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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  November 22, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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chocolate and chip. those were the pardoned turkeys, i agree with you. i want to know what happens. what happens to those turkeys? we will look into it or jesse will. that's it for us. for "special report." my all-star panel podcast you can get that bret baier podcast. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. what do you think? figure out where the turkeys really go? >> jesse: are you giving me an assignment? >> bret: i don't know. it's a tweet. >> jesse: i have a lot on my plate. >> bret: all right. i gotcha. >> jesse: i will have john. johnnylook into it. >> bret: okay, good. >> jesse: happy thanksgiving. ♪ ♪ tonight we are going to talk about one of the biggest power struggles happening in america right now. no, it's not ticketmaster vs. taylor swift or tom brady vs. gisele or even democrats vs.
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republican something more controversial something happened for decades. the power struggle between christmas and thanksgiving this is age old debate when is it accept to be put up the christmas tree? when can you put up the lights? do you listen to christmas music before thanksgiving? debate divided the nation for years. tonight, for the first time ever, i have changed my position on something. out of respect for thanksgiving. i have always held a firm line about when to open up the christmas flood gates. >> when would you like christmas music to start, day that first? >> dana: black friday. the day after thanksgiving. >> jessica: very sound. >> dana: just came up with it. >> jessica: jesse. >> jesse: i would like to go to december 1st. let thanksgiving sneettle christmas. that is no longer my position and tonight i will explain why you should see things my way.
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because i'm such an open-minded person and i follow the facts wherever they lead. i have completely had a change of heart. >> and what happened then, well, in whoville they say, that the grinch's small heart grew three sizes that day. [sobbing] >> jesse: probably wondering what happened. changing your opinion is what politicians do. but this has nothing to do with politics. i'm merely following the science when science changes. it started last weekend in my daughter handed me a christmas list. i said sophie, it isn't even thanksgiving yet. and this is a long, thought-out list. she has a humid fire on her christmas list. she really needs a humid fire i can get her a humid fire today.
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she's to hope a humid fire on christmas morning. sophie has always loved christmas. she started decorating her room for christmas already. rudolph, the snow globes. and she tells me she has been listening to christmas music since october i said before halloween she said yeah. i said i'm not allowing it. i'm a very strict parent. certain things in my household that are knot negotiable. later on the whole family was in the car together. we are in traffic. my life is traffic. and on the dash i see that my wife who ha actually driving since i still have a bad back had christmas music on. it was muted but she had had christmas music on one of the sirius stations, emma, were you listening to christmas music? yeah. i looked at the song. it was chestnuts roasting by nat king cole.
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>> chestnuts roasting on an open fire ♪ jack frost nipping at your nose. >> jesse: and started singing and if you think i'm going to start singing here, you are crazy. but if i could sing it would sound like this. ♪ better find out who's naughty or nice ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ santa claus is coming to town. ♪ >> i actually wouldn't sound like that at all. probably sound a lot more like this. ♪ deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la la la ♪ tis the season to be jolly fa la la la la la. >> don we now our gay apparel. >> fa la la la la. >> yuletide carol. take it, russ.
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fa la la la la. >> jesse: i understand what kind of controversy is going to he a runt and i have been through a lot of controversies in my career. a lot. so if i'm canceled we have had a good run. for my entire life i have been on team thanksgiving. i'm a traditionalist. the calendar for me is not something to be trifled with. like kamala harris i believe there is an order of things, rules to be followed. >> we must uphold international rules and norms. the rules and norms that i have discussed -- rules and norms. >> uphold the rule of the norms. >> jesse: my head rules and norms meant thanksgiving comes first, then christmas, no exception. just like you don't celebrate july 4th before memorial day. but i have matured. and i'm not as narrow-minded as i appear on tv. you can appeal to me with reason here is the rational explanation for christmas being celebrated whenever christmas wants.
