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tv   America Reports  FOX News  November 22, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PST

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tree lighting and almost pushed over jesse waters and i looked at rachel, how do you do this nine times? i'm excited to see how two react. >> you are an amazing mother and amazing mother with nash and cannot wait to meet him. >> thank you so much. >> congratulations again, kayleigh, and don't forget to dvr the show. here is "america reports." >> sandra: as ftx heads to bankruptcy court, investors are out billions of dollars. we are getting a look at the luxurious island mansion where the disgraced kingpin is living the high life. >> john: working around the clock to bring charges to bankman-fried so he can be extradited to the u.s. to stand trial. we have a crypto expert here to break it down. >> sandra: begin with the fox
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news alert, republican delegation heading to the border with house members promising consequences for the biden administration once the new majority is sworn in. hello, and welcome everyone, i'm sandra smith in new york. great to have you back today. >> john: good to be with you as we head toward thanksgiving. i'm john roberts in washington. minority leader kevin mccarthy is leading the house republicans for a closer look at the migrant crisis, something president biden has not done since he has taken office. mccarthy says he'll be making a major announcement regarding dhs secretary mayorkas at a press conference this afternoon. >> sandra: bill melugin is live in el paso, texas. >> leader mccarthy is inside the building behind us right now, this is the border patrol headquarters here in el paso. media is not allowed inside, we are not allowed inside, the feds don't allow cameras in there. so he came outside for a couple
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minutes to talk to us and one of the first things i asked, what was his reaction when he heard secretary mayorkas testify again last week the border is secure. he told me he was shocked. here is his answer. >> i've been to the border many times. i don't think anybody on any side of the aisle believes this border is secure. we have lost the operational control of this border, it's turned over to the cartels. amounts of fentanyl to every city across america. watch happening to the nation right now, for him to look at us under oath in committee and said the border is secure? >> and mccarthy has also been teasing making a major announcement here in el paso at a press conference later today. i asked him directly, is he planning to announce he is going to impeach mayorkas once republicans take power, here is his answer. >> are you going to push for secretary mayorkas to be impeached if you become the
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speaker in january. >> we'll talk more today, i'm going to go down, sit down with the border agents, a firsthand knowledge of what is happening today. i do not trust what secretary mayorkas has told the nation. every fact what he has said is not true from everything we have seen. i'm going to go firsthand get the knowledge with a number of other members and we'll talk more about that today. >> and i asked mccarthy multiple times if he is planning to impeach mayorkas, tried to pry it out of him, he stood firm, only telling me he'll have more to say later today at his press conference in el paso. he told me that once republicans take power and if he is speaker, what he's planning to do, hold border hearings physically here at the border in an effort to get democrats to physically come down here and see the border crisis firsthand. so that press conference he's having is 4:30 eastern and fox
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news will have live coverage of that. back to you. >> sandra: bill melugin from el paso as we await the news conference and this announcement that we have heard about for some time. we'll see exactly what that is, john, we'll be discussing it coming up. >> john: we'll be talking about all of this, including the reason why mccarthy is on the border. is he trying to galvanize support for the vote for speaker when congress convenes on january 3rd, and tom homan will weigh in as well on all of that. >> sandra: all right. >> john: looking forward to that. investigators in idaho struggling to put the pieces together in the gruesome murder of four college students. a look inside the home where it happened. many most pressing questions are unanswered, they have expanded the search area around the home to try to discover new evidence. former d.c. police detective ted
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williams had some great ideas yesterday about what police should be looking for is coming right up. but first to dan springer. and where does the search stand today? >> well, john, we have not seen any investigators at the house today for the first time since this happened nine days ago, but you mentioned pressing questions. one of the most pressing questions of course is if this was a targeted attack, as they have been saying since day one, who was the initial target and why, and if they answered that question, at least partially, they may generate more citizen tips. as of now, no suspects, no murder weapon, no person of interest, and as long as this case goes on as this investigation drags on, the chances of solving it go down and that is very painful for the families of the four victims killed in that house behind me. last night one of those families gathered to remember a life that was way too short, 20-year-old ethan chapin's memorial service was in mount vernon, washington, remembered as a good high school
