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tv   America Reports  FOX News  November 21, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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veteran homeowners: need cash? at newday you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value to pay down high rate credit cards, personal loans, even car loans. veterans get more at newday. >> sandra: the top of the hour, fox news alert on the deadly shooting rampage in colorado springs, all new at 2:00. the first signs of the gunman's motive. court documents show the gunman will face five charges of murder and five hate crime counts. >> bill: we are expecting an update any moment now. shooting happened on saturday night, it's been a mystery for america. five people killed, at least 25 others hurt when a man opened fire inside an lgbtq nightclub. >> sandra: learning more about the suspect. i'm sandra smith in new york, and bill is with us today. >> bill: how you doing.
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nice to be back with you. john has the day off. i'm bill hemmer. good morning at home. hour two of "america reports." police identifying the gunman as a 22-year-old man currently in the hospital after he was taken into custody. claudia is live in colorado springs. ten charges so far. and counting for anderson aldrich. who is he? claudia. >> we are learning more about this suspected gunman. as you mentioned, he's still in the hospital because of injuries he sustained when he was taken down by patrons there on saturday night. so you mentioned the charges, bill, and these are charges that could send him away for life if he is convicted and any moment now we are hoping to learn more about his possible criminal history because last year a 21-year-old anderson lee aldrich was arrested after his mother called police saying her son was making bomb threats in a neighborhood about 12 miles away. home security video shows the moment he surrendered and while
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no bombs were found, he was arrested on three counts of first-degree kidnapping and felony menacing but no mug shot was ever released. case was never prosecuted and the court records were sealed. flash forward to saturday night, police say 22-year-old anderson lee aldrich opened fire with a long rifle after entering club q just before midnight. he was quickly taken down by two individuals who were dancing one moment and grabbing his gun the next hitting him with it and pinning him down until police arrived, clearly preventing more bloodshed. happened on the eve of transgender day of remembrance, commemorates victims of violence in the trans community. a memorial is growing outside club q, many considered a safe haven and enjoyed themselves. two par tenders are among the five dead. and also reportedly a co-owner
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of the club. no word when he roadway arraigned. but each of the five murder counts carries a life sentence without parole and more charges to come. so many questions about the case last year and what happened there and of course the motive in this case and what drove the gunman to open fire inside this nightclub and shatter so many lives. >> bill: claudia, thank you. more information as we get it in colorado. >> sandra: and top of the hour from another violent crime gripping the nation, it's been a week and a day now since the four college students in idaho were stabbed to death in their apartment and investigators are still struggling at this hour to identify a suspect. this as the father of one of the victims is telling fox news so much evidence at the crime scene it's taking a long time to process everything, potentially giving the suspect more time to flee that college town. ted williams, former d.c. police
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detective and fox news contributor. he joins us live from the scene in idaho. what have you seen, what have you heard? >> sandra, i can tell you it's a very eerie scene on the ground. take you and your viewers to what is the crime scene. this is the crime scene that is now frozen in time. when you see these automobiles out , they belong to some of the victims. that front door there, that is 1 of 2 entrances to the home itself. we are going to take you to other areas of the home that you need to try to see that are where we are concerned about evidence. if you notice along the side here, these are leaves and all of these leaves are undisturbed.