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christmas is the power of holidays. they are present. there is christmas trees that can you cut down with saws, and decorate while drinking. there is singing and if we are lucky, there is snow involved. and jesus obviously. you get christmas eve and you get christmas day hulkly super power, christmas can't be contained to one month. don't get me long, thanksgiving is a powerful holiday. up there you'll 4th. thanksgiving you have family, you have football, you have great food and there is a great warm feeling. history or heritage. but there is no singing. there's no presents. there is no makesser and there is a lot of traffic. and i'm not here to bad-mouth thanksgiving, as i have said in my top three favorite holidays and i will fight to the death if they insist on naming it indigenous people's day. but christmas is the most wonderful time of the year
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that's indisputable. time to stop coddling living. you will can'tover shadow thanksgiving with christmas. yeah you can stop trying make thanksgiving feel better. thanksgiving knowenses it much t. nopsz in the christmas, you are only making things more awkward that way. fox held its tree lighting last night, before thanksgiving, i may add. had to beat the rockefeller tree magic was in the air. santa was there. everyone was happy. you know you are feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside and for jesse jr. it was the first time he saw santa and the christmas tree. i mean, last year didn't really count. he was barely alive. it's a really special feeling i'm talking about the christmas season in general. you can't tell me scenes like these don't make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. >> look, daddy, every time a bell rings, an angel gets its
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wings. >> that's right. that's right. >> that a boy clarence. ♪ ♪ for auld lang syne. >> jesse: the spirit of christmas has moved me. i'm not always moved. when the spirit of christmas comes alive children and family that's something very meaningful. the debate is over. as someone who fought in the war on christmas, i know from experience that christmas never loses beat thanksgiving. we all know what is going on here. turn jolly karl rove a fox news contributor. karl, i know you have been at santa's workshop running the numbers on this debate. what have you concluded? >> first of all, let me say that i have a vested interest in this argument. my birthday is december 25th.
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>> jesse: i'm glad you got that out of the way. >> i object mightily to this anti-american theory that you have embraced so firmly here tonight. >> jesse: how dare you. >> we should sort of meld these two holidays together. i would make three points you are right christmas is a bigger, larger holiday. in essence removing the barriers between it and thanksgiving. we are diminishing the power that christmas has over a longer period of time. we are diminishing it. second of all, there are two different high schools here one is thanksgiving about gratitude and one christmas which is a spirit to it and a nonspiritual element which is about acquisition. and what you are doing is blending the two together. now, and probably the most important reason i object to this is you are clearly not familiar with the michelle and grossman albert einstein 1890s
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and first decade in the 1900s. in lighting. it is not well-read but an important work. the spatial separation of holidays. and if you read this, this is over 100 years ago that they began speculating that if you co-mingle thanksgiving and christmas. the failure to maintain proper and unique separation of holidays may result in the end of life as we know it you are playing with the human existence itself by calling for heartless co-mingling of thanksgiving and christmas. >> jesse: you ascribe to the separate co-equal theory the separate but equal here to? >> yeah. >> jesse: separate but are not equal. >> they are not equal. have you christmas is superior holiday. >> jesse: i don't have to make that clear it's self-effort. yevident. weaving it into other months?
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christmas cannot be diminished. there is no way you can diminish just as powerful in december as it n october. >> she is wrong. >> jesse: that is a personal attack on my family that will not stand. >> you know what? it's not an attack on the family. it's an attack on you. you are weak. you are giving in to sophie. sophie needs a strong parent to guide her in developing strong values. >> jesse: same not going to crush the christmas spirit in my daughter if she wants to celebrate the holiday let her. >> this is ridiculous. >> jesse: not putting up a tree at thanksgiving. co-mingling doesn't work, rove. we are still celebrating both. >> no, no. you are not separating christmas in the appropriate dimension and to the appropriate level that you should co-mingling things. missed the point about gratitude
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at thanksgiving and christmas is about acquisition. i do have naughty and nice list i will put you down here on the naughty list. but i'm starting to make my list march get sent christmas note for the christmas pears. unbelievable. the nice one was i got my first christmas card of the year before christmas, but jeff, my buddy in florida, is he a former navy seal explained that he was sending it to me before thanksgiving because he was going to be home in colombia. he didn't want to pay more for postage. >> jesse: i feel sorry for you, your birthday is the 24th. >> 25th. >> jesse: i pity you. you areco-mingling your birthdah jesus' birthday. that is unacceptable and talk about diluting the holiday.
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>> a, i didn't have anything to do with picking the date and b nobody comes to my birthday party on my birthday. >> jesse: if it was in april nobody would come either. >> it is a fact fight i'm willing to make. >> jesse: all right, karl, happy thanksgiving and merry christmas. >> jesse: we are not thanksgiving haters here so we sent johnny out to quiz new yorkers on said holiday. ♪ >> what happened on the first thanksgiving? >> what happened on the first thanksgiving? >> oh. oh. [bleep] [bleep] >> you guys i guess cooked turkey with the indians? >> [buzzer]. whoa. >> native americans, i'm sorry about that. >> slow down there, chief. >> oh. >> who ate together during the first thanksgiving? >> democrats and republicans?