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athlete and triplet always quick with a smile. hundreds attended and his mom stacy spoke briefly to the media. >> today we are here to honor the life and legacy of our son and brother ethan chapin, one of the most incredible people you'll ever know. >> stacy went on to thank people who have supported the family across the entire country and said this about the dozens in law enforcement working this case. >> the moscow police department who now carry the burden every day, not only for us, but for all of the impacted families, and the many strangers across the country, your outreach and kind words are profoundly touching. >> a small team of investigators from the fbi and idaho state patrol returned to the house yesterday and temporarily expanded the crime scene around the back of the house. they appeared to be gauging the
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most likely escape route taken by the killer, and searched a wooded hillside for possible evidence. right now they are not sharing the blues they may have, that they are shooting down some of the rumors circulating, including one that had a dog that was allegedly skin taken off about four weeks ago, about three miles away from here. a lot of rumors this may be tied to this quadruple homicide. police shot that down in an email last night. back to you. >> john: dan springer in moscow, idaho with the latest. >> sandra: ted williams is live on the scene as well in moscow, idaho. ted, you joined us about this time yesterday and you were walking us around the perimeter of the property, covered in leaves and you were clearly pointing out that that nearby property had not become roped off as part of the crime scene. today you are saying that has changed? >> yes, sandra, it has changed
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today but you are absolutely right. it was rather disturbing to walk in the rear of the crime scene, the home where these four young people lives were taken, and to see that there appeared to have been the leaves and everything were undisturbed. and it was shortly after we spoke to you and bill hemmer yesterday on the air, within 30 minutes they came and they expanded the crime scene. that crime scene now has been taken down, they did do somewhat of a search back there has dan springer stated. >> sandra: remarkable to also hear from moscow neighbors telling our own fox news digital team on the ground there that some of these surrounding neighbors have not even been interviewed by police. here is what we heard. >> have you -- have police
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approached you guys at all? >> no. >> no. i've had a couple officers walk up the driveway but never talked to me when i take the dog out. >> sandra: ted, you've seen so many crime scenes, is any of this unusual to you? >> you know, it is highly unusual. i certainly do not want to criticize law enforcement because quite naturally they are doing the best they can and doing their job. but you have to go out, you have to interview people. sandra, people in this community are on edge. they were initially told they were not in any kind of a security risk and they had to walk that back meaning law enforcement, that there are -- there is a murderer or murdererers out here so you would expect they would have done the interviews and
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apparently they have not, it's very frustrating. >> sandra: i was able to catch up with dr. baden earlier, forensic pathologist, and what we know about the crime scene so far and he's worried about contamination from some of the other friends. listen. >> the arriving friends may have unintentionally contaminated some of the potential findings, like in every type of murder like this, how the perpetrator gets there and leaves, shoe prints, tire prints, bicycle prints are looked for. but those get impaired when other people arrive before those tests are examined. >> sandra: do you share in those concerns, ted? >> absolutely. michael baden is spot on. we know that there were two surviving roommates here and
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that nine hours after these crimes took place there was a call that was put in to law enforcement from one of their phones, but before they made that phone call they apparently called other individuals who came over here and those individuals clearly could very well have contaminated the crime scene. and that is very troubling, sandra. i wish that law enforcement would have shared that earlier. we learned that later on in this case. we are learning like they are talking about the knife. i've heard a lot of people come on the air and talk about what the size of the knife is, and what -- all we know is from the medical examiner is that this was a large knife. it could have been a butcher knife, it could have been a kitchen knife, it could have been an army knife, we really don't know. so we are left and quite naturally we will not speculate what the knife was other than
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that we have been told these individuals were killed with a knife and so it's very troubling the information that's being put out out there. >> sandra: and so difficult for the parents grieving the loss of their children with so few answers still nine days in. ted williams on the ground there, i'm sure we'll hear from you again shortly, ted, with an update. thank you. john. >> john: sandra, remarkable story of heroism emerging from the tragedy in colorado. five people were killed, at least 19 wounded when a gunman opened fire inside a gay nightclub over the weekend. an army veteran is 1 of 3 people being credited with stopping the gunman before he could take any more lives. claudia is live in colorado springs and claudia, the military training that this fella had and his tours in iraq and afghanistan kicked in at the perfect moment, came down to instinct. >> you are right, john. that's exactly what happened here. it's just incredible to think