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they have not been able to locate the murder weapon and so that is significant and we wonder why they have not at least looked in these various areas. now, sandra, as we come back here to the back of the home, this is the second and third floor. these are the floors where the bodies of the four victims were found. if you notice the top upper bedroom here, there is an m, we believe that that bedroom very well could belong to one of the victims, maddy. but as we come back to the rear of this home here, you can see again a lot of the leaves, the foliage that has fallen from trees, and it's undisturbed. that is somewhat disturbing to me, because we don't know which
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way or how the murder orers lef have discarded a weapon anywhere in this area and you would have expected that law enforcement would have performed a grid search of this area and that has not been done. now, if you look down the hill here, you can see the only second entrance to this place, a sliding glass door. so, as you have already said, the medical examiner said, this was a very, very bloody crime scene and you would have anticipated that law enforcement or the perpetrator, should we say, or perpetrators, don't know whether it was more than one person, would have left some physical evidence. so i think law enforcement,
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sandra, has a great deal to work with to bring the perpetrator or perpetrators to justice. >> sandra: ted, i think a lot of people that are taking it, and you are giving a really unique look around that crime scene there, perhaps others are struck like i may be right now that you are getting that close to the crime scene without anybody stopping you from crossing that tape if you potentially did, and two, that have you confirmed a grid search has not been done of the leaves covered area around which you are walking? >> well, yes, and i can tell you that they have had investigators walking around back here, but when you -- all you have to do is take a look at these leaves and you can see that they are undisturbed, and again, if i was a perpetrator of a crime like this and we believe, sandra, that this was a rage killing. when you take a knife and you use a knife under these
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circumstances, that's very personal. and you would have believed that the person, the killer or killers would have wanted to get rid of that weapon as soon as possible. i'm not -- and i want to make sure i'm clear. i'm not saying it is back here but this is part of the crime scene you would have anticipated that they would have done a grid search back here and that was not done. >> sandra: obviously a lot of the leaves could have fallen since the incident actually happened. i see a lot of leaves still on the trees there, but to your point, if that has not been grid searched, certainly there could be evidence lying underneath of those leaves, ted. what would be your take away from that? are you suggesting that there are not enough resources to properly investigate based on what you've seen on the ground there? >> no, i'm not suggesting that. i think that they do have enough researches there as the idaho department of police involved,
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you have the fbi now involved and quite naturally, sandra, they know a great deal more than we know. but what we do know is that four individuals lost their lives and they were supposedly stabbed to death. and what is very troubling and questionable is and america want to know, how do one person, or maybe even two, get to stab at least four people without somebody having some knowledge of it. >> sandra: still so many questions and when you have this long, eight days now since this happened, people are really wondering why we don't know more at this point and obviously don't have a suspect still. thank you very much, ted, for that look on the ground there around the crime scene. thank you. bill. >> bill: thank you. now back here in new york, epic collapse of ftx. investors losing billions, could the guy at the center of this
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eventually lose his freedom? >> sandra: charlie gasparino is here. the u.s. attorney is cracking down? >> more than cracking down, they want to put together a case from what i understand, and it's never a case until you see the indictment but prosecutors would like to do this before the end of the year and we are almost at the end of the year. this week is kind of a dead week because of thanksgiving, but you know, then things start heating up again and i think the word is that they want to put together something, you know, before the bahamian officials, did i say that right? the bahamian officials, remember, they want to get jurisdictional -- they want the jurisdiction on this case. he did -- if this is the ripoff that a lot of people think it is, again, he's not convicted, not charged yet, this is -- this is the biggest thing since enron. >> bill: i've heard you say that. >> worse than enron in this sense. more like madoff since we are comparing scams here.
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literally people's money evaporated. i know a guy who had several million dollars in an account on thursday, the next day it was gone. think about that. several million dollars. and it may have just been vaporized because the guy lost money in markets and trading all sorts of weird stuff on that side hustle that he had, the alameda hedge fund he was operating on the sides, using the cash from the exchange to do that. so this this is really complexion, complicated, people don't know where the money is. i covered mf global, former senator from new jersey, there was money missing. he used money from segregated accounts but they knew where it was. the thing -- it wasn't like he stole it and lost it. it was there, and people eventually got their money back. this, what we are worried about, is the 7 to $8 billion hole where it's vaporized, it got cost.
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>> bill: i was looking at a company down 15%, and last week a couple days too. >> bitcoin down. >> bill: bitcoin, etc. do you think the losses are isolated in crypto field or spread to other assets? >> the crypto bros, proponents of the industry, says a flight to quality, and bitcoin, two major cryptos outside the other one will reap the benefits if people sell other coins, speculative and go into a blockchain business that does work. >> bill: right now all getting hammered. >> and there's another, you know, thought out there, that this will underscore the real sort of lack of there there in this industry. what is backing up bitcoin, and not the full faith and credit of the u.s. government. who sides to the story.
