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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 21, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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we had a big history with the tree. we learned what cashless bail is about and we're coming back out. >> we'll flip the switch at 5:30. >> sandra: thanks for the treat. >> it's our supply from the simply happy cookbook. >> sandra: thanks for joining us, steve. thanks for helping us out, bill. i'm sandra. >> john: martha, takes over now. >> hi, guys. thanks, bill, thank you, sandra. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. we take you back to the story from idaho which gets stranger by the moment. we now know that there were multiple people in the house when the 911 call came through to report that someone was unconscious, the original information that we were given. so the fact that there were more people in the house than we knew
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is a new revelation from authorities. police say they were friends who came to the location perhaps after the person was discovered unconscious and they are not currently considered suspects in this case. so dumpsters are being scoured and people are checking door camera footage from the surrounding area to see if they see anything, any shed of evidence after the killer left and family members called this scene gruesome, sloppy and we have seen the blood on the side of the house. there's so many questions about what happened here over a week out. one former fbi special agent telling fox today that the suspected murder weapon, which is a k-bar knife course to the information that we learned, is key here. watch this. >> i want to say one other thing about that k-bar knife, this is very important.
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that knife is pretty much a relic. nobody really uses that knife except for people that had them when they got out of the military or they got handed down. it was around the house. sometimes they're at different stores where they have surplus products and things. >> former homicide detective and fox news contributor ted williams is live on the ground outside the house in moscow, idaho. ted, i've been watching your reporting out there today. you're giving us some insight in to the lay of the land here. which areas are blocked off and what kind of work they're doing there right now. what can you tell us, ted? >> i can tell you that in the last few minutes, martha, there's been some developments here where law enforcement is here on the crime scene. they are blocking off the crime scene. what they're doing at the crime scene here is that they are
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broadening the crime scene. there's crime scene tape up around the home and what we're now finding is that part of the parking lot itself is being broadened off as part of the crime scene. now, earlier i had spoken about the area of the crime scene that the leaves and everything back here were indisturbed. i spoke about the fact that the killer or killers very well could have come out of what we have as a rear door back here. we don't really know that they did, but if they did and if they wanted to get rid of their weapon, the knife that was used to kill these four young people, they could have dumped that knife anywhere back here. so i would have to believe at
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some stage or another law enforcement is going to perform a grid search of this area just to clear it. i'm not saying that the murder weapon is back here. but primarily to make a determination if there's any physical evidence back here. martha, this was a very gruesome murder scene according to the medical examiner. according to the medical exa examiner, there was blood on the walls. i can tell you if we pan over, we're looking at the second and third story of this home. as you look, these are the two sections where the bodies were supposedly have been found, on the second and third floor. now, it is believed that there were two surviving individuals
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here that was on the second floor. i stand to be corrected. on the first floor of this home. those individuals nine hours later, a call was put in to law enforcement. now, it's my understanding that before law enforcement arrived, that those individuals may have called others that came to the scene meaning the other civilians. the problem with that is there's always a concern of contamination of the scene. all of this is going on right now. as we speak, law enforcement is cordoning off this area, widening the area. >> martha: ted, you know, there's so many questions here. did the police -- i'm going to talk to one of the nearby police captains in just a moment. but do they still -- do they have any -- have they let any knowledge come out about whether
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or not they believe this is someone that knew these victims or whether or not they think this is some sort of outside serial killer crazed person? is there any indication of which way this is leading right now? >> no, the one nugget that they gave us early on is that law enforcement believes this was a targeted killing of these young four students. so as a result of that, one of the things that we tried to establish and we don't know and we've tried to get it from law enforcement is do they actually know who was actually targeted here, martha. and second of all, what was the focus and the motive for targeting that one person. we don't know if it was any of the individuals that were killed here or the two surviving individuals. >> martha: ted, thank you very
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much. you know, it is such a tragic case. there's so many questions. you're giving us a very good look at the back of it. you can see how you can go in the back in some ways and you'd be at level ground. the house drops off a lot down near the parking later and goes down to the first floor that was undisturbed in this crime. thank you, ted. go ahead. >> let me say, if i could, we're making news here because all of a sudden we're seeing that law enforcement is on the scene and they're expanding the area of the crime scene itself. they just put up new crime scene tape. so this is the latest news and the latest development that has happened in this case at this immediate time, martha. >> martha: great point, ted. thank you. good to have you with us today. with that, we bring in gary jenkins from washington state university, located about seven
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miles from the university of idaho. chief, thanks very much for being here. can you add anything to that, about why they're expanding this perimeter and also about the involvement of your police department in this case? >> well, there was news to me about expanding that crime scene that i just watched on your show as your reporter mentioned, it's likely there's potentially some evidence will that they'll attempt to locate. our department is -- we found out about this shortly after it occurred. i made personal contact with moscow police chief james frye and offered any assistance that we could provide. at the time he declined that invitation. since then, he's -- his department received significant response from law enforcement in the state of idaho as well as the fbi. >> you know, i have a question
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for you about what may be an unrelated story. i want to know if you heard anything about this. there was an account that a person that lives about three miles away from this site, their dog was killed. he was stolen from their yard and skinned, which is just an absolutely horrible story. that happened to this family. but it is the kind of behavior that you sometimes see in serial killers. the mutilating of animals. are you aware of that case and you think there's possibly any connection to this case? >> you know, i have heard about that case. i don't want to speculate about whether it is or isn't connected. i know the moscow police department is looking into the potential of a connection there. so i know that they're leaving no stone unturned in this case. but i know that that case did come to their attention. they were following up on that.