10:13 am
about how this husband and father went from partying on the dance floor one minute into full combat mode the next to take this gunman down and save lives. richard fiero talking to reporters outside his home telling them he was at the club on saturday night with family to see a drag show and hang out with friends. he happened to be right next to the gunman when he opened fire just before midnight. fiero grabbed him from behind, threw him down and started pummelling him. >> and then i started wailing on this dude and i'm on top of him. i'm a big dude and this guy was bigger, and i just kept wailing on him and told the kid in front of me, kick him in his head, i'm yelling 911, somebody call 911. >> the wailing continued until police arrived. one of the drag queens even used her high heels to stomp on the gunman's face. fiero was covered in blood and they detained him and he was screaming for his family. they realized fiero was the hero
10:14 am
of the hour but says he does not feel that way and admits he tried t finish off the assailant, identified as 22-year-old anderson aldrich. according to the "washington post," he was born nicholas brink but after being bullied as a teenager living in texas he changed his name and moved to colorado. his mother has also had run-ins with the law. they are sharing to remember the five, ranging in age from 22 to 40. at least 19 other people were injured in the shooting that has shattered this community as we look live at this situation memorial outside the club. no word on a motive or when aldrich will be arraigned, but whenever that happens, john, he will likely face multiple counts of murder and hate crime
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charges. back to you. >> john: thank god richard fiero was there, god knows what would have happened if he wasn't. claudia, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: a major announcement from the border is expected a short time from now. house minority leader kevin mccarthy is set to make that announcement. could it help him in his bid to become the next house speaker? juan williams and katie pavlich up next. >> john: alex hogan live at the world cup in qatar. what does it look like from your vantage point? >> it is another day here in doha, world cup coverage. a stunning fireworks show, a day of celebration for some underdogs who managed to score upsets and very unlikely teams. we'll break it down.
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♪ call one eight hundred,est resul eight million ♪ >> when we take the majority and become speaker i'm going to hold hearings here in the very first month so the democrats can no longer deny they don't know what's happening on the border. >> john: that was house minority leader kevin mccarthy, he is leading a top house republican delegation on a visit to el paso. a town bearing a heavy burden from the years' long border crisis, he hopes the issue can unify his caucus behind him. juan williams, katie pavlich. katie, since it's your party, let's start with you. so looks like he's going to have 222 seats in the house, which
10:21 am
means 222 votes, but andy biggs and matt says they are not going to vote for him, down to 220. things are close here. can he pull himself across? >> he is using the next couple of months to prove he can lead the party on big issues and mark kelly, democratic senator in arizona using the border issue to get re-elected. so issues have could be some agreement on, kevin mccarthy is offering leadership on those areas and standing up, and el paso, you did not typically see hoards of people on the streets, that's a problem from the broken asylum problem, and last year under lindsey graham agreed to reform the asylum system.
10:22 am
kevin mccarthy can prove to his fellow republicans he's capable of keeping the coalition together on issues that matter to americans and in their districts. >> john: channel johnny carson and carknack here, this is a move of desperation that may or may not work. >> i think carknack -- i hate to disagree with my favorite arizonan but he's not going to solve anything. i think it's a political show intended to win the necessary votes to make him speaker. as also, of course, engaged in trying to push off democrats from select committees in the house. again, a show to the right wing that he can practice hard ball partisan politics that they want. they want to see that from him. but in terms of solving anything, i think this is more culture wars and he's going to have to do this going forward. you think back to paul ryan, to john boehner, it's very hard to
10:23 am
manage a republican caucus in the house and now he's going to have, as you just pointed out, john, a very narrow margin. he's on edge to get the speakership, and on edge to keep the speakership. >> john: democrats like to say they are doing it for political show, i think they want to get something done, can can they get anything done given the make-up of congress and the attitude in the white house. >> they can certainly do investigations, they can hold hearings about what the real problems are, they can bring in members of the border patrol, for example, those who were falsely accused of whipping illegal haitians coming across the border, they can testify in front of the committees and the country, introduce legislation that they can kick over to the senate and have debate from the democrats, they can talk about border security, asylum, put the democrats on defense and joe biden on defense on an issue that is affecting the country in every single way at people continue to say, including mark kelly, that national democrats don't understand the issue and that biden needs --