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>> sandra: we are going to go live to an update, charlie, thank you very much. south shore hospital, an update on the condition of those people that were hit by a vehicle crashing into an apple store outside of boston. let's listen. >> after that notification. with me is dr. william tolefson, responded to the scene and dr. christopher burns, chief of trauma. we had a total of 17 patients arrive here in about 45 minutes of all natures of traumatic-type injuries, from very acute to less acute. we have patients who are in the operating room and patients that we anticipate going to the operating room. again, all types of injuries that you would expect from trauma like this. we had multiple resources respond to the hospital,
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including additional surgeons, additional support staff. we were very well staffed at this time considering the day of the week and the time of the day, so we were able to handle the large volume of patients very efficiently. the team did an incredible job. we were very fortunate to be able to have our team on scene communicating to us as to what we should expect and then the team here was receiving those patients. with that, we'll take a couple questions. >> [inaudible] >> when i arrived on scene multiple agencies were also arriving at the same time. we were able to quickly coordinate and assume ems command alongside chief murphy of the hingham fire department and we have a tronning relationship and train for
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instances like this. and as soon as we were able to establish command set up an ems command. able to very quickly triage many critically ill patients, some with less acuity, and actually able to leverage a neighboring restaurant to help with the triage and get people out of the elements. it's rather cold out. >> the range of injuries, for example the most serious and least serious. >> the injuries were somewhat diverse, ranging from some pretty serious head trauma to perhaps some pretty decent lower extremity trauma, mangled limbs, pretty much the gambit. patients with confounding factors, chronic medical illness as well that made things more difficult than just the standard trauma patient with other medical things as well. >> what did you have to
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communicate back here? >> sandra: so we are getting an update on the condition of those injured from the hospital there, a local hospital was able to take them in. they were detailing, sort of in the slower part of their day so they were able to efficiently address all of those patients that did come in. what a horrific thing to happen there. >> bill: it is, 16 people transported po hospitals, one fatality, to repeat that grim news there. this happened at 10:45 east coast time earlier today. this was not on our radar until what. >> sandra: just before the show, about 12:30. 12:45. >> bill: 2, 2 and a half hours later. southeast of boston, right off of highway 3, also known as pilgrims highway there in southern massachusetts. >> sandra: hope to learn more also soon on the suspect involved in that crash at an apple store in hingham, mass.
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elon musk says twitter traffic has never been higher. even though others say it looks like a total chaos. we will be joined in a moment. but susan lee. how are things looking at the twitter headquarters these days? >> they say morale is low and more twitter workers fired over the weekend. sales staff are cut after elon musk held an all hands meeting on sunday afternoon, according to the latest reports. that means there are only roughly 2700 employees left according to internal counts and that's just a quarter of the staff that twitter had employed when musk first took over the company back in october. last week 1200 resigned after elon musk's hard core ultimatum, and if you look on glass door, the company rating site, only 39% of twitter workers approve of the ceo, comparing it to over 90% at apple and tesla, woulders
11:18 am
graded him at 70%. elon musk was reinstating certain celebrity accounts, kanye, kathy, and even trump, 52% said they wanted him back on. trump said thanks, but no thanks, at least for now. >> big vote to also go back on twitter. i don't see it because i don't see any reason for it. truth social is taking the place for a lot of people, i don't see them going back to twitter. >> trump is obligated to be exclusive to truth social for a few years, but one account a definite no for elon musk. he drew the line on alex jones, tweeting my firstborn child died in my arms, i have no mercy for using the deaths of children for gains, politics or fame. so he will try to make back some of the $44 billion, and all-time
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high but we have not been able to verify that. >> sandra: ok, i'm sorry, i'm chatting over here with bill about the -- everybody has something to say about that. we'll try to figure it out. >> everyone has something. >> bill: cbs doing a 180 just two days after the network announced it was suspending all twitter usage, they say they are back and keeping an eye on the security situation. bring in strive asset management founder and author of "nation of victims." vivek, how you doing? good afternoon to you. >> good to see you. >> bill: that was quick. i don't know what they were going for. what do you think? >> it was a classic case of just virtual signalling, very short-term signalling. but i think there is a deeper question at twitter right now. elon musk faces a fork in the road, i love what he did. you either work hard or get out,
11:20 am
