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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 22, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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taken. trust me, there have been some controversies in my career. tucker carlson is next speaking of controversies. [laughing]. remember one thing. i am watters and this is my world. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: a historic landmark, part of country music history is slated to be destroyed. so much american history has been destroyed. is this next? kidd rock will explain what might happen and how to stop it. first welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it's a stable of conspiracy theories that politics and
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finance there is a pedophile who use their power to hide crimes against children. that was far out to us. too dark and strange to be true. we don't endorse that idea. you can see why people might believe that. jeffrey epstein continued to dine with heads of state long after he was arrested for having sex is minors. why? there is a tolerance for pedophilia among the most powerful in our society. some of the rich are different that way. in case you need more confidence, consider a luxury brand. it's a company that sells $1100 sneakers and cotton sweatshirts for $1500.
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this week they rolled out a new ad campaign on instagram about sex with children. a picture showed a toddler holding a teddy bear dressed in sexual bondage gear. another picture made it explicit. that picture showed pages from the supreme court opinion that struck down a law to fight child pornography. they included a portion of that opinion that used the word sexual 4 times. they wanted you to notice. this seemed like a big story to us. here you have a major international retail brand promoting kid porn and sex with
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children and not subtly but out in the open. no healthy society has ever tolerated it. there was never a time in america where pedophilia was the worst crime. to sexualize children is unacceptable. but apparently it's not anymore. acad acad academicsy redefined child molesters as a different kind of love -- almost all outlets ignored this kiddie porn ad campaign want not a single story about it in the "new york times" or cnn or nbc. no talk of an investigation or a boycott.
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usually outrage merchants stayed silent. the company said they would punish the photographer and then the story died. the ceo won't become a social pariah. he will continue as jeffrey epstein continued to enjoy his busy social life unpenalized with fabulous celebrity friends. this is the mayor of new york city eric adams. we found that picture in less than a minute online. no one asked eric adams about it. the reason is simple: the media have no interest in covering the sexualization of children. their interest is in destroying anyone who complains about the
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sexualization of children. noticing is an attack on the lbgtq community. the assumption is that gay kids are for sex with kids. that's absurd. it's not anti-gay to oppose kiddie porn or that doctors are cutting the breasts all healthy teenage girls. most gay people think these are crimes. protecting children from adults who want to sexually exploit them is a basic human and nobel instinct. nbc is redefining that as a crime. nbc brought on a former assistant director of the fbi to warn viewers that anyone that
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complains about the sexualization of children will be sued. >> there was going to be a drag brunch at club of q. it's a way to get the kids to see it's a person -- these are real people with lives and emotions. there is nothing sexualized about it. every time there is one of those the proud boys come out because tiktok and tucker carlson seem fixated on this. he uses vicious attacks on children's hospitals for providing transgender medical care. >> tucker carlson, get it out at trial. name it and shame. he is a consumer of these people
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and those people should face civil consequences from the victims. >> tucker: oh, the former assistant director of the fbi calling for civil consequences against anyone who doesn't like the sexualiation of children. hmmm, is that in the legal code? no it's not. nbc news is trying to ad it. msnbc suggested that since he signed a bill from banning teachers from sexualizing kindergarten ron desantis is tied to a mass shooter in colorado. >> florida governor ron desantis signed into law the don't say gay bill. it prevents teachers from discussing gay and trans-folks. >> when ron desantis wants to send the police to visiting drag shows. >> don't say gay bill in florida
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helps add to his national political profile. one thing is year. they want to continue demonizing folks. >> they started moving into lbgtq people. they were excited about the don't say gay bill in florida. >> tucker: so, if you don't want a kindergarten teacher to talk to your kindergartener about sex, you are anti-gay? ron desantis is the spiritual father of a mass murder in colorado? really? no matter how you feel about ron desantis or sex, it's not playsible. -- plausible. it's ridiculous. they are saying it because they are determined to keep you from talking about the subject. they will call you an accessory to murder and threaten to sue into poverty if you don't shut up. that's weird when you think about it. it's very weird. they have nothing else to say.