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[buzzer]. people that wear the black shoes with the gold buckles. [bell] >> native americans and pill -- >> the pilgrims. [bell] >> native americans and the. >> black people? [buzzer]. [laughter] >> what did they serve at the first thanksgiving. >> chocolates or something. >> chocolate is my favorite. chocolate is my favorite ice cream. >> turkey. >> cake? [buzzer] >> shake shack? >> [buzzer] >> wine. do you think they had any antipas that at thanksgiving. >> no -- [bleep]. >> you are probably right. [bleep]. ♪ >> what country did the pilgrims come from. >> italy. >> africa? >> [buzzer] >> london. >> that's a city. >> england. [bell] >> tried to find india that's why they called them the indians? anybody remember that? >> what year did they got 1492. >> that's columbus. >> 1776? >> 1618.
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>> [buzzer] >> higher. >> 1628. >> lower? >> 1624. [buzzer] >> 1620. >> there you go. >> each guess is the charm. >> it sure is. ♪ ♪ >> why did the pilgrims come here? [laughter] >> i don't know about pilgrims. >> they wanted to start something new. ♪ ♪ the start of something new. >> they were escaping war [buzzer] >> religious freedom. >> exactly. >> you are allowed to do whatever you want. including go steal a pumpkin if you want. anything you want to do. >> how did they get here? >> by foot? [buzzer] >> they are stupid. >> by boat. [bell] >> ride animals? [buzzer] >> whoa, easy. >> by ship. >> what was the name of the ship? >> santa maria, something,
4:16 pm
something. >> the oasis of the seas. >> [bleep] >> the mayflower. >> the mayflower, she has got it. >> all coming back to me now ♪ it's all coming back ♪ it's all coming back to me now ♪ >> when the pilgrims land here, where did they land? >> fort lauderdale? [buzzer] >> it wasn't a cruise ship. [. >> i'm the king of the world. >> connecticut? [buzzer] >> delaware? [buzzer] >> do you think they stopped at joe biden's house? >> joe biden wasn't alive then. >> joe biden has been alive forever. >> i know no think of myself as being as old as i am than fly. >> tell me what you are thankful for on this thanksgiving. >> i'm thank for my weed. >> i'm super thankful to be on fox news. >> you are welcome. >> what do you want to tell jesse watters. >> have fun, get high, eat a lot of turkey. >> happy thanksgiving. >> see you on christmas. i hope you don't have to teach me about that. i think i went to church enough.
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[laughter] >> jesse: coming up, we found out what kamala has been up to over in asia and all hell breaks loose at dr. fauci's last white house briefing. dr. fauci has to leave in a couple minutes, i'm done. i'm not getting in a back and forth with you. ♪ will will are auto are your risk of shingles sharply increases after age 50. are proven over 90% effective, shingrix is a vaccine used to prevent shingles in adults 50 years and older. shingrix does not protect everyone and is not for those with severe allergic reactions to its ingredients or to a previous dose. an increased risk of guillain-barré syndrome
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>> news is slow this week slowest of the year. the took the whole week off and biden quality the lid. a few thousand miles away the vice president shaking things up in the philippines, kamala harris went to sa asia this weeo talk about gender equity and climate change and of course any
4:23 pm
time kamala goes overseas she likes to share some of her philosophy with the locals. , you know like relay racing. you know, you race and someone passes the baton, right? so, that's what life is, it's basically a relay race. >> and so, the people who are heroes, whichever gender they are, they ran their part of the race and then they passed us a baton and the question is what will we do with the time we carry the baton? >> jesse: after telling the filipinos what life is all about. she decided to soak in some of their culture. >> >> thank you. i'm so happy to see you what a warm welcome. thank you. are you going to keep dancing? >> oh, god.