that's great. but he has a fork in the road, whether he's going to embrace a centrist musk centered model of censorship, or actually operate the platform as a free speech platform. in my view, if he takes an affirmative stand in the latter direction, folks like cbs are going to line up and come back as will advertisers. a difference between a centrist approach to censorship versus saying the company will not take a political approach via valized decision making at all. >> bill: watching all this unfold. last thursday night, interesting, between like 9 and 10:00 p.m., everybody on twitter was saying don't know if you are here tomorrow, but if you are, i'll be on said and said app. what musk has done over the weekend is intriguing. he consistently tweets out how
11:21 am
much the traffic is higher on twitter, it might be, no way for us to know. >> i think there is a quiet hunger that people have for free speech and open debate. and one of the few forums today that actually do get diverse audiences and diverse voices together on a similar platform. i think that's as much as people might complain about it, bill, a competitive advantage this platform has going for it. i just want to see elon continue to stick to his north star of operating this as a free speech platform rather than substituting his own value judgments or political centrist value judgments. some of the statements concern me, look, maybe we don't want extremists on the far left or the right on the platform. i think that is just a different model of censorship, not quite operating as a free speech platform, so i think he's made statements that both are consistent with operating as a free speech platform and also take this more centrist approach to censorship and i think he'll be most successful for users and
11:22 am
advertisers if he articulates clear principles. >> bill: a tweet that came out earlier today, said twitter is fun and then you've got the rocket ship, solar system and a heart, and then hope all judgey hall monitors stay under the platforms, please, i'm begging you. we'll see, depending on business. a clip of him about a week ago, i don't know when it was recorded but said free speech is defined, paraphrasing, free speech is defined by whether or not it's spoken by someone you don't like and they are saying something you don't like but yet you still allow the person to say what you don't like. that was his definition. >> i agree with that. we have free speech in a free speech culture, not to protect the speech we agree with, but to protect the speech that we disagree with, and the answer to bad speech in the american context is not less speak, it is
11:23 am
more speech. it should be the way forward for twitter, to say there are certain views that fall out of sensible, american way going forward to say the best way we settle agreements is through airing the opposing perspectives. and the good news, bill, this is the not first time we have encountered the questions. same question whether the nazis were allowed to march in skokie, and we will condemn what you have to say, condemn heinous speech but do it by celebrating your right to still do it be it burning the flag or the nazis in skokie. >> bill: good luck on the game this weekend. ohio.
11:24 am
undefeated, 2 and 3. i don't notice much of a difference on twitter. do you? >> sandra: referencing the volume that musk is touting -- >> bill: no, from a user perspective. i don't notice much of a difference. >> sandra: interesting. all right. interesting to see the quantitative analysis that i'm sure he has access to. i assume he has access to it. >> bill: we ain't gonna see. >> sandra: pretty much. good conversation with vivek. october migrant crossings in el paso alone, surging nearly 300% from last year, and now an exclusive look inside new mexico, where the border crisis is part of a daily life. >> bill: some folks turkey may be off the table, it's coming more than in years before. larry kudlow is here, stand by.
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>> sandra: to ukraine new, temperatures are falling fast, creating a nightmare for the millions of ukrainians currently without power and putin's forces ramp up their attacks against ukraine's power grid. officials are warning the situation is likely to turn more dire in the coming weeks. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot has the latest from kyiv. what are you seeing on the ground there, greg? >> sandra, down to the southern part of the country, an at risk nuclear plant, zaporizhzhia, the biggest in europe, rocked by 12 blasts over the weekend. they are saying it came close to being a significant nuclear incident, and added shelling was dangerously near safety systems. the russians occupy the plant,
11:31 am
the staff is ukrainian, each side blames the other. this as moscow's war on the power supply across the country intensifies. take a look what we saw, what we heard. >> on a cold, damp day here in kyiv, folks are worried about more russian missiles, more power cuts as the winter closes in. every week a new russian barrage targeting the energy infrastructure, including transmission lines and power plants. new warnings of russia inflicting on ukraine a mass blackouts, a complete power outage from a top utility chief. >> their aim and target is to completely destroy the power grid and to prevent tens of millions of ukrainians from getting electricity. >> as ukraine fends off attacks and races to repair damage, rolling blackouts are the norm. people cope and fume. >> it's not good. i am living on 22 --
11:32 am
>> 22 floor? >> and no power. >> you are angry about russia. >> yes, about what they are doing about the war. >> sandra, another utility executive here who we have met made another comment over the weekend, he said ukrainians who co months for the winter, to cut down on power usage. he's had to walk back that contro controversial comment but at the hands of vladimir putin things are getting very bad here and could get even worse. >> sandra: thank you, greg. >> bill: fox cameras catch people crossing in new mexico without an agent in site. secretary mayorkas claims the border is secure. is that what you are witnessing down in new mexico?
