. this is going to last for the next two years but he will hear about these investigations with mar-a-lago and trump. and if history repeats itself again it won't be anything major that comes out of it but it may cost him the election because it does influence voters. >> that is the point for the processes the punishment. that's of the whole mueller probe was buried going into another they did not collude in russia because of the origin story of the dossier they tried to get him to self-destruct almost anonymously bombshell reports, death by 1000 cuts. if he fires mueller creates a perception there is a they are put in this instance was known for him to fire he's out of power. i think if anything it may help him it would build resentment toward what we call the deep state but i'm not that deep state issue and more of a deep dish guy to be clear. >> of its pizza count me in. bob mueller's must be the gold
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standard, that is of a cap hearing, what you know about this jack smith? does he have a sterling reputation you're kind of laughed when he said he was supposed to be nonpartisan, do you know? >> something look at him and say he's not partisan. that's yet to be determined. we'll see if you'll be nonpartisan. i have got to go but i look republicans did not go after hillary clinton for donald trump or one whole e-mail scandal and secure information on a private server, you know what? we don't want to look like the victor is going after the vanquished. she more than likely committed a crime but that does not look good. democrats are like lists are all the history out of america must go to a third world banana state country were people in power go after their political enemies for this is a new frontier for america with not seen before think it's a scary frontier. i would not wish it on any country especially america for. >> the next two years will be interesting for sure. new details and the horrific murder of university of idaho students that point to who the
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♪ ♪ >> will come back to "the big saturday show". to a fox news alert. new details and the murder mystery of the university of idaho students. police now say a quote private party drove to the victims home just hours before they were killed in their beds. at first a police that an over driver took them home. it is still unclear if the private party it was someone the victim's new. tonight, police are still looking for the killer or killers that targeted the students after they spent saturday night out with friends. exit seems likely that maybe they were sleeping, the fatal ones were to the chest area of the upper body area. it was a pretty large knife so it's hard to call them puncture wounds. i mean it has to be somebody that is pretty angry in order to stab for people to death. >> i'm so gruesome. here is so we know about the
2:17 pm
timeline. last saturday before victims went out. two of them were last spotted outside of a food truck early sunday morning. the other two were in a nearby fraternity police estimate the attack happened between 3:00 a.m. -- 4:00 a.m. in the morning. several hours later officers responded to an i'm a mom call that is when they discovered the blood he seen. all right, so this has just shaken this town of moscow, idaho to the core. it is horrific for the more and more we hear about the more gruesome it sounds. the last time this small town had a murder there was five years ago. we are all parents on the panel part in a shawnee un nicole have college age skid and jimmy, our kids are little bit younger prince or sean let ask you as a parent, what would be some of the questions you would be asking police right now? what first things would you want to know? first off my heart breaks for all the families involved here and the community produce injured child off to college you hope they're going to be safe.
2:18 pm
you know they fly a little bit they probably go out drinking, they are meeting people you expect some of that but you do not expect this to happen. what is interesting to me is the 911 call came almost at noon. if you've been in college you go out you probably have a few drinks, stay up late and don't wake up until noon that doesn't bother me. the call was in regard to an unconscious person at the victim's residence for it unconscious, they were stabbed to death they were dead that's interesting. what if law enforcement's going to geo- fence the home and see what cell phones were pregnant pinging from that location in the investigation? there were a number of calls by two of the girls to an individual named jack. is this a friend? a boyfriend? is this drugs? i think law enforcement's doing a good job at keeping a lid on this. leaks are not happening i think that's critical for an investigation from going to chose a crime of passion. i think we're going to find who did this crime. >> okay we will see. i'm doctor safire coming from a medical standpoint, you heard of
2:19 pm
the wounds being described. there is a large knife we know there's a lot of blood was how the video pictures of the house with the blood literally leaking out of the floorboards there. what could you glean medically from these wounds? would you be able to get any clues? >> to shawn's point it's a very good we have so many questions right now for that means they are keeping a lid on some of the information. that will help with the investigation potentially the prosecution in the future. what they are talking about sharp objects such as eight knife, a large knife as her have the say sometimes using a knife or a sharp turn sharp object is a weapon of convenience per year end a heat of the moment you're in a fight with so many grab it's close by. that is when a knife can be used. but that is not what happened here. you have four children and i can call them children because i have a child this age. there were four children sleeping in a bed in their own individual beds. you had a killer which sounds like at this point is gone from
