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tv   America Reports  FOX News  November 22, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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♪ hello, colonial penn? >> john: millions and millions of americans ready to hit the road or take to the skies to grandmother's house they go. but, brand-new at 2:00, nature about to throw a wrench into even the best made travel plans. a monster storm, there it is there, set to cause headaches on the way to thanksgiving and another hangover on the way home. just about every section of the country likely to see some of this cold, wet mess. and with that, welcome back as "america reports" rolls into the second hour. >> sandra: yay.
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>> john: john roberts in washington. good news, here is sandra. >> sandra: a weather event heading toward some. we are tracking the weather for you, set to start late tomorrow. the busiest travel day of the year, a super soaker, aim from texas to chicago, florida, new england. begin with this fox news alert. >> john: president joe biden jetting off to nantucket for the thanksgiving holiday. >> sandra: setting the stage for a potential walkout could happen as early as december 9th. >> john: and americans facing high prices, it could bring supply chains to a screeching halt, pushing prices higher in time for the holidays. that story in a moment. >> sandra: first to the gop nominee for house speaker kevin mccarthy and top members from congress are at the southern border right now.
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>> john: plan to assess the situation on the ground as the end of title 42 quickly approaches, december 21st. fox caught up with the congressman moments ago. here is what he told us. >> this is the greatest threat we have ever seen on our border in the history of america. when we take the majority to become speaker, i'm going to hold hearings here in the first month, so the democrats can no longer deny they don't know what's happening on our border. >> john: tom homan on deck to react, fox team coverage with david spunt on the gop immigration agenda and begin with peter doocy live on the north lawn on the looming rail strike. just what we needed in time for christmas. >> white house officials are saying they know a rail strike like this would be really bad and that is why they worked so hard to prevent this one initially back in september. >> here is what we are saying is that it averted a horrible down
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turn in our economy by that tentative agreement. it was a big deal. what it could have done to our economy would have been devastating. >> could have done and could still do. it does not appear president biden is in the latest round of negotiations, like he was in the spring, according to the head of the largest union rejecting the tentative deal with rail carriers. >> very limited discussions with the sent of labor. yesterday was a blur, things went quickly. i know everybody is watching it, capitol hill is watching also. but no real engagement yet at this point. >> where the white house doesn't get involved, it is possible congress could try to intervene ahead of this strike deadline that is just about two weeks away. >> it's one thing that we are talking about christmas time and christmas gifts not being able to make their locations, but
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it's something totally different when you think about the number of products that go on rail, including liquid natural gas and things like chlorine that help with all of our water supplies. this is a national security issue, not just a christmas gift issue. >> there are about two weeks until this strike deadline. as of today, about one week and change by the time the president gets back from nantucket on sunday. we expect him to leave in the next few hours. >> john: see if anything gets done. >> sandra: crisis at the border, house republicans plan to use their newly won majority to focus on the migrant surge. back to the white house. david, what are they saying about republicans and the trip they have taken to the border and the anticipated announcement this afternoon? >> sandra, it is a big story down at the border and white house press secretary karine
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jean-pierre clearly irritated a little while ago during a white house press briefing when asked about the likely incoming speaker of the house visit to the border. watch this. >> what is his plan, what is he doing to help the situation that we are seeing? what is his plan? he goes down there and he does a political stunt like many republicans do, that we have seen them do. >> mccarthy and colleagues are in el paso, they'll hold a media availability in a few hours to highlight the continuing flow of migrants crossing the border, immigration courts are overwhelmed, mccarthy has made it a point to keep republicans focused on the border, whether it be the past two years or the next two years, he sees the issue as a weak spot for democrats. he's joined by several republicans, including florida congresswoman, listen here. >> i've had democrat colleagues pulled me aside and said listen, it's out of control we need to do something. and i ask why don't you speak
