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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 21, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PST

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♪ >> steve: straight to a fox news alert. police are asking for patience in the killing of four college students there. >> brian: police are working through evidence warning the investigation could take time. >> ainsley: the first funeral for those victims will be held later today in washington state and ashley strohmier has all the details for us. ashley isn't. ?>> the first funeral for the four brutal murders that
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happened last weekend. ethan chapin. three others stand today in a murder case left moscow community feeling unsafe. he laughed contagiously he smiled when he woke up and still smiling when he went to bed. may we all try to make the earth a better place and all live like ethan. a funeral service will be held in his home state of washington. meanwhile, one week into the investigation and authorities are still searching for answers moscow police chief says the department has no suspect no murder weapon and no clear motive. they believe the attack was targeted. >> can you share with us why you believe they are targeted killings and do you know who, if any of the victims were the actual targets. >> we believe they were targeted because we take a totality of all the circumstances that we are looking at. do we know any one person that was targeted?
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we are not able to say at this point in time due oour investigation. >> here's what we do know, police believe all four victims were in bed at the time of the attack and at least one victim had defensive wounds. political science say the surviving roommates called friends before calling 911. thinking one of the victims was just passed out on the second floor. those roommates have been cleared as suspects as well as the man seen in surveillance video behind kaylee. police saying they have received 646 tips and working through every single one of them. they do warn this case can take some time to resolve. friends and family are still coming to terms with the senseless murders of ethan, kaylee madison and xana. kaylee's mom says it feels like a bad dream. >> just beyond anybody's -- anybody's worst -- absolute.
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i'm sure. >> only god knows. >> it's just -- it's heart-breaking. maddy was an only child and but, like i said, she was our child as well. >> as a childhood friend of the two girls saying, quote, if they were going to go, they were going to go together. back to you guys. >> steve: just a terrible story. thank you very much, ashley. let's bring in ted williams, fox news contributor and former homicide detective live in idaho. we know it's a little after 5:00 a.m. there. we heard your question last night. you were the first con questionr when the police officers opened it up. you asked a great question. you say it's targeted are they targeting any one person? and there is more we don't know than we do know. >> yeah. absolutely. i was hoping that in the press conference yesterday that we would have gotten more. i got to tell you, steve, ainsley and brian, just think
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about it. we all have children. and we expect our children to bury us and here it is today and through the week here, parents having to bury their children. it's a very, very traumatic situation, no doubt about it. i asked about the targeting specifically because if these individuals were targeted, quite naturally you want to bring the public along to some degree. the public doesn't have to know everything. but you want to bring them along where they can feel a part of the investigation and try to help out in the investigation. and the targets, if we could have found out something more about the targeting, it may have given us a motive. a motive is very northern a case like this. >> ainsley: ted, do you think in your homicide detective work experience, do you think that they knew whoever did this knew where the targeted victim was sleeping? i mean, because it's dark, if you walk into someone's house between the hours of 3:00 and
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4:00 in the morning, you would have to know what room they are sleeping. in two of the roommates were not killed. and do you think the other -- the other two that were killed maybe if they're targeting one person, the other two woke up and saw the murderer? >> you know, ainsley, it's hard to say actually what happened here. but i can tell you in the next hour we will be giving you more of a demonstration of it. but, this is a three story home. there are two bedrooms on the first floor. there are two bedrooms on the second floor and the third floor. and it is believed that the killer killed these young victims on the second and third floor. so, we are really taking a strong look at those floors. i have to believe that the person knew something about the layout of this place. it is more likely than not that the killer, the perpetrator or perpetrators have been in this
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home before. will. >> steve: it's interesting. so they found bodies on the second floor and the third floor. if it were targeted. >> i'm not picking up any signal. >> steve: ted, can you hear me? hello? i think we have lost. >> i think we have lost. >> steve: i think you are absolutely right. one of the other things about this particular case as we try to reestablish contact with ted ised that the police chief yesterday made it very clear that the 9 # 1 call made by will on one of the roommates' phones it was not the roommate who made the phone call. but the police have not at this stage reveal who that person was. they did say last night that -- and this was new information, that apparently some friends had come to that house about the time the bodies were discovered. >> ainsley: the young man, the 20-year-old ethan chapin who is going to be buried today 4 p.m. pacific time. he was a triplet.