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children are being sexually exploited in this country, in some cases for money in the open and it's real. this summer matt walsh exposed the atrocities at vanderbilt medical center in nashville. a physician admitted to mutilating the genitals of children because it's a profit center for the hospital. watch this. >> this surgery makes a lot of money. female to male surgery brings in $40,000. it makes money for the hospital. >> tucker: it makes money for the support. if you were a muckraking reporter with a conscience that would be the story of a lifetime. a doctor admitted they are mutilating children for money naming the dollar amounts.
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no one covered it. journalists attacked matt walsh for uncovering it. what is the motive there? nor do they cover hospitals across the country including the famous hospital in philadelphia that admitted to performing body surgery of a minor and slicing off the breast of young women with no medical reason. they bragged about doing it. in boston a staffer at children's hospital bragged about 2 years old preparing to transition. insane. again, it was ignored. here it is. >> most of the patient we have in the clinic know their gender around the age of puberty. but a good portion of children know from the womb. they will express their gender identity as soon as they can talk. they may say i am a girl or a boy.
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kids know very, veryarily. -- early. we see kids down to ages 2 and 3 and up to the ages of 9. >> tucker: that's not science. that doesn't bear any resemblance to signs. that's carrie. the media chooses to ignore it. why? because no decent person could say that without wincing. it has nothing to do with medicine or making this a better country. it's a dangerous cult harming children. not just a few but a lot. at some point when the cell breaking news our society will recognize this and recoil in shame we tolerated it for a second. but we are not there yet. in the meantime we are grateful for people like jamie who tells the truth about what is happening in the face of
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threats. she is the founder of gays against rumors. do you find it striking that this ad campaign promotes pedophilia and the media attacks anyone offended by the ad campaign? >> it doesn't shock me anymore. you would think it would. this is a growing trend from corporate america feeling comfortable pushing this and our community running cover for it. it's disturbing. everybody seems to be upside down. the people that should be condemned are this company and everybody that behind this push to sexualize and mutilate kids. the ad was shocking. you think about it for another second and it makes sense. the flood gates seem to be open.
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people are full steam ahead to attack children. it should be a redline for everybody. for the majority of people it is. there is a strong visceral reaction against it. i love that you are saying and i appreciate you for saying not all of us in the gay community support this. it's quite the opposite. there is the fringe minority within our community that does. they are so loud because they have the backing of every powerful institution in this country as we are seeing. we are doing everything to stop it. >> tucker: this is being justifyed in your name. you run gays against rumor. anyone who says a word is anti-gay as if all gays are in favor of kiddie born. that seems like a slur to me. >> it is. that's upsetting to see. it's doing more harm to us. i want to be very clear being
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anti-child sexulization is not anti-gay. >> tucker: of course not. >> it should not have to be said. what is anti-lbgtq and putting our community in great danger is claiming that all of us support this and associating all of us with this. sayin saying that groomer is an anti-lbgtq slur. that puts a target on our backs. the tragedy in colorado springs the other night it was expected and predictable. gays against rumor saw this coming from a mile away. i don't think it will stop until we end this evil agenda attacking children. i hope that people hear me and hear what we are saying. this is hurting us.
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gays against rumors, our priority is to protect children. we also are here to protect ourselves and defend ourselves. this is putting us in danger. >> tucker: you are right. i appreciate you coming on tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: what is all of this about big picture? why would anyone defend this behavior? many are defending it. candace owens joins us now. there are a lot of things that go on that we disagree with. i never thought this was a line that anyone would consider crossing in public and people are crossing it in a big way. why? >> sadly i expected this. i have been speaking out on this for a long time. i am loudly opposed to the
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transgender movement because this was the next step. normalization of pedophilia and child porn. i want to speak you said a word that is scary. you are correct. i am a parent to two young children. this is scary. mothers and fathers are scared when they drop their kids off at the school. groomers in the classroom are doing this and they are on tiktok saying parents should have no say what they are being taught. teaching them it's okay to mutilate their own bodys. parents are fearful. you can't leave the tv on anymore -- you can't trust that a child program won't indoctrinate your child. that's a scary thing. more frightening is that like
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you said the many celebrities that have platforms, weird people in executive board rooms focussed on children are silent right now. they were not silent about kyrie irving with 6 steps to complete. will they lose a billion dollars in a day? will celebrities take a stand on something as important as child pornography? i am waiting. the silence is deafening as the left likes to say. >> tucker: it illustrates that. candace owens, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: one of the biggest financial stories over the past 20 years is the collapse of cryptocurrency called ftx. no one saw it coming.
