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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 21, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> it's your turn to watch the u.s. pre-game show. i think it's set for game one against the three-game man today towers. game starts at 2:00. >> bill: here we go at 9:00 in new york. four college students murdered no idaho. there are a lot of questions. i'm bill hemmer, monday, hope you enjoyed the weekend. >> i'm dana perino, this is "america's newsroom." the four victims attended the university of idaho staying together in an off-campus home in the town of moscow, idaho. >> bill: they call it is targeted attack. all four stabbed to death likely in their beds early last sunday morning likely as they were also
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sleeping at the time. >> police have not yet named any suspect or person of interest and they've not even found a murder weapon. they released the timeline where the students were in the hours before the murder. >> between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. 2 of the victims, chapin and kernodle were at a party at the fat earn tee house. the two others were at a bar between 10:30 and 1:30. >> kayleigh and madison were seen at a food truck at 1:40 a.m. >> bill: the parents of kaylee spoke to fox news over the weekend. >> my daughter was a ware of her environment. she would turn her camera on and film when she thought somebody was following her. she was very aware that she was a pretty girl and that could attract some problems. she was alert.
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>> fox team coverage. ted williams is standing by in moscow, idaho. first to dan springer also live in moscow. hi, dan. >> hi, dana. over the weekend police started to fill in some of the gaps and answer some of the questions we've had from day one. we now know that that 911 call came from one of the surviving roommates cell phone. it came in as an unresponsive and unconscious person. we know that the roommates in the house during this whole attack thought their friends simply had passed out in those bedrooms. there were other friends at the house when police arrived. now investigators say they don't believe any of the people in the house had anything to do with murdering these four college students. detectives are still going to the crime scene every day looking for more clues and trying to come up with that key piece of evidence. >> this incident has shaken our community, has continued to shake our community. we continue to mourn for the
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victims. we will continue to vigorously pursue the investigation and pursue justice in this case. it is a complex and terrible crime. it will take some time to resolve. >> we know the bodies were found on the second and third floors. police believe all the victims were sleeping when they were attacked and some tried to fight back. they had defensive wounds. no evidence of a sexual assault. police do not appear close to solving the case. they are asking the public to turn over any video or door kam video shot in a large area around this house. lawrence jones spoke with kaylee
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-- >> this person wasn't sloppy. you can't say he, it is just me. but he made a mess and there is a mess there. >> so many people's lives turned upside down by these senseless slayings. today we have a first funeral. chapin will be laid to rest in mount vernon, washington. he was a tripling with his two siblings also students at the university of idaho. we think police will be back on the scene and have been here every day since the homicide took place over eight days ago. they've been coming through this house. we expect them back here when light comes up in a little bit. >> dan springer, thank you. >> bill: former d.c. homicide detective ted williams is live in moscow, idaho. you asked the question about the targeted killings. in the "new york times." the attack appeared to have been targeted. you asked the right question.
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the answer was somewhat not evasive but i would elusive. what did you learn from that? >> i thought the answer was rather vague, to be direct. i anticipated that they would have given us more about what they believe was a targeted killing because quite naturally we would have wanted to know who was actually the target? that has become significant because what you are trying to try to determine is what was the motive in this case? and that is certainly something that is -- we do not know at this stage. we do know that a large knife was used. we do know that at this crime scene here that two of the individuals were on the second floor and two of the individuals were on the third floor. but there are so many questions that have been left unanswered and i think that it has left the community here feeling very,
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very insecure. >> in fact, the father of kaylee was on with lawrence jones and he said this just about this very thing. this is call for number four. listen here. >> if you have a daughter or even a son in that area, turn on a tracker app, share that information with your family, don't walk around that town without everyone knowing who you are. i don't want to create a panic or do anything like that but we know what we know. there is somebody out there. he is a psycho and your daughter needs to share her address with you. >> what have you heard from people in the community about their concerns? >> they're deeply concerned about the messages that are coming from law enforcement. initially they got a message from law enforcement that this community was secure and safe, even though they had not caught the killer or killers.
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but then they had to walk that back and had to tell the community that they did not and were not actually safe and that they should be on the lookout for a possible killer within this community, which has made this community very unnerved. you can understand why. >> bill: ted, were there footprints of blood that led away from that house? >> that's an excellent question. they have not directly answered it. indirectly the medical examiner has said that on the walls there was lots of blood. from allocations here this was a very gruesome, bloody crime scene. as a result of that, whoever committed these offenses would have had to in essence mix their blood and would have had certain kind of footprints, perhaps, that would have led from this home. there are only two entrances, bill and dana, from this home.