10:24 am
>> i was about to say that. >> john: on the screen so folks cafollow, said to mark kelly, do you think democrats nationally have recognized the complexity of the issue and the frustrations that people have. kelly, absolutely not, not even close. juan, to you. >> followed up by saying republicans like this issue, they use the issue. republicans could act just as democrats could act but at the moment what the moment the senator said republicans prefer to have the issue. >> it's not a culture war issue, it's a national security issue, criminality issue, 135 child sex offenders were arrested by ice recently. this is an issue that affects everybody. the fentanyl problem, a direct result of the cartels being in charge of the border, and so it's not a culture war issue,
10:25 am
it's an issue that affects democrats on the border, and senator, and the american people. >> i think it's a big political issue. and democrats seem to prefer to keep the issue rather than work to solve it. if there is any hope for this coming congress, a bipartisan group would say we know how to solve the issue, we can reach a deal on border security, on the amnesty issue, let's do it. >> john: wouldn't that be nice. back to what you said about republicans not wanting to fix the problem. donald trump did something about it. >> did he build the wall, i don't think so. >> john: what was migration like during his administration compared to now? >> i think we have had a different issue, obviously we have a different flow of migrants coming in. but remember the caravan, in some ways what we are seeing right now, from mccarthy, he's picking up on what i take,
10:26 am
obviously disagreeing with my colleague, but obviously the culture war, immigration is a culture war issue works for republican politicians. >> john: for democrats too. >> chuck schumer was on capitol hill saying we need to bring more illegal immigrants in america because we are not replacing ourselves as americans. so many aspects of the country. >> john: we have to run. thanks for joining us. sandra, as we go forward with congress basically deadlocked the way it is, democrats holding the senate and the republicans the house, and democrats holding the white house, not likely much will get done in the next two years. >> sandra: people look at the border and say something has to get done, see what the announcement is expected a couple hours from now from kevin mccarthy, we'll be listening for that, john. meanwhile, you may plan ahead -- you may have to plan ahead when it comes to your christmas gifts
10:27 am
getting delivered on time. a problem last year, might be a problem this year. a looming rail strike is threatening to up end the nation's supply chain and put a damper on the holiday shopping season. so, how much is it going to cost all of us? >> john: but first, they say it's better in the bahamas and that was the case for the founder of ftx, a lavish lifestyle. millions of people got defrauded, that's his condo there. natalie weighs in on that. >> he's been exposed for the scammer that he is. instead of being the next warren buffett as fortune magazine said it was, he is the next bernie madoff. it's a ponzi scheme.
10:28 am
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>> sandra: as failed cryptocurrency firm ftx heads to bankruptcy court in delaware,
10:32 am
investors face billions in losses. fox news getting a look at the lavish lifestyle on a tropical island paradise, the bahamas. sam bankman-fried sent 10 of millions, penthouse, luxurious personal yacht. and good to have you here, natalie, you talk a lot about this and have for a long time, i need to pick your brain what's happening here. there are obviously bigger consequences here and a bigger impact here. what is your big take what we know so far. >> thanks for having me. we hope to see consequences, this appears to be a crypto criminal enterprise, but sbf not in custody, his parents buying up tens in millions in property but they were college professors, and so this is
10:33 am
really a problem of the fiat mentality, printing money, they were printing tokens and chasing yield. everyone wants to get rich quick and that's not what bitcoin is about. bitcoin is a technology network that's growing around the world, offering property rights to people and asset that has no issue. >> sandra: you are saying the market you believe is unaffected by this, when it comes to the cryptocurrency world and what the future holds, our colleague, charles payne, also has joined us talking a lot about this, a very strong warning this morning. >> you cannot have hope you are going to get your money back on it. you should pursue it legally, speak to senator the, congress people, because this can never happen again and the system is designed for this to happen over and over again because the american people is -- we are the ultimate dupes, dumping ground for this kind of crap and that's why it happens. >> sandra: a pretty serious warning and a lot of the investors, some of them smaller
10:34 am