4:24 pm
then she said hello to some guys carrying buckets of fish on their heads. >> hello. hello. hello. hello. thank you. hello. hello. thank you. >> jesse: was this the best advance work we have ever seen? were these the images that we want broadcast all over the world probably not. kamala is not going to let her get anything down. >> never let anyone take your joy from you. i call myself a joyful warrior right? never let anyone take your joy from you. you do what y you got to do. we found out what her real mission was. it wasn't global warming, women rights or any of that. that was cover. the trip had nothing to do with solar panels or gender equity. kamala's real mission was
4:25 pm
american military expansion. biden is building bases in the philippines right by the south china sea. is he building three military bases and wants to build at least five more. white house is trying to mask this raw power projection as a woman's rights retreat. now, america is on a collision course with china but the democrats are afraid of their base. their base believes american power is bad so the administration sends kamala to woke wash the whole trip. let's bring in kellyanne conway. did you know that's why she was over there? did you really think it was about gender inclusion. >> she embarrasses yet again. she embarrasses from here. everybody else is on zoom and the telephone. they don't need to keep expanding the carbon footprint and to quote kamala harris violate norms and rules for the climate change folks by flying all around the world and every time she shows up, you know multi s is is i lab bic word fn
4:26 pm
venue watching military build up in the philippines. did we send this woman to look at people with fish on their head and kids dancing and do her part oprah part therapy session i'm a joyful warrior don't let anybody take your joy away. this does not build confidence. is she batting clean up for joe biden who refused to hold xi jinping to account on the fentanyl, treatment of uyghurs the religious minority in china. what they are doing in taiwan. if he didn't do any of that and extend her there to send china a message. i don't think anyone with china begibeginning with leader for le is any less afraid and any less likely to do what they're doing with their military build up send her there. this is a won who wasn't welcome in the swing state in her own
4:27 pm
country to campaign for unimpressive candidates and as she is there. not only are the family mists here not paying much attention to her women, rights gender equity trip a female reporter at slate is the latest call biden to bounce kamala off the ticket. she said quote we need something different. if we need something different than the first female vice president of color i mean she means another white old rich liberal guy biden schumer all the way. biden and schumer all the way. biden pat leahy. thanks for giving rove the christmas assignment. i know who the favorite. >> jesse: merry christmas and happy thanksgiving. >> go birds, go eagles beat the packers. >> jesse: it's an end of an era. today we said goodbye to anthony fauci one last briefing before retirement. all had question on our minds but the french binder reader
4:28 pm
wouldn't let us ask it. >> dr. fauci, only 13%. >> hold on one second. we have a process here i'm not calling out on people who yell you are being -- you are being disrespectful to your colleagues and disrespectful to your guests. i will not call on you if you yell and also you are taking time off the clock because dr. fauci has to leave in a couple of minutes. i'm done, i'm not getting into a back and forth with you. >> she asked a question. she is ask about the origin of covid. >> i hear the question. >> dr. fauci is the best person to answer that question. >> i hear your question but we are not doing it the way you want it. this is disrespectful. >> it is i'm done, simon, i'm done. i'm simon, i'm done. i'm done with you right now. >> jesse: she is done with simon. good riddance, fauci, we will see you probably testifying under oath in front of congress next year. >> jesse: right before they were
4:29 pm
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>> idaho police are still on the hunt for the monster who brutally murdered four college students last week. and the families of the victims are beginning to process their grief. yesterday, ethan chapin was laid to rest in an emotional ceremony. >> today we are here to honor the life and legacy of our son and brother, ethan chapin, one of the most incredible people you will ever know. >> jesse: videos on social media show the victims last few weeks alive together. here they are having fun inside
4:35 pm
the home where they were eventually murdered. meanwhile people have a lot of questions about how the moscow police have handled the case so far. a source close to the police tell o.k. magazine the cops may have botched the investigation and, quote, obliterated important evidence. officials waited days to preserve and record crime scene evidence that was likely corrupted by weather and foot traffic during the investigation. "the daily mail" is reporting police let a truck haul the victim's garbage to a dump before they even had a chance to look through it. and the police don't have many answers. >> we are looking everywhere that evidence would lead us. i can't say if the person is here. i can't say what community the person is in. >> do you still believe this was -- this was -- this attack was done by one at the perpetrator and, if so, how does one individual kill four people at night and not wake up the other two roommates. >> i cannot disclose any of that information. i don't even know that
4:36 pm
information at this point in time. >> we don't have any suspects yet but earn is wondering what kind of sicko would do this get inside the mind of a killer. dr. lisa miller is a neuropsychologist doctor miller, knowing what we know about the crime, the knife, the time of day. the college town, what's your impression? >> well, my impression is that this is somebody who had a lot of anger toward the victims. and everything that we have learned about the victims this week really suggest that these were good-looking go getters, kids that were full of potential and doing great things in the world. so, it begs the question why would somebody be so angry at these kids? and it could be the the killer t slighted by one of them. >> maybe on a personal level maybe the killer was resentful
4:37 pm
of what these kids represent being successful young people. the killer could have been somebody who tried to get close to them or their communities, for example, their fraternity or sorority and might have felt rejected and reacted with rage. >> what is the use of the knife as the murder weapon tell you? >> sure, so, the knife forces the killer to get up close and personal with the victims. it suggests that he might have wanted the victims to actually see him and that he probably also wanted to see the fear that he was instilling in the victims during the attacks that's important analysis. we hope the police in idaho are on this and we hope they catch a break pretty soon. dr. miller, thank you so much for joining "primetime." >> thank you. >> jesse: mini madoff in bankruptcy court today.