2:20 pm
121-2121. several of them they had multiple knife loans which is a crime of passion, overkill. that usually leads to little more intimate potentially dispersing to their victims. or they have some sort of a mental illness potentially there is more to this. do not want to liken this to ted bundy. but you have to think of the fact ted bundy it was in florida he did go in and he killed a large amount of people or girls or several girls and a bludgeoned others in a house but some are still kept alive. i think the police need to what they originally said there is no imminent danger to the community. they have to make clear they have really ruled that out. because you don't know there's still a lot of questions at this point. >> that will be my next question. jimmy, they said this appears to be a targeted attack on these kids, right? but if you live in that town does that make you feel any better? >> no again i really feel for them. we think about the families
2:21 pm
obviously. but the community at large is horrified right now. until you do find somebody how could anyone feel safe? what i am concerned about there were other adults living in this home apparent that there were adults it's a multiunit residence. and i just find it unfathomable for separate murders could be committed and potentially separate locations from what we know and we do not have more information coming from within that house. because again people do sleep late after night of drinking but it doesn't mean every resident in that house was out drinking. from what we can tell they weren't. it makes me think there was something within the house. but i clearly have no information there. >> may have assume they're still passed out from the night before if they were coming home until three or 4:00 a.m. in the morning. after night being out as a college you don't think it ought if they don't wake up too. >> of the set was slipping as well. a couple of them had defensive wounds but not all of them. which leads me too believe they did not even know is even happening to them also dnas going to be an issue here we do not know of any dna was acquired at the scene. sure there was sharp knives cut.
2:22 pm
>> that cut the perpetrators to precook so many questions hears guys. right now we give our prayers to the families in the community. all right moving on, swiftly's shut out of buying tickets to their favorite artists. now they are wondering why ticketmaster has to be so mean for tonight ticketmaster is breaking its silence after this debacle. welcome to ameriprise.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back to the exact ratio. ticketmaster finally apologizing at the taylor swift sales fiasco fans waited our long over a span of two days only to be shut out
2:27 pm
as the department of justice reveals the site was already under investigation. the company put out a statement that reads in part, quote we want to apologize to taylor and oliver fans especially those who had a horrible experience trying to purchase tickets for the staggering number of a bot attacks as well as fans who did not have codes drove unprecedented traffic to your site and resulting in 3.5 billion system request four times our previous to peak oh my goodness. this is a national disaster. jimmy, people are mad about this. you are guy who does comedy. you sell tickets for. >> a huge taylor swift fan. >> shouldn't those answers shake it off? while. whoa. >> sean duffy i knew you were trouble when you walked in. there you go girl friend. they did not in get my reference. that's out little taylor swift this section of the panel knows. >> the that ended by advancement.
2:28 pm
>> i always empathize with the ticketmaster bum rush because you know i tour. this is constant for me. but what i love about this is ticketmaster's apologizing for the crash not the fact they are gouging us $44 a ticket for every one of the sales that goes through. what is that $44 or $37 depending on the ticket getting if the website does not work and you cannot get a ticket? it is called a convenience fee. i don't know anything of convenience being in a twitter or for the last 72 hours because people of all lost their minds over this. >> but sean, have you noticed because so many people complaining about this, you now have the tennessee attorney general saint they're going to launch an investigation into this it. do you think there is a better use of tax dollars. [laughter] this is why we have a problem here. stop spending taxpayer dollars because of this. >> to your point there's a lot of what they can do on hunter biden. look at the pipe bomb bombs.
2:29 pm
we can look at spies in the u.s. however delicate ticketmaster progress is more fun to look at ticketmaster what happened to taylor swift. it's funny. think about two parallels here. voting in arizona crashed. ticketmaster crash the system crash maybe we should go back to paper ballots and paper tickets. i remember the date when we stood in line to buy tickets. there is no super fan they got the edge of the better tickets. we camped out stood in line and got her tickets request to celica surprise but it was not a surprise of the arizona bone inc. is not a surprise taylor swift tickets where they should have planned for this. >> these convenience fees to go away. by the way it is not convenient, everything you have to do these days has to be a ticketmaster app. but what happens when you get there get to show your ticket and the dang app is not working? i sit going like this.