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out, why don't you go to the border with us, they said i'll lose my committee assignments. >> and jim jordan and chuck grassley sent a new letter to mayorkas highlighting concerns about a new dhs program aimed to admit venezuelan nationals asking how many venezuelan nationals the administration plans to have in the new program. as for why the president personally has not been to the border, the white house has said multiple times, multiple different answers. vice president harris, though, sandra and john, went to a processing facility in texas, that was in june 2021, about a year and a half ago. she has not been back to the border since. sandra. >> sandra: a lot of people find that hard to believe they would not see it as a necessary step here to fix the problem. david punt spunt from the white house, thank you. >> john: tom homan, former
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acting ice director, and tom, in order to identify and solve a problem, do you have to look at it firsthand or can you look at it from afar? >> look, i think -- i think mccarthy said the right thing, you need to have hearings. what i did not hear is the word impeachment, that needs to happen for mayorkas. if they have oversight hearings and i can tell you, it's going to be damaging. if they subpoena the right people, subpoena the right information, there's a lot of damning information that's going to come out of this that's going to force either the resignation or impeachment of secretary mayorkas. this administration has done nothing to enforce the law on the border and oversight hearings will prove that. add this one thing. i'm glad mccarthy is going to the border along with other teammates. however, it can't be a dog and pony show. they need to go back to d.c. and take action. now they control the house, the purse strings, they need to do something and go beyond just the border. they also need to look at interior enforcement in ice.
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do not pass the omnibus bills. it drops ice detention 25%. you cannot take the ice beds away in the middle of the crisis, look at the border and enforcement and what the secretary has done to destroy both. >> john: call for number three here, even some democrats say the white house is not getting it on this, karen from the "washington post" did an interview with mark kelly from arizona, do you think democrats nationally have recognized the complexity of the issue and the frustrations that people have. kelly said absolutely not, not even close. kelly went on today he thinks republicans want it as an issue, they don't want to do anything about it. you just said a second ago you think the republicans need to come back to washington and really dig in and work on this. question for you, though. even if they did make that decision to do it, given the make-up of congress and the fact there is a democrat in the house, is anything going to get
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done? >> well, look, the oversight hearing -- if the administration refuse to say do one thing to slow the flow. if they didn't take the national security crisis seriously and try to secure that border, and start by detaining people. detain people, releasing people just brings more. if they don't do that, then shut it down. the republicans can threaten to shut the government down. people say tom, that's pretty drastic. over 100,000 americans die from drug overdoses coming across the border. 1400 migrants died on u.s. soil. and terrorists arrested trying to come in. 1 million got-aways. at what point is it drastic enough to take that type of action. i think we are there now. >> john: to your point on the got-aways, a new statistic here, customs and border protection have told us so far in this fiscal year, october 1, 134,649
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estimated got-aways have entered the country. it's 2,693 every day. when you look at those numbers, tom, all people desperate to find work or who want to do harm to this nation? >> those are the desperate to find work, they will turn themselves in to the border patrol to be released. this administration will fly them to the city of their choice at taxpayer expense. who wouldn't want to do that. i'll tell you who don't want to do that. the people that don't want to be fingerprinted, to have their background run, these got-aways are a huge national security risk, they are criminals, gang members, carrying fentanyl, the border patrol arrested people from 161 countries, many of the countries are sponsors of terrorism. if you don't think a single one of the over 1 million that try to get away is a known suspected terrorist, you are ignoring the data. this is a huge national security
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issue, i'm talking to brandon judd before the show, why impeach him, we don't control the senate -- a lot of democratic senators are up for re-election in 2024, tough races. impeachment hearings will bring out the truth of the border and the national security risk it is. not a senator from the democratic party will support impeachment, they know the border is out of control. >> john: we will see what happens. tom homan, thanks for getting your thoughts and thanks for joining us. and what's going to happen after december 21st, when the ordered rescission of title 42, estimates 18,000 people a day could cross the border when title 42 is shut down. >> sandra: that is just huge. update on those visiting the border and we will bring that to our viewers when that happens. >> john: was it 4:30 the press conference.