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there is the front door where there is a coded key. they don't know if that coded key was actually on. there is a sliding back door. so the killer would have had to have come through one of those two entrances and they would have had to have left through one of those two entrances. >> ted, maybe they don't know, but are they sure that it was just committed by one person? >> no, no, matter of fact they have not given us any information as to whether it is one or more persons. but i would have to believe that by virtue of what they found when they entered this house, they know whether it is one or more persons. i can tell you and bill that there were two surviving roommates, two roommates that were not hurt. they found the next day nine hours later there was a call to law enforcement. the big problem here was -- we
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learned in the press conference yesterday -- that there were other individuals who came to this home before law enforcement got here. so number one, we don't know who made the 911 call and we don't know about the individuals that were here. but we do know that if there was a large amount of individuals here, it is more likely than not that the crime scene itself could have been contaminated. >> bill: they think the other two roommates never woke up. ted, good to have you on scene and we'll see what develops today. thank you for your time. >> police are investigating a deadly shooting rampage in colorado that happened saturday night in colorado springs. five people killed at least 25 others hurt when a man opened fire inside a gay nightclub. one witness describes the terror inside after shots rang out. >> i seen somebody tackle the assailant. they beat him up. like the police didn't know we
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were back there. nobody knew we were back there. it was -- it was so scary. i heard shots, broken glass, bodies. it was -- how, why? >> those are the questions how and why and what next? good morning to you, claudia? >> good morning to you, dana. that's right. those are the questions and amid an overwhelming sense of grief and sadness here this community is also demanding answers amid growing questions now about the alleged gunman's past. police say 22-year-old anderson lee aldrich opened fire with a long rifle as soon as he entered the bar before midnight on saturday. unclear how many shots he fired but police say he was stopped by two patrons who were dancing one moment and rushed into action the next. according to the associated press, one of them grabbed his
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gun, hit him with it and pinned him down until police arrived and they are being hailed as heroes. this all happened on the eve of transgender day of remembrance which commemorates those in the trans community who have lost their lives to violence and a memorial is growing alongside club q. they thought it was a safe haven to gather and enjoy themselves. joshua was celebrating his 34th birthday saturday night. >> the only lgbtq place in the entire city of colorado springs. where are we supposed to go and feel safe in our environment when it just got shot up? >> this morning we're learning that two bartenders were among the five killed. daniel and derrick who was a co-owner of the club. the district attorney said
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aldrich will face multiple counts of first degree murder and other felony charges. no answers yet about a possible criminal past. a man with the same name and age was arrested last year making bomb threats but the case was never prosecuted. a lot of questions about that. police are expected to release more information later today, including whether they have determined some kind of motive in this attack. back to you. >> claudia, thank you. >> bill: 12 past now. two weeks removed from the mid-terms, a handful of house seats undecided but republicans will take the majority. what kevin mccarthy plans to do if elected as speaker. >> georgia's senate run off just over two weeks away. the latest from the campaign trail in the peach state. why this race matters very much. >> bill: also, you have a painting by andy warhol the latest target of climate activists. there is a new agreement on
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>> dana: climate activists are at it again. protestors in milan threw flour at a painting by andy warhol as talks were underway at the u.n. climate conference in egypt. yesterday negotiators announced a deal what some call climate reparations where rich industryallized nations pay into a fund with poorer nations that pollute less but suffer climate disasters. there is a lot here. have you ever seen such ridiculous children with their flour? i'm sure their parents are so proud. also this is the most
6:19 am
ineffective, most unpersuasive protest in the history of the world. >> bill: made the news. good thing it wasn't paint or acid or anything like that. we'll get to this segment next hour. i think when they reached this deal over the weekend, are you ready for this? china emits 2/3 more co2 than the u.s. and europe combined. take your protest there. >> dana: good luck there. also on this. >> don't believe any polls. don't believe the political pundits that are saying this race doesn't matter anymore. it matters. it's not just about this december. it's going to be about november 2nd years from now. and the future of our country. >> bill: here we are back in georgia now. the governor kemp rallying voters for next month's senate officers campaigning for
6:20 am
herschel walker who underperformed campbell by 4 or 5 points across the state. kemp making the case there is a lot at stake for the republican parties even though democrats have won control of the senate. jonathan serrie picks up the story in atlanta. good morning. >> good morning, bill. governor brian kemp is lending herschel walker his massive get out the vote operation he assembled in georgia. for the first time the two appeared together at a rally over the weekend. the popular republican governor is trying to shore up support for walker who under performed kemp by 200,000 votes statewide in the november 8th general election. the disparities were largest in metro atlanta but also in some of the rural counties in the northern part of the state. incumbent senator warnock hopes to leverage those split ticket voters. the democratic party of georgia hosted a weekend news conference featuring two voters who cast ballots in the general election for the republican governor but also for the democratic senator.