2:30 pm
>> you have to pay. >> ticketmaster has been under surveillance by the department of justice not surveillance but they have had x not hunter biden but ticketmaster. >> 's 2010. now these new investigations have started. but i look at ticketmaster and they are too big. they are too powerful. if you are an artist and you want to sell tickets there's nowhere else to go is a monopoly is in it? >> it is two things but in comedy clubs are two ways. some of the clubs do you run right to the site below the bigger venues are force used ticketmaster for that reason. when i was in vegas as a ticketmaster gig but if you're going to see in fort wayne or oklahoma city you go to the comedy club. but what is happening is because they build to this on sale moment, there is a countdown on everybody's phone for three days. the tickets are going on sale paid what is happening is two things. one is there's a big demand placed on the server by regular public people. there are bots but there's pop
2:31 pm
you don't talk about, ticketmaster gives a backdoor access to a lot of ticket brokers. that is why these gigs are amazing but tickets going on sale 3:00 p.m. but somehow at three oh 1:00 p.m. it's already sold out. this is the part know it is talking about. there's probably that many more people back channel into the site for all we know. he was en route to crash and forever went live. >> all i know it's my last campaign manager spent a lot of time with your campaign manager loves taylor swift's i got a lot of taylor swift action in the car traveling on wisconsin but. >> i like your music or music is good. i don't know that i buy a ticket but i think she's good but. >> she is a swift e. taylor swift has some happening good songs for thinker superpower it was always that up until now she was so unlucky in like dating i think it was empowering. at least i'm not taylor swift. leave it there. >> the trouble with thanksgiving as the cost of your meal claims
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "the big saturday show". this thanksgiving we will also around the dinner table that's a lot more expensive than last year. with sky high inflation and turkey shortages way to go biden. farm bureau says the average cost of a meal is up 20% compared to 2021 but we are still rolling out some holiday cheer with our favorite side dishes. a new survey breaks down the most popular ones by state with
2:37 pm
my home state of new york favorite side dish being stuffing for a need is in california also stuffing. and sean's home state of wisconsin, green bean casserole. and nicole, arizona coarse pumpkin pie, hey girl. sean, i will start with you in wisconsin this is a number one side is green and being at castro. given wisconsin such a dairy heavy say i'm surprised by the results of the survey. is it possible they still have to count the mail and survey votes? >> they may have too. a lot of green beans we have a lot of potatoes in wisconsin you think of deary you're like i've got some cream in there, got butter and there i'm surprised it was mashed potatoes but. >> you guys obviously do not make reaming castle for thanksgiving. let me tell you there's just not sautéed green beans they are green bees sautéed in green and butter burger keep at the onion thing on top of them and stuff i do like a green bean casserole. it's like when they taken a salad now and you have a fried
2:38 pm
anything in it. i'm having a salad green bean casserole or cry for help. it is pretend hell to be clear. >> i guess we don't make those i don't know. >> it is. i need in california voted stuffing it's the only day of the year you're allowed to eat carbs? >> exactly party think the audience would have loved our discussion off-camera about what is actually in staffing. >> trimming. dressing. >> what else? you know california is the most expensive meal at $71. think about that pretty want to spend that much money you white minds will go out and eat and be served. >> is anybody like turkey? i think it's driver. >> you do actually? i like the staffing. he put the stuffing in the bird to get the drippings it is so delicious. then they throw the bird away but. >> i need is from california it's tofu. we are saving the environment aren't we? next time i need to say
2:39 pm
something. he throws the bird out i take huge offense to that because do you know what you do with that carcass? first of all thank you. the entire friday you make an entire soup with that carcass but it's amazing it's like a homemade chicken soup but it's a homemade turkey soup. so will say we do make stuffing every single year. however we do a sausage apple and sage stuffing. i do not put in the bird i become a little bit of a debbie downer because a microbiologist before i was a doctor pretty to increase the risk of foodborne illness by putting the stuffing in the bird. i doesn't cook the bird as much of a make it on the outside but i still call stuffing and it's delicious. i love the turkey it makes you relax after words but. >> my best advice for cooking a turkey is deep frying it. it is the best. >> jenny fail it smokes the turkey.