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>> there's so many questions here about what they mean by targeted and whether or not -- i'm going to ask you the same question that i asked ted. is it your understanding that there was an indication that that was targeted by some of them or whether or not this is a crazed person that came from the outside? >> you know, all the information we're getting from moscow police department is that it's not a random attack. that it was a targeted attack. typically the types of things that would lead you to come to that conclusion are the types of detailsn't a a crime scene that they don't want to release right now to the public so that they do not jeopardize the integrity of their investigation and a potential prosecution. >> martha: it's going to be hard. obviously they're getting dna from all of these individuals. they'll see if there's dna that doesn't match the people that
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lived there. one of the problems is that you had all of these people that apparently were coming and going. they called for help from the fraternity. they thought someone was unconscious. maybe you heard something about this. you know, it seems there's a big discrepancy between seeing someone you know and saying they're unconscious and the the situation that was described, that there was blood everywhere. >> yeah, again, i don't really want to speculate on the specifics of this investigation. i know there were people on different levels of the home. so there's a lot of explanations for why that might happen. i don't want to discussion any kind of potential -- >> martha: thanks, chief. thanks for being here today. >> you're welcome. >> martha: so there are stunning new claims surrounding the horrific fatal shooting of long island father paul coots, that
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was killed in his hotel while visiting his son in college last month. a witness claims that hotel workers laughed as the suspect, devon taylor, who had a lengthy rap sheet was acting by sashly in this lobby wearing -- he was sort of scantily clad and acting very strange. they were laughing before the shooting began to take place. alexis mcadams with the new details on this. hi, alexis. what can you tell us here? >> we've been following this since day one. there's been a lot of interest. this guy goes to visit his son and ends up dead. this long island mom that filed the lawsuit says the murder would have never happened in the first place if the employees at this hotel would have just stepped in to help. so court documents outline what was supposed to be a fun college family weekend that she says ended with her entire life flashing before her eyes. take a look. in this $50 million lawsuit filed against marriott hotels, tina says she suffered from
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extreme stress after the murder of marist college dad paul coots. the family weekend ended in horror after the husband and father was shot and killed in the lobby of that hotel in poughkeepsie. she says she was having coffee with coots when the gunman opened fire. she says she watched him can tie in front of her eyes. court documents says theman -- the man identified as roy johnson walked in and started acting strangely and screaming and yelling. the workers kept laughing at the gunman and poking fun about it while everybody else was scared for their lives. moments later, the suspect pulls out a gun and sprayeded the lobby with bullets. the woman said she fet like she was trapped between the exit doors as they sat to have coffee. she didn't know if she was next. family and friends remembered
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the long island accountant as a loving dad and a kind man with a huge heart. she says the marriott hotel did not provide adequate security for their guests and should have been checking people's licenses when they checked in and asked for some type of i.d. i reached out to marriott corporate and the management companies listed in the lawsuit but we have not heard back. >> martha: thanks, alexis. so president biden's 80th birthday this weekend. there's the family celebration. had a big wedding at the white house as well. obviously this has people talking about his age, about new leadership for democrats. also the same discussion happening on the republican side as they look at potential 2024 candidates. kellyanne conway says she's not running for president but she was with ever who is this weekend. she's going to talk to us act the political jockeying coming up next. >> florida really is showing a