6:21 am
take a listen. >> i know that at their core our governor and senator warnock are good men who i can trust to represent georgia and lead our state well. but i can't say the same about herschel walker. >> republican strategists think walker will benefit from -- >> republicans have another shot at this, right? there were about 350,000 republicans that did not come back out last time to vote in the runoff. we've got a chance to fix that. >> all georgia counties must begin early voting by november 28th. some are starting earlier, including douglas county in metro atlanta where early voting begins tomorrow. >> bill: watching that. thanks in atlanta. >> we've set a goal and i said it many times on your show, to stop the biden agenda.
6:22 am
to win the majority and fire nancy pelosi. we have just achieved all three of those. >> it is going to be chaos with republican leadership and sadly, the kind of crazy caucus has grown among the republicans. >> dana: congressional leaders on the split congress in january. republicans gained a slim majority in the house. how the next two years play out on capitol hill. josh kraushaar is here. how do the republicans -- what is their bright side when they look at the numbers? there are still a few house races yet to be called. >> look, they won the house majority. that's the big talking point for kevin mccarthy. they also won in some pretty blue parts of the country, dana. they will be likely 18 house
6:23 am
republicans representing districts that president biden himself won just two years ago. so you are seeing a lot of bluster and commentary from the freedom caucus from the more conservative members of the house republican caucus but there is also a critical mass of these more pragmatic republicans bois will also hold kevin mccarthy's feet to the fire. they won't want endless investigations. they want a lot of focus on the issues that voters care about in the election. the economy and crime as well from the new york republicans especially. >> dana: when i hear adam schiff say the republicans crazy caucus has grown, onei don't like that language. i also don't think it's accurate or fair. the republicans could look at the democrats and say it's true for them as well. >> that's right, dana. one of the lessons from the mid-term elections is that crazy on both sides did not sell with the voters.
6:24 am
you certainly had some republican candidates well to the right of the states and districts and didn't do very well. you also had a lot of democratic candidates running too far to the left of their states and districts. look at barnes in wisconsin. a big house race in oregon where the progressives lost very winnable races as well. the message, dana, voters were sending in the mid-terms they want bipartisanship and want folks to work together. i don't know if it is likely. you have a republican house, a democratic senate. that's the check and balance that voters were sending in the mid-terms. >> dana: kevin mccarthy will be the speaker. likely to be the speaker. he has some plans for some of the democrats in committee assignments. he was on yesterday here. watch this. >> eric swalwell cannot get a security clearance in the public sector. why would we ever give him a security clearance and the secrets to america? i will not allow him to be on
6:25 am
intel. adam schiff who lied to the american public time and again. we won't allow him to be on the intel committee either. omar, we won't allow her to be on foreign affairs. >> dana: that was a campaign promise that they had made and he says he will stick to it. it will rile up the democrats. looks like it is going to happen. >> yeah, it does look like it will happen. we're in the arms race where democrats punished marjorie taylor green and some of the more right wing republican members. wouldn't let green serve on any committees. wouldn't let jim banks or jordan serve on the january 6th committee. republicans are returning the favor. ilhan omar has made anti-semitic comments in the past. swalwell issues on the intel committee. an arms race. the party that holds power will punish the more extreme members
6:26 am
or partisan members of the other party. i don't see this dynamic going away any time soon. >> dana: do you think the republicans or democrats win the senate runoff in georgia? >> that's a great question. it will be very close. senator warnock had about a one point advantage. i think warnock has a slight advantage but it will be very competitive. >> dana: do you believe kevin mccarthy will become the speaker in january? >> he will but it is not going to be easy and he will have to make concessions to the freedom caucus and other members of the conference. >> dana: the pop quiz to get your week going. happy thanksgiving. great having you with us. thank you. >> thanks. >> bill: fox news alert. stunning video from the border again. dozens of gotaways climbing over the wall, walking through a hole in the fence. disappearing into our country and off they go. another day. plus the new republican majority in the house set to focus on hunter biden and his business
6:27 am
dealings. the man who first found hunter's laptop is here live in a moment on what we might learn from the investigations. >> i want to be clear, this is an investigation of joe biden and that's where the committee will focus in this next congress. 0% of your home's value to pay down high rate credit cards, personal loans, even car loans. veterans get more at newday. - [female narrator] they line up by the thousands. each one with a story that breaks your heart. like ravette... every step, brought her pain. their only hope: mercy ships. the largest floating civilian hospital in the world. bringing free surgeries to people who have no other hope.