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>> sandra: 4:30 expected, but they are touring now. john, there was a white house press briefing that happened a short time ago, and karine jean-pierre appeared along with dr. anthony fauci saying his final farewell, but why did karine jean-pierre tell reporters i'm done with you when pressing him on the origins of the coronavirus?
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>> john: all right, you've been waiting for it, here it is. fox weather alert, live pictures of the nation's busiest airport in atlanta, ahead of the busiest travel day of the year and wouldn't you know it, the fox forecast center now tracking about the last thing anyone wants to hear about as folks
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prep to trek over the hill and through the woods to grandma's house. >> sandra: oh, oh. a monster thanksgiving storm is expected to break out tomorrow in texas, making for a wet mess that will eventually stretch across the nation all the way into new england. a threat of heavy rain and flash flooding from east texas to kentucky, texas panhandle expected to see around three inches of snow. the texas panhandle heading into thursday and that number could go even higher. >> john: millions of people across the entire south could see up to three inches of rain in the next few days. maybe some snow in the higher mountain areas, all ending sunday with drenching storms stretching from chicago all the way to new york, and then turning north and, yep, here it is, turning into snow, bringing around half a foot of it to parts of new england on sunday. of course sunday is the second busiest travel day of the year as families return home. garrett is live at chicago's
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o'hare international airport with all the glorious news about this travel season. how busy are things expected to be there in chicago, garrett? >> well, john, those storms could complicate things. so far, things are looking all right, but we could see an overload of the system, we are looking at pre-pandemic levels in terms of travel numbers. according to aaa, expecting nearly 55 million americans to travel for thanksgiving this week. and that is just a bit up from last year and just under what we saw in 2019. traffic may be an issue on the highways, though, because 49 million people are expected to be driving. security lines are going to be long as well with four and a half million people flying. airlines and airports say they are ready for the rush and don't expect the chaos this summer with mass delays and cancellations. folks flying this week, though, are hoping for the best and bracing for the worst.
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>> holiday travel is picking back up. >> it's not very fun, but it is what it is. as long as i see my family at the end of the night it's all right. >> everything is pretty smooth, although this is the beginning of it. >> living off ramen the next couple months. >> like just about everything, folks are paying more for plane tickets this year, 43% more than a year ago, according to hopper, an average of $350 per ticket. but the higher prices are not having the kind of impact on travel you might expect. >> what we are seeing in 2022, people are making adjustments to make travel a priority. so they might be cutting back in other parts of their lives, but they are not pulling back on leisure travel. >> and for all the folks who will be driving this week, a bit of good news. the average price for a gallon of gas is down to 3.63. still higher than a year ago, but better than it was earlier this summer.
11:21 am
john. >> john: a bargain compared to last year, no question about that. garrett, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: taking flack from kilmeade on set here, he's coming up. a tragic situation we are now reporting we just got this word from our team here at the fox news channel that the -- one of our fox affiliates is working to confirm for their viewers in charlotte, north carolina, that there has been a helicopter crash -- this is just coming into us now, a live look at the scene for one of our affiliates, wbtv. two people on board of a helicopter there with the local fox affiliate, we are told about the crash, there's a traffic back-up right now, anyone who knows charlotte is aware 77 is jam packed at this time of day. i want to make sure i get the news right here, this is -- we are all getting this information into us for the first time, this is charlotte, a chopper crash in
11:22 am