11:33 am
>> bill, no, it's not, quite the opposite, actually. some parts of the border here seem more like a free for all, to be honest, with little to no resistance for migrants who climb over the wall behind us, and we'll show you what it looks like. compilation of people sneaking into our country and going running off towards neighborhoods here in new mexico without ever being apprehended. no border agents around anywhere at the time we shot this video, they were all busy elsewhere. you can see the guys running through the brush, in front of our vehicle, heading towards neighborhoods. presumed got-aways, in this area of the border you are looking at is a tiny part, like a couple football fields in length and this plays out constantly here in the area. concerning to not have any agents able to catch those guys, and then this video in the el paso area, we went over to the mexican city to see where they
11:34 am
were crossing over. multiple holes in the border fence in spots, and then come up to the wall, squeeze through little holes, and then get across the river, a chain link fence. well, that has holes in it as well and once they get through that, they are free into the you state and escape as got-aways, and discarded clothing all over the area, bolt cutters in the water, it's a highly trafficked area where they are able to walk through with little to no resistance and they were not captured. and then the big groups that turn themselves in. out of eagle pass where our drone team is, another enormous single group of nearly 400 migrants turn themselves in in eagle pass. a huge drain on border patrol resources, see all the busses and vans and agents that had to respond and busy processing the migrants, that pulls agents off the front lines elsewhere which
11:35 am
allows got-aways to get along elsewhere. and live, where it's such a problem, so concerning to see so many through in the area, right here in the el paso sector, agents announced they arrested a convicted child sex predator, sexual abuse of a child in maryland he was caught in the el paso sector trying to enter the united states illegally. it's concerning to have more than 64,000 known got-aways at the border last month alone. >> bill: sure is. bill is in new mexico today. >> sandra: jay leno out of the hospital after suffering third degree burns to his face from a fire in his burbank garage. the 72-year-old comedian spent ten days in the hospital, and a first look we are getting of him now. >> bill: wow. >> sandra: his doctor said pleased with jay's progress and optimistic he will make a full
11:36 am
recovery. follow-up care and anybody who has suffered from serious burns, it takes a long time, but delightful to see him in that picture smiling. >> bill: the first time we have seen him together here, has not been a whole lot of detail about what happened or the extent. >> sandra: he was working on an old car and there was an explosion, and that led to severe burns on his face. >> bill: but he had a smile, and looked good. better than maybe perhaps -- >> praying for a full recovery for him. >> bill: the most wonderful time of the year. look at my list. especially in fox square, our little corner of the world of the big apple getting ready for christmas and it's going to be something else. >> sandra: i know you like a good christmas carol, come on. get into the spirit. we are counting down to the all american christmas tree
11:37 am
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>> bill: tradition unlike any other. president biden pardoning a pair of turkeys today as americans face record high costs of this year's thanksgiving meal. a new survey american farm bureau federation shows the price of this year's thanksgiving meal is up 20% from a year ago, average around $64 for a ten-person feast. larry kudlow is here to eat. we'll get his reaction in moments. but first, mark meredith live on the north lawn, and mark, i understand one was chocolate and one was chip today, is that right? >> they sure were, bill, the turkeys who were pardoned and will have a good life now. in the next hour, another festivity kicks off the unveiling of the white house christmas tree about to be brought in. this is video from earlier today where you saw the president offering the pardon, he kept his remarks on the south lawn fairly brief and light and said with covid cases nowhere near they once were, americans have plenty to be thankful for.