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>> dana: colder weather at the southern border not slowing down the migrant surge. fox news cameras witnessed several groups of gotaways crossing over the weekend into new mexico where our bill melugin is standing by this morning. what's going on there and different or the same as what you see in texas? >> dana, good morning. last week we heard dhs secretary mayorkas testify once again he believes the border is secure. as you just mentioned that's not what we've been witnessing in el paso. look at this compilation of video we got here in new mexico
6:33 am
over the weekend. over and over again illegal immigrants scaled the border wall and ran off into the united states right towards residential neighborhoods here in new mexico. you will see some of them run if front of my car and others sneaking through the brush. all the guys you're seeing on video we never saw any of them captured. no border patrol agents around at any point in time shooting this video. we were busy elsewhere. these guys are not asylum seekers and actively evading. none of them were caught just from a tiny little 200 yard stretch of the border here in new mexico. there were more than 64,000 of these known gotaways at our southern border in the month of october alone. look at the video we shot in the el paso area. we went into the mexican city across from el paso to find out where these migrants are crossing illegally. the runners. didn't take long to find them. we found a hole that was cut into our border wall like a little doggie door. this migrants run up through it
6:34 am
and crawl through it. once they do that all they have to get through is a canal and chain link fence. there is another hole cut into the chain link fence. the migrants run up, cut through those, go through the little holes and once they are through both of those they're into el paso and runaways. gotaways as well. we did not witness those migrants caught and discarded clothing around the ground and the river. a pair of bolt cutters in the water. minimal resistance for those people to get into the country. lastly we'll take you to eagle pass again. once again every morning we witness the same thing. over the weekend our fantastic drone team over an enormous group of 350 migrants who crossed illegally into the eagle pass area. as you can see, it is a huge drain on border patrol resources. they have to send agents out there to process the migrants. what happens when they do that? it pulls agents off the front line elsewhere which allows more gotaways to get through on the southern border. just since the new fiscal year
6:35 am
on october 1stcbc sources say just in the del rio sector more than 72,000 illegal crossings. title 42 goes away in five weeks. cbp sources tell us to expect a surge on top of a surge when that happens. gop house speaker kevin mccarthy and a delegation of republicans will be out here in the el paso sector tomorrow. we'll have live coverage of that and send it back to you. >> dana: we'll look forward to seeing that report. thank you, bill. >> bill: the incoming republican majority in the house promising to investigate hunter biden, the president's brother and ultimately the president himself over their business dealings. what can we expect to learn from that? want to bring in the laptop repairman whose new book american injustice is out tomorrow. details what happened after he discovered hunter biden's infamous laptop. john paul isaac is with me now. good morning to you and we spoke before. welcome back. a couple things i want to update
6:36 am
our viewers. you worked for apple for six years and then you started your own shop and fixed apple products and mac computers. were you the one who was at the counter when hunter biden dropped off his laptop? >> unfortunately yes. i am sole proprietor. i was the only one in the shop. >> bill: did you recognize it was him at the moment? >> you know, i really never cared enough about the bidens to pay attention to what the off spring looked like so i did not recognize him. it wasn't until the check in processed when he announced who he was and then also i put the pieces together when i saw the beau biden foundation on one of the laptops. >> bill: was it immediate or was that over time? >> it was kind of, you know, it was at first i thought when i saw the beau biden sticker that it was actually hunter's
6:37 am
deceased brother's laptop. a customer will come in with equipment that belonged to a deceased love one and want to get the data off. it wasn't until the next day i realized the person that came into my shop is also a person that starred in a lot of the homemade porn. >> bill: you quote an f.b.i. agent as saying it is our experience that nothing ever happens to people who don't talk about these things. what do you remember from that -- basically they were saying don't go anywhere with this conversation. >> well, i kind of was asking for it because first off when the agent showed up to my shop with a subpoena i don't think -- those f.b.i. agents had ever seen somebody so excited to be handed a subpoena in their life. i was overjoyed. when the agents were leaving after they confiscated hunter's belongings i made a comment to agent mike. when i write the book i'll change your names and when agent mike turned around and told me
6:38 am
in that experience nothing ever happens to people that don't talk about these things. i did change agent mike's name in the book out of respect. >> bill: jim jordan last week on what we might get to eventually. >> we went from it wasn't his laptop and russian disinformation to oh, whatever was in there didn't affect the president's business dealings even though the laptop was real and it wasn't disinformation. that's how far we've come. i think there are all kinds of questions that need to be answered and we're determined to get there. >> bill: they will try. i don't know how far they get. what do you think we should know and learn next? >> well, i have been doing everything i can and working with my legal team and members of congress, which i'm delighted to say all i'm working with got reelected to make sure they have genuine, clean and pure copies of the laptop.