charlotte, involving our affiliate, the crash is on i-77 southbound in charlotte nation's ford road, so shutting down the highway there and all we know at this time is this did involve our fox affiliate, and we are waiting more information on this. i want to go back to what i just reported there at the top, that this was a tv news crew working to bring stories to our viewers in charlotte, north carolina. local stations there are reporting that the news chopper, for the charlotte cbs affiliate crashed along the highway. according to the faa, we are learning, two people on board that helicopter did die. there is no statement yet from wbtv on the victim's identities. they are working to confirm with their families first. but we are watching this as it's an ongoing situation there. john, we are just now getting word this has happened and this is obviously tragic and heartbreaking for all those involved, but before they confirm the identities of those
11:23 am
killed on this chopper crash they, of course, are letting next of kin know. >> john: following some of the local reports on this in the last few minutes, and wbtv has been doing an excellent job reporting on that crash and now it turns out this story may really hit home for all the folks there, and just ahead of thanksgiving as well. our prayers go out to those who may have perished in this crash and of course to the families of both them and anybody who was injured on the ground. >> sandra: i want to make sure i did confirm, a cbs affiliate. we are working with our affiliate to get more information on the crash. again, this is just in to us, very fresh. we are waiting more details to confirm exactly what happened here, but our heart breaks for all those involved and we will continue to update our viewers as we get more information, john. >> john: no question about that. >> sandra: the white house saying farewell to dr. anthony fauci, happened a short time ago
11:24 am
at the white house, he stepped up to the podium the last time as he is now retiring. there is -- this moment that came a short time ago, brian kilmeade is going to join us on this. this happened a short time ago, it appeared that reporters, before dr. anthony departed, had questions about the origins of the coronavirus when pressed, karine jean-pierre had this to say. >> and also you are taking time off the clock because dr. fauci has to leave in a couple minutes. i'm done, i'm not getting into a back and forth with you. >> dr. fauci. >> you are -- go ahead, jeremy. >> ask you a question, you should allow her to answer. >> jeremy, jeremy -- origin of covid-19. >> it is not your turn, it is not your turn. >> you can't -- you can read the press briefing, you need to talk to people across the room.
11:25 am
she has a valid question. asking about the origin of covid. she's the best person -- >> i hear the question but we are not doing this the way you want it. it is -- it is -- i'm done, simon, i'm done. simon, i'm done. i'm -- simon, i'm done. you are taking time from your colleagues. >> "fox & friends" co-host of one nation, brian kilmeade is here. your reaction to that. >> unbelievable. you see anthony fauci sitting there, he liked to blame donald trump when things got into chaos in these situations but he wanted to go and say farewell and then take questions. he wanted to take questions, and she shut it down, we are not doing that, and you think the question would be personal or something out of bounds, you know what the question was, should -- do you have the -- do you have answers to the questions of where this virus came from. the origins of covid-19. he never wanted to ask that. if you ask that on twitter or facebook, you get disabled. it's not up to you.
11:26 am
if you brought up, isn't the lab an issue, like senator tom cotton brought up and the president said i agree with tom cotton, stop fights from there. and you know how many times anthony fauci has been wrong, and owned up to it. he has been wrong a lot and never owned up to it. he would change course and never said i was wrong here. anthony fauci was a scientist, in his lane he had no problem. when he was never meant to head up a task force, a coronavirus task force and the control of it, telling us shut down schools, not have thanksgiving, wear two masks, he's having the cdc director wear goggles, and beginning of the pandemic, it's not going to be a problem, and to wear masks, masks are a false sense of security, the next thing of course you should wear
11:27 am
masks. he has is a video of folly's he does not want to own up to. >> sandra: and part of his share well message on political divisions. listen. >> when i see people in this country because of the divisiveness in our country of not getting vaccinated for reasons that have nothing to do with public health but have to do because of divisiveness and ideological differences. as a physician, it pains me because i don't want to see anybody get infected. >> is he kidding? if you see to his different demeanor with the different administration's, it was night and day. the first thing he did, get on television. second thing, he wanted to get on democratic-oriented television. first thing he said after donald trump left office, and he said i've been dying to do your show, they didn't want me to do your show, i love your show.