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all three of the children went to the university of idaho. brother hunter also in his fraternity and i believe they were at the fraternity party that night. he loved his social life and golf and surfing, pickle ball. any type of sport he was playing it. he loved country music and he was the median of the family they said. and his siblings had to call their parents from school, from campus and tell them that their brother was killed. >> steve: terrible. >> brian: seven minutes after the top of the hour. back drop, what is going on with the election. a climate conference over in egypt. at which time they try to come up with something that is going to put undue burden on us and blame the u.s. for everything. they have not let us down. they have committed it looks as though the top 24 countries have committed to getting together to all agree to write checks to developing countries because they say that we polluted the world. but guess who might be getting those checks? one of those developing countries is the little engine that could, china.
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china, the secont economy, the number one emitter of carbon dioxide co-2 is right now listed by the u.n. as a developing nation. >> ainsley: yeah developing nation, asian, after africa anh pacific. >> steve: the u.n. has agreed to start this fund. the 24 nations figure out exactly what the fund should look like. who contributes and where the money goes. what they want to make sure though is they need china to contribute but they don't want, brian to your point, they don't want them to be able to take the money out of it because they are considered a developing nation even though they are the world's second largest economy. now, it's going to cost billions and billions of dollars. and the united states, you know, joe biden last year, i think, asked for $2.5 billion, the congress passed $1 billion for this climate is initiative essentially. the last one.
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so, going forward, the thing that's going to stop the united states from paying more is of the republican leadership in the congress because you have got to figure the republicans in the new leadership are not going to go along with this open check to combat climate change for develop nations they have had that opinion in the past. >> these developing nations have been asking for this. >> morgan: than 30 years now. the u.s. and other countries, the wealthy countries have blocked this idea but it looks like they're agreeing to pay it now. they are saying if you read the headlines they're calling it reparations. >> brian: listen to buren lomborg, wrong approach trying to keep developing nations poor, listen. >> we have been trying to solve for 30 years and we have failed. shifting away from trying to solve the problem to simply asking for money. that's not going to work well. what this fund is really about is to try to pay these countries
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to not develop. that's the worst possible outcome that basically leaves them in poverty. says you can't use fossil fuels. can you only use solar and wind which really doesn't support industry, that leaves everyone worse off. so, in some sense, not only does u.s. taxpayers don't want to pay for this but also not the right solution. neither for climate change nor for development. >> brian: coal mantz will be built this coming year by india and china. do you think they care about the environment at all. china is playing both ends. >> they also had the market cornered on solar panels, wind mills and also done a great job wrapping up rare earth. so if we want lithium, cobalt, things like that, we are going to have to go to either the congo which china controls or china itself. we have that stuff. buff environmental groups don't want us to mine it because it does so much wrong to the environment. you can't win. >> steve: india's neighbor, pakistan one of the pushing for
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this. united states has been reluctant to do this for the past 30 years as you pointed out. but, at this thing in egypt, of the eu said, you know what? we are on board. the last holdout was the united states. and the reason the united states didn't want to do it because they were worried that the u.s. would be legally liable for any greenhouse gases around the world. and so, this particular agreement says nations can't be held accountable. and liable and when the united states said that they said sinus up. but the congress, odds are, will not approve the money. >> ainsley: i wonder what these country also do with the money when they get it to tackle climate control. >> brian: you think -- dig more wells? who knows. but, one thing that is pretty clear, is that we are hurting ourselves. this new green religion. it is hurting our national security and making john kerry rich. >> ainsley: hand it over to ashley strohmier who has