2:40 pm
>> that's the best but. >> i love dr. saphier uses the word carcass. [laughter] right? >> of us call it leftovers rent got to be honest it does not sound as appetizing. hey didn't we deal with the roadkill? [laughter] like really though it's a rough term. >> is nothing but a carcass at the end but. >> you don't smoke it? >> jenny smokes a jerky i'm usually inside smoking are bankrolled betting football. you know what i'm saying? what's about the men smoked turkeys. >> do know what i make in my house it's a showstopper i make a mac & cheese its next level. a pound of vermont white che cheddar, proud of greer you make it with flour. >> thank you. this reason i look like a before mom. all right here we go coming up twitter employees walk out because the light musk is telling them to get to work. that is next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> we are dancing. welcome back to "the big saturday show". elon musk issues an ultimatum to twitter employees. prepare to work long hours at high intensity or quit. so far more than 1000 have rejected musk's demands and are facing fears a backlash for not stepping up. is this leading to of america? >> one of them has a width free speech and disagreements about operating the company's core product as a free-speech platform. the other is a totally separate issue that is a culture of laziness.
2:46 pm
red from entitlement headways see employees do use the former issue their disagreement or their alleged disagreement on the free-speech question to them just have one more excuse to not actually work hard. >> wow. where do we start with this? here's where i want to start record to the wall street journal in 2021 the median pay for a twitter worker was 283,000 and some change. >> what? >> $233,626. now nicole, starting i don't even think a starting doctor makes that much for. >> note resident have already graduated medical school makes anywhere near that part by the way psychiatrists, pediatricians and family practitioners, some will never make that money. what a bunch of pansies can i just say that? you go to medical school personal during her training at 80 -- 120 workweek hours every single week. another segment getting rid of the mcats to get into medical school. just this week and they're starting to talk about lsat's
2:47 pm
are being dropped to get into law school per it's all the sudden we are just cutting back any sort of a marriage. to get people to these achievements. they are sick no, no, no you don't have to do any of that just come on into medical school. just come into law school portraits happen to twitter right now everyone walking out just because elon musk said you need to work harder or i will even give you severance. this is a lazy self entitled younger generation. just get to work or go home. and do not go back to your parents house. figured out on your own for. >> if you ever wonder how average americans are taking this test take a look at the op-ed from newsweek for this estimate union railroad worker charles says the tantrum that twitter reveals how privileged the liberal laptop class really is. he goes on to say it's hard to explain to people and the laptop class just how bizarre this all sounds to the blue-collar workers were you are asked to show up to work and you tell your boss know.
2:48 pm
you are the victim here. this is just not stuff we could imagine getting away with. we have to get dressed and drive to work and pay exorbitant gas prices to do so. we have to in traffic in the morning or take crime public transportation but do not have the luxury of sitting at home and picked out about. i'm going to write to you on that. >> oh my goodness. >> is he wearing pajama bottoms? >> i think some of these people are in 40 pajama bottoms with the zippers like babies, the old spider-man pjs. obama boy or that right? member that kid? so funny have zero sympathy for these people. i'm a former new york city cab driver and a future one based on how today's show is going. but no, people who have to do things that employees don't have to like pay for lunch. they're getting free lunch. they're getting wine on demand for look like a guy who would be in favor of wine on demand but if you are trying to run a business. obviously none of this was
2:49 pm
sufficient produce routing out a lot of inefficiencies. but this is how tone deaf people have become for the op-ed is correct they have no self or rent awareness. >> to your point routing out inefficiencies i note this is not a fox news alert but elon musk is really bright but he makes them all come to work and the lacy ones that don't want to come in, elon musk cousin who is supposed to fire but now he does. okay all of you people, bye-bye we'll see you later parakeet that once were to be here, work harder, felt he directed re- speech and free debate they make an average of $283,000 a year. >> is also small business issue though. the pandemic is what got people used to working from home. a lot of people thought it had become their birthright, rose all day that kind of thing. it makes it challenging for small business when some people have adopted the mentality. if you're meant not making to an $82000 a year to censor news stories damaging to democrats you don't have that perspective. >> is thought that people have in adopted the mentality of the
2:50 pm
entire generation. those who have graduated college last couple of years this is they've graduated do it entitled to work from home there's a whole generation that does not know work for. >> the biggest post-world war ii settlement for american gis coming home from the war but i grew up around the people who saved private ryan. this generation is watching private ryan and complaining the cast is not diverse enough in the needed day off to process. >> nicole you said he felt embarrassed about this but speaking of embarrassing let's take a listen to how cbs is reacting to these changes elon musk is making it twitter. >> in light of the uncertainty around twitter and out of the abundance of caution, cbs news is pausing its activity of a social media sites as it continues to monitor the platform. [laughter] >> apparently what is going on it twitter is so dangerous that cbs is we are taking a pause. out of an abundance of caution we don't know if we are going to be able to say what we want to say because we are concerned all the sudden they are not going to censor the people we don't like.