11:43 am
online, the white house also says americans should be thankful for gas prices, that they are on the way down. the white house chief of staff tweeting out the average gallon of gas 3.29 a gallon. consumers dealing with higher prices at the grocery store, the american farm bureau reporting the average cost of a thanksgiving feast for ten people is up 20% from just last year alone. extra ten bucks per guest. the group writes general inflation is slashing the purchasing power of consumers and having a significant faebt contributing to the increase in the average cost of this year's thanksgiving dinner. i don't want to be a downer, but also a story in the wall street journal that suggested americans may be less charitable this holiday season or not spend as much to get bill and sandra a gift this year because the prices are so expensive compared to years past, so they are spending less. we'll wait to see whether it has an impact on the holiday
11:44 am
situation. >> bill: we shall. hope you get a drum stick, mark. >> i'll take a day off. how about that. >> sandra: check out announcement larry kudlow, host of kudlow on fox business. good to see you on this thanksgiving week. i always have to say, $64 for a meal for ten, but that's the basics, right. so -- you know, we always have to put together the basic ingredients for a thanksgiving meal. >> you couldn't get to the dinner for $64. >> sandra: most people are thinking that. >> how are you calculating that? >> sandra: i had a lot of people tweet me, that does sound low to a lot of people. 16 pound turkey up 21%, stuffing up 70%, bread, pie mix, everything, the prices of everything is higher. i don't know, have anything to say about that? >> i got 1.79 a pound for thanksgiving turkey, 1.39 last year, 28% increase. that's a big number, 28%.
11:45 am
and when you walk through it, i mean, i was not totally kidding about gas prices, they are still up 50%, and it's probably cheaper to eat out. if you look at the grocery prices are up 18%, cheaper to eat out, eating out is only up 13%. now they are both big numbers, but it's 5% more expensive to seat at home, that's very rare. look at inflation is the cruelest tax of all, only time i'll ever quote you on maynard cains, but he was right, and working folks, middle class people have seen real wages fall 18 consecutive months, so they have had raises, but inflation has beat the raise every time. >> sandra: it's been gobbled up. >> i love that, you stole my best line. and the whole gobble story, it's expensive, it's expensive, and then the fed is tightening and
11:46 am
people are demoralized about that, maybe we can talk about it later. >> bill: mark referenced this. "wall street journal -- headlines, stressed out americans plan to buy fewer christmas gifts, donate less to charity. i don't like option a or b there. >> me too. i hope it's not necessarily true, we will not know for quite some time because christmas -- thanksgiving, christmas, new year's is really important time for charitable giving, really important time for charitable giving, and when you see people on the street and you know you need to help them, i don't know whether it's right or wrong, but you need to help them, the salvation needs your help, soup kitchens, i mean, i bet all of us will volunteer for soup kitchens, i do it every year, either thanksgiving and/or christmas, i hope that's not true but that kind of breaks my heart if it is true. look, the world is not coming to an end, it's not coming to an end. i will agree with president
11:47 am
biden i think i heard him say that we have much to be grateful for, he is exactly right, still the greatest country in the world but i would love to see the greatest country in the world with 2% inflation instead of 8, 9, 10% inflation and not falling into recession, sandra, look at the numbers, maybe we'll talk about this tonight on my show later, m2 is collapsing, leading economic indicators collapsing, yield curve is now negative from three months out to ten years. these are classic recession -- >> sandra: can i ask you a question? talking about the high price of everything. one price that has been dropping worth noting is the price of a barrel of oil. lowest point of the year today, about $75 a barrel. seems like something to celebrate but i know a lot of traders will be quick to point out this is the demand destruction that is the result of having to hike interest rates, ok, and send this country into economic peril.
11:48 am
>> it might be demand destruction. there are rumors the saudis are going to put 500,000 barrels back on the market, i think traders are trading off that. but unfortunately, against a year ago, or against 18 months ago, oil prices are still much higher than they were, and i will repeat my long held mantra, turn the spigots on, more production will bring down prices without going into red cross. i mean, actually more production and lower prices and more jobs and higher wages would stop the recessionary pressure, that's still out there. >> bill: a headline in moscow, they may cut oil production. i don't know how that factors into it, and china has all the covid crackdowns in big places like beijing, continue. >> still, still. >> bill: what's m2? >> the basic money supply. federal reserve more or less controls. it's not a perfect indicator, it's the great nobel prize winner, milton freedman, talked
11:49 am
about that as the cause of the great depression, so did others. and you have commodity prices coming down, and badly inverted curve. short-term rates are higher than long-term rates. >> bill: you are not a fan of this. >> inverted curve is a classic recession signal but people should reach deep for charity and they should help out in the soup kitchens. >> bill: see you on fox business, 4:00. >> sandra: thank you, larry. if you are not already cooking your thanksgiving feast you are already behind apparently. that is according to, guess who, our own steve doocy. he's here to crack the whip. he has some successful tips for turkey day. how to navigate through all of it, plus a taste of his delicious pie. we'll have that for you next as we count down to the american christmas tree lighting. we are a couple hours away.