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that's not true. one man saw it clearly. this man tried to warn lawmakers and did on tape. he joins us next. plus a piece of american history country music history could be torn down. kidd rock wants to save this piece of history. he will join us next.
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>> tucker: the georgia run off only
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>> tucker: for the last several years every investment biden campaign and business journalist in the united states joined in the on-going orgy of praise for a man called sam bankman. the head of the cryptocurrency ftx. a man in shorts but he was lauded as the first future trillionaire. they all fell for it. not all. muskogee said he took one look at this man and his bs detector went off. last march the ceo terry duffy met with sam and he did what
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nobody else did. he called sam a fraud to his ace which he turned out to be and tried to warn congress about ftx and sam. >> i am asking you, sir, ftx has no requirements for pantaleos. -- participants. that's a false statement. ftx has a capital requirement. >> they said they are not the same as for other institutions. capital is not the same as margin. >> tucker: the democrat of silicone valley getting emotional defending sam. we are grate to feel have terry
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duffy join us. -- greatful. -- grateful. there is tape of you making this case on the internet. why are you one of the only people to get this right? >> i don't know, tucker, i appreciate you having me and playing that piece with the genius from california telling me how crypto-markets work. what i was referring to was the margin. ftx had regule attory capital and he didn't know the difference -- dismissive with a guy like. that i don't know why people didn't see it. i said this is not about crypto. this is about him trying to change the world so he can list every product under the scam he was trying to do with crypto.
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the cryptois small, but if he could deploy his model in the u.s. markets can you imagine the damage this human being could do the country and the world? people literally were turning a blind eye to it. the people that were with him. a former chairman was walking around with this guy and giving him credibility. the former council game his general counsel at ftx. it's an embarrassment that went on. nobody looked at. i said he could use 85% of his valuable in a simpulse day. -- single day. i didn't know how right i would be in a short period of time.
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i knew he was a fraud the day i met him. >> tucker: you met with him personally and you assessed his company. why did not of the regulators doing that? >> my regulator i asked them why in the world are you invoking the commodity exchange act section 5 paragraph-b that says you will protect consumers using those markets. they were using that. was there pressure put on the agency from politicians? there are hearings coming up. i hope someone has the courage to take on the commissioner.
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i was forced to go into congress and get berated by people who don't know what they are talking about. i told them what could happen and it happened. >> tucker: terry duffy is our current guess. -- guest. look up his assessment of ftx. we have lost a lot of history. if you lose history you lose the country. now an effort to destroy a piece of culture in country music history and kidd rock decided we have enough. he joins us next with details.
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>> tucker: this is a home near franklin tennessee, one of the few buildings to survive the
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scivil war and a historic landmark. hank williams brought the home. faith hill and tim mcgraw lived there. last year a fund management brought the property. now the neighbors say the property is in disrepair. a nonprofit is suggesting that the hall could soon be demolished. the question is: how much american history do you have to lose before you lose the country itself? last year we lost statues and monuments and our customs. tearing down hank williams house would constitute not just an assault on the soul of country music, it would be an attack on the country himself. maybe we have had enough.
