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tv   America Reports  FOX News  November 21, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PST

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thanksgiving otherwise you are a grinch. >> i'm in, it's going to be cold but fun. >> rachel i know loves christmas. >> i love christmas, too. come on. >> christmas lights on since the day after halloween, i have to admit. >> there you go. >> thanks to everyone. join us tonight 5:00 p.m. eastern, and don't forget to dvr "outnumbered." >> sandra: fox news report, live at a scene of at least one person dead, as many as 14 injured, four critical. they have been taken to a local hospital in boston. an apple store is reportedly on the verge of a possible collapse there after a truck plowed into that apple store. southeast of boston, a half hours' drive, we have the live pictures from the scene, they have even turned a bus into a triage unit. four people were trapped inside the building. we are now told by local
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authorities everyone is rescued out of there, but 14 injured taken to a local hospital, four critical, one dead reportedly. we are waiting an update. we are told to expect a news conference a short time from now what happened at the scene. we are told the driver was b bloodied but is still alive. when the authorities give the update we will have that for our viewers. begin with four families' search for answers and close knit community looking for the murderous rampage that up ended life in a town. >> i'm bill in for john roberts. eight days since somebody stabbed four students to death, attacking while they were
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sleeping. two other roommates survived. police are no closer to identifying a suspect or murder weapon. >> sandra: investigators have been busy combing through all the evidence inside the house, but yesterday they were seen searching the nearby woods surrounding the home, which may have been where the murderer was able to spy on that house before eventually attacking. >> bill: coverage on this, former fbi assistant director chris swecker is moments away, but to the scene, dan springer is live in moscow, idaho with the latest today. >> over the weekend we got some of our questions answered, not many, a few. we know the 911 call came from one of the surviving roommates' cell phoneses in the house, came in as an unconscious person. they thought the people in the house thought that their friends had simply passed out in their bedrooms, why they said it was an unconscious person and not that it was a bloody crime
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scene. also there were other friends at the house when police arrived but now investigators say they don't believe any of the people in the house had anything to do with murdering the four college students. detectives are still going to go scene every day looking for more clues and trying to come up with the key piece of evidence. >> this incident has shaken our community, continued to shake our community. we continue to mourn for the victims. we will continue vigorously to pursue the investigation and pursue justice in this case. it is a complex and terrible crime and it will take some time to resolve. >> we know the bodies were found on the second and third floors. police believe all the victims were sleeping when they were attacked, and some tried to fight back. they had defensive wounds. there was no evidence of a sexual assault, but police do
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not appear close to solving this case. they are asking the public to turn over any surveillance camera video that was shot in a very large area around this house and in the city. lawrence jones spoke with kaylee's father about his daughter and this horrible crime. >> they are telling us so much evidence, it will take a lot of time to process it all. this wasn't like a pinpoint crime, this person was sloppy, he did whatever, when i say he, obviously you can't say that, that's just me, but he made a mess and there's a mess there. >> and this entire community is still mourning and we have our first funeral today, bill, it's going to be ethan chapin, he'll be laid to rest in mount vernon, washington later on today. back to you. >> bill: tough stuff, dan. thanks. >> sandra: chris swecker, former fbi assistant director. great of you to join us.
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terrifying top to bottom and horrifying for parents all over the country to see we have no answers, no suspect, ab for investigaters to, a big part of looking for clues is look at other crimes perhaps like this and what they can tell us about how they can be using the leads they have and the evidence they have to find this suspect. >> yes, sandra, first, my heart goes out to these families. tragic, senseless incident. you talked about historical cases or similar cases. this is reminiscent of the attacks on ted bundy in the 1970s, they came when he was completely unraveling. and the language the police are using, investigators are using about targeted killing. i just want everybody to know, that can mean a lot of different things. ted bundy targeted these women from across the room in a bar and formulated his intent to
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kill them that night when he followed them home and hung around their house until all the lights were out. that could be the case here. it doesn't necessarily mean that these are targeted killings in the sense that someone that knew them well actually committed these murders. >> bill: chris, what we think we know so far. a lot of questions, but as dan springer pointed out, not a lot of answers. victims were likely asleep during the attack. one comment was that they were in their beds. some victims had defensive wounds, have not told us how many. victims killed on the second and third floor of the home, call from a roommate's phone, and interviewed 90 people so far. list of people off the list of possibilities, this came over the weekend, where does that take you in your questions? >> first i would noting this investigation was probably underresourced in the beginning.