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headlines for us. >> going to start with this. a deadly earthquake in indonesia left it 50 dead and hundreds hurt. a 5 5.6 magnitude earthquake rocking the province early this morning disloig hundreds of buildings including hospitals. the quake comes just after defense secretary lloyd austin left indonesia meeting with citizens minister. two men arrested in connection with online throats synagogue in new york city. 21-year-old christopher brown facing multiple charges including making a terrorist threat and criminal possession of a record. mpa arrested brown and co-conspirator penn station on friday. they were reportedly armed with a gun and a knife while wearing swastika armed patches. both suspects are expected to appear in court on wednesday. and a 13-year-old football player is hailed as a hero for protecting his teacher during a terrifying moment when shots rang out at a school football game. that boy, bobby holman and his
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teacher joined us earlier on "fox & friends first." >> it this thanksgiving i -- very proud. they will have a -- bobby had just spent the last hour and 15 minutes being part of a team and he was still part of that team. and i was out of there on the field with him therefore i was part of his team at the time. >> the school says bobby will be honored award ceremony for his bravery. levies than an hour ago fox ceo lachlan murdock and army big deer general jeffrey nelson cut the ribbon 00 new fox sports sky box at the air base in qatar as gets underway. >> second time been here in just about a year but it feels like i have been here much more often i feel -- you know a connection with the air base, the air base. deeper and more significant only
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two visits would suggest. >> ashley: game 1:00 p.m. eastern and can you catch it on fox. back to you. >> steve: all about the world cup. >> ainsley: and our troops. >> steve: meanwhile, big news, because tonight, when the "the five" is broadcasting during the 5:00 hour, our all-american christmas tree is going to be let up. there you have the very first look as we look up fifth avenue, they decorated it over the weekend. they erected it. it will be a great night live on "the five." >> ainsley: beautiful tree patriotic. when the guy tried take it down we put it right back up. >> brian: he burned it. >> steve: we put up a new one. >> ainsley: we will all be here at 5:30 tonight. they said staff, come on over, watch the tree lighting ceremony bring your kids. >> ainsley: we are all coming tonight it will be fun. >> brian: guy burning the tree down still out.
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keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't get back. >> steve: watch the festive official start to the season just a couple days before thanksgiving. going to get you in the holiday spirit just like that. men while, straight ahead on this monday, more migrants are expected to arrive this week in blue cities all across the country as title 42 is set to sun set. >> brian: but, first, the controversial democrats may soon be stripped of their committee assignments if kevin mccarthy is elected house speaker this week. is that a good thing to do? former speaker newt gingrich reacts live. ♪ ♪ ♪ this... is a glimpse into the no-too-distant future of lincoln. ♪ ♪ it's what sanctuary could look like... feel like... sound like... even smell like.
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more on that soon. ♪ ♪ the best part? the prequel is pretty sweet too. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> said from the very beginning, eric swalwell cannot get a security clearance in the public sector. why would we ever give in a security clearance in the secrets to america? i will not allow him to be on intel. you have adam schiff who had lied to the american public time and again. we will not allow him to be on the intel committee either. and congressman ilhan omar who anti-semitic comments going forward. we are not going to allow her to be on foreign affairs. >> brian: seems logical. shall he will not allow them to be on assignments if he is elected chairman of the house. schiff declaring republican led house will be chaos. author of defeating big government socialism newt gingrich. mr. speaker, what do you think about the statements about removing these democrats from their committees? >> well, along, i think nancy pelosi set the precedent, she did something that never had been done before. and reached in to the minority
4:21 am
party to decide who could and could not serve in some committees. i think kevin mccarthy is following her precedence. the democrats have nothing to complain about because they started this dance and, frankly, the three people who he has picked. so totally deserve being kicked off committees, it's unbelievable. schiff, adam schiff made a career out of lying to the american people while serving as chairman of the intelligent committee without any question. just plain flat out lying. swalwell has had a relationship with a chinese communist that's unimaginable for somebody who is going to have security clearance and, of course, omar is a viciously anti-israel, anti-semitic aura tore who has consistently violated the norms of civilized behavior. i think those are three let pretty going targets and i commend speaker elect mccarthy for taking them on. >> brian: not aloud to serve on