6:39 am
also every interaction i had with the f.b.i. i sent over to congress. there are two fronts that i see. holding the f.b.i. accountable for colluding mainstream and social media to block a real story with real consequences and get to the bottom of what the biden family was up to when joe biden was vice president. i think we have the people in coming now and resources and tooling and i hope we get some accountability. >> bill: last point i would add. you named 1 and 2. here is what strikes me. you say american people should feel comfortable going to authorities without fear of retribution of retaliation. is it your experience that this was retaliation? >> you know, i have been dealing with retaliation from multiple fronts for the past two years when what i did was leaked to the country. i am expecting it and i will expect it to continue. it is just when people are threatened they fight back.
6:40 am
>> bill: wow. the book is out tomorrow. john paul isaac. we'll seek again as the investigation unfolds. we'll see what they get or don't get. >> dana: crypto currency exchange. ftx owes $3.1 billion to its biggest investors. cbs news is back on twitter less than 48 hours after pausing use of the platform due to unis certainty about elon musk's leadership. musk trolled them. jimmy failla on that next. >> look at this. ♪ time. it's life's most precious commodity, especially when you have metastatic breast cancer. when your time is threatened, it's hard to invest in your future. until now. younger women are living longer with kisqali
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>> bill: investors of ftx are out billions of dollars after the ceo sam bankman-fried was caught using creditor funds as his personal piggy bank. >> it will be the equivalent going to j.p. march gone and chase and you deposit your money and find out jamie dimon has been using your money to gamble on the weekends. >> bill: a bankruptcy hearing tomorrow. kelly o'grady has the news today. >> startling revelations that underscore the clip you played. we're learning sam bankman-fried cashed out $3 hundred million
6:47 am
raising a billion for ftx next year. you used the funds to pay himself back for buying out an ownership stake. that offers a glimpse at the swirl of money and donating millions to democrats in the mid-terms. ftx investors are owed billions. the top 101.3 billion. the lowest amount there is over $21 million. it doesn't even begin to cover smaller creditors that lost 10,000 or 20,000. some money has been recovered. filings reveal over 564 million is verified at this point. it put into context the billions investors are own. ftx is reviewing its global businesses and indicated they will explore a reorganization and sale of assets to fund paying back the creditors. often in a case it can lead to a fire sale. the crypto industry is already feeling the shock waves. assets may be significantly
6:48 am
under valued. tomorrow is a big day. the first day of the bankruptcy hearing that will determine whether the case will take place in new york or delaware and if bah hama regulators will advance claim on these funds. lots of things happening tomorrow. >> dana: cbs news is back on twitter less than 48 hours after suspending use of the platform due to uncertainty about musk's leadership. they say after pausing for much of the weekend to assess security news cbs news and stations is resuming activity on twitter as we continue to monitor the situation. musk responded with the stifling a laugh emoji of a hand covering a mouth. jimmy failla is here, fabulous job at the fox patriot awards last week. what was cbs thinking? >> this is hilarious, the cnn plus of boycotts that didn't last. so much energy. everybody was all excited.