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it's a small police department and they didn't have the skills or the expertise or the resources to conduct this type of investigation. they rapidly formed a task force, the fbi and other agencies there helping them now. and they are going through all the digital evidence, through the crime scene itself and all the forensics that go with that. they are talking to people. you never know what part of that will lead to a solution or identification of a suspect, but i would say most of the time that suspect is usually comes in or the identity of the suspect or potential suspect comes in through tips and leads. it's people that provide information and the forensics sort of confirm that or rule somebody out. but it takes a lot of resources to conduct that investigation. i think we are a couple days away from hearing who the suspect might be. >> bill: they said get ready for a long investigation. >> sandra: and here we are. as far as that word targeted,
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talking about that since the beginning, whether or not the kids were targeted in the attack. i know you want to make a distinction with that. what is it? >> yeah, targeted -- they seem to be saying by using the term targeted that it was somebody that knew them and knew the house and knew exactly who they were going after. and i don't think that's necessarily the case here. targeted could mean as i said with ted bundy where he spotted these women from across the bar and decided to target them that night. he didn't know them. he followed them home, he was a predator and followed them home on sort of a random basis, he was -- already had the predisposition to kill, he was a serial killer. what i'm suggesting is i would not lock in on this word targeting because i think you get tunnel vision when you do that. we need to expand that mindset and i'm sure they are. i think that was the -- came from the police chief early on and as i said, it's a small department and some missteps in the very beginning.
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i think they are recovering quickly, and just settling down to their work. >> bill: another troubling story, the fbi's attention on this, a weekend bust of two men accused of making threats to attack a new york synagogue arrested at penn station, on the west side of manhattan. police say the weapons and gear they brought to the city suggest an attack may have been imminent. alexis mcadams in new york about what we are learning about the suspects and facts there after. alexis. >> hi, bill, quick thinking from the police officers that caught these people at penn station. investigators tell us one of the gunmen was armed with a large hunting knife and a swastika arm band. he made some threats against the jewish community, making a terrorist threat, aggravated
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harassment, criminal possession of a weapon. the 21-year-old brown and 22-year-old matthew mayer were taken into custody at penn station on friday. threats were not aimed at a specific synagogue but they believe they stopped a potential tragedy here in new york city. back in the upper west side, illegal gun and lots of ammo. brown was tweeting and at this semitic tweets, and running an online group. >> we do not tolerate illegal guns in the city, hate or
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semitic. >> nowhere are there more incidents than in new york city. that's, of course, very troubling. >> bill, part of a disturbing trend and just today the manhattan borough was forced to shut down dms on twitter. >> bill: chris, sounds like you might need an insider to make an arrest like this. you agree with that, or you just watching the social media feed? >> well, g in this casing, i think generally that's true, but in this case it appears he was a pretty prolific social media poster and someone, either nypd or fbi, probably nypd got a report of this twitter feed that, or post he made and locked on very quickly. it's a good example of preemptive, proactive police work and doing the digital tracing, which they did in warp
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speed, and they were able to find where this one person worked and then track, just broaden out the social media social network and connect the dots and we don't see very often, we see it being done after the case, and it's really refreshing to see this being done before something bad happened. >> sandra: fair enough point. we see so many cases that are brought to the attention of the fbi and in some cases they can do something about it, some they can't. this appears to be one of those cases that it was effective. >> yeah, one of the limitations the public thinks the fbi and nypd, law enforcement agencies can surf around on the internet looking for trouble. they can't do that. they have to have someone that's kind of a first amendment violation, they have to have predication before they can look, so preexisting information, a tip or lead or that sort of thing before they