2:51 pm
and though for we don't want to be a part of it. that is what happened the last two years you've seen poll after poll and investigations have demonstrated you've had more conservative voices who are censored or kicked off twitter and other social mute platforms and then all of a sudden elon musk is coming and saying that's not going to happen anymore for there will not be censorship. so the people who were benefiting from the censorship all the sun don't be a part of it. >> cbs's free speech is a violent they don't report a platform that would promote violence because that is what free-speech is. we have to get off and see of a single workout. remember we used to? and then fox said you actually have to come in and do it together purred to anyone complain customer sure i want to see you guys. i like rose to but we don't have that you're going talk to management? what sets unfortunately. >> about this to eat, let's put this went up. they posted twitter is. meanwhile 300 million people post on twitter. i mean jimmy, to say it's laughable does not even cover
2:52 pm
it. >> it is so insane. because when you really think about the meltdown for this is my favorite part is elon musk has bought twitter. every went freaking out the hardest drives a tesla. they have one of his cars but he was the patron saint of the left until he became a champion of free speech of all things? but it really does show how reliant they were on that censorship. some kind of enjoying it. i really was hoping twitter would die per there's nowhere in the world to be anybody better off if they spent five more minutes on twitter. twitter is a fight club for people who do not want to get hit, that's what it is routing posting thing at any ater it's my dogs birthday, you haven't trumpeted my dog is at no-trump he has no idea but that's twitter per. >> and going to check out your twitter feed a low bit later. >> i dare you. >> turnaround folks big saturday flops are coming up next what if “just an idea” could become a family tradition?
2:53 pm
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welcome back, big saturday fl flops, picks for the biggest veils of the week. election denier jeffries likely to replace has democrat nancy pelosi as leader. here's my concern, democrat made a big deal in the 2022 elections a month ago you can't vote for the denier, but here he tweet out the more we learn about the
2:57 pm
2016, the more illegitimate becomes. he tweeted that and other tweet calling into question, did trump really when? hypocrites? >> but that being said, he checks the boxes that seem important to the new emerging progressive democrats not about merit qualifications or what they stand for, is just other diversities. >> listen to this, election officials in georgia mistakingly declared winner of counsel raise before the votes were counted, it led one candidate to announce the went on social media for the special post one seat after she said the results were in. memory card discovered the next day that changed result having an 800 more boat resulting in another person winning the race. embarrassing but it's happened before.
2:58 pm
>> heartbreaking, you think you want. the first time iran, we tied. had to draw cards. i lost. >> who got the short stick? >> short stick loses. >> research shows that vitamin d helps lessen the severity and spread of covid. shocking but yet here in the u.s. they grounds were closed and cdc told everybody you need to stay home during the pandemic. we questioned all along at least johns hopkins and putting out data, we need is the vitamin d, not only decrease transmission but it keep couple out of the hospital. >> it's insane but you said on twitter it would be canceled. >> i did say the on instagram and i have check cdc, everyone
2:59 pm
get outside, i know everyone is told to stay home, i have a picture outside, get outside to get the cdc fact checking think as misinformation. >> i chose a lighter story unlike the rest of you. it's the final block, i thought we would have good cheer instead of vaccine heaviness and election corruption. a bizarre site in china, massive flock of sheep walking in a circle for 12 days straight. i have a couple of theories. one is they are doing impression of joe biden trying to exit the speech. [laughter] just goes around in circles, there's no jill, do you want to? terrible joke. maybe it's a spinoff, save smoked meth and it's called "breaking bad". good night, everybody. >> no idea what you are talking about. before we go, catch me live, jimmy failla live december 10, the comedy club in oklahoma city, buy tickets online.
3:00 pm
december 16 and 17th, comedy club in indiana, hegel. summit city comedy, never feel better about your own drinking around the holidays and hanging out with comics so come on down. >> that does it, we will see you tomorrow 5:00 p.m. eastern. stay tuned for the fox report with jon scott right now. >> community on edge, for college students murdered in idaho, killer or killers unknown still on the loose. good evening, i am jon scott and this is the fox report. ♪ all four victims attended the university of idaho and staying together and off campus home in moscow, idaho. all four were stabbed to death in their beds sunday morning, likely as they were sleeping. security camera footage shows two of the


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