6:49 am
it was a joke and pure grandstanding that blew up in their face. to be clear they aren't concerned about security and apps. cbs is on tiktok as we speak, the most corrupt security compromised app. >> bill: a senator said throw away the phone. >> dana: a democratic senator said trump is right. >> they are all freaking out over musk. i find it to be so laughable and what makes it more ridiculous to people who follow politics is musk is doing what, free speech? it's what the left was all about. classic liberalism was about the first amendment. like if republicans turned on the second amendment. we wouldn't do it because we're principled. they're unprincipled and they look silly. >> bill: when you guys were in florida for the patriot awards. i said so many folks were
6:50 am
tweeting thursday night. i signed up for a new app. they were listening to the people wondering what's the fate and future for the media site? they are still there. >> twitter is running better than ever. downsizing was the best thing that ever happened. >> dana: they had the highest usage ever right now. >> of course. it is not just him selling the business which is getting advertisers excited about volume. but the fact that he has committed to being a vibrant part of the discourse which does attract people to the power of celebrity. a lot of interaction. two things. lon's presence is driving the fun on the app. as it turns out 5,000 employees who had wine on tap in their office weren't that productive. who knew it would slow things down. >> dana: they dumped out of the vikings game in the third quarter. i did, too, frankly. >> the vikings quit on the game in the first quarter. i don't know what cbs took so
6:51 am
long to do. >> it was so bad they had to put on the bengals and steelers. a win for me. then i could stop my illegal streaming. >> my son is watching the steelers on youtube. i give him the same speech. it is not winning or losing but covering the spread. >> dana: now i know what that means. >> bill: world cup underway. we won't giveaway scores. u.s. hasn't played yet. what's the beer/no beer deal. >> in qatar the government has banned the sale of alcohol inside the stadium. number one backfires leads to more intoxication. why? you have to tailgate twice as hard to hold you offer. >> watch them asking for beer. it's real quick.
6:52 am
>> dana: i don't know if qatar understood what they were getting themselves into here. >> i don't think they did, either. i empathize with the fans but on the other end i wish there was somebody to take the beer away at the patriots award this weekend. i would be in much better shape. my facial recognition software this morning wouldn't unlock my phone when i got out of bed. looks like you need help, dude. i'm with you. >> dana: it's monday and everyone can calm down. check out the fox patriot awards they were great. fox is your home for the world cup. the u.s. plays wales. tune in for coverage. >> bill: have to win that game. otherwise you might as welcome home. ticketmaster apologizing for the taylor swift meltdown. jimmie has thoughts on that. millions of americans traveling for turkey day.
6:53 am
you are about to find out if the biden administration will do anything to help with travel. (vo) after fifteen years of the share the love event, subaru and our retailers have donated over two hundred and fifty million dollars to charity. in fact, subaru is the largest corporate donor to the aspca... ...and the national park foundation. and the largest automotive donor to meals on wheels... ...and make-a-wish. get a new subaru during the share the love event and subaru and our retailers will donate three hundred dollars to charity.
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5g network in america? (vo) when it comes to your business, not all bars are created equal. so switch to verizon business unlimited today. >> bill: millions of americans said to hit the road. rails and airports for holiday travel season despite the sky high cost of flights and tickets and the biden administration is trying to improve the travel experience. will it make a difference? good question for grady trimble. what did you find out? >> we shall see, bill. probably a little too late to make any difference for thanksgiving and christmas. the number of people traveling
6:59 am
is at or near pre-pandemic levels just about every day. thanksgiving will be one of the busiest for travel in more than two decades. there are questions about whether the airlines can handle the holiday rush this year especially after the mass delays and cancellations in the spring and summer. even though almost as many people are flying as in 2019 the airlines have cut routes because of staffing shortages. pilots and other key staff. that smaller supply combined with strong demand and high jet fuel prices means you are paying more to travel this turkey day. the travel booking app hopper says domestic airfare is up 8% from last year. average cost of a round-trip in the u.s. around $380. hotels are more expensive, too. up some 15% from a year ago. the travelers we've talked to say they don't mind shelling out big bucks. >> saving some miles, pre-planning, trying to find the
7:00 am
most cost effective flights. it is a little different and tougher this year. >> usually before it was like 200 something now it's like 600, 700, $800. >> if you are looking to save some money on travel, either later this year or next year, hopper says the best time to buy is the tuesday after thanksgiving. you can save as much as $3 hundred on your trips. >> bill: we should delay the turkey. nice to see you live in chicago at o'hare. grady trimble. thank you. >> dana: what have you heard from people in the community about their concerns? >> initially they got a message from law enforcement that this community was secure and safe. but then law enforcement had to walk that back, which has made this community very unnerved and you can understand why. >> dana: former homicide detective ted williams on the gruesome murder of four university o


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