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can dive into it. going back to the earlier point, maybe there was a tip or lead that came in on this twitter feed and so it did start with a live person. >> bill: when do we learn more, when they are in court? >> yeah, more comes out, arrest warrant affidavits are very detailed and when they are unsealed, or presented in court at the first appearance, we'll get a good amount of detail there. you know, unfortunately i think they don't have a lot of really meaty charges to hold them on right now because they were preemptive, and that's a good i'm sure they'll find other things. this investigation is going to broaden out very quickly and i think there will be some other charges, maybe federal as well. >> bill: chris, thank you. chris swecker on both those stories. you wonder if you are at the train station if you are looking to get out of town, all likelihood they probably were before they were stopped. >> sandra: indeed. we are watching that story, any idaho as they continue to comb over the crime scene there. we'll update the viewers and the story out of boston,
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massachusetts right now, hingham, mass, a truck plowed into the apple store there. you have to think this is holiday shopping. we are in the primetime of it, and a shopping center. the microphones are up, what you see there, off to the right is where a truck plowed into an apple store there. people were trapped inside for a while. we are told the building itself is on the verge of collapse. one person dead, 14 injured, four critically. we are waiting an exact update on the condition of those people but we are keeping an eye on this news conference. as you can see, authorities are still outside on the ground there, police tape everywhere, week of thanksgiving, a monday morning this all went down and we are told the suv, bill, plowed into the apple store at high speeds. they turned, you can see a bus in the middle of the scene, they turned the bus into a triage for
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those trapped inside. >> bill: looking at the store online, looks like it might be pretty close to a strip mall, if you grant me that. but the front of the building is all glass, so if you jump the curb at a certain speed, all likelihood you could go inside the store. it has not been confirmed but we are waiting for the press conference. >> sandra: if you thought a railroad strike, think good. a crippling halt to rail service soon just as the christmas shopping rush, they told president biden no deal as negotiations head back to the drawing board. >> bill: talk to ari fleischer, and no rail strike will stop fox square here in new york city. a few hours away from our all american christmas tree lit for
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ongoing. limited as to what we can say at this point. it appears at the outset preliminarily a dark colored suv appears went through at a rate of speed undetermined through a
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plate glass window and struck multiple people. and as a result of that, multiple people are hospitalized and receiving treatment. i do want to commend and going to ask the hingham police chief to come up after me and the fire chief after that, but position to commend the men and women of the hingham towns to make a tragic situation much less as a result of their work and their going forward. so, we will try to take some questions. but for now, i'll ask dave jones to come up, police chief. >> good afternoon. as crews said at 10:45 a.m. this morning, a research dispatch center received multiple calls for a car into a building. multiple injuries and called for additional units to the scene.
10:20 am
officers and firefighters from surrounding towns provided aid at the scene. obviously an ongoing and active investigation, and we are not able to provide any further details at this time. now turn it over to chief steve murphy from the fire department to provide details from his end. >> good afternoon, thank you crews and chief jones. as both of them alluded to, this was a cooperative effort with personnel from many different fire departments, collectively seven different ambulances -- i'm sorry, seven fire engines and 14 ambulances to treat the patients transported and other patients cleared from the scene. we also had assistance from south shore hospital, our medical director was on scene to help treat patients. we are unable to provide any updates on their condition right now, again, this is an ongoing
10:21 am
thing but we want to thank everyone involved in this difficult situation this morning. thank you. >> what can you tell us about the driver of the suv? >> pretty much at this point we are not in position to tell you anything, but an active criminal investigation going on. we are not going to be in position to guess or speculate. we are going to go slow and steady like we always do in any criminal investigation, making sure we can get to the bottom of what occurred. so, therefore, like i said, regarding the operator of the motor vehicle, we are looking into that. status of the motor vehicle, looking into that, and getting the information and go forward as we should in all of our cases. >> is the driver in the injured? >> my understanding is he's not been taken to hospital as of yet. >> where is he? >> i'm not saying where he's at. he is -- he is right now with police officers. >> can you tell us the fatality of the worker? >> it's a male, but like i said, we want to make sure the next of kin is notified, we don't want
10:22 am