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>> martha: a happy birthday to president biden. he celebrated his 80th on sunday. there he is surrounded by family. as i said, they had a big wedding weekend at the white house as well. he's already the oldest leader ever of the ever. we've never had an 80-year-old president. he faces questions about that when it comes to the 2024 bid. minnesota democratic congressman dean phillips told the "wall street journal" "the issue is it's time for a new generation
12:20 pm
of leaders to participate". an on the flip side, larry drake says hey, tom brady won a super bowl when he was 43. i think we have to reassess our views of aging and all that. here's kellyanne conway. former counselor to president trump, now a fox news contributor. harold ford jump, former democratic congressman of tennessee, now co host of "the five." great to have both of you with us this afternoon. you know, the age issue is real. it's a question that i think a lot of voters will grapple with on both sides. president trump and president biden are only four years apart. everybody can judge what they think about that. kellyanne, you were this weekend out in las vegas where there were a number of people who want to be the republican nominee and a lot of hankering for new leadership. here nikki haley, one of the speakers this weekend. >> it's time for a younger
12:21 pm
generation to lead across the board. after the mid-terms, i'm more determined than ever to fight with everything that i've got to bring strength back to our country. >> so kellyanne, you also spoke to the crowd. what the did you have to tell them about this? >> i told them that i'm not running for president in 2024. i'll tell them what they need to know. i was steps away from nikki haley when she gave that address and steps away from ron desantis afterwards. neither one mentioned donald trump's name. they were giving a lot of credit for the great accomplishments in the audience like that, martha and harold where they're thrilled about the abraham accords and president trump the first of seven presidents to keep a promise to move the israeli embassy to jerusalem. president trump also spoke by video. well-received. he got standing ovations. i think the republican party, the fox news voter shows that
12:22 pm
they improved their margin among jewish voters by six points. that's been steadily increasing with hispanics and african americans and suburban white women. so we see some of these demographics coming over to the party of the worker. it's a free country. people can run for president. i'll tell you first hand, it's super hard to win a presidential election. it looks easy. donors don't choose the nominees. voters choose them. there's more voters than donors. they're successful in life and -- >> martha: kellyanne, my question is, do you think that it's time for new leadership? do you agree with that idea? do you agree with what nikki haley said? >> with joe biden the white house? absolutely. happy 80th birthday. >> martha: what about on the republican side? >> he was just on the cusp of being 78, dean phillips when he was elected two years ago. i don't think it's age. it's policies.
12:23 pm
joe biden doesn't deserve a second term because of his policies. he's spent trillions on things that we didn't ask for. he abandoned 13 service members that tied in afghanistan. all of our equipment, intelligence on the airstrip there. four million people walked across the border. we're less safe, less prosperous. >> martha: obviously you're right. there's a question of policy on both sides. but there's a lot of discussion about this, harold. it's on people's minds. so on your side of the party, do you believe it's time to move on and, you know, we saw a lot of potential candidates in las vegas. who are those people on your side? >> first thanks for having me on. look, i think if president biden were measuring up to everything that seems like 58, 59, 60% of the country, if they approved of his policies, they wouldn't care about his age. this is about policy acutie.