11:28 am
you like her show rachel is a democratic talented person, a left wing personality, opinion-oriented host. and if you want to get on that show you immediately saw colors. misinformation out of the biden white house, he let it fly. misinformation that he thought was coming out of the trump white house, when they were trying on the seat of their pants to figure out the pandemic coming from china, he was quick to go over to other outlets and talk about basically how unqualified the president was, and to contradict the president. i saw a big political guy who came off as somebody who was apolitical. that's what bothers me most. how many times he was wrong and never owned up to it. how many lives -- how many kids were kept out of school, how many lives were changed, relatives never saw the rest of their kin because he thought it would be better them not to when he could never even go over where this thing came from. >> sandra: good to get your take
11:29 am
on this, and fauci on misinformation, brian. >> remember if you were around at this podium i contradicted those, set off a whole series of things in my life. the people who have correct information who take science seriously, who don't have strange way out theories about things but who base what they say on evidence and data need to speak up more. >> sandra: we have already learned a whole lot of the decisions and a whole lot of life we have lived the past couple of years as we are now seeing with school kids was not based on science. everybody listening said sure, of course, base all your decisions on science. the trouble is, that was not exactly the case always. >> maddenning to see that. he has 12-year-old kids wearing
11:30 am
masks and then find out you cannot pass the virus outside, you don't need to wear a mask. how many things he said were flat out wrong and life altering for people of all ages and families and says too bad some people are too political to listen to me. could not leave soon enough. >> sandra: i was going to pop john into the conversation, but that was his final moment at the podium, a farewell from dr. fauci. >> john: it was a perfectly legitimate question that was being asked and the way karine jean-pierre went out of her way to run interference, i'm done, you are done with what, a perfectly legitimately -- >> sandra: i didn't mean to not say good-bye to brian. >> john: even when you say good-bye to brian, he's always around. >> sandra: see you on the five. >> i'll be on the five. you can say good-bye in the
11:31 am
halls and john roberts, see you at the christmas party. >> john: i'll see you on the radio at 906. >> john: sounding the alarm over the china spying operations. dozens of intelligence sites on american soil. >> sandra: president biden weighing a second term. could the growing concerns over his age cause democrats to maybe look for another option for 2024. our pollster panel is here to break that down for us, and the big decision that may be coming.
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all across the country, people are working hard to build a better future. so we're hard at work, helping them achieve financial freedom. we're investing for our clients in the projects that power our economy. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive. >> sandra: china opening dozens of police service stations in major cities around the world, including new york. security experts and u.s. officials believe beijing is using the stations to spy on dissidents. bryan llenas is live in new york's chinatown with details. what does the chinese government
11:37 am
have to say about this? >> yeah, hey, sandra. the chinese government says that glass building behind me is the american shanlua association, a non-profit black listed by the u.s. that helps chinese nationals with bureaucratic affairs, renewing driver licenses. but the human rights organization safeguard defender says no, it's actually a so-called chinese police service station set up in new york city's chinatown. it's allegedly used by communists, by the communist regime to spy on and threaten chinese dissidents to persuade them to go back to china. reportedly more than 200,000 so far have been repatriated worldwide, at least 14 countries have now launched investigations. >> the trans national repression activities by the prc are very
11:38 am
widespread, are growing and when it comes to these particular campaigns of persuading people to return so against the will forcing them to return to china through fully illegal means. >> republicans, including florida representative michael waltz, wrote two letters to the sent of state and the attorney general demanding an investigation from the biden administration. the fbi director says they are looking into it. >> i can tell you from an fbi director perspective i'm deeply concerned about this and will not let it lie. >> we have to wake up to the fact it's happening, it's hang in our back yard and we are demanding to know in congress what the doj is doing about it. >> we spoke to three men inside the building. they said they are not a police station and have never been in contact with the chinese government, sandra. >> sandra: bryan, thank you. john. >> john: president biden celebrating his 80th birthday on