investors but a large chunk of their life savings might never see a dollar back. >> that's right, and fraud and criminality cannot be tolerated. that's really unfortunate. the retail investors out there who heard celebrities endorsing this, who probably don't understand the difference between crypto and bitcoin. >> sandra: i have a question for you. how did he get away with it for so long. by the way, you were approached by this company you told me earlier to get involved and you said no, why. >> because i don't want to be involved in the crypto casinos printing their own money through the tokens and then wash trading them to inflate the value and essentially defrouding -- defrauding investors. technological revolution you don't have to have a third party issuer to trust in order to custody it. so gave us this gift and yet people are trusting the companies because they are
10:35 am
chasing yield, because really our money -- >> sandra: appear without a bank transaction. >> it's supposed to take the middleman out. but you introduce security risks and that's what's happening. people are chasing yield because the financialization over the last few decades. >> sandra: u.s. stock market has gotten hit by the inflation crisis and many other things and looking for yield to your point somewhere else. finally, i want to ask you, put on your economic hat and ask you about this thanksgiving feast that's coming up. hard to believe prices are up 20% year over year, it's going to cost folks a lot of money to put this meal on the table and looking at prices of just about everything that have gone up. everything into the stuffing, the turkey, dinner rolls, pumpkin pie up double digit, and the price to get wherever you are going is up, gas prices are sky high and you've got a dinner for ten which i think a lot of people probably think this is low, but remember, this is just
10:36 am
the government pricing out the basics for your feast. $64 this year, a couple years ago it was $46 to feed ten people. reaction. >> we used to have cheap labor and cheap energy and the fed is focused on destroying demand but we have done very little to address the supply side. and what we really need to did in order to crush inflation and drive down prices is invest in the critical inputs on the supply side of the chain, and so that means that we need to invest in energy. look, it's ridiculous for the united states to be energy starved and to be tapping into our strategic petroleum reserve to the extent that we have. we have a massive supply of energy but what we do lack is the political will to access it. and so we really need to invest in the things that strengthen this country in terms of production so that we can drive down costs because we can print all the money we want but cannot print things like energy. >> sandra: and can't print more trains to run if the strike happens and that could greatly
10:37 am
affect the pain that we are already feeling as a result of all of this. natalie brunel, great to get your thoughts. and good to see you in studio here in new york. john. >> john: virginia the latest state to take on the fairness in youth sports. a new bill in the statehouse would require high school and college athletes to participate in sports based on their biological sex at birth. what happened to prompt this legislative issue? >> seemed concern about opportunity and biological males could rewrite the female record books. so the new proposal in virginia says athletes k-12 and college should compete based on their original sex. this would include teams in kindergarten through 12th grade and college level. recent action by virginia governor glenn youngkin, guidelines in september to use
10:38 am
the school facilities, bathrooms and locker rooms and compete on sports teams matching their gender at birth. youngkin has pushed parental rights. >> let's just be clear. children do not belong to the state. they belong to families. and when a child is wrestling with this kind of decision, a parent should absolutely be the primary counselor, advisor and helper in wrestling with this decision. >> female athletes who have competed against biological males warn they are destroying women's sports. >> it's not just unfair competition. it leaves athletes feeling deflated, unmotivated and there there's no chance for us. >> 14 states have filed briefs in the ninth circuit in support of an idaho law protecting women's sports. on sunday, president biden said i continue to urge state leaders to combat the disturbing wave of
10:39 am
discriminatory state laws targeting young transgender mentions, legislation that hurts young people not hurting anyone, others argue girls are being hurt by unfair competition. >> john: so many different thoughts of this, fairfax said they would allow the students to use the bathroom, pronoun of their choice, and locker room of their choice, and not tell parents about it. >> the governor said wait a second, and they stepped in. >> john: we told them about that on our program, he swiftly being too action. >> sandra: we are two weeks past the midterm elections and looking at some new polls suggesting democrat voters may have a more favorable view of president biden. but will that get him re-elected in 2024? kellyanne conway and mark pen are here with their takes. >> john: and accusing beijing of
10:40 am
setting up unauthorized police stations in the united states. could it be used to spy on american citizens and what is the u.s. doing to stop it all? bill hagerty joins us next. >> long-term threats, national security, from china. . lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value at low re-fi rates instead of high credit card rates. and that makes a huge difference. [sfx: cards shuffling] this holiday, weathertech gift cards are perfect for people to pick exactly what they want. laser measured floorliners that fit your vehicle precisely.