12:24 pm
mid-terms are always a test of the president's policies. it seems like it was about a draw. republicans did get control of the house by a narrow margin. democrats may indeed increase their margin in the senate. they're going to keep their majority. the country got them divided government that it wants. who am i to say if someone is too old-too young. i was elected to congress when i was 26. that was the main gripe against me with my competitors. i'll let the voters make that decision. this last election is that voters might take awhy from it from both parties, people in washington want people to work together. if you do that, you'll be rewarded. if you don't, you'll lose. >> martha: quick question. i need a quick answer, kellyanne, this is bill barr saying what they thinks the former president will do if he doesn't get the nomination and else does. listen. the threat is sample. unless the rest of the party goes with him, he will burn the
12:25 pm
whole house down by leading his people out of the gop. trump's willingness to destroy the party if he does not get his way is not based on principle but his own supreme narcissism. if he doesn't get the nomination, the former president, will he support the person that does. >> yes, i think he will. i think because of the biden trump cage match rematch possibility here, martha, you'll hear a lot more about a third way, no labels, third parties. neither of the above. so those folks will be raking in the millions to pretend that this company will elect a third-party candidate. it never does. they say they want to. i'm proud that we have these young governors that are incredibly successful. some of whom are there this weekend and who are doing great things. but very quickly, attorney general barr that i worked closely with. he wanted that job. he served president trump. it gets lost now in all of these
12:26 pm
objections. but i don't think this is about age. it's about acutie and who has the best vision forward. biden's america, trump's america, when were you better off, when were you paying less and when did you feel more safe and secure. >> martha: thanks to you both. the beginning of a conversation playing out in a big way. these things go faster than we think. harold, good to see you. thanks very much for being here, our friend. kellyanne conway, always good to see you too, kellyanne. thanks very much. so the astonishing amount of money that the owners of ftx now owe their clients action they blew money on penthouses and rubbed elbows with members of congress. wait until you hear the latest here coming up next.
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and have the security of cash in the bank. the va has granted newday automatic authority. when banks so “no” to a veteran, newday can say “yes.” the company owes their largest, 50 largest creditors more than $3 billion. fox business correspondent kelly o'grady has more on this breaking story this afternoon from los angeles. hi, kelly. >> hi, martha. we're learning just how big of a mess financially this is for some of the biggest names in
12:31 pm
investing. sources are sharing with me there was a grave lack of due diligence when it came to wanting to be part of the quickly growing ftx space. the top ten investors represent over 1.5 billion in claims, nearly $3.1 billion owed to the top 50 creditors. while the names are redacted, the investments on the list range from $20 million to over $20 million each. the billion dollar figures don't account for the remaining one million creditors. some of these are average customers that put in $10 or $20,000. they too may lose everything. with 564 million being liquid, the outlook is grim. finding what money remains is proving difficult. in addition to secretly moving funds from ftx to his sister company alameda research in what creditors are lacking to a ponzi
12:32 pm
scheme. the lack of controls are causing outcries on how this could have happened. >> a lot of political money, philanthropic money. he was building credibility but building this network of influential people and celebrities. people that shouldn't have fallen for it apparently did. >> tomorrow is a big day in this case. it's the first day of the bankruptcy hearings and we're expecting more revelations as he's extradited from the bahamas to the u.s. grow louder and louder, martha. >> martha: seems like that needs to happen. thanks, kelly o'grady. president biden today pardoning two turkeys. they always name them. chocolate and chip. got the pass as americans brace for what might be the most expensive thanksgiving in nearly 40 years. americans prepared to spend also this winter as much as 28% more
12:33 pm
to heat their homes. so think about what that takes out of your disposable income when prices rise to that extent. one woman keeping the heat down low in her home. it's been cold recently. she told cnn that it's like she's living in an igloo. but as some americans struggle, the president has said it's all part of getting to stable and steady growth. with that, we bring in sandra smith, co-host of "america reports." >> we keep our job market strong to see setbacks along the way. i don't doubt that. so far we're in good shape. >> martha: with that we bring in sandra smith, co host of "america reports." thanks for have you here. stay with us today. mark, let me start with you in terms of the messaging here. the president again is saying look, it's not so bad. things are pretty good actually
12:34 pm
as people see their bill take a huge bite out of the money that they bring home after their paycheck. >> well, look, it's not a surprise that after the mid-terms suddenly the president says oh, there could be a few hiccups here. you know, it's sort of like cough medicine. i liken it to chemotherapy. is the fed doing the right thing, letting -- in terms of trying to curb inflation and making the economy more difficult in a way that may throw a million people out of work. it's tough medicine for consumers. this is a tough winter for a lot of people in terms of their fuel bills. policy frankly isn't supposed to work that way. most persons want lower fuel prices. >> martha: sandra, reaction to that statement by the president when he said we could see setbacks but thus far we're in good shape. >> sandra: tell that to the woman that was just quoted that said she had to choose food or fuel. another man was quoted living on
12:35 pm
a fixed income, lives month to month on social security ben if it's. lost his wife. he has sky high bills. says you can't go food shopping and get oil. it's one of the other. those are not people, martha, that will tell you they feel like this is an economy in good shape. by the way, when we say we're dependent on the fed to tame the high prices, the high prices didn't just happen. most voters heading into the mid-terms did reveal that they blame big government spending for this inflation that has got so many people down. martha, i think one thing today that we're all highlighting is the ripple effects of the inflation. causing people to be stressed out. the "wall street journal" saying stressed out americans plan to donate less to charity and buy fewer gifts. think about that one. think about the tentacles this inflation has. not only will you have people cutting back on their own needs and wants, think about the charitable spending that will be
12:36 pm
cut back as well. huge implications there. >> it's a great point. mark and sandra. thank you. see you soon. >> so the republican congressman promising to take aim at wokeness in the military as a new report accuses the pentagon of pushing a lot of these ideas even though they say that they don't. that's next. so if sailors accept the argument that america and the united states navy are fundamentally racist as you've encouraged them to do, do you expect that to increase or decrease morale? >> i know this. our strength is in hour diversity. the first-ever all-electric chevy blazer ev. 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds. and up to 320 miles of range on a full charge. evs for everyone, everywhere.