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with after my car accident, wondnder whahatmy c cas. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. youour cidedentase e woh than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. yoyou ght t beurprpris
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ci had no idea how muchw i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> jesse: mini madoff cryptoscat hearing today he didn't show up.
4:43 pm
he was seen kicking back in the bahamas while $3 billion is still missing. back in the courtroom his own lawyers were throwing him under the bus. they told the judge ftx was quote effectively run as a personal thiefdom of mini madoff. staying up late, snorting adderall and they always smelled like they hadn't showered. "primetime" noticed something interesting. apparently compulsive gambling is one of the side effects of some of the pills these guys were supposedly popping. that would explain a lot. madoff bahamas. buying at least 19 properties in two years. oh, and he was spending 10 grand a day on buying lunch for his staff. after all, he had to impress his main squeeze somehow but it turns out she didn't want to be exclusive. in fact, she has thoughts about pole amri, writing this none of
4:44 pm
this hierarchy b.s. everyone should have a sexual ranking of their partners. people should know where they fall in the ranking and there should be vicious power struggle for the higher ranch. rank.she wanted to run things herself. as soon as things went sideways mini madoff blamed the bankruptcy on her. always the woman's false. >> both parents professors at stanford. mother wrote essay in 2013 beyond blame. the personal responsibility has ruined criminal justice and economic policy. it's time to move past blame. >> yeah. >> personal responsibility is bad and blame that's a thing of the past? no wonder this guy is a crook. you were raised wrong. >> >> jesse: do you think mini madoff is worried about getting the same treatment as the january 6th guy?
4:45 pm
the guy just got sentenced to three years in prison for taking a bottle of bourbon and a coatrack from the capitol. of course not. when you are the second largest donor to the democratic party, you get a pass. and you even get the chair of the congressional finance committee, maxine waters, no relation, blowing you kisses. lydia money shan a "new york post" reporter who joins us now. do you think the judge is going to buy the line i didn't steal the money my girlfriend did it? >> classic. classic. i'm sure they never heard that one before. del me about this bankruptcy. billions is missing. he is still in the bahamas. hasn't been handcuffed. what the hell is going on here? >> is he living his best life. it's pretty remarkable. no, jesse. it's wild that he hasn't been extradited to the u.s. to be processed. >> jesse: bring him here so he can buy me lunch at least. 10 grand for lunch? i buy my staff pizza sometimes.
4:46 pm
>> yeah. that's pretty generous. >> jesse: thank you. that's what i was looking for, lydia. >> $10,000 is nothing. no, look. it's pretty alarming. it became abundantly clear. trying to understand what is happening here. they brought in the guy who helped enron with their bankruptcy proceedings. this guy said he has never seen anything as bad as what is happening. >> jesse: enron guy said this is nothing compared to enron. >> complete failure of corporate controls. never seen anything like it. clearly it started where sam bankman-fried was taking profits and spending a lot of those profits on things that he should not have been spending money on real estate and donations to candidates and then it quickly escalated where he wasn't just taking the profits, he was just actively dipping into people's money that they had deposited into the bank and using it as his personal piggy bank. >> jesse: lydia, if you are spending $300 billion on real estate in the bahamas, can you buy the whole island with that? >> oh, that's a good question.