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>> john: china is responding after fbi director christopher wray sounded the alarm of secret spy stations on u.s. soil, some hiding in plain sight. the embassy says they are used to aid chinese nationals but the feds say china's government uses them to hunt down chinese dissidents and abduct them on u.s. soil before taking them back to china. bill hagerty serves on the
10:45 am
senate foreign relations center, surveillance stations, police stations some are calling them, places like new york city, toronto, london, glasgow and other cities. what in your mind are they all about? >> it's an incredible violation of the sovereignty of every nation where these stations may be located, john. it's of deep concern. chris wray last week in a senate hearing talked about this. an investigation underway in the united states, but china has become so bold that they are doing this on our own soil. it's absolutely amazing, and the same time, you know, the biden administration has been, you know, allowing this type of activity to occur. they have been so aggressive in the taiwan strait, china so aggressive there, even had to scramble japanese jets to fend off china war planes into okinawa air space where we have a u.s. military presence there. and concern the china initiative
10:46 am
deal with spying is dropped by the biden administration. >> john: christopher wray said we are aware of the existence of these stations. we are aware it's a real problem, and something that we are talking with our foreign partners about as well because we are not the only country where this is has occurred. fbi is investigating the chinese government for potential harassment, stalking, monitoring of chinese nationals and blackmailing people who have been critical of xi jinping. why isn't this white house stepping up and doing something about it? >> they absolutely should, and this is wholly unacceptable. you ask any american. they certainly think this is -- this is wrong, it's again invasion of our own sovereignty, and anybody here who is of chinese descent, their rights --
10:47 am
biden administration needs to step up and push back. >> john: we know it's a serious enough problem the doj has taken some steps legally, filing charges against seven chinese nationals, spying on and harassing a u.s. resident and his family. the goal of the chinese was fo get one or more members of that family back to china. so if a foreign government is operating in this way on our soil, it seems logical the doj can file criminal charges against them, that the state department should be able to do something about it as well. >> indeed, indeed. they have the ability to do this and should be lodging complaints with the chinese government. i would be very interested to know what joe biden said with president xi when they met in indonesia, was this on the table, i certainly doubt it because after that meeting is when the chinese communist party moved more ships, more airplanes into the taiwan strait and come
10:48 am
into okinawa air space. it does not seem our pressure is working. >> john: quick last question. targeted toward chinese nationals on u.s. soil, how much of a leap to tweak the antenna and aim it at u.s. nationals. >> i think that's the concern that you are striking at right now, john, a deep concern to all of us. let's hope that does not happen, hope the fbi and the doj step up and hope this biden administration realizes the threat that it is and calls it out. >> senator bill hagerty, appreciate it. >> john: chinese government saying what are you talking about? we are not doing anything. >> sandra: of course. >> john: what would you expect. >> sandra: and any american would hear what was reported and have questions and want answers soon. meanwhile, as we approach the top of the hour, a shocking world cup upset as the third team in the world gets knocked down a peg in its very first
10:49 am
game. we are live in qatar as the games keep coming on fast and furious. >> john: it's been great to watch. and dr. anthony fauci at the white house press briefing likely before he retires. brian kilmeade has much to say about his tumultuous final few years. we'll join us coming right up. veteran homeowners: gas, groceries, everything's costing more. if you need cash, call newday. you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value. veterans get more at newday usa. what if there was a community of like minded
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>> shot taken, goal! oh, my. >> sandra: holy cow, and a flip to top it off. a shocking world cup update, alex hogan with the tough assignment of the week, live from the world cup in doha, qatar. quite a moment of excitement there. >> sandra, a lot of excitement and really the day of the underdog, saudi arabia stunning upset in what no one saw coming, especially not argentina, the south american country one of the favored to win the world cup, and saudi king salman
10:54 am
declared tomorrow a national holiday because of all this. you can see the face on argentinean soccer star messi's face, they close out the game 2-1. quite a celebration as fans cheered on their neighbors' remarkable upset. and another victory, number 30, tunesia, managed to hold on to number 10, denmark, at a tie during the opening match, and that's the same as poland against mexico ending the game 0, 0. politics, however, coming into play as iran's team refused to sing the country's national anthem in solidarity with protestors back home. the team's coach says whatever these players do, it really gets pinned against them. >> just because they want to play football, just because they want to express themselves as footballers and whatever they
10:55 am
do, whatever they say, they want to kill them. >> the u.s. has two more matches in this group round. england on friday and iran next tuesday. it tied its first match, meaning the u.s. has 58% chance of advancing, sandra, making the next two matches even more crucial. sandra. >> sandra: late into the evening, almost 10:00 where you are. alex hogan on the ground there in qatar with a lot of excitement. john, i know you've been watching a lot of this. >> john: did you see the iran-england match over the weekend? >> sandra: i saw some recaps, not the actual game. >> john: where the goalkeeper got his nose broke. oh, they kept showing it over and over and over again, i felt bad for the guy. why they let him continue playing, i could not believe that. wow. new at 2:00,s expected to be the busiest travel day for millions of americans seeing their loved
10:56 am
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♪ hello, colonial penn? >> john: millions and millions of americans ready to hit the road or take to the skies to grandmother's house they go. but, brand-new at 2:00, nature about to throw a wrench into even the best made travel plans. a monster storm, there it is there, set to cause headaches on the way to thanksgiving and another hangover on the way home. just about every section of the country likely to see some of this cold, wet mess. and with that, welcome back as "america reports" rolls into the second hour.


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