4:22 am
any committee because of stuff you said in the past. disturbing and set a bad precedent like harry reid with the filibuster. it blew up in the democrats' face real quick, do you think kevin mccarthy is going to get over the threshold and become speaker and if so what will he have to do to get there? >> look, he has got to be patient. he has got to listen to everybody. but, in the end, on january 3rd, what republican is going to vote for chaos and are they going to vote for a democrat? they want hakeem jeffries to be the speaker of the house? mccarthy will be the party's choice. he has overwhelming support in the conference. and, in the end, people have to face reality. i think it's perfectly reasonable for them to try to get as many concessions as they can. perfectly reasonable for them had inside the conference to offer alternative. when you get to the floor there is only run realistic choice. i can't imagine any member who would want to cause chaos and expect to survive the next primary. >> brian: mr. speaker you were one of the first people to meet
4:23 am
with herschel and you could see how dedicated he wasn't to learn the issues. now he is in a runoff. the difference is now no libertarian and governor brian kemp says here's my get out the vote list. and i'm going to help you, too. they campaigned together over the weekend. what's changed in the runoff before the runoff december 6th in your mind? >> well, i mean, first of all, the biggest thing is that governor kemp, who first had to defeat stacey abrams and get her out of the way. and did so decisively. the fact he has the best organization in georgia. he is widely respected by republicans. the fact that he is now campaigning with herschel, i think, will convince a number of republicans who weren't quite convinced. that was a big part of it. governor kemp got far more votes than herschel. and if he brings his votes back in december. herschel is going to win by a good marshall and then second, as people get to know herschel better and, as they get to know how radical senator war knock is and how dismont he is i think
4:24 am
herschel votes get better and better. >> brian: being used by the republican party and should not be in the senate. [laughter] >> al sharpton has used so many people for so many different causes, that having him complain about being used is silly. he is a professional democrat, a professional demagogue. he has made an entire career, i think, starting with an attack which turned out of to be totally false. so i don't worry about much al sharpton. if georgians have to choose between al sharpton and herschel walker. herschel will with anyone a landslide. >> brian: herschel under performed in cobbs county. what should his message be to get them in his camp? >> his message ought to be i'm the person who going to go to washington and fight to make sure that you have take-home pay, you have lower cost gas rein. you have less crime and you have control of borders. it's a very straightforward old fashioned thing go. to the local -- people care about in their own lives and talk about what they care about. >> brian: wouldn't be surprised if speaker gingrich is out there
4:25 am
helping before december 6th either. thanks so much, mr. speaker. >> brian: great to see you, sir. go on stage and talk 1776 and not 161. i wanted you -- going to be streamed live on fox nation. i. you there in person. new jersey performing arts senator. pete going to be there, carley is going to be there as well as rachel. get tickets. in jacksonville, florida, check out i will be at the -- wokv, bmw, big thing there. just check it out brian all about the president and the freedom fighter. still ahead on fox news, fox news alert. all-out manhunt right now to find the suspect or suspects who killed four college students in idaho. nancy grace is asking if the surviving roommates heard anything, anything at all. she is next. ♪3, 4♪ ♪ ♪hey♪ ♪ ♪are you ready for me♪
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4:30 am
can't say if the person is here. i can't say what community the person is in. we're utilizing every resource we can to make that location or that individual. >> ainsley: fox nation host nancy grace is following this case and she joins us now. good morning, nancy. >> good morning. learned a lot from the press conference yesterday, mainly that they have had about 600 tips and have already conducted 90 interviews. we also learned, and this is very significant, that retracing the victim's steps. we know that two of the victims were at a sports bar. and that two of the victims had gone to a fraternity party and then came home. i think that they are going through each and every location following it all the way back to the home, why? because very simply they are looking for suspects. so they are going to start right there on fraternity row and all of the neighbors surrounding them that may are may not be
4:31 am