people guessing if they had a loved one coming to the apple store or working here or nearby, we want to make sure they are well aware prior to any notification to come through the media. we are looking into that also. >> age of the driver. >> i don't have the age yet. an can you talk about -- monday of a holiday week, a lot of people out here, not only from the area but people visiting, how busy was it in the apple store. >> that will be part of the investigation. i will say obviously the apple store is a very busy place, and it's a monday of a holiday week. so, therefore i don't know how many people were in there, i'm sure we will find out. once we have an opportunity to review the documents and tapes or whatever is necessary to go forward from there and figure out what happened and really what the absolute unthinkable event that occurred at that store, when you are just going there to buy a phone or get
10:23 am
something fixed, whatever it may be, unthinkable, absolutely tragic and make sure we are going to go slow and steady with this and get the information as we get it. >> chief murphy talk about what he had to deal with? >> sure. >> was the driver of the car male or female? chief? >> so, as chief jones alluded, both hingham fire department and -- and police department responded, found multiple patients injured in front of the store and in the store, including a few patients that were pinned against a wall by the vehicle. both departments worked well and with our mutual aid counterparts to assist in safely transporting all the patients. i don't have that information. i'm sorry, what? >> structural concerns of the building -- >> the building commissioner has been involved in the scene, also assistance from plymouth county technical rescue team to evaluate the structural
10:24 am
stability. at this time there are no concerns but we will still continue to look into it. >> i cannot hear you. >> other people in the area help -- [inaudible] >> sandra: we are going to continue to monitor the news conference in hingham, massachusetts, seven fire trucks called to the scene, 14 ambulances, as it is reported there was one death as was earlier reported, 16 injured, not sure if they are lumping the driver of the vehicle into the injured. we are told this is still an active ongoing investigation, a criminal investigation, not really any further detail on the driver, although they did disclose male, no age given. right now they are notifying next of kin of the injured. some injured are in critical condition at a local hospital there. also, bill, undetermined what the speed of the driver was when he crashed through that apple store, but you have to assume,
10:25 am
and they did not have a final head count, you have to assume the middle of a monday shopping day just before thanksgiving, a lot of folks out right now. >> bill: highway 3, also known as pilgrims highway, you mentioned what, 30 minutes due south of boston. >> sandra: 17 miles. >> bill: ok. male is the only description they gave. don't know if it's an employee or customer among the fatality or the injured, but pinned against the wall. that is very serious matter there. one thing is clear, there was an intense response on behalf of police and fire department and medics trying to help those who needed it based on the number of vehicles that showed up. >> sandra: happened just before 11:00 a.m. there, so we are waiting any further update on the condition of those that were injured. some of which were trapped inside that building that then it was reported the building was facing imminent collapse because of the structural damage that was done with this vehicle crashing through. the reports were that the suv
10:26 am
was hitting very high speeds before crashing through, although no exact speed was given at that news conference. we will continue to monitor the scene. >> bill: we shall, bizarre story. >> mr. president, what's your plan to avert a national railway strike? >> bill: this could be significant, the press managed to get in exactly two questions at the annual turkey pardon were staff whisked away. all sounds familiar, it is. back in september the white house negotiated a deal, it said, to avoid a rail strike and buy more time. now the union representing 28,000 conductors shot down a deal earlier and time is running out. a strike could happen as soon as the first week in december which could cost the u.s. economy about $2 billion a day during peak travel and shipping season. i want to bring in fox news contributor, former white house
10:27 am
press secretary ari fleischer, good day to you. we thought we had a deal, apparently that was not the case. what is your read on this now? >> well, two elements to this. number one, union organizers are quoted in the media, at least, as blaming the secretary of transportation but they say just wanted to get it behind the election and not listening to their concerns. so it is interesting the biden administration relationships with unions seems to be the issue. on the substance of it, bill, it's pretty tricky. it's not about money. they have received a 24% increase in pay over four years, the biggest pay raise in 40 years for the rail workers. it's about the number of days to take off for medical appointments. agreement allowed them three days off. i'm pretty sympathetic. i think when you need to see your doctor you should be able to see your doctor and not be penalized. is three days a year enough, is that an issue worth bogging down the nation and striking over?