4:47 pm
maybe you need to start smaller. when you see people go from basically not spending any money to spending tens of billions of dollars, you either think they have to be wildly confident that they can continue to make this kind of money or it's not their money. >> jesse: like the mobile. when you do a big heist, you don't go buy flashy cars and coats. stay low. you don't document attract attention. >> we can learn a lot from the mob. maybe next time. next time he steals billions of dollars will he will be more careful. >> jesse: he probably will. knowing that the democrats aren't even looking at him. thank you, lydia, get out your calendars, young people are scheduling time to cry. ♪ so exciting to me ♪ she's fresh ♪ fresh ♪ exciting ♪ she's so inviting to me. lincod a good bit of history.
4:48 pm
even made some themselves. makes you wonder... what will they do for an encore? ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> jesse: we need a good cry
4:53 pm
every now and then. >> [sobbing]. >> ♪ ♪ >> [crying]. >> okay, okay. >> let it out. have a good cry. come on. >> jesse: we do it for a lot of reasons. maybe you got dumped. maybe you lost your job. maybe the election did not go your way >> [booing]! >> jesse: that's okay. let it out. even congressmen turn on the water works when they had a tough day on capitol hill. >> [voice breaking]. even democracies are not defined by our bad days. >> jesse: usually most people cry in private but not young people. they do it very publicly. posting their tears online for clicks. >> how is your day going?
4:54 pm
i woke up and that was the first problem. [sobbing]. i looked in the mirror. >> she's literally fine. she's fine. >> [sobbing]. >> [screaming]. >> jesse: they set time aside from their very busy schedules to have a good cry session. >> i woke up this morning, like, oh, i think i am due a breakdown. i have not cried for a minute. i feel like i am due tooo cry. i want to set time aside and have a good cry. s can jess they make power point presentations to show how many times they cried. >> in july i cried 17 times --
4:55 pm
average for me. in august 8 times followed by september where i only cried 8 times. of these 33 cries 55% were level 1. 24% were level 2 and 21% level 3. some included screaming at my own reflection in the mirror. i am looking into finding a therapist. >> jesse: do you think the greatest generation set aside time for a good cry? >> no, they were fighting in the trenches. all was not quiet on the western front. this is why we are tying wales in the world cup. a country of 3 million people and not a single toothbrush and they stuff their feelings into the work boots and save that for the after life.
4:56 pm
k >> jesse: are you a cryer. when was the last time you cried? >> ninth grade. i did a power point presentation myself. i was trying to convince a girl to go to a dance with me. i took joseph instead. he passed away in a road rage incident. >> jesse: you did not shed a tear? >> no, not for him. >> jesse: women don't like men who cry a lot. does that make me small minded? >> no, it makes you a man. real men don't cry in front of other people. we can go off on our own but when we come back we our eyes better be dry. >> jesse: seeing a grown man cry
4:57 pm
in public do you judge him? >> he has no good standing in his job. can't provide for family and needs to go to rehab. >> jesse: your feelings on celebrating which is before thanksgiving? >> that's a spicy one. i think that's premature. i don't mind putting your christmas tree up but thanksgiving deserves its own aaccord. >> jesse: that was a moderate approach and i respect that and you left wiggle room. >> because we disagreed i will walk out of here in tears. >> jesse: i assume you have a terrible job and your life is falling apart and you are addicted to narcotics. >> no, things are great. black friday sales coming up on the store.
4:58 pm
>> jesse: way to stick the landing. fox news gifts are 50% off. go to and get a scarf and socks. it's chilly out there and a hat. not made in china. it's made in the usa. that's why it's expensive and you need that 50% coupon. text messages: martha: and karl rove attacked my daughter and i will never forget that. donnie from north carolina: wow!
4:59 pm
that is a real christmas warrior. maria from newport, ohio: potatoes obviously drenched in gravy and my mother makes these sweet carmamelized onions. popular in my family. taylor from obama: -- alabama: they are foxes. see what i did there. david from illness. -- illinois. what are you going to do for me? what do you think this is? that's all for tonight. we will do a poll and find out if people agree with me. i took a very strong stand on christmas. i know it's probably the most
5:00 pm
controversial stand i have taken. trust me, there have been some controversies in my career. tucker carlson is next speaking of controversies. [laughing]. remember one thing. i am watters and this is my world. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: a historic landmark, part of country music history is slated to be destroyed. so much american history has been destroyed. is this next? kidd rock will explain what might happen and how to stop it. first welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it's a stable of conspiracy theories that politics and


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