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or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, or an allergic reaction. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. gallbladder problems may occur. tell your provider about vision problems or changes. taking rybelsus® with a sulfonylurea or insulin increases low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. need to get your a1c down? you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. >> martha: powerful statements of solidarity today at the world cup from fans and players of
12:41 pm
iran. signs in the stands as players stood silent while the iranian national anthem took place. that is a large protest in a country where things are not allowed. this is after the death of a woman after she was arrested in the custody of iran i morality police for allegedly not wearing her hijab exactly correctly is the offense this young woman whose life is now gone. so that is an astounding act of courage. now we want to talk about what's going on in the u.s. military where there's suggestions that wokism is seeping its way into the curriculum and training of our armed forces and this new report finds that it weakens our armed forces, this is the warning that comes from a gop report that is titled "woke war
12:42 pm
fighters" which states "our military's singular purpose is to provide for the common defense of our nation. the world is a dangerous place. the biden administration's insanity is eroding our greatest source of security in it. no respond from the pentagon. with that, we bring in republican jim banks. he serves on the house armed services committee and vowed to keep up wokeness in the military. congressman, good to have you with us today. two main things here that are really important. one of them is that this report reveals that when they tried to find people who were extremists or had extremist tendencies or things that they need to worry about in ranks in the united states military, they rooted out
12:43 pm
.005%. about 100 people in all. is there a problem in the u.s. military with extremists that need to be basically retrained in their brains to get this extremism out of them? >> well, martha, the report show what's we've known all along, that the military is indeed pushing critical race theory, wokeness, anti-americanism on our troops. at a time when the army is 15,000 below the recruitment goals for this year and at a time when the military pentagon is at risk of firing 60,000 troops for not taking the vaccine. you see there's a left wing political tilt to the leadership of the military who has trained his sights on making, for example, in the national security strategy that the biden administration just released, the number 1 priority was
12:44 pm
advancing diversity, not only beating china. so there's big problems here. a lot of things will change on capitol hill january 3 when republicans have the majority. the first thing that will change is we're going to hold hearing about this subject and talk about it, provide the type of oversight that the democrats never have. >> martha: there's always a lot of push back when they're questioned about this. they get sort of testy about it and say this is absolutely not what is going on. let's listen to there from the former secretary state, mike pompeo, on this subject. >> i watched a military that has lost the focus on its motion. they're now training officers and soldiers on diversionty, equity and inclusion. they're talking about every vehicle being carbon neutral by 2030. these are not the things of serious military leaders and not the things of a serious
12:45 pm
military. i can assure you the chinese arm my is not conducting inclusion. >> there's a reason that there's crew cuts and uniforms. we're all on the same team. it's the mission that matters. where has that gone, congressman? >> i can tell you from experience the one thing that general milley and the top military officials dislike almost more than anything else is having to come before the committee and answer tough questions. answer for their actions. so when we get the gavels back after january 3, we're going to hold those types of hearings, make them answer to why they denied so many religious exemptions when it came to the keen vaccine. ask them why they're getting rid of all of these heros, men and women in uniform for not taking the vaccine. by the way, i guarantee you, 99%
12:46 pm
of our troops that didn't take the vaccine and being flushed out of the military are probably right leaning. probably vote republican. we'll hold hearings about that. that's where we're going to start. >> martha: we need good war fighters and a military that is ready at any given moment. it is a travesty to push these people out of the work that they love. representative banks, thanks very much. good to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> martha: so andy mccarthy on why he believes that the ap appointment of special counsel jack smith will make former president trump's life particularly unpleasant at this stage. but what he thinks about the reasoning of merrick garland for doing this next. my name is joshua florence, and one thing i learned being a firefighter is plan ahead. you don't know what you're getting into, but at the end of the day, you know you have a team behind you that can help you.