5:35 pm
kidd rock feels that way. joins us today. you have your own house. why are you interested in whaps what happens to this house? >> we are sick of seeing history torn to the ground. monuments and statues and something so important in nashville. the former home of hank williams and of tim mcgraw and faith hill. where does this end. >> we feel like we are under an invasion from the state of california. we understand in a lot of ways. i have a lot of friends that come from california and new york city. we feel people say it under their breath but won't say it out loud. i will be the guy: these woke policies in cities
5:36 pm
for better schools and lower taxs and lower crimes. you have talked about it a million time. [audio breaking up]. this is one more example of somebody from california who gave a handshake to people in the community and that you this foundation. he was a donor for it. now this is another avenue to tear it down. i don't think there is anything more important in country music if not american music than hank williams. the greatest song writer of all time. [audio breaking up]. they think other song writers would be in agreement. >> tucker: we don't the motive. why move to a new place and tear down its history? doesn't that seem weird to do? >> they call them dumb liberals.
5:37 pm
>> tucker: that's one explanation. [laughing]. that's fair. that says it all. hank williams if there is an icon in nashville it's hangar williams. -- hank williams. this was his former property. as a community, is nashville rising up against this to preserve this historic property? are you the only one? >> i think -- well, i am kind of thanks to you and people that care about these things i have become the person to put it out there. i think now that you are broadcasting the story to all of america many people will get on board. they can go to the website. you will see a lot more country music stars and people in the country that want to preserve this for the next generation to come. >> tucker: exactly. we believe in private property
5:38 pm
but some monuments are not yours. you hold them until the next generation. >> when you come into it with a handshake kind of thing and say i will preserve this and you do other things. we hope to get this resolved in a good manner. if not we can get some hillbilly [muted] going on too. >> tucker: great to see you, kidd rock. a documentary on that man called life of a rock star. it's on fox nation. dr. toen dr. tony fauci had his last press conference today.
5:39 pm
someone asked where did covid come from? wait until you see how the biden administration responded to that question. we have the tape straight ahead.
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>> tucker: when the covid pandemic began in early 2020, everyone wanted to be toni fauci. we did and had him on the show. then high started to lie in ways you could not ignore. he is lying about covid, why? he lied about herd immunity and about masks and lied about vaccines. today fauci 81 held his last press conference and told one final lie about masks. >> when you walk in and you have a mask and nobody has a mask. you should not feel guilty. you look terrific. >> tucker: that's the question from the being press corp? that's embarrassing.
5:45 pm
it's weird too. people love masks? really. they don't work very well. the science shows that. but tony fauci pretends you will die unless you get the vaccine. >> the real danger is the people not vaccinated. a problem this winter will among those people. >> tucker: this is insane. this is not science. all of the science shows just the opposite. it's more risky for most memo to get the vaccine than get covid -- this is the guy who funded bat coronavirus experiments in wuhan which are
5:46 pm
responsible for the pandemic. where did this come from? shouldn't we know. you are not allowed ask that question because joe biden's publicist shut the whole thing down. >> dr. fauci. >> hold on a second. we have a process here. i am not calling on people who yell. you are being disrespectful to your colleagues and to our guests. i will not call on you if you yell. also you are taking time off the clock because dr. fauci has to leave in a couple of minutes. i am done. >> she is asking about the origin of covid. >> i hear the question. >> dr. fauci is the best person to answer that question. >> we are not doing this the way you wanted. simon, i am done. simon, i am done with you right
5:47 pm
now. >> tucker: it's unbelievable. the rest of the press corp sit there with masks on and say nothing. it's left to some guy from africa to point out the obvious. where did covid come from? shut up. tulsi gabbard joins us for her first interview as a fox news contributor. it seems like a basic question. isn't now the time to find out where this came from? shouldn't we know? >> it's the most important question because the most dangerous thing facing the american people and the world is the fact that people like dr. fauci and those in power reviews to acknowledge that there is a probability that the origins of covid came from the scientific gain of function research, this dangerous research that is funded by
5:48 pm
american taxpayers at the behest of the likes of dr. fauci. it was occurring in chinaa and countries around the world and even here in the united states. this is what needs to be investigated. this dangerous research which dr. fauci refuses to speak about, this is what needs to end. it is endangering the people of this country and around the world. >> tucker: the press secretary's description of dr. fauci was telling. our guest. this is not a guest. this is a government official whose salary we pay. we have a right to hear the answer to the question. the white house is acting like we have no right to ask it. it doesn't look like democracy at all. >> you are right. he works for the american people. not very much longer. we can't deny the danger he has created for the american people not only with regards to his refusal to answer questions about the origins of covid and
5:49 pm
gain of function research and how it is continuing on and we are paying for it. and the other big lies even in his press conference today. about masks. telling people mask up. knowing they will throw on a cloth mask or like the one he is wearing in the picture, the paper mask knowing they don't do anything from spreading covid. the only things that do that are respirators. the n95. they are putting the american people at risk. >> tucker: that's why so one wears the paper masks in ukraine. they wear respirators. tulsi gabbard, thank you very much. today is the 59th anniversary of the jfk assassination in 1963 in da silva. -- dallas.