10:28 am
i think that's what's at stake now. >> bill: potential fallout, 2 billion in lost economic output a day. that's how much use on the rail. 40% of goods shipped long distance in the country use rail system and more than 20% of grain shipments across the country. when you consider all of that and what you just said, ari, are they in the conductor's seat or the driver's seat in this negotiation? >> well, if you can strike you are in the driver's seat. if you have the ability to be one of many unions, but the one strike will take down the industry you are in the driver's seat. and strikes are a part of the system. is it worth striking or crippling the nation over whether you get 3, 4, 5 days a year to visit your doctor. and again, i am sympathetic on that, i think every worker should be able by a good boss to go see your doctor when you need to within reason, and if you are
10:29 am
an hourly worker you don't have to get paid for that but well come right back on the job. so i question whether this is the thing worth such a crippling strike and this is what is particular to rail. they have the ability to do this. >> bill: as i was reading through a bit earlier, they have a couple days already where they can see a doctor, take off work, but they want more from that, more flexibility. the initial point about the president, he's the union guy. does this suggest there could be an issue with the union president and one of the biggest unions in the country. >> when the union is accusing a fellow democrat saying they only did it to get this through the election, we hear this on so many issues on the strategic petroleum reserve, student loans, there was such a focus on making bad decisions to get through the election and to win votes. this is no way to govern. this is bad leadership. this is political everything and
10:30 am
i think it's a recurrent theme in the biden white house and interesting to note it's could go from one of the railway labor union leaders. >> bill: ari, thank you. december 5th circle on the calendar, no deal done then it could be a much bigger story than we are talking about today. thanks for your time. nice to see you in texas. talk soon. >> sandra: a transgender high school runner smashing records in seattle after leaving the boys' cross country team and joining the girls'. supporters say it is all about being fair. critics say it does the exact opposite for the girls on the team. caitlyn jenner will react. >> bill: also, hospitals overwhelmed with sick babies and kids, and all happening with the nationwide shortage of important medications. will the administration declare an emergency? >> this year we have a bigger problem because, and i think and
10:31 am
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wooo. oh yeah, she digs it. buy your car on vroom. get in. >> sandra: two viruses are spreading nationwide [laughter] >> bill: i'm one of them. >> sandra: to bill in a second, but rsv you have hearing a lot about it, the flu causing a new health crisis and overwhelming children's hospitals coast to coast. americans are grappling with a nationwide shortage of really key drugs in all this, including amoxicillin and insulin. peter doocy is live on the north lawn with the latest. peter, what exactly are you hearing the administration is doing to get a handle on this situation with so many of these hospitals inundated with patients right now? >> sandra, leaving the response
10:36 am
up to hhs even though there is a ton of pressure, a ton of heat on officials here coming from the american academy of pediatrics and also the children's hospital association. those groups want the white house to declare a public health emergency. >> that declaration, that comes from hhs so the hhs secretary would determine the public health emergency, that is the case still here with the issues that you just laid out. >> and there are issues unique to these noncovid respiratory illnesses. >> most at risk is the child under the age of six months, the infants who for the reasons i said that they have very small airways and what you want to look for is a change in behavior, they are not as responsive, maybe fingertips are turning blue, some trouble breathing, that's when you take them to the emergency room for what i suspect is rsv.
10:37 am
>> president biden touched briefly on winter illnesses earlier today but not rsv and not the flu. >> two years ago we could not even safely have thanksgiving with a large family gathering. now we can. that's progress and let's keep it going. we have new covid vaccine updates to deal with, new variants to protect you and your loved ones. >> so that was interesting to see because it seems to reveal that at least for now white house officials up to the president would rather talk about past public health crisis, the ones they think they have handled like covid, as opposed to young ones that lie ahead. >> sandra: peter doocy, thank you very much. outrage growing at high schools in seattle, a transgender student finishing near the back of the pack in the boys' races is now finishing first in girls' cross country events, with nearly the same race time as that person had before.