greek-related and go to that food truck and follow them home. very interesting. they have ruled out the two roommates. a lot of speculation about them. that was statistically impossible for them toe commit this type of a crime. ruled out one of the ex-boyfriends that one of the girls called repeatedly before went to sleep. the family ruled him out. you got the hoodie guy at the food truck ruled out and private party that gave two of the women a ride home ruled out. that hence a lot. >> i got to tell you, this i have processed and worked on many multi victim murder scenes. the devil is in the details. and that is how they are going to catch this guy. d.n.a., fiber, fingerprints, hair, that is how they are going to do it. >> ainsley: so, nancy, timeline, saturday into sunday, they did what most college students do. they go out on saturday night. so the victims were at the bar
4:32 am
until 1:30 in the morning. then the food truck at 1:41. driven home at 1:45. the murders happened between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. 911 was called almost at noon on that sunday morning in the middle of the day on sunday. why didn't the roommates, do you think, hear anything? two of them were killed on the second floor. two on the third floor. do you think ma there were bedrs on the basement floor and that's why they didn't hear? >> interesting. as you said, three stories, two on second, two on third. that, obviously, leaves the other two victims on the first floor. and i agree, yes. we don't know the exact layout of the house, but, that means this perp had to go up to get the victim. a lot has been made by why the surviving roommates didn't hear anything and i keep pointing back to ted bundy the women in the house didn't hear anything. and another thing. >> ainsley: they were asleep. >> exactly. these victims didn't hear what
4:33 am
was going on next door because they were in bed, i believe at least two of them woke up and fought enough to fight back. and the other two were still in bed. so, that's why the roommates didn't hear anything, but i will tell you another thing i think they should be doing. this is going to be a very tedious task. and that's called a cell tower dump. it's hard to do but you get the info from the phone company. what phones were pinging off that cell tower closest to them in this area between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. probably between 2:00 and 5:00 a.m. very tedious task. i have also heard mention of ancestorial d.n.a. here is the problem. you may get a fingerprint but who are you going to compare it to? if they are not in a fingerprint data bank or codis d.n.a. data bank ancestorial d.n.a. >> ainsley: if targeted no forced entry. i wonder if this person who did it knew where these people were sleeping because they only went
4:34 am
to those three bedrooms or three bedrooms and there was no forced entry. so maybe they knew the code. you saw the picture of the front door there was a code. >> absolutely. tartargeted. >> ainsley: historic winter storm prompting emergency declaration, plus, blue cities are bracing for more migrant buses as title 42 is come coming to an end. rachel campos-duffy on why the border crisis is about to get so much worse.
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4:39 am
task of digging out of mountains for snow. >> could stay there for months. check in with janice dean for the fox weather forecast. >> janice: on my social media i solicited pictures buffalo area. i got unbelievable pictures. and the fact that the fox weather meteorologist predicted this is really incredible, take a look. i have some of the snow total ised for you this morning. we do have the potential for severe thundershowers and thunderstorms. [horn blowing] >> janice: thanks so much. heavy rain in the florida area and the lake-effect snow has finally sort of subsided but, after 80 inches of snow in orchard park. so a lot of this happened just south of the buffalo area. really, this will be going down as one of the most historic events in terms of lake-effect snow. now, everyone is wondering what is happening with the thanksgiving day forecast, janice dean, here is this area of low pressure that arrives on tuesday from the northwest down towards the rockies and the plain states. that's going to bring the potential for heavy rain along the gulf coast and then on friday and saturday into the
4:40 am
weekend, we have a little uncertainty with the track of the system, fox we will keep you posted. but, if you live across the plains in towards the mid-atlantic and the northeast, this is friday, so everyone probably gets to grandma's house on thursday, but friday, saturday, sunday, that's when things could be a little bit rough in terms of getting home. so, you know what you do? you download the app., fox and we will keep you covered home for the holidays that is the #fox will have all of your latest details. you punch in where you are going for thanksgiving and we will give you all of the forecast. and don't you just love this christmas sweater i am wearing? >> steve: yes, indeed. >> ainsley: brian especially. >> janice: fox sports covering 1:30 eastern time. >> steve: janice, come on in we are about to have a thanksgiving dinner preview. >> ainsley: we have steve's cookbook, janice, he has made all kinds of beautiful dishes for us to take. >> steve: i had a little help. >> brian: right.