5:50 pm
>> dr. kennedy died 38 minutes ago. >> tucker: that was 60 years ago. every person involved is long dead. there are more than 15,000 documents related to the jfk assassination still hidden by the government. the deadline to release them is 2 weeks away. joe wait wrote books on this topic. you believe the warren commission was accurate. you are versed in the story.
5:51 pm
why in the world would they hold on to 15,000 jfk documents? >> first, tucker, it's the way intelligence agencies operate. 70% belong to the fbi. they claimed they would disclose sources. kids in their 20s back in the '60s. now they are in their 80. they would disclose safe houses and they are using the same safe houses in some countries. the dea doesn't want it to be disclosed. biden will make a decision in december. he made a decision in january and didn't release them. and trump had an opportunity to get these out in 2017 and passed as well. the intelligence agencies work
5:52 pm
well to make their argument to the people in power. we need more time. this is crazy. 59 years. it's time for these files to be released in their entirety so historians and the american people can see what was so important to keep hidden. >> tucker: you have to wonder about the motive. either the agencies were involved in kennedy's killing or want you to think they were involved. why else would they do this? >> one thing is there is a real question about oswald, he was not in dallas 3 weeks before the assassination. he was in mexico city trying to get to cuba for the real revolution. he thought the russians ruined communism. he was turned down in mexico city. comes back to america. the question is whether the cia spying on the cuban missions in
5:53 pm
mexico city where they had pictures of oswald and heard him boast he might do something against the president. then when oswald came back into the u.s. they didn't tell anyone. the cia kept it a secret and didn't tell the fbi. this is the agency the cia that missed the bay of pigs and the offensive and iran was about to fall. they didn't know the soviet union was going to invade afghanistan or that the soviet union was about to fall in 1991 and got with wrong in iraq about weapons of mass destruction in 2003. why are we not surprised they didn't get something wrong here and not want us to know about it? >> tucker: let's send them more
5:54 pm
in the black budget. >> it's only 56 billion dollars. we don't know what it goes for. the largest segment of money in the united states that is given away to a group. they decide how they will use it without any oversight. scary. >> tucker: doesn't sound like a democracy to me. joe, thank you very much. secrets the paul pelosi story disappeared. it revealed a major problem in this country. homelessness that fuels crime. there is one reporter in california who has been chronicling homelessness. he not is a liar. he joins us after the break.
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>> on homelessness, they have a radical leftwing view, but they go and
6:00 pm
position themselves with an identity as an advocate for the homeless or a climate change activist or civil rights activist or something, then they use as a way to get legitimacy in mainstream society, even though they have goals that are aimed at undermining pillars of civilization. >> michael shall enbetteringer, on fox nation. see you tomorrow night. >> sean: thank you. happy thanksgiving to you. welcome to "hannity." fa fauci's big farewell goes off the rail as careen jean pierre loses control of the press briefing. and house leader kevin mccarthy calling for the dhs mayorkas to resign after refusing to secure the southern border for two long years. later, a story that will shock and disgust you, new ad campaign from a fashion bran


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