10:38 am
let's bring in caitlyn jenner now, olympic gold medal and decathalon winner, and fox news contributor. it has been a little while. >> it has. >> sandra: what was your reaction when you saw this? track and field obviously very close to yours and my heart. >> yeah. well, it is, but still it's the same thing. first of all, good to talk to you again sandra in this crazy world we are in right now. but i from the beginning have been out to support women, cis women in sports. look at the woke state of washington and see their progression on this issue. and 2007 the wiaa, the rule makers, adopted ioc position on
10:39 am
transgender athletes. surgery had to be done in two years of hormone replacement. 11 years later, only one calendar later of testosterone suppression and last year changed it again with no medical evaluations, and basically you can compete in a manner that is consistent with your gender identity. meaning you identify as being trans and you can compete on the women's team. now, they made this rule because they thought it was more consistent with the washington state's nondiscrimination laws that they had out there. i have been from the beginning out to -- i'm out for that, like that fourth place woman who is trying to make it to the state championships. you know, but there's a trans athlete in there in the top three that doesn't allow her to be able to do that, fulfill her dreams, maybe get a scholarship down the line.
10:40 am
we have to keep it fair. and the lia thomas case, i was never against her, she played with the rules. and this athlete is playing with the rules but they have to change the rules and on the international swimming scene they did. they got now the rule is if you do not transition before the age of 12, you are not eligible to swim on an international level. pt and to be honest with you, i think that's a good decision. why? what they found out throughout the years, going through male puberty has a bigger impact on your performance in the future than it does just testosterone suppression. you are bigger, stronger. so this is not going to go away, but i really feel the state of washington has to make it a little bit tougher. they cannot just identify and then compete against the women. >> sandra: caitlyn, you always offer an interesting take and
10:41 am
obviously a very unique perspective on that. i want to put this on the screen, this is the washington interscholastic activities association with a statement to fox news about the rules you just detailed, the wiaa gender identity eligibility rules in place more than 13 years follow washington state nondiscrimination laws, protect full access to athletic activities for students, so standing by the decisions that allowed for what we are seeing there, there are critics who say this is not fair to the girls trying to participate. but as you have always said, it's tough for both sides on this debate. caitlyn, the 60 seconds we have left. politics, 2024, what is caitlyn jenner saying these days? what do you hope to see happen with the -- i don't know, seems we are already full on presidential election season here. >> oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, it
10:42 am
is -- it started already. i'm going to kind of stand back a bit right now. i will support whoever the republicans wind up putting in as their candidate for president of the united states. i think we are a long way. there's so many things -- two weeks in politics is a long time. let alone two years. so i'm going to sit back, obviously i'm on the republican side and the conservative side. i believe in, you know, less government, less regulations, pro business environment, and the republicans are the only ones that are going to do that right now because right now our country is a mess. it's so sad to see the greatest nation in the world, you know, dealing with all these issues that we are dealing right now. we need to change. >> sandra: caitlyn, good to have you on on this holiday week and hope you and your family have a nice holiday. thanks so much for joining us
10:43 am
today. >> i'm looking forward to the holiday, it's going to be fun. >> bill: so are we. >> sandra: enjoy. thank you. >> bill: retailers facing a surge of brazen violent thefts. organized shopping rings, what they are doing to protect their staff and inventory. and cracking down on sam bankman-fried and those tied to him. what is new on this today? a lot. charlie gasparino who law enforcement is looking to talk to. problem. but as a veteran, you already have a solution. it's your powerful va home loan benefit. it lets you borrow up to a full 100% of your home's value, not just 80%. with home values near record highs, that could mean a lot more cash than you imagined. and at newday, there are no upfront costs to get the cash you need.