4:41 am
he had a stylist. >> steve: i do. >> brian: ashley strohmier the stylist and she also has the news. >> ashley: hey, guys, we are going to start with this. china has a new nuclear powered submarine missile that can strike the continental u.s. from the south china sea. of the head of the navy's pacific fleet telling military reporters that china is fully equipped with far-reaching ballistic missiles. the top admi admiral missiles we built specifically to threaten the u.s. and elon musk pokes some fun at cbs news for returning to twitter after announcing it was leaving the platform less than 48 hours prior claiming security issues since musk took over. cbs news tweeting after pausing for much of the tweaked assess the security concerns, cbs news station is resuming its activity on twitter as we continue to monitor the situation. well, musk, who responded with a giggling emoji which you can
4:42 am
imagine has racked up more than 210,000 likes two lucky birds just landed in washington this year's thanksgiving turkey named chocolate and chip i love those names will be pardoned by president biden at the white house today. this tradition dates back to 1863 and believed to have started by abraham lincoln. after the ceremony, the tucker ys will be flown back to their home state of north carolina that's where they will be cared for at animal sanctuary and those are your headlines, guys, back to you. >> steve: it's a tradition, all right. pardoning the turkey. >> as title 42 nears its final day at the end of december, d.c. immigration advocates are preparing for potential influx of migrant buses arriving in the nation's capitol, this as congresswoman elect monica delacruz blasts the administration over their mishandling of the crisis. >> it's quite simple, the biden administration needs to listen. by lifting that title 42, it will mean that there will be an
4:43 am
exponential increase in illegal immigrants crossing our borders. border patrol agents will be taken off the front lines, the cartels will be able to bring more drugs across. and more illegal activity. >> brian: "fox & friends weekend" co-host rachel campos-duffy is exercised about this and she joins us this morning after 8 hours of programming over the weekend. rachel, first off. it's unbelievable what is going to be happening. 18,000 a day storming our border. you can't get the president to comment on it. >> no. this is exactly what they want. i mean, i hear the congresswoman saying listen to us. everyone knows exactly what is happening at the border. every single border patrol agent, every member of texas and arizona department of safety has said this is what is happening. the cartels have operational controls of our border. they are bringing drugs. they are bringing people. and our border patrol has been turned into not just bureaucrats
4:44 am
who are processing but they are travel agents. they do the last leg of the trip for the cartel. we are totally complicit in this as the government. and it's not that joe biden and the democrats aren't listening, they know what is happening. and i hate to say this, ainsley, brian, steve, but we had an opportunity as a nation to send a message during the midterms that snuff enough. this has to change. and, frankly, there weren't enough americans who thought that we needed to change. >> ainsley: rachel, "the washington post" had an article about this title 42 and some of these reasons expecting influx when title 42 ends. they also talk about how the migrants that have now been sent to d.c. and to new york and philadelphia, they are saying now it's too cold and these cities like chicago, too. are too expensive. >> rachel: yeah, of course, who wants to live in a biden economy. it will be tough. the people who will really get hurt in the end, it will be difficult for these migrants
4:45 am
will be the low wage workers that these new migrants will -- come into our country are going to take those jobs. so, yeah, i mean, listener, this is going to drive wages down in america just when we don't knee it and it is going to be difficult. the biden administration says this policy is compassionate, over 1,000 migrants have died trying to cross this border since joe biden has been elected. we know that the sex trafficking for children has been on the rise. we have already caught last two weeks kids as young as 12 years old working in slaughter houses and slaughter house cleaning companies, so, this is -- this is bad all the way around. and it is the people at the border who are feeling it but now everyone else is going to feel it, too. as everyone gets moved forward and into the interior of this country. >> steve: here they come. thank you, rachel for joining us today. >> ainsley: thanks, rachel. happy thanksgiving weeks. coming up making thanksgiving dinner is always complicated
4:46 am
especially if you have to do it all by yourself. buff, it doesn't have to be. it can be simple. steve is going to share very simple recipes from new doocy family cookbook that can make this your easiest thanksgiving day ever. janice, you are eating the prop. eating during rachel's segment. >> janice: i'm here for breakfast. come on. i love it. i have all this food ♪ ♪
4:47 am
hi, i'm susan, i've lost 84 pounds on golo and i've kept it off for a year.
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i had spent so much money on other products that when i saw the commercial for golo, the price was so much cheaper and i thought, "boy, this might not work but why not try it?" it is amazing and it works really well.