11:39 am
sunday and he received a small gift in the form of a new poll which showed a slight bump in support among democrats following the midterms. so will the president see it as proof his party wants him to run for president in 2024. kellyanne conway, put up the poll, found biden support among democratic voters increased from august to november from 44% to 50%, the same time president trump's approval rating declined from 59 to 54%. kellyanne conway, at this moment in time, i know there's a long time between now and november 2024, who is the stronger candidate? >> oh, i hope biden runs again. i sent him a month's supply of fresh fruit and vitamins and i'm
11:40 am
scared to death kamala harris could be president. 55% to her 17%, followed by bernie sanders at 12%, he's strong in his own party. the problem for him, the poll you showed is the after glow of some democratic wins, they lost the house, nancy pelosi and hoyer will no longer be in leadership. i think it's going to be difficult to dislodge him from the nomination, he's a sitting president unless there is a third party candidate or someone from inside the candidate the way ted kennedy challenged jimmy carter, won 12 contests in 1980, and pat buchanan challenging george bush, and to lead the bill clinton presidency, but trump and biden are the front runners in their parties. it's a long way to go and as a republican i'm much more concerned about making sure we
11:41 am
do, we do our part to get rid of joe biden and make him a one term president than anything else on the republican side. >> john: it's not just you who wants to get rid of joe biden, but the fellow, mark, you and andrew stein authored an op-ed in the wall street journal, you said joe biden and donald trump please do the country a service, don't run for president in 2024. america is in gridlock over the both of you and time to let the country progress and find a unifying force to lead it into the next decade. obviously we know why you don't want donald trump to run. why don't you want joe biden to run? >> well, look, i think it's time for both of these men to recognize that they have done really strong service in certain areas for the country, really strong disservice in certain other areas, and basically as anthony fauci did today, retire and let the next generation move forward here. look, this country is locked in gridlock. if it's these two folks, how
11:42 am
about neither. 60% of the voters in my polls are saying if it's trump against biden i would consider a moderate centrist independent instead. i think the country doesn't want to go backward, it wants to go forward. it wants to find someone who can really get it to 60% instead of 51.5%. we don't want another election with either of those and you got to recognize joe biden has been a consequential president, he has passed significant legislation, but like the 80-year-old who you have to approach to give up the car keys, sometimes it is time to give up the car keys and let the next generation come forward and that time is now. >> john: kellyanne, quick. the age factor here, you mentioned joe biden, 80 years old. donald trump, if he were to win, 78 years old, that's older than ronald reagan was after two terms. >> they are not created equally. staffers a third of donald
11:43 am
trump's age had a hard time keeping up with his volume and velocity. joe biden is every second, every minute, every day of 80. but mark, respectfully, joe biden was 78, close to 80, 2 short years ago when your party ran him for president. i'm not sure the difference between 78 and 80 except we know what we see, and frankly joe biden policies, not his age, are the biggest deterrent for re-electing him. a lot of americans don't like the way he pulled out of afghanistan against the advice of his generals, don't like four and a half million or so coming across the southern border, don't like putin in ukraine, a lack of physical, financial security, energy dependence. and great saying if joe biden could hand over the presidency to his vice president the first female president of color, but they can't, they are stuck with her. 18 senior staffers don't have
11:44 am
faith in her, they have left, why should the rest of us get stuck with her. we are stuck with joe biden. >> john: mark with 20 second rebuttal and then we have to loaf -- leave, rather. >> look, at the end of the day, donald trump did not stand up on january 6th the way a president should have. it's time for him not to run again and joe biden has had a half century of service, should be respected to this country. but let's move on. let's have a primary in the democratic party with some fresh candidates, v.p. harris might start out slightly ahead but open it up to new leadership and by the way, the republican party has to do the same and kelly anne, there was no red wave, this country is stuck. let's unstick it for the next generation. >> john: we have to roll, appreciate it. >> sandra: wiping out american
11:45 am