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>> bill: you know about rising crime hitting retailers hard as the holiday shopping season gets underway. small scale shoplifters and large scale organized crime rings putting a major dent. outside jackson premium outlets in jackson, new jersey. that mall was the victim of a shoplifting ring there, jeff.
10:48 am
hello. >> absolutely, bill. it was. but these guys got more than they bargained for. they got arrested when they emerged with their goods from an under armor store. one of the malls fighting back against this. take a look at the numbers. retail theft now $94 billion, that was last year. they expect it's much more this year, and that organized retail theft that you talked about, that's up 26% last year, and even more this year. we have pictures of some of the stuff that gets stolen in the organized rings. it's not real expensive stuff, like small stuff, like deodorant, and toothpaste, then they resell them on the internet. like a fence operation, and hitting at the christmas shopping season. look out there, the guy next to
10:49 am
you may be shopping but not planning to pay. >> bill: jeff flock, thanks. >> sandra: republicans winning control of the house is giving new life is giving life to calls into the investigation of hunter biden. some say his business dealings are no big deal, but jonathan turley says it's an elephant of a scandal. he's here to explain why. next. taken with a statin, leqvio can lower bad cholesterol by over 50% and keep it low with two doses a year. side effects were injection site reaction, joint pain, urinary tract infection, diarrhea, chest cold, pain in legs or arms, and shortness of breath. with leqvio, lowering cholesterol becomes just one more thing life throws your way. ask your doctor about leqvio. lower. longer. leqvio.
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>> sandra: as the federal investigation into hunter biden's business dealings continues, the next guest claims the biden family is enlisting the media to make the "elephant of a scandal" disappear. jonathan turley joins us now. professor turley, thank you very much for your time. cue up the biden montage of him saying exactly what he has many times about business dealings with hunter, his son. listen. >> mr. vice president, how many times have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings? >> i've never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings. >> i've never discussed with my son or brother or anyone else anything having to do with their business. >> you stand by your statement you did not discuss any of your son's overseas business
10:54 am
dealings? >> yes, i stand by that statement. >> sandra: all that said, jonathan, what do you say happens next now with republicans in control of the house. >> well, i don't normally say this about a sitting president, but it's demonstrably untrue. we have plenty of evidence that the president did discuss foreign deals with his son. there is an audio tape in which the president calls his son about a media investigation into the deals and says we have to talk. we have a witness who under oath said he met twice with joe biden to discuss foreign deals with his son and his family. we have emails referring to the president with code names like the big guy and even talking about his cut of some of these deals. now, that doesn't mean there's criminal conduct here. we don't know, but those statements are really flagrantly
10:55 am
contradicted by the record that we have. the problem is that there has been no real investigation of congress. democrats blocked efforts to investigate this matter and whether there are crimes or not, what i think is abundantly clear, the biden family was running a multi-million dollar infl infl influence peddling scam. they are not the first but i've not seen anything quite this large or ambitious. >> sandra: amazing stuff, you have been writing a lot about it. i will make sure the piece "what elephant is out there." great to see you on this holiday week, appreciate your time. >> bill: new at 2:00, our ted williams is on the ground in idaho. he's tracking all the leads from the scene of those four student murders. what he's learned from talking
10:56 am
with police on the ground. plus larry kudlow, steve doocy, and more as "america reports" rolls on. all across the country, people are working hard to build a better future. so we're hard at work, helping them achieve financial freedom. we're investing for our clients in the projects that power our economy. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive.
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relief without the water. veteran homeowners: need cash? at newday you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value to pay down high rate credit cards, personal loans, even car loans. veterans get more at newday. >> sandra: the top of the hour, fox news alert on the deadly shooting rampage in colorado springs, all new at 2:00. the first signs of the gunman's motive. court documents show the gunman will face five charges of murder and five hate crime counts. >> bill: we are expecting an update any moment now. shooting happened on saturday night, it's been a mystery for america. five people killed, at least 25 others hurt when a man opened fire inside an lgbtq nightclub. >> sandra: learning more about the suspect. i'm sandra smith in new york, and bill is with us today.


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