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>> okay. here we go. ♪ ♪ get a special limited time fox nation offer now. ♪ ♪ >> brian: all right. this thanksgiving, there are supply chain problems and inflation is through the roof. >> ainsley: here with tips to make your thanksgiving meal easy as possible, steve joins us with some crowd pleasing recipes from his new cookbook there on the end "simply happy cookbook"
4:51 am
using the kiss method keep it simple steve. >> steve: that's right. listen, the most expensive thing can you serve this thanksgiving is your time it. takes time to make everything. came up with ways kathy and i to make things simply but delicious. >> brian: okay. >> steve: for instance, right here. this is something we are really proud of. everybody makes a delved egg and we are only doing one appetizer this year. but rather than slicing it in half. cut the top off and then put -- use a pastry bag to circumstantial essentially fill them and stand up like that. some people are only doing one appetize they're year, that's it. since this is pot luck, feel free to dig in. >> too patriarchy to eat. this right here is, you know,. >> cream brule. >> steve: looks like cream brule it's sweet corn brule and that
4:52 am
was inspired by michael jordan's restaurant down in jupiter, florida. >> ainsley: yum. that's amazing. >> >> isn't that great? >> janice: vegetable thing. >> right here stuff turkey twist. how much of the turkey do you really eat? you just eat the white meat, the breast part so we what we do is take a turkey breast, boneless, you fillet it and then you put all the taste of thanksgiving on it. you stuff it with. >> i love that you put the stuffing in the turkey. >> that way have you got both. we put cranberries. >> where is the gravy? >> right there. >> brian: that's not a turkey that's the not the carcass. >> that's a boneless turkey breast. >> how do you get this in the center? >> you flatten the turkey breathe and you know what he?
4:53 am
wool do a video tomorrow to show how it goes. but then you put the stuff on top and you roll it up and bake it. >> brian: much more practical. >> this right here is fantastic. >> marcus luttrell's wife made that. >> she is amazing. >> steve: sweet potato crunch casserole. it is without a doubt the most delicious side dish i have ever had. >> brian: make this and go kill terrorists. >> ainsley: marshmallows on last. >> i usually don't like this that is delicious. >> oh my gosh. >> janice: best thanksgiving i will have this week right now. >> brian: how do you eat healthy. >> steve: that right there, brian is called we came up with a name. stephanie freeman who used to be a producer on our show. this is we call it brozoto brussel sprouts and california ro z oto.
4:54 am
brussel sprouts andcally flower. run it through the food process sore, saute and throw cheese on at the end. >> brian: i could see this in jamestown? couldn't you see them doing stuff like that. >> ainsley: put in a food processor? >> and then down at this end is we call this the state fair chief meteorologist cheese pie. remember, we had that contest that nationwide contest who can make the happy foods and what makes us happy. this was brought to us by pam lang who won five blue ribbons at the iowa state fair. this is a -- already tried it how is it. >> janice: i went backwards dessert first and now eating the turkey. >> ainsley: like my 7-year-old. >> brian: this is shiny how do they shine it. >> look at brian ate something. >> steve: first time. how is that? >> brian: it is really shiny.
4:55 am
>> ainsley: you ate a big bite on tv. >> brian: i know, can you believe it? >> what happened? >> steve: we need to send this video to the museum of broadcasting. this has never happened before. >> ainsley: our stylist when you ate it was going brian never eats anything. how was it, brian? >> brian: inthink it was good. this is something that really symbolizes thanksgiving. a shiny cake. >> janice: it's a pie. >> steve: you bake the cream cheese part and put a sour cream. >> ashley: orderth cookbook. >> janice: put brian's seal of approval on it. >> steve: that's right. all these recipes are from the simply happy cookbook. get your copy "simply happy cookbook today" perfect heeld gift for people who loves to cook. >> brian: signing them over in hollywood. >> if you order it today can you get it tomorrow.
4:56 am
great recipes that you also use for christmas. >> ainsley: and stories about your family. >> steve: it's all makes me simply happy. >> brian: listen close can you see there is a amazon facility putting your book in a padded envelope right now and stapling it closed slapping the label on. >> janice: brian, do you realize now it's easy to eat on tv. >> brian: slid right down' i'm not chomping in somebody's ear. >> steve: make this the best thanksgiving ever. try these brand new simply happy refuses pays. >> janice: thank you, steve doocy. >> brian: i know you think the show is pete's straight ahead that woman three names, kathie lee gifford and cassidy. >> steve: coming for the pie. >> brian: going to go on a cruise, right? ♪ ♪
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♪ >> brian: straight to a fox news aert will l police in moscow idaho are asking for patience in the investigation into the brutal killings of four college students. >> ainsley: no suspects have been named as investigators start looking through hundreds of tips that have poured in. >> and the first funeral for those victims will be held later today. ashley strohmier joins us in the studio with the details from idaho. >> ashley: the first funeral for the four university of idaho students killed in last weekend's brutal slaying will be held later today. 20 year old ethan chapin and three others wer


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