11:50 am
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>> when he says the best of of the time, everywhere except the airport. grady trimble is live of chicago o'hare. we spoke five hours ago. what has changed? >> a few more delays. still busy. nothing major to report. secretary pete buttigieg was here today, transportation secretary talking about the delays and cancellations. he says he's cautiously optimistic that things are better. he said we're not out of the woods yet. even though almost as many people are flying this thanksgiving as in 2019, airlines have cut routes because
11:56 am
of staffing issues. so there's fewer planes in the sky. smaller supply, strong demand and high jet fuel prices is a recipe unfortunately for more expensive air fare this turkey day. prices are up 8% from last year according to the travel booking app hopper. travelers are noticing. >> absolutely. it's way up. >> what do you make of how expensive flights are? >> triple. luckily we had miles. we didn't have to pay. it's outrageous. >> save miles, save money to make sure that we can make this trip. >> a lot of people cashing in on the airline miles. it's a good time to do it. united says the sunday after thanksgiving will be the busiest single day since the start of the pandemic. bill? >> thanks, grady trimble with the warning from chicago. live look outside fox square
11:57 am
right now in two hours time. we'll be lighting our beautiful all-american christmas tree. taller than before, right? before santa makes his way over here, we have thanksgiving tips for you coming from steve doocy on fox square. happy cookbook. steve, as i like to say, great to have you here. i'm happy when i'm cooking. i look forward to going through this. >> this is not only the number 1 cookbook in the world right now. it's the number 1 book in the world. >> congratulations. >> people -- if you're going to make something for thanksgiving, you might as well make it good. it has to be easy. >> i have my eye on devilled eggs. >> are you talking and these? >> yes, the dill devilled eggs. >> i told steve, the photography is amazing. really just -- captures the essence and the texture of the food. >> i can't wait any longer.
11:58 am
>> we call it state fair cream cheese pie. okay? it won five blue ribbons at the iowa state fair. it's from our friend pamela lang in iowa. >> i normally wouldn't eat on television, but you cannot -- i can't resist this anymore. >> the most important thing about cheesecake is the crust. >> see, the thing -- that's just graham cracker. it's standard. what the is different about the -- it's not just cheesecake. it's got a sour cream top. use cream cheese like that. there's a reason it won five blue ribbons. >> thanks. you have any big thanksgiving tips? >> one suggestion. that is because of inflation, supply chain problems, a lot of people are eliminating a side dish or two and i would suggest
11:59 am
one tip for you, only have one appetizer. in doing the research for the happy cookbook, we discovered that on thanksgiving julia child only had one appetizer. >> why? she didn't want to get filled up? >> about to have a 5,000 calorie meal. her one snack was this little goldfish crackers. >> sandra: so funny. >> they washed them down with martinis. how great is that? >> so you'll be out with us in two hours. you have a big job for this tree lighting thing? >> i'm going to nod. >> sandra: you're not like flipping the switch? >> i don't think so. >> it's been a long day for you. you should be rewarded. >> i'm going to have pie here in a minute. >> fantastic. this is like really delicious. >> when you come in to work now, this thing is -- it stands out. >> it does. >> it's not small. it's substantial. >> when steve gets, in it's dark
12:00 pm
outside. we had a big history with the tree. we learned what cashless bail is about and we're coming back out. >> we'll flip the switch at 5:30. >> sandra: thanks for the treat. >> it's our supply from the simply happy cookbook. >> sandra: thanks for joining us, steve. thanks for helping us out, bill. i'm sandra. >> john: martha, takes over now. >> hi, guys. thanks, bill, thank you, sandra. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. we take you back to the story from idaho which gets stranger by the moment. we now know that there were multiple people in the house when the 911 call came through to report that someone was unconscious, the original information that we were given. so the fact that there were more people in the house than we knew is a


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