12:47 pm
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>> martha: take a look at this. a gapping hole left in the glass door front in an apple store after a s.u.v. plowed into the busy store and killed one individual, 16 people are now in the hospital. some inside were pinned against the wall by that vehicle. doctors described some of these victims as being mangled by this terrible accident. what they believe is an accident. the d.a. has given details about the suspect this hour. only saying that he's in his 50s and he's in police custody. more on that as we get it. the biden justice department's move to appoint a special counsel overseeing two trump related investigations riling up the former president that calls ate horrendous abuse of power.
12:52 pm
how rod rosenstein said if he were doing it this time around, he would think twice about tasking jack smith, the man chosen to looking at the documents at mar-a-largo or in to january 6. >> the circumstances that i afaced, it was the right thing to do with regard to the russian investigation. in this case, merrick garland made a discretionary decision that the department had been handling itself for two years. my inclination given the stage which they have reached is that i probably would not have. >> martha: all right. let's bring in andy mccarthy, former federal prosecutor. a fox news contributor. good to have you with us. it's interesting that the january 6th investigation by the doj has been going on for two years. the mar-a-largo investigation has been going on for close to a
12:53 pm
year at this point. but as soon as the former president announced that he was going to run, it looks like merrick garland moved this off of his plate. how do you see it? >> right. it's not really off of his plate though, is it, martha? i really think this is a lot of theater. as a matter of constitutional law and the special counsel regulations, the special counsel reports to garland. garland reports to biden. there's nothing that they can do about that. it's a politically fraught investigation unavoid ably. they still -- their finger parents will be all over it no matter what happens. so, you know, they may convince people there's a little detachment or insulation here, but i don't see it. what this will come down to in the end in terms of credibility is if a case is brought, does it look like it's supported by
12:54 pm
strong evidence. for the political implications and the personalities in involved, are they overly loyal for the democrats, is this being done for political reasons, cases come to evidence in the end. if they bring in a hoax, it will look like an abuse of power. if they bring a serious case that has serious evidence of crimes, you know, it's going to have credibility. >> martha: andy, there were -- you and i covered them together -- lengthy hearings on capitol hill in to january 6. there was an impeachment process and a two-year investigation. we're told jack smith will wrap things up quickly. what does that tell you? they think they have what they believe is grounds for an indictment and they're going to pass it over to him and he will wrap it up quickly and produce it? >> i think, martha, that they have already decided trump is not involved in the violence of the capitol riot.
12:55 pm
that's the position that the justice department has taken. the mar-a-largo documents case is straightforward and shouldn't take an experienced prosecutor much time to wrap his brain around it and figure out what to do. >> martha: do you expect it comes to an indictment? bill barr said he's thinks they're checking the boxes. he wouldn't comment if he thought it was appropriate. >> i expect trump will be indicted. it will happen that is good for the democrats in terms of the politics of 2024. but i think they probably think that they have the documents case in the bag already. >> martha: okay. more to come on it, andy. thanks very much. >> thank you, martha. >> martha: so more of "the story" when we take a quick break. we'll be right back.
12:56 pm
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12:59 pm
>> martha: the world cup is underway where the men's national soccer team playing right now, tied 1-1 with wales. earlier today, fox corporation
1:00 pm
ceo and executive chairman lockland murdock thanked members in qatar and cut the ribbon at a new starbucks at the air base. the space will help to give them rest and relaxation and a great place to hang out while serving our country. excited about that. thanks for being here. tonight, the tree lighting. don't miss it. >> look at this. god love you. this is chocolate, right? chocolate, you are pardoned. you are pardoned. you had to tell me that? yeah. yeah, you are. yeah. i'm serious. >> charles: president biden pardoning the turkey, but will americans be pardoned by soaring prices? welcome. i'm charles payne in for


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