savings, all the money stashed up during the pandemic, the big concern, the holiday spending slowdown hitting the american economy. steve forbes on that just ahead. plus, the hero who took down the shooter in colorado is here. he'll join us live next. we all have a purpose in life - a “why.” maybe it's perfecting that special place that you want to keep in the family... ...or passing down the family business... ...or giving back to the places that inspire you. no matter your purpose, at pnc private bank, we will work with you every step of the way to help you achieve it. so let us focus on the how. just tell us - what's your why? ♪
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>> sandra: horrific shooting in colorado springs over the weekend left five people dead, but if not for the heroic actions of our next guest, the carnage may have been even worse. let's bring in richard fiero. he is an army veteran who disarmed the shooter inside the nightclub that night. thank you, sir, very much for joining us. please tell us about the moment you were able to take him down. >> i'll be honest, it was -- it was training, i'm not any better than anyone else. there are better soldiers, better officers, better everything. i just reacted to help people and i reacted to really just take care of my family and i think that's what every, you know, every dad or every person wants to happen. >> john: richard, i know when the shooting started you pushed
11:51 am
people under the table, you got up, the shooter was almost right on you at that point. describe him and how did your instincts kick in at that moment? >> i didn't see -- i saw him when he entered and then i went down to the ground, we all -- everybody took cover, and when i tried to get back up i fell backwards into a booth like seating area and then i saw the -- i saw this guy from across -- i'm sorry, we are -- we are in the house and the dog is, you know -- does what the dog does. apologize. either way, i saw the guy across the room, grabbed him, pulled him down and one of the gentlemen that was hiding jumped up and did the same with me. and i don't know if he helped me pull him down or not, either way he ended up at the front of his head and as i told him move the ar, i'm going to -- i went and got the pistol and this kid did it and he started, i said start
11:52 am
kicking him, and kicking him, and we just started hitting the guy, man. that's all you can do. you have to protect everybody around you. at that point everybody in the room was family to me. >> sandra: you know, and you were with your family, your wife and your daughter, reading through, four combat deployments in iraq and afghanistan, instantly kicked in, you went into combat mode but the fact you were there with your family, richard, you were trying to enjoy the show, you talked about how you spent 15 years in the army and now you relish your role as a civilian and a father, and you were trying to enjoy a night out and this happened. >> yeah, i mean the kid wyatt was performing, my daughter's best friend since elementary school. when the kids are little you don't know what they are going to turn into and how they are going to be and at the end of the day, wyatt, a drag performer, that's his decision. i'm ok with that, i'm ok with
11:53 am
going to see him in his venue. my daughter and our whole family was happy to do that, it was his birthday. it's like everyone else. i want a cake and blow out candles and be with family and friends and that's what we did. a beautiful place, beautiful people, and it was fun until this guy decided to turn our dream into a nightmare. >> john: wow, so, when you took him down you noticed at the time that he had a long rifle as you pointed out, ar-type rifle and also the handgun as well. what did you do with the handgun when you wrestled it from him? >> i don't know. i'll be honest, i think he was falling and i reached for it the same time he was falling. there's probably video of it. i have no idea. i know that i -- it ended up in my hands and i felt like i was fighting him for it and i used it to hit him. i would have used anything in the room. a chair, table, whatever i could do to keep this guy from getting
11:54 am
up. i think the most important thing is that you protect those around you at all times. >> sandra: you are being hailed a hero for exactly that, and potentially saved so many other lives. i know some of your friends in the room were not so lucky and some of them were injured? >> yeah, i mean -- we lost raymond, and he was part of our family, he was my daughter's boyfriend, and raymond was a great young man, he was playing football, just finished high school, trying to figure out how he was going to make it in this world. he was debating whether he wanted to join the military and he took care of my daughter. nobody gives their daughter trust, a man with their daughter unless they respect him. and raymond had earned that from me, and i loved him. we took him -- took him in and for six years he was part of our family. his mom has the ability to tell you guys all about him. i don't want to take that from her. i just know that raymond was a part of our family for those six years and we loved him every minute of it.
11:55 am
>> john: and families of four other people lost a loved one as well. you know, richard, i don't know what would have happened in that nightclub had you not been there and your training had kicked in and you grabbed that guy by the handle on the back of his ballistic vest and pulled him to the ground and kept wailing on him. you look at the pulse nightclub in orlando and how many people died there, no question, my friend, you are a hero. >> i think everybody in that room was a hero that night. they have done something to survive. nobody -- i said this earlier that you go to combat and when you are done with your patrol or whatever action you are in, you have -- you have to get up and if you lose somebody you go to the next patrol. nobody in that building is going to be able to go to the next patrol. they have to live with this for the rest of their lives. i have maybe done something that helped me get through it, i don't know, but all the news
11:56 am
stuff will be gone in ten days, five days, a week, and everybody will move on. but this part of america will continue to hurt and we need to do something about that. >> sandra: richard, you are an amazing person. and are you ok? i see some crutches behind you. >> no, no, that's my daughter, she broke her knee, one of the gentlemen out there dancing with her helped her get to safety. joshua, and -- listen, everybody in there became family. it was a team. and you'll hear stories from all over the place. i'm not a political guy, i was an officer in the army, and i was trained to be unbiased and serve any president that's in front of me and i did that and continue to do that because that's who i am. >> john: richard fiero, thank you for your service while you were with the military and afterwards. >> sandra: richard, thank you. >> appreciate it. >> sandra: wow. >> john: you know, the military builds 'em tough, builds 'em
11:57 am
strong and those instincts last a lifetime. god bless the fact he was there. >> sandra: amazing guy, wow. horrific, horrific. >> john: incredible. >> john: and john, before we go, something uplifting for this thanksgiving season, you usually see harris falkner front and center on the "outnumbered" couch, but this week we went off script with harris and inside the inside scoop on her new >> hi, harris. >> it's sandra. >> we were on the couch together. >> now a part of one of your biggest life moments for you. we're on the 41st floor here at fox. why? this is the spot that inspired you and where you spent a lot of time on your book "faith." >> this is the spot. it's a combination of what we do every day, tv, fox entertainment
11:58 am
and the best view anywhere. you can see jersey, you can see new york, straight down to the statue of liberty. you can see forever on a clear day. i would come up here. nobody is looking for me. they started looking at people in america that had faith in the 50s compared to now. there's been a slide. the biggest slide is people thinking that god intervenes in their lives fewer than ever people believe that now. >> so true. >> they pray. they don't know if anybody is listening. through these testimonies, there is someone that loves us. >> i love there's a whole section for moments when you need a prayer. so often we have moments in our lives where a god hasn't been as present where we say we need god in our lives. it's specific moments that happen. you take them to a place. it's really important. >> thank you. >> sandra: it was amazing to go off script with harris there.
11:59 am
we continued that conversation off camera as well. she's so inspiring. really inspired writing this book, "faith still moves mountains." the book is doing great. she's a best-selling author and feels very passionate about reaching out to people, so many people who are in a time of need and some people feel comfortable asking for help. others don't. others turn to god and prayer. she hopes that book finds them. >> john: i heard her talking about writing the book. she's always been a person of faith and thought her faith was strong. didn't realize until she started writing the book how important faith was in her life. it's there for her to share it. good for her for writing that. a terrific read. >> sandra: thanks to harris for that. go out and get the book. it's a great christmas holiday present for anybody out there. john, what a remarkable man that was. we're all struck by listening to his story there.
12:00 pm
>> john: we've heard so many times the only way to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun. richard was not armed. he was armed with his training, his tenacity and the bravely to defeat the gunman. hats off to him and everybody else that pitched in to him. >> martha: armed with a kind heart. thanks so much. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" starts right now with trace in for martha. hi, trace. >> good afternoon, sandra. thank you. i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum. explosive claims from israel that the powder keg in iran could disrupt the world cup in qatar. a senior u.s. official saying there's multiple threat streams suggesting a potential terror attack on the games. jennifer griffin is fresh from the pentagon


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